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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 16, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> my pleasure to announce the rest of at the paschall on 17 counts of arson -- the arrest of anthony paso dish damin pashilk is behind bars. he is 40 years old, lives in clear lake. for massive clayton fire is not the only fire he is accused of starting. pashilk is accused of 17 counts of light -- arson that has caught $17 million in damage. here are the flames going to
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the community of clayton on sunday. more evacuations are underway this morning. we have team coverage of this fire and we will be checking with kron 4 reported jackie sissel in a little bit. we want to get weather and traffic first. >> of the things we will look at is the wind. the humidity is not as dry as it was yesterday. that a little bit of a plus. let's go forward to give you an idea what these wins will be like today. -- these winds will be like today. these winds will sometimes be very telling of how the situation will be for us. you can see somewhat calm to start things off, but in the afternoon the wind start to uptick a little bit, and you need to be careful to watch for
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any embers at work. i will have to be off camera to do this as we go for with this. that's go see what's going on with local conditions right now. this is our fog tracker and we watched the fog role in. it is dense along the coast, just like yesterday. you may have to use those windshield wipers intermittently. here's what the fog tracker says . we see the fog mix out quickly by about 9:00 a.m. and about noon it starts to clear out nicely for us, only to return by tomorrow morning. we are between the onshore- offshore full before the high starts to be -- begin to build in earnest. we are 54% risk of, 59 hayward, 69 concorde, livermore at 57.
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contract is only a couple degrees off from yesterday's comparison so we are close on that front. we will be pretty much the way we had been the past few days to oakland gets to middle 70s, morning fog, clearing and a mild afternoon. there you have the golden great -- old and gate bridge. they are doing some roadwork if you are heading south. temperatures get to 81 by about 12:00 but light fog and drizzle will be there, so wipers should be used intermittently. if you are in traffic soon, we will run a report. what's up? >> we are off to a good start, a live look at the right into san francisco. the approach to the bay bridge is nice and smooth across the upper deck and all the way through downtown san francisco, so eight minutes from the main city skyline. we are doing fine out there, a little foggy but no major problems if you need to come from the north bay. it is less than 25 minutes from nevada to san francisco. >> on highway 24 if you have to go to concorde, it is looking
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good. antioch 242 to concorde is looking good. 580 is wide open through livermore valley into dublin, 90 minutes from two oh five to the interchange. north 101 leaving san jose, no big problems. so from 85 to 237 in sunnyvale, that northbound drive is still under 20 minutes. news out of lake county as we follow the clayton fire that continues to burn this morning. this is video of the fire as it was burning through lower lake sunday. jackie sissel has been in lower lake since that time reporting on us for that fire and he joins us with an update on the battle against that fire in lake county. let's get to him live. jackie jackie.
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>> reporter: good morning, james. you talk about the rest of that arsonist. that is little comfort for the hundreds of people that are dealing with the destruction in downtown lower lake. i'm on main street and you see red tape up keeping people away. as i plan to the left, you see that habitat for humanity building that also burned down. it's a much different seen this morning that it was just 24 hours ago. there is power that looks like it has been restored to some areas of downtown lower lake but you can still seek shells of cars that are burned out. still a long way to go for firefighters. the heart of the fire broke out on sunday evening, whipping through a huge swath of lower lake, taking buildings and businesses in its path. that fire is still burning out of control. the last estimate he got from calfire last night was still at 4000 acres, only five% contained. the heartbreaking part of the story is 175 structures,
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many houses and businesses here in lower lake, are completely destroyed. we are still talking about over 4000 evacuees, mandatory evacuation in the area area. let's talk about some of the evacuations that are still in place. all of morgan valley road, north spruce grove road, to receive them great road and highway 53 and highway 29 junction is still closed out here this evening. dave talked about the weather. i can tell you yesterday here in lake county, it was upwards of 95 degrees. just like dave talked about, that wind started to whip up to right now it's significantly cooler absolutely clear. the smoke is starting to settle down out here, which is good news. the firefighters hope once more they can hit this wire from the air and get it completely under control. we are hoping to get an update from calfire later this morning to describe where they are on
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this fire fighting and how many structures, and how soon those evacuees can get back into their homes that are left. >> incredible to see those pictures. jackie, when you were out there yesterday we could still see going pockets of small fires burning around town. by the looks of it, that doesn't seem to be the case still this morning. >> reporter: not here. james, you have to understand that it's a very spread out area. i'm right at the heart of downtown lower lake. you can see some businesses back there in the distance. so i'm on main street. but there are pockets spread out for miles out here in a very rural area that firefighters may or may not have gotten to yesterday. we may still find those pockets of hotspots around the lower lake area. i can tell you that the smoke is significantly less than it was yesterday. yesterday this whole area
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looked like a fog bank. today it is much easier to breathe. so maybe it needs some of those hotspots have been knocked down. they always have to wait until daybreak. once they can get the planes and captors in the air, they get a good sense of where the fire is, where it moved to overnight, and where the hotspots are. >> reporter: jackie, thank you for your reporting here the past few days >> a few people were able to come back to see what was left during the day yesterday, residents of that part of lower lake. one building destroyed was a 200-year-old church. we were first on the scene when the pastor of the united methodist church came back for closer look at the wreckage. >> incredible. >> reporter: this is the first time this pastor had been back to take a look at the damage to the united methodist church in lower lake caught by the clayton fire. >> and the church, one of the oldest structures in lower lake , is gone. >> reporter: the church has
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served the community for more than a century since 1846. a global map image shows what it used to look like before it was consumed by the fire. >> we just planned on having the building repainted, and there's nothing to repent. >> reporter: he said a very active congregational 70 people attended sunday's service here. this last week will be there last at the historic site. >> and i locked the doors on sunday and now it's gone. >> reporter: this home also burned completely to the ground just next door to that church. there's not much to come pick up. there is a stove. >> it's kind of devastating. there is not a piece left. there is remnants.
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i can't tell what was the pno and what the furnace was. i can see my desk over there crumpled up. other than that, you can't recognize anything. >> reporter: the pastor helps the committee will take on the challenge of building the church from the ground up. >> we will start again. >> reporter: >> again, lake county has seen a great deal of devastation in the past few years. a fire tour through the town of lower lake on sunday. this map gives you a perspective of this fire compared to the devastation they saw last year. again, the lower lake fire just a few miles south of clearlake, 4000 acres and counting. last year's valley fire burned to the west of the clayton fire. parts of middletown, cobb and other areas were leveled. more than 76,000 acres were charting that fire. four people died, and destroying nearly 2000 structures. it is considered the third worst wildfire in state history. and in august of last year the
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jerusalem fire started and grew to more than 25,000 acres in bed -- merging with the southern rocky fire. six homes were destroyed in that fire. the impact continues today. the fire has forced school to shut down. here's a quick list of closures. blue heron school, burns elementary, continuation high school,. the next graphic shows you the next list continues, highlander kennedy, lewis center, and also lower lake elementary, lower lake high school and como elementary school. all 11 schools are in the unified school district. the closure is expected to last all week long. yesterday was supposed to be the first day back to school but that didn't happen at this fire ripped through town. our coverage of this devastating fire covers at also we have video, a slideshow
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of the flames and a complete list of school closures in the surrounding area. it's all just a click away at we'll take it quick break. the time is 4:11. it had been just under a week that the man was found murdered inside a bay area shopping mall to we spoke to his girlfriend who is still searching for answers this morning. plus, there have been five homicides in hayward in the past 15 days. the police tell us what is behind the spike in crime. and we will cover the historic flooding in louisiana that is all coming up next here on kron 4. here's a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. we also get a commute check from robin. stick around.
