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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: the 40 year-old clearly the man arrested for intentionally setting the clinton fire so far charged as home business is structure . >>: a suspicious individual was connected to these other fires. california department of corrections says that he's served five years in state prison in 2002 for drug possession and firearm and possession of a crime. after being kuralt sent back in prison
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six times of the next four years for violating parole during his last month the president he was a firefighter working in the front lines cutting brush and clearing vegetation pot neighbors tell us that he lived in this clearly called on kohl coast league. longtime friend says she doesn't believe he's responsible for setting the clinton fire. >>: meet might get in trouble but i don't see risking people's lives like that. they convince >> reporter: not just for this clinton fire but for 60 other fires
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>> j.r.: as new power holes they're putting those sought for that those seven roadway and
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then across the street you can see still work to be done and area that burns the ground as well as we walked in there and seeking resemble anything this is just how bad the fire was and a number of evacuees as afternoon talk to them specifically that you heard dan speak about many are still very angry about that. the london
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electricity back up and running walking down the street like st. of maine. >> j.r.: use a hose to try and protect his home to a he had say.
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>> vicki: visit to the web site is easier the screen and you make a monetary donation. >> grant: fighters are dealing with. >> britteny: 90 tomorrow we're still alive to see the really hot temperatures of a closer look at the area in question. high 90s the same thing into wednesday so 98 degrees is that even as of right now between 1020 m.p.h. not a great combination of things a closer look at our wind speeds and to the rest of tonight. a tracking cool temperatures for the entire area. all the details on that
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one i see you again another 15 minutes. >> vicki: thousands of customers without quite without power because the clinton fire a battle plan but place to restore power to residents and businesses a lower like. terry says back at the command post brings us more. >> reporter: this is a real epicene this will be like this throughout the day. water you guys got to be doing? replace >>: 16 damage transmission poles over the lower lake area. we are using for helicopters today and transport personnel or the transmission holes behind me. we're going using a helicopter i'm not alone from cal fire to transport. but holes to the dog from yesterday dropping those polls and to those holes. million crews waiting to
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stabilize. once we get this set the will be bringing in a conductor power lines. 700 customers without power and are clear: to get them back on acid as it can. >> grant:in san bernardino county. it erupted this morning and is growing at an alarming rate. catherine heenan is here with more on what's being called the
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"blue cut" fire. >> catherine:this is in the mountainous cajon pass - near interstate 15.the main highway to las vegas. in what seemed like no time at all.this fire was spreading to buildings, including barns and homes. the helicopter crew also spotted animals in trouble. including what looked like donkeys at a small ranch. this region has been under red flag warnings because of gusty winds and low humidity.
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the fire spread from five acres to a thousand within an hour.and at last word, covered more than 55-hundred acres. there are mandatory evacuations, road closures and some firefighters have suffered minor injuries. at least it's a fairly sparsely populated area, but there 'are' plenty of homes and barns and industrial buildings. this blew up so fast - it even stopped a freight train - and the crew had to run away. the fire is raging in dry hills about 60 miles east of los angeles. the fire is raging in dry hills about 60 miles east of los angeles. a fire injured one worker and damaged a tourist cruise boat on lake tahoe this morning. >> grant:coast guard inspectors were in south lake tahoe today trying to figure out what sparked the fire aboard the "tahoe queen". crews were able to quickly put out the about 8:00 this morning. a contractor working on renovations to the boat was treated for smoke inhalation. nobody else was hurt on the two- story boat. it hold holds up to 300 people when it's running, but tours stopped earlier this summer because of the lake's low water level. this isn't the first problem for the tahoe queen. it has run aground twice since 20-14 forcing crews to rescue stranded tourists.
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>> grant: an attempted kidnapping in the east bay. has more victims coming forward. after the break. police now reaching out to the public. to bring the person responsible. into custody. and. kron4news-dot-comwe are learning more about the man found dead in a busy san francisco mall. the lastest on the investigation. plus. an unusual sighting. what wildlife officers pulled from an east bay creek. i don't want to live with
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harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> pam:police in san leandro are getting more tips about a man
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who they say tried to kidnap a woman less than three weeks ago. kron four reported how the man pepper sprayed the woman and tried to drag her into his vanbefore a good samaritan rescued her. today, police say more women who were almost victims. are now coming forward. >> grant:kron four's spencer blake is live in san leandro. spencer is the original case still open? >> reporter:yes, it isand because this story has been on kron four, two other women say they racognize the sketch of the suspect, and the car he's likely driving. take a look at that sketch. police say the suspect is a black man, anywhere from 25 to 40, about 5 foot ten.
