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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:happening now. the man who scaled trump tower in new york city. in now in police custody. kron 4's justine waldman is here with the dramatic video. of him climbing the tower. and of police grabbing him. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: 32 years old and 5 ft. tall. wayne 120 lbs.. brown eyes and brown hair. she has facial paris sees on the ellipse and opera sheik's near her eyes. there were tattoos as well with a teddy bear on her left bicep. our son is named day beyond. he is a 10 month old boy. -named davion. he is also best guess they're also held concerns with the boy. we are not sure if these or any type of medication or not.
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>> are pretty sure that we have that sense that she had the child with her. with preliminary test done were about his medical condition. and we do not know where he is and we do not know where she is. we do know that the child has been gone since july 9th and has had any contact with anyone. pam we are asking the public's health to find her and hopefully him. -- public's help >> >> reporter: is facing a criminal charges. here is another look at her. they are hoping that she and the boys are still in the san jose area. >> reporter: anyone with information about their
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whereabouts are asked to call 911 immediately. live at the d. a's office in san jose, out rob fladeboe. >> grant: harness to slowly climb the skyscraper. he got access from an outdoor terrace on the 5th floor. >> vicki: justine? >> justine: here is the man's belly up trump tower sedate using suction pumps and wearing a backpack. -- here is the man scaling trump tower's today. >> justine:and he was up there for almost two hours. here is the moment police. grabbed him. and pulled him inside the tower. these are special operations
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officers. >> justine:and they hauled him in through a window. as people below cheered. police officers smashed windows and broke through a ventilation duct in an attempt to block his progress. the climber. it appears. posted a video on-libe. explaining. why he took such dramatic tactics. >> i am at independent researcher. i derrick seed is in your--i guarantee it is within your need to take this seriously. >> justine:the tower on 5th avenue. is headquarters to the nominee's campaign and hishe also lives there with his family. trump was not in the building.
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>> justine:in the video the climber posted on-line. he says he wanted it to go viral. and encourages people to vote for trump in the presidential elections >> justine:in a story we first broke to you online today. >> justine: grant?.. >> grant: what a spectacle. >> grant:investigators say a poor electrical connection to a homeowners hot tub. caused last year's valley fire that killed 4 people and destroyed close to 2- thousand structures. kron 4's j.r. stone is in middletown tonight with more. >> reporter: many people shook their heads today when i was informing them that the fire started because of an electrical accident. >> reporter:it has been 24 hours since a jury found p.g. and e guilty of six
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criminal counts in the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. >> reporter: a home owner admitted to installing a circuit to power a hot tub. the official says it was not up to the national electrical standards. which cost the dry grass near by. to go up in flames. >> (cheers & applause) wiring >> wire was not up to appropriate standard. >> reporter: they have not been charged. the home owner did not leave their home during the fire. they could face charges down the road. in middletown, j.r. stone, kron 4 news.
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>> vicki: it has banned 24 hours since a jury found pg and the guilty of six criminal counts in the deli several pipeline explosion. >> grant:today the city of san bruno and residents who once lived in the neighbrohood where the explosion happened are speaking out. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from the crestmoor neighborhood of san bruno with what they are saying >> reporter: they are pleased. although it will not bring their loved ones that. -- back. >> reporter: >> we in san bruno cannot
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bring back the innocent lives that we have so tragically lost but we can make sure that we make sure what happened as san bruno is never forgotten brit >> in my mind, they have always been guilty. they have killed my family. >> reporter: she was not home during the fire but her husband and son were both home and died. our laws would never go a way. --her loss' will never go a way. >> reporter: before the verdict was announced federal prosecutors x the drop down to $6 million. >> in san bruno and has never been about the money. the charges that they were found guilty on one provide a black mark, if you will on
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the corporate seal of pg and see. it is a strong reminder dax criminal negligence would not be tolerated. and, this is how it should be a wake-up call for everyone. >> reporter: back live in san bruno, we can tell you that pg at each would be at come a better neighbor after all this. _ pge >> reporter: they are asking that a moderate serve the place to complete oversight.
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>> brittany: we saw another beautiful day. but i am tracking a warming trend. coming up and the forecast after the break.
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>> reporter:you are looking
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the mug shots of 24 suspected noteneo gang members >>"i will tell you that these are bad guys and what they are doing is bad things" >> reporter:it was caled operation omega red. the suspects were the targets of the fbi safe crime surpression effort which is made up of multiple law enforcement agencies in contra costa county >>"probably 250 close to 300 officers, there were 19- simultaneously" >> reporter:the arrests went down on august third. >>"we charged the norteno street gangs with various crimes" >> reporter:contra costa county d.a. mark peterson breaks down the charges >>"at least 3 individuals were attempted murders, 4 individuals charged with conspiracy to commit murder, 4 individuals charged with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, 5 individuals charged with conspiracy to commit assault with a least two multiple witness murder plots" >> reporter:numerous items were seized including 15- thousand dollars, over 200 mariuana plants, a pair of vehicles and this cigarette boat.with the norteno number 14 painted on the side. concord police chief guy swanger says his city was the primary focus point after 4 gang related
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murders occurred in his town late last year. >>"we joined the task force with a few of our members at that time, turned the focus a little bit, made them a priority to stop how they were preying on our community" >>"i've been doing this for 30-years and you began to wonder sometimes does this make a difference? it does by the family members who have been victimized by these crimes" >> reporter:in martinez haaziq madyun kron4news.
