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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to reach for cobblers. they are taking this unfortunate story as a warning for themselves.>> this is very complex for families and there are lots of children here, but it is very safe in general. it is very sad. >> reporter: as we heard many families are in this area. they can take this as a warning for themselves and unfortunately for this young boy he was airlifted to the stamford hospital where he is now recovering from like writing serious injuries. we will hear what please have to say. >> keep us posted. we first told you about the story with the push alert. download our app to always get the latest breaking stories . a five-year-old girl is recovering after being hit with
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a stray bullet. the shooting happened around this time last night in the area of whitney young circle and hudson avenue. the bullet hit the girls in the hand. her injuries are non-life threatening. she was taken to the hospital to be treated. they are what looking for three men in their 20s. no arrests have been made here a body discovered yesterday morning inside the westfield mall near san francisco's unions where. the medical examiner has determined the death is a homicide. he was a 28-year-old san francisco resident. information. >> reporter: that is right. this is the jessie street entrance to bloomingdale's. that is in san francisco center. it is inside the building where the body was discovered your there are plenty of questions and not a lot of and others. they do not know how he got
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into this building for regular folks are not supposed to be. also how he got in there? why he was in there? >> reporter: it was business as usual at the shopping center despite the fact that a man was found murdered inside the mall. >> we or not saying specifically where the deceased was found. it was an area that is not open to the public.>> reporter: a dead man was identified as frank and he worked at the restaurant sons and daughters. the restaurant closed thursday because of the murder. a note from the owner says they are stock and devastated -- devastated romney hearing of the passing. he will be missed. the restaurant is a half mile from the mall. they will not say the manner in which she was killed or when they think he was killed. they are hopeful that the
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multitude of surveillance cameras will help them locate the killer. they are also seeking the public's help. >> anyone who knows the deceased or has any information about this crime we're asking them to call us. you can do so anonymously.>> reporter: other than shoplifting there is a little crime at the shopping center. this murder has those who went the area on edge.>> it is disturbing and disappointing. >> it's not far from the pokemon guy that got whacked at fisherman -- at the fisherman's wharf. not good for san francisco. >> reporter: back live at san francisco center. again this is the area that was courted off yesterday. they found the body here. they are not saying specifically this point to any additional information while
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this investigation is underway. we now know the identity of the man who was killed by an amtrak train. that man is 35 years old julius. he was hit yesterday morning near monterey road. about five miles from san jose's station. the train was traveling from seattle to l.a. no one else was injured. he was not hits at a railroad crossing. he is -- they are now looking at the circumstances. a 10-month-old boy, it missing in sanna -- san jose has been found safe. the boy and his mom have not been seen since july 9. the
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district attorney's office as the boy has been down and he is doing well but his mother is still at large. she is accused of taking her son after learning that she lost custody of him. she is possibly driving a ford or silver hot day. with a license plates number that you see on your screen. in the east bay -- in the east they they are searching for a teenager who is in missing since the weekend. police say the girl do not have her cell phone and she is not been active on social media since she disappeared. avery is tracking the story. >> reporter: the search for the missing 15 the 15-year-old continues in san leandro. her family says they want her to come home akeley. her family believes she may have left her san leandro home to me an older man that she met online. now that she's been missing for five days they are concerned that she could be in danger. she left home without her cell phone or money and her friends have not heard from her. police say she has a history of
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running away from home. she is described as ip live inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. she was last seen wearing a great, black and white jacket and gray pants with a cat logo on it. police are asking anyone if they have seen her to give police a call. in san leandro. two men who robbed an armored truck at a bank in windsor and then try to kill the security guard have pleaded not guilty. the two men are charged with two counts of robbery and one count of attempted murder they appeared before a judge today to the -- the defendant shot at the guard who was protecting the armored truck. this was back on july 12. nearly 200 ball enforcement officers were led on a four hour chase to arrest them and. they drove to calistoga. they are also worried -- responsible for another armored car robbery back in 2015.
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the latest dad -- bad -- themes are now targeting pokemon players.>> we know more about the victims -- 19, 19 and 23 years old. at this time we do not know if they went to uc berkeley. because of their ages. this craze is not going away and so many all our getting hurt and even robbed playing the game. joining us now is answer with the berkeley police department. this craze is so widespread that police industry -- you guys have sent out warnings to each other about how to attack this. >> that's right. they have posted training
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videos that are accessible to all police departments and members of the public. sharing tips for how to be safe while playing the pokemon game. a lot of this involves not playing while you're driving. not playing while you're walking through traffic. if you're going to play don't do it at night. if you're going to do it travel in large groups and well lighted areas your and ask yourself why a lower has been placed in a dark place at 3:00 in the morning are -- 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: can a really put a laura -- put a floor put a lure in a dark place? >> we haven't had that happen but we think it may happen. >> reporter: in all three cases
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over the past month no major injuries. reporting from berkeley . happening today a vigil will be held for 21-year-old calvin. he was shot and killed over the weekend while playing pokemon go at aquatic park. a popular place for tourists. tonight at 6:00 friends and family members will be gathering at a church to honor him. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow at the same church on hacienda street. riley was shot in the back saturday night at 10:00 while playing pokemon go. skyrocketing housing costs across the bay area. now members of the city is moving on and not before speaking out. when bathrooms could be available for riders in underground stations after being closed for more than a decade. and later it is that time of year. parents we're going to show you
