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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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we state our -70 degrees. >> reporter: those here at the cooling center like to think you will get much easier in the next coming days. --busier >> pam: and mr. light across the sky. --mystery light and we are seeing similar reports and sutherland california and utah and vegas and more areas. >> pam: sure to stay with us for more of days. >> steve: tsk firefighters
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did have the upper hand earlier this morning. but by the afternoon the fighter had the had increase because of the hotter weather. --the fire had increased >> pam: the first woman to ever received presidential nomination for any party in united states. >> steve: grant, there were great speakers tonight. >> grant: the night belonged to 3 mandrake one introducing himself to on their cut and the president and vice president making the case for hillary
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clinton and against donald trump. >> grant: the night belonged to the three men. >> grant: of the big three, mvp joe biden spoke first. >> we do not scare easily explanation. --we do not scare easily! >> i humbly accept my party's nomination to be vice-president of the united states. (cheers & applause) >> foreign language
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>> grant: he mocks the donald trumps of border wahl as this you cannot trust him. >> believe me it is going to be great, believe me. we are going to build a wall and make mexico place for it--pay for it. believe me. there is nothing suspicious and my tax returns, believe me. (laughter) (cheers & applause) >> >> grant: tonight the commander in chief did not disappoint. >> she listens to people and she keeps her cool in a mist of crisis. and no matter how
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daunting the gods or how much people tried to knock her down. she never, ever quits! that is the hillary i know. and that is the hilly i have come to admire. and i can say with confidence there has never been a man or woman not bill clinton, not meet more qualified than hillary clinton to the president of the united states of america (cheers & applause) >> grant: to elsie clinton will introduce her mother. and hillary clinton will make her case to be the next president of the united states. please >> reporter: are searching for four men possible for snatching purses downtown walnut creek. this happened
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last week when two of them tried to snatch it% from may elderly woman who held on tight. she--who tried to snatch a person from an elderly woman and she held on tight. >> reporter: on described as black men in their 20s. >> reporter: a mile and a half of this stretch of road as we opened again after being closed most of the afternoon. after discovering a body on the east side of this road. discovered, are around 1220 this afternoon by a motorist. trying to determine if the person died of a hit and run or and others suspicious circumstance. no identity
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has been revealed only to say that he was a white man in his 20s. perrin >> reporter: and guardians' are concerned on where the disabled students will go after the school tobinsworld closed. and the campus was also opened at a different site. working with the state of education to help get the other satellite schools formerly run by tobin world. >> reporter: at issue--toxic algae found in east bay water. it is to be taken
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very seriously because it can affect your gastrointestinal system and your neurological system. >> reporter: has been no reports of people and are their pets come into contact with this blue-green algae. >> pam: let us take another live look outside where there is paying-- where there is paying spare the alert
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>> steve: meterologist, brittney shipp with us!
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>> brittany: by 9:00 a.m. we will see temperatures at 50 degrees at the coast and bay. inland locations at 73. by the time you head out for lunch 70's for the bay and 90s by lunch hour for the inland locations. and by 3:00, closer to the three digits. >> brittany: friday, we are still on the seat warm and hot conditions for the inland location and cooler at the coast. it is going to increase.
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>> brittany: shh >> brittany: a warm and 90 degrees and in novado. but the weekend we will cool down. for the bay, we will start off and the high 70. and dropped into next week. to the low 60s to the mid- 60s by the weekend. so not too bad. >> steve: what more can a guy ask for? >> pam: we are happy that you join us tonight and look forward to you tomorrow. stay connected with this at kron 4 news that, to rid
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secrets of hillary's cracking the glass ceiling moment. it happened here in this restaurant. >> she was standing righted here. >> who were those kids with her? and, from russia, love donald? just found video, donald trump in moscow with the miss your contestants. >> so many friends in russia. >> remember these kids? ♪ over here >> usa. plus, boat brawl. wait until you see what these two knuckleheads did to each other. and who gave this kid violinist


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