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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> steve:now at eight. ♪ it's not over yet. it's still coming now. >> steve:we are live on the fire lines in monterey county where flames have consumed home after home. >>whoosh >> steve:as the bay area swelters. air conditioners straining the power grid. tonight there is a statewide alert. find out what you need to do to help keep your lights on. ♪ whoosh >> steve:president obama makes his case for hillary clinton. we are live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >>whoosh >> steve:she was kidnapped. and then accused of faking her own abduction. tonight learn why police were suspicious of this north bay woman's account of her ordeal. >> steve:you're watching kron four news in prime
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time. >> pam:now at 8. deadly and destructive. >> steve:wildfires burn relentlessly across the state of california. one just south of the bay area in monterey county. >> steve:the sober-an-nes fire is now being blamed for one death. >> steve:good evening i'm steve >> pam:and i'm pam moore. the fire has already destroyed 20 homes. hundreds more are still threatened. kron-4's charles clifford joins us live from _ _ _ _ _ _ >> steve:charles -what's the latest? >> reporter: there are numerous communities all around the fire burn zone that have been evaluated.
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there is an evacuation consider over in carmel. the fire itself, which is burning in barry drive rugged terrain. -- burning in very dry, rough terrain. >> to continue making progress. >> reporter: hellfires says the best case scenario--cal fire says the best case scenario is that have this fire decreased by next week. >> reporter: for now, that is the very latest. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> steve: thank you,
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charles. >> steve:it seems firefighters can't catch a break in southern california. the sand fire is still raging through santa clarita... and is only 40- percent contained. >> steve:the blaze started friday around two-p-m. so far over 38-thousand acres have burned. evacuated areas remain ensure public safety. >> steve:18 homes have been destroyed and one person has died. yesterday.the acting governor of california issued a state of emergency for the fire. >> steve:a packed day three schedule at the democratic national convention. as the party looks to carry the momentum of last night tonight. >> steve:two big names making an appearance. president obama and vice president joe biden. tonight we have analysis with randy shandobil ---the host of the political podcast "this golden state" but first let's go live to
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philadelphia where jim osman is standing by. >> steve: jim? >> >> heard from vice- president select a nominee to campaign who made fun of donald trump. >> we share this basic belief. do all the good you can and served one another. it is pretty simple. christie's sample. --for the sample. >> pretty simple >> that is what hillary
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clinton is all about! (cheers & applause) >> you heard him speaking spanish to there. and he is actually flew it is spanish. --fluid >> he also mocked donald trump in regards to the tax returns. which, i am sure that will give some sort of reaction. sometime tomorrow. from mr. donald trump. you hear president obama dinh a applause. >> donald trump should be
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defeated because he does not feel like he is qualified for office and hillary clinton is the person that she should vote for this year. --that you should vote for presidency. >> pam: report from philadelphia. communications consultant randy shandobil - to talk about day three's biggest moments. >> 80 years ago--8 years ago (cheers & applause) >> that is right let me tell
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you may remember that we were rivals. we battled for one year and a half. let me tell you it was tough. because hillary was tough. i was worn out. (laughter) >> was the want everything i was the win. but just like ginger rogers it was back and forth in heels. >> and every time i thought i may have had one she would come back. but after it was all over i asked her to join my team. (cheers & applause) >> and, she was a little surprised. , she said yes.
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because she knew what was at stake with vigor that either one of us. --was a bigger than either one of us >> i came to realize the heard on believable work ethic it was not for fame or attention. she was in this for everyone she needed to champion. have a >> for all of these years she has never forgotten who she is fighting for. hillary still has the tenacity she had as a young woman working as if children defense going door to door. helping people with disabilities.