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>> 4:14, national headlines this time. homes covered in water in baton rouge. the stork flooding across
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southern louisiana have led to seven deaths. more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes, and 11,000 are staying in shelters. the governor of louisiana expects disasters to be declared in nearly half of the states 64 parishes. more rain is forecast for today as well, so it looks like the water won't be receiving until perhaps tomorrow. >> scattered showers are still in the forecast, and really all over the deep south. look at that map. this is a severe prediction center. where you see all the green, that is the scattered thunderstorms activity we will continue to see. up north you see this tan color to the north at pennsylvania, new york state. that's where the heaviest thundershowers are going to have severe weather going on with this front. it is expected to be
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north this time of year. we are watching the system potentially to hit louisiana but potentially could become something that was going to become tropical. where we are in california, there is actually some scattered thundershowers making note of in the mountains that go all the way from our mountains up to washington state . i put some showers on that, a little trough over my shoulders, so we are talking about a big time more mark by the end of the week -- a big- time warm-up by the end of the week. for tahoe it may drift a bit west potentially and get into the sacramento valley, something to be watched. as you watch this go into motion, this turns to fog and has us all socked in. this will clear today by the noon hour. 9:00 a.m. maybe problematic but you see it clears out again to sunny weather for the most part. and again tonight the fog returns in some of the valleys.
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sixty-nine% francisco, morning clouds and all that. upper 70s for the bay shoreline . meanwhile the dakotas 70s at work -- 60s, rather. san mateo 77 and redwood 77. palo alto 79. mid 80s for the southbay. eighty-six for san jose. east bay shoreline, oakland coming in at 74, a bit of relief coming in from the bay. meanwhile hayward at 85 in pleasanton 95. ninety-two for walnut creek. on the seven-day forecast, it gets warmer tomorrow. then we stay 90s for couple days, and then we returned back to the 80s for the weekend. checking out traffic, here's robin. >> let's head over to 92 and take a look at the right across the san mateo bridge. the commute they're leaving hayward as a nice ride, no big problems over to the peninsula,
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15 minutes from 8802 the one-to- one connector. around the bay area, perhaps you need to get into san francisco. no big problems at the babeoo bridge. nice and light. it will be under ten minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. heading to richland center fall bridge, westbound also a great ride rolling into the north bay, eight minutes from the polls to go 101. all the area bridges are in fantastic shape. let's check here, 24, 580, the freeway all looking good. in the southbay it is quiet too, some little problems for 101 south san jose from 101 through sunnyvale. 4:18, happening now in the southbay the search is on for a shooter who killed a man in san
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jose. two men were shot when they went to regional medical center of san jose and about 6:20 last night. one man died shortly thereafter and the other man's injuries are considered not life-threatening. police believe that shooting happened near north white road in east san jose. police are back to getting motive. we learn new information on the two young man who were killed in the east bay over the weekend, 20-year-old craig fletcher cox and terrence mccrary. they were shot and killed at a birthday party in oakland on sunday. we now know that both men went to berkeley high school and played on the football team. they had moved to oakland since graduating. so far police haven't released information about a suspect or motive. area headlines, tomorrow mixed -- marks one week to the man was murdered inside a bay area mall, 28-year-old frank galicia was found that at the westfield shopping center. his killer is still on the loose this morning. charles clifford spoke with his girlfriend who called police when galicia went to sing.
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>> reporter: last wednesday the body of 28-year-old frank galicia was found in an emergency exit stairwell inside the westfield shopping mall just after 10:00 a.m. >> here's my favorite. >> reporter: his girlfriend said she is heartbroken he is gone. >> probably the hardest thing that i've ever had to go through , just because i really loved him, and we really loved each other. >> reporter: galicia was a cook at michelin star restaurant sons and daughters in san francisco's union square. it was his dream job. >> he was proud of it go he wanted to work in a michelin star restaurant, and that's why he decided to go to sons and daughters, and he was so happy about it. >> reporter: a basket's rolled his death a homicide, and so far no suspects have been identified, and the motive remains a mystery.
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ariel can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him. >> nobody had anything bad to say about frank. he was very funny and he would let that show through sometimes. >> reporter: ariel said she and frank family have been in regular contact with investigators who told them they are getting tips and following up on leads. >> i want to believe they are doing everything that they can, and i hope that's the case. i believe they are. >> reporter: in san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> in politics, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani facing backlash this morning. critics aren't happy with comments he made during a trump rally in ohio yesterday. take a listen. >> by the way, under those eight years before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> giuliani was mayor during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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a spokesperson jason miller tried to clarify basing giuliani was only talking about after the 9/11 attack and before obama took office. still, the comment drew wide treatises him on social media from survivors of 9/11. >> back to the bay area and to the east bay were a 15-year-old girl is reunited with her family. we covered it exclusively because of our report a viewer recognized dnr, and the police were able to bring her home. the teenager left home last monday and her mother said she thought she left voluntarily with a friend she may have met online. a friend recognize her on a bart train in concord leading police to the area where they found her yesterday. she was missing for nine days with credit card, cell phone or money. police have not yet released the details of how she was recovered. coming up, kevin hart gets married to his longtime girlfriend. daily wrap is
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coming up next on kron 4. here's a look at the bridge on i-80 where you see it is at least nice and light at 4:22 in the morning. we will get more from robin when we come back. ♪ music extraordinary starts here. new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights. k-y intense.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. checking in on your morning commute, looking good so far. if you need to get to the richmond center fell bridge, a live look at the approach to the toll plaza. it wide open. moving to the north bay, use it now. >> to entertainment news document kevin hart tied the not and criminal minds fires one of its stars. that and more in today's daily wrap. >> it's me from hollywood today live and this is the htl daily wrap. kevin hart made a longtime girlfriend in santa barbara. she was wearing a
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beautiful gown. last week kevin didn't ask for a prenup so they must really be in love. >> suicide squad killed at the walks office, pulling and $43.7 million in ticket sales. that's all for the daily wrap. >> you can always watch hollywood today live every weekday afternoon at 1:00 following law and order.
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>> a person is arrested suspected of starting this devastating crazy fire. we are live in lower lake and we will have details about that arrest and where the firefighters are this morning coming up in a live report. >> and back to school forecast, talking partly cloudy skies by noon, 84 in that. mostly sunny by 3:00 p.m. and 95 in that. mom, be sure to have extra water bottles. after break, the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> good morning, coming up on 4:30, welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. a check on the weather for today, i noticed a lot of fog where i was on the east bay. >> it made a lot of progress again this morning, and it is covering up the entire bay and bay bridge as well. golden eight bridge as well. changes talking about all those
4:30 am
in land valleys. we see a repeat performance happening tonight. that high will be ultimately buildings let me cap off some intrusion of the fog in land. more important, giving some cooling for nice overnight lows that are a bit better but unfortunately when it warms up that will be less the case. warming up in land it will clear up nicely. on the east bay more sluggish, you see it clears up nicely except for the coast. it comes back again into the valley for 4:00 a.m. tomorrow again. temperatures, 59 in oakland and hayward, livermore 57, 54 san francisco and 62% josi. this is close to yesterday. looking at oakland for the breakdown gets you to 71 by 2:00. we have afternoon clearing going on. a mild afternoon. the day looks like 60 by 8:00 a.m. and by high noon 81. those temperatures raising to
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the '90s as you will notice. for the bay it will probably be in the 70s with the coast hanging at the lower 60s. tomorrow will be warmer about in the 70s to a bit of a cool down. robin is standing by with a traffic update. >> checking in on the bay bridge to transfer in cisco i see a bit of a backup in the cash lane. there only two cash lanes open so there is a bit of crowding. if you have fast-track, right down the middle you see those lanes are nice and smooth. not going to be a problem for you. overall, less than ten minutes getting to the skyway. let's check other bridges. how about the golden gate, 101, traffic coming from the north bay looking good. no problems here north or south. eleven south is doing fine, so less than 25 minutes from highway 37 to the san francisco side toll plaza. checking out road sensors, nothing but green all around so we are still hotspot free.
4:32 am
no problems for 680 heading to sonoma. getting to the south eight -- southbay, 880 is a quick eight minutes up to 237. 101 north is looking good and to 80 from san jose, 101 roy to the 85 cupertino nice and light. only 11 minutes. >> thank you, robin, 4:31 the time. let's get the latest on breaking news. lake county fires, firefighters are working to put out the massive wildfire that destroyed more than 175 homes and businesses. we have new information this morning. this man from clearlake is facing charges accused of starting the clayton fire. investigate is arrested damon anthony pashilk on seven counts of arson. he caused the fire which cost more than $10 million in damage.