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>> grant: the police believe some of the people rested were involved. with all of the shootings that have happened on the freeway. there have been 36 on east bay free weights since last year. >> grant: one person was shot in the head. last check, the mail was in critical condition. --last check the man was in critical condition. a total of 14 cameras are now in place for a security patrol. the chp and other agencies and east bay mares are also working on installing high resolution cameras and license plate readers along interstate 80 to hercules. >> vicki:the mother of one
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of the irish students killed when a balcony in berkeley collapsed in june of last year was talking about what happened today. . >> grant:she was among the people testifying before a legislative committee in sacramento. catherine heenan is here with the story. >> catherine:the balcony collapse not only shook the bay national tragedy. and those who died -- still mourned. >> catherine:today the assembly appropriations committee heard from the mother of a 22-year-old student who was killed. >> catherine:also from one of the students who was badly injured. pushing for a bill aimed at preventing another tragedy - by requiring the state to study the problem. >> catherine: >> i truly believe that we felt these kids by allowing this to happen. so whenever and a million years think the state not walk out on the balcony in america.
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>> i miss my friends so much. i have no some since he started school together at the age of four. we grew up together. >> catherine:they argue that the collapse could have been prevented. they could have been aware of the dangers. >> catherine:aoife beary survived - but with terrible injuries. broke many bones, suffered cuts to her organs and lost some of her teeth. the bill in question heads week. >> grant:happening tonight. the san francisco police commission will be meeting in the next 15 minutes to give an update on the use ofthey will also be giving an update on the search for a new police chief. >> grant:toney chaplin has been the little over three months now. he started rolling out new changes in the department. including the use of body cameras, and use of force. to rebuild trust between the police and community. >> grant:officers received new of officer-involved shootings, including the deadly shooting of mario woods. which lead to the resignation of ex-chief greg
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suhr. that meeting will begin at 5:30 tonight at city hall. >> grant:a warrant is out for the arrest of a paramedic... an explosive device outside a neighbor's home. the warrant was issued james novello failed to appear for arraignment this morning. >> grant:the san francisco fire department paramedic.. faces the detonation of a destructive device. he was initially arrested in connection with an explosion on august 3rd... in san francisco's excelsior district. officials believe it may have been related to a neighborhood dispute over parking. >> grant:novello has been placed on non-working status since the arrest. >> vicki:to our wildfire coverage. the cold fire burning in napa county's lake berryessa. is now 95- contained. this is video from when the
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fire first broke out. earlier this month. >> vicki:the fire started off state highway 128. west of the town of winters. thousand acres and destroyed two structures. no structures are currently threatened. and the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> vicki:and take a look at this new picture from nasa. from space. firefighters are still trying to get the upperhand on that massive fire. big sur in monterey county. >> vicki:the fire has burned more than 104 square miles and is morning. 410 buildings are still threatened. one person has died and three others have beenit was caused by an illegal campfire. >> grant:caltrans has started to visible truss. of the original eastbound span of the bay bridge. the crews are cutting the 500-foot truss from its support and lowering it onto barges. >> grant:it will then be cut into three segments before it's hauled away. lowering the truss may take up to two days to complete. >> grant:and cutting and transporting it can take another five days, depending on weather conditions.
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removing this last truss completes the second part of a three-part process to dismantle the original bay bridge. >> grant:the last phase involves taking apart fourteen two-hundred-eighty- eighty foot trusses that extend to the oakland shore. >> vicki: moving on to the weather. another day of spare the error-- spare the air >> brittany: due to wild fire smoke we have fire is burning to the south of us it will be harmful for people with respiratory and heart conditions. so please be careful to market. --so
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please be careful to marleau. >> brittany: 87 degrees in concord, 76 in mountain view. 79 degrees and in novado, and 72 in napa! >> brittany: we are down five degrees in fairfield. when it speaks is staying strong with a bit of an usher flow. for half moon bay. when speed is the same with 15 in fairfield. >> brittany: we do have a pressure system hanging out and that is why we have cloudy conditions. it will rest of away from our region. and that is where we will get warmer temperatures. but for now, because see the clouds transitioning in. crossing
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over to oakland. 73 degrees in oakland. the idea in antioch and fairfield. 82 degrees in petaluma. i will have your 3 they forecast and another 15 minutes. >> grant: the mayor of stockton returns to work >> vicki: jose canseco got lost and stop the peace in the act. --thieves
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>> grant:the mayor of stockton is back at work less than amayor anthony silva attended his first city council meeting since his arrest last night. many people who live in stockton showed up to support the mayor. but there were also people expressing their disapproval. >> grant:silva was arrested at silver lake camp last week after he was accused of providing alcohol to minors.
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he is also accused of illegally recording a game of strip poker with camp counselors. silva is strongly denying the charges. >> grant: >> my entire life has been about helping children. i want this to be very, very clear. i have a 11 year old son that is watching at home. i have never, ever put children in danger. ever. >> grant:silva says the allegations are an effort to sway votersstockton council members say move on. some progress tonight to end a strike by nearly 400 court county. they've walked picket line outside the superior court. one of three burglars is behind bars....on suspicion building in cupertino this morning. around four-a-m. >> vicki:the guard described
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the getaway vehicle as a black car. one deputy spotted the car on highway-85 in san jose... with cords hanging from the back. >> grant: a joke, a call to political action or a threat? after the break. more controversy continues to surround donald trump after his comments about hillary clinton and the second amendment. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>it's distasteful, it's disgusting, and it is-- i know he likes this word-- not presidential of him." >> grant:the daughter of a victim of the sandy hook school shooting says donald trump has no business suggesting that gun owners could prevent hillary clinton from appointing hostile judges if she is elected president. >> grant:eighty=nine days before election day, most of the candidates are looking for votes in swing states. donald trump in virginia, running mate mike pence in des moines, iowa. >> grant: >> vicki: just think?--
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justine? >> justine:a sign of democratic confidence. vice presidential nominee tim republican stronghold of dallas. but the conversation is still centered on trump's remarks in north carolina yesterday. >>darrell vickers "down here in the south, we don't curse in front of women, we don't drink liquor in front of the preacher -- and we don't make jokes like that in public. " >> justine:republican darrell vickers reaction was caught on video as trump made his controversial suggestion. >>"if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people -- maybe there is, i don't know. " >>darrell vickers "i can't believe he said it. the with this one. i was just absolutely taken aghast."