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they say he's mostly likely driving a 2014, white nissan sentra. that's the type of car that a woman in another east bay city reported following her just a few days ago. the key things to look for.are tinted windows, and some
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aftermarket wheels that are either gray or black. officers think this car is flashy enough, that it's probably still on the streets, and they need your help finding it. "we know that somebody knows this man. we know that somebody knows this car. and right now we're exploring the possibility that it may not be his car." so, if the suspect *doesn't own the car, police think he may have borrowed it from a friend or family member, or maybe he might work at a dealership and was test driving the car when he tried follow and kidnap women. coming up at six o'clock tonight, we'll bring you more on *another woman who says she saw this man right here in the downtown area. live in san leandro, spencer blake, kron four news. >> grant:we have new information tonight on the body of a young line cook. who was found inside san franisco's westfield mall last week. kron4's maureen kelly reports that the same mall was also the scene of a violent mugging just two days after the gruesome discovery. >> reporter:the discovery of the body inside an emergency exit stairwell of the bloomingdale's store inside the westfield shopping center was initially ruled a homicide. the victim is 28 year old frank gailicia.a passionate young chef who working the michelin starred sons and daughters restaurant in union square. but police say after conducting an autopsy the medical examiner is calling gailicia's death suspicious.backing off calling it murder because they can not yet determine how he died. but police say they are not
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giving up on the case. we are not ruling anything out our homicide investigatiors are still proactively looking into this case and it's still considered an open investigation until we are told otherwise. two days later another young man was victimized inside the same mall. in this case the 20 year old berkeley resident was attacked by three male suspects inside a men's room who robbed him of school supplies and beat him up. bite about injuries a second person who went into the investigate the commotion was also beaten.and the first victim was able to flee and call police. lucily there are cameras everywhere. at this time the is no obvious connection to the mysterious death in the stairwell but. anything is possible in a statement westfield
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management says they are taking this matter very seriously. they are coorperating with investigators but must decline to comment further maureen kelly kron4 news >> grant:deeming it a threat to the public, an alligator living in alameda creek near fremont has been shot and killed. kron four's rob fladeboe is live at the scene with details on how the gator got there and why it was put down. rob? shortly after it was discovered about a quarter mile up the creek from this gate off sunol canyon road, a game warden killed the alligator with a single shot to the head.
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>> reporter:fish and wildlife snapped this photo of the young, 4-foot long american alligator sunning itself on a rock. they say it was a threat to the public. video from kron's partnership with abc 7 shows the wardens had a cage with them but capturing the gator alive was not an option they said. sot sheree christensen/fish and wildife >>: if we try to get close we could take a chance. it drew mixed reaction mixed reactions from residents in the area, a few of whom had encountered thesot/mos residents >> reporter:alligators are not native and indeed illegal in california. this one is thought to have been an escaped or abandoned pet and aside from the
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threat posed to humans, an alligator can also take a toll on the habitat here we're told. sot sheree christensen/fish and wildlife still ahead.
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>> britteny: toboggans rolling and the peaks really are not quite as strong as oocyte yesterday part of the golden gate bridge today. they also show us of pain clouds calls will drizzle and as we go into tomorrow dramatic temperatures.