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the latest back-to-school trends as your kids get ready to head back to the classroom. take a live look outside right now it is beautiful but we have a another air date alert to tell you about. we have a warming trend. i have details after the break.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. it sounds crazy but six- figure incomes are a lot of places in the bay area. in palo alto there are not enough for some.>> crazy! one couple is moving out but
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not before speaking out about the skyhigh price of housing. we have a reporter live for us out there. it sounds like they are not missing their words.>> reporter: that is right. if you want to live in palo alto you need deep pockets. it does not make any difference if you are renting or trying to buy a home. that is according to one high- tech couple who decided that they will be moving on. not before they spoke out in a letter to city hall.>> reporter: meet kate and steve. she's an attorney and he's an engineer. if you think they're living a dream in palo alto's ventura boulevard shared with another couple you better think again.>> win professionals who make good money and have good jobs are middle-class and cannot -- cannot stay in palo alto it just gives you a sense of how dire it is for everybody else
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here>> palo alto is popular for its innovation and everything people have accomplished your i also want to point out that none of those people would have been able to start here today.>> reporter: kate downey resigned from the city's planning commission and pulled no punches in calling to the attention of the lack of affordable housing in palo alto. back there looking to add thousands of jobs with a small portion of affordable housing. the shortage will just get more dire. >> reporter: their rent is 6200 a month. the average rent in palo alto is 3500. the median home here is $1.2 million. to buy a home it would cause them $2.7 million or $136,000 a year.>> their people who commute to four hours a day. i hope to convey the message of
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the people of palo alto.>> there should be people working together to create a life for themselves instead of working against each other. >> reporter: the downing's want to start a family so they are moving to santa cruz. housing is also type there but only about half the costs of palo alto. they say that two really good jobs is not good enough.>> this is what the -- this is where the city is headed. the police cannot live here, the police killing here. it is not much of a community. keep if you take a look at university or california avenue here in palo alto most of the buildings are one story. there's no reason why they cannot relax the zoning here. they could put housing on top
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of those buildings. that has gained no traction. live in palo alto box for news. >> it might be especially bad in palo alto but this is something that families all over the bay area are dealing with. it looks like they are looking to open up some of the underground bathrooms. they have been shut down for a long time.>> this is actually good news.>> reporter: people want the convenience of those restrooms back. they have been close since the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001. that is because back then they took the suggestion of federal security officials also adding more cameras and removing trash cans work today, they say they are considering reopening a restroom at the station in san francisco and one at the 19th street station in oakland. they're not going to just open
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the doors but there looking at redefined safer facilities. they been circulating design ideas like these. they want vandal resistant fixtures. a more open design. they admit those underground restrooms are more vulnerable to destructive behavior. it could be approved this fall and completed in the spring of 2018. get ready for another round of weekend bar closures. balboa park station between glen park and daly city will be closed this coming weekend. this is the second -- they are also adding sound reduction equipment. they will be providing free subtle service during the closure. the shut down will cause 20 to 40 minute delays if you're talent -- traveling to sfo. they suggest passenger should add about an hour to their trip if you are planning ahead.
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the richmond line will be adding limited service on saturday if you're traveling to and from the east bay. trains will still be available to sfo. the spare the air alert is set for friday. the warm temperatures when from the fire in monterey county which are all contribute to create these unhealthy conditions. you are being conditioned to take public transit and use other alternatives to driving alone in your car. also limiting your outdoor exercise. smog can cause chest pain. also other medical problems are caused because of smog. especially the elderly and young children. the spare the air day will hope in tomorrow. it due to autozone -- hold off
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until the weekend when the air quality will improve. we have a fire earning to the south of our region. we are seeing are wind speed move up from the south. that will transport some of the smoke to the north. your monterey county and even parts of the south bay. that helps contribute to the poor air quality. our winds beats right now -- is windy here in san francisco at about 20 miles per hour. with beans are sustained at 17 and oak -- oakland. we will have the stronger winds beans as we go into the rest of tonight. was happy plan your next six hours. by 7:00 p.m. lots of sunshine. if you're closer to the golden tate ridge you will notice we're still dealing with foggy conditions. by 9:00 we will see our temperatures drop down into the high 60s. the sun will set the clear skies by 11:00. we will also see clear
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conditions. for the bay at 11:00 we around 58 degrees and mid-50s right along the coast. we're right in the middle of a warming trend to temperatures will keep climbing as we go into the end of the work week. we're at 86 degrees in fairfield and 87 and concorde. 72 in napa. 78 in san jose. low 70s in mountain view. or 24 hour temperature change that says we will pump up as we head into the end of our work week. take a look at tomorrow, the 90s are back 93 in concorde, if you work in san francisco you will still major jacket tomorrow because temperatures will be topping out at 65 degrees right around 3:00 p.m. coming up on track about how much warmer we will get.
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i will have more details in the next forecast in about 10 minutes. scientists say that the dolphin found dead in the bay was severely malnourished and dehydrated. scientists conducted and e cropsey and discovered the mammal had not eaten for white some time. they do not know why the dolphin stopped eating. they also do not know why he was not hydrated. they wanted to see if the dolphin had a disease of some kind that caused it to not eat. they think the mammal was sick somehow. those type of dolphins rarely swim in san francisco bay especially alone. they got stranded here in the mud. >> sad sight. a popular golf course in the east bay is closing its doors. we will tell you why after the break. and later donald trump's new war of words with president obama. what he has to say about the
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presence relationship with the terrorist group isis.
