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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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now at 10 another shooting on an east bay highways, this time a man is shot in the head. good evening i'm pam moore. >> i'm steve avis and we have been tracking violence on the rate rose -- roadways for almost a year. >> the steps being taken are not working. eastbound 80 in emeryville, this is the latest spot where a driver has been shot. this time in the head your it
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happened about 2:30 monday morning just before the powell street exit. >> it does concern me about the shootings that is happening. >> reporter: those traveling are watching their backs. >> i've been worried and i now check around while i'm driving trying to be cautious of the surroundings especially when it comes to traffic jams. >> reporter: this latest shooting is the dirty six since november of last year. the chp says most have been car to car and gang-related. the chp is not sane if that is the case this time. the rash of shootings is already led to the installation of cameras along a stretch of highway 4 and wanted a task force to seek state funding for i-80 cameras. some drivers support the idea, others aren't so sure. >> cameras are not going to stop the shootings. it may help to find the direction the shooter went, but if someone is having road rage
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or if they are aggressive they will do what they will do. there are cameras everywhere it doesn't stop crime.>> reporter: the task force is still working on the funding for the cameras and in the meantime investigators continue to look into this latest shooting. they have collected evidence from the scene. >> we have been tracking the violence for months now. >> this latest shooting, grant joins us now for what is being done to try to curb the crimes. >> reporter: the early this is a problem and a lot of jurisdictions and municipalities are asking what they can do to prevent more of these from happening. pittsburgh, surveillance cameras are up and the city councilmembers voted to buy cameras for that triple stretch of highway. that came 0yl#g#tafter the may
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of a woman who was shot to death who was driving through pittsburgh. 14 cameras are in place including along the borders of antioch and concorde so please can monitor. the chp police agencies and several mayors are also setting up a task force to look into installing high resolution cameras, shot spotter technology and license plate readers along i-80. cities helping to see, hoping to see the state can come through to provide money. on our website you can find more stories about what is being done to deter these shootings. you can find all the updates on the latest shooting. after the deadly shooting in austin, texas sunday kron4 was quick to report the woman killed was from the bay area. she was only 30 years old. kron4 spencer blake spoke with her wife about her love of life
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and others. >> reporter: if anyone cares for children like she did they certainly have a good thing going. she was a bus driver at the sequoia union high school district where her wife says that she always felt like she had something to give. sabrina read the wife of the victim is still an austin processing the tragedy. >> i am so broken. our future was ripped away. >> reporter: they were visiting family when a night on the counter and deadly during a random shooting spree. >> she was taken to soon. >> reporter: colleagues in redwood city put flowers on her bus. they said everyone loved her especially the kids she worked with. >> she loved her job, she loved being around the kids and she worked with special needs children for a long time and
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those kids letter to. >> reporter: their most exciting plans were dashed. they had a small private wedding ceremony and april and they had planned a big one for october. >> i'm going to miss her so much. she was my world. she was my everything. >> reporter: she is leaning on family both hers and her wife's to make it through. austin police still have not made an arrest in that shooting all the way they have put out an award for a 24-year-old man. three other women were also shot and ended up in the hospital. in redwood city, spencer blake, kron4 news. a pair of small earthquakes rattled the north bay this afternoon. first a 2.3 struck at 4:30 followed by a 3.0 and american canyon. people reported feeling the shaking anna alejo as far away as tanisha. kron4 meteorologist brittney shipp as we head into
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tomorrow, partly cloudy skies we start off in the mid-60s, inland locations at 65. by the time you head out for lunch it will be chilly, inland locations right around 85 degrees. if you are heading home just after four or 5:00 we will start to see temperatures pushing for the coast at 60 degrees, 74 the bay and inland locations right around 80. we will stay close to average as we go into the next few days and temperatures will start to cool down by thursday. tomorrow, 93 and antioch, 66 in san francisco, napa at 76 and i will let you know about the cooler temperatures and the fort 7-day forecast. tonight an investigation was launched days after the officers arrested a young man and it started getting shared on social media. grant is back and has the video.>> reporter: police
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certainly it is an issue right now people paying attention to this may be more now than ever. there is public upset and anger after seeing this video and what part is saying we are investigating internally and the suspect has been identified as 22-year-old michael smith. this is friday afternoon at the station. police say he was originally arrested for a connection to a possible armed robbery. now they say he kicked one officer in the head and bit another and spat on a third officer. smith remains in jail some people on the platform say police were unnecessarily physical. this video and another like it have been posted and viewed and shared all over the world. we will keep you posted your tonight, an event policing
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the police is hoping to pave the way for the rest of the country i resolving problems between the public and officers in san francisco. graphic images released by police attacking unarmed minority men and women all across the country. our reporter was there tonight. she joins us live with what the panel found and recommendations. >> reporter: that panel was formed last year by the san francisco district attorney following racist and homophobic text messages release by the san francisco police officers. now the discussion tonight is how to take the community strife and complaints and form them into solutions. outrage was sparked in communities across the us including san francisco after videos were released of unarmed black and hispanic men and women killed by police.
