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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 5, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>terisa estacio: we have lot to tell you about starting with the
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weather and. >>reporter: and overcast sky conditions the drizzle will shake off however into the afternoon we have for him to completely stop the san one of the models have to send this mix is out nicely but still you to see around san francisco that a 20 problematic all they go into the evening hours.
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>>reporter: the model tellus the warm-up pretty much the same as usual maybe a degree or so will go with the generally speaking we will cover most of the locations east of the east bay hills that is more going to be a 60 and 70 storing returning the flow back over the hills. >>robin winston: of the ride
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coming out of oakland the retuning maintenance work on the upper deck this has the two left lanes blocked off it will not slow you down its a great ride into downtown checking in on some of the other bridges we are still hot spot free to shut the riding high with 92 no major problems approaching the toll plaza looks good all the way over into the peninsula checking in the ride on 24 to and from the crowd cried. >>robin winston: nimitz freeway another problem for the east shore freeway the tech a look at the richmond san rafael bridge coming up in just a little bit. >>terisa estacio: 287 born with the virus and california were those infants is here in the bay area. >>reporter: we have confirmed
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with your source the one of those children may have been born in berkeley and at the medical center they're not saying exactly when and where they were born to protect the identity of the mothers they believe is very the chance that is spread locally. >>terisa estacio:, is currently
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on recess for the did not act to approve funding will forgo our own break this has frustrated president obama and the governor of florida 15 people have been affected with the virus after being bitten by local mosquitoes most help export to the the id is going to get worse in the united states this.
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>>terisa estacio: the governor has the emergency funds to fight the virus also the nasa this is to for allergy and infectious diseases launched a trial for the vaccine to volunteers have been injected with a boxing. >>terisa estacio: is interested of four planes struck all or would under age kids at a summer camp.
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>>reporter: 4 or arrested by fbi agents then taken to jail the mayor accused of playing strip poker with under age children at his summer camp for underprivileged children to build out hours them will know, on his way out of jail unmarked cars arrived at the campsite to take full into custody the same location where he allegedly committed these crimes last year he would not be allowed to return to the camp there heard talking about the amount they drank in his presence under age
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kids are quoted in the transcript multiple times talking about being naked and asking for their clothes back and a 16 your boy and the up completely naked. >>reporter: they did not know that he was recording them his attorney says the client is innocent and questions the timing of the arrest because he is up for reelection this fall so he failed to report a gun
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stolen from his home. >>terisa estacio: was used in the 13 year-old smarter if convicted of the new charges he could face of to three years in prison he was sentenced to life terms in prison prosecutor said he ordered the murder of arrival back in 2006 to overturn its fraternal group said the group's members and gays and drug trafficking money laundering and illegal and alcohol and cigarette sales the scandal brought down on him but the senator insisted that he changed his ways was to a convicted on hundred and 62 counts the grow fragment a spoke after the sentencing same that it did not make any sense said
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>>reporter: it is not going to be in a lot better look at the golden gate bridge the haze in the glaze also the overcast sky as that marine layer came in force is really working pretty heavy sit mixes out by the noon hour looking pretty good run again for san francisco it may be problematic they're coming in
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from the west surprised five more hours oakland about 7 you concede 10 down to san jose and 62 for san francisco golden gate park it will be checking with the clouds in dyslexics it along the immediate calls for san mattel 773 go on for paulo out so it may linger for a while and the sitting. >>reporter: 71 paulo also coming in at 73 heading for the to the south of for '70s pesticide for announcing the san jose is the bay shoreline we're looking and '60s and '70s 79 for presence in
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the forecast calls for temperatures get into about a year and a very low 80s that will be the case and then by tuesday we see a little bit of a quick heat spike as we returned to 90 scott she passed
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1 01 to 8680 nice and smooth for now. >>terisa estacio: turn of the attention and san francisco 27 hour standoff with our respect finally came to when and where mcmahon video on the scene we first cover this yesterday and on kron 4 the standoff ended when a swat team went into the home on mia mar ave the suspect was detained and taken to hospital for a medical evaluation of 13 girls in critical condition after she was hit by a car and daily sitting if it has not sparked controversy over a pedestrian safety residents of this daily
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city neighborhoods in the intersection of west war has long been dangerous. >>reporter: a driver had a 13 year-old igniting a conversation about pedestrian safety the third accident at the intersection and five years the other two did not involve a pedestrian it has to stop size one for those exiting and the other comes out of a neighbor across the street a city leaders
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of of having stopped science would back a traffic coming off of highway. >>terisa estacio: they're protesting of a contract negotiation 300 of them are picketing incident to walk off the job early this week and did
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shut down the court but there was only limited services available the corps spokesperson says employers offered to percent pay increase but they say that is not enough with the high cost of living in the bay area and is now run over 4,700 a. to start on choose them mirror state highway 128 the high voltage line along the highway remained britain highway 120 is closed the pleasant valley road and evacuation order has been lived if the golden bears stayed the canyon creek campground remains closed scores of 800 firefighters out there battling the fire sh.
