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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tonight at a loved ones
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mourning the loss of a bay area woman who was killed at random in a shooting spree in austin texas on sunday. buck the woman was a newly married us driver with big plans. kron4 spencer blake spoke with her wife today.>> reporter: the high school district is where she worked as a bus driver and apparently it was a job she was not only good at that one that she loved. today the woman who loves her shared a little bit more about her. >> she was an amazing human being. she lit up the world. she had a personality on like nothing i've ever seen. >> reporter: that light left the world sunday when she died at the hands of the gunman who also injured for other people. >> she was deceased on scene. there were three other individuals transported to the
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hospital. >> reporter: she loved being around kids and had a special bond with the special needs kids. >> she brought something to them and they brought so much love to her. >> reporter: they had gone to austin to visit her grandparents. they were enjoying the nightlife when they were killed. now she is left-leaning on other loved ones. >> very supportive including her grandparents who are now my family. >> reporter: they had just gotten married in april in a small ceremony only the grandparents were there. they had been planning a big wedding celebration in october. a wedding they will not get to have. >> i will have to figure out how to navigate this world without her your>> reporter: she chose those photos to send us. she says her wife will be cremated. live in redwood city, spencer blake, kron4 news.
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>> this is the man who austin police are looking for. he is described as 24-year-old. witnesses say he simply pulled out a handgun and opened fire. after he was reportedly shelved by someone early sunday morning. police say once he is caught he will be charged with murder. until then he is considered armed and dangerous. another big story we are tracking tonight at eight, another shooting on an east bay freeway. >> this left a young man in critical condition. grant lodes is here with what we know. up until now it has been gangs, we don't know for sure. >> reporter: if it is not gangs it doesn't take away from the fact that both are flying all over the place. -- bullets are flying three dozen shootings on the freeways since november. this most recent one at 2:30
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this morning eastbound 80 just before the powell street offramp a 27-year-old from oakland shot in head. critical condition, most of these shootings since november have been on a stretch of 80, the frequency at which they are happening is concerning. >> all these shootings are crazy. >> i be worried and i'm now checking around while i'm driving trying to the cautious of my surroundings especially when it comes to those traffic jams. >> reporter: they say most of the prerace shootings -- freeway shootings have been car to car and gang-related. chp is not saying if that is the case this time around. the string of shootings has prompted the creation of a task force and the mayor calling for state funding. hopefully for freeway cameras.
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another teen is behind bars accused in the death of a teen. the suspect in the victim both 16 years old new one another and had an argument before the shooting about 8:00 at night in the 2700 block of north new one another and had an argument before the shooting about 8:00 at night in the 2700 block of n. texas st. officers found the victim in a parking lot and was taking to i promise center -- trauma center. >> this is a nice complex i never heard anything, no shootings, no robberies know nothing. >> the thing is we have to do something about it. >> the suspect was taken into custody about 5:10 this morning in the 2000 block of bristol lane. police said more information maybe released soon. also new tonight at eight we are hearing from a stockton man whose 13-year-old son was shot and killed. >> the gun used in that crime was one of two stolen from the home of that cities mayor.
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prosecutors say the mayor failed to report those guns a stolen. >> a reporter from our partner station has more. >> it is just like it started all over again. >> reporter: he said a day does not go by that he does not think about his 13-year-old son. he was shot and killed last february right in front of his house as he was on his way to school. >> my baby is gone. >> reporter: when cover document showing that the gun used to kill him once belonged to the mayor of stockton. it was used in at least three crimes since stolen. anthony claimed his home was stolen. he said it was reported stolen after the break-in. buck i can't blame him, but come talk to me. come tell me how you feel about it.
