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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 12, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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police investigating a deadly hit and run collision. we have a map whereof it happened. take a look. the police said it happened a little after 11:00 last night. and the officers found a 47- year-old richmond man and pronounced him dead at the scene. the police are searching for a light colored nissan maxima. we'll have more information in the next hour in a live report. we're tracking weather around the bay. it is friday. we have the weekend ahead of us and dave as what we have tolike
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at. yes, this is the windshield wiper action. so to keep in line for that and the fog made some penetration inland as we can see. and that will be the case as we go through the weekend. and don't expect a lot of cooling from that, particularly inland. and a look at our temperatures right now. 64 here and most readings are in the 50s, and livermore at 61. a slight indication of holding on to the overnight temperatures. 55 for san francisco. in contrast to yesterday, we're a couple degrees behind for oakland and one degree behind for san francisco. so morning fog and afternoon clearing and a mild afternoon. and it will be a little warmer today than yesterday and we'll put that in the mild category and a little breeze and single
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digits and the winds will put the thumb on the scale for the temperatures to claim a little today and into the weekend as well. and a look at the next eight hours. 16 by 8:00 a.m. and -- 61 by 8:00 a.m. and inland spots, you'll visiting a greater number than 90 degrees. and we'll have the details on all of that. but first a check into your friday traffic. happy friday t is -- it is finally hear. and the ride into san francisco on westbound nice and light. and clear across the upper deck. so eight minutes from oakland to downtown san francisco. i spotted a problem in the east bay. this is not on the freeway. southbound bass coroad and landfill road is near 580. west southbound lanes blocked. the cars struck a power pole. and this is not completely blocked off. it looks like you can good through. but you have to go through the
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traffic control zone. and they may force the traffic on the northbound side to get through the scene. they hope to have it wrapped up by 7:00 this morning. if it starts to slow down your drive, i'll definitely let you know. and let's check the other drive times in the area. highway 4 looking good and no problems and pittsburgh and bay point and 580 west a nice ride so far. and remember. southbound bass co-- basscoroad closed because of and -- bassco road closed because of an accident. one of our top stories, a toddler seriously hurt after falling from a third story apartment window in foster city. the people in the complex said there's one dingious feature tour -- dangerous feature of the building that may have played a role in the fall. and neighbors are concerned that something like this could happen again.
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>> reporter: thursday morning around 8:00, a 2-year-old boy fell from this third story wind in foster system he now suffers life-threatening injuries. >> this is very complex for the families and lots of children here and very safe in general. it is very sad. >> reporter: the mother was with her son when he fell. but all windows with be dangerous because the screens are not sturdy enough to support any weight. and the concerning thing is that the windows are low to the ground and it could make easy for toddlers and pets can get through. >> on the upper floor, make sure that the windows are locked and the opening can only be a few inches. if they're not used, close the window and lock t. >> reporter: apartment windows
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can be locked but they can open high enough to fit an adult through. they let neighbors from anyone has questions how to use the window stops to call the management office. >> currently there's no update on the boy's condition. on the peninsula, friends and family gathered to honor the man that was shot and killed playing pokemon go. it was a college student and motive has been uncovered in the case. charles clifford was there and spoke to the family and friends. >> reporter: thursday evening calvin riley's friends and family gathered in saint gregory's church to say good- bye. he was very well liked and loved baseball and as great influence to everyone around him.
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>> he always had a smile on his face. he worked so hard on himself but his main folk to us get people around him better, whatever it was, baseball, being a better person. he was different. >> reporter: calvin was shot and killed by an unknown assist atlanta aquatic park at fishermen's warf in san francisco. the motive remains a mystery. >> it is a tragedy. his family is devastated by this but his entire community and all of his teammates came out here tonight. it is a tragedy. >> reporter: news of calvin's passing took everyone by surprise. >> we found out about and with could not believe it. >> it was unbelievable. >> such a young age. >> reporter: and they are left to mourn a young man who was life was just begin. >> we saw him a couple months
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ago and we were hanging out and now it is weird. i'm thinking about those times and things have changed now. >> we continue to see violent crimes all over the bay area happening to people playing poke i didn't man goal. -- poke pokemon go. another bay area news, another bay area family dealing with tragedy after a loved one was hit and killed by an amtrak train. he was deaf and the family members open up kron 4 news. >> reporter: julius is known as jc. the 35-year-old was deaf. he lost his hearing at a young age because of an infection. >> did he not drive.
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so get over the railroad tracks you had to go over them. >> reporter: it is a route that he has taken countless times. but yesterday, it cost him his life. >> always wanted to do things on his own. and he always wanted to show that codo it by himself. -- he could do it by himself. he never wanted to be a problem or issue. >> reporter: julius would have been 36 next week. another story, police have identified the man found murdered at westfield shopping mall. the victim is frank -- and his body was found wednesday in the bloomingdale stairwell. he was a promising young chef. he had only been in the city for a little over a year after he landed a job at one of the city's best restaurants.
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his friends said they have no idea who could have done something like this to frank. >> he was a free spirit. pick everything up and follow your passion. whoever did this needs to be caught and they need to pay for what they've done. >> the homicide investigators checking the surveillance footage and interviewing businesses. his body will be sent to southern, california, where he'll be buried by his mother, the person that inspired him to become a chef. this man is accused of several sexual assaults aseveral dental office across the basement there are two additional victims, eight and 13. it includes forcible lewd touching of a minor under the age of 14. there are five victims. he is set to anear court at
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8:30 -- appear in court at 8:30 this morning. in east bay, family remembers are remaining hopeful that a teen will be found safe. she went missing over the weekend. she does not have her cell phone and she has not been active on social media since she disappeared. and the search continues this morning. we'll take a quick break. 4:09. new developments in the search for a toddler missing from the south bay. we'll tell you the latest details for him and his mother. and donald trump is recanting one of his comments. but he's not backing off from another. find out what comments those are coming up next. here's a live look outside at the sam ma te'o bridge. the traffic right now is nice and light. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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let's get a quick update on the weather. we're looking for a warmup. is that still on track? >> today is like the inaugural moment. today is the day is when it will start. right now we have fog issues in the bay. so you may have some heavy drizzle going on. and here's a shot from the bay bridge to give you an idea from that the golden gate completely socked in. true to form it does a nice job of covering us up. we did not get a lot of cooling happening. we have some spots that are retaining the heat from yesterday's performance. and here's the mixup. still working on this the east bay shore lane and serve cleared out by noon. and -- everybody is cleared out by noon. and that is the south bay and the north bay. and overnight you can see it is starting to spread cutting down the visibility levels.
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68 in san francisco. and we're dealing with the morning fog and clouds. 77 in sam te'o. the numbers don't pop yet. 65 in daley city. and in the south, redwood city 78, 85 in san jose. the east bay shoreline, a tad warmer, 75 in oakland and 91 in concurred and livermore 95 and 81 in fremont and 90 in walnut creek. and the important weekend, let's up to about 97 going on for tomorrow this is the time when we may see some areas hit 100 that is a possibility and another spike to make note of for the middle of next week. it will make it warm to get us through next week. >> we're moving and grooving no big problems at the rich manned
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bridge. nice and light approaching the toll plaza. it is a great time to go ahead and work it. and create minutes from the tolls to the 101 onramp. and i'm tracking a problem in the east bay. it is not on the freeway this is on vascall road. you may use it as i shortcut to get through livermore and brentwood. a driver ran off the road and took out a power pole and some wires and at one point was trapped inside the vehicle. and the southbound lanes are blocked. and they have traffic controls in place to get you through. it is not impacting traffic on the freeway i'll keep an eye on it but it looks like they hope to have it out of the way by 7:00 a.m. so we'll keep you updated. let's head over to the drive times and check your drive and westbound 24. that is a nice ride. a quick 11 minute trip.