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>>terisa estacio: is making it difficult for them to get to those flames the fire started on july 22nd and one person died so far and 57 homes and destroyed investigator said unintended camp fires sparked this wildfire donald trump is trailing badly in the polls and struggling to bring in donations from top gop donors but that may
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not even a matter of things to a new hall smaller nations he is close in the former is a gap with hillary clinton this week has been tough for the presidential candidate controversy and division has taken a toll on his poll numbers a new fox news poll showed clinton widened the gap of the trump now leading by 10 points to show clinton leading by wide margins and swing states such as new hampshire's pennsylvania and michigan the running mate says all this is far from november and their focus is right on spot. >>terisa estacio: and they raised $82 million budget shy of the 99 raised by clinton but the report as far as the fallout the congressmen has become the
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latest republican to distance himself from the party nominee another big day it for the giants and the was a giant getting his four-star since joining the team. >>terisa estacio: he had a strong first our anger people at six innings of the span rex will the solo home run giants get a when and avoid getting swept in philadelphia this game went to
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attend an anger that rbi double gives dole run and this meant it to six clinton eastwood is out the offending someone that you made not to expect that and much more coming up. ♪ music
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>>robin winston: know the
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problems on more or south 1 01. >>reporter: actor antonio jr. says he's being blacklisted in hollywood because he spoke of the republican national convention and support to donald trump their taxable social media yesterday we told you that his former mistress said he is
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the love of her life today we're telling you bet she is suing the for defamation after she put herself for lumber and said some nasty things about the there the better way in. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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>>terisa estacio: 2 babies have
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been born the with the related defects in california and one of those infants is in berkeley that baby was born and out of bed to medical center help officials are not releasing much information because of privacy matters but they do believe that there is no chance that the virus could be spread locally and that is because the virus is spread through contact with the type of mosquito that we do not have here the mayor of stockton out on bail after his arrest on charges of allegedly providing all all to minors investigators found 23 pictures and video clips on merk so farm he was secretly recording them spring playing strip poker and a lack amador camp to be a turning it is denying all charges after nearly 27 hours the standoff with robbery suspect she.
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>>reporter: not quite as the court intends to mar morning and the slight the model said it will look like a clear temperatures lower 60s on the east to reassure learn much the same over to the east nor to raise in the fifth its territory calculated a lot of cloud cover to the jews are struggling through the '50s reason to the afternoon we could get them to end the 25 chrysostom the forecast map we see the warming up over the hills as you will notice not as much affected of the east bay shoreline.
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>>robin winston: checking the ride into san francisco a little bit of a backup in the caslon's nothing to worry about on the left as wide open overall ride rolled into downtown san francisco from the maze getting over to the sky when checking in on 92 a live look at traffic was by leaving hey work at the limit know the problems know the problems coming out of the out to my tracy are mountain house is fairly quiet 20 minutes from 2 05 to the dublin and to change.
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>>terisa estacio: and they'll work together in this investigation during a recent news conference it could take up to a year before the finance are released the focus is to find out the driver is conditioned to the days leading up to crashed
4:35 am
south the driver has been identified the 57 of lost angeles whose license to operate above study people were on board the bus at the time of the accident started is a trip to mexico and was headed to washington state ultimately four people died in the accident six others were seriously injured 15 others were taken from the scene to of hospital. >>terisa estacio: there's never been ala hon. we now look into what could happen >>stanley roberts: the california highway patrol remove language from the web site creating guidelines this of a plan to file their resolve for
4:36 am
process, leaving it is the with have been sent to see if she says she's always ride is speeds for the condition it will give this history of the task of implementing guidelines all they can do something else like reinstate their original guy alliance will with their original guidelines? such low voice within land between the vehicles i guess we will have to
4:37 am
wait until the governor signs the bill. >>terisa estacio: new testimony could shed light to what went to the mother of three being shot and killed the 30 year-old was fatally shot last year after trying to shield her children from gunfire by two separate groups she testified the gunbattle started after a fire broke out between two women and another woman tried to break up the fight but was pushed away by a gang member witnesses say she was not involved in the argument she was there to pick apart children sky police are asking for the public's help in trying to find the missing man we have
4:38 am
a pitcher this is a 58 year-old for poorly missing on saturday after missing of flight to the philippines with his family he is a part-time driver and maybe in the cupertino area. >>terisa estacio: such fine know what the investigators are ruling out as a motorist/
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>>reporter: if a giant bridge over the last stage one of many tributes putting on a show like this is a production and itself we are building a small city should shut them in the building
4:42 am
was small-time there's potential for big noise concerned about sound accompanied the event the sec complaints have dropped in recent years and much of that is due to increase technology. >>terisa estacio: will fall in breaking news of overnight
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search to look tonight opening ceremony. ♪ music
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>>terisa estacio: lebesgue was born at the medical center according to the sources of empires than she contracted the virus while traveling hall officials do not believe that the virus could spread local in
4:46 am
with their track in the investigation into the charter bus crashed the driver or rest schedule is something that they of focusing on donald trump was trailing badly in the polls a struggling to bring in donations a new fox news poll showed that clinton is widening the gap over trump leading by 10. separate polls show that clinton is leading by wide margins such as new hampshire pennsylvania and michigan the running mate since august is far from november and that is their focus in their campaign.
