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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 9, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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they get a.m. $200 voucher, but i guarantee you, these passengers don't want a voucher, they want to get on a plane. overnight they said they would cancel 100 flights. here's the update, there are talking between 250 and 300 flights canceled which means they will continue to see long lines at the delta counter. you can see it wraps around and
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some people continue to be get frustrated. we talked to a man earlier this morning and he was among the thousands of people stranded at san francisco international yesterday. yours what he had to say about today. >> i feel anxious because i don't know what will happen. as soon as i got in my uber this morning i received text that that they had canceled my connecting flight out of atlanta. >> as you get to the front of the line, there's no guarantee? >> there is no guarantee. and i don't know how i will get from jfk to laguardia, is there a shuttle or is that something i have to pay for? >> there are flights taking off today as if the problems never existed that, those flights already are almost fully booked because of the problem and, i
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talked to a lovely family at 6:00 and his daughter is not flying until thursday. and, she was flying to minneapolis and getting to that location, and being on standby. so it will be a very long day for sure today. we don't know if this problem will be resolved until tomorrow or even days after that. get here hours early. >> and you talk to someone who pleaded in line just for it question to be answered for three hours yesterday? >> three hours, and they thought that was a gift.
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many people just left and then they came back they little bit later. i feel bad for the families who have to travel with little kids. it's hard to keep kids patient but they have to suck it up and get in line. it's of very long time for them and looks like they have twins as well. so it looks like it will be a very long day for them. >> it the bad situation. and the breaking news we are following from overnight, all lanes from interstate 80 have reopened after this deadly crash just south of industrial parkway. the accident happened before 2:00 this morning. chp says a box truck slammed into a big rig. one person died at the scene and two others are hospitalized. >> the time now is 7:04 a.m., and happening now in san leandro, police are looking for
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a 15 -year-old girl who has not been seen since this weekend. >> i am here at the san leandro police department and they are now asking for the public's help in finding this missing 15 -year-old girl who has been gone since saturday. here is a picture of her. she is 15 -year-old vienna benedetto. she was last seen before 9:00 saturday and, her mother said she went in her room and discovered her missing. her mother says she might be with friends or acquaintances. her mother said she's been on multiple chat rooms over the last few months. police have interviewed her friends and also want to into her school to talk to school staff but so far, no one knows her whereabouts for the last four days. we do have a discussion of her.
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she's described as a female about 5-foot 5 inches tall, weighing about 200 pounds. she was last seen wearing a black and white gray striped jacket with grey pants that had a logo of a cat on one leg. the san leandro police department is asking for the public's help and they say, if anyone knows her whereabouts or how to contact her, please contact the san leandro police department. >> friends and family of a college student who was murdered while playing pokimon go are searching for answers. the shooting happened sometime between five and ten. police haven't released any motive for the shooting. we spoke with calvin's family and friends who say he will be remembered for his smile and his love of ace ball. >> he had a 90 mile-per-hour fastball, rate curveball and a
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great work ethic. >> everyone is struggling with it right now. calvin was a loved part of our program. so it will be tough for a long time. >> police say that friend who was with calvin just before he was shot saw someone in a red shirt running from the area. police say calvin had no enemies and they believe the shooting was random. >> we are learning more information about the tainted candy that made about at dozen people sick. >> it's becoming a bigger problem. candy laced with thc is what made dozens of people sick at that can party over the weekend. this happen in the mission district on saturday. a six-year-old girl was among those who got sick from the candy. gummy rings at the party were tainted and people likely a several of them before they started feeling symptoms. 13 of the people who got sick
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were children and police are trying to figure out now who brought the candy. everyone they interviewed about him he rings humming rings has cooperated and all the people who were sickened were treated at local hospitals and also it's been released. experts are warning people about edible marijuana. thc impacts people differently depending on your age and weight, and one problem is they can be mistaken for normal snacks. we spoke with experts to explain how you can tell the difference. >> the difference is the smell, because you can smell the camp the mac cannabinoids coming out. the person who distributed that candy could face a here in
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prison or have to pay a $5000 fine. we will be following the story and if they get more answers, will let you know. >> several major wildfires are burning across california, including one in southern california which has prompted hundreds of people to evacuate. thousands are threatened this morning by the surging wildfire in the san bernardino mountains. that's the pilot fire which started on sunday afternoon and has already burned more than nine square miles. 375 homes were placed under mandatory evacuation orders last night, and about 5000 other homes are under voluntary evacuation. >> firefighters are boosting containment on this fire, and it's brewing between caramello and big sur. still just today, it portion of the phoenix highway is shut
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down and digits expected it's expected to be closed until 6:00 tonight. and one person has been killed fighting the fire and the fire they say was caused by an illegal campfire. now great goers keeping an eye on their crops because the grapes have been exposed to such heavy levels of smoke justice they are close to ripening. and, the cold fire is 90% contained. it started last tuesday east of the monticello dam. two structures have been destroyed and nearly nine square miles have burned. >> a breaking news story, one man dead after an officer involved shooting in the sacramento area. a man was killed, and people
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who live in the area were told to relocate to a nearby library. >> the us is still on top in the middle count. team usa has 18 total medals including five metals including five gold and seven silver and seven bronze. in the events today, women's gymnastic team took on the gold, and the men's 200-meter butterfly finals are later today. you can read all about it, and, hackers could swing the election with extra votes.
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and, we will explain what happened. and severe weather continues to bring heavy rain and flash flooding in parts of the nation and we are tracking the storms.