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a 16 year run is coming to an end a golf course in antioch is closing its doors for good. it is all thanks to the drought.>> is set for me because i have played a couple of rounds there. it is a good old time. they were there today at the popular course. the players at the late one last time. >> reporter: at the golf course the parking lot was at capacity this morning. the fairways were filled with golfers. this was the last day of golf at the course at the edge of antioch your>> when i heard it was closing i had to come back for one last round.>> reporter: built 16 years ago the course has succumbed to the reality of the drought.>> the water costs are too high. it's not feasible for them to operate anymore. there is a drought. what are you going to do? >> is horrible that the drought
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can affect something like this. >> reporter: was caught exceeding $600,000 annually. this caused it no longer to be able to sustain its operation. >> part of it's irrigation and maintenance. also developing that young group of golfers that will be the next generation.>> reporter: whatever the problems were it will be one less than you for bay golf -- bay areas -- for bay area golfers to enjoy. in antioch jeff. >> there? that too close tonight. grant? macy's announces closing 100 of its department stores
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including them in store in union square. they're shutting about 15% of its struggling stores starting the beginning of next year. the move comes as macy's reveals the second order sales per lawyer -- north and expected. they did not specify how many stores will close on a national scale. they did say the admin section will be added to their main department store here in san francisco before closing the flagship store shopper should watch for pretty good deals. a news school year just around the corner. we now know what caused deltas power outage earlier this week. what the blame for the disruption is that canceled and delayed thousands of white? ,$8drw
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you're watching the bay area's new station your this is kron4news. summer is winding down. with it the amount of time that is left to your back-to-school shopping. many bay area schools are back in session within a matter of days. that means for a lot of people will this weekend might be the last chance to get that back-to- school shopping and. in fact, they found that some shoppers are hitting the mall
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early today. >> reporter: binder style back- to-school shopping here at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. >> shoes, close -- >> reporter: your shoppers will find the deal of the week. 60% off, in tort -- entire store 1499 and under. buy one get one free. by to get three free. yes, seriously. >> the this saturday the 13th will be a busy day at stoneridge.>> reporter: that's because schools all go back on august 15. >> one of the great things about shopping here if you can park your car one-time and get it all right here. we have tons of free parking. we have great anchor department stores and all kinds of specialty stores. whether you are looking for
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shoes or dedham addresses or hat or accessories we have at all. >> reporter: i found some back- to-school shoppers who could not wait until the weekend to get their new gear. >> she got the shoes, this is her favorite store, she got socks -- >> i got shoes for my private school. it's really specific stuff that i need to get. >> reporter: you got the nikes what you think about those? >> pretty cool. >> reporter: if you're going to do that the best place to shop is?>> right here at stoneridge. >> and if you get hungry or thirsty we have places for you sit down and eat lunch.>> reporter: they are open from 10 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. monday through saturday and 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
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on saturday. we go in depth focusing on backpacks. we will investigate what styles are best for younger kids and older kids. we also have tips on how you can they've money buying backpacks and school supplies. that tonight on kron4news at 10:00. on our website we have a back to school section. click the ready for school tap. there you will see how to get your family ready for school. there's also a cool thing if you submit a picture of your kid on the first day of school you can win a gift card. we have a lot of weather discussions going on right now. as we see behind us we have another kind of factor rolling in. is going to continue to roll in as we go to the rest of tonight. so all our -- our stargazers will want to take in the meteor showers. you would probably want to head east of oakland to see clearer conditions. we will have a live look at the bridge and you can see the low
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hanging clouds. at 10:00 it's going to be the peak for the meteor shower. there will be fog in parts of mamma and parts 11 more are expected to see clearer conditions. patchy fog for san jose. as we go through the night the fog will continue to push inland and it will thicken a little bit. it will be down to zero visibility by 7:00 a.m. that is when you are headed to work. is going to take a while before we start to see the fog retreating back to the coast. by 11:00 a.m. we should be in the clear for the entire area. our temperatures are at 68 degrees n san francisco and oakland. satellite and radar shows us
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the fog is trying to push and. we are starting up close to 60 degrees as are heading out for lunch. the high tomorrow is 83 degrees for san francisco. a cooler start at 52. we will eventually push and mid- 60s. closer to oakland 56 degrees by noon. heading out for lunch 67 and then a high in oakland of 70 degrees. lots of sunshine 20 afternoon. one good thing to point out for the inland locations, we will turn up the heat. mid-90s expected for us. once again how long those temperatures will stick that -- stick around i'm working on that. i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis.>> linking his political opponents to terra your it's a
5:35 pm
new claim from donald trump. some say this is a new low. this is the week that trump was supposed to get back on message.>> yes. it has not quite work out that way. the trumps vocabulary is actually going nuclear. >> reporter: consider this quote on cnbc this morning. all i do is tell the truth. i'm a truth teller. that might explain why he does not retreat from the most provocative allegations. >> this was taken during the administration of barack hussein obama. >> reporter: trump has frequently question obama's commitment to fighting isis here last week in florida his language sharpens. >> reporter: hillary clinton reacted on twitter. no barrack obama is not the
5:36 pm
founder of isis. anyone who sink so low so often should never be allowed as our commander-in-chief.>> isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barrack obama. >> reporter: talking to hewitt. >> reporter: last night you said that obama was the founder of isis.>> i mean he was the founder of isis i do mean that. >> reporter: by using that statement -- >> reporter: this put trumps unfavorable rating at 62%. the poll found one and five republicans want him to drop out of the race your this set off alarm bells said the party's national committee. >> they are getting very worried about the state of the donald trump campaign right now. not so much of the campaign but
5:37 pm
really the candidate. there -- they are upset that he cannot stay on message.>> reporter: isis was the down by alza cowie. he was sent by al kata -- al qaeda to establish a branch in iraq. hillary clinton is laying out her vision for the country today. clinton's vote to a crowd in detroit michigan where donald trump talked economic policy just three days earlier. her speech focused on policy proposal and why voters face a choice in november say she has an economy for everybody. she argues that trump looks out for millionaires. khaki color for a new tax loop all -- loophole. call it the trump loophole. because it allows people to pay last in the half of the current tax rate.
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>> she says trumps plan is too good to be true. sifting through debris i'm a polymer those powerful explosion and maryland. two people are dead others are missing more details after the break. he can it feels like the season just ended. they have their schedule now. the must-see games ahead . also on wall street all three indexes at record highs today the tao rising 118 points the nasdaq jumped 24 of the s&p was up 10.. ready because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day
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for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
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tonight at 5:00 two people are dead and several others are unaccounted for after an explosion at an apartment complex in maryland. >> that last forced more than 100 people from their homes work this was the scene last night. explosion was so powerful that it shook homes a mile away. a portion -- a portion of the building actually claps and cop fire. crews are searching for survivors. >> we we talked last time we had a k-9 dog working in the pile. bet on continues to work but we're still working on the number of five to seven folks unaccounted for. at least 30
5:42 pm
people were hurt including three firefighters. most of the injuries included broken bones and smoke inhalation. the ceo of delta said a small fire cause a system wide crash. this left passengers stranded nationwide. delta is still dealing with issues from the meltdown. the key step in sorting out why backup systems did not work is their focus. delta has canceled more than 2100 flights so far this week. they cancel 300 yesterday alone. a 40 year tradition is coming to an end at disney world. find out when disney will be pulling the plug for good on their light parade. we will still continue to see coastal fog and low clouds rolling in plus a warming trend . we have more details coming up after the break.