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580 looks great from will dublin to castro valley and no trouble spots for the northbound line. back to the news. let's head to the south baby where a missing baby in san jose has been found safe. but the mother who suspected of abduct of him has not been found. the district attorney office said that the boy is now safe this morning and doing well. they are not saying exactly where and how they found the child. the mom accused of taking the son after she had lost custody, she was last seen driving a four-door silver hyundai. new details on a skydiving jump that left two people dead. and we now know the man that led the jump did not have the
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required certification. >> reporter: 18-year-old taylor was full of life beginning his adventures. this was his first skydiving jump. >> loved god. >> reporter: and one of the last feet stoas with his tandem instructor 25-year-old -- both fall ing together when the parachute never opened. >> i would have immediately absolutely stopped everything. >> reporter: with unimaginable hindsight she plays back about the safety. >> business operated like they wanted to get you in and out as fast as possible. >> reporter: and when the mother returned to speak to the owner. >> there was nothing, absolutely zero compassion. >> reporter: her feel cemented
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with the business.. mother's message. >> officials argue that the instructor was not certified, he was a veteran skydiver with more than 700 jumps under his belt. california drought has taken its toll on a pop lore lar golf club -- popular golf club has closed its door. it was built 16 years ago. but the weather conditions in that area makes it too hard to maintain the fair ways. they say it -- the fairways.
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the owners said it cost $600,000 a year just to water the lawn. and now talking politics with donald trump. he now acknowledges that his blunt long could cause him the election. but he is not backing off from calling president obama the founder of the isis. >> this was taken during the administration of barack obama. >> reporter: donald trump has frequently questioned obama administration's commitment to fight isis. >> reporter: hillary clinton reacted on twitter no barack obama is not the founder of the isis. anyone willing to sink so low so often should never be allowed to serve as our commander and chief.
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and today donald trump called a builders group that they would hand them and award. and talking to hue hewitt, donald trump doubled down. >> last night you said that the president was the founder of the isis. >> i meant he is the founder of isis. >> they're hitting with you on this. mistake? >> no. everyone is likeing it. >> reporter: but the polls say otherwise. they put donald trump at 62% and voters were split on hillary clinton. they want him to drop out of race, setting off alarm bells at the party's national committee. >> they are worried about the state of donald trump's campaign, not so much the campaign as the candidate. they are upset that he cannot
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stay on message. >> turning to bay area baseball, the a's welcoming the first four game -- looking at their first four game sweep at the colosseum. the orioles jumped out into the lead but then this one. a grand slam to left field and baltimore going up 7-0. and he leads the majors. and then at the bottom of the ninth, a's down. and that ended oakland's chances to come back. and the final 9-6, baltimore with the win. orioles will not have to switch hotels when they cross the bay for a three-game series with the giants. but they had to fly across the country for this home game to for washington and miami.
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and mike cannel get the start for san francisco -- cane will get the start for san francisco. michael phelps trying golden. he won the 200. he is the most decorated olympian of all time. and simone biles won best. she has gone three consecutive all around titles. she ended the night with a huge lead over the silver medalist, aly -- here is a look at the medal count. usa still leads. we'll take a quick break.
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it is 4:22. we have entertainment news up ahead. jennifer lopez working on a new project. find out what it is in our hd daily wrap. and this is our toll plaza and the bay bridge. right now is friday light. but if it does begin to backup, we'll let you know where the slowdowns are. ♪ music
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k-y intense. i can see a lot of brake lights there on the right-hand side of the screen. you see it is a great ride across the bridge. 4:25. and all female oceans 11 movie is in development. and jennifer lopez is teaming up for a new project.
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>> reporter: i'm amanda from hollywood today live. this is the htl daily wrap. a new oceans 11 movie in development called oceans 8. but no george clooney in sight because it will be and all female cast. and we hear that ann hathaway and rihanna will join too. the reboot has grossed $180 million. girl power baby. speaking of women taking over, jennifer lopez just announced a new project. she's planotorious drug lord -- playing a notorious drug lord. jenny from the brick? central intel kept star kevin heart is engaged and they may get married this month. but we heard that kevin is not getting a prenuptial. we prove that kevin heart has a
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lot of heart. and to this day all is money. remember. you can catch hollywood today live every afternoon. 4:26. we'll take a quick break. the cost to live in the bay area continues to rise forcing people to leave their homes in search of more affordable housing. the story of a bay area couple that had to do exactly that. here's a live look outside of the sam ma te'o bridge. and you see the taillights that is the commute reaction to foster city. we'll keep track of that through the morning. stay with us.
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a 2-year-old boy after falling out a third story building foster city. it happened on east hills boulevard. and the mother was with her son when he fell. and the windows in the apartment sit very low to the ground making it easy for children and pets to push the screen way and fall to the ground. happening today, family and friends will gather in sam te'o to honor the man that was shot and killed while playing pokemon go. they said that the family and friends joined to say good-bye. the funeral will be at saint gregory's church at 11:00 this morning. a victim was found murdered at the mall in san francisco. his body was found in the bloomingdale stairwell. he was a promising young chef. he had only been in the city for a little over a year after landing a job at the family and
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daughters family restaurant. and we have at weekend ahead. fog to start but warm weather on the way. >> yes, we can even call it hot on the inland spots. we'll be revisiting the 90s. and the fog, there's the golden gate. we're socked in t is thick and drizzle too that comes with that. and this is the peninsula and the north bay. this is the fog that made the progress into the inland spots. and we'll watch any roads and it will let us know when we'll get the sun back for the bay area. this should do a good job inland and it dissipates by noon. it will repeat the process. this is in tandem with the high pressure cell that is building in the west. that will provide the nice warmup for the inland spots. and they are still holding on to 60s. 61 in livermore and san jose
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61. and east bay shoreline upper 60s. livermore and san jose are a little warmer today than yesterday. a little breeze coming off the bay. and the numbers mostly in the single digitses. we'll break things down and get nut lower 80s. a little warmer than yesterday and a little degrees comes with that, up to 15, 18 miles an hour. and the general break dunn for today that is clear -- break down for today, that is clear. 81 by 12:00. but some places breezing into the 90 category. i'll have a look at your weekend forecast coming up. robin is standing by with a traffic update. let's head to the bay bridge. the ride to san francisco is smooth right now. and rolling into the toll plaza
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and the upper deck, the skyway or the james lake. it is a great way in and out of san francisco. checking in on trouble spots in the bay. nothing causing a major backup so leave a little early if you have to travel on basko road. a driver struck a power pole. and they have traffic control in place to get through. they hope to have it out of the way by 7:00. but it is the power pole that they have to work on and repair. so leave a little early. no big problems for 580 to the altamonte. and let's head to daily city. and southbound 280 and hick hickey. so it is just starting to back up at the scene. consider using 101. and let's check the south bay. it is a hotspot free and no
4:34 am
problems for 880 to san jose. and 280, a nice ride from 101 to 85t is a quick 11 minute trip. let's saw bay area housing. it is no secret that the by area is home to sky high rental prices. so bad in fact that some people have decided to move out of area. but some decided to move on but not before speaking out. >> reporter: meet kate and steve downing. she's an attorney and she's she's an engineer, if you think they are living a dream living in this home shared with another couple, think again. >> when you think that professionals making good money and good jobs and cannot afford it, no way middle class can
4:35 am
afford it. >> we want to point out that none of those people would be able to start here today. >> reporter: in a letter, kate do you think resigned from the city's planning commission and pulling no punches to attention to the lack of affordable housing. >> they are looking to add thousands of new jobs and no housing t is a guarantee that the shortage is going to get more dire. >> reporter: the downing and the roommates' ren is -- rent is $6,200 a month. buying the country home would likely cost them $1.7 million. >> we don't hear from the people that are spending two or three or four hours a day commuting a day. i hope to convey the message. >> reporter: the downings want to start a family. so they are moving to santa
4:36 am
cruz where housing is extremely tight only half the cost of here. and they say that two good jobs is not good enough. >> you can see where the city is headed. if young people cannot work here and the police that work for the police cannot live here, it is not much of a community that is left. >> reporter: and what kate and steve and roommates move out at the end of the month they're pretty sure that the rent will be going up. two men that police say robbed and armored car outside a windsor bank and tried to kill the security guard have pleaded not guilty. they are charged with two counts of robbery and one counts of attempted murder. they appeared before a judge yesterday. the defendants allegedly shot the guard that was protecting the armored truck last month. and 200 law enforcement officers were led on a four
4:37 am
hour chase trying to arrest them. they drove -- after the alleged robbery and they say that the duo is also responsible for another armed robbery and homicide in 2015. many parents are scrambling to get their last-minute shopping done for back to school what is the one thing that you should spend a little extra on. >> reporter: coming up, why were you in the wrong lane? >> okay. it is 80. >> reporter: i spoke to some of the drivers caught in the big rig crackdown and you get to hear what they have to say in the next edition of the people behaving badly. and if you look to the bay bridge lights, they start to fade away. we have a little fog out there. and dave have more on your friday and weekend forecast coming up in ten minutes.
