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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[ bleep ] she's is this beautiful great kid. but over the weekend, her mother reemizeed she lefted house, possibly to meet someone she met online. it's four day later, they are concerned the 15-year-old may be in trouble. >> i'm worried she is dead >> teen has not reached out to any of her friends or family since she went missing. >> her uncle said this isn't like her. >> >> reporter: a year ago, her mom set out deanna's social media account when she found out she was using it to meet
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older men online. her family believes she pay have been using various internet websites as a means of communication. now, they fear something is terribly wrong >> just come home baby, there is nothing else to worry about except for you being safe. that's it. that's all we care about right now. we can work everything out later, just please come home, please. >> reporter: deanna is 5'5 inches tall and weighs 200- pounds. she was last seen wearing a black, white gray jacket with gray pants that had the logo of asking for help if finding deanna, saying it is it's not common for a teenager to be volume tearily missing this long, especially with no credit card, no cell phone and no money. reporting live, alicia reid,
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kron4 fews. >> >> thank you. the search is intensifying for a baby boy police say was kidnapped by his own mother. the two have been missing since july theth. that's when the mother lost custody of the child. the baby is identified . the santa claira district attorney's office said the child had medical issues and is in weakened conditions. investigators have not revealed why the mother may have kidnapped her own child. >> >> police have not yet identified the body found -- medical examiner said it was a white male in his 30s. no worded on why he was killed. people we talked to were shocked by the news. >> i hope they identify who did it.
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camera, footage, i hope somebody wasn't murdered. as you might expect, police are trying to see if it was captured on video. >> >> a new way for criminals to prey on unsuspecting and distracted people. >> here with the pokemon go problem that is popping up in berkeley. >> we have been talking about this the pokemon go game. you see people looking at their phones walking around, like these folks here. they are looking for varietiual reality characters. robbers are targeting it near the cal campus like the civic center park and surrounding areas. take a look. there have been two robberies and one attempted robbery since the game was released last mon. look at the times on these.
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these are dinnertime, at night, some during the day. in one case, a woman was pushed to the ground as she was robbed. two suspects have been arrested. connected to one of the three cases. police say people need to be smart. >> >> generally, the players have the phone out and they are focusing on the cashes built into their cameras, trying to find the cameras in the real environment. they are focused on it intently, trying to find the characters, not necessarily playing attention to their surroundings. it's a good idea to play the game with a group of friends. it's probably more fun that way any ways. >> >> sadly, this is not just a berkeley problem, across the country, people are taking advantage of people playing their games, flashing their friends, saturday night, a man shot and killed while playing pokemon go. it doesn't seem like this was a
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robbery, aquatic park, a popular tourist spot. friends tell us was riley was shot in back. a motive has not been released. >> earlier this month, a guy was stabbed in the face, confronted by a man and a woman who thought he was recording them with his phone you see a picture of that, here. attacked and stabbed in the jaw area, needed 15 stitches, but is expected to make a full recovery. for arrests were made in that case. the hard part for me, it's different than texting. with this game, you are holing your phone up like this. if you think someone is roaring you, you can understand how someone might object to you
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obviously, the violence is untotally uncalled for and unwarranted. not only are people holding their phones out all of the time, we have always heard from police about keeping your phones in your pocket. you can't play this game with your phone in your pocket and you can't play it very long in your house to advance in the stages it's a problem that is not going away, because the game is so popular. >> a good warning, thank you. >> >> now to another story tonight, we know the cause of a valley fire in lake county it was devastating and the cause, faulty wiring on a hot tub. the valley fire, you may recall, four people dead, destroyed 2,000 buildings. the video gives you a sense of the complete devastation. the wildfire ripped through middletown. more on the cause anded
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rebuilding still underway. >> >> the valley fire was caused by faulty residential electrical connections. >> reporter: specifically, the circuit to power a homeowner's hot tub in the cobb section of lake county. we took our cameras to that location to show that hot tub is within this high gated area on cal valley road. the homeowner admitted to him he installed that circuit himself. >> i can tell you it was officially testified as an electrical expert who was brought in to valid date the report that the wiring was not up to national standards. >> >> in total, it charred 44,000- acres, four people dead and four firefighters in george w.
