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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> pam:now at 10. five people are dead. dozens hurt after a horrific bus crash in merced county. >> steve:that charter bus from mexico split in half after crashing into a highway sign pole early this morning. >> pam:thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. the crash shut down the road for hours as investigators works to clear the wreckage. >> pam:and doctors are closely monitoring people with severe injuries. kron-4's spencer blake joins us live from one of the hospitals. where people are being treated spencer - any update on their condition? >> reporter: there and five i'll
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be in favor of connecting with their families as he met him the data and early in the film. he mouthed and live the fur vault the people of bordeaux fifth half. >> reporter: think it crashed into a post. happened in the middle of the that the damage was so severe the fuss was still there and almost 12 hours later. " five people died. this girl one of the few who did fan of
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the hospital county medical center they were prepared for the sudden influx fifth. most of the injuries ranked from head and neck broken bones and an abdication. then of the passengers here are in critical condition anymore. >> reporter: services workers are trying to make contact with family members can. art seriously hurt the sun the mouth. ended up at doctors
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medical patients, one of the hard thingsthe bus they were on began itsjust a few miles from livingston, this charter bus with 30 people on board almost could face up to a map and a six million dollars. for his cover this story line and where city officials say they disappointed by the decision but still hope that p-g and e will be found guilty. charles, do we know why the prosecution sot
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>> reporter: the manager for san brno says that have been watching the trial very closely these past few weeks. they were surprised the prosecution and havel or penalties. money is not the city's main concern. .for san bruno the issue is, always has been, with regard to this trial has been a guilty verdict. she says that a guilty veridict on all or even some of the would send a message. that corporate negligence, corporate misdeeds, corporate mistakes won't be tolerated.
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finally, jackson hopes that instead of fines, the judge in this case will impose other forms of punishment. things like an independent monitor to oversee the activities of pg and e to help insure that the culture changes, that the behavior changes going sot we remain optimistic number one number two about the judge's that would include such things as independent oversight. >> reporter: then by a complex $6 billion of the cp. >> pam:tonight.a new, fast growing wildfire near lake berryessa is forcing people out of their homes. grant lodes has been tracking developments and is here with the latest. >> grant: this burning on highway 20 eight at so winters in the southeastern edge of lake berryessa yellow county not too far from napa county line turnaround for the
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30 this afternoon no containment spurn through 1,700 a.. no injuries reported and no homes are often to let the side of the evacuation orders are placed. canyon creek note not sure what causes fire will keep posted on this fire fight. 57 homes destroyed another 2000 buildings there and. this started back on july 22nd. only 18 percent contained more than 40,000 a. have burned in this
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one. >> steve: curve of the stiffest of firefighters are back home after fighting for we could have. >> pam:kron 4's hermela aregawi was there for their return. and talked with them about the challenges they faced battling >> reporter:22 firefighters came home today. strike team 2250 fought the soberanes fires for a grueling 10 days working 24 hour shifts. sot firefighter luke 12-30 it's a lot of endurance i guess you would say. you're hiking a lot, and you're putting a lot of effort, its hot, and you have a lot clothes and you're wearing packs of clothes and you're wearing a lot of weight
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and going up a lot of steep hills the fires took one life, ravaged more than 43-thousand acres and forced hundreds to evacuate. this team says although the days were long, the communities they were helping kept them going. sot asst fire chief
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>> steve:a man says he was attacked and stabbed in the chin for playing pokemon go. we want to warn you this picture is graphic. kron-4 spoke to this man who says he was on his phone when suddenly he was confronted by two people. he says his attackers thought he was recording them. that's when one of them threw a bottle at him. and jumped him. says because of boxing training.his instinctively put
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his hands up to protect himself. and that could have saved his life. he ended up being stabbed in the chin. and although the two people kept attacking him. he eventually fought them off. we will continue to track this story and bring you updates as they come in. >> pam:in the east bay. an oakland man. is charged with attempted murder of an officer. for shooting at an oakland police sergeant last month. 30-year- old marcus tyrone moss was arraigned today, in the shooting of sergeant nadia clark back on july, 23rd. on the night of the shooting, sgt. clark had crashed her patrol car while responding to another call. following the crash, the shooting happened. the suspects' firearm appears to have malfunctioned twice. and clark was not hit by gunfire. clark was treated for injuries sustained in the crash. police say, moss was arrested in stockton last week after a standoff. he is also been charged with possession of a firearm. four women who sued alameda county for the unsanitary jail
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conditions are receiving a 130- thousand-dollar settlement. plaintiffs anne weills, tova fry, alyssa eisenberg, and mollie costello were taken to the santa rita jail after being arrested for during a protest in downtown oakland. they say the suit is a "small victory" for sparking change at the reducing sexual harassment of women arrestees and improving the conditions they were held under. however, county sheriff's officials say santa rita sometimes gets overwhelmed when there are mass arrests during protests and said that might have been the case when the women were arrested and brought to jail. >> j.r.: as rob then shot as he
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chases attacker. have to >>: as happened which is doing is that right here. a. indeed be not doing this to me. >> j.r.: this plant are is a suspect information released at
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7. to huang. for women sued all accounts for the unsanitary job conditions they experience. >> steve: they aren't having of the $37 million when they arrived they say they found that degrading conditions. and this as small victory for sparking change at the jail. and at reducing sexual-harassment. unproven general conditions there held under. i can assure officials say they said has been overwhelmed by mass arrests during protests and said that might offend the case a woman were arrested and brought to the jail and the first place.
