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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 22, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>robin winston: misses the, to commit direction and a final clearing stages mean wanted to the ride of san francisco all live look at the bay bridge toll plaza keep in mind once again
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are hot spot 80 south block and to to laugh lines another of the coming up in a few minutes. >>reporter: the numbers for close to where they were and green so above that this morning compared with it were this time yesterday.
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>>reporter: you consider cool air filtering back and coming from the pacific during the nightly hours the next an hour this what you can plan six semi- nowhere breezing through the '80s if.
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>>james: he formally accepted the party nomination for president he delivered a speech unifying the party in writing a bogus. >>reporter: hah hah tonight he addressed en route to a gop crowd on a final night of the rnc and striking a tall and taken the fight to the democratic opponent hillary clinton attacking her as the failure of the secretary of state all a host of uniting
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france is cardiff--frat to party >>reporter: return now to some skeptical democrats and they need help with including women and the community in its up to him to keep the momentum going to november.
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>>james: the activist was holding a sign that said build bridges not what she was taken down to the chance of usa usa he did not acknowledge the interruption of the to thank the cleveland.
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>>reporter: 80 is explaining all the different problems in america and they're very serious problems he is talking about many republicans say they were impressed by his speech on the left the party a so far reviews from republicans meanwhile and headline the the of nationwide protests organized by black wipes matter their demonstrations in san francisco and san jose the largest crowd congregated and oakland it began with the women channing chaining themselves to the front doors of the headquarters of the crowd started marching this is a video
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showing a delicious little margin to the streets know just as no peace the crowd moved to a friend of all plaza that is where a battle was on from a couple of pillars with #by libyan--byelibby. >>james: the largest one of the bay area was an oakland meanwhile more threats being made against the census the police department to depress happen just this week one threat was a phone call and came into the endless eye station of san francisco immensity offered $15,000 to anyone that killed a police officer from the station
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about 530 a similar call came into the 911 dispatch center making the same threat said investigators are trying to trace the call to identify who made them these and not the first press against sampras as hopeless apartment it posted this racist week calling for the beheading of acting chief tony chaplain will take a quick break hall and come back a former
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>>catherine heenan: >>robin winston: it is causing the back of the opposite side of northbound when find the rest of the south you can see is pretty much at the limit 11 the
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guadalupe parkway 17 looks good for now the only major trouble spot to the east but also a nice ride.
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>>reporter: or 55 coming in for san francisco we've been talking about the war marked getting hot and learn today we call it a higher and of the on the approaching hard by 945 the east bay shoreline hurricanes and
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tropical system still for a police strike thank goodness however not impossible that does happen down tumbled on to listen more a cause that will mix out 74 for san mateo daly city about 63.
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>>reporter: bay thames mid-70s looking good at the coast into the lower to middle sixties. >>james: of former san mateo police officer facing several chargers after being accused of raping several deplore women are on duty said the 31 year-old who was arrested near his stock and home is now facing nearly two dozen charges included kidnapping and rape >>reporter: and a month-long investigation into these claims led to the arrest of winchester
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thursday morning in stockton near his home residents to live in san mateo for more then 20 years say it is shocking but there always had a good bar local pd hist to victims of from the sacramento county more
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recently convicted last year came forward the reports of farm reason there will be arraigned monday afternoon on the 22 felony because of sexual battery soft.
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>>james: >>haaziq madyun: they were captured on surveillance video this have been around 5:30 a.m. sunday morning in oakland maxwell park neighborhood saw his car was one of the 17 airliners he is not to reveal his identity hist hist he says
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he contacted the oakland police department and told them he has a video of the suspect he is waiting for police to come by and pick the bill up he says they told room.
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>>james: it turns out he is a huge fan and a we have of biggie is his favorite rapper bird betting that he has gone to the west coast it was the more logical choice and he now has the california law of.
