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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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anything you want to say to the people of stockton? >> vicki:now at 8. >> vicki:the zika virus hits home. health officials confirm two babies were born with zika related defects in california. thank you for joining us i'm vicki liviakis. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight we are learning one of those babies was born at an east bay hospital. >> vicki:kron-4's charles clifford joins us live tonight from berkeley. charles.what is the alameda county public health department saying about this? >> reporter: across
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california there has been 100 confirmed cases spirit --not have been found in alameda county. officials say none of the cases were contracted here in the u.s. thrift they're all contracts with outside of the u.s. thrift--outside >> reporter: anyone who can contracted can get symptoms including red eye, joint pain and rashes. the many people do not have symptoms at all. if you have been traveling any of these countries and have the symptoms please contact your doctor as soon as possible hit. >> vicki:thank you charles for that report. >> steve:president
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obama.blasting vacation, before approving his requests for funding to fight the zika virus. the president says the situation is getting critical here in the united states. >>"our public health experts do not expect to see see the kind of widespread outbreaks of zika here that we have seen in brazil or puerto rico. the mosquitoes that are most likely to carry zika are limited to certain regions of our country. but cannot be complacent because we do expect to see more zika cases. and even though the symptoms for most people are mild, many may never even know that they have it." >> steve:this week, the centers for disease control and prevention has issued an unprecedented travel warning. it advises pregnant women and their partners not to travel to a small community just north of downtown miami, where zika is actively circulating. >> steve:our zika virus coverage continues online. on our website florida governor rick scott talking about the outbreak of zika in that state, and what's being done to keep it from spreading. >> steve:plus, details on the first zika-related death which happened in utah.
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and we've setup a link to the cdc's website.with all you need to know about the virus. it's all just a click away at kron 4 dot com. >> steve:the mayor of stockton. bailed out of jail today. after he was arrested for a summer camp for he runs. and giving the kids alcohol. >> steve: >> vicki:and there are calls tonight for his resignation. kron 4's justine waldman is here with the latest on this story. justine? >> justine: his lawyers say that he denied all of the charges and will plead not guilty. >> justine:confronted by fbi agents--arrested-- then taken to jail. stockton mayor anthony silva-accused of playing strip poker with underage kids at his summer camp for under provid kids. >> justine:even providing alcohol and drinking with minors-- ♪ "anything you want to say to the people of stockton?"
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>> justine:silva bailed out thursday-with no comment on his way out of jail. unmarked fbi cars arrived at the silver lake campsite to take silva into custody-- the same location where silva allegedly committed those crimes-last year. >> justine:he will not be allowed to return to camp. >>ron felton/camp director we parents. tried desperately to get ahold of them but is being handled. >> justine:fbi transcripts of an audio recording, from his cell phone, identify silva's voice persuading underage campers to take their clothes off in his bedroom-- minors are heard talking about the amount of they drank-- in silva's presence. >> justine:underage kids are quoted in the transcript multiple times talking about being naked-- and asking for their clothes back. >> justine:and a 16 year old boy, alledg ended up complete naked. the kids.according to prosecurotes. did not silva was recording them. his attorney says his client is innocent. >> justine:and questions the timing of the arrest. because silva is up for re- election this fall.
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>>"it does raise suspicion given the timing and we are caused this to be such a shock." >>this is not the first scandal for the mayor of stockton. >> justine:2012, a 19-year old woman battery. 2013, a city manager accused him of secretly recording their conversations. 2014, he was handcuffed. but not arrested. after getting in a fight. >> justine:and just this week. the family of a 13- year old murder victim wanted him held accountable. after he failed to report a gun stolen from his home. a gun that was used in the 13-year olds murder. >> steve:tonight.a high profile chinatown gang- leader.known as 'shrimp boy' - is facing two life sentences. the news came today.and grant lodes is here with reaction from his girlfriend.