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bush i think there probably should be energies. >> obviously, people die, which is horrible. >> the man who installed the hot tub circuit, he is not dealing with the loss, his home did not burn, but you can see behind me, the rebuilding process in middletown in full swing for many people. jr stone, kron4 news. >> >> people live in lake county. they have been dealing with several fires since that time. canyon fire burning near canyon
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road, 14-acres have burned so far, it is 75% contained. cal fire said it stopped the googleman fire from spreading. it began yesterday and burned 45-acres its 100% contained. the third fire, knoxville fire, it has burned 36-acres, but is 100% contained. people were evacuated, but they have been allowed to return home. no word on what sparked the fires. >> >> in monterrey county, firefighters are trying to get an upper hand on this fire that has burned more than 68,000- acres and is only 50% contained. 410 buildings still threatened. one person has died and three others were injured in the fire. it was caused by an illegal camp fire. >> >> i'm kron meteorologist brittany ship. as we go into the rest of this
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evening, we'll continue to see our temperatures dropping into the 50s. if we can take the graphics full. i'll tell you exactly what to exact tomorrow. we'll start the day off in the 50s and quickly warm into the high 80s. 55 degrees for the coast. inland, 63, by noon, 58 degrees for the coast, 70s, for the bay. mid-80s in inland locations, i'll have all of the details in my full forecast in 15 minutes. a warning tonight to stay out of the water in discovery bay after water and health officials confirm the slime in the waters there is toxic blue green algae as feared. samples have -- county and state health officials recommend people, pet and livestock avoid contacts with
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discovery bay waters until further notice. >> >> it has been 24 hours since the jury found pg & e guilty in six different counts in the deadly san bernardino pipeline explosion. today, we went back to the neighborhood where the explosion took place. we spoke to some of the people that live in the area. >> a wound that will never heal. >> reporter: it was almost six years ago when sue bowlis' son among the people killed. now a federal jury has found the utility guilty for misleading federal investigators the verdict has brought up a variety of emotions. >> now they are convicted felons. the company are convicted felons.
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but, sad that i don't have my family. >> reporter: she chose not to rebuild, but others have repained in the neighborhood. >> we were walking on top of the explosion 13 minutes before it happened. >> lisa and her husband walked over the minutes before the explosion, safely back in their homes, when it erupted. they are pleased with the verdict. >> i think they should be held responsible. it wasn't right >> reporter: past and present residents hope that pg & e will help service customers better. the city of san bruno said they don't plan to leave that to chance. >> san bruno will be asking a
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judge to install an independent monitor at pg & e to provide the necessary independent oversight of the company's policies and operational practices. to insure is this that the necessary changes are made. >> >> reporter: that's independent monitor, worth more than money. the city of san bruno commenting about the decision to drop the maximum penalty they could have changed. it was reduced to $6 million. the city saying it is not about the money, i it's about pg andean being held accountable. >> >> tonight, two violin suspected prisoners are in custody police say some of the suspects are connected to some high-profile bay area crimes, including the recent freeway shootings along highway 4.
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what we need to know -- >> over 30 freeway shootings since november of 2015. california highway patrol has released precious new details about the investigates until now. >> some of the people in custody from the operation, takedown were involved in the from way shootings. >> >> operation omega red, 24 suspended gang members were arrested and charged with a variety of violent crimes committed in contra costa county. including several freeway shootings. california highway patrol chief. is there we talked about the gangs, they live in the cities and county but they use the freeways and highways to repatrol as part of their day to day travel. >> reporter: the chief said since the california highway patrol teamed up with the fbi's
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multilaw enforcement task force, freeway shootings have been on the decline. >> highway 4, there has not been a shooting since june 24th and on highway 80, no shooting since may 28th. >> every from way shooting was assigned to a da in my office. >> reporter: freeway shootings one of this officer's top priority. but caution against expectations. >> i want people to be aware we are working as hard as we can to solve these shootings, some of them realistically will never be sold. >> reporter: the chief said the recent arrests will make the another family where seven people are hospitalized a parking lot crash at a wal- mart.