4:33 am
investigate believe he started several fires over the past year . look at this video. this show the flames tearing through lower lake on sunday. the clayton fire has continued to grow and evacuations are still underway this morning. jackie sissel is live in lower lake with the progress that firefighters have made over the past 24 hours. downtown where you are, jackie, it looks a little better this morning. >> reporter: it does look a little better this morning, james. but you talk about the rest of the suspected arsonist. many people will be happy to hear that but little solace for the hundreds of people burned out of their homes and this is all they have to come back to. i'm actually at the habitat for humanity building on main street, and you see it is completely gutted. another business here on main street is completely gone. you can see several cars in the background, only shells remain out here.
4:34 am
is ipad two main street you see there are some cars, some authorities at the roadblock at 29 but other than that it is very quiet and the smoke is starting is starting to settle. let's take a look at what it looked like just 48 hours ago when the fire broke out here in lower lake. at the time it ravaged the area of my devastating hundreds of homes in the area, dotting across the firefighters couldn't keep up with the flames. ultimately we're told as the last update came in, 4000 evacuations, 4000 acres burned, 175 homes destroyed. that's why calfire's -- what calfire says for right now. some of that information may change as we get closer to daybreak. we were talking about the weather situation. yesterday afternoon in this area it was about 95 degrees and later in the afternoon, three or 4:00, we started to
4:35 am
see winds pick up. obviously calfire would like to see those winds subside and the smoke clear. was they are able to get aircraft up, at that point they will be able to figure out exactly where the fire has moved to. you talk about evacuations. there are still mandatory evacuations in place including clayton, morgan valley, east spruce grove, jerusalem great highway, 53 at 29 is still close. so still a lot of work to do. as soon as calfire can get a handle on the actual flames of this and get a perimeter set up, then we can start talking about the rebuilding of the infrastructure around here. power is still out here at lower lake so that is why people are not going to be allowed to come back into the homes until they restore not only power but water and all the services they need. the road is still closed as you come in here, only official then media allowed in. obviously a lot of
4:36 am
people are anxious. yesterday i could hear people talking as i was having breakfast saying that they wanted to get in, they can't get in, they don't know anything about their homes. we know they are 175 structures that have burned but for thousand of others, they are curious whether or not they have anything to come back to. >> checking mention closures, i will remind you we have a complete list of school closures in that part of the north bay on the website at >> of course we have been seeing incredible pictures too, which we will show throughout the morning as well. in the east bay police don't have many lead in a deadly stabbing that happened in hayward sunday. what is more concerning is it is the fifth homicide in hayward in the past 13 days. spencer blake went there to see what people employees are saying about the spike in crime. >> reporter: this is precisely the spot where a man died after
4:37 am
getting stabbed sunday night. he had an out having a drink from a nearby store and was attacked on the way home. neighbors say he lay bleeding on the corner less than a block from his own home before he passed away. before all this happened hayward police were already shocked by four other homicides in the first week of august. >> is it an anomaly that we have for homicide in the city? it's something that has never happened that people who have been here for many years can't remember that happening. >> reporter: now that number has climbed to five in the first two weeks of august, making it homicides in town for all of 2016. >> i was unaware of this. usually there are on other places besides a. >> reporter: police say the stabbing does not appear to be related to the four other cases. the first two with domestic homicides. the next two may have common gang ties to go one of the victims was a teenager. >> i think that's pretty crazy.
4:38 am
growing up in hayward, you never hear any news about in hayward so to hear that just blows me away that stuff like that happens in hayward. >> reporter: witnesses reported two mail taking off in a white car after the stabbing. was are asking for information. police did make arrests in the domestic homicides but the other three cases are still open. in addition to all of this there is some officer-involved shooting over the weekend. police arrested two people for attempted murder of a peace officer. in hayward, spencer blake, kron 4 news. >> still had on the kron 4 more news, a woman is in the hospital the smoke this morning -- this morning after being injured by a fallen tree limb in san francisco. we will have the whole interview coming up ahead. back-to-school shopping can get ready expensive, especially the clothes. there are mobile's that can help you save a lot of money on clothes for teenagers and kids. that's coming up on kron for news -- on kron 4 news.
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>> good morning, 4:40 is the time. kron 4 wants to get ready for school and gabe slate shows us how to save money on clothes shopping. >>] and teenagers can get expensive, and then they grow out of them halfway through the year and you have to buy more. i'm going to show you three apps that can get new or like new kid close at a fraction of the retail price. a little side note if you have used kids close in decent condition, you can also use these --. >> having a problem there with dave story. for direct links to the apps that dave was talking about or will be talking about when you hear the store, head to our ready for school section on the website to go there are resources there for you at kron 4
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news. you can also access it through our mobile app as well. here are some stories we are working on for you for the kron 4 news news at 5:00 -- there are several wildfires burning across the state including this explosive fire on california's central coast. plus a bittersweet night for simone biles after she won a bronze medal on the balance beam. the stumbled at cost to the gold. researchers are taking the idea of wearable technology to a whole new level. take a look at a smart tattoo that can be used to control digital devices. those stories and more coming up on the kron 4 news at 5:00. >> right now the real estate
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market, many are calling this a prime market because if you are a homeowner wanted to gain the most, now maybe the best time. >> reporter: how do you help able? >> a variety of individuals come to me with a lot of different scenarios. perhaps there's an individual wants to buy up, they want to increase the property value into another property or location. perhaps they want to downsize or retire. a lot of times investors i wanting to unload investor properties. sometimes they get tired of being a landlord. they are able to help a variety of individuals who want to gain the most. >> reporter: are you suggesting that the house be in good condition to sell? >> in this market you can really sell in average condition they don't have to spend all the time, energy and a lot of money fixing up a property when perhaps a buyer won't appreciate it. you can still capture the most from this market. and if you have a cell that want to sell and buy at the same time, sometimes that is a stressful situation for homeowners, where they have a home to sell and they want to
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move up and transition. but by working with me, i'm able to take it by a step-by- step process so i can help you determine a best plan and to make that transition smooth and countable. nosy neighbors? nobody likes a nosy neighbor. i don't focus on any of those routine open houses or for sale signs. when they call me they will speak with me directly. >> that's perfect, suzanne. if you like a consultation, please call suzanne today at 800-89 3- 6665 or by e-mail at the address below. . 4:43, welcome back to the kron 4 news morning news. his headlines. a 40-year-old man from clearlake behind bars this morning accused of starting that destructive clayton fire. damin pashilk is accused of starting this massive fire that had burned 4000 acres so
4:45 am
far and is expected to grow. it's only five% contained. 1500 more homes are threatened. we will have a live report from lower lake in just 15 minutes. plus 20-year-old craig fletcher cox and terrence mcclary were shot and killed while at a birthday party in oakland on sunday. we now know that both men went to berkeley high school and played for the football team. they had moved to oakland since graduating. police have increased any information. a 15-year-old girl from san leandro has been reunited with her family. a viewer recognize the girl on a train near concorde after seeing the report. the teenagers missing for nine days of no critical, so phone or money. again, she has been united with the family. as for the weather here on tuesday morning, it is foggy in land but not bad at the golden gate bridge. davis tracking the forecast for us. >> actually a bit of drizzle
4:46 am
too, with the travels. it's intermittent windshield wipers. on a space or line it may be as -- a bit slow. that big giant h you see in the west will be a player for us tomorrow particularly as we start to see probably the hottest day of our seven day bunch. meanwhile this line is kind of a trough area, the area that we have right here along the mountains around reno and so forth that will drive some potential showers as early as today but through the middle of the week. it seems like we have this heat wave and we will have some showers. a little wrinkle where the atmosphere comes together and get some convection going on in the mountains. as far as the fog is concerned, it has covered up all the valleys. as we go to the model to see the clear out, by 9:00 a.m. you see it is pretty much clear
4:47 am
in the inland areas but along the east bay shoreline it's a little sluggish but it does clear out finally. the return flow gets before back and some of those alleys including into the south and. over the next 24 hours we will get into the '90s for inland spots, maybe potential sacramento valley thing some as well. that's a possibility for us in the viewing area tomorrow. then we get some calling back returning. you see return flow late for tonight. temperatures going on 65 for san francisco, 70 going on for daly city, 79 from palo alto. a little warmer in the south to 71 redwood city and 79 for llp but 80s for san jose, 86 for san jose, 86 also santa clara, cupertino 82. the east bay shoreline is 70s. hayward is what 80, 92 for danville. eighty-five for fremont and 95 for pleasanton.
