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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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kron 4 news. >> family now fearing the worst, he has not been active on social media since she went missing. >> >> disturbing details now emerging in this case. >> this seemingly happy teen left home saturday night and has not been seen since. tel never run away before. >> she's there beautiful great kid. >> >> reporter: but over the weekend, deanna's mother realized she left the house, possibly to go meet someone she met online. it's four days later and they are concerned that the 15-year- old might be in trouble. >> i'm worried she's dead. >> the teen has not reached out to any of her friends or family
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since she went missing, her uncle said this is not like her. a year ago, deanna's mother shut down the teen's social media account after finding deanna was using it to meet older men online and lying about her age. >> her family believes she may have been using various internet websites as a means of communication now, they fear something is terribly wrong. >> just come home, baby. there is nothing else to worry about except you being safe. that's all we care about, now, we can work out everything later, just please come home. >> deanna is 5'5 inches tall and weighs 200-pounds.
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. reporting in -- >> the search for a baby boy intensifying and police say the baby was abducted by his own mother. she and her 10-month-old baby have been missing since july 9th when the mom officially lost custody of the trial. what makes this worst is that the baby has medical issues and is in a weakened condition. >> >> another big story, tonight, san francisco police have not released the identity of a body found in the westfield shopping center mall. today the death is ruled as a homicide. the body was discovered shortly after 10:00 this morning. the medical examiner said it was a white male in his 30s. no word on exactly how he was killed. police are checking surveillance cameras in the area to determine if the crime was capturedded on video. >> >> a push for a new safety
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legislation in california. mothers of two of the victims in the tragic berkeley balcony collapse is speaking out. they testified in front of a legislative committee. one of the survivors also testified. the mothers argue the collapse could have been prevented. they say there was no way they could have been aware of the dangers. >> for me, as a mother, i really believe we hurt these kids by allowing this to happen. i would never in a million years think of saying "ashley, don't walk out on the balcony in the united states of america " >> six people died in the collapse and seven others were
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injured. the bill in question heads to the assembly next week. >> >> wild scene in new york the man that climbed up trump tower is now in the hospital. he is getting a mental health evaluation. the reason behind the climb to get donald trump's attention. trump tweeting "great job by the nypd." >> the guy was up there for six hours, starting on fifth floor, getting access from a balcony, slowly making his way up to the 21st floor of the trump tower. the climber is a 20-year-old from virginia. he was wearing a backpack and used suckion cups, ropes and a harness to slowly climb the building. the guy posted a video on line explaining why he wanted
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trump's attention. >> i'm an independent researchers seeking a private awe yens with you to discuss an important matter. i guarantee -- believe if my reasons were not significant, i would not risk by life pursuing it. trump tower is headquarters for donald trump's presidential campaign and businesses. he also lived there with his family, but he was not home when all of this was going on. >> >> grant, we are tracking the big california wildfires down the coast in big sur. the fire in monterrey keeps growing, burned over 68,000- acres, by far, the largest wildfire in the stay. it remains 50% contained.
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an illegal camp fire is blamed for starting it. cal fire doesn't expect to have this fire fully contained until the end of august. >> >> now to other top stories, we know the cause of a deadly valley wildfire. officials say a faulty electrical connection to someone's hot tub is to blame. this fire started in the town of cobb and eventually made its way to out middletown. the connection was not up to the national standards, four people were killed. four firefighters seriously injured and almost 2,000 structures were destroyed. the district attorney said it has not yet looked at the finding, officials do not yet know if the homeowner will be charged. >> >> san bruno residents and city officials say they are satisfied now that pg & e was found guilty in the connection
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with the 2010 pipeline explosions. >> going forward u the city of san brown for said it will ask a federal judge to put someone inside of pg & e to conduct independent monitoring of the situation. warmer temperatures are arriving as we get to the mid- point of the week and head towards the weekend. >> brittany ship is back in two minutes with the complete weather forecast, stay with us.
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big story tomorrow, spare the air alert. because wildfire smoke is still burning from the fire to the north of us, stagnant air. be careful if you suffer from respiratory illnesses or heart conditions of tonight, we'll continue to see clouds increasing, warmer inland staying warmer into the weekend and next week as high pressure returns. 61 in fairfield. 58 at oakland. mid-50s. 53 in santa rosa. 61 in san jose, an area of low pressure off to the east of us, causing this trough of low pressure, bringing us a stronger onanother flow. it will lift up, the area of high pressure back in control and warmer temperatures for inland locations, mid-90s back. highs around the region, 88 in concorde and in livermore.
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80s in san jose. 73 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. seven-day forecast shows the jump from the low 90s to the mid-90s starting friday. continues into the weekend even into next week, we'll track high 90s by next wednesday and mid-70s for the bay, closer to the coast, we are in the low 60s. we'll have that dramatic temperature spread about 30 degrees between the coast and inland locations, jumping up to 35 by friday and continuing into the weekend. thank you, brittany, looking forward to the weekend that's it for us, tonight, thank you for being with us. we appreciate you joining us all of the time, stay in touch with kron 4. com. have a nice night, everybody
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first photo of the librarian, the moment before she was accidentally killed by a cop. >> deborah: he was supposed to be shooting blanks. >> how could this happen? and exclusive, the guy who looks shocked at trump's speech. >> nothing you can do, folks. the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> you were seated right behind donald trump. >> and what trump is saying now. >> what's your reaction to it? >> give me a break. then, the jogger murders. >> many women are changing the way they go for a run. >> women across america, how so many won't jog alone anymore. plus, you've never seen a pool like this. can you believe they are swimming in a dumpster? >> dumpster pool, dumpster pool! then triumph for america's new


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