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a multivehicle collision that happened at 4:00 this afternoon. all seven me suffered minor injuries. police are still investigating what caused the collision to take place. decision 2016, donald trump, dealing with the fallout from controversial comments, while hillary clinton is dealing with more e-mail trouble. >> >> first, we are learning more about the man who climbed to the 21st story of trump tower, including why he allegedly did it. jesse is here in the studio with interesting video. >> we'll hear from him in his own words in a minute. he was wearing a backpack, used suckion cups and a rope and slowly climbed his way as far as he could to the top of the building. he got access from the balcony and slowly made his way to the 21st floor of the trump tower where police were able to grab
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him through the window. right here will be the moment when police actually took him two of the special operations officer to pull him over head first through the window. officers did have to smash some windows and break ventilation ducts in attempts to block his progress. we have learned more about the climber, 20 years old. in virginia. hayes name not officially put out there he posted a video online saying he scaled the tower to get trump's attention. >> private researchers to discuss an important matter, believe me, my preference is not the significance, i would not risk my pursuing it. >> trump tower is headquarters to donald trump's campaign and his business empire. he lives there with his family.
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they were not home as owl all of this was going on. trump did tweet, today comeback -- once in police custody, the climber did go to the hop for a mental health evaluation. >> >> trump meanwhile continues to try to dig himself out of his second amendment moves. secret service contacted trump campaign officials directly to talk about his inflammatory remarks. remarks that some critics and some say incite gun owners to take up arms against hillary clinton. the gop nominee insists he was taughting the vote power of second amendment supporters. >> there can be no other interpretation. >> he has set off another controversy, he is calling president obama the founder of
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isis. this charge came during a rally outside of fort lewder dale he said crooked hillary clinton was the cofounder of the group. >> >> old e-mails causing new trouble for hillary clinton >> donald trump accused clinton of engaging in so-called pay to play batches. this raised questions about the relationship between clinton's state department anded clinton family foundation. mary maloney explains. >> >> reporter: e-mails have plagued her campaign before it began and raised questions about her trust worthiness and decision maker. >> i know people have raised questions about my e-mail use as secretary of state and i under stand why and i wanted toking as transparent as possible. >> conservative watchdog group
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released nearly 3,000 pages of messages. trying to connect a donor with a states person on lebanon. he wrote -- >> as you know, he is a key guy there and is loved in lebanon." >> done trump pounced, calling the messages as proof of a cozy relationship between clinton's foundation and the state department. it's called pay for play. some of these were really bad and illegal. >> reporter: the clinton campaign dismissed the criticism saying in a statement -- i'm mary maloney reporting. >> >> all right, who want uses to tuck weather? >> i always want to talk weather.
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it's investigation nice, we'll keep seeing nice conditions. we'll warm it up heading into the weekend. one thing we want to give you a heads up, spare the care day, another alert for poor air quality on healthy ozone levels. we had the while fire smoke from the while fire still burning to the south of us. brianna fire, stagnant air. we don't see any rainfall during this time of the year and that's going to make for harmful conditions for toes that stuff from respiratory illnesses. be careful exercising outdoor tomorrow. increasing clouds, warmer conditions for inland locations. by the weekend, we'll stay in the mid-90s. it will be pretty warm. another round of warm conditions if the locations, right now, 63 degrees in
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farfield, area of low pressure to the north of us u the tropical depression hanging out along the west coast, causing more of an onshore flow. fog will develop once again tonight, low hanging clouds, can you see it pushing into san francisco, east bay all the way down to the south bay. highs around the region tomorrow, back in the 90s for antioch and livermore. 60 half moon bay, 66 in san francisco. 80 degrees in santa rosa. 74 in napa. seven day forecast shows as we head into the end of the workweek, inland locations pushing to the mid-90s. close tore sunday, same thing, mid-90s, a lot of sunshine, dry conditions, closer to the bay, 75 degrees and if you are closer to the coast, we'll stay in the low 60s, so quite a dramatic spread, 35-degree difference between the coast
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and inland locations as we head into the week, plus, i'll be tracking your four zone forecast. >> >> the only thing worst than pouring rain, a slow speed chase. we'll tell you what happened, at the end. video, you don't want to miss.
