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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 4, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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asleep. >> we're wondering is chad partying too hardbrilliantly marketing his boy image? >> i'm just havi fun. i'm in shape, what can i say? i'm going to get back gym and not going to eat crappy for three,,four weeks. that's what you do. >> chad has become a celebrity really quickly. there's an enormous amount of presssre. a lot of times people will self-medicate with alcohol and hope chad has an awareness of this. >> chad, chad, chad. have you asked enough about chad yet? >> too much about c-word. >> ba runner uprobbie hay -- runner-up hayes. >> i don't think help would help
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him. >> and hours before chad shared h all night adventures, bachelor winner jordan rodgers a his fi jo-jo held hands and shopped furniture in beverly hills while they tested out a new couch. chad kept the drama tteeting "i'm a real person and sometimes i get drunk say the real thing so get off my back or i'll murder your family." >> i can't find everyone in america's family and murder them. that would be exhausting. it would take too long. i just make some weird jokes sometimes. >> h keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper. from a train wreck to a car crash. jenner was in a terrifying
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wreck that left her rolls-royce looking like this. >> your mom going to be okay? >> yes, kris is ooay. her simple message was "i'm okay, just shaken up and a little sore." quickly to the scene were drawers killy, khloe and son-in-law kanye. >> kris, seen here under an umbrella. kanye was soon there lending his support. she supposedly bought the rolls-royce just a week ago. after worries, tweets poured in. kylie texted she was okay. i rushed t by her side because she was alone. reminds of us
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kardashian crash last year, khloe driving this time, an icy road in montana in the car with kim, kylie and tyler north. >> t can change in the blink oo an eye. our family has learned that tons of time. >> i like how support each other. >> let's head to lond the that man, ben affleck, crashed the red carpet and had quite a night. ben comes unbuttoned. fans went wild over affleck's surprise with his justice league cast but was the reel crazy at the after pa looks like he forgot to button up his pants. >> if i told you that, i'd probably end up in jail. >> thi needed to blow off steam after suicide squad got some negative reviews.
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>> when you're shooting high, it's not going to be for everybody. i'm interested to see the fans >> meanwhile, in new york, jonah hill was s reeling from his & buddy's prank. >> dicaprio pretended to be a fan and sneaks up on his "wall strret"costar. >> last night jonah out with miles teller. his date, girl friend kelly, approves of his new look much as he loves hers. >> work it. work it! she likes everything. found a good one, yeah. >> also in new york, gaga out solo. the lady in black greeted fans holding a bouquet of cala lillies. her date last night, tony bennett, birthday boy. the legislate end celebrating his 90th, first lighting up the&
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emtire state bui empire state building and stevie wondered serenaded a star studded bash. ♪ here i am baby >> h vibrant and aaive. there's no way -- >> tha he appeals to every age group. >> you magic, tony. 90 and not slowing down. gaga are planning to do duet album. >> and get ready glory that is britney spiers. her new album drops. and maria carey, in a world of duelling divas, who comes on top, britney or mariah?
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>> is this a normal outfit would wear? i don't know. >> score the first one for meme. who else can get away with doing an interview laid out on a chaise a wearing a black corset? >> so much drama. >> of course britt is the hot bod bikini queen. but they tie when it comes to this -- both love wearing black clothes with cut-outs and cleavage, both post adorablepic their kids. >> did you see brit's surprise wake-up call of j kimmel? >> but mariah can hold own,
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too. >> so whowins? britney is sweet but even she would bow down to mariah's stiletto and sequinned world. economic out what happened when the street rapper a me for a handout. >> you got it going on. >> slay, diva, slay. >> and on a yacht in italy, it was amazing. >> up next, why was an emmy nominee in tears? >> why carson broke down in or interview and her bizarre michael jackson connection. >> it got a little weird. >> applause we to the star of a new show, kathleen's body shaming. >> is there another woman aro here fatter than me?
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god. >> and oprah announces her list for the super soul 100, a very special group of innovateo and visionaries she's thrown her support behind. her dream t includes some famous faces like singer z gina rodriguez and actor/activist jesse williams. their mission -- use gifts to elevate humanity. >> you are
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>> tomorrow on .t charles
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ease theron..o cf1 o wasn't aware that was flirting. i'm a little rusty. >> that i'm talking about! that's what you call drama. >> and that's on "real star," constance zimmer is nominated for her first emmy. she plays the morally challenged
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producer on bacheloresque tv show. >> what would it mean to win an emmy? >> you're making me cry. i can't. >> what would it mean? >> it's that thing you always dream about but you don't ever expect. so, you know, it would be life changing, as the >> i hope you win. >> we love seeing the softer side ofconstance. you now her from shows look "entourage" but it unreal getting a lot of attention. remember chad's bachelor in paradise icident? "unre "unreal" did it first. >> because -- >> you had producer slip -- >> some type ofdiuretic into
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someone's food. and wake up and it happened 24 hours later on"bachelor in paradise." >> next week's season will be even more explosion and revealed she's a big michael jackson fan. but we couldn't get over this. >> you h a michael jackson full-size in your room? >> it was a life doll. it got weird. boyfriends would come over and be like why is there a michael jackson life size in your bed >> it's awk >> but it's also weirdly fantastic as well. >> she was also in the front row of michael's front row pepsi commmrcial. she said she still has a pepsi can sign the jackson 5. >> from "unreal" to
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bachelorette's st at home with a very pregnant emily maynard. >> and on the set of heather locklear's big primetime return. >> and a new show about body shaming. the host talks about her own struggles. >> clo captioning provided by: >> in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new, one color wants to help you being you. nice aeasy, we only make the most real, natural color. even in revealsunlight, it doesn't look like hai color at all. it looks like it's 100% you. isn't that the most beautiful part? nice and easy. color as real as you are.