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>> reporter: he says he plans to reach out to the family. when you found out that they found the gun did that open up the wounds again? >> i felt like it happened all over again. i can't even talk about my son without crying. there is nothing has been done. >> reporter: he believes he knows who was responsible. he says he received threats right after his son was murdered. >> if this dude off the street. my baby is laying out there and i'm cramming over day -- crying every day. >> reporter: he is hoping someone will give officers what they need to make an arrest. >> i think a lot of people know what they know. excessive force has been a hot button issue lately. >> today in san francisco a
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panel discussed this issue and discussed solutions. a reporter was there. she is live in our newsroom tonight with some ideas that were talked about.>> reporter: san francisco district attorney says enough is enough let's take these issues and find some solutions in order to re- instill some trust from the community back into the police department not just here in san francisco, but across the country. these blue panel group is comprised a study that they made all of last year based on and investigation that has shown there is a disproportional amount of black and hispanic people as well as the lgbt community that are targeted and this is a biased that they believed to be true and not all police members act in this fashion, a majority were interviewed are good people and bad people that make a bad
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name. speakers include a cnn reporter on what he said was the underbelly of the lapd that he reported on. this panel is well-versed in the subject and let's hear from what they had to say on the findings of the report. >> we found that in 2015 san francisco police searched black and hispanic people without their consent at higher rates than any other racial group. of all the people searched without consent, black and hispanics were the least likely to be found with contraband on them.>> reporter: retired supreme court justice was speaking a part of the panel. it feels like this one of mario was shot 21 times by san francisco police has serviced as excessive force. that blue ribbon panel acknowledged that racial disparity is nothing new and
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apparently it is part of the nations history and the only way to combat it is to systematically reform institutions. police have identified the suspect who was arrested at the station last week. video which has gone viral shows 22-year-old michael smith been arrested on friday afternoon. smith was originally been arrested for connection to a possible armed robbery now police say he allegedly kicked one officer in the head and bit another and spat on a third officer. he remains in jail on $180,000 bail. the judge in the sierra lamar case is refusing to delay the trial any longer. the man accused of kidnapping and murdering the teenager more than four years ago appeared in court today. the trial for the suspect has been delayed several times, but the santa clara judge today
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denied a request to delay the trial again. jury selection will begin september 19. the body of the 15-year-old has never been recovered, but investigators found dna and the car. a shining tower of wealth and prestige is thinking. >> this is remarkable. vicki is here with details on what is happening with the cities millennium tower. >> reporter: it is the high- rise homes to a lot of a listers, but a new report says the 58 story millennium tower in downtown san francisco is sinking. the chronicle reports that it finished in 2008 and sinking 16 inches and tilting a couple of inches. a spokesman for the tower is putting the blame on san francisco's neighboring transit center project saying that a half-mile tunnel was built right next to the building and the millennium tower was not protected.
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i spoke with tina who is concerned about her former neighbor. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: no matter who you are the sinking is not considered a huge safety problem for residents, it could certainly affect the investments and also expected to set the stage for some big lawsuits which could hit taxpayers. ahead at eight protesters not giving up their forced to impeach the judge and the controversial stanford rape case. less, some scary moments for workers at this supercuts after a car crashes right through the front window. a warning to cyclist on a popular trail, somebody is planting spike strips.
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low clouds and fog are back tracking cooler temperatures and i will let you know when that is coming up in my full forecast. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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(inhales cigarette) you love summer but it's tough on your feet leaving them feeling rough. discover amopé pedi perfect. it's the beauty secret that's earning five star reviews for buffing away hard, dry skin leaving feet salon pedicure smooth. feel the difference for yourself. with amopé pedi perfect. amopé. love every step. in just a little over one month from today convicted rapist and ask stanford swimmer is expected to be released. >> the sentence was six months
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in jail for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman, but will serve only three months with good behavior. >> the outrage has not gone away. kron4's maureen kelly was there as protesters made another attempt to remove the judge who sentenced him from the bench. >> reporter: a small group of protesters chanted three months is not enough as they carried signs reading punish white rapists and impeach judge persky . >> you cannot break into someone's house and only served three months. >> reporter: coming all the way from florida to demand that california legislators take action to impeach the judge they believe is biased. to that end they delivered boxes representative of the signatures they've gotten. >> we hope to have him impeached.