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sing the engine cessna was coming in far a landing and may have been trying to go around and overshot the expressway. >> reporter: it's not clear whether an instructor or a student was at the controls, but the pilot and owner of the plane was set to have 20 years of experience it was windy at
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the time, but the airport direct said that was a factor in the crash. the plane's prop and wheel system sustained minor damage. >> >> tense mow mens in the east bay this morning. this slow speed chase, you can see here, finally came to an end. this was the same when the driver finally stopped. >> officers used a bean bag weapon. this was video as the driver was arrested and how it happened in the open hills the chase lasted more than two hours. it started in menlo park when police tried to pull over a suspected dui driver. the driver led police to san mat yo' bridge. the driver was arrested for being under the influence and
10:29 pm
for evading police. >> >> coming up, we are going to help you and your family get read request for school. advice that will save you some money when shopping for the kids. >> >> new details about the death of a child on the world's tallest water slide. what witnesses are saying about their experience on that ride. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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tonight, we are learning more about the horrific water slide crash that killed a 10- year-old boy and sparked nationwide questions about the safety at amusement parks and water parks. >> grant is carefully looking at this store were. we are looking at when this water slide in kansas was last
10:32 pm
inspected. >> >> reporter: killed this past weekend, today, the park in kansas city reopened as new details about safety inspections are coming to light, as you mentioned. according to our coverage partners at cnn, what is known as the world's tallest water slide had been inspected an approved two months ago by the park's insurance company. however, according to the topeka journal, the last state inspection at the park was back in 2012, now, the water slide in question was not even built then. it opened to riders in 2014, so, state officials, cording to this report, have never inspected it. still not exactly clear what killed the little caleb, the 10- year-old that died. the coroner saying he suffered a severe neck injury and some people that road the ride that day have said that their necks were sort of jotling around and there were issues with the
10:33 pm
strap. that is still being looked into. as of right now, no clear reason for why caleb was not able to make it. pam, steve. >> >> thank you, grant. >> >> new push for safety legislation in california. the mothers of two of the victims in the tragic berkeley balcony collapse last year are speaking out. >> they testified in front of a state legislative committee in sacramento, along with one of the surviving victims, rena has the details. >> reporter: despite plea explaining how her life has changed forever. some of her injuries. she is one of the lucky ones, she survived. >> we had grown up together >> reporter: on june 16th, 2015, for six friends fell off an apartment balcony in
10:34 pm
berkeley and died. seven, including herself, severely injured. most of the victims were young irish exchange students sent off by their parents. they chose the location online. >> the location was central. berkeley students -- but we were wrong. >> the contractor that constructed the balcony had $26 million worth of lawsuits within the previous three years. >> unlike doctors, engineers and architects, current contractors to report on defect cases. >> reporter: working on sb465. a bill that would require contractors to report their work-related felonies and defect settlements. >> we don't want the reforms to go true is so they can do secret settlements.
10:35 pm
and hide. >> reporter: emotional testimony. >> insure that all balconies are secured to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: industry executives had a change of heart. >> now, the assembly of appropriations committee has until friday to move the bill forward. >> >> piece by piece, the old span of the bay bridge is coming down. >> >> performance, significant progress made. christine waldman is here with more. >> reporter: totally different view as you are driving across the bay bridge cal-tran is removing the last of the most visible trucks segment. we have set up a video from cal- tran so you can see a time lapse of the work that happened today. crews are cutting down the fifth and final, 500-foot truck from its support and lowering it onto barges. it will be cut into three
10:36 pm
segments. lowering the truss could take a few days, cutting it and transporting it could take another five. it depends on the weather. >> these 504-foot trusts are the most visible aspects of the bay bridge. it's very sentimental and technical in that regard. it's so visible as motorists pass, it will be obvious, the significant portions, massive structures that will be brought down. >> reporter: removing the last truss completes the second part of a three part process to dismentle the original bay bridge. the last phase includes taking apart 14 smaller trusts and the entire span of the bay bridge should be gone by the end of 2018. it's looking different as you drive across. much more different view.
10:37 pm
>> all right, thanks, jessie. >> >> coming up, a news check on some of the big stories we are attracting tonight tonight, kron4 news learned two police officers have been suspended over racist text messages. the investigation came to light in june as the department was dealing with a sex scandal, now all employees will have to undergo training under the policy of harassment and text messages the city has not publicly famed the two officers involved and the officers will allowed to appeal their suspension. >> >> in san jose, an amtrak train hit and killed a man this morning near monterrey road and skyway drive. number 11 train was traveling from seattle to los angeles. 239 passier >> jerry:s were onboard, no one
10:38 pm
onboard was hurt. the cause of the collision still under investigation. >> >> dell to airlines flyers facing more delays, more canceling as and a lot more headaches as the airline continues to struggle with computer systems for the think straight day. nearly 300 flights canceled, on top of the 800 scrapped tuesday and 1,000 canned monday. hundreds of thousands stranded overnight. various places across the country. many spending the night in airports across the globe. the system the airline uses to check in and board passengers and dispatch its planes is still very slow. >> >> still ahead, kron 4 getting families ready for school. expert tips on how to save money back-to-school shopping. >> we'll tell you how a california rescuer ended up being the one that needed to be saved.