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>> pam: the president with his harshest attack yeah on the trauma. continue empiric a black assess those now found. "he keeps on proving it. the notion that he would attack a gold star family that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country. the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia means that he's woeful unprepared to do this job."
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trump's war of words with kyzer khan and his wife have drawn ranging from house speaker paul ryan to arizona senator john mccain. "why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party that this is your standard-bearer? there has to be a point in which you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states." "there has to come a point in which you say, enough." trump, campaigning in virginia today raised even more eyebrows when he accepted a gift from a supporter. the purple heart is a military decoration awarded to servicemen combat. the only medals earned by donald trump came when he was a cadet at a military school during the vietnam war. they were for neatness. deferment that kept him out of
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paul ryan and john mccain may still be endorsing trump. but primary in wisconsin next week. and senator mccain in arizona, neutral in both their races. >> britteny: expected once again slightly cooler and a thursday and friday and then even and the weekend. mild livermore 70 degrees and then 64 on views and to concord 65 in nevada 54 palo mind than the mid '50s center rose amid 67 in fairfield and then sell iran are shot shows of the clotting is a closed. services could down into have been a day. don that to off
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half moon bay napa. same things then rosa and then into the model we shall ride around 9:00 a.m. cooler visibility most locations. half moon bay finos visibility not too bad. future temperatures as a going to the rest said they and getting going and in to work they start off in the mid to high fifties and most of our area right along the coast in the mid '80s and yet conquered livermore low 80s and san jose. and temperatures in the mid-60s and francisco mid- 80s for nevada. the warm quickly up to 88 in san jose. at 89 on view. '89 livermore. 93 in antioch 89 concord mid-80s forest are all in santa rosa 77
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at but and temperatures vallejo comfortable 77 degrees. wednesday thursday that's only start to see little bit of a drop with have veteran few degrees inland locations color average flow '70s and then thursday up to the high sixties for us and send it forecast shows we what the temperature dropped to a week and. and then heading into the next week and a slightly warmer temperatures into next tuesday if. and then at be much right around average fan lisa that way if you coming off.
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>> pam: >> pam: a girl says the man got into the complex.
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>> pam: adult male and a purple it touches her a. the community as zero (areas. some on five 30 3:00 a.m. at the community
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school in concord. >> reporter: a 60 year-old female lifeguard says a male adult touched her inappropriately. the man spotted lurking outside the gated pool area prior to gaining access to the security gate. >>: is able to get out for something else happened. the the >> reporter: them have never seen the man before, hispanic male adult in his 40's 5 ft. 6 in. slim build short blond hair and that of barry and orange t-shirt and blue jeans.