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there is a do it yourself craze in the country. what should we get help with? >> plumbing and stucco. then there are the obvious no- no's. i would add also trying to resolve your own tax debt. devotion with your irs can lead to financial disaster. why is that? >> the tax code is thousands and thousands of pages long. the irs has people working on their side that knows their loss. for people that find themselves in a tax situation they will pay penalties and interest in full. the for you know it letters and threats start up and then leans and wage garnishment. your business could be upper grabs. >> that is frightening. >> it is frightening and anyone who has been in that circumstance knows it was frightening.
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tonight they are investigating a mystery at the mall. we're in the newsroom with what
5:46 pm
we are working on. >> reporter: was first reported at 5 and police have now released the name of the person who was found. his name was frank alicea your he was a chef at the restaurant sons and daughters. please tell us what they're hoping will solve the case. we will have more for you at the top of the hour. disney is making a big move. disney world in orlando, and that is coming up. for now we are talking to mark carpenter in rio. he already has his career 21 goals and the most decorated olympian of all time. to give us a preview mark. in that funny that america is so dominant at swimming that they create rivalries within themselves. >> reporter: another chapter in
5:47 pm
the phelps -- he is going after his 22nd metal. there is a record set with leah night is set in 156 bc. tonight he has a chance to set ancient history. he is taking up his rival. the pair has owned this event with phelps winning gold each time. phelps is going to become the first swimmer ever to win the same event and for strakes -- four straight olympics. we can now circle every warriors game on the calendar. the season begins october 25. golden state will open the year at home. a week later kevin durant will
5:48 pm
welcome his former team to oakland as the warriors host the thunder. durrant goes back to okc on february 11. speaking of the cavs and already perfect summer got better for lebron james. lebron agreed to a three-year 100 agreed to a three-year $100 million deal with cleveland. that makes them heat -- the nba's highest paid player. is the first time he's had the highest contract in the lead. since returning to cleveland he has only signed one-year deals. that is security. he also has a nike contract to. >> he has doing okay?>> he's doing all right. now it's time for step curry to
5:49 pm
get that. disney world in orlando is pulling the plug on its main street electrical parade. i will get to disneyland in just a minute. disney is announcing the nighttime parade is fading to black october night. >> this parade has been a staple since 1977 at the magic kingdom. disneyland in california will stop holding the brake next year. they said what if anything will replace the parade. we haven't spare the air day. that is nothing to mess around with. three and a row. we're also talking about warmer inland temperatures. if you are inland is going to be another hot day for us. if you're closer to the coast it is way cooler plus we are
5:50 pm
dealing with coastal frog in the morning -- fog in the morning hours. hot temperatures will stick around ease and -- even when we don't the weekend. right now, we are at 87 degrees. in concorde 85 degrees. mountain view 68 degrees. san francisco 79 degrees. low 70s in santa rosa. our temperatures are comfortable in now but at 73 degrees. our satellite shot is showing us the development of the clouds. mainly right now in san francisco we will continue to see the fog pushing inland as we go into the rest of tonight. we will change the angle for you and show you where the fog is. still clear in oakland your if you're closer to the golden gate bridge you will notice the low hanging clouds. let's track
5:51 pm
the fog as we going tonight as we go into tonight. dense thick fog to kill him -- kicking off today but as we head into the late-night hours we will see more clearing here for napa. passing the visibility down to four miles. you also be dealing with foggy conditions into oakland into your late morning areas. 9:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies. mid-50s for the coast. for the base 60 degrees to kickoff the marty -- mornings. we're still me high 60s right around the coast. the bay is 70 degrees. inland is 87 degrees. 3:00 lots of sunshine for inland locations. we're back in the 90s and highest in the region 88 tomorrow in san jose. we will have 95 in antioch.
5:52 pm
mid 70s in oakland. 65 degrees in san francisco. 87 in novato. temperatures keep climbing for inland locations up to 97 on saturday. mid 70s and if you are close to the coast right around the low 60s. your 7-day forecast shows as we go into the rest of the 7-day you will notice those temperatures stay in the mid-90s . even the high 90s as we go into the weekend. it's going to be hot. you have to say to stay hydrated if you live in those communities. if your kids are home, still now, to let them go outside with this spirit their business? >> they will want to be really careful until tomorrow. next up, a look at the friendship between mr. gold medal and his team usa teammate ryan lochte.
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5:55 pm
michael phelps and ryan lochte to have a bromance. it is being put to the ultimate swim test. we're in hollywood with the details.>> reporter: they are taking aim at walked the tonight. does ryan have a secret weapon? we are breaking down their big do all in the pool. >> we bring the best out of
5:56 pm
each other. >> reporter: still breathing heavily with nbc moments after phelps took first and lock the took second in the semi finals. after 12 years of their timely yet fierce competition it all comes down to tonight's 200m individual medley. it's an event michael has never lost. it will be bryant final race in rio. how is he spending his final race and what could be their final face-off. snap chatting his time away. >> can someone please bring the water for my hand? >> reporter: sorry ladies he is taken. his bromance with michael is getting upstaged by his relationship with playboy playmate. >> reporter: that sutter says
5:57 pm
it all. they have been linked for months. as for how they met the playmate told us he was on tinder and i might be on tinder and that is all i will say about it. >> kids, tender and snapchat. that wraps it up for news at 5:00. a sunnyvale man -- man calls it a hero. his quick thinking stop a sexual assault in the middle of the street. in a -- tonight he tells us how he was able to stop the attacker ends they better be woman. tenseness in oakland. we will show you how this ended. that is up next at 6:00.
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we knew that it was a homicide and tonight we're learning more about the bit them. today we found out the man who was killed had a well- known bay area resident -- restaurant. we have updates on the investigation and detailed on the big dumb. >> reporter: that is right. he was a chef at the popular restaurant sons and daughters. he has been identified as frank , he lived here in san francisco. this is where his body was found. inside the mall at the shannon
6:00 pm
-- san francisco shopping center. police are not getting a lot of details. they are looking about how and when he was murdered. >> reporter: the stefan owners at the sons and daughters restaurant are in mourning tonight. they discovered the man who was found murdered at the westfield shopping centre on wednesday morning was one of their shops. 28-year-old frank. he issued a statement saying they are shocked and devastated by his passing. we are a small team that operates like a close-knit family and he will be dearly missed.>> it is shocking and unsettling to think that this could occur at a shopping mall.>> reporter: they say homicide investigators are trying to determine how and when he was killed. his body was discovered inside the mall about 10:00 a.m. wednesday morning near the jessie street entrance to bloomingdale's. he was not in an area open to the public.