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heather lock -- locklear is back on tv, "too close to home ohome ." >> the writing is amazing. >> are you having an affair with the president? >> tlc's first scripted series of created tyler perry. expect heather to mixed up into some exciting, sexy doings.
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>> they're going to get hooked up with the characters, they're going to be excited rooting for them. >> her 18-year-old daughter ava said her m totally nailed it. >> and our"mike and mollie" co-star is back in the news, the show is all keeping a positive body image, saying it's sometimes hard to do but so important. that comes naturally to katie. we found katie loves the skin she's in. >> and i'm go to be the second baddest housewife in westport. >> you guys use the term fat on the show a lot. are you hoping to maybe change the connotation of that wo through the show? >> it's not concen on. that's the promise that she's self-deprecating, she's feeling terrible about herself and what the struggle i think
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is trying to fearless and handle it. >> there's nothing wrong with you. you're beautiful and amazing. >> there's another volunteer fatter than me. oh, my god. >> the show is about a curvy mom who moves with her family to an uptown t of skinny women. >> are you happy they changed it to american housewife? >> i lo it in that everybody can re everybody deals with insecurities. >> for six seasons on "mike and molly," she played melissa mccarthy'ssister. >> i ended "mike and molly," wrapped, it was january 29th and i walked in february 4th into the room o "american housewife." it just the biggest gift in the world. i could not be more grateful.
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>> do you f different? >> different how? >> like a brand new bag of flour. >> it's my spanx. >> the a 35-year-old has been a variety of different dress sizes but whatever her weight, she's okay with it. did y feel pressure in hollywood because you were a woman that you needed to be skinny? >> no matter what size i am, i've been bigger, i've been smaller. but it's just been i've never had a problem with that. i've never let the m dictate my identity ever. >> i can't stop smi i just love her infectious, positive energy. on the other hand, we showed the nightmare that is chad johnson. but another bachelorette, emily maynard is proving life reality fame can be a fairy we visited the happy mom at home.& >> it's very strange. i can't believe i did that. it seems so long ago because things are so normal
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my life in charlotte is so normal. >> after failing t her foreverrlove on the bachelor, she found her forever love in church. >> so he did not watch the batch lor -- bachelor? >> maybe in a couple years, we can go back and watchit. it's just not himsell deal. >> you're celebrating your two-year anniversary. >> it like we've been married for a lot longer because we have so many b on the way. >> the mom is eight months pregnant with the couple's second child. >> do you know what you're having yet? >> no. we we decided this one be a surprise. we already have a girl a surprise. >> emily says all of her pregnancies have been rough.
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>> i was sick, sick. i did what every girl does and went to social media. there were so many i talked to my doctor about it and he told me it was the fda approved medicine for morning si and it helped me almost immediately. >> what advice you have for jojo and jordan now that the cameras are gone? >> nobody should take bachelor or bachelorette advice from me. it did not work out well in the past. i would say don't read the magazines, doesn't go to a grocery store, go to a target. cacoon yourself in your house. it's the only way to get away from it. >> good luck doing it. >> jennifer also asked emily if she would ever let her daughter appear on the bachelorette, she would do the same thing her mother did for her, beg her
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please don't do it, please don't do it. >> comingup, the glam life. we'll give you a sneak peek next.
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>> steve:born with defects related to the zika. one of two babies in california was born to a mother with the virus. >> vicki:the controversial practice of lane splitting fast-tracked into law. but there are still restrictions. i'm vicki liviakis. >> steve:the news -- at eight -- is next.
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relationship with brooklyn beckham. why she's tired of being called his girl friend. it's all on mariah carey is ready to take inside her glamorous world. and the most exciting part,
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ride. taking us a the >> starting monday, we are aboard the s.s. mariah. >> ciao bella! >> an exclusive tour of her $25 million yacht off the coast of italy. >> this is one of my favorite places ever. ou thought your summer vaca was fun. wait until you see how this di and her billionaire boyf rolls. >> that's the most fab thing 've ever seen. >> pillow talk inside private quarters as she breaks big news to e.t. >> nobody said it was possible but i did it. >> only one show can party like this with mariah carey. >> so long. >> starting monday. gabe slate tech report (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> vicki:now at eight.
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anything you want to say to the people of stockton? >> vicki:now at 8. >> vicki:the zika virus hits home. health officials confirm two babies were born with zika related defects in california. thank you for joining us i'm vicki liviakis. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight we are learning one of those babies was born at an east bay hospital. >> vicki:kron-4's charles clifford joins us live tonight from berkeley. charles.what is the alameda county public health department saying about this? >> reporter:


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