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>> justine:for hillary clinton it was a new opportunity to attack trump's character. >>"his casual cruelty to a gold star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons and now his casual inciting of violence. every single one of these instances shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states." >> justine:clinton's widening lead in recent national and swing state polls indicate trump's controversies are taking a taking a toll. >>the middle voters, the mainstream voters, the leaning republican or leaning democratic voters, precisely because of circumstances like this. >> grant: >> justine:a new bloomberg poll taken before his second amendment comments found only 31 percent of likely voters think trump has the right temperament to be president. >> justine:illinois republican senator mark kirk agrees.
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>> temperament to be commander in the navy i always put on my list. >> justine:the bloomberg poll shows lead over trump in a four=way race that includes libertarian gary johnson and stein. >> justine:that's closer than other recent polls. but the survey also found that more than half of the nation's likely voters say they would never vote for donald trump under any circumstances. >> grant: alright, justine. >> grant:we are following breakinga county sheriff says one of shot during a standoff has died. the sebastian county sheriff says deputy bill cooper died at the hospital after he was shot in the neck. the sheriff says the other officer has "superficial wounds." >> grant:the suspected shooter standoff with officer and was arrested. >> vicki:baltimore's police department has been in the freddie gray, the black man fatally injured in police custody last year.
5:34 pm
>> grant: he was in the back of that police event. --van. >> grant:that death prompted a department of justice review of the entire department. the d-o-j calls a pattern of violating the constitution and anti- discrimination laws. >> vicki:from our partner's at c-n-n emily schmidy has more on the findings. >> reporter: charged after freddie gray died. three of six were acquitted in a trial, and then baltimore prosecutors the three remainiing officers. >> reporter: the d o j found baltimore police used continuous combat-- continuous force against him. and stops against african americans. >> the review >> reporter: look that six
5:35 pm
years of data. and controversy started was reviewed all over baltimore. including accountability. >> for outrage. -- people are outraged. >> reporter: baltimore mayor since it could cost millions of dollars per year. >> let me be clear. i never should have... >> reporter: looking to rebuild the trust with the baltimore police. what they broke.
5:36 pm
>> vicki:a florida police officer a retired librarian in a civilian with more on the blunder that has left a community devastated. >> catherine:yes, it really has. >> catherine:73-year-old mary knowltona police role- playing exercise. an officer playing a "bad guy" had somehow loaded live instead of blanks. >> catherine:it was part of a 'shoot -- don't shoot' demonstration bring law enforcement and the public together. a photographer who saw it all happen says the officer actually fired at the woman several times. making things even worse -- the victim was well known by the community -- including the police. >> catherine:the officer who forgot to load his gun with blanks has not been publicly identified and is on administrative leave. >> she was a phenomenal person in this community and i knew her very well. this
5:37 pm
is just terrific turn of the event. >> i want to offer my sincere apologies and sympathies wheeler shot at this action-we are-shot at this tragic incident and we are breathing deeply. -- grieving >> catherine:the incident is being investigated by the florida department of law enforcement. >> catherine: grant? >> grant:now to an update on on the investigation in to the death of a boy killed while riding the wolrd's tallest water slide in kansas city. a document released by state at the water park passed private inspections back in june. *including the "verruckt" water slide which the 10-year-old boy died. >> grant:in the document it said that all rides met guidelines for disqualifying conditions noted." kansas law requires permanent rides to be parks, and the state randomly audits the records.
5:38 pm
>> grant:the last records audit for 20-12. police say 10-year-old caleb injury. emergency responders arrived and found the boy dead in a pool at the end of the ride. >> grant:investigators are looking that the harness may have malfunctioned. >> vicki:still ahead. a throw back to the old days. revisit kezar stadium. in their only public practice of training camp. >> vicki:kron four's mark carpenter we'll have a full report. >> grant:but first. when no one showed up to this 8-year-old birthday party. florida police officers helped save the day. >> vicki:stocks are down on wall street. energy companies fell with the price of oil. but phone company stocks are up. the dow fell 37 points. the nasdaq. dropped 21 points. and the s&p. slipped 6 points.
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>> reporter:police may be best known for protecting people from crime. .but this week in oklahoma, a group of yukon's finest saved the day for an autistic boy. >> reporter:they did that by making a surprise appearance at his birthday party. joleen chaney has more on the story. >> reporter:you can't always understand what he says. >> reporter:.but some words. he's got down pat. >> reporter: hands. a police car. and while little brayden's party decorations will one day be taken down. but not in his family's heart. >>"not very many people were saying if they were going to come or not." >> reporter:it was brayden's third almost canceled as guests backed out-- one by one. >> reporter:then-- a knock on the door. >>"they come up to my door, and you always think that's bad."