4:48 am
again until we get to tomorrow about 97. some spots might get to 100. the weekend we back up to the 80s for saturday and sunday evening to early on next week. robin, how is traffic? >> not bad. no major problems to worry about. it looks like a stress-free on the bay area. this is now in best time because it is nice and light. 5:00 it will start picking up. no problems across the san mateo bridge. a little crowded as usual but no major slowing moving to peninsula. checking some other bay area bridges, the bay bridge, 80 west going to san francisco is looking good. the main is getting a little crowded in the cash lanes. not a big problem a smooth ride across the upper deck, no problems all the way through downtown san francisco. highway for still 12 minutes from hillcrest and antioch to
4:49 am
get to two in concord. 580 is getting crowded. a lot of folks are coming up tracy and mountain house so it gets really crowded after the two oh five split. but through the livermore valley continuing to devlin it will be nice and smooth, 25 minutes from two oh five to 680. 101 from 85 to 237 sunnyvale, no trouble spots, less than 20 minutes to make the trek. 6802 fremont nice and smooth. the valley parkway from san jose to 101 is less than ten minutes . >> 4:40, san francisco police say they have arrested the so-called dreaded and it. he is the bay area bank robber notorious for his disguises. he wore fake dreadlocks, make up, even max and some of the
4:50 am
highs. police identified him as andre brown, a 57-year-old man living in san francisco. police had him under surveillance when he tried to enter bank friday wearing a wig and a fake mustache. police arrested him. but dreaded bandit is wanted for a series of take over style robberies in san francisco and san mateo. authorities are working to identify a body found in the ocean off pacific beach. earmarks responded to the call about 7:30 sunday night at south park each near styling college. they found a woman's body submerged in the water. attempt to revive her were unsuccessful. cause of death is still under investigation. the city of san francisco was out inspecting trees after a mom was hit by a large tree limbs in a playground. we have video from that. the tree limb weighed about 100 pounds of the mother is in critical condition this morning. we went back to the popular north beach park is other trees were checked for signs of problems. >> reporter: it's a older
4:51 am
neighborhood and regulars that under the same tree that a them stepped off of on friday. other the played with her children on the playground. >> wow, i didn't know that. >> reporter: she had heard about the accident but is thinking twice now. >> i'm concerned with the safety of the kids. the city arborists were back out today to take another look at the trees here. the canary island pine was assessed by a outside tree specialist in 2010 and pruned in 2013. i saw some brown needles on the limb of one of the trees. the general manager said stress doesn't appear to be a case. >> there press of california up in the sierras where the drought really resulted in some beetle infestation. we have not seen that much here. there are various treat diseases and tree condition that we look at from time to time. >> reporter: so far they can't
4:52 am
point to exact cause of what they are calling a horrible accident. why we don't know why it happened, one regular parkgoer said it was windy that day. >> the win comes through here and funnels through building then comes through there so you have to keep your eyes open. >> reporter: the city's parks and recreation the permit has a proximally 7000 trees under their care. some can live as long as 150 years. over the next few days the head arborist plan to check all the trees in this part before further action is taken. mexican authorities say armed men kidnapped over a dozen people from and upscale restaurant in the popular beach resort of puerto vallarta. it happened around 1:00 in the morning monday. two suvs carrying and unknown number of gunman entered the restaurant of the city's main boulevard. mexican media reports say as many as 16 people were kidnapped.
4:53 am
no word at this time on whether any americans were among those kidnapped. this is a story we will be keeping tabs on and let you know when we find up more. after the break the giant and the a's will be the baseball highlights after the break. things are looking good on westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. not too heavy just yet. robin is keeping an eye on the slow spots up there and will -- out there and will keep you updated at the top of the hour.
4:54 am
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. it is foredeck 54 and i am keeping a look on the morning commute. the couple cars approaching the toll plaza. if you have to use it now, it will be a great ride going to
4:56 am
the north bay, eight minutes from the toll to 101. >> bay area baseball, giants holding the pirates and a family a face on the mound, ryan vogelsong returned to the bay area. he got a standing ovation to start the night. the pirates offense quite a crowd. pirates were up 3-2 to polanco drives a two run homer to the right and giants responded in the bottom of the inning, cutting the lead to one with a shot. he went three for five and the and a bogus song's night. that was as close as the giants would get. the pirates tech down a few more runs winning 8-5. as for the athletic, their game was decided on one swing. a's facing the rangers in texas were up to-1. then bell tree did this a shot to left and
4:57 am
that was the difference maker. 5-to the final score, oakland suffers its third straight loss. we'll take a break coming up on the kron 4 morning as we follow the breaking news out of lower lake this morning, the clayton fire. a minute behind bars accused of starting the fire. we'll have a live report with the progress firefighters are making. plus go overseas two people are recovering after being stabbed on a train in western austria. and tomorrow marks one week since a man was found murdered inside a popular bay area shopping mall. this morning we will hear from the girlfriend of that promising young chef. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night make nexium 24hr your #1 choice.
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5:02 am
let's get back to the breaking news. the big fire burning. >> live now in lower lake with the progress that they've been making there in the downtown area. will? >> the downtown area they have made significant progress. we don't see the smoke billowing like we saw yesterday. but as far as the overall progress, it remains at 5%. that was the update late monday night. they should give us another
5:03 am
update this morning. but late last night that was the latest number which was the same 24 hours ago. so they're still very busy battling the fire. this is on main street. you can see just a destruction that this fire started from saturday afternoon through sunday. the firefighters, they're still going through the other neighborhoods but not at this location. the electricity is still out f. we turned off our lights it would be completely dark. only firefighters, only a handful and you might be able to see some lights down there. there's the media and that blinking red light. that's 53 and main street. those headlight and talents are officers stationed there. still not allowing people it go into this area. so many people are still wandering and you can see the authorities still going
5:04 am
through this area crisscrossing. so many people are still wondering if their home was o.k. they're not allowing anybody to go through this area. only allowing authorities the chp and the media into this location. they still don't know many we'll try to find out when they'll be able to reopen to the public. especially now that you don't see the smoke. look at that. i'll leave you with this. that's the habitat for humanity office. that's had toap the other community 15 miles down road in middletown rebuild. back it you. >> all right. thanks a lot. so much devastation and so much news still continuing to pour in and help for those victimized by fire. set up several evacuation centers for those impacted by the fire. look at screen. those are the centers that are
5:05 am
set up. there's one at kelseyville high school. in lake port and at the twin pines casino in middleton. >> and a piece of history in lake county now gone because of the clay off and on fire. a fire of the united methodist church. it's been opened since the mid- 18 # 0s. there's nothing left of it. kron4 spoke with the pastor as he surveyed the damage yesterday. >> i rather that it be all gone than have one wall left up or something like that. this will give us a clean start. >> they've been at that location since 1846. and a lot of schools in lake county are going to be closed for at least the remainder of the week because of the fire. is so here's a list of the
5:06 am
closures. all these schools can't get with aing to school. blue heroin, car lake. clear lake, creativity high school all closed because of fire. east lake elementary and louis center all closed. no school at lower lake elementary, lower lake high and for more updates don't forget to stick with kron4. weave got team coverage on the morning news here. through the 10 a.m. hour and on our website at you can learn more about the suspect arrested on starting the fire and we have video slide show as well of the fire and a complete list of the school closures. it's all available at kron4 toict. >> time now is 5:07. breaking news this morning two people are recovering from serious injuries. they were attacked. they want to train in waryn usa tri ya when this
5:07 am
happened. police arrested the attacker. 19-year-old and 17-year-old were stabbed in this attackment they're in the hospital now. it was not connected to an ait can on a swis train. the attacker and one victim died. in other breaking news from overseas russian war planes have taken office to target isis fighters in sir yavment it's a major develop many until now russia as never used a territory from another country for it operations inside sir yavment they took off to destroy isis and five major depoas. >> happening now much of louisiana remaibs under water right now. more than 20 inches of rain
5:08 am
fell over weekend and there's more on the way. >> incredible pictures. they have rescued more than 30,000 people nsm baton rouge with more. >> nothing like this. >> record rainfall and historic flooding has overwhelmed the area. and storms are expecting to continue throughout the week. >> this one is just came upon us and starting dumping mass amount of water. go back it our record books. 18 #. pull those records out. we've surpassed them. ten of thousands of people had to be rescued. >> we've got 30,000 people that have been rescued. we've got 14,000 people that are in shellers, primarily here in the baton rouge and sounding area. an emergency disaster location. although they have not yet
5:09 am
receded. they're starting to turn their sights to the challenges that lie ahead. >> we have to go to every house. all of these homes we've got to go to every single one of those and check for anybody that might be in those areas >> . in baton rouge, louisiana. >> kron4 is getting you ready for school. a lot of schools start this week whether you're little ones went back yesterday, today, mine go to school tomorrow. let take a look at some of the districts that start on this tuesday morning. students in the piedmont, and sun nilvale all head to class, back to school today. the summer olympics now in rio and simone biles could earn a fourth edle today. >> she got a bronze on the balance beam yesterday. she stumbled during the routine and that ended up costing her the chance to become the first female gymnast to win give golds.