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while watching severe weather across the us, and the tropical system heading the southern winter. people from the panhandle are bracing for intense rainfall. they continue to see rain coming in and it's affecting the gulf coast of florida. and that's ten to 15 inches of rain from taper to pensacola. and that's the last thing that folks like that need. the party got cars submerged in high water, and the water is right up to the doorsteps of many houses. we also want to update you on the latest with tropical depression how the air. that's set to continue to batter the tip of the baja
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peninsula with rain and wind through at least tomorrow morning. authorities in mexico have been evacuating people from low- lying areas around the resort city of cabo some lucas because of that storm. even once it clears cabo it's not over yet and some of that moisture may be headed here to the us so there's lots to talk with the system as it continues to develop the next handful of days. mark? >> dave is watching our weather and also watching what's happening in cabo. >> not real impressive by the satellite picture, and reconnaissance plane looked at the thing and downgraded it to a a tropical depression. however going forward with the models, hurricane center says it may temporarily jump up to tropical storm strength.
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and, it's not going to be down here in mexico. and, and it's obvious lehigh in the atmosphere, it's a lot to be absorbed and arizona may be getting lots of rain from all of this after they just had a nice goalie wash happening from last week. 80's also for the south bay, and they are retaining some of that heat, pretty much overnight. 75 in redwood city, 77 for palo alto, and low 80's at work here for much of the south bay, the mountain view coming in at 78.
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east bay shoreline, 75 or so for oakland, 76 for hail and and, 88 and, our high starts to build as we get into friday and saturday. away we go with those temperatures inland and that they in the 70s territory. robin is keeping an eye on traffic. >> they are trying to squeeze into san francisco, lots of folks heading into work and it's backed up. but it is the normal slow down. so the backup is still holding beyond west grand, not really through the maze, not yet, that for now we are dealing with the normal stop and go traffic. 20 minutes, that's it. checking in on the san mateo bridge, there's an accident wrapping up at the high-rise portion of
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the bridge. at last check, bridge crews were telling the drivers to continue over to the peninsula and clear off the bridge. and, it's flow coming out of hayward, it will be less than 25 minutes, and you can always hop over to the done burton bridge. that's a good alternative. you can use that, though from 882 fremont, that's about 20 minutes, not bad. 237 out of the south bay, and it's heavy making that merge. after that, not a bad ride heading over to one of on one. >> this is the 2016 news. donald trump is facing major operation from within his own party. steve prominent republican foreign-policy and security experts have signed a letter
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denouncing trumps presidential candidacy. all 50 of those security experts are putting out to vote for trump and he said he would make the most reckless president in american history. this comes as former cia staffer and former house gop aide is launching in independent conservative white house bid. and they fought long and hard and said she was obligated to support the nominee and decided she could not. trump is announcing a revamped economic plan saying he will revitalize the us economy by cutting taxes for workers. he wants to cut the us texas from seven down to three brackets, with the top bracket going from 39.6% down to 25%. he wants to cut corporate taxes from 35 down to 15%. clinton will deliver her economic speech on thursday, also in detroit. >> happening today hillary clinton is visiting in miami
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neighborhood dealing with the first us outbreak of the zika virus. 16 on travel related cases have been discovered there. clinton says she wants congress to provide money to the neighborhood for testing, treatment and research on the virus. clinton's running mate ted cain has always said he will return to washington for about on the bill. and they say some voting machines are at risk of being hacked. electronic voting machines are being used in only about 25% of the country but hackers use them at multiple times. they use voter cards to manipulate the system and vote for that one time for a candidate. hackers also get into the hardware that sends the votes to be counted. security experts say they are concerned about the compromise election in the safest way they say is to vote on paper.
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>> and, it large majority of young american say they support lg bt rights when it comes to employment, health care and adoption. over 90% of young adults include equal employment. a is survey done by the university of chicago and the associated press focus on how race and ethnicity shapes the opinion of them one millennial generation. >> a murder investigation is underway after a young google account manager was under killed over the weekend. 27 -year-old vanessa or coat worked in google's new york office. she was visiting her mother for the weekend when she went out for a dog and never returned. her body was found near her moms home. they are investigating this as a murder. police about said whether the killing was targeted or random.
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>> and three young people are recovering after they fell from a ferris wheel. the three victims fell 40 feet from this ferris wheel. and, investigators have been interviewing witnesses to try to figure out what happened. police plan to release more information during a news conference later this morning. a ten -year-old boy who died over the weekend while writing the world's tallest water slide died of a neck injury. he was one of three passengers riding on the water slide. emergency responders arrived and found the boy dead at the end of the water slide. the two women he was with had injuries on their faces. investigators are looking into claims from some writers that the harness may have
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functioned. >> covering california, it's been a decade since voters were promised 400 million for the parks in some of the neighborhood's poorest neighborhoods. an associated press review finds that fewer than half of the recreational sites have been built. it was supposed to create 126 new parks but there are still 60 a empty lots eating for construction to begin. democratic lawmakers are pushing to add more than $1 billion to the program so the parks can be completed. the time now is 7:23 a.m., and still ahead, major delays for tons of passengers continuing this morning because of that problem with delta trying to get back on their feet after in meltdown. we are live talking to stranded passengers. and after the break, we will tell you the best and worst states to raise our child in and where california ranked on that list. and, the approach to the bay bridge, with the itsy-bitsy spider making its way out on
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welcome back to your kron4 morning news. checking back in on the san mateo bridge, it's crawling westbound, coming out of the east bay. there's an extant wrapping up at the high-rise. i just got off the phone and they told me that this is no longer blocking. they said it's blocking the right way and in the clear the activity off of the shoulder so right now the rubberneckers are backing up the ride.