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we show you the california highway patrol educating truck drivers about the rules of the road. >> reporter: there are a few commercial drivers behaving badfully oakland. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> reporter: big rigs pulling trailers cannot exceed 55 miles an hour and must keep clear of the far left lanes. and i spoke to drivers caught in the left lanes. >> we're not stopping on the freeway. take the offramp. >> reporter: he finally pulled over. you're in the lane that you're not supposed to be in. how come? >> what? >> reporter: why are you in the
4:41 am
wrong lane? at first i thought maybe he did not understand and then... >> you got a ticket for this last year. >> reporter: why are you in the wrong lane? >> okay. it is 88 and 96. >> reporter: let's try a different approach. you know you're not supposed to be in the left lane? >> yes. >> reporter: and then you moved over anyway? >> yes. >> reporter: fair enough. >> i was misinformed. i'll be honest with you. ignorance of the law is no excuse. but they told me if you bob tail, i should not have taken it at face value. >> reporter: you should have looked item?
4:42 am
>> yes, i should have looked it up. >> never trust your friends for legal advice, right? >> knox. >> reporter: and that driver was also in the wrong lane. >> i didn't know i was behaving badly but i don't want to be hay badly anymore. >> reporter: this driver knew the rules but listen to the conversation before he car went in. and it is better to cross over a lane than to hit them. so i crossed over the lane. and i didn't see a chance to cross back to my lane. >> reporter: basically he could not find a place to change lanes for 7 miles. here's some of the stories that we're work on for the kron morning news at 5:00. we're following breaking news out of thailand after a series of bombings in several major cities. the warning to americans
4:43 am
traveling to tie lapped. and -- thailand. >> and it will be busy for back- to-school shopping. we'll have tips on being a smarter shopper. >> we'll take a look at the new film that are hitting the theaters this weekend. ♪ music
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4:45. here's a look at some of the major headlines. an 18-month-old boy is suffering from life-threatening injuries after falling from a third floor apartment building window in foster city. he was walking through a common hallway and he leaned on the screen of an open window and fell through and to the ground below. it happened shortly after 8:00 yesterday morning. he was airlifted to stanford hospital. a former concord dental assistant will be in court this morning for a preliminary hearing on child molestation
4:46 am
charges at several dental office across the east bay. he was arraigned yesterday morning. and there are two additional victims, ages 8 and 13. he also facing three additional charges that include forcible lewd touching of a minor under the age of 14. and there are five total victims arranging from 6:00 to 13. he is set to appear in court at 8:30. michael phelps striking golden and winning the 200- meter. and this marks his fourth gold medal in rio and the 22nd in his career. he is the most deck -- decorated olympian of all time. a know it is a foggy start. >> yes. but it will keep the temperatures down a little bit for us in the city. and we have sfo. and we'll track this morning and let you know about any
4:47 am
flight delays going on. it was a problem yesterday a little bit. definitely a little heavy drizzle too in the travels. and a little intermittent action. you can see that we covered with the fog and a nice cooling job. but we did see some far inland spots and they held on to the temperatures from yesterday's heating. here's what happens by mid- morning. it starts to mix out. but on the east bay shoreline, we're still fighting is a little bit. it may be a little tenacious this morning. you can see it trying to return and it fills up along the east bay shoreline. not quite inland yet. upper 50s right now. oakland 57. you can see 63 and concord 58 and 57 in livermore and san jose and san francisco at 56. here's how we go. the warmup into the 90s for the
4:48 am
inland valleys. this is the day that you'll feel the warmup in the inland spots. 80s will cover everybody else for the most part and along the east bay shoreline and we should be in the 70s territory for the most part and along the peninsula. and the temperatures in 60s and the 70s. take a closer inspection of all of this. 68 in downtown san francisco and the morning clouds are problem tick in terms of keeping the temperatures suppressed. and the upper 70s do it for the bay shoreline and mid-60s for the coast and daily city at 65. and 57 in sam te'o. and to the south bay, we'll have 80s at work approaching the middle 80s at that san jose at 85. east bay shoreline. it looks like a 75, 77. and 88 for danville. but the neighbor into the 90s. you can see walnut creek at 90, and fremont at 81. in the 7-day forecast, warmer still tomorrow and the heat
4:49 am
spike may cost some folks to get up to # hundred. and another -- up to 100. and another day hot but the 90s are here to stay. let's start with 92. checking in on the east basement and i'm -- east bay, and still checking this at landfill road. a driver ran off the road and they are trying to fix the power pole. and it looks like they'll be out there till at least 7:00 this morning. so check some delays. and daily city, south 280, you can see it is causing a little backup. and south of hickey, a driver
4:50 am
crossed the center divide and now a little slowdown to the scene. but consider using 101. checking in on some more drive times. 680 out dublin. hey word and union city and it is only 21 minutes at 237. we continue to get you ready for school. and we have advice how to pick the right backpack for child. laura hutchinson has what you need to know. >> reporter: sarah is a mom of two and once learned the hard way when you back to school shop. >> pins were empty. >> reporter: and now she shopslessly and stretches her daughter starting with what she allows her kids to pick out. >> i pick out the school
4:51 am
supplies. they can get expensive. >> reporter: but she lets them pick their own backpacks that is the one item to spend more on. she wants them to last and fit comfortably. >> you need a nice padded set of shoulder straps. when they get older, a lot of stuff needs to be taken to school and the backpacks get really heavy. andlike for kids with apartments to protect electronics. the stores want you to buy their backpacks for them andlike for deals that come bundled with a backpack purchase. >> in you gout a backpack, you'll get an additional 25% off all of your school supplies. >> reporter: and the supplies are generic and in bull these are 17 cents -- in bulk. these are 17 cents. >> most store flyers come out
4:52 am
on thursday. if you have not already, check your mailbox or on line and compare the deal and make sure that you get to the stores letter i, special -- early, especially before the deals are all gone. a man is praised for his heroic actions when he stopped a man who was sexually assaulting a woman. we spoke to the man. his name is brian reef. he was composed and measured. but he can flip a switch and did he that last thursday. he was with his girlfriend around 4:00 in the afternoon at sunnyvale and evelyn avenues. reef said that the victim was screaming for help and he sprung into action. >> instinctively, i just ran over and got him on the sidewalk and pinned him down the ground while my girlfriend
4:53 am
was with the victim and they called the police. and we held them down till the police got there. he asked if could i let them go. i said it was with too late. i was shocked. i thought there could be weapons, but it was all in one stride. but it was something to decide if i was going to take him down or not. and i felt like i could and not threatened by him so i did. and i'd do it again if i had to. >> and the police said that 34 -- who you see here sexually assaulted a female victim and he is booked and held on $165,000 bail. major changes coming. this is union square. the eight story building on stockton street being sold for redevelopment. but not before macy's can
4:54 am