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>> grant:yes, steve... raymond "shrimp boy" chow will serve life behind bars for killing a rival. the long-time fixture in san francisco's chinatown was sentenced today. to two life-terms in prison. >> grant:prosecutors say he ordered in 2006 and then took over a chinese fraternal group. the group's members engaged in drug trafficking, money laundering, and illegal alcohol and cigarette sales. >> grant:chow had insisted he changed his ways, but was still convicted on 162 counts back in january. including murder and racketeering. >> grant:today chow's girlfriend alicia lo. spoke aftering the sentencing. she says chow. is innocent. >> he is an example of a percent conning themselves all around. --he is an example of a person turning
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themselves all around. >> grant:chow's girlfriend says the judge acted more like aand insisted chow changed his ways. that he wanted to do good in the community and she trusted him enough to be around her young daughter. chow's also said his legal team was incompetent. >> grant:even so. his attorney says he plans to file a notice of appeal in the next 10-days. and that chow will have *new court- appointed lawyers in his appeal. >> grant: steve? >> steve: thank you, grant. >> steve:now to the wildfires burning in california tonight. the "cold fire" in yolo county has now destroyed 47- hundred acres. this is video of the fire today from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. >> steve:the wildfire started tuesday and quickly spread to thousand of acres in just one day. we don't know how the fire started but it is only 15 percent contained.
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and south of the bay area. >> steve:the soberanes fire keeps growing in monterey county. it is now at 51- thousand acres. firefighters are slowly making progress. cal fire says containment is now at 27-percent. >> steve: butrough terrain has made it difficult for them to get to the flames. this fire erupted on july 22nd. and has killed one person so far. >> steve:investigators blame an unattended campfire for sparking the wildfire. >> steve:police are investigating the cause of the bus crash that killed four passangers in merced on tuesday.vicki has more details. >> vicki:today the national transportation safety board the fatal crash the bus was carrying 27 passangers when it veered off the san juaquin valley highway and was split by a road sign. >> vicki:they have not released much information.but the lead investigator says they have been cleared to look into the driver's medical history. >> vicki:the driver has been identified a57-year-old mario vasquez. some family members of vasquez say he has been loss of his wife.
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investigators are also looking into the bus company's safety records. they say the investigation is still in the early stages and it could take months to get to the bottom of everything. >> vicki: steve? >> steve: more than 1 thousands rape kits are sitting on police department shelves all across alameda county right now - still waiting to be processed. today the county's d.a. along with a silicon valley congressman are calling for more money to combat the nation-wide problem. >> steve:kron 4's ella sogomonian has more on what is being done to find justice for rape vicitms. >> reporter:alameda county's d.a says some of their oldest unprocessed rape kits date back to 1994. >>"it's got to make not just the victims but the victim's families angry. and hopefully this brings some piece of mind." >> reporter:this being a 45 million dollar grant congressman mike honda of silicon valley along with district attorney nancy o'malley are urging the federal government to renew. >> reporter:the money would fund agencies nationwide to reduce a backlog of more than half a million rape kits. >> reporter:in previous years honda was able to secure 80 million in funding to help solve crimes.
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>>" in flint, michigan somebody had been convicted and that person's dna was submitted to solve 11 cases in the country." >> reporter:alameda county alone has shelves. >>"the other part of the dna justice to victims first, to prosecute perpetrators where we can, but also to exonerate very few but serve to exonerate very few who are wrongfully convicted." >> reporter:none of the federal funds requested would come back to alameda county. but o'malley says she's allocated money through her office to slash the number of backlogged rape kits in the county by half since last year. >> reporter: >> reporter:officials say it's crucial to get all rape kits processed to ensure criminals aren't free to strike again - and that victims get the justice they deserve. >> reporter:in newark ella
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sogomonian kron 4 news. >> vicki:a 13-year-old girl hit by a is in critical residents in the area are demanding changes be made. the girl was hit at the intersection of westmoor and south mayfair avenues. this was the third accident at the busy intersections. >> vicki:residents in the area are demanding more yielding and stop signs be placed. city leaders say additional signs and stop lights will back up traffic from the nearby highway. city officials do not have any solutions at this time. >> steve:in the east bay.burglars ransacked a room used for meditation at a buddhist monastary. investigators released this video to kron-4 showing the two burglars on the surveillance camera.hoping someone will recognize this man. the video was taken back on july 24th at 2-45 in the morning at the monk meditation center in concord. >> steve:the two took their time.staying in the main room for nearly 5 minutes. investigators say the men got away with 1,200 dollars in cash. the outside lands music festival starts tomorrow here in san francisco. one of the newest elements welcoming guests to the main lawn.a giant bridge over the main stage.