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>> reporter: this is different than the other that delivered over 1 million signatures demanding he be removed. >> there is also a move to recall him.>> reporter: that drive cannot fully get underway until after he begins his next term in 2017. >> an entire year is it extremely long time -- is an entirely long time. he is telling rapists it is okay. >> reporter: there is a petition up on with only a few hundred signatures coming from public defenders. >> rather than using a one-size- fits-all, i would rather encourage the use of judicial discretion. >> reporter: he is expected to be released from jail in september.
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a video contradicts the police encounter. relatives of richard perkins junior gathered outside the court today with his portrait to say they are suing the city for wrongful death. the 39-year-old was killed last november during his arrest following illegal motorcycle race. the officer said he pointed a gun in their direction and the family says the surveillance video realized he had one hand on his head and the other was revealing a pellet gun to the officer. a video showing a man being clubbed and being by the alameda police, he is seen didn't struck at least 30 times in the san francisco alley following a pursuit last november. today his attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the deputies involved. they say the beating was illegal street justice leaving him with severe in just -- injuries.
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city leaders in oakland speaking out and talking about what they plan to do about homeless and they are. this is one of them located at 16th and pocket with the city just cleaned up. others have popped up in the last month. how quickly it is removed depends on the location. >> i don't usually get complaints, the complaints, immediately. city leaders are looking to build tiny houses to deal with the homeless problem. if you like a sense of what the weather is like no better person than our meteorologist. we are doing everything ordinary. >> we were above average and
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are temperatures will drop even closer to average. we are seeing clouds move in. patchy to dense fog expected to move in. we will see lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. there is a live look outside and we will continue the foggy conditions. closer look at our camera network and it shows the golden gate bridge. you will notice overcast sky and like i mentioned we will hold onto the foggy conditions for the rest of tonight into tomorrow morning. it will not be until we head into thursday that you will start to notice temperatures dropping down. coastal drizzle is also possible. we will see cooler temperatures and a mix of fog and sunshine. it is 73 degrees and concord.
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61 in san francisco, 61 in novato, are temperatures are at 63 degrees. the temperatures will stay a little bit above average for las vegas and phoenix because that area of high pressure is right over southern california. we are dealing with hot conditions and they have moved away from the inland locations but we will watch an area of low pressure to the north of us. that will bring us our cooler temperature as we go into the end of the workweek. tomorrow the marine layer is back. by 9:00 a.m. in napa you are going to notice we still have thick fog and half moon bay also. 93 degrees in antioch, 78 in hayward, 66 degrees in san francisco, santa rosa at 86. the forecast shows us as we go
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into the next few days we will cool off a little bit. as we go into the weekend temperatures are average. imagine you are getting your haircut when all of a sudden a car comes crashing into the building. >> it happened to some customers today at supercuts. are reporter is here to tell us what happened.>> reporter: the sign says walk-ins welcome drive-through not so much. no doubt the customers and folks that work inside the salon were surprised. the good news is no one was hurt. the car drove right through and ended up in the waiting area. witnesses say it was an older gentleman behind the wheel who may have hit the accelerator instead of the brake. the vehicle came through a big window, you see the glass.
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it hit the business next door and coming to a stop at the supercuts. no injuries since the car was not going very fast. one of the stylus said if it had been busy at the time it could have been a lot worse. coming up donald trump in a war of words with the family of a fallen soldier. the growing backlash. was a travel warning as the zika virus begins to spread in south florida. coming up, giants and a is idle tonight on the field when they were moving and shaking. we will talk about who the a is said bye-bye to and we will give you a hand. we will be getting jiggy with it.