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i will switch over the maps and, it's crawling from industrial. and you have to you deal with the usual jam up. the drivetime is not terrible, maybe five minutes heavier than normal. if it gets any worse, i will update you. i have another report coming up in a minute. >> the streaming service launched into thousand seven and you can watch the most recent four or five episodes from a shows current season for free. and and and, when it comes to new parents and their babies, some parents saying states are helping out. examine the cost of having and
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caring for her child and the study found vermont is the best state to have a baby in mississippi the worst. california ranked number 17 on the list of role and it was ranked number 40 a four the cost of having a baby. and the cost of the bar for for baby ben linus. for the day ahead, take it look at the south bay in san jose, getting temperatures in the lower 80's. and breaking news, police investigating a at smash and grab robbery. we will show you what was targeted, coming up.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. let's get you set on weather and traffic. >> the san mateo bridge is pretty slow, and we are watching weather right now. >> clearing out the fog pretty nicely, and we are having some minor delays happening there. you can see the blue skies coming out during its performance which is good to see. upper 50's in almost 60 foray good chunk of the east bay. 56 for evermore, mountain view at 58, and pretty much striking rain here. 2degrees behind for the half moon bay this morning and, a breeze, most areas, we are checking in in the sickle digits. 3:00, upper 80's at work and lower 90's to be had. by the bay, it will be putting much in the low 70s that approaching the middle 70s.
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everyone is looking for a warm- up in the middle of the week. >> and we went ahead and upgraded this and made it made it a hotspot only because of the drivetime. it's getting worse. and, it looks like crews are also telling off some of the vehicles now. with attracting a lot of attention and it will continue to spill over to the heyward side. the drivetime is 40 minutes to get from there to highway 101. and it's about ten or 15 minutes extra on top of the normal drive or we take the dumbarton bridge instead. after that get from the shore
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freeway, and, we continue to follow the troubles with delta airlines. >> we do have cancellations and delays, and, we are going on day number two of this. >> not as bad as yesterday, and about 100 canceled fights, and is getting worst by the minute. and it does not escalate as we saw yesterday. we have the long lines at sfo oh, and many of those people have their flights booked for today. there are many people in line who were stuck yesterday and
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they were told to come back in line today. we spoke to a woman a little bit earlier this morning and she was on the verge of tears. check this out. >> so yesterday, you got in line? >> i started in honolulu sunday night, and i'm still here. i'm trying (6to get to kansas. >> you have a ticket? >> i have a ticket in minneapolis now and i'm on standby for the rest of the day. >> and, it looks normal, and you are basically a second class citizen for those who are flying today, and most flights are already 90% capacity.
7:34 am
and, instead going to minneapolis, they are hoping there is room that there is -- room for her to go to kansas from minneapolis. >> thanks. breaking news from overnight, a smash and grab burglary. >> it happened overnight in the area of jefferson and leavenworth. we have some pictures from the scene that were taken earlier this morning as a van drove apparently into any electronics store and the thieves made off with the raw items. police haven't received much information, and it looks like it damage parts of the store on the inside. not exactly clear what was taken, and as soon as we find
7:35 am
out more, we will come back and give you the update. for now, we want to share those pictures were just into the newsroom this morning. >> thanks, it's 7:34 a.m. san jose police are looking for a hit and run driver that left 826 -year-old man in a, it the last time eduardo cicero spoke to anyone was wednesday morning to let his mom know he was on his way home from work. 30 minutes after the call he was in critical condition, having had an accident. he was in a crosswalk when the car on story road ran into him. his family spoke exclusively and give details on the crash. >> the first marking is where they believe he was hit, and the second smaller circles are where his shoes landed. the middle ones our way his body was, and other belongings of his. and the very last one, pretty far back, is where his bike
7:36 am
was. >> family members say he recently moved his arm and they are optimistic that he will get through this. in the meantime they are hoping that surveillance cameras got images of where the car sped off. >> and city police gang related fights are the reason for the rise in homicides. and they get handle on gang- related killings. >> a man is accused of killing his wife and their home of the upscale blackhawk community. it happened sunday afternoon and contra costa county and it couple's home in blackhawk. deputies got the call of something suspicious going on in that home. when they got there, they found a woman and she died at the
7:37 am
scene. and they had arrested their husband. and, it's been over two weeks of the devastating fire destroyed a fire. and they want to make the replacement even better than the original. >> i wouldn't mind seeing an ice rink put into this area. >> it needs to be something sustainable. >> state-of-the-art security. >> while there is no shortage of suggestions, there is a shortage of money to pay for the new center. and design something that they can be proud of. to teenage boys were arrested for starting the fire.
7:38 am
>> health officials are investigating a new zika virus case that was likely contracted inside of the us. the infected person has recently traveled to miami-dade county which is more than a dozen non- travel related cases were discovered last week. health officials believe active transmission of the mosquito borne virus are only taking place in an area that's under 1 one square-mile big. michael phelps is swimming in the finals today and he means business. in the women's gymnastics team, and american sweetheart and world medalist medalist has been booted from the final. in less than ten minutes, we will chat with him. >> we will explain what chemicals will be heading into the water supply.