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>> steve:and that's just one of many tributes to the festivals bay area's roots. at the event will be more than 80-food and beverage vendors.including dozens of wineries from northern california. >> steve:crews were setting up today peparing for what has grown from a city-wide sensation to a event known by music fans world wide. thousands of people are expected to flood into the city's park.concerns about safety always a topic of discussion with the large crowds. >> steve:but organizers say complaints have dropped in recent years.much of that is due to increased technology. >> we sell so many of our tickets from before the close all around the park. --our ticket from all around the park. >> vicki:for those who were lucky enough to snag a ticket before being sold out. doors open tomorrow morning at 11 a-m with the first acts hitting the stage at
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noon. >> steve:shot with a hunting arrow. the new reward for information about an attack on a cat. stay out of the water. >> vicki:toxic conditions at a popular summer spot prompting a warning tonight. >> steve:and next. no more splitting hairs.*splitting lanes is legal but not without some restrictions. >> brittany: signatures and did a bit today. we will see cooler temperatures headed into the weekend. i will let you know what to expect after the break.
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>> steve:california could be the splitting legal, although it has been permitted there was never a law on the books stanley roberts looks at what happened... >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:lane splitting is the act of someone on a motorcycle or scooter driving between traffic either stopped or moving ambiance >> stanley:in 2014 the california highway patrol removed language from their website creating guidelines for lane splitting after complaints were filed basically saying there was no formal process fast forward to 2016 where assembly bill 51 has made its way to governor brown's desk awaiting his signature . which means there has now been a formal process >> stanley:currently lanes
8:16 pm
splitting in california is neither legal or illegal, it's sort of an grey area that being said the chp says you should always ride at speeds that is safe and prudent for the conditions >> stanley:the bill once signed by chp the task implementing guidelines for riders which could mean a lengthy process to creating new guidelines >> stanley:or they could do something like reinstate the original guidelines what were the original guidelines >> stanley:well one was not riding more than 10 miles faster than the flow of traffic and never split lanes if the traffic is traveling more than 30 miles per hour >> stanley:avoid splitting lanes between wide vehicles like rvs and buses and toll plazas the old guidelies also stated it was safer to ride between the number one and two lanes and avoid splitting near onramps and exits >> stanley:something is see all the time but i guess we'll just have to wait until the governer signs the bill >> stanley:in san francisco stanley roberts >> vicki:a five thousand dollar information about an arrow shooting of a cat. the 2 year old cat named
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"steph" was shot last month with a small hunting arrow in rohnert park. >> vicki:the cat is expected to live. >> vicki:but now the animal legal defense team is putting up the reward money. >> vicki:saying the shooting poses a risk because there is a link and violence to humans. the penalty for animal cruelty is three years in jail and-or -a 20-thousand dollar fine. >> steve:teachers are struggling to work and live in cities across the bay area. teachers are becoming hard because their salary is not enough to afford the cost of living. >> steve:purchasing houses are becoming more expensive.and teachers are forced to think of creative ways to reside in the area. >> some of our teachers are sharing residencies. sharing rooms or renting out rooms. >> steve:to work in our district.