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: the gazette in the week a. 89 fairfield. " 79 san jose said. 93 in mountain view. low 70's and centel. a 60 sampras's can. 81 the bought out. use lots of warm but this time yesterday. similar conditions and francisco of 5 degrees the santa rosa. as we go into the rest of sunlight warm for inland locations '80s. to drop quickly low 70's by 9 11:00 in the '60s it closer to abate mid-60s by 7:00 9:00 high fifties. cooler on the coast and the mid-50s. i from the region tomorrow 95 indiana 97 once again to livermore low 90s conquered so those of the really hot spots at 30 degrees cooler closers their francisco 62 have monday 81 mount viewed temptress san jose at 86 and 82 as the
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rosa to over three forecast of the other details of a cooling trend is expected toward the end of a week. the latest on the fast-moving brush fire in southern california. that has torched thousands of acres. the start of the school year is here for lots of kids. but one east bay school district is faced with an influx of school officials are dealing with overcrowded
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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overcrowding is a problem for students at an east bay high school. in fact schools throughout the district are seeing a jump in enrollment. school officials tell kron4's haaziq madyun.the answer is.building new schools. >> reporter:it is getting a little crowded this year for students here at dublin high school >>:"yeah, it's like really, a lot of people here" "it is really crazy to see how
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many kids are coming here" "in the 12 years that i have been here we have doubled in size" >> reporter:that is because dublin is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of california. there were 14- thousand residents here in 1982. now there is over 53-thousand people living here.and only one high school in town >>:"and we are poising to increase exponentially next year as well, from last year to this year we have increased about 200 students, we are at 25-hundred, next year we will probably be at 27 and we will keep going from there" >> reporter:even with the collegiate style campus and fewer enclosed buildings than a typical high school, students say they can definitely feel the presence of the additional classmates >>:"especially walking through the hallways to get to classes, you know it gets a little cluttered" "yeah i have been kind of getting use to that, the growth" >> reporter:with that growth comes big plans for building new schools throughout the district says dublin unified school district spokesperson michelle mcdonald >>:"we have one school in the pipeline, a k-8 school that will come online in may 2018, we have a plan to build a second high school in dublin and we probably have to put up another couple of schools in the next 10-years or so"
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>> reporter:in the meantime parents say a little over crowding doesn't take away from their kids atttending one of the top performing schools in alameda county >>:"we're adjusting it's so worth it, the quality of education the staff that's here" in dublin haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:the death toll continues to rise. as flood waters sweep through parts of the south. the latest on the deadly flooding in louisiana. after the break. plus. devastation in lake county. the clayton fire moving away from densely populated areas. but not before destroying thousands of homes. an update. next. we continue to follow breaking news out of san bernardino county.
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>> grant:what's being called the "blue cut fire". started late this morning and has now burned over 55 hundred acres. multiple buildings have been destroyed.
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firefighters battling the flames reported some minor injuries. the fire has prompted road closures and mandatory evacuations. it also caused a freight train to stop suddenly.the crew had to run to safety. the fire is. zero percent contianed. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you updates as they happen. now an update on our top story. the clayton fire has burned more than 4-thousand acres and destroyed more than 175-homes. evacuees are desperate to get back into their neighborhoods to see if their homes are still standing. however, fire crews say that is too dangerous.
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can you break his stuff down into a vosot? talk about evacautions. the script does not need to be too long. you can pick a longer bite by the official. i was hoping that you can give us "the latest" tell them. "we are continuing to follow our top story. " without services such as water and power in evacuated areas. it makes conditions more dangerous for residents to return to what is left of their homes. fire officials say the next step is to bring some people in. just to assess the damage of their properties, but they will not be allowed to stay there for some time. >> pam: >> grant:that didn't stop one boy. from sneaking behind the fire lines. to find out if his home is still standing. doug johnson brings us the story. you can find the latest >> reporter: french owner refused
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to back later in the prior question delight over the weekend left for supplies. he was allowed to pass the road blocks inoculates net yield the millennial return or turn to. you will find his way but his home. one of the lucky ones has a still there. street after street some palms stand alders