5:43 pm
>> reporter:someone anonymously called and told them about terra's dilemma. >>"told us there was this little boy with autism who was going to have a birthday party and asked if we were going to - if we could show up." >>"for them to take their time out of the day. and just for brayden, just to tell him happy birthday, it means a lot." >> reporter:tears. not only for brayden and his family. but emotion for the officers too. >>""the really cool thing about this deal is that brayden probably won't remember this, but his mom will, and as a parent you want the best for you kids, you want the very, very best, and especially a parent with special needs. we were able to provide that provide just a moment of normalcy i guess." >> reporter:it took awhile for him to warm up to them. but before long brayden was in the front seat of a police cruiser. >>"how he interacted with them was amazing, and - sorry. it"i'm sure you have calls and your mind for a while. i'm sure this will be one of them." >>"always. yeah, absolutely. we'll never forget that birthday, and we hope he family either." >> reporter:joleen chaney, news channel four. >> vicki:honeymoon for one. after the break. the hilarious photo that's gone viral after a man whose wife. couldn't make it to their honeymoon. >> grant: oops!
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>> grant:some sad news to tell you about. longtime espn anchor john saunders has died. saunders was a fixture on espn programming for 30 years. espn's hannah storm announced the "shocking and sad news" of his death on- air today. >> grant:his cause of death was not immediately known. saunders is survived by his wife and two daughters. he was 61. >> grant:as we first reported at five. a big gang bust in the east bay. >> grant:and there could be a connection to that rash ofpam moore is in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. >> pam:it was a massive bust. 24 suspects. all believed
5:48 pm
to be members of the norteno gang. they are under arrest for a variety of crimes, including attempted murder, human trafficking and drug sales. >> pam:and according to law enforcement. some of those suspects may be invovled in a string of highway shootings in the east bay. we will have more on that part of the story. tonight at six. grant back to you. >> vicki:special day for the 49ers. as the team returned to where it all started. the franchise paying tribute to its san francisco origins this morning. >> grant:by moving training camp to kezar stadium. mark carpenter was there and joins us with the sights and sounds. >> grant: you were there! >> reporter: i was tehre!-- there
5:49 pm
>> reporter:the team turning the clocks back to the 1940s. before levi's, before candlestick-- there was kezar stadium. >> reporter:the niners called the place home from their first season in 1946.before moving to candlestick in 1970. today-- both the team and fans.soaked in the trip down memory lane. >> reporter:shot of old kezar stadium >> reporter:a reconnecting of the old. shot of kaepernick walking in and new. >> reporter:no better way for the 49ers to open its 70th season.than to salute its city beginnings. for many of the niner faithful-- the trip to fond memories. >>49ers fan "i started out here. i used to be 10 years old and riding my bike over the 17th street hill and drive down here, ride down here and i haven't missed a 49ers game since. been going to niners game for 48 years." >>49ers fan "i mean i'm a candlestick kid myself, but kezar, you go back in history and show my son that they played here. candlestick , stanford stadium as well. just to show the history and the legacy of the 49ers now that they are in santa clara, it's all about the niners." >> reporter:while many of the fans hearken back to the past. >> reporter:these current niners-- the
5:50 pm
new surroundings. >>bowman "i've never been here, so just to see where it all started, see the fans come out and really be happy to see where we are going right now. it was just great to get on this field now and say that i've played and practiced at kezar stadium." >>anthony davis "the bathrooms in there are like from the 1940s. i thought that was cool. i was talking to fergus about it. in here and set the foundation for our organization. i think that's cool." >> reporter:shot of gabbert taking selfie with fan after practice-- players the crowd. and perhaps, they left inspired to restore this team to its former glory. >> reporter:the niners plan to make this an annual event. >> grant: i love when high- school teams play there. >> reporter: you have to find parking there. that is the only thing. >> reporter: are going back to santa clara on friday. with a preseason game. and that should be fun.
5:51 pm
>> vicki:an indian photographer is enjoying a fabulous italian honeymoon. but there's just one very import thing missing. >> vicki:his wife. >> grant: oops! >> grant:the photographer and his wife got married back in december. his wife then planned a two- week trip to italy. but just two days before they were supposed to leave, she realized she'd lost her passport. so she stayed behind and her husband went on the trip anyway. (laughter) >> grant:on monday, he tweeted a photo of himself with a picture of his wife over an empty seat. india's minister of external affairs saw it, and took steps to get a duplicate passport for his wife. >> grant:the only downside of this is she also needs a visa for the trip. and she can't get that before the honeymoon is over. >> vicki: okay? >> vicki: i have a
5:52 pm
question? britt? >> brittany: it depends how he felt about it. >> grant: no! i'm not going. are you kidding me? (laughter) >> brittany: there is i live look with the f o g rowley and once i get. --rolling in once again. >> brittany: a warming trend is on the way. we are down
5:53 pm
six of the grease and santa rosa and abide in fairfield. 73 degrees and vallejo. , 66 and san mateo, >> brittany: we have f o ggy conditions. >> brittany: over the next five hours. in to the mid- 60s by 10:00, mid '50s and 90 degrees in livermore, mid-60's for san francisco tomorrow. >> brittany: 88 will be your high in fairfield. nineties are bad for the inland
5:54 pm
locations to my role as it continues into next week. died?--guys? >> grant:if you have been watching probably seen those red marks from cupping on some of the athletes. next we get an inside look look at which stars are into the cupping craze.