6:01 pm
police are reviewing surveillance cameras in the area in hopes it will help track down the killer. >> we are working closely with the mall management and security . we're going to look at cameras to see if there's any useful video footage.>> reporter: business at the mall continued as usual on thursday. news of the murder has rattled people. >> i don't know if i'm all that surprised. >> it's not every day that we find that bodies in a shopping mall. it was a little frightening. >> reporter: despite this incident they say the shopping center is relatively safe and crime free other than shoplifting. homicide investigators are looking at all passes into this case. they are talking to witnesses and people that might know frank. they're hoping to find the person who is responsible for this. in the east bay we're
6:02 pm
getting new details on a man accused of killing his wife. the suspect 69-year-old is now charged with murder. also elder abuse and torture. his wife with found dead inside their home on sunday. investigators say she died from blunt had forced trauma. he was an avid softball player who was inducted into the senior softball hall of fame in 2007. no word on a motive. a strong showing this afternoon in oakland. they made a video this afternoon and shows what we're told of a man wanting -- wanted for firing a gun into the air. police blocked off street until they could get the suspect in custody. we have not heard whether anyone was injured. the man's name has not been released. a toddler fell out of a three story window this morning. foster city police say he is seriously injured. >> this happened at eight
6:03 pm
apartment complex. one of our reporters spoke with police on how this could happen. she joins us live. >> reporter: i spoke with neighbors who say that it was in this building behind me on which that two-year-old boy help from the third story just around eight this morning. he was airlifted for serious life-threatening injuries to stanford hospital. neighbors are telling me that they are extremely concerned for a particular reason. that is that the windows here are so but the ground. i went to the third floor myself to take a look in the window was just about one foot off the ground. there are box from these windows but even if you do open it as high as it goes like i said an adult can get through. neighbors here are concerned for their kids and pets as well.
6:04 pm
police are now telling them to be more diligent as neighbors are taking this tragic story as a warning to themselves>> make sure the windows are locked. close the windows and lock it if they are not being used. >> is very safe in general. i would say the balconies are more dangerous because they can climb and all. >> reporter: the balconies are also concerning for residents at this apartment complex. in the meantime, the apartment water's edge has released this letter to all the tenants which i found. they are saying that if people here with like instructions on how to use the windows stops that i mentioned are on those windows and if they need any additional window stops to be installed to contact the manager's office. we do not know the condition of
6:05 pm
the child. we will keep you updated as updated as the story unfolds. many of your neighbors first learned about this story when we alerted viewers about the toddler falling through our mobile app. you can come first at knowing breaking news by dough -- downloading our app for free. a sunnyvale man is being called a good samaritan. he stopped and took down a male suspect who was sexually assaulting a woman. he's been -- we've been following this story since last week. the victim was walking in the area and stopped at a crosswalk. dozen police say the suspect grabbed and started sexually assaulting the female victim. the victims grand the screened a bystander heard her cry for help and stepped in and took the suspect to the ground and held him down until police arrived.>> they were struggling.
6:06 pm
she was standing upright but bent down. he was thrusting her. i grabbed him. my girlfriend addressed the victim and i had his back facing me. i took them over himself with my leg. pinned him to the ground and held him there until the cops were able to arrive. >> police say this man sexually assaulted the female victim. he was booked at the county jail. he is being held on $65,000 bail. police busted a man for stealing a motorcycle. here is the suspect. it is 20-year-old andrew lamar. they spotted the motorcycle at the apartments of a motel. the play came out as stolen. they immediately arrested the man when he got on the bike. he had a screwdriver on him that was used to start the
6:07 pm
motorcycle. we have the spare the air day for today and there was another one or us tomorrow. what is going on britney? this is concerning if you suffer from heart conditions or asthma. on these days you need to take it easy. maybe you can exercise indoors. air quality will be poor once again as we head into tomorrow. this is partially due to car exhaust. we saw a wildfire are burning to the south of us. because of the wind direction is blowing wind into parts of monterey county and parts of the south bay. that is our main concern. if you suffer from respiratory illnesses or heart condition you need to be careful for tomorrow. at the airport you can see the low hanging clouds starting to develop. you can see clouds moving in tonight. 85 and concorde. 84 degrees in livermore. 65 degrees in oakland.
6:08 pm
60 and san mateo. 77 degrees and over the next six hours we will continue see the clouds developing. 57 degrees for the coastal bay. 60 64 and 74 eight for inland locations. we will see mostly cloudy scott. those locations from the coast of the bay will be in the 50s. as we head into tomorrow morning we will start the morning in the low 50s. 60s and antioch. we can expect another warm lunch hour. take a look, by 12:00 our temperatures are pushing into the low to mid 80s here 60s in san francisco. it will be another hot day. i will go over all the details and what you can expect and our next forecast in the next 10 minutes. hillary and donald trump both talking about the economy and taxes.
6:09 pm
they do disagree. that may have taken a backseat to the reaction by trump's latest insult. we have more on the latest rollout. >> reporter: hillary clinton was touring and engineering plants in michigan. at the same time that donald trump was refusing to take back his claims that barrack obama founded isis. both of them are talking taxes today. clinton hitting trump for what she called a loophole in his economic plan. trump arguing that she wants to tax and regulate our economy to death. but, while talking to a homebuilders association in florida trump got more attention for doubling down on his rhetoric involving isis, clinton, and president obama.>> i called president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they are the founders. i think we will get hillary clinton the most valuable player
6:10 pm
. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. >> he has offered no credible plans to address what working families are up against today. nothing on student loans or the cost of prescription drugs. nothing for farmers were struggling rural communities. >> reporter: she did not talk about it there but later on twitter she responded to trumps isis comments. saying anyone willing to stay sink so low so often should never be allowed to serve as our commander in chief. trump says he does not intend to change his style. can't see? berkeley is thinking of raising the minimum wage to $15-an- hour. there are two measures which could go before voters. one would bump the wage next year another with start the wage in 2019. the city council is trying to
6:11 pm
hammer out a compromise. they do not want to have to pick between dueling measures. currently minimal wage of $10 per hour. back to school. you will hear from the experts on what you should be looking for as you stock up on affordable supplies. remember the power outage for delta. plus you samiti like you've never seen it before. there's a new option that you can see if you want to see everything the park has to offer.