announce the stores to close starting early next year and at the time boost the on line investments. no word how many employees will be affected. quarterly sales have fallen below average for some time prompting the closures. this is a live look outside of the bay bridge. -- bay bridge. stay with us. ♪ music
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this is the richmond bridge. no problems on 80 and no problems on highway 101t is a quick eight minute trip. 4:56 the time. take a look at this. cute little grandmother there. 95-year-old come, connecticut grandmother excited to spend
4:57 am
her $30,000 lottery winnings. she said that she can in the wait to buy first, a cell phone where you can see the pictures. she has a hard time seeing the pictures on her phone. she won it playing a crash game last week. she likes plaque the scratch cards and she likes people and her cat does not show her much attention and she likes to go to school grandma of 12 said that she plans to share the winnings with her family. four people are dead and dozens of others injured after multiple explosions hit four cities in thailand overnight. we'll have the details straight ahead. family and friends will gather in sam te'o to more than the man that was killed in san francisco while playing pokemon go. a 2-year-old boy is recovering after falling out of a two-story window in foster city. these stories and more coming
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[ captioner transition ]. five for could be cord, 20 going on for fairfield and here is the breakdown for you. 64/90, and by one p.m., plenty of middle 90s inland and pushing to 100 for some areas as we get into tomorrow. hot weekend in store. we have a look at the traffic. let's go to the bay bridge and check in on the ride into san fransisco, looking good here at the toll plaza, no trouble spots, eight minutes to fete
5:02 am
from downtown oakland to the west bound skyway. those of you traveling to the eastway this morning, if you use bassco road from livermore and brentwood do expect delays in both directions because after accident that is still working from the 6:00 hour, at land fill road. a driver spun out, brought down om wires from a power pole. they have traffic control in place. they hope to have it out of the way soon. breaking news from overnight. police are investigating a deadly hit and run in varajao. >> what to we know? >> reporter: the accident was two miles from this location. let's get to the video. this happened at 11:30 last night. the car, a nissan maxima was driving northbound on sonoma boulevard when a 47-year-old
5:03 am
man, his name is not being released at this time, but they do know he's a 47-year-old varajao man was hit so violently they believe his body flew over the pg&e line to the point where they had to call pg&e to come out to the scene and they left 10 minutes ago. they had to come out with a cherry picker to remove a coat that was still on the pg&e line. the man died at the scene. the driver fled the area. at this point there's very little information on the driver. all they know, it was a light color nissan maxima with considerable front end damage. it's about 35 miles an hour and speed is a factor. the fact that he flew over a pg&e line it's a clearcation
5:04 am
that this person was speeding at the time. >> thanks. and then breaking news from overnight, a jetbleu flight was supported to make an emergency landing in south dakota because of severe turbulence that sent 4 people to the hospital. passengers were flying out of their seat-belts and hitting their heads on the ceiling. 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital. it's not clear how serious their injuries are. and then breaking international news, the u.s. is advising americans traveling to thailand to take precautions. >> reporter: four people are dead dozens others injured as four explosions occurred overnight. the explosions went off in several areas including popular beach cities. ten foreigners are among those
5:05 am
injured in the attacks. police haven't said where those foreigners are from. we're rooking for that information much but police say at this point it's too soon to say who was behind the attacks although they're saying at this point they do not believe that this is linked to islamic terrorism. their investigation will continue this morning. we'll keep updated on the story. happening today family and friends are gathering in san mateo to mourn the loss of the man who was killed in san fransisco as he was playing pokemon go. calvin riley was killed on saturday in aquatic park. friends and family gathered to say goodbye. the funeral services will be held at 11:00 this morning. we spoke to calvin's friends and they say they loved him, he loved baseball, and he was a positive influence to everybody
5:06 am
around him. >> he was a great guy. he always had a smile on his face no matter what. >> he worked so hard, not only on himself but his main focus was to get other people around him better, at whatever it was, baseball, being a better person and human being. someone different. >> police have no suspects or possible motive if the shooting. police are warning about a spike in violent crime linked to pokemon go across the bay area. in the east bay there has been a string of robberies, thieves are targeting people looking at their phone and not being aware of their surroundings. two boys are recovering after falling out after third story window in foster city. police say the mother was with
5:07 am
her son when he fell. people who live in the apartment complex say the screens are in the windows are not strong enough to support any wait. parents are being warned to make sure windows are not being overlooked when it comes to safety. >> the opening can only be a few windows, if they're not used, close it and lock it. >> we're still waiting for an update on the child's condition. the injuries are considered life threatening. police have identified the man who was found murdered at the westfield shopping mall in san fransisco. he was a promising young chef and had been in san fransisco for a year after learning a job at one of the city's top restaurants. his body was found wednesday in the bloomingdale stair well. his family lives in california.
5:08 am
we spoke with his brother who says he has no idea who could have done something like this. >> he was the free spirit. go follow your passion type guy. whoever did this needs to be caught. they need to pay for what they've done. >> investigators are looking at surveillance footage hoping for clues and interviewing possible witnesses. the body will be sent back to the family in southern california so he can be buried there. a former dentist accused of molesting children is due in court today. he worked in several dental offices in the east bay. he was arraigned yesterday morning at his preliminary hearing and it's set to start today. two additional victims have come
5:09 am
forward, ages 8 and 13. in total there are five victims ranging in ages from 6 to 13. it's 5:08 and on to the summer olympics in rio. >> simone biles has been undefeated since 2013. she won two consecutive title. she won by two points over ra raisman. meps michael phelps won his 200 individual medley, his 22nd gold medal in his olympic career and he's the most decorated olympian of all time. >> here is a look at the current medal current. the u.s. is leading with 38
5:10 am
medals, china in second with 30 medals and japan in third with 22. here is a look at the big events happening today. the u.s. women's soccer team takes on sweden in a quarter final match. kevin durant and the rest of the team u.s.a. basketball will hit the court and take on serbia. and a couple of events wrap up today, both weight lifting and men's archery will hold their gold medal round. we're learning new information about a deadly skydiving accident in northern california. the certification the instructor was missing, ahead. later, another group of republicans is urging the party to abandon donald trump. what they think the g.o.p. should be focusing on instead. and after the break, firefighters are gaining ground on two large wildfires in northern california. we'll have an update on the progress they're making next. couple with that, we have air quality moderate except unhealthy in the east bay.
5:11 am
we'll have a look at your hot weekend forecast with that. a live look at 580 going to the richmond bridge. nice ride, but there is a b.a.r.t. delay. i have those details after the break. why are you deleting these photos?