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, covering california, tonight. >> police are looking for the person that shot and injured a search and rescue volunteer. the 69-year-old wounded in hip tuesday while he and two other volunteers were looking for a 75-year-old man. the man had been missing for the last six days massive manhunt is underway for the shooter in nevada county. the search for elderly man has been suspended. >> >> los angeles serial killer known as the grim sleeper was sentenced to death today. penalty imposed on lonnie franklin junior caps a crime saga of more than a dozen gruesome murders of women over
10:42 pm
two decades. the defense team is seeking a new trial for the 63-year-old defendant and wants to set aside his sentence. >> >> giants, a's trying to sweep baltimore. we have the highlights coming. green, not to mention clay thompson struggling, how much? we'll show you in a few minutes. >> >> 49ers breaking a sweat, later in the broadcast. >> >> kron 4 meteorologist brittany ship. partly cloudy skies and a warming trend is expected. we'll break it down zone by zone, coming up, right after the break.
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isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. neuter 10:00, kron 4 helping you get ready for school. a look at the way parents can save real cash doing back-to- school shopping. >> specifically, how you can get the most of the clothes you
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buy your kids for school. tips for parents. >> >> back-to-school is not just about backpacks and supplies. for many kids, it's the new clothes they look forward to the most. for moms, it's a time to get creative when it comes to saving money. >> when school starts, it's still really hot. it's something like a short sleeved t shirt is great. this is just $3 >> she said buying clearance summer items is key because they can still be worn well into the school year, when it gets too cold, the tops can be paired with a jacket. before she buys more expensive items, she goes through her kids closets to see what fits. what doesn't, she swaps with other moms. >> you can have a bit of a shopping spree, everybody cups with a bag and leaves with a
10:46 pm
bag. >> reporter: she looks for clothes in other sizes. >> because they are trying to get rid of the clothes, i can buy ahead and i know she will be able to wear it next summer. >> reporter: she is careful which items she lets her kids pick out. tomorrow, we'll take a closer look at how to pick the right backpack for your child. but, tonight, we are going to take a look at your weather. look at that view, right there. meteorologist brittany ship is here with more. >> it depends on where you are. if you travel further inland, get away from the city lights, away from the fog, you will you see a great show tomorrow. the peak will be tomorrow night. let's take a closer look as we
10:47 pm
head into tomorrow night, what we can expect to see from the latest meteor shower. the peak will be thursday night. look to the northeast at 10:00 p.m. we could see up to 200 meteors per hour. a live look outside. the fog is starting to develop near the san francisco airport. a few clouds moving in. clouds will stick with us in the morning. mid-50s for the coast. 61 for the bay, at 9:00 am. 63 degrees for inland locations by noon. the bay, 70 degrees. we warm quickly into the mid- 80s and then by 3:00, you notice it will be pretty close to 90 degrees. satellite radar showing us clouds and fog forming around the coastline. we'll start to see warmer temperatures as an area of high pressure starts to build in. right now, we have a trough of low pressure hanging out. let's break it down for you, clouds will be far reaching to livermore, san carlos we will
10:48 pm
see more sunshine by the afternoon and clearer conditions if you -- for all of 0 the star gazers out there tomorrow with the meteor showers with the accepting of right along the coast. we'll see foggy and cloudy conditions. you will have to head inland a little bit. friday morning, another round of clouds for us san francisco to the east bay and into the south bay with san jose, another round of sunshine towards the afternoon. right now, temperatures, 63 in fairfield, 62 in san jose and 55, currently in neve doe flying around, we'll break it down zone by zone what you can expect. mostly cloudy skies towards the afternoon tomorrow. 62 for twin peeks. 60 degrees in half moon bay. we'll see temperatures in sunnyvale at 80 degrees tomorrow, 75 in redwood city. mid-70s for foster city. 85 in santa claira.