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burned to the ground. information on the devastating clayton fire. on our website. there you can also find out. how to help those who lost everything in the fire. it's all on kron-four-dot-com. i'm mad. i'm mad. i want some the water is still rising in some areas. >> catherine:fourteen thousand
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people have been pulled from their homes in a region that has never seen flooding this bad. catherine heenan is here with an update on the disaster in cajun country. the death toll reached ten today with the discovery of two more drowning victims. 36=thousand people have registered for help with fema. we really need help. i haven't been to my home since saturday. we don't even have clothes. >>:"i was woke up at 3:30 in the morning. my neighbor called me, said you got to get out. >> britteny: >> catherine:entire neighborhoods underwater. boats navigate around submerged cars and trucks. a pet cat takes refuge in a tree. meow residents say they have never seen anything like it. >>:"it never flood like that before. it's been 1927 since it flood down here. it's been a long time." "this one it just came upon us and just started dumping mass amounts of water, we go back to our record books. you know throw those records out because we surpassed them,"
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more than two feet of rain fell in just three days and storms are expected to continue through the rest of the week. "this is a historic flooding event." nat fire crews are going door to door in boats, col. mike edmonson, la state police superintendent we have to go to every house now. once the water recedes, all these homes that are completely covered with water, we've got to go to every single one of those and go inside of them and check for anybody that might be in those areas. in the submerged hamlets east of baton rouge, one man who lost his home turned to aiding others. just anybody who needed help -- anybody -- i mean, it didn't matter who it was. i mean, you know, this is what it's all about man -- helping people. i mean, why wouldn't you want to help anybody?" as the days go by, patience is wearing thin. laura maux: "enough is enough everybody needs to get together and pull together. the president needs to come down and see what louisiana is all about." a son of mexican drug lord "el chapo" is among a group of people kidnapped from a restaurant in puerto vallarta. that's according to a mexico >> britteny: will stay high over the next couple days but temperatures start to drop down as we headed to the end of your work week. all live look inside right now you could see if you will hate clouds started to
5:36 pm
develop and san francisco airport and to rest of tonight we continue to receive the marine layer read a belt at the san francisco ad also parts of the south bay street eventually crossing over and oakland expect another foggy night ahead for us even little bit of coastal drizzle in the forecast. i also feel isolated showers on the salt lake tahoe area as the water, a picture we will show you a stronger onshore flow as we head into the next few days. also watching in the area of low pressure helps drop to pitchers a little bit. it shows us what's in store as ago and the rest of tonight. we notice for oakland hayward all the ability decreasing dollar to about zero. . >> britteny: 0 visibility half moon bay and other foggy night expected for us as we go into tomorrow we will see lots of
5:37 pm
sunshine a closer look at san francisco temperatures in the '60s right now 58 oakland 79 and san jose looking at the '60s than the the temperature is in the mid-80s at one day on tapping closer sampras's " morning drizzle sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s and oakland with today 58. 68 going into the afternoon and we will see gradual clearing how high of 73. another hot day for inland communities. it forecast showing that fell to a peak in temperatures and cooling things down for details on the cooling trend and 60 get a week and forecast another tenet
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authorities say a 19-year-old killed a married couple. >> vicki: as it fell 35 s&p 12. . p?p?o?gv >> vicki: as it fell 35 s&p 12. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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officers say when arrived- they found the suspect biting off the deputies say the suspect - austin harrouff- also seriously injured the couple's neighbor when they arrived, they found the teen on top of the dead husband, biting and chewing off parts of his face. >> grant:authorities said it took a stun gun, a k-9 and four deputies to pry the student from the husband's body -- and take him into custody. officers say harrouff was visiting his mother who lived a few blocks away. they believe harrouff may have been on drugs. however when his blood was tested for typical street drugs like cocaine, meth and heroin, the test came back clean.
5:42 pm
"we will be doing sampling of his blood to see if there is flakka or bath salts, both of which are known to cause excited delerium we did have some indications that we might be working with that" >> grant:the wife -- michelle stevens -- was found dead inside the garage. she was the daughter of former north miami beach mayor jeffrey mishcon. the neighbor was rushed to a hospital with stab wounds, but is expected to survive. the suspect is in critical condition. hugh hefner's party pad is officially off the market. how much the playboy mansion sold for. find out after the break.
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a big honor for a san francisco gay rights activist. >> pam:pam moore is in the newsroom with what we are working for kron 4 news at six. hello vicki. harvey milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in california.