5:12 am
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sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way. b.a.r.t. delay. i have those details after the break. . welcome back to the news at 5:14. firefighters are making progress on sefl massive wildfires burning here in northern california. we're fog the latest in the breaking news desk. >> reporter: start with the cold fire, we have video to show you. this is when the fire was burning atity peak. it's 99% contained. the fire started last tuesday off of highway 128 west of the town of winters. it burned nine square miles, two buildings were destroyed and the cause of the fire still under investigation. firefighters are making progress, slow, but they are making
5:15 am
progress on the massive fire burning between carmel and big sur. it has grown to a hundred square miles and containment is 55%. the fire is spreading into big sur. the fire was started by an illegal camp fire on july 22nd and to date has claimed one life. there is the spare the air alert issued because of the excessive smog and smoke from the fire. you're asked to limit your driving and reduce the time you spend outdoors. there is high level smog out there. this is the 15th spare the air alert of the summer season. we'll keep you updated on the progress of firefighters. you got the bad air and how hot it's going to be this weekend and you're serious about this. >> and the high pressure overside so the air stays trapped so that's what we'll have for the weekend. and probably going to be seeing
5:16 am
temperatures raise tomorrow. this is what we have on the map for you. big high pressure dome doing its thing. in the morning hours you can expect the fog and drizzle to return. not a whole lot of wind. single digits but it seems to be favoring the north. couple of spots calm, fairfield the wind is picking up. this is what you can expect in the morning hours. it is a thin layer so the hope is it will mix out for us early today. the progress of it covering the whole area. we'll watch this this morning and let you know the progress of it eroding away. by noon, 10 a.m., you can see the progress, getting some digging going on in the east bay. and then returning again right after sunset and after midnight. how does these temperatures go for today? the warmup will happen in the east bay but this time we're shooting past the 80s to the 90s and this is one of many to come. it's going to set us up for a
5:17 am
heat wave until next week where we see 90s inland occurring. a cool town starts to spill in a little bit after that. 75 for san mateo, palo alto 79, 60 in half moon bay. middle 80s for the communities, 85 for san jose. the east bay shoreline, 75 for oakland, 77 for hayward, 91 concord, 95 for pleasanton. further to the east the numbers are higher in places like brentwood, 97 is an average. we have a weak system moving through on sunday but we stay in 90s territory all into next week. how are we doing in traffic? >> reporter: the roads are okay. there is a b.a.r.t. delay. they're having equipment problems this morning so if you catch b.a.r.t., take a look at this advisory, we have delays anywhere from 15 minutes or longer from the peninsula and san fransisco
5:18 am
heading to ssf and also to the mill bay so that's will impact a lot of folks. leave early and pay close attention to the announcements being made by b.a.r.t.. they're calling this an equipment problem so plan ahead. we'll stay on top of it. checking in on 92, a live look at your ride across the san mateo bridge, not bad. it's less than 20 minutes to get from 880 out to the 101 connector. vasco road, spinway, at landfill road, still blocked, a driver struck a power pole, brought down some wires. so traffic control remains in place. a backup in both directions. they hope to have it out of the way by 7:00 this morning. checking in on other drive times. only 25 minutes to get from 205 to 680. quiet in the south bay, from 85 to # 37 in sunny veil that is
5:19 am
checking in at 18 minutes. >> we'll get back to the weather in bit. police are asking for your help, trying to solve a 10-year-old murder case. 17-year-old abrakasa was killed in august of 2006 and no arrests have been made since then. they don't have a motive. the san fransisco mayor's office is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. and later this afternoon, aubrey's mother is going out to the inter section of grove and baker and hand out flyers to try to generate new leads in the case. in the south bay, a san jose baby who is reported missing is found safe but his mother who was suspected of abducting him is nowhere to be found of the they had not seen since since july 9th. the boy is safe and doing well
5:20 am
say investigators. investigators haven't said where or how they found the child. they believe his mother kidnapped him after learning she lost custody. the instructor who led a tandem jump that turned deadly in northern california did not have the advanced parachuting certificate that was required by federal regulators. this is according to the u.s. parachuting association. that organization has no record of 25-year-old juan kwon 40 was killed along with the instructor. their parachute failed and they crashed in a vineyard in lodi. the owner has not commented on this new information. turner's mother is calling for an investigation.
5:21 am
six people are recovering after a bus carrying farm workers caught fire in santa barbara. the bus slowed down and the 28th people on the bus started jumping off. the bus went off the road then and burned and that set off a small brush fire that was quickly put out. and decision 2016 news, another chapter in the battle between donald trump and establishment republicans. monday's letter from the national security experts who don't support trump was first, and then it was urged first. >> if it is true that's okay today so all they have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> reporter: responding to a
5:22 am
report that funds were to be reallocated to other races. that draft letter from former rnc staffers and former members of congress is asking for a redirection of resources. the letter with 75 signatures reads in party "only the immediate shift of all available rnc resources will prevent the g.o.p. from drowning with the trump emblazoned anchor around its neck." this is due to trump's refusal to back off comments like this one. >> he is the founder of isis, the founder of isis, i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: radio host hugh hewitt gave trump the opportunity to say something. >> he's the founder of isis. >> reporter: trump saying he's not changing his approach. >> it's going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have
5:23 am
a very, very nice long vacation. still ahead, a funeral will be held today for the young boy who was killed in the world's largest water slide. what investigators are saying about the slide's past inspections. and next, three new movies are hoping to bump suicide squad out of top spot at the box office. the new flicks hitting theatres this weekend.
5:24 am
5:25 am
. welcome back to the news.
5:26 am
the time is 5:25. following breaking news out of san fransisco where b.a.r.t. service has stopped at 24th street because of an equipment problem and power issue that they're having this morning so as of right now trains will only go as far as 24th street. this is causing a major delay for people trying to get to the peninsula anywhere along the peninsula or out to the airport. i know a lot of you take b.a.r.t. to the airport. for now you're going to have to choose an alternate source of transportation. no estimated time of clearing or service restoration. but we'll be in contact with b.a.r.t. and will keep you posted. for now expect a major delay and this may impact the rest of the system so we'll keep you updated. it's going to be a hot one this weekend. maybe a cool off in a movie theatre. three through movies hit the screens and industry analysts don't think any of them are going to
5:27 am
overcome the reigning champ suicide squad. >> pete's dragon opens this weekend. bryce dallas, robert redford stars in this one. >> helen reddy was in the first one. that's howard, that's run howard's kid with the red hair. sausage party. >> yeah. >> a warning it's aunmated but not for kids. seth roguan, and jonah hill. it tells the story of a sausage that wants to discover the truth about his existence. is that how we're going to put it? >> they think they're chosen from the supermarket and they don't realize they're being eaten. florence foster harris, she
5:28 am
has a terrible voice. hugh grant stars. [ audio difficulties ]. backpack giveaway coming up. what you could see in b.a.r.t. stations that haven't been opened since the september 11th terror attacks.
5:29 am
5:30 am
. 5:29 on cron 4 kron 4, problems on b.a.r.t. we understand there's an equipment problem? >> yes, there is an equipment called an insulator which prevents the electricity -- keeps the electricity
5:31 am
in the third rail which powers the train so that insulator failed at approximately 4:45 this morning near balboa park. crews are there to get it fixed to get trains moving. we're looking at major delays on the peninsula into and out of san fransisco. >> no train service between 24th street and all the peninsula stations is what we're hearing. >> we are singing tracking through the area so we're -- single tracking trains through the area but that's all i know here on my end is that we're going to be single tracking through the area and but there are major delays. >> do you know how long that repair might take? >> i do not.
5:32 am
i'll get the very latest information. >> we'll check back with you shortly for an update. thanks for your time this morning. a friday, a lot of people take b.a.r.t. to sfo, this is going to be a major headache. >> for now since we don't have an estimated time of clearing i would consider an alternate source of transportation if they're single tracking, you have to give trains in and out of the peninsula with one track and that's causing a major delay. it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. so either leave early or consider an alternate source of transportation for now. once again, we've gone from having no service at all or no service beyond the 24th street station to single tracking so that is a little bit of good news but that is going to throw a lot of people off this morning. so make sure you plan ahead. now i'm getting word of lanes blocked on the bay bridge, westbound 80 on the eastern span. some sort of cal trans work has
5:33 am
the lanes blocked. treasure island out to fremont street is also blocked. 15 to 20 minutes from the maze over to the skyway in san fransisco. i'll check in on the san mateo bridge and stay on top of the b.a.r.t. delays, have a complete check coming up in a few minute. off to a mild start with the fog doing it's performance at the golden gate. 55 in san fransisco. off to the inland spots, 62 for antioch, as we start to warm up this weekend, may not get as much relief overnight. a breeze coming in from the northwest, a touch, but our high is building so we'll not get a lot of surface winds. a little delay because of the fog and morning clouds but it should clear out and breezy like conditions. for today expect by 9 a.m. 64 inland, 86 by 1 p.m., racing through the 90s quickly early into this
5:34 am
afternoon. bay temperatures will hover in the 70s. we'll be talking about your weekend forecast in a bit. two people wanted in connection with that deadly double shooting in the east bay area this week. we're following the latest there. >> reporter: we first broke the news of this double shooting back on monday right here on the kron 4 morning news. it happened 1:45 monday morning on empire road in oakland. this is video from the scene. you remember me talking about the car set on fire in the distance. here is what police say happened. police say a group of men shot at a truck and killed two men inside. they pulled out a third man who was in the truck and started beating him. the attackers put the man back in the truck and set the whole thing on fire. that third person was able to get out of the truck when police arrived. police arrested one person in connection with the attack but two others on the loose this morning. we'll look for description information and if we get it
5:35 am
we'll share it with you on the breaking news desk. 5:34, happening today a funeral will be held for the 10-year-old boy who was killed while riding the world's largest water slide in kansas city. caleb schwab died of a severe neck injury. the park where this happened has reopened but the water slide ride has been closed now for the season. a document released by state officials say all of the rides at that water park passed private inspections back in june. investigators are looking into claims from riders that the harness may have malfunctioned on the ride that caleb was on. b.a.r.t. is considering changes to the stations. they're considering reopening restrooms. they have been closed since the 9/11 attacks.