4:47 am
six >>reporter: all little warmer or
4:48 am
lauren country and the sea the coal '60s also a trend in the south bay and peninsula and the growing sense heading to the south of manhattan is about 70 stores santa clara semele in san jose and such we do sul and 90
4:49 am
popple on tuesday although largely aided story return to the '70s by late in the we can. >>robin winston: heading to the richmond san rafael bridge pretty good shape a live look at the approach no delays at all grey ride all the way across rolling out 2101 let's check in on the commute across the golden gate let's check in on the drive time focusing on the south bend.
4:50 am
>>haaziq madyun: the police says after the two boroughs broke into the back door of the sanctuary they went straight to the donation boxes $1,200
4:51 am
according to the pleas to described as an agent or spend a carmel with a thin mustache. >>terisa estacio: compaq she is
4:52 am
the wives of rolf for the state university professor this said that they were in london where he was teaching a summer session for the state got. >>terisa estacio: such essentially ruling out terrorism as modems to to the show and to work and live in cities all across the bay area option assure teaches the becoming hard to hire in menlo park that is because the salary is not enough to afford the cost living they
4:53 am
received many applications from teachers will one is forcing would cost to live in menlo park they are forced to find jobs elsewhere shift what happens when up, and meet the sun will tell you and show you here is a live look outside the bay bridge.
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>>robin winston: if you have to use the right now room as a great ride and to foster sending. >>terisa estacio: traveling more than 1 million mi. from our plans toward the sun this week you conceive the comet answer from the screen and despite the weight of the deal looks it did not fall into the sun and went around the but it was torn apart in their broadest it was first spotted on august 1st as part of commerce and are related and broke off the huge, several central to the
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>reporter: a little caution the golden gate bridge the fog and drizzle to start today and may be complete today perhaps in san francisco it is mid to upper 50s oakland will have the morning fog and drizzle the general
5:01 am
radar 60 mostly sunni protected by 9:00 a.m. 76 looking for some or a is happening however the some maybes shy texan francisco . >>mark: a cargo plane skidded off broadway and ending up in the role this and milan bergama all airport this is new video from the scene it was arriving from paris and tried to land and thunderstorms that is there was
5:02 am
a pilot on board they were not hurt investigators say a loss control door in that landing but it is still under investigation >>reporter: here at the medical center and one of the babies born in california was delivered of right here and take a look of the video that we have reports said the baby's mother contracted the virus was she was traveling abroad all pregnant
5:03 am
women be tested it is important to note that the mosquito that carries the virus are not necessarily found here fee will
5:04 am
launch a massive air one almost feels spreading the virus is a
5:05 am
cold fire is started on tuesday and. >>mark: 20 pleasant valley road more than 900 firefighters are on the front lines where down
5:06 am
and held a news conference yesterday to talk about the battle he says they may continue to inspire people to carry out a loan will type of tax the u.s. should not be afraid and needs to keep fighting against the group. >>: the have not had a major successful operation and i the syria or in locked in it for
5:07 am
gearan that claimed responsibility for the attack in these friends more than 80 people were killed they were tied to the orlando my club shooting was left 49 people dead. >>mark: she then indicated
5:08 am
children were playing strip poker he will plead not guilty to the chargers in the comes a week after a gun that was stolen was linked to the killing of a 13 year-old boy and and stockton penn never reported the gun stolen \ >>terisa estacio: 4 passengers were killed early tuesday morning that happen on highway 99 investigators want to know how much rest he had in the days leading up to the crash to figure out if what he played the role and they're off the highway and had an exit poll was tore through the bus some passengers have said the driver was trying to pass another car santa clara county workers plan to be picketing again today
5:09 am
after 300 employees walk off the job early this week to protest if the costs of negotiation for the started picketing on tuesday about 4800 performers of volunteers will be involved in its internal gold medalists will carry the united states flag during the opening ceremony what
5:10 am
is your friend says the punishment is unfair more water weather sweeping parts of the u.s. we are dealing with that fog across the bay and some drizzle for san jose look for the morning fog clearing mild but is still with us five to 15
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>>mark: thankfully no significant injuries was in water weather across the country people are still cleaning up this week from the storm many homes flooded some home on a said the damage could of been prevented and drainage ditches will properly maintained it is on federal land but not clear who was responsible the official said it was too powerful. >>reporter: the general flow
5:15 am
pattern is the same as a seasonal change were dances name from basically there is a high pretty much in the west from the saudis and the south african scene the tropical pacific the fall will clear a little quicker to marron and inspection of what
5:16 am
we do today is 69 redwood city and paulo out to four santa clara 78 san jose symphony in is to reassure learn pretty much 60 store in maypops and 70 similar aid is a little bit to the east possible >>robin winston: but had over to the golden gate bridge to live look at 101 into a lot of san
5:17 am
francisco fairly quiet it is less than 25 minutes to only 18 minutes from 85 rolling up to 237 >>mark: cause into canada to stop speaking she shows of the secret service had to step in
5:18 am
and >>reporter:-when asked about a
5:19 am
classified briefing president obama referenced donald trump to keep the information confidential the drop became more significant when it became the only candidate live appearance there was misperceive large drop in the number of women visiting and couldn't be due to many properties being located in state and favored democrats.