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>>robin winston: finally cleared 80 south a great mall parkway axa and bobbin big rig and a couple of cars blocking all lanes of traffic now is completely out of the way great news for those who it will have to use and all lanes open attracted back at the lemon. >>james: is getting a divorce to no one even knew she was married me what all of them may be kicked off the view. >>reporter: six months ago she
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secretly married aaron but she just filed divorce papers she was fiercely married and in days to michael bolton.
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>>james: track mention century city is in the kate steinle case telling the crowd and this is a curious and the threat from immigrants and illegal immigration on the democratic side we could find out to date possible bill clinton running mate will be the junior senator and former commander governor if as was i. marshall center i will governor sir write non it
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considered the front runner he lives a little pale white males to heavily favored donald trump. or cowhides >>reporter: here is a lot of the debris is a typical morning ways to get things started the windsor coming in on sure why
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forced 14 mi. per hour week and see for san francisco opened about 713 going on for concord and other regions in the single- digit 47 to lindegren's most of the east of assurances and the upper fifties 55 the little more cockalorum 60 and 50 go on for san jose fists loosely morning fog and saw mostly sunny skies kick in after that a mild afternoon did an expected to cast of the to tell us about a warm-up look at this the east bay shoreline how the grain just about disappeared. >>reporter: 8 hours land of 60
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by 8:00 a.m. 12- 81 month in the event of the '60s near 70 and at the coast about 60. >>robin winston: a live look and wonder why you're ride into and out of san francisco come from and what it will not be a problem for south 11 all the way to san francisco checking in on our drive time discuss so far pretty much green at the limit with 24 on walnut creek golf to get a run of the caldecott all the way over to it all: 65 they
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didn't get out of dublin and the castro valley and the problem for the nimitz, of san jose into milpitas said and early hotspot cleared agree long second highway for one of the first freeways' start backing up-looks good heading west about five is a good while transferring income from the south window problems live in san jose and heading into sunny them the time only 18 minutes. >>phillipe djegal: is will legitimize the medical services detachment in the bay area from or accounting and in the field
4:34 am
of veterinary services arm of the reserve are exposed for all sorts of tragic situations but as hard and as they are all soft spot for.
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>>james: the debt is up from a possible broken ankle this is the bill sholom the take down the scuffle startled the disagreement over unlicensed dogs.
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>>james: is moving the all-star game on the charlotte because of an anti of gb t q loss steph curry income the star warriors guard says the decision person he was raised in charlotte he played for the corners when to college and n.c. is disappointing but supports commissioner atoms of a decision is said today it can
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successfully host the festivities in the climate created by a to be to the they gather from our house today next year now that charlotte is out still had a gun with tragic death of what has family is doing to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else here is a live look outside the camera and san francisco shoreless the embarcadero.
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>>james: the family had been fighting to change the laws and more safeguards are needed for children getting these procedures. >>reporter: 1 family attended the funeral for their three year-old toddler who died during a dental procedure of last saturday in san ramon issue was
4:41 am
a us have was a sweet help the boy but the attitude are on top of another today recommended he have removed however he and his wife had no idea that the dentist would be giving the anesthesia and performing the operation were contested
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assemblyman they said the law would put new safeguards and the place with children is tested by mandating dentist did parents options for surgery if face some opposition and sacramental rite now it is an appropriations committee with some changes to the regional.
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>>james: the mention censorious it is an kate steinle case to of the crowd of this security is under threat from immigrants and illegal immigration the from sematech is also facing civil charges of after being accused of raping seven different women while on duty he was arrested near his stock and home his office in nearly two dozen charges including kidnapping and rape during the war is was not the only change he had made recently asked he now has the
4:46 am
california law of less than a touch of the weather as you take a quick look at the forecast for this friday and for the weekend.
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>>reporter: upheld some matell coming in at 74 for the south of it will come across a before rescinded to makhachkala to 79 1/2 monday at 6179 for mountain view with a decree for santa clara and cupertino and in his seventh book printed a is happening speaking of what some it is popping hand in the eastern shore line 84 hayward 75 open 90 livermore also for presence in and 87 for san ramon what will my cricket 89.