5:36 am
they're considering reopening the restrooms at the 19th street station in oakland. they're looking at redesigning the restrooms to make them safer. the move could be approved this fall. . and now it's 10:36 and we're getting you ready for school. >> there's a backpack give away this morning. >> reporter: yeah, i'm standing in a room full of backpacks and back-to-school supplies and i can feel the excitement of the first okay of school and more exciting when kids get in here to pick out their backpacks and back to school supplies. i'm joined but roberto. can you tell me why it's so important for this event to go on every single year? >> so one of the reasons why it's so important is because it's an opportunity for families that are struggling in the silicon valley
5:37 am
to survive especially how high the costs are to live here right now. but it's great time for families who are in a lot of stress to affirm and tell that message to their children and say we want you to start off right and keep your dreams alive because we do believe the education is the gateway out of poverty but it's a great time. you see the smile on the face and the parents are excited for their kids and the kids are excited. they get a backpack full of supplies. >> reporter: when the kids come in here, what do they have to do and what is the process to them getting their bag full of school supplies? >> so this morning families are going to show up with their children. the children actually get to come today and pick their backpacks and choose their own backpack and get their supplies and when they walk in they'll get to do that with their parents. then they'll get a bag full of supplies based on if they're going to elementary school or high
5:38 am
school or middle school and then they leave ready to go to school. >> reporter: and can you talk about the items in the packs? i know they're worth $75 each, right? >> correct. it's a great support for a family, especially for a family that is just trying to make ends meet. but in the backpacks they'll have everything they need, a lot of the stuff that schools request for kids to start off the tools they'll need to be successful, notebooks, high school students will have calculators, usb drives. these are donated by corporations and individual donors, high school students who want to come out and support other kids and make sure other kids that don't have as much as they have are ready to go to school as well. >> reporter: you did have to sign up before today to come and get these backpacks of supplies. the appointments start at 8:00, and we expect to see the kids coming
5:39 am
here to pick out their own backpacks. >> great. check in with you later. thanks. coming up here, a south bay man saves a woman being sexually assaulted. hear how he jumped into action. plus, ready for school, coming up on kron 4 news the best laptops out there for under $200. and after the break, macy's a closing 100 stories around the nation including the flagship store in san fransisco. what could happen to the building next.
5:40 am
5:41 am
packed full of flavor, one pint-sized hero was on a mission. looks like somebody's gotta save snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. . the time is 5:41. breaking news out of san fransisco of a b.a.r.t. delay. it started at the balboa b.a.r.t. station impacting service from downtown san fransisco to sfo. they are single tracking now so we have some movement but this is
5:42 am
causing a major delay between san fransisco and the peninsula. keep it tuned here and we'll keep you updated. major changes coming to the largest department stores, macy's announcing they're closing 100 stores across the nation and we're learning the company is in negotiations to sell its flagship store on stockton street. it will be sold for redevelopment. macy's will be adding a men's section to that main department store on geary on union square. macy's quarterly sales have been falling prompting the change to close stores that are underperforming. they closed 40 stores earlier in the year no word and what stores will close in other locations. there are four macy's in the bay area and no indication and how many employees will be impacted. catch your game for the day for the as, change of climate if
5:43 am
you're coming from inland. weekend forecast, a hot one, the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:44 am
5:45 am
oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. . welcome wack to the kron 4 coming up on 5:45. if you're traveling to thailand take precautions after a series of bombing attacks. four people are dead and dozens have been injured.
5:46 am
calvin riley was killed saturday night in aquatic park. he was killed while playing pokemon go go. his funeral will be today. a boy is hospitalized after falling out of a third story window at foster city. foster city police said the mother was with her son when he fell. and at 5:45, check in with robin and see how things are rolling on the streets. >> reporter: we have a major delay. the problem starting in the 4:00 hour. at 4:45 this morning there was a large spark and they have a repair crew on the scene working with the b.a.r.t. equipment problems, related to the insulator that failed. they're having a problem with electricity because of that. they have a maintenance on scene, working on cleaning up debris on
5:47 am
the tracks there. when we spoke with taylor huckaby from the communications department he told us they are single tracking so that will cause a major delay from those traveling from san fransisco over to the airport, the peninsula, or sfo. plan ahead this morning. wait it out and wait for the trains to single track or you can choose an alternate source of transportation. it will start to impact those of you who have to come from the east bay. keep it tuned here. make sure you follow me on twitter, i'll be posting updates there as well as robert winston tv. no big problems on the roads this morning. the backup you see here rolling into san fransisco, continues to grow. this is normal for a friday morning so it's backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing and slow stretches across the upper deck. we had unplanned caltrans work. 580 going to richmond, no big
5:48 am
problems. so a quick 8 minute trip from the tolls out to 101. bassco road, it's partially blocked the southbound sound at landfill where a driver went off the road, struck a power pole. pg&e on scene dealing with the power issues there. they have traffic control in place and hope to have it cleared by 7:00 this morning. check some drive times, 24 west looking good, no big problems for 580 castor valley, and no big trouble spots in san jose rolling into mill peters 8 minutes. here's dave with a good looking wet forecast. >> love the greens, too. the fog greeting us across the bay area. however this marine layer is very, very thin and with that we're thinking is we'll get this mixed out for us nicely. this high pressure zone, the marine layer sneaks in underneath it. it's a nice lid for us so it
5:49 am
provides an extra umf in heating. so, for those temperatures today we'll get some of those pink showing up in the sacramento valley. but today we're going to work with the 90s for the most part covering most of the inland spots, 70s in the bay. now, for tomorrow, this is what you can expect for highs for your saturday. upper 90s territory, antioch and livermore at 97 there, and those pinks indicate where the heavier or higher temperatures will be off to the sacramento valley. for today, mid to upper 70s along the east bay shoreline, richmond cooler, pleasanton at 95. heading north to the north bay, petaluma may be coming in at 96. bring the extra water bottles with you in travel there. as we head to the weekend for your sunday, that's where we may see
5:50 am
-- or saturday, we may see 100 pop out in some areas. then by wednesday another little shot, too, but 90s into next week. >> thank you. 5:49 is the time and to the south bay where a good samaritan who stopped a man sexually assaulting a woman in sunnyvale is speaking out about what happened. we have the story. >> reporter: this man's name is brian reed and we spoke to him about the incident of the he says it auld happened at 4:00 in the afternoon last thursday. he was with his girlfriend at the intersection of sunnyvale evelyn avenues. a man started sexually assaulting a woman. when he heard her screaming for help he jumped into action. >> i ran over and grabbed the guy off her. we got him on to the sidewalk. i tripped him over my foot and pinned him down to the ground while my girlfriend comforted the
5:51 am
victim and contacted the police. i held him down there. i asked him if he had done it before and he said yes he'd gotten away with it. he asked if i could let him go and i said it was too late. i scanned him for weapons when i ran up to him so it was all in one stride so it was something i had to decide whether i was going to take him down or not and i felt like i could and wasn't threatened necessarily by him. so i did. and i'd do it again if i had to. >> police arrested 34-year-old hilam win. he's been charged with misdemeanor battery with intent to rape. being held on $65,000 bail. and kron 4 getting you ready for school and we went in search of the best student laptops out there for under $200. >> reporter: laptops had hit an all-time low. i know it seems hard to believe but
5:52 am
nowadays you can get a quality, sturdy notebook for under $200 that will offer the tools that a student needs. these come loaded with hd displays, long lasting batteries, windows software and good storage. many come with office 365 which most students need. >> this can make a great first laptop for the younger student as long as they're not doing hard core gaming, video editing, things like that. this one has 2 gigs of memory, fast processing. the screen is small, 11.6 inches, by portable, blue, white and red. this one has a bigger screen at 14 inches but it was just as light weight. this thing felt like a feather. this one $199. if your student is mostly doing web searching researching, you could
5:53 am
consider a google chrome book. these used to be $300 but now they're going for as little as $150. a web based machine so efg you do on it and save on it is in the cloud under the google account. i have found this to be just as good as microsoft word for creating documents. for your average student these chrome books work great. big electronic retailers, check out our ready for school section we have posted on our website. you can find it on our mobile app. i've posted direct links for laptops under $200 that i recommend. and coming up, we're going to have more on this jetblue flight headed from boston to sacramento with severe turbulence. after the break, the famous main
5:54 am
street electrical parade. when you can check it out.