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>> the troubling intersection of law enforcement and racial disparity, is not a new phenomenon. it is linked to our origin as a nation. >> reporter: the district attorney invited has panel on transparency, accountability and fairness and law enforcement to find solutions to a broken police culture using excessive force. as an immigrant he says that he was mistreated by officers which served as inspiration. >> i got to see firsthand good policing and bad policing and as a young man i saw more bad than good. i remember being stopped and stopped often. >> reporter: they try to teach that lesson by highlighting their findings from a year-long study of the use of force along -- among other acts. >> we found that in 2015 san francisco police searched black and hispanic people without their consent at higher rates
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than any other racial group. people search without consent black and hispanics were the least likely to be found with contraband on them. >> reporter: the panel found 70% of people shot by police in san francisco were black or hispanic and pointed to port data management who failed to report race of deceased suspects. in their 81 recommendations the panel concluded they should create an office of inspector general to oversee police saying only a systematic reform can achieve true justice. members of the panel stress on their own words that most police officers are excellent and it is for those that happen to abuse their power that they hope their study can help to create a positive change across police departments not only here but in the nation.
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earlier today a car plowed into a supercuts and livermore. the accident happened about 1:00 this afternoon. fire crews said the vehicle went through a huge window in a vacant business and stopped when it crashed through the wall. witnesses were shocked. >> i heard a loud noise and it got louder. i heard it come through here and we jumped up. my coworkers and there was the car. >> two people were inside getting their hair cut and it was an older man behind the wheel who may have hit the accelerator instead of the brake. a judge denied a request to delight -- danae the trial of the man accused of kidnapping and killing a teenager. >> the attorney for the suspect as for an additional pushed back to october 12.
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based on the length of time the case has already been pending the judge turned down the request. 15-year-old was last seen heading to school in 2012. investigators say her dna was found in his car. her body has never been found. jury selection is start to -- set to start in september. c@ the parents want a lawsu dismissed. she is a woman who was shot to death along a peer last year. police say the shooter was an illegal immigrant who had been released from city custody. the city argues it had no duty to notify officials of his release under the sanctuary city ordinance. the city insisted there is no responsibility for the woman stepped. the parents argue the gunman would have been kept in custody and deported if city and federal officials had been doing their jobs. she was shot to death in july 2015 as she walked with her father along. 14 in san francisco.