5:20 am
>>terisa estacio: she has a 40 percent support compared to just 30% and nbc news wall street journal poll gave clinton an nine. edge with 47 percent support compared to trump's 38% the popularity of has from the public feud with the parents of a muslim american soldier who was killed in iraq as wallace's attack a republican house speaker paul ryan. >>mark: it will solid a memorial service is the second memorial service in today's the 43 your was a husband and father of two and a 16 year veteran of the force he was shot and killed last thursday after they approached a man on the street
5:21 am
he was shot in the throat was expected to recover the suspect was also shot and is recovering chinatown has been sentenced to life terms in prison he ordered the murder of the arrival back in 2006 and to overturn his fraternal group police said the group and gays and drug trafficking the scandal brought down them as was the state senator he insisted that he changed his ways. >>grant lodes: >>terisa estacio: >>: i believe that we will when and we will have a fair trial if
5:22 am
the attorney says he plans to appeal the sentencing within the next 10 days police said start on wednesday afternoon or 29 your man punched a woman in the face the man was from a nearby apartment officer on the department for nearly 27 hours and try to negotiate with the man the u stun grenades and broken to the apartment to get some the big push to protect them after the break.
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>>terisa estacio: pushing to improve traffic safety the proposal is called vision 0 the project aims to limit this cycle is that the next eight years the city will look at expanding areas of the golden gate park
5:27 am
that will only be open to cyclists and waters percent live it what to expect at this year's big event of + lane splitting consumer become officially illegal were burnt down on the new law but is moving forward and explain what it means for drivers and the rules for motorcyclists
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>>reporter: the contrast still a couple degrees i had were were were this time yesterday and the next eight hours 9:00 a.m. most dishonest forced to work 67 is 6 by 1:00. >>robin winston: you consider the task friends are getting a little bit crowded know the problems and to downtown is less than 15 minutes we're tracking residual delays come of richmond ease 580 and regatta up
5:32 am
temporarily blocking all land had to run track to break out of the way of a little slowing east 580 it is not impacting the ride to the richmond center fell >>mark: we'll live and golden gate park where the event gets underway in just a few hours cash >>yoli aceves: there is no anyone is on to be about to sneak into this if we do not have the ticket it is too bad you have to wait until next year that are expecting 20 participants they expect up to 60,000 participants every day at
5:33 am
the concert is really amazing this is the ninth year outside lands were talking to organize a lot of those participants are people from the bay area sh that cuts down some of the complaints because they're actually at the party is called to be great is his wont to be all about food and beverage benders' a dozen local wineries as well room
5:34 am
trying to find parking will be nearly impossible pick drive and will take even longer the one i am interested in because i'm a product
5:35 am
>>stanley roberts: the california highway patrol was on the web site trading guidelines line splitting it is near the legal or illegal is a gray area with that being said the chp says it will give the
5:36 am
sea its feet and limiting guidelines which can be of lipid proxies all they could do something else like real estate your original guidelines of voice putting lines like our bees and buses and toll plazas the also said it is safe to ride between #one and #two avoid splitting their on ramps and excellence. >>mark: they're trying to figure or the people would draw in
5:37 am
safer and save on gas the participating will be given an application will tell them when it will change this will allow rv to slow down when the light is about to change the driver is missing a 5 to 10% increase efficiency they must have all five as or newer model and drive a car made in 2008 or later. >>terisa estacio: they're now posted at all 10 public beaches along the river warning people about the toxins-year low levels of toxic blue-green but it could get much worse hackers you could
5:38 am
get paid to find flaws in the software thieves break into a buddhist monastery is possible unless camera windows technology designed to prevent people from driving while distracted why are you deleting these photos?