5:10 am
hernandez got the silver on the beam. yesterday was the first time since the 2008 beijing olympics that team usa did not win a gold medal in any event. not bad though. third best in the world is what the bronze means. i'll take that. aye probably break my neck. >> here's a look at the metal count. 75 medals. china snil second with 46 medals and great briten in third with 4 is total members >> . let's check out what's happen nlg rio. si moab biles will complete in the floor exercise. the u.s. women's volleyball team take on brazil in the semifinals and on the track, it's the women's 1500 meter final and usain bolt is going to look to win more gold. >> take a quick break but still
5:11 am
ahead on the morning news nearly a walk since a man was found murdered inside a mall and they haven't found his killer. what the victim's can have is -- pay tribute to gay rights leader. after the break the devastating clayton fire isn't the only major wild fire burning. keeping our eye on several. we'll have updates on those coming up. back to school forecast looking like this. by high noon in the inland sports. mid-08. breulgt in spots. 95 or so. hope it's in not on the on roads >> . nice and cool am live look at the center. in delays this -- i'll have a complete issue traffic check coming up after the break. stay with us.
5:12 am
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5:15 am
we continue to cover the fires which we've been talking about recently. a portion of highway 1 that's back open this morning. after it was closed yesterday because of the fire. they were worried that weakening trees could fall on power line and then telephone cables and all that could come down. the fire has burned more than 106 square miles since it started back on july # # pped. containment holding at 60%. 57 homes have been destroyed. 410 are still fillettenned this morning. one person has died in the fire which was sparked by an illegal campfire. burning out of control this morning. the chimney fire started near lake nasamento and burned 5400 acheers so far. just 10% contained. hundreds of people have been evacuated but some are insisting on staying behind to
5:16 am
try to protect their homes. another 20 were threatened. firefighters were hoping to have full contain m by this coming sunday afternoon. >> with fires burning che the weather around the fire area. >> where the big problem was on sunday was the winds many one of thing we've been watching staying hot and dry with the foacialt forecast is calling for. temperatures around 100. the good news is the winds not as aggressive. at the northwest at 6:00 or so. 30 or 40% right now. now that -- relative humidity loafl tend to upon thely side and sometimes we'll drop off a little bit but thag pretty good. that's a little better than what we had yesterday. >> what you see on the rbd side we look at that but watch the left-hand side. that's the relative humidity. both are good worth sell wraiting. we've got these numbers pretty loftsy.
5:17 am
that's good. moisture levels that will be fairly high compared to yesterday. winds not as high. it will be a little hotter than yesterday was but two out of there, i guess, ain't bad. a little bit better as well as the weather helping. some showers start to develop. these weak little trough. maybe around tahoe some showers scatterrd about. maybe possible throughout the next several days. only problem is we get some lightning strikes with that. that may spark off more fires. warm up today. maic in mistake. even more sop that we saw from yesterday's psms. how about that cooldown at night? working on it a little bit. after miebt we finally get that ocean cold air into some of those valleys. 7 #. redwood city at 77. mid-80s. you can see santa clara. she said 86. stays in 70 territory for the
5:18 am
appoint. richard 77. 95 for fremont. we've got 9 # tomorrow. problem the hotst day in the bench. temperatures a hbt they by they into. weekend. back to the # 0s on into early next week. >> traffic is holding up. no major traffic alerts out there and i'm checking the ride on 9 # here. you can see the commute out of heyword and still nice and sleep. you can see the peninsula. if you have to use it, use it nows before it starts to back up. it's a good ride. how about the braij. a little bit of back up in some of the cash on here. a minor wave. 5 and 0 -- no big problems out of the okay lan. fairly quiet this morning from the north bay. it's not going be a problem for now if you have to use it south 101.
5:19 am
less from 25 minutes to get to the bay. i'm also checking on the sen source just to see if it's backing up. here coming out of east bay 580 looking good. out of dublin. no problems into fremont and commute also still at the limit. the south bay very quiet. no problems from 101, 87. 6:80 moving at the lirmt so far. baa took the news. >> all right. thank you. 5:18, whrets head to the south bay where the shirt is oned. two men were shot yesterday evening e-esque. they went to regional medical center at 6:20 last night. unfortunately one of those men died shortly after asurviving. the other man is compted to recover many they believe it happened northeasterly north white road. so far no motive has been discovered but we'll keep watching it for you. >> tomorrow marks one week since a man was found murder in a bay area shopping
5:20 am
mall. he was 28 years old. frank galasia. he was found dead in san francisco. the killer is still on the loose this morning. we spoke with iz had his girlfriend who called the police of a she has been from him. >> an mrnl exit stairwell just after 0 a.m. >> he was my favorite guy. >> his girlfriend is heartbroken he's gone. >> probably the hardest thing that i've ever had to two through. just because i really loved him. and we really loved each other. >> she was a cook at the starred rest rawpt ands and daughters in the union square. it was his dream job. >> yeah. he was really proud of it. he wanted to work in a restaurant and that's the
5:21 am
reason why he decided to go to sons and daughters. he was so happy about it. >> they ruled his death a homicide and so far no suspects have been identified and the motive remains a mystery. ariel can't understand why anybody would want to hurt him. >> he was very funny and he would let that show through sometimes. >> ariel says she and his family has been in regular contact who have told them they're getting tips open following occupy leads >> . i want to believe that they're doing everything that they can. hoi enthat's the case. i believe they are. >> in san francisco. happying today the u.s. navy will dedicate a ship to harvey milt t. will take place at 2:00 this afternoon. he served in the navy as dive instructor during the korean war. he went on to become the first
5:22 am
openingly gay politician. his time on the san francisco board of supervisors was cut short when he was assassinated many the u.s. harvey milk be part of tissue named after the congressman and civil rights icon. >> still ahead you could soon be able to rescue a dag from a hot care. the new bill disieped to save dreugs is coming up. >> next police a make an arrest in a shooting of a prayer leader and his soashtd. who's behind pars in just a couple of minutes.
5:23 am
5:24 am
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5:25 am
murder charges this morning in the execution-style shooting of a new york imam and his assistant. hefs arrested sunday night as his brooklyn apartment. police searched that apartment and found a revolver and clothing that matched what was scene on surviolence video on the afternoon the shooting took place. the 55-year-old imam who led prayers and his assistant were shot on saturday afternoon and investigators say the suspect tried to ram a car belonging to detectivings in an attempt to escape arrest. the city is calmer. just three days after police shot and killed a black man leading to rioting and demonstrations like you see here on the screen. over the weekend one person was shot and 14 arrested in those protests.