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at alarming discovery in the north bay. >> to mountain bikers found a spike strip sitting on a trail. the discovery of this device has prompted authorities to increase patrols. charles clifford is live in marin with a closer look at the strip and reaction from bicyclists.>> reporter: when you are biking or hiking on a trail you expect natural obstacles, but the last thing you expect is a man-made booby- trap. according to the county parks to mountain bikers found this spike strip on a trail near fairfax. it is a 27 inch on rubber tube with screw sticking through it and a heavy metal spike on one end. it was apparently found on a rarely used trail that crosses private property near the whitehill open space preserve. the device is warning meaning
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it had probably been sitting on the ground for a long time. the bikers who found it turned it over to the parks. the department along with the sheriffs department conducted an investigation and found no other devices in the area. at this point they don't know who put it there. monday afternoon we caught up with bikers preparing to head out onto the trail. this is francis, he has gotten back into mountain biking and this is his favorite spot. he says there are plenty of natural obstacles on the trail, but he has never worried about man-made traps. >> you have to gauge what trail is ahead of you, rocks and all that stuff, it never a spike strip.>> reporter: as a precaution they have stepped up patrols in the area and also asking that if anyone spots a similar device that they call the sheriffs department. francis says he will keep an eye out. >> that occurred here a week ago, that is good to be aware of.>> reporter: county parks also says that where the trip
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-- strips were found were a piece of private property that had no trespassing signs posted and the land owner says rarely are bikers on that trail. a 13-year-old northern california boy shot and killed with a stolen gun and records show that gun once belonged to the mayor of stockton. >> now that teenagers father is talking about the new development in the sons murder and as our reporter says he doesn't blame the mayor. >> now it's like it has started all over again. >> reporter: he says a day does not go by that he doesn't think about his 13-year-old son. he was shot and killed last february right in front of his house as he was on his way to school. >> my baby is gone. >> reporter: we uncovered documents showing that the gun used to kill him once belonged to the mayor of stockton. it was used in at least three
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crimes since been stolen. the mayor reported his house had been burglarized became a month after the boy was killed. he says he reported the gun missing after learning of the brake and. >> i can't hold him to blame because they broke in his house and got his gun. come talk to me and tell me how you feel about it. relieved me and take some of my anger. >> reporter: when you found out that they found the gun that opened the wound again? >> it's like it happened all over again. it seems like i can't even talk about my son without crying. there is nothing been done i'm still hurting. >> reporter: he believes he knows who was responsible. he said he received threats right after his son was murdered. >> get this dude off the street. my baby laying out there i'm
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scared and crying every day over cam.>> reporter: now his father hopes someone will speak up and get officers what they need. tonight a fire near big sur is still growing. some evacuation orders have been lifted, but hundreds of people are out of their homes. grant is here with the story and a department helping. >> reporter: reinforcements are arriving and they are needed. look at these flames about 300 additional firefighters have showed up in monterey county to help fight this fire that has already destroyed 57 homes. one person has died and back i was battling the fire in a bulldozer that fell down a ravine. the latest numbers more than 40,000 acres have burned, containment is 18% and there was higher humidity and at lower temperatures that helped the firefight. this started a week and a half
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ago, full containment is not expected until the end of the month. it is august 1, still unclear what started the fire and a group from san francisco fire department is coming home tomorrow after 10 days on the front lines. departments from all over have sent help and to the fire department sharing these images on social media of their work. there are nearly 5300 people assigned to fighting this fire in monterey county near big sur. about 1600 people are working this fire near fresno, it is called the goose fire in the small town of prather. there have been three homes destroyed here, to out white -- buildings. structures are threatened. also evacuation orders in monterey county. more than 2000 acres have burned here in fresno county. containment is 20%.