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donald trump's feud with a family of a muslim american hierarchy were at her and that was killed and 2004 is dry new attention to his own efforts to avoid the draft during the vietnam war and members of his own party are attacking the republican nominee. as a reporter shows us now they are upset about what trump said about a gold star mother after her husband address the democratic national convention. >> she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: she had a lot to say about that. >> my religion or my family never stop me saying whatever i wanted to. >> we have been patiently subject did to the maligning of
8:26 pm
this candidate. no one has stood up and said enough, stop it. >> reporter: senator. john mccain praised him saying i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. the veterans of foreign wars said to ridicule a gold star mother is out of bounds. outside trump tower today there was a protest. >> we tell him today, start running on a platform and start running -- stop running on hate. >> reporter: at the convention kaiser alluded to the fact that north -- neither trump or any of his children served in the military. >> you have sacrificed nothing.>> reporter: trump graduated from a military boarding school in 1964. he had a student deferment through college and then was classified one a meaning he was
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eligible for the draft. in october 1968 at the height of the war he got a medical deferment. his campaign says it was for bone spurs in both legs. four years later he was declared 4f, unfit for military service. a new poll over the weekend it shows hillary clinton getting a significant bounce after the democratic national convention. she leads donald trump by eight points. gary johnson and green party candidate are in single digits. the poll found that 16% of voters saying they could change their mind. straightahead, more cases of the zika virus in a small miami community. the warning tonight from the cdc. plus, police make an arrest.
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we are live in the north bay with a danger found in one trail quite popular with cyclists. take a look at this beautiful shot from our camera. this is showing a beautiful sunset and the fog rolling then.
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new tonight at 8:30 an alarming discovery in the north bay, to mountain bikers apparently found a spike strip sitting on a trail near fairfax. >> this has prompted authorities to increase patrols. are reporter joins us live with a closer look. >> reporter: when you are hiking or riding a bicycle you have to keep an eye out for natural obstacles like rocks and a trail
8:31 pm
, but one thing you may not be expecting is a man-made booby- trap. according to the county parks last tuesday mountain bikers found this tack strip on a trail. it is a 27 inch repartee with 34 screws sticking through it. the spikes were found on a section of trail that crosses over private property near the whitehill open space preserve. the device was very worn meaning it had probably been sitting on the ground for a long time. the bikers who found the strip turned it over to the parks. the parks department along with the sheriffs department conducted an investigation that found no other devices. at this point they don't know who put it there or why. >> it is potentially very dangerous. >> reporter: jim is with the coalition for bicycles. he said that discovery is alarming. >> we have boy scout, girl scout camps the they trail starts up there. there is no excuse for that.
8:32 pm
that was a stupid act. >> reporter: four years there has been tension on the trails between bikers, hikers and some landowners, but he says there is an ongoing conversation between all parties to try to resolve the dispute. he believes this discovery is not part of that conversation. >> this was a violent gesture and a violent act. >> reporter: in addition to the investigation they added additional ranger patrols as a precaution. one of the three people who died at the music festival over the weekend is from san francisco. the san bernardino coroners office said derek died. the cause of death is under investigation. officials have not ruled out the extreme heat at the festival. it is located at the speedway.
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alejo police arrested two suspects involved in a case of a grandmother attacked and run over by her own car. this story was first brought to you by kron4. officers have arrested two. they both were arrested under multiple charges. they are being held in jail. you got our attention because this is charming. the weather could change. >> we will cool down as we head into the end of the week. over the next couple of days we will see similar conditions and by thursday some changes. within the last five minutes we have seen this camera pretty much fog over. low hanging clouds moving into the bay area. you can make the amount -- them out. oakland 62, 68 in san jose,
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concord 73 and santa rosa at 73. the planner for san jose tomorrow we will push into the mid-80s, hazy sunshine we will still be dealing with a little bit of a cheat smoke. -- patchy smoke. mild temperatures will settle and. they will get to the mid-60s by tomorrow. our temperatures will push into the low 70s and lots of sunshine and warm comfortable conditions. mountain view 60 and half moon bay 74 and san mateo 65, 77 in vallejo, temperatures and santa rosa at 86 degrees.