7:39 am
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welcome back to the kron4
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morning news. the san mateo bridge is at hotspot recovering from an earlier accident, it's normal this morning coming out of hayward. the drivetime now is 37 to 40 minutes to get over from 41. a warning for android users, a new security flop. it's associated with quad router and it gives hackers complete access to your phone, data and hardware. one could use your camera or microphone to hear and see what you are doing without you even knowing. any information on the phone is tolerable as well including your pictures, contacts and financial information. for this hack to work, an attacker tricks users into installing a fake apps to get root access to your phone. keep yourself safe by only downloading apps from google play. you can see if your phone is safe by downloading the quad router app the store.
7:43 am
it's pretty update is coming to fix the flaw. and, page breaks down which phones are impacted and have links for more apps the scan for possible threats. temps are about 60 but they start to dive into the upper 50's. clouds and fog rolled again and eight cool breeze of that, too. stay tuned, the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> it ready for your favorite. the women's gymnastics has their team final today. and it's led by your favorite girl, simona miles. she will be doing the vault, balance. >> and the floor. next to her in the picture is gabby, and debbie is doing the
7:46 am
uneven bars. >> she came in third the other night. >> now she's going to get to do the team thing but she doesn't get to defend her goals in the all-around because of that role. >> yes, she actually came in third, but you can only have two from each team. be mac and that is in any gymnastic worlds event. so you can only have two from each country and, she stirred out of 61 competitors. way ahead of four or five or six arrests. but yet, because you have the other two, simona and allie are going to be in it. do you think that's right? >> no. it's always something because sometimes you need a big-name performer to be effective. this might be the gabby douglas will. >> i'm guessing, my gosh, way above like more than one point over the next people down the row. >> she was pretty cool the way
7:47 am
she handled it, too. >> i think the role was pretty good when we didn't want all russians and romanians out there. it was working for us then. >> so when it comes back in but you. and, today, they say today and hold it, and, it said live. >> so here's your thing about this. there are so many people that complain about it, about two thirds of the people who wouldn't see it at night, want it because they are working. and alley grayson, this
7:48 am
happened to her, she got booted from the 2015 world championships, and she doesn't care. she said i don't care if there is five chinese girls up there, if they are the best, they should be up there. >> you make good point though. because he wouldn't have all romanians and all russians? >> while the whole >> well the whole idea was you would see everyone out there, not just -- but i don't know, i understand both sides. it's a world event, you want to see people from around the world. >> will when you are third by a good margin -- it's a scary situation. allie got into it on one of her weakest events and, her parents are watching. the video has gone viral because they are swarming.
7:49 am
they look like they are watching a horror movie. watch it as it goes on, it's most almost like they are on a roller coaster together, the mom and the dad, then they are like, wow. and, that just brings up a good question. we all want our kids to find something they love. and, it is a really good question. and if they win, yes. but was everybody else, it's quite the thing. >> you go back to the time and see how these young women turned out -- i mean, and again, no one knows. are you happy or was it worth it? ticking a truth ceramic, you are turning your daughter over
7:50 am
to some guy. >> and i bring up michael phelps, right. obviously he thinks it is worth it and he's back in it. so he competes today and he won yesterday. before his heat yesterday in the 200-meter, he had the death stare. and this has gone viral. i want you to watch it for a while. he has got this death stare. he's looking at the guy from south africa. the guy that beat him in the gold last year. and at first of all, you have your competitor doing a dance which is annoying. but, does the guy have to dance right in front of him? >> well, the other guy is dancing, is he looking at phelps? >> he was dancing around and had headphones on, i think he was eating his game face on, was part of it, and the other was like, i will destroy you.
7:51 am
isn't it great? >> i don't mean to sound like, finding fault with the athletes, i just can't -- i don't know if i want to turn my daughter over to a coach and just say, you are her dad for a years. [laughter] >> well then this begs the question. let's talk about the athlete them selves. at what point do you desert your dreams. tim tebow, he goes to espn and tries and fails again, and now he hasn't played since he was in junior high school. it's like when do you say i'm not going to be a professional athlete. >> yes, he's actual going to do this or he's talking about
7:52 am
doing it. >> he's been training for the last year and he will hold a work out for all major league teams at the end of this month because he believes he's ready. now, will he be snapped up by the miner league? absolutely. but, could he do it? >> i think it's time for me to use my old line of, i'm going to drop a couple kids off on his doorstep and give them something to worry about. >> every time he lets professional sports go, they pull him back in. >> my thing is, when you are heading your daughter over to a coach, we better quit talking. i will come off as anti- olympics. but when i to these young women, you know, leave them off at bella caroli's house and
7:53 am
say, see you in a years? >> i know, but you love to watch them. girls gymnastics one, swimming, too. >> and then heavy lifting. >> all right, see you next time.
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>> welcome back to kron4 morning news. a study released this morning finds are fighting foam is contaminating water supplies around many of the nations military bases, airports and industrial sites. the finding of a new study, shows the chemicals in firefighting foam have then linked to kidney and testicular cancer. researchers estimate more than six-point people that have their drinking water contaminated by these chemicals. a misery man is crediting his new tesla and the autopilot feature for saving his life. joshua neeley was on his commute home when suddenly he felt pain. he didn't realize he was having a pulmonary embolism. he could have killed him. he was in so much pain that he wasn't able to drive. he trusted the self driving tesla to stay on the road until
7:57 am
it got near hospital. he says if it was not able to drive itself he would have had to pull over. and they are tracking another day of delays on delta airlines. hundreds of flights have been canceled and people have been stranded at airports around the nation including here at sfo. plus the search continues for a girl who went missing in east bay. we will have the latest on the search from the san leandro police department. and people are forced from their homes as wildfires continue to burn from california. we will have the latest on the fires in their containment efforts. and an earlier injury accident westbound. it has been cleared but traffic is still very slow. we will be right back as kron4 news continues.