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more than $40,000 of antiques were stolen from a store in san francisco. it happened around 1 am this morning. some of those items taken date back to the 18th and 19th century. no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. we have brittany with a look at our meteorological gauge. stuck we will stay pretty close to average, by thursday we will track cooler temperatures. here is a look ahead, tonight the marine layer, catchy to dense fog, tomorrow morning clouds, late sunshine. we are tracking cooler temperatures and should see a sunny afternoon. 63 in mountain -- mountain view, 59 in san francisco, novato 57 degrees, 58 in nampa,
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55 in petaluma, 63. the western us showing temperatures, that's due to that area of high pressure. it is not as strong as it was which gave us the triple digits last week workweek cooldown into the weekend and we will see fog along the coast and we will watch this area of low pressure, as it gets closer it will help drop the temperatures and suppress as we get into the later part. when we go into tomorrow morning we are dealing with thick fog and see visibility down to zero in some areas. we go into the 9:00 our we will
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see improvement in concord and evermore and san jose. other spots will the trouble spots. highs around the region at 76 degrees in napa, 91 and livermore, 88 in concord so you notice most of the inland locations will stay in the 90s and high 80s as we head into tomorrow. 72 in oakland, mid-sixties for san francisco, 63 degrees and half moon bay. it shows a cooling trend coming, tomorrow you will notice most temperatures are in the high 80s low 90s, same thing in wednesday and thursday dropping down to the mid-80s. the bay will cool down, 72 on tuesday and if you are closer to the bay thursday friday we are closer to the 60s and we will drop along the coast into
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the high 50s. we will take a closer look at your forecast and break it down for you. coming up, people in the east bay say more and more homeless people are moving into a kansas city. what leaders are saying they are doing about this issue. 72 hours and donald trump facing wide criticism. an upscale residential building on the way down. it is literally thinking. that story coming your way right after the break.
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! when it went up it was a shining tower of wealth and prestige, but now it is apparently sinking. millennium tower is home to a
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lot of a listers , but the 58 story tower is actually losing ground. the chronicle reporting that the millennium tower finished in 2008 has sunk 16 inches and tilting a couple of inches. they are putting the blame on the transit center projects saying a half-mile tunnel was built right next to the building and it was not properly protected. there was some concern about this from former resident there who had a famous 49er neighbor. >> where you are sitting right now it is thinking 16 inches. >> once you start digging. [ inaudible ] >> whether you are joe montana or joe blow it is not
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considered a huge safety problem. it could affect the investments down the line. it is expected to set the stage for some big lawsuits that could hit taxpayers. a growing number of homeless people are setting up tents in the east bay and residents say it is becoming a problem. a reporter spoke with city leaders about what is being done to manage the problem.>> reporter: this is all that is left of the tent city. the city of oakland just cleaned it up. donna still lives here and help the city with the cleanup and is being allowed to stay. >> i am living in a tent and it is hard out here and homeless people get a lot of blame when cars were broken in or anything and it is now actually not some of us people that are homeless. >> reporter: this one is on fifth and brush is a month old.
10:27 pm
as one of the most significant tent cities in the area. how quickly it is shut down can depend on where it is located. this one where it is more remote and is not a lot of residence or business is the tents may be allowed to be kept up longer. >> in areas like this i don't get complaints and they will stay until someone files a complaint. usually in the neighborhood, the park the business corridor, the complaints will come immediately and we tend to address those first.>> reporter: city councilman says the city is looking for solutions, but is coming across obstacles. >> we are looking at the tiny house issue and those costs two or $3000 and we can locate those on public land. the issue that we have right now, we can build the help -- houses and locate them, but who takes care of them? coming up, a community rebuilding after deadly floods
10:28 pm
cause millions of dollars in damage and more rain could be on the way. has this bay area man discovered the real formula for lasting love? how he got matched on the dating app tender more than 2000 times.
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the man you are about to meet took searching for love to an entirely new level. >> he created a gap that would automatic say yes or swipe right to tender matches. he soon went on 150 dates in four months. are reporter is following this story and joins us live in studio.>> reporter: this now 32- year-old said that normal dating was a nightmare so he acted -- hacked it.
10:31 pm
>> sebastian software engineer went to work designing a program that automatically responded to every nearby female on the dating app called tender by swiping right. informants he reached out to thousands of women in the bay area all in his search for love. >> i have reached an embarrassingly large number of people. i think i swipe right on about 200,000 people. send about 10,000 messages and 150 10,000 messages and 151st dates. >> reporter: you heard that right. if someone did not respond to him his program automatically send another message sometimes as many as seven messages. hundred 50 dates over four months?