5:39 am
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>>reporter: two lanes blocked in sausalito 1 01 south it is been overturned a crash to two right lanes are blocked traffic as quickly backing up to seize the hope to have this out of the way we will stay on top of it is a great ride heading into the golden gate
5:41 am
>>mark: it was invented by a man from carlisle it cannot see a follow-through to when you're driving it will hold all evils text messages and social media as a progression from sending messages imposed on social media since 2014 there will more than 3100 people killed and 431,000 others were injured caused by a distracted driving apple star offering cash awards for hackers to report in the securities laws and the software the company said it will pay $200,000 to the will discover bomb abilities in the computer code to it is to encourage him to come forward to the company could fix the problem and discourage them from exporting before selling it to someone else would sister
5:42 am
died after being locked in a hot car the charges their father is a some we're just hours away from the official start of the summer olympics ♪
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>>mark: of officials of not releasing much information because they want to protect privacy of the family they do not believe there's any chance the by was to spread local in their turn to get the upper hand on this fire burning in the counting the fire started on tuesday near highway 128 is burned off 4700 square miles as of the last of date is 50 percent contained they said that global warming and the environment should be important part of the ceremony for the higher the performance of volunteers will be involved in the shell.
5:46 am
>>robin winston: near spencer and the emergency crews already arrived there have two right lanes blocked rolling into san
5:47 am
francisco we have the tobacco that is normal no big problems of less than 15 minutes from emmaus to the sky way >>robin winston: only 17 minutes an excellent drive time 880 rolling out of san leandro from milpitas know the trouble spots for the south about commute friday life for grout to to to minute trip from to 38 out to 237 >>reporter: once we get the sun out to do the performance what he did some heating which can get it makes out the fall will
5:48 am
start to clear occupancy it will remain along the coast will have some coastal clouds but never quite clear does return again for tonight as we see by 10:00 p.m. yes it is into the inland valleys again not as aggressive as we saw last night will start the same procedure tomorrow morning we do see the war began today but again not as heavy as before to lower '80s and the far east to bay chile copper '60s a lot of the east bay shoreline remaining somewhat cool going to this evening recall their spills over across the balance over the hills for temperatures going on for downtown san francisco will look
5:49 am
for about 73 at half moon bay about 61 meanwhile for the south bay reporters down for opera '70s 78 for san jose and milpitas about 73 of the 60th bees to the shoreline 69 oakland 67 with many of the locations >>reporter: more than for this week in the morning fog and drizzle yes within which clear in the afternoon the we will see much of a repeat performance a little heat spike for 90 and the temperatures cover into the middle '70s
5:50 am
>>phillipe djegal: >>haaziq madyun: you're looking at apparent bird or the car and police said after the two bird was break in the back door of the sanctuary nickel straight to the donation boxes $1,200 according to concord police
5:51 am
concord police investigators said the burglary uc is described as an asian or hispanic male with a thin mustache this image as a vastly they had in the case >>mark: is accused of killing his brother the home they share with their parents on tuesday he died at the scene shortly after the shooting the animal defense
5:52 am
same as offering of $5,000 award for information the organization said the shooting is concerning because it is a link between violence and animals and violence in humans the school
5:53 am
officials say some teaches either commuting as far as three hours to work so they can live in a more affordable place those i concede that the cost so much to live in menlo park they went somewhere else >>mark: will tell you about the charges he is facing coming up after the break expected to be a big weekend at the box office
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>>terisa estacio: checkout nine lives they star in the famine in we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: we're not sure to draw to call the tries to be on the best behavior this is out 101 of the spencer and send it happened in the 5:00 hour and we still have two lanes blocked locked into right mind deceives the issue traffic alert the
6:01 am
backup is not huge but is getting a little sluggish northbound is slowing down at the scene north and south 101 cook after that of your continuing beyond the golden gate bridge to the rest of the trip will be nice and smooth the watcher steve because the roads are slick a lot of headlines will to toll plaza back of beyond a 80 all the way out west grand. >>reporter: layer of cloud cover and fall we're dealing with and also drizzle so this starts to mix out by high noon for most of the bay area this repeat the