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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>> vicki:by now, the world is clearly aware of michael phelps love of cupping! the 2,000 year old form of chinese therapy is a team usa must. >> grant:but hollywood has been into the cupping craze for awhilethe insider's keltie knight has more on this story from los angeles. >>dr: cupping is an ancient form of alternative care where acupunctures use cupping to pull out the heat out of injured areas. >> reporter:aniston's sore muscles? beckham's neck stress? paltrow's poor posture? our health insider - chiropractor dr. robert pomahac on hollywood's hottest way to heal! >> dr: cupping has been around for thousands of years and celebrities are realizing that they don't have to go to the doctor to get a pill. they can go to an alternative doctor, an acupuncturist to get pain relief by doing cupping. it is a great form of alternative care with no side effects. >>nicole: i get cupping all the time >> reporter:nicole richie is such a fan - she passed the fad on to her dad! >> so you will feel a little bit of suction. so i'll start gently. wait wait guys what? 00:04:05 lionel: oh yeah it's sucking everything out of me. kim off cam: we want to do
5:58 pm
cupping you say? we'll do cupping afterwards - aw! >> reporter: >> what is happening? >> pulling up muscles by creating a negative pressure. >> reporter: shakeups to improve her posture. >> reporter:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >> vicki: an ounce of cure? a cup of prevention...
5:59 pm
>> grant: you cupped! >> vicki: i cupped for a story. >> grant:steve aveson and pam moore are here with for kron 4 news at six. >> reporter:police are asking for help identifying a suspect in a suspicious fire last week along a caltrain right-of way in burlingame. >> pam: a frightening thing and the south bay. how did this happen? a small plane runs off the roadway at ,$8drw
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now on kron 4 news at six: >> pam:a big bust in the east bay. arrests, among other things, could be tied to the numerous freeway shootings we have seen the past several months. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> reporter:and i'm steve aveson. >> reporter:today, investigators involved in a joint law enforcement task force announced the arrests of several suspected gang members. >> reporter:the chief of the califonia highway patrol tells kron4's haaziq madyun.that some of those gang members took part in the freeway shootings. >> reporter:over 30-freeway shootings on east bay freeways since november of 2015. the califoria highway patrol has given the media precious few details about the investigation.until now >>"some of the people in custody from the operation omega red takedown were involved in freeway shootings" >> reporter:operation omega red was the fbi safe streets task force. 24-suspected norteneo gang members were arrested and charged with
6:02 pm
variety of contra costa county.including several freeway shootings. california highway patrol chief paul fonanta >>"we talked about the norteneo gangs, they live in the cities and counties but they use the freeways and highways that we patrol, whether they are going to the store or they are conducting criminal activity" >> reporter:chief fontana says since the chp teamed up with the f-b-i's multi-law- enforcement agency task force.freeway shootings have been on the decline >>"on highway 4 for example there hasn't been a shooting since june twenty fourth, and on highway 80 in contra costa county there hasn't been a shooting since may twenty eighth" >>"every freeway shooting is assigned to a specific d.a. in my office" >> reporter:contra costa county district attorney mark peterson says the freeway shootings are one of his top priorites, but cautions against expectations of solving every freeway shooting >>"i want the public to know that we are working as hard
6:03 pm
as we can to solve the freeway shootings but some of them realistically will never be solved" >> reporter: >> reporter:chp chief fontana says these recent arrests will make a difference just the same >>"those people are in custody now so people should rest assured that additional arrests will hopefully be forthcoming also" >> reporter:in contra costa county haaziq madyun kron4news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter:breaking news now on kron 4. we're following a disturbing discovery at a busy san francisco mall. >> pam:a man's body was found. and police are telling us. it was no accident. kron 4's hermela aregawi is at the westfield centre. hermela -what have you have learned? >> reporter: all that we know is that he is a white male in his buddies. his body was found in the morning. shortly after opening at 10:00 a.m. his body was found in the actual fund the jefferies street
6:04 pm
entrance. --and the actual mall at the jefferies street entrance. >> reporter: up to someone people hold frequent this area they said that they were shocked but they would not not come back. >> how did this happen and no one not found about about it until then. >> hope they find no who did it. but yes " camera footage. >> hopefully no one was murdered in this shopping mall. hopefully someone does win in there and done it. --just went in and died
6:05 pm
>> reporter: will continue to follow the story. and investigation live from san francisco, kron 4 news. >> reporter:tonight we now know the cause of the valley fire that 4 people dead and destroyed almost 2-thousand structures. >> pam:officials say, a faulty someone's hot tub. is to blame. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and has more from middletown. >> reporter: and location as you can see is vacant lot after vacant lot in middletown after one year. and home owner admitted to installing circuits to install a hot tub. it was not up to the national electrical standards and a loose connection with the
6:06 pm
nearby dry grass caused it to go up in flames. killing people and burning over to delta structures. --burning over 2000 structures >> yes it was an accident but he calls this. because of his poor judgment. and he need to be held accountable. >> reporter: district attorney did speak to that and says that he has not decided if charges will be filed against the home owner. >> reporter:there are a couple of fires county. cal fire says it has stopped the kugelman fire from spreading. that fire started yesterday is 75-percent contained. as you can see from this video it destroyed at least
6:07 pm
one home. >> reporter:the second fire is north of lake berryessa. it is called the knoxville fire. it has burned 39-acres and it is also 75-percent contained tonight. >> reporter:people were evacuated but they have been allowed to return home. >> reporter:no word on what spaked the fires. >> reporter:down the coast near big sur the soberanes keeps's now at nearly 69-thousand acres. by far the largest wildfire in the state. >> reporter:it remains 50- percent contained. the flames have destroyed dozens of homes and a bulldozer operator was killed while working on the fire. >> reporter: blamed for starting it. cal fire doesn't expect to have the fire fully contained until the end of the month. in san bernardino county firefighters have made significant progess with the pilot fire. it is now 64-percent contained. the fire started on sunday and quickly grew to more than seven-thousand acres. thousands of people have fireifghters are worried the