10:32 pm
>> yes.>> reporter: i haven't done the math. >> it is a lot of time and a lot of money.>> reporter: he said he had 17/3 dates and spent $6000. he took a liking to for ladies, but it didn't work out. >> i have to admit i did all this and do not have a long- term significant other as a result. >> reporter: he can laugh now but says he is still looking for true love and says his four- month and 150 dates did not leave him empty-handed. >> i noticed asian-americans tend to swipe right on me more frequently than the general population which means i have a peel -- i have a certain appeal their. >> reporter: i asked him if he
10:33 pm
plans to give away his secrets, he is single right now and he says he is keeping his competitive advantage and not giving other guises ammunition. and and unprecedented move the cdc is telling people to avoid a neighborhood in miami where there is an active outbreak of the zika virus. 14 people have contracted the virus in the wynwood arts district now there is a travel warning urging pregnant women not to visit the area and get tested if they visited the neighborhood since mid-june. zika has been sweeping latin america and the caribbean in recent months, but before the outbreak is believed to be the first time the virus has been transmitted via local mosquitoes in the united states. it has been linked to a severe birth defect which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the father of a fallen muslim american soldier calls out donald trump and touches off a firestorm.
10:34 pm
it has moved from the democratic convention, social media to the streets outside trump tower and as i reporter tells us there's a lot of pressure on republicans to repudiate the attack. the father of the eye rocky were veteran killed and 2004. >> she has nothing to say, maybe she wasn't allowed. >> reporter: she had a lot to say about that. >> my religion or my family or my culture never stop me from saying whatever i want. >> we have been patiently been suggested -- subjected to the aligning of this candidate and no one has stood up and said enough, stop it.>> reporter: john mccain raised the captains service saying i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statements. the veterans of foreign wars said to ridicule a golf store -- all-star mother is out of bounds. >> we tell donald trump today,
10:35 pm
start running on a platform and stop running on hate.>> reporter: at the convention defect was alluded to that neither trump nor his children has ever served in the military. >> you have sacrificed nothing. no one. >> reporter: trump graduated from a military boarding school and 61. according to his records he had a student deferment through college and with pacified one a meaning he was eligible for the draft. and october 1968 at the height of the war he got a medical deferment. his campaign says it was for bone spurs in both legs. four years later he was declared for half, unfit for military service. to maryland where officials
10:36 pm
say repairing damaged from the weekend flooding will cost millions of dollars. >> it was remarkable, the governor declared a state of emergency, residents are reeling from the shock of the deadly weather that swept away cars and streets became rivers. in just two air hours -- in just two hours the area filled with rain. worst of all it proved deadly, one victim was a pedestrian washed away by the fast-moving water. the second victim was in a car and carried downstream. now to the us launching new airstrikes in syria. >> it is a more intense fight against the terror group. the head of the united nations brokered presidency council said in a televised statement today that american warplanes attacked the isis area and there were major casualties. he also said there will be ignore military employed on the ground though us military deployed on the ground there
10:37 pm
while the us steps in to assist the fragile government. how much meet you we could affect your entire lifespan. a new study suggests that meat eaters have a higher risk of early death. the latest are in the journal of medical association and they suggest replacing with plant protein seems to lower premature death. the study reveals that red meat is much more harmful than other kinds of meat. still ahead at 10, why california leaders want you to be able to snap a healthy at the ballot box. it is the outrage that will not go away. new protests over a large six- month sentence for a convicted rapist.