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>> steve: armed robberies last night. greta is here with what police as saying. people out walking last night gunpoint not once but five times in less than two hours. 10 last night: 45. police say two guys tell pedestrians at gunpoint. they're advising students to draw in grooves the extra wear. >> grant: special at the south campus area for of with enteron but this crime spree is not
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normal. the two robbers black men late teens and early 20s and wearing sweatshirts. >> steve: undertow of the national night out of then fell across the country and the bay area. it is to strengthen relationships between neighborhoods and law- enforcement agencies. always celebrated on the first tuesday artist. >> steve: bizarre incursion interact and their local law- enforcement agencies. coming up
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at 10 emergency teams fight the outbreak in florida to tell you how experts think they've began spreading the virus. >> pam: get. help save all get
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>> pam: of san francisco woman is facing a long road to recovery after hit-and-run
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collision, leaving her with critical injuries. >> steve: marine kelley tells about the crash and police from rhonda prices friends for your help. >> reporter: police say the crash happened at fall last howard street. before 10:00 a.m. sunday morning back when they saw suspect and not gmc yukon cross an oncoming traffic and then to cough. the pitch. of the victim ron the price transported to hospital critical condition friends say she was left with will will broken bones already undergone two surgeries including having her spleen removed. . locals could shop owner buried one friends with run of the past 10 years. the addition randa is also a member of the san francisco's could roll club.
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>>: assess everything that makes apples and francisco. her charisma character, a suppleness. the ball reached out helps anyone who need the. >> reporter: and search and help run the out by watching it go find the page to raise $50,000 felt support randa and her sister also taken time off her job to help run the recover. the vital link to that on our web site back out here police say that stolen as cv was later found abandoned and still looking for the driver. >> steve: tonight we're looking for the central valley with a perfect charter bus crash that killed five people. read is
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standing by with the details >> grant: in the middle of the night near livingston 35 people on board all the data mexico heading up the washington state investigators have not been able to find the driver he sustained the first couple ambulances that showed up for an out of tourniquets. habitations a disturbing scene. a big question that remains unanswered why did this by suddenly veer off a highway we will keep you posted on a situation there.
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concern >> steve: the growing an outbreak of the zika virus in miami could spread. >> pam: try to contain the outbreak including giving people repellant wipes. >> steve: and this is the cause of the travel warning in a poor pregnant women and partners not to travel to pacific neighborhoods north of downtown miami. it's very likely people came into the united states since up with the virus in with that neighbor would then and by mosquitoes and turned the other people.
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the de >> steve: and see chief executive amy resigned. hired as a communications firm the latest fallout and apparent lack of neutrality between hillary and bernie with some party officials disparaging. we hear a play about distractive driving among teenagers. that she for delta's well. >> pam: intense media 56% of parents admitted check in the phone while the drive. also found 51 percent of teenagers see their parents checking using their mobile devices while they are driving. an emotional interview from iowa shows just how heartbreaking the consequences can be.
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the cross >> reporter: marks the place 75 year-old more than nearby malcolm i. what ejected from his tractor. >>: called 911 and his sons and the upcoming and took a lot of
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my arms at that point and as and the police car when we found out he did not make. >> reporter: in the how many people including parents' tax proposal on social media was driving. hough
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>> pam: sentence the 30 days in jail now and the process of completing two of hours of community service in which she shares her story and warns others of the danger of using the phone while behind the wheel. >> pam: ask the questions by police a pedestrian responded with gunfire
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>> steve: to people barely get
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inside the back rim and lockage just-in-time as the suspect's shoes to the door. the partners of cnn has the story >> reporter: first a gunshot to the ceiling sends customers cashiers' running. two-man russian and the cashier manages to close the door just in time. they cannot get through it and while they're at the front and other armed men have to the back of a store what is it puts a gun to the head of a customer. it looks like he's practically begging the gunman did take his wallet and he set. the gunman is and on the. he two tries to break through the door even his bullets are on the successful. seconds later all three are gone. what does he runs to the room and shut the door that
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opens up for a cashier then closes and locks again less than half of a second of for the robert arrives the men >> reporter: were coming going agreement to be she.