10:49 pm
am clouds and then alot of sunshine, 90 degrees in livermore. a few more 90s back on the map. same thing for ant rock york. in you are closer to the north bay, 82. napa, back to the mid-90s and 90 degrees will be your high in rio vista. seven-day forecast shows temperatures stay in the mid- 90s for inland locations and then as we get into the weekend and even into next week, we stay in the mid-90s. mid-70s for the bay. >> who needs the olympics? the a's are in action. i feel exactly the same way. here we go. alot of us are front runners, if you are in last place, i
10:50 pm
love you nonetheless. here we go. did you really say that >> just in the moment, it's awe shutout and they have swept the toughest team. >> all right, here we go, the a's taking on baltimore. this would be three victory in a row, if they can pull it off. we go bottom three, oh, my gosh. oh, left-hander, dettwhiler doing his thing. two strikeouts, backing a winner, 1-0a's they have moved out of the cellar as oakland wins, giant highlights in a couple of minutes, we want to give you a little 49er run down. collin kaepernick, taking a little stroll out today, for those who know, they say this was pretty much the pr show. and we'll still have to wait
10:51 pm
and see how these exhibitions go before chip kelly determines whether it is kaepernick or gavin. that's the public stance. bowman in good health, why not? he has a new $44 million contract. 49ers practice today at their own home for the first time since 2004. >> i have never been here, just to see where it all started. to see the fans come out and be happy to see what we have going it's great to get on the feel, now that they are playing. all right, we all got a little scared. we were going to lead with the giants, but when steve said his heart belongs to fourth place, now, we'll run the joins, is that okay with you, steve? >> here we go, giants and miami marlins the last guy to get seven hits.
10:52 pm
meeting brandon crawford. they had a little deal before the game. crawford, solo homerun off phelps. this completes quite a week. crawford did have a hit yesterday, nonetheless, nine for 16 in the series with a couple of hits. mere's my favorite. barry bonds is a hitting instructor. you never see a hitting instructor get thrown out of the game, but when you are bonds, you walk out, talk and he got thrown out today. phone came out to stop him. nonetheless, with the dodger loss, san francisco joins one game up. coming home from the row. >> olympic business. here we go. bay area wants to know our --
10:53 pm
they were down for the first time since 2004. but then they knocked our the australian squad by so points, 98-88. -- incoming freshman her third olympic gold medal >> i was playing with steve, people don't believe it because i have been on the giants station so long on the radio, but in the early to mid-90s, we were is he coliseum more than in the old days when they did the old shots. late 80s into the early 90s because the a's were the power house. they really were. >> so you were just bringing back a memory i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> >> all right, thank you. >> and you too. >> coming up. >> that's how you know he
10:54 pm
wasn't planning on it. >> commercial drivers are held to a higher standard. spot check yielded interesting results, i'll explain on the next episode of "people behaving badly."
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as you know, the news is always full of reports of crashes involving big rigs shutting down major freeways for hours, causing major traffic jams. often types, it's caused by drivers not knowing how to share the roads with the big rigs, sometimes, we learn the crash was the result of a big rig driver, not following the rules ofs road. stanley bar roberts takes a closer look. >> here's stanley roberts found some people behaving badly.
10:58 pm
there is a problem, it may be behind him for a few miles trying to see if the trucker will change lanes. >> that's how you know he wasn't planning on it -p even with me behind him. >> finally, we see a flicker and he changes lanes and begins the process of pulling over and stops in the lane of traffic. >> we are not stopping on the freeway, take the off ramp. >> what is this trucker being stopped for? listen in. >> you are not allowed to be in the rain. you need to be in the right lane. >> this big rig changed lanes the moment he laid eyes on the chp cruiser. >> what are you doing in the left hand lane?
10:59 pm
>> same for this driver. >> you need to be in the far right lane and continue on your path. >> reporter: basically, if you are pulling anything or have three axels. the far right lane is where you belong. but you should know this already, because you drive this type of vehicle. >> reporter: the fine is $238 and a point. most commercial tickets come with a point. we'll talk to other drivers to get their side of the story. in oakland, stanley robbers,
11:00 pm
kron 4 news. >> family now fearing the worst, he has not been active on social media since she went missing. >> >> disturbing details now emerging in this case. >> this seemingly happy teen left home saturday night and has not been seen since. tel never run away before. >> she's there beautiful great kid. >> >> reporter: but over the weekend, deanna's mother realized she left the house, possibly to go meet someone she met online. it's four days later and they are concerned that the 15-year- old might be in trouble. >> i'm worried she's dead. >> the teen has not reached out to any of her


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