5:55 am
5:56 am
. it's 5:55 and the famous main street electrical parade is making its way back to disney land. it will end its run at walt disney world and then go to disneyland. it ran at disney from '72 to 1996, it features floats in colorful nights. it will continue through september 5th and then it will be at the park on certain nights during the holiday season. >> going to walmart, the deep fried twinkie jumping from the state fair to your freezer. it's real. >> i'm rolling my eyes. >> deep fried twinkies starting today at walmart.
5:57 am
get the cream filled snack in vanilla and chocolate. they've been finding ways to spark food sales. only 220 calories. >> for the regular it's 400. >> know 20220 220 i i've put it on my facebook, including baking instruction. >> maybe never again. >> following breaking news out of san fransisco where there is a b.a.r.t. problem near the balboa park station.
5:58 am
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5:59 am
. good morning.
6:00 am
>> the breaking news major b.a.r.t. delays in the peninsula right now. we're joined on the phone by a b.a.r.t. spokesperson terra huckaby. >> thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> are you stopping service between 24th and the peninsula or single tracking right now. >> we're establishing single tracking. we had trains briefly
6:01 am
>>robin winston: an alternate source of transportation is the best solution for now the stage is will be crowded the platforms will be crowded and trains will start to back of all those
6:02 am
problem isn't san francisco this is like richmond this is a look at the service this morning plan ahead and make sure you plan ahead and give yourself released an extra hour would finally make it into the station played close attention to the announcement that they are making service has stopped at 24 st. the problem started in the 4:00 hour they hope to have trained single tracking through the area shortly the rest of the bay area no other major traffic problems a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and you need to get into san francisco.
6:03 am
>>reporter: it is a very thin layer of marine layer in terms of this mixing out this morning but 55 san francisco 58 for oakland 58 hey were 62 for antioch for oakland this is our breaks down the lower '70s morning fall afternoon clear in a mild afternoon compared to how hot it will be 89 developing by 2:00 p.m.. >>reporter: it only begins a trend looking ahead a sneak peek into the weekend of our nineties by tomorrow and by sunday we get a minor relief from the weak system that will shave a few degrees off we will take a closer inspection. >>mark: police are investigating a deadly had the run and vallejo. >>will tran: to the point where they had to call pg&e to come
6:04 am
out to the scene no power lines damage led show you the video the reason why the cruise recall out this man will cost of some of will or he was hit so violently that he flew over the power line to about 20 ft. high and that his jacket was stuck on the power line that is why i had to call pg&e crews to shut down the lanes and removed his jacket. he is a 47 year-old man he was on the southbound direction of some boulevard about 2 mi. from the police apartment or a light colored nissan maxima slammed into the man obviously a high- speed and then answer pull over to help him the driver continued
6:05 am
to flee the scene where witnesses that is why there were able to get the make and model of the driver's car at this point the do not have a good description of the driver to release to the public they know that he is of a legal resident in his name is not being released to the public until his family has been notified in was so violent he died. >>mark: take all caution after a
6:06 am
series of bombings. ->>james: 4 people are dead and others injured at a multiple explosions hit four cities and some of the latest video from the scene shows to what the investigators are doing right now the explosions one off and several areas including popular cities home it is also won a shock south of bangkok and an early today about 10 foreigners are among those who were injured in the attack they have not said where they are from we're waiting for that information it is too soon to say who was behind the attack they do not believe is linked to islamic terrorism but as the investigation on falls we will update you. >>darya: family and friends are gathering in san mateo to mourn the death of a man who was shot and killed while playing a game
6:07 am
of vigil was held last night to remember calvin riley he was killed saturday night at a car parked near and dear dallas where his friends and family were at st. gregory's church saying goodbye and a funeral service is today his family also spoke to us about what he was like he was a positive influence everyone around tim so far police have no suspects and no possible motive in the debt issue and. >>darya: the water is that it was connected to him playing the game it was a lot of crimes are happening and people are unaware playing that game in the south
6:08 am
by a man said he was attacked and stabbed while he was playing the game in san jose and these old woman's phone walsh's plan the game in chinatown. >>mark: also city police are warning parents to make sure windows and not overlooked when it comes to safety his injuries
6:09 am
are considered life-threatening. >>darya: the 28 year-old promising young chef was killed he has no idea who will do this. >>darya: they're interviewing any possible witnesses he worked
6:10 am
in several does all this is including the team or the dominance and liquor to the monument. >>mark: to this the victims have come for so not in total there five victims ranging from 86 to 13. >>reporter: on thursday americans let the metal do the talking the hall and five more
6:11 am
gold becoming was her defense of for a digital crowd as she and teammate finished one-two in the individual all-around
6:12 am
>>darya: go away living in men's archery will hold a gold medal around the family of a man who was hit and killed by an amtrak train in san jose is now speaking exclusively to kron 4 what i had to say about what caused the accident there is another incident on a roller- coaster involving a child still have an update. i have asthma...
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>>robin winston: you will not be able to travel anywhere after 24 to the peninsula or to the airport as a from to consider an alternate source of transportation remember expect
6:17 am
delays on vast gold assets of of a car that struck a power pole early this morning track and control remains in place there's a little bit of a backup in those directions. >>reporter: there are some minor delays happened because of our use the we heavy overcast the marine layer that checked in this morning snuck in and it a high pressure zone in place and a little bit of little it will start to mix our little bit as we get the daytime heating.
6:18 am
>>reporter: you can see how it clears out for most of the area except along the coast, as a timber to go climbing watching the general pattern that is what the numbers will be popping well into the '90s you will see the '80s populate through much of the inland east bay along the east bay shoreline will call to the '70s insulated by the cool weather from the bay itself we're looking less 68 going on downtown conceptus 63 davis city about 65 getting across to the east bay ease the racial line 7577 for hayward with cochran and 91 walnut creek and 90 and pleasanton and 95 some of the communities for the to the east may top off of the upper 90s and then tomorrow may visit 100 the
6:19 am
hottest day for the weekend temporarily for sun them up for your boy injured after falling off overall close to an amusement park this is the for the amusement park accident in the nation the last five days to a spokesperson said a boy in pennsylvania was a part of his family and was riding the roller coaster it was about halfway through when the accident happened to. >>mark: they rush to the amusement park in the boy was and lifted to children's hospital it was built in 1938 and had been inspected earlier that morning this is the for the middle of our taxes and
6:20 am
sunday that is when the boy died on the water slide in kansas city two people injured when a cable the task will ride an amusement park in ohio not on monday free children fell from affairs will it in tennessee leaving a six your girl in critical condition they're still trying to figure out exactly how the three your boy.
6:21 am
>>james: forestalls follow the special seating order they say the adults make sure you keep your hands inside of the ride if you don't think your child is on to the following rules do not let them ride on the ride.