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>>robin winston: is that the number of off correction cycle to be a problem if you have to use and chicken and a spiffy with balance could no problems on 24 come from the caldecott mccracken and in the mess at the limit between san leandro and oakland he is nervous about his
4:49 am
resolution speech to long hit above victorian of his jeep the class and getting ready to go to college. >>reporter: more than half of them and never leave prison walls but like camera the working on self improvement he served the two of his 11th year
4:50 am
sentence and is looking forward to a brighter future because of his potential he was the first non-life for to be accepted into the catch creating awareness to the group is part of the youth offenders program joining him in the wild pitch program is 22 europe are at the miller also and for voluntary manslaughter and ash.
4:51 am
>>reporter: some of them and then on the program a short amount of time already said they're starting to pick a good habits from their classmates. >>james: a first person to be infected was sick of the berkeley by a mosquito bite happened in florida and the health officials confirming the woman with the virus is not the data from such transmission more from traveling to america with the finest the trucks was driving through the patient's neighborhood trying to get into every backyard and spray and the minute and then offered insights to the first must still dread the skill by transmission
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does not happen in the united states. >>james: you could test the backed search and i followed by
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>>robin winston: into san francisco you concede it's moving at the lemon is one to be a nice ride, of oakland just eight minutes from the maze of the sky when a recurrence a camping trip a website-so-called insult from donald trump and they've colden trump yourself then nonchalance over twitter yesterday morning but such is the facebook total will give them and impose a very is posted to web server can be used with a
4:56 am
donation to her campaign a little boy's love for police is inspire his family and is because it and they're all batman he is excited when every sees a police officer and you can see him wearing his batman had. >>james: 13 of the patrol car looks like the back of the amount they made the void that are turning on a fluorescent lines and let it comes in the police car, shall the office of the republican presidential nominee.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>reporter: he may want to close
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to approaching the 66. >>robin winston: looking good so far to need to get into san francisco has approaching the toll plaza with the sea is now sunlight to probable cause to of the deck of the downtown despite a minor accident on the crucial freeway after hour before the man is a couple cars blocking into two lanes of traffic limit to delays because it is so early is bound traffic looks good to see a tree on the way to the same.
5:01 am
>>darya: amass a search is underway after a train carrying more than two dozen people in this appeared in indian who was what we know so far the plan to call from a committee this morning the indian in forced navy and coast guard out searching since the customer will have new information as soon as it comes to the news room to adjust the republican national convention during his final night last night except in the party nomination for president. >>reporter: the just of what could gop crowd on the final night of the rnc and tracking a
5:02 am
populist tone can take in the fight to the democratic opponent had a recurrence and attacking her as a failure of secretary of state now was up to
5:03 am
him to keep the momentum going till november
5:04 am
>>will tran: that warren san francisco they're not there have been they claimed he has no idea what they think the man accused of shooting her 45 year-old up one francisco sanchez locas he's an undocumented immigrant reporter at five times the size of the bay about central receiving twice and francisco's center city according to donald trump into the air to say about kate steinle.
5:05 am
>>will tran: again and that as a brother he does not know what his family believes them but we do know assam has filed a lawsuit against multiple agencies including iced fizzled former census will chair a share it was francisco lopez who found a gun and the gun belonged to a park official and accidentally went off and killed kate steinle there is some multiple agencies and this morning they're still waiting to hear from donald trump.
5:06 am
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. >>james: now the republican national conventions of for she is poised to grab headlines by naming her running man and the democratic mass of the convention. >>james: report to be watching the schedule very carefully in the one of the choose when you learn more state-owned in the
5:08 am
10th they're going to can from the pri quick on the democratic side and. >>darya: the passenger van is more than two years ago on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing and turned back and dropped into the indian ocean west of australian 209 people were on board this events
5:09 am
completely scoured the kind area in the indian ocean workers in the mill creek tennis center that was destroyed in the cease- fire record to be holding a meeting to talk about with them on to the moving forward they believe that this massive fire was caused by arson is started before for yesterday morning live coverage this morning's meeting star said it at the melbourne city council chambers you may know the smoke and parts of the north by but don't be alarmed the problem fire department is doing a controlled burn to get it will be added to track the plan malaises morning
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at the police officer shot a man lying on the ground his hands the of this excuse for what happened.