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school officials say they receive many applications from teachers. what it cost to live in menlo park.they are forced to find a job elsewhere. >> steve:some teachers even make a commute two to three hours away just to work. school officials are trying to address the housing >> steve:health officals are warning people and pets to stay away from several beaches along the russian river.after finding low levels of toxic algae in the water. >> steve:caution signs will now be beaches along the river warning of the toxins. test results from the water are showing that some spots support rapid growth of the blue-green algae.which could put children and pets, in particular, at a greater risk for illness. >> steve:health officals say to keep away from the water with thick algae. and of not drink or use the river water for cooking. >> steve: stay away from algae in the water. >> steve: keep children away from algae in the water, on the shore and in isolated side pools.
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>> steve: do not drink river water or use for cooking. >> steve: do not let pets drink the water, or eat scum on the shoreline. for fish caught here, throw away guts and clean fillets with tap water or bottled water before cooking. rinse off thoroughly with clean water after river play, particularly children and pets. >> steve:weekly laboratory testing successive weeks of negative test results. river conditions will be monitored until they no longer support the rapid growth of blue- green algae. >> brittany: we are at 60 degrees and livermore. low sixties for concord and for napa up. ... then the jurors have taking a died here in concord. mountain degrees and livermore and three degrees cooler in santa rosa. eighth in fairfield, and some degree down in mountain view.
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>> brittany: satellite rare shot showing us all of the clouds. down to loss' angeles. we will continue to seek low hanging clouds of reaching across to the east bay and into oakland, san leandro and even concord. >> brittany: if chile from the coast all the way into the inland locations and will stay on the cooler temperatures. friday, saturday and sunday with daytime lows in the '60s. and we would drive down to the '50s all three days. >> brittany: heights all around the region at 82 degrees. mountain view 69. pacifica low 60s.
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>> brittany: 72 degrees, high and vallejo. >> brittany: monday, we will start to see more of a warming trend. and tuesday. >> steve: thank you, brittney! >> steve: unfazed by people aroundwhy bear sightings are happening more often in lake tahoe. that's new ahead at 8. and the price donald trump is paying for his political showdown with a gold star family. >> gary: the giants! they needed a win. what happened? we'll have more later in this broadcast.
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>>nat cheering and jeering >> reporter:in portland maine today, holding up a
8:26 pm
copy of the constitution was enough to get you tossed out of a donald trump rally. >> reporter:mimicking the muslim american father of a fallen trump at the democraticnew evidence today that the republican nominee's feud family is not going away. justine waldman is here to show us why. >> justine:donald trump says he loves polls. well, we probably won't hear him boast about this one. almost seven out of ten americans say his criticism was out of bounds. >> justine:only 19 percent call his attacks justified. and hat is just the beginning of the bad news in what has been a disastrous week for the republican nominee. >>south carolina "your opponent, right now, mr. trump is your self." >> justine:since his nomination, trump has feuded with big name republicans, derided a gold star family, and made jokes service members killed or injured on duty. >>"i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier." >>"i am done listening, i've heard enough. " >> justine:today in washington, veterans urged arizona senator john mccain to withdraw his endorsement of trump. that hasn't happened yet. but other republicans are jumping ship.
8:27 pm
>>colorado people ask me, 'what do you think about trump?' honestly, i don't care for him much. >> justine:colorado congressman mike candidate to distance himself from the candidate. new polls show trump falling behind hillary clinton in crucial battleground states of pennsylvania, michigan and florida. but he is catching up in fundraising. $82 million dollars in july, just shy of the $90 million raised by clinton and the democrats. trump's campaign says most of the money is in small donations, evidence of solid grassroots support. >>the $80 million haul in july really showing you how many americans believe enough in donald trump's candidacy and to be president. >> justine:the fox poll shows trump libertarian gary johnson. planned to vote. 65 percent called clinton qualified to be president. only 43 percent said the same about trump.