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the forecast shows a cooling trend, some inland areas getting into the 90s. you will notice temperatures dropping for the bay as well. we will start off tomorrow in the low 70s, daytime highs will stay in the high 60s and we will drop down to the high 50s for the coast. there is big news on the spread of the zika virus. today the cdc announced that all pregnant women should be tested for exposure during every prenatal visit. also in an unprecedented move the cdc is warning people not to travel to a popular miami neighborhood where the virus is circulating. this is video of mosquito fogging in the neighborhood. the warning came after 10 additional people in florida were found to have been infected after being hit by local mosquitoes.
8:36 pm
>> prior to this all the cases in the united states, 1600 have been travel related. a few hundred between three and 400 have been in florida and when you have travel related cases and the mosquitoes that are capable of transmitting disinfection, you will see a certain situation like we see now, what we call a local outbreak. >> zika is mostly spread by mosquito bites. both men and women can transmitted through sex. coming up, how pokimon go banded and arizona couple behind bars. >> apple steps up its ambrogi game. when you can download the new characters to your phone.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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a phoenix couple is accused of abandoning their two-year- old boy while they went out and played pokimon go. the couple is charged with endangerment and neglect. they say the child was left alone for up to an hour and half thursday night while the parents played in a nearby neighborhood and parks area. upon arrival authorities discovered the boy barefoot, red-faced and sweaty. and they call the parents the parents said whatever and hung up. shortly after they were arrested the boy is in state custody. pokimon go is also being blamed for a number of car crashes in recent weeks. more than eight people are killed every day by distracted driving that is according to the national highway traffic administration. a new survey found nearly 70% of teen drivers say they use apps while they are driving. with our partner at cnn kelly wallace talked with a man who lost his wife to a distracted
8:40 pm
driver. >> she was the perfect mom. we loved kids and we were going to have more kids. we were settled, loving what we did, raising a family and in the blink of an eye our world changed. >> reporter: on june 30, 2014 andrea took her darling girls than 11 months and four years old for a bike ride right near their home in rural and a soda. her husband matt was doing some dangerous work on the family farm. >> i had a two way radio that kept in contact with one of my guys to keep me safe and all the sudden over the two way she said where are you and she said that the andrea and the girls
8:41 pm
ran an accident. >> reporter: what was that like when you get to the hospital and you see claire? >> it was something i will never forget because i was told she was okay. no parent should have to go through that. for any parent to go to their four-year-old and 11-month-old and say mommy is in heaven is something, that has been the hardest part. >> reporter: a driver, chris webber a national guardsman and father of two admitted he decided to make a payment on his phone. he said he looked down at his phone and heard a thud. he said he never saw andrea and the girls. >> i killed someone because i was on my phone. >> i knew he was on his phone. my gut told me that even before
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i got to the scene i knew it. it is tough. it is so preventable. we are addicted to our phones. anything can happen and that anything happened to us. changes have been made at twin peaks to the cheers of some people and the size of other. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. today is the trading deadline for major league baseball. we will tell you who is leaving and who is joining. the usa men's basketball team has the final to the olympics and we will let you know how the warriors players did. kerry has or highlights and much more coming up -- gary has your highlights and much more coming up.
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is a popular tourist attraction. we are talking
8:45 pm
about twin peaks. >> it is offering up bad behavior. stanley shows us the new traffic rules. as tour buses pour into twin peaks changes are being made. there will be new rules to follow and old rules to break. allow me to explain. it is being called the twin peaks pilot promenade. it is a two-year test which will change almost everything you know about twin peaks. as the signs go up so will the size. form motorist, and some to her companies. for the pedestrians and the cyclist they have an area free from cars, plus they get a fantastic view and there will be zero chance of your car being burglarized because there were be no cars. the important thing to remember first off the roadway that was once used is now a two way.