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>> she still has the heart that she showed as the first lady working with congress for eight children--for children that is still active today. >> he will be the first president in decades to campaign for someone for his or own party. >> george bush did not campaign for mccain. that was very unpopular. ray >> give did not campaign for george h. w. bush. --regan did not campaign
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>> as popular as he still in his scenes are not very well in the country right now so he still has to campaign for her death as well as campaign for change. --right now he has to campaign for hillary had as well as campaign for change. >> look how long the administration has been scandalously. and i mean personally. --scandalous the the, free >> that is the history... and guy willing hillary clinton will write the next
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chapter in this journey. we are americans second to none! do not forget it. >> blurt is saying they he knows a, when he sees one they are definitely going after donald trump. -- blumberg's >> he, like trumpets a millionaire who turned politician and a reform--and a former republican. >> he is a form of republican and a strong
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individual. people at the conventions are the activists in the early subscribers soared to speak. will he reach them? >> pam: donald trump raising issues with the russians tried to get the details of hillary clinton. what he tried his fourth steal the thunder of the democratic convention. --was he trying to steal the thunder >> if backfired. members of his own party was not in agreement with his comments. yet, his comments are
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making news place. -- newswaves >> democrats were were wreath that bernie sanders reporters--supporters would boo him because they're hoping that he would be the vice president's nominee. >> but that was not the case. he was pretty good. >> reporter: >> steve: do not touch the water in the east bay as a deadly toxin is discovered. >> steve: we will to live
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these crimes are related will be that
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>> reporter:police are on the hunt for "four" men.who
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were involved attempted robbery in walnutthe incidents happened 2 days apart, but the authorities say the people involved are all the same. kron 4's alecia reid is at police headquarters. >> reporter:were any of the victims hurt? >> reporter: to get away the suspect ran away and jumped into the car. the vehicle jumped a medium and drove in to the opposite direction of traffic. >> reporter:walking down cypress street, around 3 in the afternoon last wednesday, an elderly her purse and try to run off. she was alarmed, but held on tight. she was eventually forced to the ground, where the suspects sidewalk. during the people ran over to help. >> reporter:police say the 2 men ran off gray jeep patriot, where 2 diablo boulevard. two days later on july 22nd within
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incident two women sat outside "slice house pizza" on mount diablo boulevard. both of their purses that were on the ground next to them, were snatched. that the suspect that tried snatching the old woman's bag. >> reporter:he ran across the street and jumped into the same jeep, according to police. the vehicle then jumped the median onto mount diablo opposite direction of obeying traffic laws once he got to the next intersection. >> reporter:all four suspects are their 20's. the first suspect that was involved in both cases is described as tall and thin. the second man was average height with a thin build. the other 2 were sitting in the jeep. >> reporter:reporting live from walnut creek. >> pam:the contra costa county health services department. has a warning for all residents: stay out the water.
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>> pam:that's because blue - green algae was found at the discovery bay marina. tests are being done to find out how toxic and dangerous the water is now because of the algae. >> pam:blue- green algae is really harmful to humans and animals. this kind of algae is common for the kind of warm weather we have been having lately. >> pam:the county is telling all people. to stay out of the water until the test results are in. and keep their pets out as well. >> reporter:there have been no reports so far of any people or animals getting in contact with the blue -green algae in discovery bay.
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>> reporter: right now it is mid '80s here. one of the reasons they have set up in the distance a call center. here in the plaza 10 senior center. you can come down here and cool off until 9:00. when they have the power mournings and place that means they recommend you say the at electricity. how you do that keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or above. keep your lights turned off and major appliances in the morning or late night hours to be used. >> reporter: will you be saving when it comes to
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using your air-conditioned? >> i have a family. we can save on just keeping lights off only leave the room. >> reporter: that out your life the pleasanton senior center on location it is a cooling center open until 9:00 this evening. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: the numbers are out for the power ball which has reached $422 million get out your lottery tickets. but when the numbers are... please check kron4 news die,