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>>jackie sissel: they're hoping that someone knows something she is a female she is 5 ft. 5 tall ways to on the palms and lasting wary of a lot of white and gray striped jacket a percentage
8:07 am
>>james: they had a chance to speak with his friends they will remember him for his smile and his love of baseball
8:08 am
>>mark: we would tell you what they ate next not everything state is great for no apparent will break down the most baby friendly states.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way.
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we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >>mark: some states are not doing a lot to help them the best and worst of it had a baby research's examine the cost of having and caring for child as well as the baby from illness the study from vermont to the best they have a baby mississippi is the worst ranking no. 7 team in the list but was ranked 48th in terms of the cost of having a baby
8:12 am
california ranked no. 4 for baby friendliness
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>>reporter: maybe a chilly 69 richmond plenty of '80s on the
8:18 am
board. >>robin winston: there's a little bit of clout and saw the one on one come out more rent rolling into some rough fell a little heavy it is a great ride here across the bridge into san francisco design time 27 minutes from highway 37 over to the open
8:19 am
side 580 west that is a good ride round of the past about a not a problem a little sluggish places like it 80 if you have to leave san jose and head north 12 minutes from the two it is what up to 237 >>darya: in the mission district a six year-old girl was among the people who got sick from eating the candy
8:20 am
police a time to figure out who brought the candid to the party >>reporter: an olympic new
8:21 am
person but boy is he my being captivated the internet which before defeating the rival he advances to the 200 m the u.s. now has 19 total medals
8:22 am
including five gold seven silver and seven bronze the women's gymnastic team will feet in the finals it is taking on columbia the men's 200 m butterfly finals are later on today >>darya: >>mark: still ahead big problems for donald trump after the break a live look outside at the bay bridge still a big backup for sunshine starting to break through. the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ♪ i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ♪ announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. so hurry in for 0% financing for 72 months.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. >>reporter: donald trump is a real of authoritarian also on
8:26 am
monday 50 gop national signing a letter opposing him writing that he would be the most reckless president in american history >>reporter: the letter came from the failed washington ed lee looking to hold on to their power they're rejecting the
8:27 am
accusation the parents of two americans killed in to do been gauzy attack is so when hillary clinton. >>darya: clinton served as secretary of state at the time of the 2012 attack her campaign spokesperson says her handling of the incident has been investigated multiple times and have been from the she has done nothing wrong it comes three months ahead of the general election. >>james: we are following virginals overnight police investigating our brief in one city find out what type of store but these targeted. >>mark: to amass a wildfire in
8:28 am
northern california is still growing. ♪ ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>reporter: look at the inland areas getting clearing and getting aggressive that is the future temperatures true 60 hayward stopped to not to the upper 50s and work this is still trouble spot 76 going on before clock 87 some areas breezing about a warmup in store for the 74 cast. >>robin winston: and happened at 650 this morning but left a lot of residual slowing traffic is
8:31 am
starting to pick up and loosened up coming out of hey would but it is still crowded it is westbound traffic west of the toll plaza is still backed up on to the nimitz battle slow to 38 but the drive time and looks much better. >>darya: we have the latest from the breaking news desk >>james: early in the morning and we have some pictures from the scene this war photographs by one of our videographers and showed the damage and the hole in the form of the building looking into this electronics store this was after a van drove
8:32 am
into the business police have not released much information they are looking at the pictures to see exactly what was taken the owners of the store were not in town to the coordinating with whoever they can to figure out what to do next what items were taken. >>james: right now not clear exactly the motive behind all this other than a robbery will keep tabs to the pleas apartment as a developed the investigation the last time he spoke to anyone was last wednesday and he called his mother to let her know he was on his way home from work ottomans later he was in critical condition from an accident he was in the crosswalk when the car plowed into him.
8:33 am
>>mark: that are optimistic that he will pull through the of surveillance cameras capture images a man is accused of killing his wife in their home in the upscale community it happened sunday afternoon and contra costa county and the debt is got to the home something suspicious was going on which is in the 4300 block when they got there they found a woman she was declared dead at the scene of the have not told us how she died and the have not released a mode of the have arrested the husband. >>darya: he was arrested on suspicion of murder and booked into the detention facility.
8:34 am
>>mark: thousands are threatened this morning by the surging wildfire in the san bernardino mountains is started on sunday afternoon is already burned more than nine square miles 375 home to replace and the mandatory evacuation orders about 5000 homes or on a voluntary evacuation so far they have been saved the fired just 6% contained this morning. >>darya: they just announced this morning that a fire hazard from 204 square miles and containment is 50% right now apportioned in shut down and is expected to stay closed until 6:00 tonight one person was
8:35 am
killed and three people have been injured this said a fire was caused by an illegal camp fire and now great bros are concerned there dozen wineries even a very close eye on their crops could have been exposed heavy levels of smoke just as they're getting close to ripening. >>mark: this happened around 1030 last night a man was killed offices were responding to cause someone carrying a gun
8:36 am
people who live in the area were told to relocate to nearby library to have yet to release additional information about a letter to the shooting the victims fell 30 of 45 ft. from this fares will there were hospitalized and they were responsive the oldest victim was a 16 year-old girl that have been interviewing witnesses to find out how this happened the plans to release more information and news conference later on today a 10 your boy who died of a weekend riding the tallest water slide we know he died of a neck injury he was one of three passengers riding in a boat on a water slide the assets slid about more park emergency response from the boy dead in the pool at the bottom of the
8:37 am
ride the two other women and the boat had minor injuries on their faces a water slide is more than a hundred and 60 ft. tall and hit speeds of up to 50 mi. an hour.