6:02 am
performance will we go to tomorrow morning, listen heavy drizzle the fog and the low- lying clouds although by 5:00 p.m. it doesn't appear to be as aggressive to the judge will be quite cool level or six to go on in the east bay shoreline pretty much merit of for fifties to be found in another this animal sale that contrast were we were 24 hours ago >>terisa estacio: it was born in california and one of those babies born right here in the bay area
6:03 am
>>reporter: report said the baby's mother contracted the virus when she traveled abroad this is after health officials confirmed two children were born with related defects that have been 114 cases of the virus and california 210 those were pregnant women they say all those cases were travel related we were in with the get health officials who have this warning for pregnant women or traveling they are recommending that all pregnant women be tested for the virus to is important to note that they do not exist here in
6:04 am
the bay area travel is not something that many officials are worried about despite the government's work on some and clothes for governor are frustrated with washington lot of help in the car out break the president is pointing the finger at congress before approving the request to fight the virus. >>darya: 15 cases turned out of florida and there is a widespread outbreak and pr
6:05 am
griddles overnight this is new video from the scene the plane was arriving from paris and was trying to land and thunderstorms and overshot the runway and crashed through fence and onto the road a georgia man been charged with the death of the 15 month old twin daughters after their left and high car finish our two counts of involuntary manslaughter the call 911 after they heard screaming and yelling the police arriving from the grocer father and neighbors holding them and a shallow pool they're using ice packs to bring the body temperature down the mayor of stockton is providing have
6:06 am
called-in the scam that runs there were charged yesterday he is accused of providing alcohol and his silver lake camp in amador county >>terisa estacio: investigators want to know how much rest he had in the days leading up to the crash and they're off the highway in his and exit polls which tore through the bus you concede some passengers said the
6:07 am
bus driver was trying to pass another car but the car would not let the bus passed santa clara county court workers are on to the back on the picket line after nearly 300 workers walked off the job early this week to protest the stalled contract negotiations were to started picketing on tuesday if the strike has not shut down the courthouse when there is only limited services available >>mark: the plan as on
6:08 am
television would hostage plan in geneva switzerland this is a reversal a whole has previously said by some an accurate or improving claims president obama said the militants will probably continue to be a threat even after the group is ousted from the iraq and syria will talk about the battle against ices he said the group may continue to inspire people and carry out loan will type of tax the president said the u.s. and allies should not be afraid of and need to keep fighting against terror groups.
6:09 am
>>terisa estacio: the exact details about what you can expect from tonight show has been kept under wraps for quite some time it is taken five years to produce and will include 300 dancers 5000 volunteers and 12,000 there will be to a limpet one and the mayor, the stadium where the cree and
6:10 am
director are behind the show is promising that tonight's ceremony will be bigger and better than the opening ceremony in london despite the excitement some u.s. athletes will be missing out on tonight's big show some say is necessary sacrificed because they have more important things to do potteries and for the after skipping the ceremony is physical it could take hours and that means the night before the competition begins they have some different opinions and whether it is worth the sacrifice michael phelps will be
6:11 am
the flag bearer for team usa in this is the fifth olympics with just the first time he will be attending the opening ceremony will have no overnight numbers and progress they're making + hillary clinton and donald trump running in the problems of the campaign trail.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>reporter: we have the laser at the airport an hour and 25 minutes to check with your carrier we have overturned a crash was to have been caused by the super condition enschede this is sausalito 101 south near
6:15 am
spencer and our old was still blocking the two right lanes the back of the not too bad minor back the offer long for the northbound ride into the opposite direction you can see the super conditions across the span is what watcher speed reduced his speed no big problems after the crash in sausalito a good ride a continuing upward to the golden gate will be under 25 minutes from novato to the toll plaza the ride across the san mateo bridge no big slowdown the problem room to the peninsula crowd moving less than 20 minutes from the bay shore freeway is not going to be a problem.