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for the winning numbers. >> brittany: by friday and into the beginning you will notice a difference especially. if you are closer to our inland locations. with a cool down. heading into next week with a live look. you will see a smoky and hazy look at our skies tonight. you start to see clear as we go in to friday and the weekend. however, tomorrow still had the spirit the air alert. -- spare the air alert >> brittany: tomorrow, still hot for our inland locations. but we can start to cool things down. 88 degrees in concord, 69 in
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hayward, triple digits for loss of vegas and phoenix. --las vegas >> brittany: we will see cooler at the coast and onshore flow will strengthen. 104 in livermore and 102 in antioch. 90 degrees in novado.. 88 degrees in napa >> brittany: drink plenty of fluids and try not to exercise this letter in the evening and afternoons. early in the morning is
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best. and please do not leave your children or pets in the car. it is too hot. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. new ahead at 8 >> steve:her kidnapping was called a hoax. new documents reveal the police investigation in the days after denise huskins was found. and one year later. >> pam:her murder. still a shock to the bay area. tonight we talk to a child safety expert. about how you can protect your children. >> gary: later in this broadcast will have more would sports! come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing
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>> steve:after one year a community is still grieving the loss of an 8-year-old. >> pam:today marks the one year anniversary of madyson middleton's death in santa cruz. return to index of >> pam:madyson or better known as maddy middleton the small, brown hair little girl, who always had a smile on her face.went missing on july 25th 20-15. she was last seen at her home, the tannery arts complex in santa cruz. >> pam:a massive search began for maddy middleton shortly after. but it was abruptly ended when police discovered her body in a dumpster near her home a day later. >> pam:police say the person responsible for her death was neighbor 15-year- old adrian gonzalez. return to
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>>16 years old.,. >> pam:police say, gonzalez rapped and murder maddy middleton at his apartment. gonzalez was 15 at the time, and he is now 16- years-old and is currently being held at juvenile hall. he was charged for murder and is being tried as an adult with the possibility of facing a life sentence. >> pam:his trial is set to take place next year. return to roth's >> pam: next, kidnapped from her home and sexually assaulted later. police questioned her story and why new details list that they thought it was a hoax. >> brittany: another round of the triple digits. all of
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the details are coming up after the break.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:new details tonight on the so called "gone girl" kidnapping case out of vallejo. we now have the sworn statements from police. explaining why investigators dismissed the kidnapping case. calling it a hoax. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:from what she was wearing. to how she was acting. all caused police to cast doubt on her kidnapping story >> pam:kron 4's justine waldman read through the new court documents. she is here now with what we have learned.
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>> justine:vallejo police thought the whole story denise huskins and her boyfriend aaron quinn told investigations. just did not make sense. calling it outlandish. and unusal. >> justine:the documents are part of a civil defamation lawsuit. huskins said she was kidnapped out of her vallejo home last year. and was returned to her parents home in huntington beach. the lead dectective wrote it was odd to him."huskins "and did not want to speak with huntington beach police, and instead wanted to speak with her lawyer." >> justine:and strangest of all. when police offered to fly her family was. "she rejected the offer." >> justine:we spoke with huskins attorney. he told us. vallejo police jumped to conclusions. >>attacked her.against her >> justine:another statement
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from an officer involved in the case. denise's appearance did not make sense to him for a kidnap victim. because she was wearing sunglasses and had luggage. >> justine:her lawyer says. vallejo police wanted to assure the public the community was safe. and that is why they wanted to dismiss the case so quickly. later, the fbi arrested matthew muller. >> justine:he has plead not guilty, despite admitting to the crime while in jail. return >> pam: thanks, justine. >> pam:all charges dropped today against the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray last year. >> steve:the prosecutor calls it an agonizing decision, as catherine heenan reports, she blames a bungled investigation by the police. >>"there was a reluctance and an obvious bias, that was consistently exemplified not by the entire police
8:34 pm
department, but by individuals within the baltimore police department at every stage of the investigation." >> catherine:freddie gray's arrest was recorded in video. his fatal injuries were not. >> catherine:after being picked up for allegedly wielding a knife he was put in the back of a police van in handcuffs. but without a seatbelt. they drove him around for 25 minutes, while he bounced around. sustaining a fatal injury to his neck. >> catherine:by the time he arrived at the police station, he was in cardiac arrest. after several days days of violent protests, prosecutor mosby announced. >>we have probable cause to file charges >> catherine:of the six officers indicted, three were tried and acquitted. today she dropped charges against the remaining three. >>"without real substantive reforms to the current criminal justice system, we could try this case one hundred times, and cases just like it, and we would still end up with the same result."