6:22 am
>>darya: they're trying to solve a 10 year old murder case that in august of 2006 all this time there been no arrest and they do not have a motor of the mayor's office is now offering of $250,000 reward for information a san jose baby was reported missing has been found safe but his mother's is still nowhere to be found that 10 months old and his mother had not been seen since july 9th would total about this on the morning news yesterday and another police looking for them the d.a.'s
6:23 am
office now says they have the boy and he is safe investigators have not said where or how they found the child they believe that his mother kidnapped him after she learned she had lost custody of her voice. >>mark: family members said the 35 year-old was deaf and he lost his hearing and a young age because of an infection they say he did not drive according to his family he was walking across the train tracks to get to the store on the other side his family says he never wanted to let his disability stop him from doing anything he would celebrate his 36th birthday next week megawatt fires still burn
6:24 am
across california firefighters have made overnight new information about the sky diving accident that killed an 18 year- old northern california man we will be. be.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin winston: for those of you who take debarked expect a major delay traveling into and out of san francisco to and from the peninsula the service disruption of over an hour--are to--bart coughed >>robin winston: this all started in the 4:00 our new balboa park what you need to know you will only go as far as 24th street if you need to get to the airport or the peninsula choose an alternate source of transportation they hope to get some movement they want to start subtracting we're still waiting for of day but plan ahead for made to the late will definitely keep you updated.
6:27 am
>>darya: it a 626 and cover california the instructor who led a tandem jump that turned deadly in northern california did not have the advance parachuting certificate required by federal regulators, according to united states parachute association he was killed along with an 18 year-old boy on saturday when the parachute failed to open and the crass and the vineyard to the owner of the sky diving center had previously said that shut had made a 700 jumps but the owner has not commented on this new information to his mother is calling for an investigation. >>mark: the bus was on highway
6:28 am
135 near the community that is near santa maria on the bus began to smoke the driver slowed to 5 mi. from our 28 people on board began jumping off the bus went off the road and burned cause of a small brush fire that was quickly contained the cause of the accident is under investigation. >>reporter: thousands of children will receive but back to school supplies ahead of the first day of school.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>robin winston: the have repair crew on this scene in san francisco they're dealing with this problem as started around 445 if you are trying to get into a lot of san francisco if you're trying to get to and from the peninsula considered howe tried they're trying to work of art off to provide mutual aid for now trains of a turnaround at 24 sri this is what impact a lot of folks headed to the airport you may end up missing your flight if you stand there at the station and wait for them
6:31 am
to restore service plan ahead this morning and we believe this is one to lead to an increase of traffic on the road around the bay area normally on a friday morning if only backs up to west grand right now we're seeing a back of the stretching into the maze on to the east shore free wedding even if you're not catching our your normal commuter you still need to leave early. early >>robin winston: we will stay on top of this and we will post updates on twitter. >>reporter: same situation at
6:32 am
the golden gate there to towers drizzle in the early morning travel they really have not moved bit 2 or 50's a little warmer 62 antioch 58 livermore we may see the numbers pop little higher this time tomorrow morning due to the fact of the nice warmup concord livermore run up. >>darya: 2 people wanted in connection of the debt to double shooting they're still on the loose this morning this is what
6:33 am
we first broke as news of this double shooting it happened at 145 monday morning in the 9900 block of in cairo and hear the video from that day police a group of men shot at a truck and killed two men inside. >>darya: that put the man back in the truck and then set on fire but he was able to get out just before the police got there the video that we've been showing you look at this of the fire at its peak. >>james: the good news is the fire and 99 percent contain it
6:34 am
burn just under nine square miles to buildings were destroyed the cause of the fire is still under investigation firefighters are making progress on the maps of the citrons fire between carmela big sur the fire was started by an illegal camp fire one person has died in a fire so far by the way there is another spare the air alert issued because of the excessive smog and the smoke from the fire you ask to limit your
6:35 am
driving because of high levels of smog this the 15th and 19th street station in oakland they're looking at redesigning those rest rooms. >>mark: this move could be approved by the fall. >>darya: it is time to get you ready for school that is what the community is doing in the 14th annual back at giveaway.
6:36 am
>>reporter: they will walk over to this wall over here and they will pit one of these bags these are bags 47 $5 full of school supplies we were able to
6:37 am
talk to the education share and he talked about the impact that it had apparent.
6:38 am
>>james: we are born to tell you why the efforts are being stalled this morning.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: there is a repair crew on seen working with equipment problem we hope to start selling single tracking meanwhile considered many and how trained as an alternate they will provide mutual aid for people trying to get to the peninsula if you need to get to the airport this morning considered driving do expect major delays this is going to
6:42 am
drop off to rest of the system make sure you plan ahead. >>darya: test we have some tips a you can be smart about buying a supplies be aware of that ad whenever you see an ad tech a look at the fine print next to be prepared for returns read the return policy check out to house because a lot of times you have left the rain that it is
6:43 am
perfectly go for another year the sea its fee is winning hand for the pot harvest we will explain what they will be doing.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>darya: funeral be held today for 20 your account and riley a memorial he will be buried tomorrow he was the one that was killed at the aquatic park and to your boy hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after falling our third story window and foster city the mother was what her son when he fell. >>robin winston: the latest of the is that they have left the scene that is good news with the an equipment problem the start and the 4:00 hour they're running with a car inspection shrines to make sure that the tracks are ok they're working on
6:47 am
a bare and spent in the tracks trains will start moving and single track and surely we latona about this for about two hours it is backed the to the foot of the maze moving well across the upper deck 20 to 25 minutes from the maze getting over to the sky when.
6:48 am
>>robin winston: from hercules to may's 15 minute it is not a bad drive time as far the rest of the bay area is not all bad out of the santa cruz mountain a good rises expect the delay is that as in livermore a car struck a power pole early this morning traffic control remains in place. >>reporter: that is one to providing the scale pushing the temperatures much higher the
6:49 am
progress so far lifting you don't see much erosion the model said no sweat by 11:00 a.m. in the sea is starting to clear out pretty nicely along the east bay shoreline we should be selling it will be showing you some specifics you can notice it starts to get back into some of those in one spot we may look to some of those and lanier is a little warmer tomorrow morning. >>reporter: places like little more antioch 97 and a couple of hundred agree marks are not impossible to see a slight relief ever so slightly in we will pick back up it will see all this in the seventh
6:50 am
forecast-we won back up for the balance of the week it is a 90 story. >>mark: 5 people are still missing after an explosion and fire at of our complex and maryland. >>james: we know this morning there is the least one child among the people that are missing search efforts haven't from hold because of safety
6:51 am
concerns listed in this video in this explosion happened late wednesday night and this fireball erupted part of the buildings collapsed they said this could of been a possible gas explosion right now they're on hold because of fear that is building could continue to collapse to the were confirmed killed in this explosion their bodies were found but when others were injured he says the was kron 4 in the afternoon late thursday he was with his girlfriend at the intersection of sunnyvale that is when he said he saw all woman who was at
6:52 am
a nearby crosswalk being attacked by a man >>darya: cpolice arrested a 34 year-old in connection with this
6:53 am
so he is charged with felony assault and prizm and mr. menem battery and intent to commit rape he's been held of $65,000 bail. >>mark: will be watching the market saw. .
6:54 am
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>>mark: the panama have been able to sustain life and the distant past in lebanon habitable for up to 2 billion years things a much different as the carbon dioxide atmosphere 90 times as thick as our there was
6:57 am
no water vapor left on the planet temperatures reach over a hundred degrees the study was published this week in the journal geophysical research there is a major delay because of an earlier equipment problem the good news is service have been restored that is what problem started early this morning. >>robin winston: it is great news to those traveling between san francisco now we have a cow trying to allay those details coming up stay with us will be right back
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>: the latest of the is will restore service between 24 street mission and daily sitting however we're going to be running trains manually will look at made to the leas system wide particularly in the west to bay > 20 minutes over the next hour those delays should begin to dissipate we're asking people to add 68 minutes >>: we
7:00 am
have major delays but we should begin to see those dissipate over the next 45 minutes to


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