5:26 am
offices say at least half a dons businesses were set on fire during the unrest. police issued a tight 10 p.m. curfew to prevent more violence. about 6 people were arrested after some -- what they describe as heated confrontations. it was nothing like the unrest overt the weekend. >> 5:25 and now covering california. our legislature is working on a bill to allow bystanders to rescue animals even if it means you have to break that window. under this proposed law, you would not be liable for property damage or trespassing if you rescue an animal but it's only allowed if you have called the police and you do believe that the animal is in eminent disaij. you have to turn the animal over to responded law enforcement or animal control. the senate anonymously approved this. the clayton fire continues
5:27 am
to rage out of control. coming up why investigators believe this fire was no accident. we'll show you who they arrested. in a live report. >> trying to boost sport after they have said their abandoning the candidate. hi plans to defeat isis just ahead glfl the air quality goes into moderate for everybody. hook at your foarg. the drown 4 morning news continues.
5:28 am
5:29 am
i mean, everybody likes sour dough bread but you don't have time to make it from some seedling thing.
5:30 am
>> i'm going try. >> that's like making your own pasta. >> i made the dough yesterday. >> martha stewart on the show. >> when i get home it will be done doing the 14-hour proofing. most people are hours and traffic and dealing with -- >> i'll make a believer out of you. >> who will survive after eating his bread? >> bagels next. too busy to cook. st it is going to be a hot one too. it's going to be very hot. a live look for you. a little bit of fog to start your day and drizzle too. about 10 a.m. we get the east bay shoreline out of the fog. looking pretty good. inland areas clear out before that point . is still some cloud cover. that should taken carry of. a about until it starts to return again. not so much penetration lake we
5:31 am
for the cups. 55 kop cord and 58 for liver more. watching that inland spots to see temperatures start to spike. for open, look for the you early 70s. morning fog and afternoon clearing on balance and mild afternoon. everybody shake down this this. we're taking 86. well in the was of the 90s. a hotter day then some relief. that's coming up in a built. rob season standing by with -- i want to show you this. last time you didn't go delayed free. >> that's treats the -- it's almost west out to grand. it will continue throughout the morning commute but a great ride. backing up question listen on the open side. 15 minutes from the maze to the
5:32 am
sky way. james? >> all right. back to the big news and our continuing coverage of the big fire burning in lake county. >> this morning, weave heard that an ma from clear nait is facing charges accused of setting the clayton fire, this is a big development. they arrested 40 yerld damon anthony yesterday on 17 counts of arkansas son. he started the fire which is destroyed more than 175 homes now and caused more than $10 million in damage. >> and now they're wondering about the or fire that happened in the sail area. it's still growing and firefighters are having a tough time getting an upper hand on it. >> live in lower lake this morning with an update on what the downtown area is looking like this morning. will will? >> they're not making any progress. 4 hours ago they taid it was 5% caned many >> although we to expect an update in a l ex of hours. this is downtown lake.
5:33 am
you can see the destruction. the fire department unlike what we saw 4 hours ago are not ear actively spraying the hot spoos. it's still hot in area. it's gone. but the latest development if you went to bed last night and just waking up look add your screen. take a look at this man. this is a mug shot released to us by authorities. you guys touched upon it. his name is damon pali doctor, k. they arrested him as a community meeting last night. so many people there. very upset. when they saw the authorities, the sheriff, the officers come in and arrested him. they asked why they said because they think that he's responsible for this fire. not just this fire but several other fires and that's why the 17 count of arkansas son. they're not going into details.
5:34 am
details about what led them and what piece of evidence led them to him. as far as the clayton fire. they did have enough it looks a lot time especially if there's a fire still raging. obviously they saw something, found something, talked to somebody that said we have enough to move in and arrest this man. he's in jail this morning. and here's the part that has many people a little bit of concerned this morning. they're not sure if he worked alone. >> all right. lanks a lot. >> we've had some incredible images from viewerrers and take a look at tom of show websites. you can see -- if you've take an photo or fire and want to show it with you, you can. you can call on the report attack as well l these have been some of the most
5:35 am
dramatic perspectives of the fire. look at that. exhaustion as they're trying to catch the breath in between battling on front lines and there. more shots of houses burned. you can see right through the back walls with more houses in the distance. incredible ins. keep them coming in. or report the report- it tab. >> time now is 5:34. over breaking news armed men have kidnapped several people from an upscale restaurant in beach resort city in mexico. this happened yesterday. a gufnman drove into the area in two suvs. so several gunman in suvs and they ib vaided a restaurant on the main pstled. you can see it there. mexican media reports that as many as 16 people were killed from that restaurant. in a prez conference mexican authorities tell yeet that the people who were
5:36 am
kidnapped. were part of a mexican poll can. donald trump is unveiling his plan to doe feet isis. this comes as the washington journal is encouraging them to dump if he doesn't you've by later day. within of the major pill slars to sus tend to citizens that the u.s. determined is not trustworthy. trump also argued that any country willing it work with siss is would be considered appear ally. >> however time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. hillary clinton responded to trump's plan in pennsylvania yesterday. she says she has a very difficult vision for mitigating circumstance and how to keep it safe.
5:37 am
time now is 5:36. other news that we're following this morning. now we know the name of the toddler who fell from a window in foster city. and later died. chris kalkarney was 20 months ole smed he leaned up the on the screen last thursday morning and he fell to the ground below. it happened at the water's edge apartments. the boy was taken to sanford hospital where he later decaded many >> a teenager who but missing is home and safe this morning. thanks to a krier 4 viewer. somebody swuz watching the news and recognized deeian dma and they helped bring her home. her mom thought that she left with a friend that she may have met online. she was missing for nine days no. money. a viewer of her recognized dnr
5:38 am
on a bart train near kond cord and the police responder yesterday afternoon. we'll take a break. 5:37 is the time. concerns in one east bay city after there's been five murders in the span of just two weeks. what police are doing to keep you safe. back to school shop asking get expensive. there are mobile apps that can help you save a lot of money for teenagers and kids. i'm tech reporter. that's coming up on kron 4 news. afort break researchers are taking the idea of wearable testimony no a whole new level. a closer look add the new smart tattoo that can be used to control digital devices.
5:39 am
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what headache?in? what arthritis pain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. welcome back. a temporary tattoo -- really? >> kind of interesting; right? >> i have to turn on mine. >> a smart bunch of guys over
5:41 am
there. it's basically -- it's like a temporary tattoo. you put it on there. as you touch these conductors you can control what's happening on your screen. like if you're -- listening to music or something you want to advance to the next track just tap your skin and it will jump to the next song. >> i can't be both toard hold a device? just keep -- >> pull your rear and ask the devices around here. >> i thought the ceo was cohearse my point . >> you're going to be ticked. talking to -- you're going to have all of these tat toos and new computer programmers. >> weird volume. there are hoping one day this would be an affordable way and widely fashionable way for your to control your devices. >> we shall see if you're sped, go to our website. we'll get the storied up there for you. here's some of the stories we are working fn or -- we have continuing team coverage of the massive clayton fire burning out of control.
5:42 am
a live look the damage at the top of the hour. >> and michael phelps say he's retiring from scrimmage. the most tech rated rereflects on his perform in rio and talks about what's next. >> the creator of hamilton. it could impact concert tickets here in the bay rare. see how lynn is teaming up with members of congress to try and save you money. ♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done.