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>>reporter: hear with the locally to michelin the greens look completely away the blood reston's it more progress in the far east of the numbers popping in the '90s meanwhile on the peninsula will keep close to the visit will be turned into a 70 the seven o'clock lot of areas by the yellow you concede much of the east and that is the west of the hill steven and spelling of the osha cool air is happening to after midnight.
5:16 am
>>robin winston: who had won a
5:17 am
minor incident on the issue for which it was the bomb if the actor paul some of the unarmed the park the car before the menace is locked in to land is gone. >>darya: or she died from injuries and sacramento the house of home runs and past five your son was also killed in the finance to the boy's father was a rustic three days later he is
5:18 am
charged with arson and attempted murder and murder and and he's pleaded not guilty potestas a fun place after the video was released to happen monday of charleston's is said he was on his back with his hands over the the shot that will respond to call the man with a gun in the stuff on video join him on the left is a therapist is one of the police why he's tenant was client he told miscalling was holding a toy truck this morning they're calling the shooting an accident.
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>>reporter:-he covered a lot of topics some of them controversial but we can't respond from a campaign and is the and on like any other the we've seen this tree that would down on the controversial plan
5:23 am
to them most stringent in the state he did not offer any specific plans of how use when to competition dockhand still along the people said the entire time the one to sit with them on to say this all the confederate come down to pitch a perfect moment of the campaign is in
5:24 am
1909 and building up to all for this at the convention.
5:25 am
>>mark: larissa the lawsuit lacks merit in the complaint was filed this into class-action lawsuit that the spacing of the trough and run to along 530 yesterday morning someone called the assault pd this person to that in the very same threat
5:26 am
the cliche of town where ss officers on highland after the fort said and after their recent killings of police and dallas, all in lausanne. >>mark: 70 test with and an
5:27 am
assist on of 10 tested positive for the trucks the contaminant is on down the peseta may have found one of the wells tap with the fbi is involved in its investigation.
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>>reporter: a snapshot of what to expect of the and the committee's 95 going on and the inland spots a summit this were some errors reach 100 to return to the litter on next week.
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>>reporter: police said sharks items are not freckling reported that this area is a part of the natural habitat for the sharks they're asking each goal was to be aware of the surroundings a report in a more sharks items. >>darya: we are following this story with a brick in newsdesk couple of unarmed a citizen is possible the virus was locally transmitted of timaru now.
5:33 am
>>james: this said there was no apparent connection to travel outside of the country are set to transmission that could mean the woman contracted the virus from a mosquito bite on the west for him up to such systems to us in the area right now there's been spring through backyards to eliminate any breeding sites that might exist.
5:34 am
>>mark: he's chasing 22 charges related to sexual battery can mapping his dorm or on monday >>darya: police a recently and has agreed to the bill is given
5:35 am
the more information about people or potentially involved in his death the video shows six the seven men and three parked cars mirror the park the night before his body was found by dr. the police department is offering a 15th of an award for information released to the rest of the case tech.
5:36 am
>>mark: to the veterans of the motel were damaged. >>darya: a small but crucial comes to you because it was a magnitude 4.8 and headed off for me after a long just to the people took the twitter send this out of there were no reports of imminent damage or angeles.
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>>darya: the average started last july resource across the country including some in california did been trying to stressful 62 employees with the company has not recovered as much as investors had hoped for.
5:40 am
>>mark: pam shaw also of restaurant and tell their order enough to the trip to manage ties to the women arm focused on with it in the comes me and don't forget the fourth the big issue stock to keep them from line seal are bursting their teeth.