6:08 pm
temperatures could rise and >> pam:kron 4 news has learned. two oakland police officers are racist text messages. the investigation came to department was dealing with all employees will also have to undergo training on the city's policy on harassment and discrimination. >> pam:the text messages were sent in 2013. the city has not named the two officers who could be appeal their suspensions. >> pam:on the campaign trail. hillary clinton is addressing donald trump's controversial comments about whether second amendment supporters 'can do' something to stop her. >> reporter:and trump was talking to coal miners.and doing a little spin control. catherine heenan is here with the latest. >> catherine:hillary clinton was campaigning in iowa.where "tremendous consequences' from trump's comments.saying the remark was a "casual inciting of violence." >> catherine:trump is insisting he was never suggesting have been manipulated for political purposes. >> catherine:cnn, meantime, is reporting that the secret service met with the trump campaign to talk about his remarks.although tonight a
6:09 pm
federal official is denying that. >> catherine:in any case.the topic was campaign trail today. trump -- insisting that his comments as an invitation to violence. meantime there was some drama at the clinton rally in iowa. >> his casual cruelty to a goldstar family. his casual subjection them more countries to have nuclear weapons and now his casual and sighting of violence. >> give me a break. >> catherine:an animal activist tried to rush the stage but was by the police and secret service. needs to take a stand against animal torture.and "stop taking money from "animal exploiting corporations." steve and pam? >> reporter:thank you,
6:10 pm
catherine. >> reporter:this is a story we've been following all afternoon. scale the trump tower in new york city. he started climbing right up the front of the 58-story building. as you can see from the video. he was using suction cups to work his way up the building. >> reporter:trump tower is of course and the republican presidential nominee also lives there. >> reporter:the climb went on for nearly three hours as new york city police tried to figure out how to get the man off the building. he made it to the 21-st floor. and that's where it all came to an end. kron 4's justine waldman is following this bizarre story >> pam:justine. >> justine: right here behind me will be the moment that police taken into custody. they are calling him through a window on the 21st floor. there he goes, head first. we have no more about the climber tonight at
6:11 pm
21 your old and from virginia. he is a independent researcher who " would like to discuss an important matter with mr. trump. the reason why he climbed this skyscraper was the the topic was important to risk his life. he was hauled into a window and before gathering on the streets below and they all cheered. he is now getting a mental health evaluation at the hospital. >> pam: thank you, justine! >> pam:you can stay up to date on trump tower climber. by downloading the kron 4 mobile app. it is available for free for apple and android devices. >> reporter:san bruno gets its turn. how the city is responding guilty in the deadly pipeline blast. >> pam:and a student learning to fly. gets quite the lesson. what we have learned about a small plane that crashed in the south bay. and wound up in a busy intersection.
6:12 pm
>> reporter:plus a first for the t-s-a. you're looking at a gun that was found inside a passenger's luggage. >> reporter:where it was confiscated and what makes the weapon unlike any other.
6:13 pm
♪ ♪
6:14 pm
you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >> steve: guilty.
6:15 pm
p-g-and-e will face a fine federal investigation into the deadly san bruno pipeline blast. today we're getting the fallout from the verdict and the response from san bruno. >> steve: those who live and use to live in the neighborhood that exploded in flames are reacting positively to the verdict. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman is live in san bruno's crestmore neighborhood with more reaction. >> reporter:a close call for a pilot and >> reporter: for those live here and a lost love once it will not bring them back. >> the womb would never healed. -- the wound will never heal. >> reporter: federal jury has bumped the company guilty. for misleading federal investigators. the verdict has brought up day of variety of emotions for her.
6:16 pm
>> the company are convicted felon. it's sad, i do not have my family. >> reporter: she chose not to reveal. but others have remained in the neighborhood. how location will become a park. >> reporter: lisa and her family walked over the blast area minutes before the explosion proof they were safely and on injured that at home bay to live with their memories. and want them to be held accountable. >> it was not right. and they should be held accountable. >> reporter: at a news conference wednesday
6:17 pm
morning. the city of san bruno says they do not spill plan to leave the accounting,--the company's chance of connecting with the community and the when better. on their own. it will implement a monster. >> reporter: they will implement a monitor. >> reporter: city officials and several say it was never about the money but about holding p g and d accountable and been pleased that that has now happened. --pg &e
6:18 pm
>> pam:thanks, dan! >> pam: a close call for a pilot and his student in san jose this morning, when their plane missed the runway and ended up on a city street. >> steve: it happened at tully and king roads. right near reid hillview airport in east san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened. >> reporter:this was the chaotic scene just south of the airport shortly after the mishap. the single engine plane after crashing through a perimter fence. no one was worse. >> reporter:captain chris salcido/san jose fire dept >> reporter:an airport spokesman said the single engine cessna 172 was coming in for a landing and may have been trying to go around but simply over shot the runway >> reporter:it's not clear whether instructor or student was at the controls but the pilot and owner of 20 years experience. it was windy at the time but the that was not a factor in the crash. the plane's prop and wheel system sustained minor damage. in san jose rob fladeboe.
6:19 pm
>> steve: thank you, rob. >> steve: air-crash investigators are saying the medical flight that crashed in humbold county last month , killing all four on board, may have broken up in flight. the piper pa31 was carrying patient from crescent city, near the oregon border, to oakland. when the pilot saw smoke in the cockpit and declared an emergency on july 29. >> steve: early findings from the national transportation safety board say both engines broke off. but investigators are trying to determine whether that happened in mid-air or when the plane crashed.
