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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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breaking news at 11 tonight a female officer has been injured in a shooting. >> this happened about 9:30 this evening at 73rd avenue. at about international boulevard in east oakland. right now police do not have a suspect in custody they are looking for the person responsible for shooting at this female police officer, but not hitting her. they are saying the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> reports that we're getting from the ground in that area there is a very large police presence right now as you can imagine in that area. we have heard reports that the officer may have been pinned
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down at one point and then the shots were fired. fortunately the shots are thought to have not hit her at this point, but the suspect is on the loose. several locks in the area have been roped off. >> the extent of the officers injuries are not known. we do not know how badly she was hurt, but was not hit so hopefully that is a good sign of recovery. many bay area police departments have been on edge lately after several ambushes against police department all across the country including dallas and baton rouge. we have a live report from highland hospital. >> our reporter is live at the scene. what can you tell us about what you see? >> reporter: there is definitely a heavy police presence near the emergency department of highland hospital and this is following that shooting out near 73rd avenue. and -- in oakland.
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we know it was a female officer that was heard we do not know the extent of her injuries and felt we hear she was shot at, but not heard by those shots. we don't know exactly what cause to those injuries or how severe they might be. we do know that it happened around 9:30 this evening and that is the extent of the details. we don't know who it might be, we know this is a female officer that was hurt with oakland pd and from what we hear mayor libby schaaf is expected to arrive to get some support to this officer. >> we just on oakland police car drive past you. do you see many police cars there and many officers outside? >> reporter: definitely a heavy police presence you can tell they are on edge because one of their own was unfortunately hurt and so they are all on standby it seems to see if there are any updates to see
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what her condition might be. definitely a big support from oakland pd. >> there is another location where they are searching for this individual. there have been some reports that people could hear helicopter in the air i don't know if you heard any. >> reporter: know as far as that i don't hear any helicopters in this area, probably most likely at the scene where it happened. i know that we heard something over a scanner as to what had happened to her that she was calling out for help following those shots that were fired. as we mentioned she was not mentioned -- hurt by the shooting, but we don't know what caused her injuries at this time and these are all the details we know so far because this happened earlier this evening around 9:30 and we will keep you updated as more details become available.
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>> we will check back with you when we get new information. the one officer is still in hospital. >> a female officer was shot at around 9:30 tonight. the officer not hit, but rushed to the hospital where we saw a live report. there are many oakland police officers they are now showing support. >> they are at two different locations because many of them have showed up for the support, but you have many others involved in the search process. one that is a very large area involves helicopters, officers going from door to door offense -- often house to house searching different yards and neighborhoods to try to get the individual who was involved. >> the search for the suspect is going on. we don't know who shot at the officer or under what circumstances. why the officer may have had an incident or confrontation with the suspect, but the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. we have al on the scene and
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lots of different resources time to get new information so we will keep you updated right here on the kron4 news at 11 and on our website first thing tomorrow morning also in the kron4 and warning news at seven. let's go to the wildfire coverage we have for you tonight because the high temperatures are feeling a massive wildfire in southern california. firefighters are battling a fast-moving fire, this one in santa clarita that is just north of los angeles. it currently is a threat to over 1000 homes. please say there have been one person killed now because of this fire. that is new information for us tonight at 11. there are three helicopters working throughout the night tonight to try to stop the fire that started yesterday and has burned 20,000 acres and is only 10% contained. wildlife officials have evacuated a private sanctuary for exotic animals because they are in danger because of the
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fire. there are 900 firefighters working to put it out. again, we know one person has died because of this fire. other top stories we are following tonight, 10 people including the gunman were killed yesterday in munich germany when a shooter opened fire at a busy shopping center. police say the shooter was accessed with mass killings, but had no known ties to isis. residents were urged to stay home. restaurants and other businesses close and public transit was shut down. lycie the shooting broke out at a mcdonald's in munich and even into a mall across the street and continued firing.>> reporter: the south alameda branch of the naacp held a peaceful march through the downtown streets. the group taking a stand against pretties -- police brutality. protesters marched from the
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naacp office down to city hall. those who walked were of all races and ages. one specific change they seek having police departments match their demographics of the communities they serve. >> it was a scorcher for some parts of the bay area. the big question is how long will it last? >> our meteorologist is back right after this.
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our meteorologist joins us and he has been deep in these very hot weather maps. >> the scorching temperatures around the bay area. i think we are staying hot for another seven days in the bay area. you have to see here, we have mostly clear skies on the coastline. just a hint or two of patchy
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fog and that is all we are going to see throughout the night tonight. today's highs were impressive. it was 101 and livermore, 100 in concord, very comfortable 73 in san francisco. 77 in oakland and as you can see these temperatures are well above the average for this time of year. still it is looking nice and clear out toward the golden gate bridge. a couple of patches of fog likely to develop overnight into tomorrow morning a least along the coast find and it will be hot in the inland. it looks like hot summer temperatures will return all across the bay area as we head into the middle of the week. out the door right now, 73 and mild and livermore, 71 in concord, 61 in the nampa area and a seabreeze kicking and. high pressure in control in this ridge it will break down just a little bit, it is that same ridge that brings hot temperature across much of the united states.
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it looks like around the state tomorrow you will run into the heat if you had to the central valley. 109 in bakersfield, 104 in sacramento, 109 and redding. here we go, overnight tonight we are likely to see just a couple patches of fog along the coastline. he will see the bay is clear and the valleys are clear. it looks like it will start to break up and by the afternoon lots of sunshine. with that in mind the temperatures in san jose looking good, 20 of sunshine and i warned afternoon -- warm afternoon. near triple digit heat and and it looks like the next couple days, more hot temperatures even hotter on tuesday and wednesday and possibly thursday. >> we want to update you the police will be speaking in the next 30 minutes on that situation. >> we will have an update for
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you tomorrow morning, sunday morning starting at 7 am on the kron4 morning news on the breaking news we have been following an oakland police officer hurt in a shooting tonight. thanks for joining us. turquoise dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no ones got moves like uncle joe. ♪ when it's go book on for instant rewards like gift cards, plus savings of up to 20%. book direct at
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>> music >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron 4 >> the back story >> the newscast >> day 35 >> darya: 9:35 and happening today, fleet week is kicking off in san francisco and there are events all over the city. >> darya: there's a disaster training demonstration is happening over at pier 50 and that's where kron 4's, terisa estacio is this morning. >> darya: hi, terisa. >> terisa: good morning, darya. >> terisa: good morning, everyone. >> terisa: what's important about this ... about this kind of drill is that you guys are able to ... >> terisa: so, we are doing a story about a drill. i've never really understand drills. >> terisa: just because it's their job to do a drill. >> terisa: to never understanding why television stations want to do a story about how people are doing their jobs.


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