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in just a little over a month brock turner is expected to be released from jail. >> the 20-year-old was sentenced to six-month to jail for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman that will serve three months with good behavior. >> the outrage has not gone away and i reporter was there as protesters made another attempt to remove the judge. >> reporter: a small group of protesters chanted three months is not enough as they carried signs reading punish white rapists. and impeach judge persky. >> you cannot break into someone south and only serve three months your>> reporter: maria is one of the people behind this drive coming all the way from florida to demand that the california legislators take action to impeach a judge they believe is biased. to that end they delivered
10:41 pm
boxes symbolic of the 1.2 million signatures they say they have gathered. >> we are hoping that the next action is to bring it before the assembly and have him impeached by the vote.>> reporter: this is different than the 1 million signatures demanding he be removed. there is also a move to recall the judge. he was recently reelected, that drive cannot fully get underway until after he begins his next term in 2017. >> an entire year is an extremely long time to leave a judge on the bench when basically what he is doing is telling rapists that it is okay. >> reporter: there is a petition up in support of judge with only a few hundred signatures mostly coming from public defenders. >> rather than using a one-size- fits-all prison is the only answer, i would rather encourage the use of judicial discretion.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: he is scheduled to be released on september 2. coming up a little bit later the giants and az, giants are bringing a man and a is are sending them out and i will give you the lives of us olympic basketball team. this competition is not much to turn you want, but we will have some highlights. centering on the warriors players. i'm brittney shipp and i am tracking slightly cooler temperatures in our 7-day forecast. we will take a closer look coming up right after the break. l transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm."
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heart meteorologist is here and kicking off a new week. a nice night tonight, not too hot not to cold.
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>> this is what we expect this time of year. we will cool it down a little bit as we go into the end of the week and heading into the weekend. here is a look at tomorrow's planner. by 9:00 a.m. as you are heading into the office, partly out of skies, still foggy along the coast, mid-50s for the bay, inland 65 right around lunchtime close to 60 degrees for the coast, the base 69 and inland in the mid- 80s. we are not seen any triple digits, barely any 90s for the inland. average temperatures expected across the board from the coast to the bay. temperatures right now at 63 degrees in fairfield. 62 in livermore, 63 san jose, 58 and san mateo, 57 in san francisco and the satellite radar shot shows us we are starting to see that deeper marine layer will and with low clouds and also fog which will
10:46 pm
continue into the rest of this evening. the satellite radar shot showing the circulation of this area of low pressure that will get closer to us and bring us slightly cooler temperatures by thursday. that will help suppress the ridge of high pressure that is in control giving us those warm temperatures inland. hour zone forecast shows will see a high tomorrow of 65, 2061, 65 in daly city, low 70s in palo alto, half moon bay at 60 degrees, 78 in redwood city, you will notice san jose is 84 degrees, 82 in campbell, if you are in the east bay tomorrow 88 in concord, 74 in san ramon, 87 and brentwood.
10:47 pm
now to the north bay, mid-70s and-82 and limit, 85 in novato, 76 in napa. 91 in fairfield and 92 degrees in rio vista. are temperatures will start to drop, it won't happen tomorrow or wednesday, but as we head into thursday you will start to notice mid-sixties on the map and we will stay there until the weekend until next week the same thing even the bay will start to drop down. to the 60s we will go and stay through the weekend, high 50s if you are closer to the coast. >> goldilocks forecast. not too hot, not too cold, just right. happening in california today. >> legislators voting to decide whether people can post marked
10:48 pm
ballots on social media. >> they are voting to repeal the current law which makes it illegal to post your vote on social media. the bill will help voters be enthusiastic and critics argue the proposed law will not protect voters from coercion. the bill was approved earlier this year in the assembly and now both the assembly and senate must reconcile the different versions. a driver in california has set a dubious record. take a look. this woman led police on a nearly three-hour car chase long even by la standards. from los angeles county to san diego county it began when the woman was seen driving erratically. police thought she might offend under the influence. at one point they asked off her bumper and the police pursuit went over highways, surface streets, over grass and ended
10:49 pm
in a culdesac after they boxster in. she was taken into custody. we are talking about the giants tonight. >> a popular guy is going. he had a good rookie season and was runner-up to the kid from chicago, the giants, i think it is one of those deals where they were hoping he would be there guy. despite a great rookie season he started off slow this year then had an achilles injury and before you know it he is the third baseman for the tampa bay rays. he is traded and change for matt moore. 7-7 era over four, now the talk is who goes? is it pvr kaine and you figure kaine is on the books for 20 million more. it might bpv
10:50 pm
moved out of the rotation, for now the a's have a left-hander who is not bad and can command and be a solid major-league starter. giants also today picked up a guy named will smith, a relief pitcher and will go into the bill -- bullpen. he is not a closer. here we are into early august and he has only paid 18 innings. these deals are always made. someone has to go. they had to let go of andrew and still. a catcher and a pitching prospect. i stopped regular schedule programming to say i saw the promo of steve tonight, i was watching on-demand looking to get to my segment and i was speeding through it and i saw steve say this is where i grew
10:51 pm
up and pam said he has a whole group of family here. >> are you shocked? >> know i thought it was a nice promo. we got to see your house. was that really your house? >> absolutely. >> keep your eyes open you will see where steve grew up and you got to my heart the way you said it. nice to stay in the family it is a great family and pam will meet them one day. anyway nice house. we get back to regular scheduled programming where the a's, listen, i will lose all my friends in the east bay. he's not willie mays but you knew who he was and a popular player. he could play good defense.