6:16 am
>>reporter: the rest of the trip will be fine for now is about 23 minutes from 238 out to 237 >>reporter: a thick green layer is a work with and this is completely covered over the entire bay area m just after midnight in all overnight it is a little bit thicker we have to get the sun now lower '80s is
6:17 am
will be contested spot along the east bay shoreline or for sixties and went to are expected through the debt to them. >>reporter: again battling some of the morning cloud cover will see of the seven is covering with all this the east to bay
6:18 am
shoreline or six is a little bit chillier than we expected all over the hills of the seven is 83 and sophomore 79 pleasanton 774 law creek some areas getting the lower 80s by the time needed to early next week a chance nearly 90 degrees they tend to recover a little more '70s. >>mark: it started tuesday highway 128 is burned 4,700 a. so far contains a to 15 percent evacuation orders have been lifted for the golden bear estate highway 128 is closed
6:19 am
test data back on july 22nd up to 30 percent it was started by in a legal campfire one person was killed fighting the fire 57 homes of the destroyed 2000 buildings are three and still smoke from the fire has been impacting air quality >>terisa estacio: the interrupted donald trump and hillary clinton calls in the speech to stop and at one point the secret service had to respond pillory clinton rotted the secret service had to rush to stage an animal rights protesters approached the nominee she took the opportunity to jack her opponent and his kids for avid hunters dr. tom
6:20 am
also stop protests at his rally several people silently held up pocket constitution's >>mark: became even more pronounced when he became the only canada left in the race there was an assistant large drop in the number of women visiting the properties it could be due to the fact many of the properties are located in states that favor democrats to give
6:21 am
clinton nine. edge over some of the popularity has slumped with the pass to the muslim american as well the verbal attack on the republican house speaker >>mark: a san diego police officer who was shot and killed in the driver's seat of his patrol car will be buried today in is the second memorial service in today's the officer was a 43 your husband and father of two and a 16 year veteran he was shot and killed last thursday after he and his partner approached the man on the street is part was shot in
6:22 am
the program is expected to recover the suspect of the shooting was also shot is going to recover police said the group engaged born drug trafficking the scandal brought down the state senator the insisted he changed his ways will was convicted on the hundred and 62 counts the attorney says he
6:23 am
plans to appeal the sentence in the next day's. >>terisa estacio: he stole our phone and in the side neighborhood and the man was found an apartment on me mar ave is surrounded the parliament of another 27 hours and try to negotiate with the man they used the and grenades and broke into the apartment to get the man in just a few hours they will come together to celebrate the start of the third for some of the games in rio. >>mark: some members of team usa are stumbling over themselves to play to members of the u.s. table tennis teams will start looking for them in this city kennewick to start playing with
6:24 am
other olympians lane splitting consume officially become legal in the state of california will break down the new laws that is moving forward and explain what it means for drivers.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: plan had if you need to get over to the airport we have delays up to one hour and 25 minutes of arriving flights.
6:27 am
>>: we always wanting to make sure this speed is reduced in the congested city but we want a speed up on all the projects this is what we're doing it orders all the departments to get these projects done safety projects include road improvements to buy plans on 13 mi. of pipe and a chorus as well as the reduction the city will also look at expanding areas the golden gate park that could be
6:28 am
open only to cyclist and walkers that was part of the 911 call for >>mark: altercation and restore over the weekend he released the 911 call he said he was taught to the people are having to shout him in self-defense to large white man approached him and asks if he was bragging about the shooting he came back up and punch in the face he shot and killed the 17 year-old boy in 2012 he was found not guilty for secondary murder.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
>>robin winston: 101 south as spencer the overturned a vehicle dust cleared from remains excellent news for those who have to use and is and moccasins 514 all lanes opened a little bit of residual slowdown approaching the single bound traffic rose a very slick around the bay area they've been telling about the 40 conditions make sure you watchers speed know the problems on the golden gate bridge into on out of san francisco the hot spot in sausalito aspin said under 25 minutes from novato into san francisco
6:32 am
>>reporter: of the day is long and was a general thundershowers always keep in mind what it travels in and of things are lovely low 60s is to michelin, of livermore numbers hardly have changed the concert is on this weekend temperatures 60 dish mostly cloudy both we so
6:33 am
the amount it doesn't even exist anymore but that is how the biggest that was tickets are sold out right now you're saying that interest to some of theargo trucks coming in and there's going to be a loss of food available to about. >>yoli aceves: 80 food vendors
6:34 am
and beverage vendors in will be a dozen wineries also pushing their wind out here not to mention all the big stages they have three major stages a lot of smaller vendors >>yoli aceves: we talk to some organizes they said rockier technology has really helped them work those kinks out and listen to what they had to say book if you're at the party and
6:35 am
less likely to complain about and you definitely have lot of people expecting 60,000 people every day to come out outside plans so your best bet is to take the public transportation it will be a lot of commendation they have to buy valley out here and outside land also has a shuttle. >>yoli aceves: the have a three it has and they will pick up people over at the bill grammar auditorium what is in the civic center area a lot of options but we do advise very strongly do not bring your car you would not
6:36 am
find a parking this weekend. >>mark: california could be the first state to make lane splitting of officially illegal to been permitted in california for some time never been a lot of books to what the bikers ride to the middle of the lines in between traffic is been a great area in california police permitted if for some time
6:37 am
singles in the parlor transportation is working on ways to improve the safety researchers are looking for 400 driver to participate in the six months setting and tried to figure out where they will drive safer to save on gas the beginning of this month the participating will have an application that would tell the before signals about to change. >>mark: research said the drive is macy of five to 15% increase in fuel efficiency you have have a new smart phone and drive a car with 2008 or more this
6:38 am
these breaking into an area in this all caught on a surveillance camera this video you see only on kron 4 and an on-line they gone terribly wrong.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>terisa estacio: subtle in california, and the pain hundred and $63 after she won on the day with the man she met on-line and then he ditched her this woman says that she met the man on the dating side she initiated the conversation and after a few messages they decided to meet at a steakhouse in downtown los angeles it took about 50 minutes
6:42 am
for her to realize that he was not coming back she tried to text message to them and reach out but he had already blocked her daughters was a decided to postpone those on social media so that other women would not get stuck in it this mistake he was identified and he it was already accused of not paying for hair cut at the salaam back in february.