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>>mark: he brought kate steinle the san francisco woman killed by undocumented immigrants and pure 14 along the embarcadero he
5:44 am
gained national attention and read a controversy over san francisco century city lost. >>darya: she could make the big announcement as soon as today to democratic insiders saying it is the leading contender but they caution clinton has not made a final decision. >>robin winston: you concealable
5:45 am
back up in the past plans but not that the law to grant ride into the north it it meant the from the toll plaza ought to hire 1111 across the golden get a live look into out of san francisco still smooth come from the mob and which is south 11 the from 30 minutes over to the san francisco. >>robin winston: 80 minutes
5:46 am
from 85 to 237 split. >>reporter: in the printed in
5:47 am
relieve this to clean the mountain.
5:48 am
>>haaziq madyun: this happened on 5:30 a.m. sunday morning on melvin avenue and oakland's mike will part of the hood his car was one of the 17 bird last few
5:49 am
contacted the oakland police department told he has video of the suspect his and is waiting for police to come by and they also told him the community policing officer of happened to him tinseltown to befriending a victim in the future he says he and his neighbors of them together to create a communications network to send an alert to one of the the next time something like this happens. >>mark: please just released a survey of a struggle just to the
5:50 am
in depleted he was involved in the bird would that happen the same day in the same area >>james: if you want to follow the story turns our website we asked have that story for area and again we're looking at conditions tub on to the developing crop the david duke and a better description from police.
5:51 am
5:52 am
a family as a said after the sun ordered a pizza and the racial slur on the box after a break for giving a for how we can you might want to court, and a movie theater will show you the movies as in the box office this weekend.
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the to offer some of these clothes looks great mid-60's for the mark movies coming out this weekend the box office seven new films.
5:56 am
the fight, some successful republican presidential nomination he gave a speech in hanoi, we get on the for the start of the democratic national convention and philadelphia will table the list of high- profile california official told speaking.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:01 am
>>mark: donald trump is officially accepted his party's
6:02 am
nomination this one of the campaign begins to fight for the november general election. >>reporter: there was a lot that was said because the speech went on for a long time an hour and 16 minutes donald trump did not miss for except the denomination our front and after that he went swim by point to certain things of his campaign that some parts from the of the republicans to 16 men and women.
6:03 am
>>reporter: he did not mention specifics of for this crowd in denouncing to matter we spoke with people who were there the when always supported in the auditorium last night you hard- pressed to find someone who wasn't on a to going back to the district to figure out what they saw.
6:04 am
>>will tran: more the one year ago she was walking with her father on pier 14 when she was shot in the chest she was rushed to the hospital later died almost immediately he started talking about kate steinle the show you picture the third to your woman she has been talked about by both parties but donald trump immediately talk about her saying about the center for this city that she should be alive
6:05 am
because the man accused of shooting her the 45 year-old one front office of a should never have been in san francisco should never been in the country he should of been deported and never should of been in the country in the first place they said if you're going to talk of raw our family is least try to find know what we think about the situation but our political views are but that did not happen, in to the rnc last night in fact hear with donald trump talking about kate steinle and the fans' reaction. >>: the talk to bob kate steinle as she knew her and never heard a word from his campaign
6:06 am
manager never heard a word from him is this concerning and we're going to be affiliated with someone that can nine have the common courtesy to reach our and ask about kate steinle or our political views and what we want the platform he said then is in exactly what our families and with the family believes in is for some of the mechanisms to get-and they are so when multiple agencies including funds from a san francisco sharecropper creaming in my recall when year ago that there was so much heat missed so much fire all the country is just the here and san francisco over what happened.
6:07 am
hop >>will tran: half the lawsuits have been the still this morning is far as we know donald trump still has not reached out to the family for the final preparation underwent was for or center in philadelphia with a national convention starts in london a lot of high-profile government
6:08 am
officials and california will be speaking at the convention including gov. jerry brown. >>mark: other speakers included president obama and first lady of michelle from joe biden and sanders.