6:20 pm
>> steve: airport screeners in reno made a startling discovery last week. while it's not unusual to find guns.this one was 'different.' >> pam:catherine heenan is here to explain. >> pam: this unnerving for all of us. >> catherine:yes. >> catherine:this is apparently a first. t-s-a agents at an airport -- finding a gun that had been made with a 3-d printer. this is what it looked like. >> catherine:last week at the reno airport -- screening agents spotting the plastic gun in a man's carry-on luggage. >> catherine:it's not clear if this one had five 22- caliber bullets with it. and replica or not -- guns are 'not' allowed on planes unless they're in checked baggage. >> catherine:the man who owned it decided behind - and was allowed to board his plane. he was not arrested or given a citation -- but
6:21 pm
could still face a civil fine of up to 75-hundred dollars. >> catherine:3-d printed guns are a point be detected by x-rays or metal detectors -- but can successfully fire off several shots. >> pam: thanks, catherine. >> pam:new at six: we have learned. water and health officials have now waters of discovery bay. is in fact toxic blue - green algae as was feared. >> pam:samples taken from the waters around the discovery bay community. have tested positive for microcystin. that's a potentially harmful toxin produced by certain algae. >> pam:contra county and state health officials are recommending that people, pets and livestock avoid contact with discovery bay waters. until further notice. >> pam:officials say, dogs are to the toxic algae and can even die. officials say. the community's tap water is not affected and is safe to use.
6:22 pm
>> steve: when it comes to all things environmental.. the neurologist,-- meteorologist, brittney shipp is in control. >> brittany:even warmer tomorrow and spare the air day. >> brittany: live look outside with clear conditions for the bay bridge camera. the golden gate bridge this the clouds moving in. increasing clouds into tomorrow with one attend the jurors and expected as we approached the weekend. --with warmer temperatures and expected as
6:23 pm
we approach the weekend. right now to the just 81 and fairfield, 76 in san jose and san mateo. area of low pressure is still off to the east and north of us but still creating a tropical pressure that has been in of that for most of the week and that is why temperatures are staying close to average. >> brittany: we will start to see this live and move away. temperatures will start to warm up starting tomorrow and into the weekend. temperatures will be in the mid 50, ask. -- 50's and low 60s. >> brittany: closer to 3:00
6:24 pm
with a mostly sunny skies and high 80 degree temperatures. 82 degrees in san jose, just focus on the inland temperatures back in the '90s starting friday. >> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve: big changes to some l-g-b-t legislation. is doing that could impact thousands of students and schools around the state. >> pam:and a bay area company is getting involved in the under control at the olympics. the device that some athletes are using. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
6:25 pm
because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
6:26 pm
>> pam:a los angeles -area lawmaker is proposing a weaker at protecting l-g-b-t students from discrimination at religious schools. >> pam:the state senate bill was meant to close a loophole that currently allows religious - based universities to restrict
6:27 pm
restroom access to l-g-b-t students and staff. and to stop school rules which discriminate against certain sexual identities. >> pam:the bill's sponsor, senator ricardo of bell gardens, near l-a, is removing a provision that would have allowed l-g-b-t students to more easily sue for discrimination. >> pam:a new ruling has come out in connection to the san bernardino attacks... a judge says that the government can seize money from life insurance policies...taken out by the shooter. >> steve: syed farook and his wife... tashfeen malik... both died in a shootout with police last december. it happened after they shot and killed 14 people at a government building. farook's mother is named as the beneficiary for $275- thousand dollars worth of policies. >> steve: federal prosecutors seize the money they say is automatic forfeiture due to terrorism. >> steve: they want the money rather to go to victims' families. >> pam: where are they? the
6:28 pm
hunt for a mother and her color. and why the mother is on the run. -- the mother and her toddler
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: 7 francisco
6:31 pm
police say they've found a body here inside the small. shopping mall. the big dam is a white male in his 30's. bond of around 1015 in the morning and a little know about the suspect at this time. the police are asking for help with this investigation. --the body was found in the mall. >> reporter: >> these guilty verdict finally holds peak g and t clearly accountable for their disregard for public safety. >> reporter: asking a federal judge to put someone inside the company to monitor the operation. >> reporter: here and martinez, the fbi i
6:32 pm
taskforce announced the arrest of 24 gang members. >> these are bad guys. and what they are doing are bad things. >> they intimidate their own family members. >> i guarantee you that the individuals of their were involved in violence. >> reporter: a dick clark this was found earlier today. --officials retrieved the carcass of a dead dolphin today found stranded in the south of san francisco international airport. what is known as a risso's dolphin have first
6:33 pm
been spotted in the area over the weekend. it was not until yesterday morning that the memo was found stuck in the shallow water area. at first crews were on able to get to the dolphin but due to the low tides. now, a biologist at the marine mammal center are set to perform an exam to determine the cause of death. >> pam: travelers on delta airlines are facing a third day of cancellations and delays as the airlines tries to get its computer systems back up to speak after an outage on monday. more than 150 flights have been canceled today and hundreds more delay. delta said it is expecting to resume normal operations this afternoon.
6:34 pm
>> pam: less japan on our weather was army urologist standing by. -- with our meterologist standing by. >> brittany: oakland at 65 degrees, san jose at 67 and santa rosa at 723 degrees. --73 >> brittany: still have a strong onshore flow and control but when we get into tomorrow and the weekend high pressure will return to us. we will start up tomorrow morning in the mid '50s and quickly won up and the palin conditions. 90 degrees for most areas. --we
6:35 pm
will quickly warmed up and the l and conditions-0- inland locations >> brittany: 82 degrees in san jose. 64¢ francisco again and 80 degrees for santa rosa. we will have another look at the 7 day forecast at the end of the show. >> pam: thanks, brittney! >> pam: >> steve: this is the kinsa, the first smart thermometer. it works with in=conjunction with smart=phones and helps groups of people, like the athletes in the olympic village, track fevers and symptoms in the area. our tech reporter gabe slate met with the company behind this and he says this product is something parents should know about and consider using.