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
this will be the last weekend for many students in the livermore school district. so many people in the tri- valley area will be heading to the mall on's saturday. that is where real tell her say they are slashing prices in anticipation for one of the busiest shopping times of the year. >> they have great outfits for girls and boys and school uniforms and tons of denim and accessories.>> i found some good genes on sale.>> i have to keep myself looking good. back to school. the mall officials say you can find discounted prices on all kinds of back-to-school items.
6:15 pm
lots of free parking to. equally important we have more information out -- on how to get ready for school on our website. including information on vaccines. click on our features tab and then choose ready for school from the drop-down menu. we've learned today quite a dolphin ended up beach near san francisco international airport this week. >> it is something we rarely see . especially in san francisco bay. we have some answers from scientist. >> reporter: we rarely see these larger dalton's. we've learned today the dauphin in question was malnourished and dehydrated. it will take a few weeks for scientists to find out why it ended up in that condition they want to see if the dauphin had a disease. they're also saying that it did
6:16 pm
not have the word -- the food it needed in the water. one of the common issues with the animals is global warming. the bay and the pacific ocean has been warmer over the past several years. this hurts the food supply for many animals including whales and seals. it either disappears or the move -- food moves are the north and the animals have to search for it. sometimes they make a wrong turn and go into the bay. we have so many answers to why the dolphin died. we have to get a more specific answer in a few weeks. thank you grant. now to the raging wildfires in california. they say they have made more progress in getting handle -- a bigger handle on the fire. it is going to 70,000 acres .
6:17 pm
it is 55% contained that is an improvement from yesterday. the fire has claimed the life of one person in store nearly 60 homes your it was sparked by an illegal campfire. the san bernardino county has a fire that is burned close to 8000 acres. there are still evacuation orders in effect your they are getting the upper hand on this one. the fire began on sunday and race to 7000 acres very quickly. improving weather conditions made a big difference. the cost this fires remains under investigation. >> almost 4 days after a system meltdown. delta airlines is revealing a small fire is the cause of the computer crash which resulted in a massive travel backup for thousands of people all around the world. the ceo spoke out today saying a key step now is sorting out why the backup system did not work in order to prevent all of this from happening again. an answer can take weeks to find. delta is still struggling to get back to normal operations and is appealing the impact of
6:18 pm
that computer failure. yesterday the airline canceled more than 300 flight because of the shortage -- outage. southwest airlines was affected by a computer outage back in july. it costs them $54 million. the cancellation of more than 2000 flights last month resulted in the loss of millions of dollars it was blamed on a router failure in the computer system. for several days following the outage there were extremely long lines and upset customers. southwest has not revealed because of that failure but says it has led to a drop in revenue and an increase of cosper seat by 2%. there's a new way to seek yosemite national park. >> one of the most beautiful places on the planet. you can have a birds eye view from 10,000 be in the air. you can look at the park but few have ever seen before. this --
6:19 pm
>> reporter: the small plane is giving people a bigger than live pics areas. this is one of the pilots -- he is taking us roughly 10,000 feet up to get a birds eye view of yosemite national park.>> a dome shaped thing -- >> reporter: this is where we see at all. >> this gives you an ability to see you more of the park without the hype.>> reporter: tourist from all around now have a new way to see yosemite. >> you can see everything beyond the features like the waterfalls.>> reporter: you can see people driving to the park. the pilots know the lay of the land and can tell people what they are looking at through the window. the aviation services and
6:20 pm
airport manager says he wants to show people what he has seen for years . >> my first do over i thought that everybody should be seeing this.>> reporter: he was recently approved to give scenic tour's.>> folks that cannot hike anymore or are not able to really see the perspective like a bird would see can still do that today. >> reporter: the yosemite flyover operates year-round. >> you sees everything from above instead of looking up here>> reporter: you will see a whole lot of yosemite in an hour than most people do in a lifetime. a lot of friends and neighbors getting out and about tomorrow. how do you prepare for the day with a change of work. it depends on where you are. especially tomorrow because temperatures will warm-up even more for inland communities. we're talking about the mid-90s if you plan on hanging out by the coast you will need a jacket. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s for that big 30 degree
6:21 pm
difference in -- and that will affect us until you head into the end of your workweek pushing into the weekend. deck coastal fog is expected. tomorrow is tomorrow we will have lost a sunshine for inland areas. we will continue to see the warm inland temperatures and stronger winds the. right now we're 84 degrees. 69 in mountain view. 81 in san jose. 66 in san francisco. 73 in novato. our temperatures and concorde are in the mid 80s there? were closer to nappies avenue degrees and six he ate and petaluma. are wind speeds are strong. if you are in san francisco tonight you will need a jacket. we will have wind speed that 22 miles per hour. 17 in oakland. as we going threat tonight we will see breezy conditions but after 10:00 that is when we will start to see lighter wind speeds. we will have another round of
6:22 pm
breezy conditions as we going to tomorrow afternoon. that will start around 3:00 and last throughout most of the afternoon. and evening. our satellite radar chart shows us a weather pam. he will have coastal fog. you can see the clouds their forming right along our shoreline and our coastline and we will slowly see the clouds spilling over into the east there. future cast shows expecting happening and we'll wake up to parking conditions right around via m. not quite making it out of the way inland for livermore fairfield. we will see lots of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we will have another round of fog expected as we start your week in on saturday. good news is we will see lots of sunshine on saturday afternoon. highs in the region and 95. 75 in oakland and 92 and concorde. 94 is the high tomorrow in antioch. 87 degrees in novato. the three-day forecast shows the warming trend of 97 degrees
6:23 pm
by saturday for inland locations. in the mid to high 90s took the entire weekend. it 70s for the day. priced out. we will hear from the unlikely bay area family that says it has been forced to move because of soaring housing costs. dramatic video following a deadly apartment explosion. it was purely familiar near washington dc. we will tell you about a witness reported seeing this the moment after the blast.