6:09 am
>>james: it took off from a 30 this morning and southern indiana it is supposed to landlocked and hours later the disappearance summer over the bed and all this a massive search effort by the indian air force the navy and the coast all taking part so far no other information has been released the search is happening as we speak. >>darya: the boy's father was of
6:10 am
arrested three days later he is charged with the arson and murder and attempted murder and he's pleaded not guilty new this morning malaise australia and china agreed to suspend the search for malaysia airlines flight the passenger jet venice more than two years ago on a flight for the column to division his believe the turned back and killing to the indian ocean with the australian with too much of the 94th rough fifth police scoured the area in the indian ocean 45 more on the path is up and call doping at the samples of the 2002 out tokens for retest and. >>mark: made the announcement and that means the number of
6:11 am
after scott bluffing in the beijing among the games now stand at 98 more than 1200 samples have been retested.
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>>robin winston:not a major delay, leaving south 101 south of 80 blocking two right lanes it is causing a little bit of a back up.
6:42 am
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us >>mark: >>darya: then sent virginia senator is the leading contender but clinton has yet to make a final decision still and oceans of the accounting and the possibilities a long time friend of both and the real blow can't --bill clinton.
6:46 am
>>mark: they believed fire was actually arson. >>reporter: maybe even hunter popping into those are of the it will keep the most in the nineties and eighties east additional line into washed out getting from warming but discotheque and tonight the return of cool air is in the pot was into it from previous months and a sound as if it has been having trouble for the more
6:47 am
palatable and the clinton did much chronicles the to cut the overnight for 2:00 p.m., and 83 install for san jose and. >>reporter: close inspection of the temperature 67 for downtown san francisco sunny skies for the to the south course of the call around 60 to pull out of 79 east in shoreline 67 is in the '80s and thought he rabat 80 in the to provide for concord minded pleasanton in fremont and run 80--80. >>reporter: the coast looks good. metal 60 some odd way into good. >>robin winston: no major issues
6:48 am
in downtown san francisco for the ride on monday to live mckesson the temperature command a heavier traffic wrong to the principle this last 20 minutes to convict if howe to the one with cannot check in on the mountain despite a crash as come out of san the philosophe 11 south 580 before to france's track block of two lines is jamming of traffic the drive times 22 to 25 minutes. >>robin winston: look the highway for minor, and just before heading westbound and to convert the drive times only 17 and should help us out to 242 going beyond the point man,
6:49 am
sought to 42----242. >>mark: 20 on the palm of a car burglars and when east and the onset and teens smashing grab all of brooklyn to happen within 30 minutes of your photos of just some of the cars they're broken into a home on a surveillance camera captured video of the burglars and action to have confronted a sunday morning on milk and i've been a peaceful with one of the victims had asked not to show his face.
6:50 am
>>mark: he taunted the police and told them he of the surveillance video of the burglars and he's still waiting for police to come by and pick up there working together to create communications something like this happens again.
6:51 am
>>darya: woman and the more by an american western killed fighting ices and syria. >>james: he was not a member of the u.s. military is a civilian who offers went to syria in february of last year we volunteer to john curtis force he returned to syria last january and according to the forces he was killed in action on july 14th the last contact them with family was back in april the have not been notified of his death by the u.s. consulate in turkey.
6:52 am
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>>mark: some of intelsat and to the group mayor of star trek the hong, and the seventh half hour
6:57 am
he is now the republican president and money to talk to political animus about what he had to say last night.
6:58 am
6:59 am
this morning on the kron4 morning news donald trump accepts the presidential nomination. how people are responding to this his speech this morning. >> and donald trump has said many things, but it's what he did not say to the family of a 32-year-old san francisco woman that has them upset. i'm i'll explain coming up in a live report. >> hot temperatures expected across the bay this weekend and we'll show you how hot on the
7:00 am
morning show. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 7:00 starts now. >> good friday morning to you. >> watch for bay area weather and traffic. let's get more on the hot weather this weekend. >> looking for temperatures to reach 100 perhaps inland. let's check here at sfo. good clear skies at work and that's a nice start. and most airports reporting things pretty clear informant. the only interruption may be some scattered thunder showers in parts of the midwest. 59 for oakland and hayward. 57 for san jose. san francisco gets up to middle 60s. sunny in your afternoon and a bit of a breeze that picks up around 21. for the day part 76 by 11:00 and as we get into the afternoon middle 90s in the bay


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