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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> vicki:president barack obama says islamic state militants will probably continue to be a threat to the u.s. even after the group is ousted from key strongholds in iraq and syria. >> steve:obama says the group may to carry out lone wolf-type attacks on subways or parades to sow fear and elevate its profile. he says the u.s. and its nato allies must not succumb to fear and should "keep on grinding away" against the
8:30 pm
group. >> grant:the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the bastille day attack in nice, france, last month that killed more than 80 the orlando nightclub shootings that killed 49. obama was speaking to reporters after meeting with his national security team at the pentagon. >> even i sole leaders know that they will continue to move spirit-- even ices leaders know that they will continue to lows. --lose >> they will inevitably be defeated. >> grant: a lone wolf
8:31 pm
attacks will on will also decline. >> steve:now to the deadly knife attack in central london. an american woman killed in the attack has been police as 64-year-old darlene horton. horton is the wife of a florida state university professor, the university confirmed-- >> steve:the school said horton and her husband, richard wagner, teaching a summer session for f-s-u. a 19-year-old norwegian national of somali origin is in police custody in connection with the attack. health is a "major factor" in the investigation -- essentially ruling out terrorism as a motive. >> steve:police said two other women and three men were injured. britain, israel, australia and the united states. >> steve:an earlier police statement said two remained hospitalized.
8:32 pm
>> steve:a 4-year old boy from north carolina has big dreams of becoming a police officer. but a health crisis has... >> vicki: >> vicki: threatened to derail those dreams. this is 4-year old colt june, his parents got the devestating news that he has leukemia. >> vicki:his parents came up with an idea to make him feel safe, and protected by the very law enforcement community he dreams of being a part of. they made a facebook page in from first responders around the country.and the response was amazing. >> vicki:the family estimates they have close to 800 patches on the walls. >> it blows away with the amount of support that we have received >> this is wonderful that they have taken the time out to do this for him. and it shows what a pot of gold--
8:33 pm
heart of gold but these people have. >> vicki:at 4-years-old, he dreams ofbut a health crisis has threatened to derail those dreams. idea to make him feel safe, and protected by the very law enforcement community he so desperately wants to be a part of. >> vicki:amanda lamb shows us how they're doing this. >>"that's how i sleep." >>"that's how you sleep. cool." >> vicki:4-year-old colt rever has always wanted to be a police officer. >> brittany: it is 64 in san jose, '60s and concord and it's rare that we see these temperatures so close together. we are not seen that dramatic temperature spread. >> brittany: stretching to the east bay as we go into
8:34 pm
the rest of this evening. futurecast four times it all out for us. by 10:00 a.m., we will have a thick cloud cover. and most of those clubs will retreat back to the coast and shore later on. >> brittany: most of the converts will slowly start to recover and we will also attract a little bit of the coastal drizzle. >> brittany: as we go into the lunch hour with low seven zeros. >> brittany: closer to san francisco we will start the day in the mid '50s. my noon 58 degrees. --by noon
8:35 pm
>> brittany: 4 oakland, 59 degrees. all i ever saw temperatures for us. the crees and clout as we head into the afternoon for oakland as well. --a decrease in clouds as we head into the afternoon for oakland as well at >> brittany: we approach the weekend we will warm up a little bit. with take a look at the next to the forecast at the end of the show.