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♪ ♪ 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ♪ ♪ 4 my country and how it all started out ♪ ♪ 4 the brave and every boy scout ♪
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♪ 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ♪ ♪ that's how we live ♪ 4 by 4ever >> britteny: antifog not as dense as always saw this morning that is an improvement but onshore flow continues to strengthen at temperatures drop as we head into thursday. this is these inland locations and heading off for lunch 60 of the coast or inland temperatures expected again and right now mild conditions concord the and
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the livermore 57 root and fairfield 58 degrees in napa. its thesis nevada and mid-60s we're going to try canary of low pressure and then moving to the east. see little bit more energy behind their. that brings us cooler temperatures into thursday. high pressure and then. we will see the cooler temperatures the cooler air moving in. l hull strength and onshore flow. the citadel set into the end of your work week this will continue into a week and. we see similar conditions thursday all the way monday. and mar mostly sunny skies the differences go mid-50s and then
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2073 san mateo 71 degrees in paul lot of receive high 60 degrees and then click. to sunnyvale 74 mid-70s redwood city. close to center wrote clara 83 san jose. the pitas at 83. . and then the ninth and livermore. 71 castro valley 77 in fremont and the north bay where we expect this see sunshine in the afternoon. 83 panel lamotte 83 center fell seven. the sixth in the day-to- day. the lead 9210. ditchers real lesson in the '90s. 74 cast choses to go into the next few days there going to drop down wednesday thursday. five degrees. and then we go from 72 in the bay close to 67 along the fed thursday. and then temperatures in the low sixties for the coast by into the weekend even. it into next
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week. that is not a bad set up for as and to the rest of your work week. and now triple digits barely in the '90s on that map that that set up at all. >> steve: i many stories and san diego man is charged with murder and attempted murder of two police officers. last thursday night they as and if you live in the area. prosecutors say does has responded with gunfire. directly in the car were officers at the seat belt still live.. and shot four times. the leaves behind a wife to young children. second officer was injured. investigators have not determined if the shootings are
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premeditated. but fed charges that do carry potential for the the death penalty. concern >> pam: of the less water in june and the first month after the statewide mandates were eased they say residence over 20 percent less water in june than in 2013. near average amount of winter rains snowfall close to the 25% target that more is needed. >> gary: this newly acquired a determined will play in pitch his first on thursday on the giants. spectator tonight
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watching and then the giants' comeback with a six nothing lead but the bullpen another new guy will smash not very good tonight the third inning two hits two runs a loss in his debut and sergio comes out and aaron of the mill in now attend a philadelphia finally lead to 138 gardner five innings a runs and the giants on the short end we tell you it was not all bad news in a moment. we are in anaheim with the loss angela's. the tall more merchandise than
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anaheim's simple as that and if marcos and then the tide to next hitter jerry with the angels and then so easily be upon aids paid we're watching and as a home run at the very least when albert cool and like, this delicate the region they are not very many their buddies that some names. all lines note to one and once upon a time pitch for the giants there is angels win 54. now to the semi good news paid dodgers lose 73. and then as may his presence felt on a day he goes to the minor league read it in right field with a great catch the giants to back. vivian producer. i grabbed
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so desolate i went on tv and nervous a little yacht me with my very coolly offered him vase
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and dollars. if you're wondering why people of kentucky. dray. he took the picture from waist down and had no pants on at the time kids and it's been all over the internet.
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>> stanley: what's going on alicea vallejo in an exhibition of people behaving badly
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>> pam: conducting slaves to africa and of something that is clogging city streets ringing down property values. the honor
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of the pusillanimous the vallejo. this about every other day somebody does a car on his property. like his bmw the sign reads a warning you parton and no parking area. my favorite part reads theorizes put number has been recorded note place just lots of dust. also pickup truck and why the court can give gaf not drabble. we will come back to these in a moment. another warning sticker not on one but two cars in the intersection of starfish also the city of vallejo. a problem with abandoned vehicles. they're attacking them all for removal. city workers find more. and
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going around to see about a problem as and you what vehicle that's parked in the city streets for the 32 hours considered abandoned even this park in front your house or in front of your driveway. decries flat tires for and cobwebs also could be indication if the cars abandoned. another car that has plagued the and the recommended location but the big indication it appears to be punished. it's been doing sleeves and try to get rid of cars parked along uphill battle taiwan but the car moved the process starts all over again. you can help the of f he noticed it's been on the block for too long to make emergency call the reported.
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back to the man that has a card on the property. abandoned cars affects everyone. >> pam: name cards of yellow county and the county as well. has spread the 1,700 a. and a matter of hours the intense flames spread. far on the evacuation orders not a fact. : there is states canyon creek resort area and take a look at
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where exactly. the fire off highway 128 west of winters near the southeastern edge of lake berryessa if coal fire started around 430 this afternoon. containment at this hour highway 28 close at the monticello damp as his fight this from the air and ground. intense flames 0 containment and six and half hours after started this is already burned through 1,700 a.. no injuries reported. if homes are being threatened tonight we stay on top of this. . chp will hold a news conference the details on the craft.


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