6:24 pm
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unfortunately it is getting worse across the bay area. housing costs are through the roof in palo alto. they report one couple is moving on but not before speaking out. bk and steve. she is an attorney and he is an engineer. if you think they are leaving -- living the dream in palo alto's ventura neighborhood you
6:26 pm
better think again. they lived with another couple. >> when you see professionals making good money and have good jobs and they cannot afford to stay in palo alto gives you a sense about how dyer it is for everybody else. >> palo alto is famous for its innovation. for everything is people accomplished. i would like to point out that none of those people would have -- would be able to start your today. take >> reporter: at the city council kate step down. >> they are working at adding thousands and thousands of new jobs and a very small amount of housing. that's a guarantee the shortage is going to get more dyer.>> reporter: their rent is 6204 a month. the average rent is about $3500. the median priced home is about $1.2 million.
6:27 pm
she points out in her letter that buying a current home with custom $2.7 million or $146,000 each year. >> you do not hear from the people that are commuting 2 to 4 hours a day to palo alto. i hope to convey their message. >> reporter: the downing's want to start a family so they are moving to santa cruz warehousing is extremely tight. it is only half the costs of palo alto. where they say that to really good jobs is not good enough. >> this is where the city is headed. if young families cannot move here. 2,800 customers cannot move here. police cannot move here. it is not much of a community. >> reporter: there pretty sure the rents will be going up. apartments level white and explosion. what neighbors reported just moments before the blast rocked
6:28 pm
the building . teenagers at risk. researchers say they are more likely to be victims of sexual assault. macy's says it needs to close at least 100 of its stores. the reason behind the move and what is going to happen to the store in san francisco's union square. (jet engine reving up) sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding)
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here at san francisco's
6:31 pm
shopping center police are continuing to investigate the murder of a man whose body was discovered in the mall. they will not say how the victim was murdered. he was a shop of the san francisco sons and daughters restaurant. police are hoping the multitude of surveillance cameras around the small plus the public will help them capture alicea's killer. in san francisco dan. city neighbors are saying this is the building or the baby fell out of the window. it happened at eight this morning. neighbors are concerned. they are saying the windows are too low to the floor. it is about a foot off the ground. it makes it easy for toddlers and pets to ball out.
6:32 pm
even with supervision as this was -- this mom was there when the children -- with a child fell. the screens cannot support the weight. we know a little bit more about the victims involved in the pokemon go robberies that have been taking place in berkeley. in fact three robberies in a span of one month. the victims and their names are not being release. we do know now that they are -- they are 19, 19, and 23 years old. latest robbery took place on monday. the berkeley police department says how boulder this robbery? it happened right across from the police department your it happened at that park. reporting from berkeley. here's that these -- hear the stoneridge shopping center retailers are bracing for a busy weekend. >> we are really excited about that. this is the last weekend for back-to-school shoppers. >> the schools around here all
6:33 pm
go back on august 15. this is the middle of summer. this saturday is the 13th and it will be a crazy busy day at stoneridge. >> i want to keep myself looking nice.>> reporter: and pleasanton. a huge explosion had a painful echo in the bay area. the fires killed at least two people and a apartment complex outside washington dc. with more on last night and there are no in maryland. there was really a terrible explosion that happened in apartment complex and was so powerful houses shook a mile away and within minutes a huge section of that building absolutely collapsed. aside from the people killed dozens were injured. several others was no missing. 31 residents and three firefighters were taken to local hospitals. the fire at the four-story building happened just before midnight last night.
6:34 pm
it is not clear yet as to what caused it. neighbors say they had smelled gas before hand. one man told the reporter in spanish that he saw about 15 people throw themselves from windows and balconies. >> translator: he said he ran and thought women and people screaming for help. she grabbed her daughter and her son in another and started running out. at that moment the floor gave way and her son slipped out of her grip. big fella to the massive hole. >> if that is true the baby that they'll maybe one of the two people declared that. authorities are not saying much you about the victims your at least 90 people have been displaced. gay and lesbian and by cycle -- bisexual students are far more likely to be raped or
6:35 pm
resulted in dating situations. that is according to a new government study. the research comes from the disease control and prevention. they're also more likely to have tried to commit suicide and engage in risky behaviors. this echoes result of smaller surveys from advocacy groups. this is the first national government survey to recognize these problems. let's take a look at her weather. when are we planning for tonight? we will continue to see foggy conditions. that is bad news for the stargazers. we do have a meteor shower that will reach its peak at 10:00 p.m. you will have to travel inland to get away from the city light. there is a live look outside with low hanging clouds. we have a ridge of high pressure that will start rebuilding over our area. the tropical pressure is
6:36 pm
pushing out and away from us. as we go into tomorrow into the weekend we notice is warmer inland temperature. the satellite showing us right now the cloud starting to form right along the coast and in two parts of san francisco. also the fog. is with tomorrow morning the fog will be thick pretty much throughout the entire area. f0 visit the ability -- visibility. as we get closer to your late morning hours by 9:00 a.m. some of the trouble spots. right now the temperatures at 62 degrees in san francisco. 93 and antioch. by tomorrow we will be in the mid-90s for livermore. mid-60s in san francisco. that is a huge 30 degrees difference. i will take another look at your 7-day forecast at the end of the show. attention macy's shoppers. the retail giant has announced
6:37 pm
it is closing 100 of its department stores including the men's store in san francisco. the decision comes as macy's revealed is acting order sales fell. they were far lower than expected. the retailer plans to shut down 15% of its struggling stores by next year. macy officials said -- did not say which store doors will close or how many employees might lose their job. the company did say it woman the men's action of its main department door in san francisco's union square before closing the current men's store on stockton street. a new page tonight in the battle of over -- over legalizing marijuana.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
there's much more new straight ahead in the bay area. we have a look at what we're working on for the news that 8:00. >> reporter: is a senseless crime that is rocked the community on the peninsula. they're going to remember calvin riley. he was playing pokemon go at the aquatic park and was shot and killed. immemorial was being held right now in san mateo. charles clifford was there. we will have a live look coming up at 8:00.