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>> steve:thank you, brittney! >> steve:the city of oakland wants you to see how much progressby showing the world how it attracting high tech companies to the city but there is one side some people hope you never see. stanley roberts explains. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>this is what i'm talking about on ahhh her in oakland whatever you showed the other day about garbage in the streets that wasn't nothing look at the here 89th and d >> stanley:actually its 89thave and g streets in east oakland and the viewer who tweeted that story i did on the trashing of san jose's backroads after watching the video .but i needed to see for myself >> stanley:this stretch of
8:37 pm
road has a little bit oof everything, for example this is wants left of a camper that was it burned itself out. there are close to a half a dozen campers and motor abandoned many filled with trash at least one has an courtesy warning on one of the windows >> stanley:behind some of the motorhomes lots of trash and the strong odor of something dead there are stripped vehicles like this ford bronco all four wheels are on blocks brakes rotors in the streets used motor oil is just inches from a storm drain >>you can't handle it man give me the camera i'll make it happen >> stanley: just the tip of the iceberg over at walter and nevada i feet high nest to a house >> stanley:what do you think about all this man it was an apartment >> as the eye can see . a few blocks away >>i reported abandoned car right here on july 11th when i reported it the car had weren't broken the license plate was on it it wasn't destroyed like it is right now >> stanley:this is on pairmain many of the business owners say they are losing business over all dumped
8:38 pm
>>when there is not a car here not a cat it a sofa a bed or anything they keep dumping all the time how does it >> stanley: drops it really drops property drops it really >> drops >> stanley:this is district 7 and i spoke on the phone with council member larry reed who is clearly disturbed by whats going on his district see this in any other major metropolitan city >>and you know what i agree >> stanley:oh and buy the way to the viewer that recored the video while driving next recording.#justsaying roberts kron 4 news >> steve:thanks, stanley! >> steve:she died trying to save her luring them into the forest. >> vicki:they put their lives on the line.
8:39 pm
>> vicki:now the community is giving back. >> steve:how firefighters in monterey county recently got a boost in morale. a boost in morale. feel the difference for yourself. with amopé pedi perfect. amopé. love every step.
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>> steve:it looks like that didn't work as well as it should it helped. facebook said on thursday it is now using a system that identifies phrases commonly used in "clickbait" headlines. these range from "you'll never believe" to "guess what happened next?" >> vicki:police say 29-year- old kristopher amos tried to lure the two kids into a back alley of a columbus neighborhood-- when candy arthurs confronted amos, he pulled out a large knife and stabbed her in the chest. >> vicki:she died yesterday after fighting for her life since the june 23rd attack. arthurs' 7-year-old grandson was also stabbed-- but is okay. the 8-year-old granddaughter was not hurt. >> vicki:as for amos -- he
8:42 pm
is now charged with murder. >> stanley:a suspected serial shooterthis time targeting a car with a four year old boy inside. >> vicki:and unlikely encounters with wild bears becoming more frequent at lake tahoe. what's bringing the bears so close to humans. >> steve: in sports, brett radnich will join us with more--gary radnich
8:43 pm
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8:45 pm
>> grant: a family of bears at can't richardson. --camp richardson. >> grant: >> steve: there has been ongoing concerns in the lake tahoe area pertaining to bears breaking into cars and going into crash-track- ashbury--and going into trash
8:46 pm
>> grant: they are going to be there more because this may be their only drinking water source because of the drought. >> grant: you may have to use common sense when it comes to a baby there. -- baby bear >> vicki: never come in between a mother and her bare. --bear >> steve:the search is on in phoenix arizona.where a serial shooter is on the 9- shootings since april. >> vicki:police believe that street shooter struck again just three weeks ago.when he fired at a father a son in their car. luckily the two were not hurt. investigators say that attack on july 11th was likely by the same suspect others in a string of shootings in the state. >> vicki:residents are now on high strange vehicles and people that may match the police sketch. the police department says now there is a 50-thousand- dollar reward for
8:47 pm