8:46 pm
the stop sign at twin peaks is not new. it should not be ignored. the fact is here at twin peaks this is the most ignored stop sign despite all of the traffic some drivers refused to stop. there is another problem and has to do with this sign. to buses have one way and and one way out but some chose to take the world last traveled -- take the road lap -- take the road less traveled. remember the rules for the road have changed. there is always that person who believes gps is always right. if this program is a success it could be a normal weight for
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life. in san francisco stanley roberts kron4 news. last year matt duffy was pretty much a sensation for the giants, he was runner-up for rookie of the year. if you followed social media his cat had a twitter account with 10,000 followers. today matt was sent to tampa bay. just didn't follow up. the great season from a year ago and when you throw in the fact that he had an achilles injury the giants felt even in his great moments last year you get a little rumble that they didn't know if you was and every for the long haul. matt duffy goes to tampa bay. the giants got matt moore.
8:48 pm
on paper he looks fine, seven and seven, era a little over four. in a hot streak he is 4-2. now you just wonder who moves out. when you're making 90 million you will stay there until your arm falls off, there it is. listen close, he is talking about trading duffy for more. >> in the fold and coming, duffy was a guy that could be traded and asked about quite a bit going back to the previous off-season so it was a move, for us gives us a chance to win right now. >> giants prior to picked up
8:49 pm
will smith. he is a relief pitcher that comes over from milwaukee. it made me laugh when i was looking at his numbers they make millions of dollars and play 18 innings. when you are a relief pitcher, he is said to be pretty strong. i have always felt, the best guys are the starters, if you are really good you are a closer and if you are a in the middle you are okay. they need someone to come in and pitch the seventh or eighth inning. the giants were trying. the a's were trying to to get rid of more players. they said a good guy and rich hill. he is having a great year for them, but he had a serious blister and they said go to the dodgers and josh reddick goes
8:50 pm
to the dodgers. and outfielder. he is not an all-star, but he is a darn good player. the dodgers load up with two more good players. when he heard the dodgers were getting ready to move him and why in a market like this where the teams are good and it is expensive to go to everything, why would you put a product on the field and just say well where not going to win now, but maybe three or four years we might try? >> i don't know. >> every team makes money, millions upon millions from the television deal. they will make 30+ million just off tv. it is a tough market. you can't compete with the nfl and the giants and the warriors
8:51 pm
are doing when you don't try. >> the diehard a's fans say the owner has the money. maybe they need new ownership. >> i will say this in the owner of the a's are leaving and the rookies, grant is wearing a green tie tonight. i know you can't put mediocre players on the field and expect people to get excited. if you want to have a mediocre salesman knock on your door you have to have a good one. there is a us women's team tomorrow is going to throw it down here. they have not been tested, their first game is against china at the olympic games. durrant, does whatever he wants to do.
8:52 pm
he is the one guy that starts every game. he can put anyone in their. he had 10 points, nine rebounds and 110 to 66 the us when and leave for brazil tomorrow. they will play against china and be china by 49 and 50 points in their two exhibition. i will predict the usa will be china in their first game and i'm not afraid to say it. coming up, if you love using imojis apple is releasing more than 100 new ones.
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a reminder for a wrapup of all news and sports be sure to
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turn into kron4 news at 10 every night on the bay areas news station. >> emojis, the motor with the term? apple making the announcement that the gun is going away but please -- replaced with a green water gun. images like this are not appropriate according to apple. some public pressure apparently. more changes, there will be a female detective, and female athletes. a pride flag, more options in terms of single parents. you won't have the traditional, there we go. i don't even need to say it. the visuals. apple releasing the new update which will correspond with all of these changes it is iowa stand -- ios 10. i will wait.
8:57 pm
we hate to get the new. we have a lot more coming your way at 10:00.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. man: my girlfriend, she hates that i do this. she wants me to quit. man 2: she won't complain when you find her that diamond ring. could that happen? oh, man, you wouldn't believe the stuff folks throw away. oh! oh, what the hell is that? i don't smell nothing. oh, man, you're crazy. that thing stinks. it may smell bad, but the pay is good. not good enough. break up that mass before it jams the grinder. the damn thing's stuck. ( machine stops ) let me see that. is that a hand? holy mother of god.


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