8:38 am
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>>mark: the inland spots fairfield 61 and concord 61 more on the weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes the faa
8:41 am
is trying to leave his airport delays they're hiring for 200 new traffic controllers is a 13 month training program at the faa academy and after you do the training the new law offered a job track of this and not just a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza looking a little bit better replacement windows
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>reporter: you consider the '60s by 6:00 in the peninsula some spots to get into the fifties we are waiting in antioch to really dropped 5:00 a.m. finally we get into the
8:45 am
upper 60s we did talk a lot a warm-up that the sled it would take into gear for friday into the weekend and early next week for now will go with mid-90s. >>robin winston: traffic is improving and 90 to the commute across the san mateo bridge never fully recovered from early
8:46 am
morning accident is always one of the busier bridges during the morning commute less than 10 minutes to the 11 on ramp into san rafael the drive times around the area of no problems to the nimitz 26 minutes from 238580 west moving a little bit better as it normally does it in sale of the bid of time coming out of castro valley know the
8:47 am
top slot 85 know the problems for no. 101 leaving the south bay. >>mark: one of the two skydivers who was killed another in california after the parachute failed to open >>james: the mother of the 18 year-old who died in that accident her son was born with a mild case for sarah calls me you was identified as tyler tinges graduate high school and was headed to the u c. morris said this month to study biomedical engineering after they plunge into a vineyard in lodi said the latest we learned in the newsroom.
8:48 am
>>mark: long list of items to teenage boys were arrested for starting
8:49 am
>>reporter: 1 men and were strapping on 20 lbs. of police here and a training officer was briefing the about mine council and our respect seconds later i was ducking for cover so we went for a handful of reporters to got a taste of the training of police recruits on the goal here in the use of force options simulator >>reporter: the training in the
8:50 am
event video a range of both reread the mad scenarios or we could see and experience into is an emotionally were also experienced an effort to get the decision making skills. >>reporter: and use of force training more important than ever >>darya: they will resume this
8:51 am
morning in the case against pg&e over safety violations eight people were killed and more than three dozen homes were destroyed in the explosion and fire last week the judge reduced the fine that they face is in the trial it was originally $562 million now the maximum that the refined is 6 million if found guilty they set to start just underway in about 10 minutes the suspected serial bank robber is behind bars after police found her an east palo alto the 27 year-old was arrested she is expected while rabin nearly 10 banks the six counties. >>mark: 41 happening in santa clara morgan hill sunnyvale and palo auto choose a suspect and
8:52 am
livermore walnut creek not a san mateo and manteca. >>darya: florida health officials are investigating a new virus case that was a likely contracted in the united states that is where more than a dozen non travel related cases were discovered last week the this one howe official said and from recently died in florida had severe birth defects linked to the virus that. >>darya: cause of to be born with abnormally small heads the baby's mother had been infected with sickle are traveling to latin america.
8:53 am
>>mark: teardown brendan crawford time the game and then this one goes to the extra inning with the rbi single center that wants to bring the game when the giants won five final eight to seven he became the first major league player in 41 years to get seven hits in the game the triple double had five singles giants manager is expected to return as a manager at the spend the night at a hospital the have not said why he was hospitalized but he did undergo a procedure in february of last year he fielded as manager.
8:54 am
>>darya: mode again bring in another room with an rbi single that on to win a three to two this face-off against them tonight at the coliseum.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>darya: that perform tonight at at&t park of san francisco they were there yesterday as they were setting up the stage
8:57 am
>>darya: rosalynn to be a music tore a composer will create the music and this is a live concert experience kicking off in february of next year there perform in san jose on march 29th to go on sale this saturn.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>reporter: a look of lower 60s in the east bay side 65 concord 61 for san jose up to the north to bay approaching 60614 novato here is the golden gate 81 by 1:00 5:86 lower 90s more populated as you start to get into the weekend >>robin winston: overall not a bad commute it continues to improve the average driver is 18 minutes from the maze.
