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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 5, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:the zika virus is spreading in california. >> steve: i am steve aveson. >> vicki: and, i'm vicki liviakis >> reporter: to protect the identity of the mothers the hospitals has not been revealed of where the children were born. >> written when women should not travel to these areas
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essential. if they do the dishes dress in long attire. to cover the sand. --if they do they should dress in long attire to cover their san. >> grant: another big story we are tracking tonight... sentenced today to two life terms in prison. prosecutors said he ordered the murder back in 2006 and took over a fraternal group whose members participated and booze and cigarettes sells, drugs and more. >> grant: today shells grow
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friend spoke. -- todaychow's girlfriend expo. >> do not know how a jury could come up with so many counts and two days. how would you go through that a no-best-amount of affirmation and today. --how could you go through that much information in today's. >> grant: he plans to propose a notice of appeals. >> steve:craig allen, 33, of san jose, was arrested in connection with a feb. 20 collision that killed christopher durbin, 59, and sandra morse, 57, police said.
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>> steve:officers responded to a two-car collision around 9:30 p.m. that hicks road and arrived to find both vehicles sustained major damage, according to police. >> steve:morse was pronounced dead at the scene and durbin was transported to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, police said. a follow-up investigation led officers to identify allen as a >> vicki: mayor anthony silva, investigators found 23 photos of his and video clips that were secretly the filming of miners and close. -- without clothes. >> it does raise suspicious
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because of the timing of this. what caused this to be such a shock. >> vicki: he will plead not guilty in court. >> steve:the outside lands music here in san francisco. one of the newest elements welcoming guests to the main main stage. >> steve:and that's just one of many tributes to the festivals bay area's roots. at the event will be more vendors.including dozens of wineries from northern california. crews were setting up today in golden gate park. from a city-wide sensation to a event known by music fans world wide. >> reporter: a pair of bart workers are called on surveillance video. --a pair of burglaeres
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>> reporter: concord police are asking for the community's help. >> reporter: in daly city where a series pedestrian accident has people questioning safety at this complex intersection. it has long been dangerous. and last night a driver hit a 13 year old which ignited a conversation about road safety. >> do not have any solution is at this point in time. it has only been 24 hours since the accident. >> reporter: here in mellow part the high cost of housing is making it hard
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for teachers. --menlo park >> reporter: when school resumes with and among the they are likely to have a full staff because people cannot afford housing on a teacher's salary. starting around 55,000 to $60,000. housing starts in were from three to $6,000. >> reporter: questioning the want of a foot or more rate kids that are sitting on the shelf and alameda county that are still unprocessed. --questioning the rape kits >> reporter: the money has run out and the budget needs
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to be renewed. this is a serious the situation that is facing nationwide.
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>> vicki: are you waiting for me to talk? (laughter) >> brittany: let's take a look outside with the pet g f o g. -- patchy fog
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>> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight with drug sold. --with a drizzle. >> brittany: we are at 55 in petaluma. temperatures in the mid fifties for fairfield. down one and concord and livermore. up five degrees and in novado. >> brittany: deaccession of fairfield we will see wind speed picking up. >> brittany: our satellite radar shows that we still have a strong onshore flow that will lead to cooler temperatures as we go into the weekend. we will continue to see the clouds moving through and cloudy conditions. parley cloudy
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skies are expected with low temperatures in the '50s and '60s. out beside land is happening tomorrow. -- outside land is expected tomorrow you will need a jacket. >> brittany: highs of around the region tomorrow at 82 degrees in san jose, 73 in mountain view and san mateo. just a little bit below average what san francisco. 73 degrees and vallejo, and low 70's and half of. -- in napa >> brittany: as we go into the rest of the few days. monday at its next week we will one back up corporate
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--as we go into the few days it will be cooler temperatures but by monday and tuesday things will begin to warm up. >> brittany: did you like them? >> grant: i've never had these women. --i've never had these lemon. >> grant: tomorrow is one to be cold all day. -- is going to be cold all day >> brittany: bay will be so excited that it does not matter. >> brittany: >> brittany:
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