10:52 pm
left-handed pitcher rich hill who started really nice this year than he had a blister for the last 10 days he has been out, the dodgers get rich hill and josh radek. that is pretty good and already the conspiracy theory the dodgers are trying to help out excuse me the a's are trying to help out the dodgers and the a's get the minorly guys you've never heard of. bottom line, of course, the a's are trying to help out the dodgers. the a's management does not want the giants to win and the giants management does not want the a's to win that is business. the usa management did not went nigeria to win tonight. how you doing young lady? that is our us women's team watching the man's. 17 points on 53 point. kevin durant had 14. it is one of these things, and again there will be so many same teams. jordan throwing it down, green two points, 110-66 usa leads
10:53 pm
for brazil and they will open the olympics against china. they are awfully good. you can throw out any of those combination and they will be good. here is what's next. >> amid the deadly flooding in maryland an act of heroism to save a woman trapped in her car. p?p?o?gv
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10:57 pm
we noticed there was a woman and it. >> reporter: captured on camera. >> i think it was jason that said let's form a human chain. we did it. mac the woman's car wash right in front of them. he was recording the storm and instinct took over as those witnessing tried to help. one of the rescuers fell and was swept away. >> i yelled when i saw him get washed away. >> i thought he was done for. >> reporter: he fought his way back and the group linking arms. >> we did not have a lot of time so we just did it. it was slippery and we were concerned about losing our footing, but it was jason who went out there and he was the one that was out there rescuing.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: the video has been seen thousands of times as residents are coming to grips with the magnitude of damage and devastation. >> i will never forget seen that video of the human chain saving that person. i will never forget that. that tells you what people are like. that tells me that is what people in howard county are like and this is not going to defeat us. we will become a stronger better community. i am pam moore. the shooting happened in emeryville a man is in critical condition tonight after being shot in the head while he was driving along i-80. as kron4 reporter tells us this
10:59 pm
has drivers on edge. >> reporter: since november of last year there have been 36 freeway shootings in the east bay most along i-80. the latest one occurred about two deck 30 monday morning on eastbound. the 27-year-old oakland man shot in the head. >> most of the shootings i think is road rage or these gangs and senseless shooting. >> reporter: those who traveled the stretch remain concerned. >> of course it worries me. you don't want to feel like you are putting your life at risk. >> i try not to think about it. >> reporter: most of the shootings have been car to car and gang-related. the chp is not saying if that is the case this time. a task force has been created and the mayor calling for state funding for cameras.
11:00 pm
many think it is a good idea. >> it could be something useful and helpful for investigation and possibly get that people behind bars. >> people knowing they are being filmed i would think they would have common sense to stop though shootings. >> reporter: so far no action from state lawmakers would earmark the money, in the meantime the chp is actively investigating the latest shooting. they have collected evidence from the scene. >> as we said this violence has plagued the east bay hwy. for coming up on a year. grant is here to tell us what has been done. rant, 200,000+ people drive in that area every day.>> reporter: you date back to november, $.36 november so that is 94 months and averages out to


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