9:02 am
>>will tran: lennar offering refunds which are not getting it right away they do not have the money to go from one account to another airline which is why many of them are sucking it up and staying with delta and in the meantime they often the $200
9:03 am
voucher system like a lot of people they had 1000 cancelled flights this morning they were saying maybe 100 and then from 7:00 they bumped up to 252300 cancel flights. >>will tran: the lines continue to be longer drop the day even if you do takeoff you're not out of the was just yet. >>: i have been here for three days i have a ticket to get to
9:04 am
minneapolis and and i am on a standby for the rest of the day. >>will tran: if you're among the stranded passengers they would try to find room in the extra 10% in those places which is why they're bouncing people all over the place we spoke there was supposed to fly out at 8:00 the turns out they will not now they're flying at 4:00 in the afternoon and they also have a connecting flight. >>will tran: all level
9:05 am
interstate 880 are back open this morning. >>mark: this accident happened just before 2:00 this morning is
9:06 am
slam into a big great one person died and two other people are hospitalized it was clear on 5:00 this morning. >>jackie sissel: they're asking for the public's help was what they're doing were supposed to get an update in and bought an hour about this missing girl was so far she has not been seen since saturday night. >>jackie sissel: she is a 16 year-old she is a resident here and san leandro she does say that her daughter has been on a chat room websites all over the last couple of weeks she does not have a cell phone she has not been able to get in touch with our the police are more along with her family are trying to contact friends they've gone
9:07 am
to the school district to talk to the status if anyone has any knowledge of her whereabouts were so far they've come up empty her mother believed she may have actually left with an acquaintance senate of the police say if anyone knows where about please contact them as quickly as possible. >>mark: they're still searching for killer in san francisco will from that from the breaking news best friends and family of the 20 year-old are searching for answers he was shot and killed while playing the game in a car
9:08 am
parked we have a full offer with a show you this morning there was a friend with him just before he was shot and a friend told police he saw someone in a red shirt running from the area right after the shooting. >>james: shooting probably was random we will continue to follow the story of warning for
9:09 am
users the application that you could put your phone at the mercy of hackers after the break we know what made a dozen party guests and san francisco's sec what investigators found in the candy at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
9:10 am
we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. >>darya: can be laced with t h seeing over the weekend is the chemical compound of marijuana and happened in the mission district and a six year-old was among the people that got sick police say these rings that the party were tainted and they like we had several of them before they felt any symptoms 13 of the
9:11 am
people they got sick or children everyone that they interviewed about the candy is cooperating and all the people who the sec were treated at hospitals and released. >>mark: and tax people different depending on their age and weight and experience using and a major problem is that they can be mistaken edible marijuana products have a stronger smell to in our eyes on wall street and with the modest games of 50 points right now we're watching wall street with our financial experts
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: thanks to a much earlier accident from the 6:00 hour traffic never recovered no problem across the span there is some slow traffic merging onto southbound loyal it
9:15 am
goes from 45 south of the toll plaza 30 mi. from our emerging from the oil on to richardson they're just making it over to city streets. >>robin winston: no hot spots no traffic alerts the usual crowd in about 22 minutes from hillcrest >>reporter: we see some of the fog hangs around but it appears to be lifting even along the coast would looks like a guest or return on this afternoon but it is going to be more sluggish
9:16 am
will be taking care of the fall by the noon hours here is a look at high temperatures and the upper 80s and low 90s this is just a work in progress more heating happen by end of the week some of these four east of the locations are retained the heat to a late overnight 767 tel 7 1/7 to power oct. to the south of the lower 80s and return to clear 82 and san jose and >>reporter: in his seven stores 75 going on for oakland 69 richmond 76 take route 90 concord most locations mid to upper 80s general average some nine is far off to same brand will in the north they will have 85 or so across the wine country we might visit some of 90 upper '80s with the couple took the '90s >>reporter: by friday into the
9:17 am
weekend even early into next week what to the to hang in the middle some is watching today's winners and losers on wall street. >>rob black: this is one that would give lost unless your an economic nerd like myself the quarter of this year we have seen nonfarm productivity for off the cliff into the hall of the economy is weak is to report farms the economy statistic alternately there was weakness and that points to last job groups which consume a list economy in the future when we revised we been weakening since 2013 it will happen in the corporate profits to the 1990's productivity jumped to conceive the idea will have to start hiring people. >>rob black: that is where it leads to, i think they will
9:18 am
become public they're going to start selling gift cards which is a good idea clearly starbucks has got the digital platform if you buy one you also get a $5 card for free $25 is good for 20 customers will get to use a lift you're getting some of the starbucks for free cup of coffee easy-to-use #2:05 a.m. to nail you get more stars for a limited time only intelligent it is super successful during prime time after 5:00 p.m. up until two in the morning.
9:19 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: in release some of how stupid it is he said something on the lines >>rob black: is she going on a saturday afternoon they would tell you will succeed without knowing on the weekend is a huge indicator for success and and
9:20 am
obviously i and altman the she was not able to turn the company in the lesson here you could tell me her magic look ran out and here she is telling other people and and i had
9:21 am
>>rob black: obviously the trade group is one thing this is california leading the country is a great idea we will. be glad
9:22 am
9:23 am
honey nut cheerios ...get their delicious taste from real, honest ingredients. real oats. that's a big bowl real honey. yeah, honey. and real patience.