6:41 pm
despite all the pushes to legalize marijuana federal government is not about to reclassify it just yet.>> marijuana will remain on the list of one of the most dangerous drug. after a lot of debate it will leave hot on outlets. it is leaving the door open for more medical research by expanding the number of agencies that can grow marijuana for research purposes. currently the university of mississippi has permission to grow pot this is all happening just as the use of recreational marijuana is on the ballot in november for california. next season schedule is out and we will tell you when the team get their rematch with lebron and the cavs. also kevin durant's return to oklahoma. we have highlights of sports coming up next.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
now it's time for sports with gary. sponsored by your honda dealer. the a's will open
6:45 pm
with the oakland a's. first time this season they could have swept an opponent. i am told the young staff until they get to first or second place keep the highlights limited. you just cannot run these on and on. it makes you look lazy. he hit a grand slam and you had to see it. bottom five, ryan haley, off the wall, and then we go to the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and that's it. baltimore wins 9-6. a game ahead of the angels. we have a major-league record. colorado broker -- rookie david had a 17 game winning streak. that is matching the minor league record.
6:46 pm
he is called up to the minors 17 straight. if you get this, so help me, i will walk right out and tell the consultant to give you a raise. go ahead. the all-time record for opening a career with a base hit? >> you probably worked in that marker at some time.>> chuck in 1941. cactus before my time. >> don't smile i will honor you and a minute.>> steve does know a lot and it is starting to get on my nerves your[ laughter ]>> lebron james got rich today. be happy for lebron. three years $100 million that is enough. is the most per season average ever given to an nba player. the schedule is out and the warriors will open the regular season in san antonio on november 3. kevin durant will
6:47 pm
play oklahoma city for the first time. that is a biggie. christmas day -- it's funny my wife and i were talking about this and say why don't we go on christmas day. you cannot leave the house if you have a family. mike, we going christmas day to a sporting event?>> no. >> it's in cleveland . >> it's in cleveland i know. i'm talking about when they play here. steve, as i was saying -- captopril trip me up in front of visitors.>> everyone is saying it that draymond green trouble. are you kidding me? footlocker put him in with a heavyweight that it's really cute. >> you do not recognize me? >> you know, horace grant. >> i don't work here i michelle williams. of destiny's child.
6:48 pm
>> you thin-skin introduced me to? -- >> that's a really great spot. the payoff was being introduced to beyonce. pam was in our radio building and she was in a deal with some of the people and the acres that have been here over 20 years and they were honoring them work it was a good deal. pam stockton on the radio show before the 20 years of people that retired she came in with me and we had some fun. so pam comes up to me and the general manager of the warriors and the only thing i telegraphers what spot did pam get she got 19 positive and no negative. yeah, thank you. >> i said don't occur again. [ laughter ].
6:49 pm
>> these are all people 20 years or more on the market. i was just thinking in 20 years i will do a podcast with you from the senior citizen bingo home. in 20 years pam in 20 years. >> we have a day. >> my wife says you have to do a podcast. >> i said no i'm not doing a podcast.>> when you're done you're done. went on handed my pen will never see me again.[ laughter ] . >> you'll be seeing on sporting events on christmas day.>> that will be a long time from now.>> qc. >> i was losing confidence until you spoke up.>> so pam verga. that was fun. >> we had a lot of fun. give a lot of fun with me or with young people?>> that is not what we said. you did not here our show. >> in other knows -- news we
6:50 pm
were missing a player with the 49ers today they say it was a planned rest. going sunday they will alternate plays in houston and an exhibition game. able scrimmage with houston tomorrow. grant -- >> are you really going 20 more years -- >> i have young kids and a young wife -- you see me sitting around the house? the seahawks will not be able to use a 12 man's logan and social media. everybody is matter of something. yet old reach an agreement with texas a&m. the aggies only trademark on the term 12 man. the five-year deal prevent seattle using the phrase on the ring of honor and social media. so there you go. if you nothing else worry about the slogan. once again is olympic stuff.
6:51 pm
those of you had said i need to watch night but i need to see pam and steve -- closed her eyes -- is going to be official -- she's gone undefeated since 2013. listen to this. she entered the night with a lead of 2.1 over the civil -- silver medal list allie roessler. that completes this week's olympic coverage. why go to rio when i can talk. >> we will see you back here derrick lott . a big finding for nasa. what planet could have supported life for billions of we -- of years. i don't want to live with
6:52 pm
the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed
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to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
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we're getting you ready for school. coming up at 8:00 i will show you the best laptops out there for under $200. we all know that nasa has been exploring mars and whether or not it connects humanlike. following this revelation perhaps they're looking at the wrong planet. nasa says it may have been and how little for up to 2 billion years. things are much different on venus now. it has a carbon dioxide atmosphere night times thicker than the earth. there's no water vapor and temperatures reach an 864
6:55 pm
degrees. the fines were based on computer modeling of the planets agent climb it. that means once upon a time. >> they needed a meteorologist just like britney. this 7-day forecast really quick. we will stay in the mid to high 90s heading into the weekend. a huge temperature difference if you are staying closer to the coast. only in the 60s and really comfortable in the day. thank you and we will be back here soon. we hope you will be to. good night.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ we bring the best out of each oth >> michael phelps and ryan lochte's final face-off. inside their 12-year-old battle and bromance. plus is that leo with a bow? and duchess kate on a bike? then hugh grant's anti-marriage confession. >> as soon as you get married, you're into possessivene ownership, jealousy. >> why the rom-com star doesn't buy monogomy. we're here at the red carpet. >> inside her fight with hashimoto's disease. >> it is a daily struggle. plus our insider bonus. >> can men alone front a comedy? the emmy-nominated women of
7:00 pm
comedy destroy hollywood's double standard. how the ladies are getting the last laugh. >> how can an attractive man be funny? >> attractive or ugly, they're just not funny. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. michael phelps and ryan lochte's bromance be put to the ultimate swim test. keltie knight joining me >> from the gold medal gymnast big scare to hollywood's olympic doppelgangers, all the action from rio continues to be the number one story. >> the baltimore bullet taking aim at lochte. but does ryan have a secret weapon? let's go inside their big duel in the pool. >> i love racing him. for me he brings the best out of me. >> lochte in lane four. >> we bring the best out of each other. we've been doing it since 2004. any time i get up and race him, it's the


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