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5:45 am
a quick look at the top stories this morning. a clear lake plan facing charges now accused of starting the clayton fire. investigators arrested 40-year- old damon anthony yesterday. he's charged now with 17 counts of arkansas son. they say he started a fire which has descroid more than 175 home and caused more than $10 million. >> historic flooding across southern louisiana is linked to nine deaths now. more than 30,000 people have had to be rescued. 11,000 people are staying in shelters right now many the governor expects disasters to be declared in nearly half of the state's 64 pairishers and more rain is expected today. >> and gymnast simone biles winning the bronze yesterday. she was hoping for gold but she stumbled and that ended up costed her the chance
5:46 am
-- biles teammate hernandez camed silver. she could win the fourth in the floor exercise finals. >> think about how good you have to be to actually fall or stumble and then get -- right? it's pretty incredible. >> i know. >> i don't know how they do testimony that scares the you know what -- objecting and flipping and trying to land on -- hon how they do it. >> i'd been on the floor many >> so much. >> a professional traffic kolings stick with that. >> can i give it a gold medal? i'll give it a gold medal. no major hot spots or problems right now. the back that you see here at the plaza. it's normal. it's already jailed from the overcrossing and almost out to west grand. so no major problems across the upper deck and then when you finally make it into downtown it's fairly
5:47 am
quiet. let's check in on some other bridges. the golden gate bridge. it's been fairly quiet throughout the morning commute. less than 25 minutes over not san francisco side or approaching the toll play disasm 9 # your right is moving very well rolling out of hey ward. so the brings are looking pretty good. the bay bridge is the slowest bridge. let's head over to the drive time. highway 4 getting crowded. coming out of tracy but only 28 minutes from 205 to the dub lip interchange. 680 looks good and south bay. no major problem. if you have to eution one of the north to get from interstein teacher mple one- machine trial. they can go to anywhere. and our golden gate we start off with. there's the fok going on.
5:48 am
a little bit of drizzle with this but not that dense and it will mix out quickly. you can see along the east bay shoreline. doing a big cost and a little bit more problematic. then we watch for the run for the flow tonight for the peer -- maybe we had from last night. the cooling may not be fell as much inland. >> we're at 58. hayward at 59. inward 55 rk kop cord 58. that will be watched this morning to see how those temperatures start to pop as we get better cleaning off to the east. in contrast with 24 ours ago we're pretty close to. that a couple of degrees in striking range. for the next eight hours. 63 inland by 9 a.m. it's about 87 but returning in the business of the 90s today and tomorrow. we'll break that trend into the weekend. daria glrks. 5:38. police continue to search for a killer after a deadly stabbing that happened on sunday night.
5:49 am
a man was attacked and killed while he was walking to get a drink. he died less than a block away from his home. >> it's the fifth hppedz in two weeks. they've been on alert and extra patrols in the wairk of that stabbing. they are shots that -- >> i think that's pretty crazy. i mean, growing up in hey ward i never heard any news until i hear. that just blows me away. >> is it an anomaly that we have four sides within a week? well, it's something that's never happened that people -- can never remember that to hep. >> there very -- sunday's stabbing duh not appear to be related. witnesses say they saw two men taking off in a white car after the stabbing. >> 5:59 on the clock. san francisco police say they arrested two what they
5:50 am
call a transit bank robber. even masks. during his robberies. police identified the suspect as andre brown. a 5-year-old man from san francisco. police had him under surveillance when he tried to enter a bank wearing a wig and a fake mustache. he's now -- i should say he's a parolee already on active federal probation for armed bank robbery. we are learning more information about a hack attack that impacted hotels across the country including right here in the bay area. >> here on the gorn -- gaining access to get the information at hotels including the hyatt. the cher ton, marriot. 10 different states. the name and card information at these 20 locations
5:51 am
including. it contained that hack shortly of a it was discovered and customers are safe to use the cards at the hotel. >> getting you ready for school and our tech trend shows you how to save a little bit of money at least when you're shopping for clothes. >> clothings for kids, teenagers, they can get really expensive and then they grow out of them and buy more. i'm going to show you three apps to get fashionable new or like new kid -- if you have used kids closed you can also use apps to sell them and make money. >> or ebay. what's available for sale am search radius fsm you're only willing to travel a mile, you can see what's available near you.
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what have you are paying is dooned to your -- they have you covered when it comes to getting ready for school. just head to our website. and check out the ready for school section. 5:52 is the time. still ahead we're going to take you to where the fladding has caused so much cage damage and taking lives as well. we're going to take a loot at the floods and what's in store. of a the break a former giant returns to at&t park as a giant's host the pirates. highlights next.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:55. let talk giants baseball. hosting the pirates at at&t park and a familiar face on mound. former giants pitcher. returning to the bay area. part of the major -- major part of the title run in
5:56 am
2012 and 20146789 he got a standing ovation to start the night but the offense quieted the crowd pretty quick. pirates up 3-2. gregory drilling in a two-run ohmer and it bounces into the water. jiepts respond at the bottom. delaware nard span cutting the lead with this shot. he went three-for-5. he loud four run on nine hits but they couldn't get it donement pirates going on to win it. # 5. they have a shot at redemption. first pitch at #u 15. >> the atlettics taking on ranger. their game was dadsed if one swing. but then it this that was the difference. reaj es winning at #-#.
5:57 am
still ahead in the next hour of the morning news bay rea weather and traffic for you as we are watching for a warm up. heading our way. we'll have neighborhood forecast back to school for a lot of kids. plus breaking news from overnight. two poom attacked by a man on a train in usa tri ya many and conditioning tome coverage of the cliton fire personning and update opt progress and who the investigate thfg toes think tharted the tar. >> putting news first. from the bay area team united and trust to the k are are, o, n4 news at 10:00. seven nights a week.
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>>darya: if you have the mobile application is a great way for you to get breaking news that you need to know about it is a great way for you to share in the video or picture is you have what a morning show all you have to do is click on the submit application more than 20 in. of rain fell around louisiana and they say more is on the way u.s. coast guard and
6:09 am
first responders rescued more than 30,000 people since friday and the heavy rains and a of a worm louisiana's waterways are now moving on to eastern texas. >>james: here was a quick look to some of the districts that start today they're all heading back to class today and the
6:10 am
pelham police department will be out today was to his head back to school also will be conducting a safe route install six traffic you will notice some additional police officers on the streets as well as community service officers for making sure that everyone is driving away that they should as they dropped kids off health. >>reporter: tonight she goes for
6:11 am
gold in the final women's gymnastics for exercise less dissatisfied and 400 m race natural hurt the finish line by a desperate drive the men's basketball has the u.s. a women outscoring the competition by a combined 204 points and five games that this is japan the finals this afternoon. >>darya: here is a look at the curb metal counts u.s. aid in
6:12 am
the lead by a wide margin 7526 code 23 silver to six rounds china is second with 46 in great britain has 41 will take a quick break no information about a double homicide you will hear what police are saying about the victims + a search is on for the gunmen in the south bay following a deadly shooting overnight no major hot spots.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>robin winston: looks like a great glass city of cali we have delays at the airport as a full check with your carrier the days of to one hour and 10 minutes because of cloudy conditions they will tell you more about that the committee on 90 to slow but moving know the problems and will be less than 20 minutes out 2101 checking in some of the other bridges howe about the bay bridge ride and to san francisco here is a live look at the approach still back the well beyond the west brand that is
6:16 am
exactly what we expect know the problems and to downtown san francisco heading up to 880 you can see the rest of the census showed nothing but green a great ride to downtown no problems only 20 minutes from 85 up to 237. >>reporter: we will start off just a little bit to show you the general region of the country obviously the high pressure is building the far
6:17 am
east where looking at 55, the 57 full of the more watching that as the stars to clear in the sun to come out watching this in motion we consider a nice warmup happening we get the temperatures in the '90s for those in the regions maybe not as high as tomorrow but a dry run that was to cool air still
6:18 am
there maybe a hundred degrees of seoul and some of the valley's 97 tomorrow the house that a gradual pullback happening that you see as we go to the weekend even into early next week. >>darya: wrecking knows where following two people are recovering the have a serious injuries after being attacked on the train and western austria and happened early this morning the attacker as a 60 year-old german national he appeared mentally confused this
6:19 am
attack was not connected to an attack on us was trying where a man use a knife to attack passengers in that case the attacker and one victim died. >>james: and international news the world plans have taken off from the bear this in a round to target prices fighters and serial this marks a major development until now russia has never use the territory of another country in the middle east to do operations inside a serial where people and i know several major fires burning across the golden state a portion of highway 1 in moderate county back open this morning after it was closed yesterday firefighters will were read that weakened trees could fall to power lines and telephone
6:20 am
cable the fire burn more than a hundred and 16 square miles containment holding its 60% 57 homes a been destroyed one person has died in the fire which was sparked by an illegal camp fire finally in the fire burn on the central coast running out of control and san luis obispo county. >>james: burning in their late in has burned 5,400 a. so far it is 10 percent contained hundreds of people have been evacuated some are insisting are staying behind to protect their homes fire fighters are open to have full containment by sunday afternoon the search is on for the person who shot and killed man to man was shot last night they went to the regional medical center. >>darya: one of them died there
6:21 am
after arriving in the other is expected to make a recovery they believe the shooting happened in what white road and east san jose but also do not have a mold of or suspect we'll learn more about the daily double shooting two gunmen were killed at birth the party early sunday morning and oakland and identified the victim as 20 year-old into to year-old terrance mccrery of the man went to berkeley high school and they played on the football team police have no information on possible suspects or. >>james: since been nearly a week since the body was found at the west village shopping center and the investigation into his death continues they ruled the death a homicide but have not identified in a suspect's
6:22 am
girlfriend says she does not understand why anyone would want to hurt him he was a cook at the sons and daughters restaurant it was a dream of his to work at the star restaurant. >>darya: he was arrested sunday night at his apartment in brooklyn this search the apartment and found all gone and clothing that maxwell was seen on surveillance video the 55 year-old who led prayers and his assistant were shot saturday afternoon investigators say the suspect tried to ram a car belonging to detectives the
6:23 am
police chief says the city is calmer just three days after police shot and killed a black man they say half of a dozen businesses were set on fire in the unrest the issue of tightened p.m. curfew to prevent more trouble they say about six people are arrested after he confrontation but it was nothing like the on the rest that happened over the weekend.