information leading to that suspect's arrest. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: good evening! >> gary:the giants needed this one. matt moore starting his since being acquired via trade >> gary:top 1st/scoreless >> gary:bnrandon crawford singles to right denard span scores 1-0 giants >> gary:bottom 1st/ 1-0 giants >> gary:arthur altherr goes deep in the gap and off the wall against moore cesar hernandez scores 1-1 tie >> gary:top 4th tied 1-1 runner at 1st and 2nd >> gary:moore gets out of the jam by striking out feddy galvis with the high
8:48 pm
fastball to end the inning >> gary:top 10th/ 2-2 tie >> gary:denard span solo home run off severino gonzalez 3-2 giants >> gary:bottom 10th/ 3-2 giants >> gary:eduardo nunez with the stab at 3rd the spin-o- rama and the throw out nice dig-out by brandon belt great play! >> gary:final: 3-2 giants >> gary:giants take 1-of-3 in philly they lead the dodgers who are currently playing by 2 ½ games return to index of >> gary: >> gary:a's trying to avoid getting swept by the angels in anaheim. >> gary:a group of boyscouts in around them. >> gary:bottom 3rd/ tied 2-2 >> gary:jih-man choi hits a 3-run homer for the angels. oakland down 5-2 >> gary:bottom 5th/ tied 5-5 >> gary:choi goes deep again. but coco crisp robs choi his third home run of the game. >> gary:top 7th/ tied 5-5 >> gary:crisp doubled to right field. bring in jake smolinski home to take the lead 6-5 >> gary:right now. game a's lead 6-5
8:49 pm
---------------------------- >> gary: here it is the lexus the pursuit >> gary: barehanded. and barehanded. (cheers & applause) >> gary: of the mud highlight. i am going to tell you how it works and tv. you are and first place, that is my thing but we have 30 seconds for the first-place team. it is nothing wrong with that you can think beyond best the veteran fourth director to buy it. -- you can thank the
8:50 pm
young staff for teling the veteran sports director to bite it. (laughter) >> gary:drama around kevin durant's breakup with the thunder continued today. >> gary:according to reports, durant allegedly sent former teammate russell westbrook a text message to tell him that he was leaving oklahoma city for golden state. when asked about how he found out durant was leaving. westbrook replied "like ya'll found out. on the news, on the cell phones, on social media". he then said durant informed him via text >> gary:the news came today after calling westbrook to congratulate him on his new
8:51 pm
their relationship "touchy" at the moment. >> gary:after russell westbrookyear contract extension with o-k-c. thunder center enes kanter had fun on twitter at kevin durant's expense. >> gary:kanter posted on his twitter westbrook with a caption the enemy. i'm here to compete". >> gary:the picture the turkish the photo durant posted on his own twitter account when sign with the warriors. but instead of having durant's face on it. kanter photshopped westbrook's face. >> gary:the stanford cardinal is ranked 7th in the first poll. >> gary:the poll was released today. >> gary:stanford's rank is not surprising as they are projected to win their 4th behind last year's heisman finalist. christian mcaffrey. >> gary:alabama begins the season ranked #1. clemson, oklahoma, florida state, ohio state and lsu round out the nextsix team ranked
8:52 pm
ahead of the cardinal. >> gary:a brutal own goal is making today. aberdeen lost 1-0 to nk maribor in europa league greame shinnie passed the lewis who goes to kick it.and completely misses. >> gary:the goal cost aberdeen a place in european competition this year, the game was not meaningless. >> gary: i've thought things were done professionally tonight. >> steve: thank you, gary! stories...
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>> steve:a reminder. for a complete wrap up of the day's big stories.and news that is important to you. be sure to tune into kron 4 news at ten, every night.right here on the bay area's news station. >> grant:we've been covering some devastating fires burning in california. they've destroyed homes.even killing one firefighter. so the s-p-c-a in monterey county stepped up to show our firefighters how much they're appreciated and lift their spirits. >> grant:a much need morale boost from some furry friends. as comfort dogs gave kisses and love to hardworking crews. it's just heartwarming to be able to see the firefighters getting a break ---knowing all they go through risking their lives to save people and homes. >> grant: still a tough situation but still nice to see that total. --photo
8:57 pm
>> steve: we will be that explanation.
8:58 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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ah. morning. helicopter company. cool. i see no yellow tape, no solemn cops. why are we here, lisbon? i don't know, jane. all i know is the director called me at 4:30 a.m. and asked me to handle this personally, whatever this is. and you just do whatever the director says, no questions asked? uh, he's the director. okay, well, call me when you figure it out. hey. wait. no, he asked for you specifically, too. i take this nap for freedom, lisbon, for every little guy who has a dream. nap later. now we fight crime. no. i'm napping now.


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