6:36 pm
>> steve: it can help you keep your kids safe. >> reporter: appellees and real are using this mark thermometer to keep track of fevers and temperatures. >> please can join the group and they can't communicate with other athletes and ask questions or confirm illness. >> reporter: using for dasa is beneficial for parents to use for their children to see what is: all round sick and is wise and at their schools. --this is great for parents is beneficial for them to use on their children and around a community class at school. >> reporter: the application that these devices work with
6:37 pm
our free and have a lot of features. >> or for a child to have a game they have to have the application. biggest take pictures of all precious and ad notes and other things so when you go into the doctor's office you will have the nose and you pull your fall out or send it to them in advance. --pull your phone out. >> do you respond? those types of things. >> pam: coming up! what is lurking in your water?
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> vicki: pam and steve... and has been more than a week now and still no word of a mother and her child. she went missing. and sally andrew we have the crew with
6:41 pm
the family will have a live report from the east bay tonight. coming up at kron4 news at 8:00. >> steve: thank you, vi cki! >> steve: millions of americans may be drinking water with unsafe levels of chemicals in it. >> pam: study. showing at least six drinking water with that has a man -made chemical. knownp-f-a's are used to make things such as food packaging and non- stick cooking pans. >> pam:some manufacturers are researchers say, because the in the past. it has made it into the drinking water supply. >> pam:it has been linked to health cholesterol, obseity, and even cancer. >> steve: coming up in sports 49r's return!
6:42 pm
>> pam: gary radnich with the sports highlights coming up!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:good evening! giant's played early this morning. >> gary:top 7th >> gary:dodgers up 1-0. freddy galvis hits a 3-run home run went up 3-1 >> gary:scott kazmir who started the game for the dodgers >> gary:frusturated in the dugout and decides to head into the locker room. >> gary:top 9th >> gary:with bases loaded. ryan howard puts this game
6:46 pm
away >> gary:final: 6-2 phillies *dodgers move out of first place and remain one game behind the giants in the n-l west. >> gary:this is the patent in >> gary: the fellas will celebrate a little bit! >> gary: tied for first. >> gary: he looked pretty good there, grant?
6:47 pm
a >> grant: >> grant: so, you say. >> gary:it's a "steering device" for large vehicles with pivot joints in them to help them turn. sort of like an accordion bus. according to the approved patent filing, it can be used in "war situations". >> gary: before they say 9000 fans. season-ticket holders. they had a little work out. and nothing fancy. but you got to see that people sweat and run through the obstacle courses. there
6:48 pm
is a shot before the fans came in today. the forty- niners, >> have never been here so just to see where it all started and to see the bands come out. happy to see what we have going on right now. and what does a very good feeling. --it was just a very good filling. >> the back rooms had been here since the 1940's and that is very interesting. -- the bathrooms >> just a very rich history. >> gary: if you mention a
6:49 pm
stake in union steve has done something there. alaska? >> steve: absolutely. (laughter) >> gary: used to park your car at golden gate park and what do the part and grabbed a hot dog and goal was the 49ers plight--play --you would park your car at the golden gate park and grabbed a hot dog and go watch the 49ers' play. >> gary: ryan howard makes
6:50 pm
$45 million a year. he must be doing something. (laughter) >> gary: if you are and the broadcasting.. we lost 61 year-old john saunders. according to his family the canadian born broadcaster wasn't feeling well in recent days. they caught the paramedics to his home and they were not able to revive him. he helped the network grow up to the power that they are now with espn covering all of the major sports. everyone is talking about how much of a great guy he was. >> gary: this game is over so we do not need to play this. andrew bogut, had his
6:51 pm
jersey pulled the first time since 2004. since the u.s. trailed and basketball at halftime and came back to win. >> brittany: >> gary: klay thompson was pulled at the starting lineup would six points. >> gary: again, the reason we did not play the game of you know is 2016, close your eyes on television. it was all redone. >> gary:it was already done!
6:52 pm
>> gary: philadelphia fans are angrier than bay area fans. >> grant:-true.
6:53 pm
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>> brittany: we are going to warm things up for the next couple of days as we head into the week and. -- weekend. not bad. >> pam: that is it for 6:00 and we hope that you and join us and join us for the 8:00 newscast.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one -- >> you made history, baby! >> team usa rocks rio. and hollywood loses it >> go usa! ♪ >> inside the final five's gold standard performance. plus, team usa is top five hunks. who will get the gold? >> when he stood up podium, the whole country swooned. then blake lively goes off on post-baby body shamers. >> a woman's body after having a baby is pretty amazing. >> why she won't be rushed back into her bikini. and number three -- "snl" axes two major cast members. >> what? >> why the sketch show i notorious for firing its most popular actors.
7:00 pm
plus our "insider" bonus, the cupping craze is leaving its mark on hollywood. >> this won't hurt, will it? >> we're inside the beauty trend that's been reignited by the stars, but is it just a lo hot air? >> oh yeah. it's sucking everything out of me. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> everybody is buzzing over team usa's medal domination. >> check out "the new york post," a picture of phelps with the headline -- 21 gold salute. >> "u.s.a. today" says gold standard. you know it's the number one tracking story. when even hollywood is taking a back seat to the real stars of rio. >> i had someone ask me tonight if we slacked off because we were the favorites to win and it's the exact opposite. >> they're being calle


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