8:35 pm
>> catherine:gray's stepfather thanked her. >>"we stand behind marilyn and her prosecuting team and my family is proud to have them represent us." >> catherine:baltimore's police union, happy with the outcome. >>"justice has been done" >> catherine:unhappy with mosby's comments. >>""outrageous, uncalled for to index of stories... very stressful. >> reporter:but how about taking the drivers test. with someone staring over you shoulder? >> steve:especially if that someone is kron-4's stanley roberts here's what happened when he visited a d-m-v in the east bay. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:hey how you doing
8:36 pm
im over here at dmv in city of el trusty ipad here and were going to do some called pbb were going to the test that are on the dmv but i also added a few trick questions to see how people do >> stanley:two sets of double yellow lines two feet apart means you can cross them there there's no double yellow lines two feet across how long you been driving let me see >> stanley:while he thinking about that lets ahhh look at some other people >> stanley:when you see two sets of double yellow lines to or more feet apart that means hurry up and cross true or false >>yes >>you think its true >>ah ha hmmm why >>because it yellow so yellow means you can cross >> stanley:how much is the ticket if a cop see you driving barefoot >>no idea i drive barefoot all the time >> stanley:how much is the ticket for driving barefoot in california i do not know the answer to that question >> stanley:well what do you
8:37 pm
think it is your driving barefoot a cop pulls you over he see you driving barefoot >>150 bucks 200 bucks >>it not possible how can they fell for that one that was a trick question. that was a trick question >> stanley:so, its okay to stop at a red light and play poke mon- on the screen? >>no. >> stanley:why not? >>you don't play pokemom while you're driving. come on. >>tru or false is it okay to play pokemon go at a stop light if it's a rare pokémon no its false why is it false? becuse you cant use your phone at a stoplight >> stanley:when you see two sets of double yellow lines more than two feet across that means hurry up and cross? >>no. >>i don't know actually. your sons taking the test. maybe he might know he doing the questions now maybe some else should take the test? >>yea i get you >> stanley:were going to go back in because your going to have to take the teat again were going to get you set up to today >> stanley:in the city of el cerritos stanley roberts
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kron 4 news >> brittany: you want to be really careful in the heat plus the triple digits. >> brittany: poor in quality due to ozone layer-unhealthy >> brittany: 1 can help out. take transit transportation. >> brittany: limit your energy use between 2 and 9:00 p.m. as we head into thursday. 104 degrees and livermore, at 86 and mountain dew and oakland at 98 degrees. concord, at 83 degrees and 88 degrees and petaluma. >> brittany: 76 degrees and
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vallejo, low 50s and san francisco. some even see the difference and temperatures. >> brittany: was c pad g f o g. -- you will see patchy fog.
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>> steve:donald trump is doubling down on his call for russian help in finding hillary clinton's missing emails. the republican nominee has been panned for the suggestion.
8:43 pm
>> steve:seven restaurants in sacramento county have fallen victim to a prank caller. and its exhausting the fire department's resources. the caller is someone claiming to be from the restaurant's fire alarm company. >> steve:the person asks managers to turn on the fire suppressantif they do creates a huge mess. one of the restaurants called was actually still shut down today for cleaning. still ahead at 8. >> reporter:he bought clinton=kaine dot com five years ago. the hefty price tag he put on the domain. >> reporter:and how he predicted the 20-16 democratic ticket. >> reporter:plus. >> reporter:road rage caught on camera. a family says, an s-u-v hit their 2 year old was in the back. back. it's everyre. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> pam: what last of them goes to a frightening experience what a pickup truck struck the family still not once but three times. it was apparent role rates incident that was partially call on stills and video. on friday night, driving while his horseless that in the passenger's seat. the two year-old daughter sat in the back seat. the paris is the man hit their drug at least three times. the tried getting away by driving into a car lot. what happened next was a bizarre sight. >> pam: the couple split-- >> started laughing.