9:24 am
hurry up! i like that bee. >>mark: the securities law of that center around quarter router is making no security experts nervous 900 million phones could be at risk >>gabe slate: it gives them complete access to your phone is dead and hardware summer could be accessing the camera and your phone vacancy would you see in access your microphone and hear what you're saying with those around you in information on the phone as vulnerable as well for this work but have to track a user into installing an application to gain root access to the device but that is not that hard a lot of people do not think twice about downloading
9:25 am
applications this securities-law of fax android found it includes some of the most popular enjoy devices on the market including who will nexus' 56 atc one and 10 and samsung galaxy pass and many more phones this will tell you of your phone is in danger pay attention to of this the become available on your device. >>darya: they're warning possible for hackers to swing
9:26 am
the u.s. election some voting machines and the risk of being hacked their only using 25 percent of the country but hackers could use them to vote for multiple times that can use of older cars to manipulate the system and vote more than one time for candid and the streaming servers in 2007 and watched the most recent for five episodes the free of the sow will be gone within a few weeks and all users will have to pay it to cost the 799 a month
9:27 am
police are investigating the smashing or robbery and one city find out what type of store they targeted.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: loris '60s on the
9:30 am
bay shoreline 65 for concord 60 from the the more we do sea temperatures that declaring 60 for san jose and a couple of degrees within striking range 3 degrees behind for a little more the in our break down 81 going on 86 however still looking for some areas to breeze by a lot more to come we will be discussing that. >>robin winston: was getting better in backed up to the middle of the parking lot and down the lake commuters were heading the road the drive time is increasing 21 minutes from the maze over to the sky when 40 minutes from downtown oakland across the bay bridge and over to sfo a little heavy nothing
9:31 am
major the hot spots such traffic alert. >>mark: a smash and grab burglary in san francisco. >>james: it happen overnight in the area of jefferson and leavenworth we have pictures from the scene with saddam still was done on the van drove into an electronics store the have not released much information on the crime when you see the pictures as you take a look or see the band broke a window damage the store they made off with certain items but have not been able to track down the owner of the store is out of town right now they're not clear as to what the exact suspect destruction is but perhaps with the surveillance video from the label of the contract some of that down. >>mark: last time he spoke to
9:32 am
anyone was last wednesday kron 430 he called his mother and to let her know he was on his way home from work 30 minutes later he was in critical condition witnesses say he was in the crosswalk when a car plowed into him and his family spoke exclusively in the. give us more details on. crash >>reporter: the second circle on our issues landon the middle is where his body was and other belongings and the very last one is where his bike was the family members say he recently moved his arm and they're optimistic that he will get through this video surveillance cameras captured images of the car >>darya: to the east bay where a man is accused of killing his wife and their home it happened sunday afternoon and contra
9:33 am
costa county that the call the something suspicious was going on in home and 43 hard to block them from the woman as she was declared dead at this scene, investigators have not said how she died in the have not released a mode of the have however arrested the husband he was arrested on suspicion of murder and booked into the detention facility >>mark: is burn more than nine square miles 3075 home to a place on the mandatory evacuation orders about five dozen other homes are on the voluntary evacuation orders no homes and destroyed the fire is 6 percent contained
9:34 am
>>darya: they just announced this morning the fire hazard from 204 square miles containments holding at 50% and right now portion of the highway one in shut down and is not supposed to reopen until 6:00 tonight >>darya: that fire started last tuesday east of monticello to structures have been destroyed
9:35 am
in the nine square miles have barred thompson down the road is still closed at highway 128 >>mark: this happened about 1030 last night a man was killed also respond to call about someone carrying a gun when the shooting happened police have not release any other information about the victim or what led up to the shooting bad news this morning three young people are recovering after they fell from a ferris wheel it happened last night in the green veil tennessee if the author to 45 ft. from the fares will allow hospitalized but they were responsive a 10 year-old boy who died of the week in what he was writing grows tolars slide and
9:36 am
kan. died of a neck injury. >>darya: he was one of three passengers and a vote on of their production water park summit the two women who were in the boat with him had minor injuries on their faces a water slide is more than a hundred and 60 ft. tall and its fees of 50 mi. an hour. >>mark: we will be right back
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: there was also andrew this is andron he is a homeless for the last 10 years by choice his words this is where he lives directly under interstate 880 in oakland he assisted in china last month and have to get the garbage clean them the request has gone on answer the interview was
9:40 am
interrupted several times because it is also rednecks to track and on the city streets the gas tank about a block away these bags of and even food and water hanging on fences just about every street from the area has traverses prowling up in this location the garbage in a strong of something begged
9:41 am
listen half mile away from these encampments as jack london square also part of the august city scenic tour route. >>mark: we will be right back
9:42 am
9:43 am
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: good morning gary >>darya: you ready for your favorite you have the team final women's gymnastics. in a >>darya: is led by your favorite girl she >>darya: will be doing the balance beam and next art in that picture is gabbing.
9:45 am
>>darya: is going to get the team but she denied the to defendant in the all-around because of that rule. >>gary: came in third you could only have two from each country and she is third out of 61 competitors but yet because she has the other two do you think that is fair? no i do not >>gary: that maybe something because sometimes you need a big name performer to be effective when you are third out of 61 and way above the next people down the road that is not right
9:46 am
>>darya: they're doing the women's team at noon.
9:47 am
>>darya: this happened to her last year if this will apply she got booted from the 2015 world championship is the dumbest rule ever since she does not care they are swarming and does not
9:48 am
look like they're watching all or movie. >>gary: the one just four years of nothing but gymnastics or eight years if you when the gas before everyone else is pretty tough.
9:49 am
>>mark: he won yes today before his he he has got this deaths there he is looking at the guy from south africa.
9:50 am
>>darya: let's talk about the athletes at what point do you deserve your dreams now he is pulling of old dream of being a baseball player he has not played since he was a junior in high school he's been training
9:51 am
for the last year with a baseball trainer and he is going to hold a work of all 30 major league teams because he believes he is ready and people who sent him every time he lets professional sports to go they will come back and >>gary: just when i see these young women assays gymnastics
9:52 am
some and swimming >>darya: and then heavy lifting ok we will see you soon
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>darya: she invited all four kids and grandkids and even great-grandchildren watching her face as she came down this last on she was having a good time she is a really special waiting
9:55 am
the giants' shortstop becoming the first player in 41 years to get seven hits in the game.
9:56 am
>>mark: the have not said why he was hospitalized with he did undergo heart procedure in february of last year the icon and then what is known for hits like welcome to the jungle is the first line with most of the original lineup since the 90's they start at $65 if you like the music of the game of the wrongs it is coming to the bay area they will be performing at
9:57 am
the as a peace center in san jose on march 29th. >>mark: we have a warm on the way it is expected to climb into mid-90s as a head into the weekend beautiful weather this weekend with highs in the mid- 70s stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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