6:43 am
>>mark: our dreams come true for college students will tell you where and explain how it works.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>terisa estacio: that's trying to get the top hand on this side barnet and yellow counting the fire started tuesday near highway 128 is burned for 700 square miles as of last update it is only 15 percent contained >>mark: 48 and the performers will be involved in the shell
6:47 am
>>robin winston: avoid this area if you can south milpitas boulevard and north able to get around this activity fairly fresh no estimated time for clearing between 680 in north able to 37 will be just fine and not impacted by the crash in any recovering from earlier crash is a 35 minute drive from to 38 to 237 still considered friday like checking in on 101 up from 85 rolling up to 237 checking in on 92 the ride across the san mateo bridge. >>robin winston: overall not a bad commit heading into the
6:48 am
peninsula foster city san mateo, listed 20 minutes over to the bay shore checking in on the richmond san rafael bridge. approaching the toll plaza it continues to build up and back up, know the problems on 80, 580, tie 101580 less than 50 minutes the usual friday congested. >>reporter: plenty of fog and drizzle you can see the wet road and the reflection going on, we have the overcast sky and this is going to be pretty close to where we will see the late afternoon it will be problematic time to get this cleared out we need a few hours of sun to help and make the atmosphere to mix this out some said the model the
6:49 am
cost of land along the coast we repeat the performance again tonight that fog spills and across the bay looks like the east bay shoreline. >>reporter: not as aggressive as we saw before in that term of the repeat performance the wind speed notice out of san francisco 9 for oakland concert at 10airfield 20 and related to this is the fog in the drizzle by the way sfo was more than the power to take note of 61 for half moon bay, paulo outsold 73, heading down to the south bay will see the upper seventies 78 for san jose. >>reporter: 466 it will be a breeze 83 the more danville 79, the 78 this is where the upper '70's low seventies for cover and around the to the north with this will have little seven is to see at work 76 novato 77 for now a good portion of wine
6:50 am
country in the inland valleys- that's not not the not the >>terisa estacio: automotive parts supplier is recalling over 500,000 control centers in detroit that to make the transmission to shift into neutral without any warning the document says the transmissions were sold to separate or makers with the only identified so far is the got chrysler this says the starship connector on the wiring harness was not put on problem and that increase but resistance that the ship the transmission into neutral a software update will fix the problem it is unclear whether the glitch has cost in the crashes or injuries.
6:51 am
>>mark: it was all call survey this video here is the video you can see the bird is going through room that is used for meditation looking for cash they say they took their time looking for things they were in the temple for over five minutes and the added the burglars were trying to keep their backs to the camera they're coming in here intended to burglarize investigators say they got away with $1,200 in cash. >>darya: of $5,000 or more big offer some information about a cat that was shot with an error in the north bank of to your cat he was from on july 27th
6:52 am
with an area large in her chest and roller park he is recovering the animal legal defense seems offering of $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction the shootings concerning because there is a link between violence and animals and violence in humans. >>darya: >>terisa estacio: is becoming a big problem the city schools they're trying to help teachers and menlo park because teacher salaries are not enough to help those people of for the cost of living is becoming even more expensive to buy a home and teachers are being forced to live all cited the area the school officials say some teachers are commuting as far as
6:53 am
three hours of work so they can live a more affordable areas to receive a lot applications from teachers qualified teachers with those applicants say how much it cost to live in menlo park and then they go and work somewhere else >>mark: the unemployment rate remaining and 4.9% in approaching in heading the 18,500 mark will be right back on the kron 4 morning news continues
6:54 am
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>>terisa estacio: the basketball star to mind is the head on the trick shot and he's at again
6:57 am
after dozens of mr. bass's he made the fourth floor he brought 90 basketballs in an attempt to make a shot he is amazing trick shots also along with an important message for kids for we're from a store of georgia with twin girls died in hot car and a father is facing charges donald trump taking
6:58 am
comments about the u.s. for hostage to be released what he's saying about those consulates to comment ahead is the olympics the u.s. olympic basketball team busted for not staying in the of the village would sell you about the world large role to play you build a golf course and how you have the of the ceremony if you lost the keys to the stadium will be right back
6:59 am
7:00 am
him good morning everyone. >> we have dave watching the weather with a lot of heavy drizzle and fall. and robin will tell us if that contributes to accidents. >> we started off with an overturn and a fatal markers -- motorcycle crash. this is between 680 and 880 and it happened that eastbound calaveras boulevard at peter boulevar


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