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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 16, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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small relief for people in wake county dealing with another devastating wildfire. >> authorities say the man accused of starting the 4000 acre clayton fire is not behind bars. >> damin pashilk is facing 17 counts of arson in connection with several fires in the county over the past year . including this light and fire which has forced thousands from their homes. >> we talked with residents after the arrest. >> reporter: the clayton fire has torn through much of lake county and tonight the sheriff sent a message for those who live here. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin
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pashilk . we were able to arrest him on 17 counts of arson. [ applause ] >> reporter: cheers from evacuees he learned that a suspected serial arsonist is behind bars in connection with the clayton fire and other lake county fires within the past year. >> i told the da and the cal fire prosecutor that if they do not have into the wall, i will. >> and arsonist to me amounts to domestic terrorist. >> reporter: she is concerned about her home. she was out of town when the clayton fire started. she got back and was unable to get to her house. but witnessed claims nearby. >> i stood there and watched it burn.
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it is all gone. i have in here a year and a half. >> reporter: she is hoping that her home is still standing. i asked investigators if more arrest could be coming, they would not get into the details of the investigation. we map the fires out. of the clayton fire tore through the town of lower like yesterday. it is so small compared to fires of last year. this one is about a few miles south of clearlake. 1500 structures are threatened. it is burning to the east. that is good because it is mostly open space. you see the other three larger fire zones from last year's big
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fires in lake county. the rocky founder -- fire and the jerusalem fire consumed almost 100,000 acres. this is the third worst wildfire in state history when you measure it by structures this droid -- destroyed. it destroyed nearly 2000 structures more than 76 76,000 acres were charred. four fires in two years for a community that is become accustomed to rebuilding. officials say the fire is burning away from the more populated areas at this hour. you never know how the winds will shift. a lot of people are still not able to return to their homes if they have one. there are several in evacuation centers open in the lower lake at clearlake areas. they include healthy bill high school, seventh-day adventist church in
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the twin pines casino. the fire has forced many schools to shut down. here is a partial list of the closures. our coverage of this devastating fire continues nonstop online on our website we have more. there is breaking news in the south bay. police are investigating a deadly shooting out of san jose. two men showed up to the regional medical center just before 630 tonight with gunshot wounds. one man was pronounced dead. the other is expected to survive. investigators believe the shooting may have occurred in the vicinity of north white road in east san jose. no word on arrests. victims
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identity has not been released. no arrest in the murder of a san francisco chef. >> the body of a 28-year-old man was found in a stairwell at the westfield shopping center. >> we spoke with his girlfriend who called police when he went missing. >> reporter: last wednesday the body was found in an emergency exit stairwell inside the shopping mall. >> he was my favorite guy. >> reporter: his girlfriend said she is heartbroken. >> probably the hardest thing that i have ever had to go through. just because i really loved him . we loved each other. >> reporter: he was a cook at michelin star restaurant sons and daughters in san francisco union square. it was his dream job. >> he was really proud of it.
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he wanted to work in a michelin star restaurant and that is the reason why he decided to go to sons and daughters. he was so happy about it. >> reporter: investigators have ruled his death a homicide and no suspects have been identified. the motive is a mystery. she cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt him. >> he was very funny. he was at that show through sometimes. >> reporter: she and his family have been in regular contact with investigators who have told them they are getting tips and following up on leads. i want to believe they are doing everything they can. >> i hope that is the case. i believe they are here the head arborist for the cities park department came out to washington square park to inspect the trees near where a woman was critically injured on friday. she was hit by a nearly
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100 pound lamb while watching her children play. the city said it appears the limb snapped off a healthy treat. the trees were assessed in 2010 by an outside contractor and pruned in 2013. the arborist said he is not seen any problems so far but plans to inspect each tree in the park before any further action is taken. a gorgeous start to the workweek. >> some parts are starting to heat up. >> we in 1803, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre. that was the greatest deal ever. until i made this one. now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. take that history. scrambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown,
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there will be a wide
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temperature spread again. >> it is a good thing and a bad thing. there is a 30 degree temperature difference for us tomorrow. mild at the coast. warm for places like san jose. received the red in the pink, it is mid-90s and temperatures pushing into the triple digits. that is the setup for us. most locations in the mid-50s by 11:00 we push into the 60s. by 2:00 you will notice antioch in the 90s. where we stopped tomorrow, 89 in san jose.
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warm conditions in napa at 78. seven-day forecast shows a few changes on the way. we will warm up before we cooldown. hot in the temperatures expected. you will see if i degree job. along the bay it will be low 70s. another round of dramatic temperatures tomorrow. we will start to see the gap closing as we get closer to the weekend. we will continue to cover the important stars of the day. most notably the fires in a lake county.
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>> have a good night.
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