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>> pam: the couple filed a report by have not heard back from police. >> steve: not a follow-up story we first brought you last night at 10:00. a california boy who's a prosthetic leg was stolen is getting a new one. he was fitted for a new lake after the four year olds prostatic was stolen while his family was at the beach. after the story went public several prosthetic companies alter to make him an artificial limb free of charge. donations also poured in. >> steve: his mother says the money will be used to send him and to a special kids can't for amputees. the rest of the money will be
8:48 pm
donated to organizations that make prosthetics. >> gary: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: good evening! >> gary:and meanwhile. the oakland a's in texas hoping to get another win versus the the hottest team's in baseball since the m-l-b all-star break. gary will have all the highlights. and giants trying to avoid their 9th loss in 11 games. hosting the reds happy little girl with a couple of baseballs >> gary:madison bumgarner was rolling along he gets joey votp swinging t end the 1sr ining
8:49 pm
bottom 3rd/ scoereless >> gary:connor gillespie solo home run off former oakland-a dan straily but it would be his only mistake of the game 1-0 giants top 5th/ 1-0 giants >> gary:eugenio suarez fly to left goes off angel pagen's glove for an error allowing brondon phillips to advance to 3rd base he would score on a sac fly 1-1 tie top 7th/ 1-1 tie >> gary:jay bruce takes bumgarner out to the pavilion in right field his 5th straight game with a home run 2-1 reds bottom 7th/ 2-1 reds >> gary:strailymatched bumgarner pitch-for-pitch strikes out brandon belt looking final: 2-1 reds >> gary:giants have lost 9 of last 11 games return to index of >> grant: i was just watching and i know you were listening to it was we had a lot of coverage. in regards to the democratic
8:50 pm
convention. politics upside he is more of the great orators of all time. >> gary: again, forget the politics when he talks. even my wife forgot the texas for just one moment. -taxes for just one moment (laughter) >> gary: that was exactly what i was on to say steve. next i put that on a teleprompter for me. (laughter) >> gary:hall of fame n-f-l coach john madden will present ken stabler into the pro football hall of fame via a pre-recorded video.
8:51 pm
madden is recovering from a hip replacement surgery and will not be able to attend the n-f-l hall of fame ceremony in canton,ohio next month. >> gary:former raiders receiver fred biletnikoff and stabler's two grandsons will be in attendence to unveil stabler's bust. stabler died from colon cancer in july of last year at the age of 69 >> gary:the "snake" led the raiders to their first super bowl victory in the 1976 season madden was his head coach in oakland for nearly a decade. >> gary:no surprise here. colin kaepernick has been cleared by his personal physician in colorado to take part in training camp. kaepernick has battled injuries recently and underwent three surgies this offseason. most notable on his shoulder/ kap along with the rest of the niners will report to training camp in santa clara on saturday. the first practice is on sunday m. lynch cal bobblehead-vo >> gary:a moment that cal football fans will always remember is now a bobblehead after a 2006 victory against the university of washington. running back marshawn lynch took control of the medical cart and began driving it around the field >> gary:the moment was
8:52 pm
captured on video and now has its own comemorative bobblehead when the cal golden bears host the washington huskies on nov. 5, the first 10,000 fans will get the special marshawn lynch "ghost ride the whip" bobblehead return >> gary:nfl hall of famer warren sapp had a dangerous encounter with a shark today. while on a lobstering trip with a group of friends in the florida keys. sapp was biten by a shark while pulling a lobster into the boat. it bit the 7-time pro bowler in the arm leaving a large gash. to grphic foir this broadcast. sapp took to twitter to downplay the incident. writing "sharks got a little chunk of me. we got dinner!" return to index >> pam: thanks gary!
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>> grant:a washington man may have predicted the 20-16 democratic ticket. five years ago he bought the domain name clinton kaine dot com. now he's looking to turn it into big bucks. >> grant:at the time jeremy pegg paid only 8-dollars for the name. now it's for sale. and he's hoping for 90-thousand dollars! pegg says that when president obama was picking a running mate he looked at kaine before picking biden. >> grant:and he felt it was likely kaine's time would eventually come. meanwhile the site's been getting huge web traffic. >> grant:but visitors are only going to find pegg's homemade comics on the page. he says he now supports clinton --- but is not opposed to selling the domain to sanders or even trump supporters. he's just looking for the best offer. >> reporter: amazing.
8:57 pm
>> steve: have a good night!
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previously on "the closer"... armand, are you aware that your sister, anila, had a son? what? his name is skander marku, and he's here in the building. how would you like to go home with your uncle armand? my uncle armand's dead. [ grunts ] [ sirens wail ] you recognized that man? it was my father. shariq. we found the old man's daughter. her throat's been cut. [ insects chirping ] [ police radio chatter ] [ indistinct conversations ] [ camera shutter clicking ]


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