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>darya: that gives some our record 28 career olympic medals he said this is fine on the games is retiring and our media partners had a chance to talk with him about his performance and what is next for the most decorated olympio all-time.
6:27 am
>>darya: he is getting incredible physical routine with swimming and the training he eat so many calories to keep of what the physical regimen.
6:28 am
>>james: if u.s.-led animal from a car but is only allowed if you call police force if you believe the animal is in imminent danger before police can get there you have the time the animal over to respond and law-enforcement the senate unanimously approved the bill and now returns to the assembly for the final approval before heading to the governor's desk for his signature we continue to fog developing news with the clinton fire coming up was the the number the percentage of containment and a live report.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
>>robin winston: it still looks good a quick track of drive times.
6:32 am
>>darya: man facing charges accused of starting the fire is charged with 17 counts of arson and they say he started the fire which destroyed more than a hundred and 75 homes and caused damage up to $10 million. >>will tran: they will have another difficult day the reason why it is still limited the and is going to be just as high if not harder than what we saw yesterday 24 hours ago the total is the was 5 percent containment unfortunately still
6:33 am
only 5% we talk about a 175 homes destroyed is used to be a church reportedly was built in late 1800's early 1900's infancy it has been decimated and didn't rubble it was smoldering the firefighters had to come man to pull out the hot spots not just at this location we still see firefighters they're still in the area with they're not out there doing as much work. >>will tran: at the intersection
6:34 am
of main and highway 53 bass said they don't know when the evacuees will be allowed to return there was no power and no water many parts of lake the evacuees to the safety and the feasibility the firefighters are still on the front line now that the sons of that will throw more resources we talked about 4,000 a. burned typically the have an updated 830 in the morning we should get new numbers hopefully by then the containment number will go up a for solely for the past 24 hours it is still sitting in 5% rate aquino's
6:35 am
armed men kidnapped several people from an upscale restaurant in the popular mexican beach resort. >>james: authorities say gunmen of a dove into the area into suvs vivid in the restaurant in the city's main boulevard their reported as many as 16 people were kidnapped in the press
6:36 am
conference he was just 21 sowed he leaned up against the screen of a window that was opened. >>james: >>darya: he fell to the ground below this happened at the water's edge apartment he was taken to hospital where he later died a stanley as a teenager was missing for more than a week is home and save this morning and thanks to of you will recognize the garonne. >>darya: they said they spotted a teenager left her home last monday she was missing for nine
6:37 am
days she did not have a credit card no cell phone of you were star our report and recognized her on the train and there concord call the police and they found her. her. >>james: 5 murders in this span of just two weeks sea will police are trying to do to keep you say donald trump of bills is planned hear what the republican nominee wants to do to the tech america tickets to concert plays and other events can be oftentimes very expensive.
6:38 am
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>>robin winston: you can see it but is off to the shoulder for now they have arrived a couple of vehicles and the motorcyclist and saw nothing block blocks screes in to take it still back of beyond west grand it is not to the maze but only 17 minutes from downtown oakland to
6:41 am
downtown san francisco east. >>darya: the creator is successful broadway musical hamilton is going to be help you save money. >>james: they're teaming of what a new york senator and they're pushing the box at the they want to stop at this from happening around the country this is goes
6:42 am
through a costly things did a little cheaper for lust we will be right back.
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>>james: the investigators say he started the fire which destroyed a hundred and 75 home so far cost $10 million in damage historical and all across southern louisiana is linked to nine deaths and more than 30,000 people have been rescued 11,000 people are in shelters because of high water the team made a claim the silver in the event she will go for a fourth gold attempt today in the floor exercise final.
6:46 am
>>reporter: they're looking at delays going off what is causing a big surprise is august thundershowers keep that in mind travel anywhere across the country houston may be problematic may be in chicago there is the mixing up by 11:00 a.m. you will notice it returns again tonight to does seem to
6:47 am
penetrate in the far east of the valley's you when i get the call and perhaps as much as we did from last night it does do some filtering and crosses but it takes awhile to get some of the cooling effects to be felt very summerlike 77 san mateo 79 in palo alto down in the south of 86¢ to clara a lot more this upper 90s expected for tomorrow perhaps 100 or so then we do go backwards as we mentioned look at the right hand side of the screened some little '80s to be found to start until early next
6:48 am
week we also have the normal crowd and it will pick up after the 24 split the walnut creek 40 minutes from concord out to danville. >>robin winston: this time around to the dumbarton bridge only 14 minutes from 880 over to bayfront expressway and in the south bay is hotspot free from
6:49 am
to 37 heading west in sunnyvale the drive just under 30 minutes people will live in the area say they are shocked by the murders that happened so close to home there haven't a, size and hear this year sunday stabbing goes
6:50 am
and does not appear to be related to those other cases they sought to men taking off in a white car after the stabbing the investigation continues a man who lives in san francisco that has come under surveillance when is the type into a bank on friday donald trump has unveiled his plan to defeat ices this comes as the wall street journal.
6:51 am
>>james: the major pillars is to suspend issuing visas to citizens from countries that they determine that they cannot trust the helleri clinton responded to the plan a rally in pennsylvania yesterday she said she has a very different vision for america and how to keep it safe.
6:52 am
>>darya: he was president at the time a spokesperson try to clarify the comments by saying he was only talking about the time after the 911 attack some for president obama took office but is still drew wide criticism on social medium we broke the story yesterday on the morning news the gained access to this information sheraton marietta and the westin hotels in 10 states names and credit card information at 20 locations including the meridian and san francisco may have been stolen
6:53 am
they say they may have started taking information as early as march of last year they said it contained the store after it was discovered and customers are safe to use their cards at a hotel.
6:54 am
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>>james: the death of return of superman he wears the black suit when he comes back from the dead they're set to release in november of 2017 expect a lot more of these sorts of teasers me what it appears they will offer a biopic about her life to be more of a comedy she was asked to supply her on the big screen you see on the upside she said amy schumer to be clear no film has been announced we have
6:58 am
big breaks in the case today news of unrest and the containment has gone up.
6:59 am
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talk to a headache specialist today. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: the emotional reaction from people affected by the mass of wild fire more than a hundred and 75 homes have been destroyed in the fire most of the people will been evacuated don't know if their home still standing


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