5:46 pm
he was loved and revered in san francisco. for his work on civil rights. but before he came to the bay area. he served in the navy for four years. today. the navy honored milk. naming a new ship in his honor. we will take you to that ceremony hosted by the secretary of the navy today. we will have that story and much more on kron 4 news at six. vicki back to you. >> vicki:in the race for the white house. donald trump will receive his
5:47 pm
first classified national security briefing tomorrow. the briefing of nominees from top government officials is a 60-year tradition, but some are not confident in trump's ability to handle sensitive information. cnn's sara murray has the latest on trump campaign. >> reporter:donald trump's hitting the trail in wisconsin today. hammering home his claim that he's the top choice for voters looking for law and order. trump's event with members of law enforcement in milwaukee, a city recovering from clashes after police shot and killed an armed man over the weekend. coming just a day after he delivered a foreign policy speech laden with promises to defeat isis. presidential candidate "my administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy isis." but sparse are the details on how trump would accomplish that
5:48 pm
aim as president. as the gop nominee looks to bolster his foreign policy credentials, sources tell cnn, trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing wednesday in new york. it's a primer that already caused heartburn among some lawmakers and former intelligence officials, weary of looping in a free-wielding candidate on sensitive information. and it comes just days after trump reiterated his call for closer ties with russia. >>:presidential candidate "i also believe that we can find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing? wouldn't that be a good thing?" >> reporter:one of trump's aides seizing on the news that russia sent war planes from iran to target isis in syria as a positive signal. trump's social media head, dan scavino, "tweeting another donald trump idea becoming a reality. russia going to bomb isis at the moment." trump has faced blow back throughout his campaign for his calls to partner with russia and his past praise for russian president vladimir putin. now, he's looking to turn the tables. the trump campaign blasting out a statement to highlight clinton's ties to russia and claiming she and her allies sold out american interests to putin in exchange for political and financial favors. >> reporter:the fiery attacks sure to play out further on the debate stage, an area where ousted fox news chief, roger ailes, maybe lending a hand. sources tell cnn, he's been in talks with trump about debate prep and other campaign matters. but trump's spokeswoman hope hicks is denying ailes involvement with trump's debate prep saying "they are long-time
5:49 pm
friends, but he has not formal or informal role in the campaign." before launching fox news in 1998, roger ailes was a political adviser to presidents richard nixon, ronald reagan and george h-w bush. ailes was ousted from his fox news job last month amid sexual harassment allegations from dozens of current and former female employees. >> grant: part stitch closure opposite marriott still week to give specifics to the nature of the issue. frank sinatra and
5:50 pm
then there forever 1995 hit casino directed by martin riviera also a backdrop for the new jason bourne film. >> vicki: butin las vegas today, another hotel and casino.
5:51 pm
the mansion that hugh heffner built is finally sold. the playboy mansion in los angeles went for a cool 100- million. half of what it was listed for. the iconic five-acre property features 20-thousand square feet of living space. the infamous swimming grotto, where playmates and celebrities hung out. and a license for an official zoo. playboy founder hugh hefner has lived there since 1971. the new owner is the billionaire businessman who lives next door. daren metropoulos co-owns "hostess brands".known for its twinkies, cup-cakes and other classic american treats. for the price you might pay for a bay area home, you could get a t-rex skull. >> britteny: the cycladic conditions coastal drizzle and alicea few drops on the windmill. even into next week.
5:52 pm
and none of you and gnatcatchers it now airfield concord and livermore. 73 and sematech 62 and sam francisco. celebrate our shots show the marine layer her along with house through san francisco and we keep seeing that great letter has her if it
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he who >> reporter: minerals from age 23 and so it sat in any was her mother left her father is a verse from and her 20s and physically abusive relationship and at 17 she lost her virginity to a boyfriend who took advantage of her without asking first kissing me as so much as looking me in the eyes or in confirming the awake. clayton fire in lake county. indeed gave her relationship less which last june as she met her current boyfriend like many
5:58 pm
folks had the application. >> pam: learn more about men who said laurel like fire. and for setting fires. coming up will be learned about his past and latest on the effort to contain the oil fire.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
haute clayton fire in lake county. firefighters appear to be making progess. containment is now at 20-percent acres burned today. the flames have wiped out more than 175 structures. including at least 100 homes. cal fire expects to have it fully contained by sunday. good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. 15-hundred homes are still threatened by the fire at this hour. but the story we have been tracking since last night. is the arrest of a man for intentionally setting the clayton fire. kron 4's dan kerman is in lake county tonight. he has uncovered new details about the suspected arsonist.
6:01 pm
dan? our coverage continues with kron 4's j-r stone in lower lake. >>: and mineral he was thinking what it was o.k. it doesn't really matter is the fire you know you're out possibly going to cause major damage. this had trouble with the past. the department of corrections say that he serve five years and
6:02 pm
2002 for drug possession and of a firearm in a crime. after being paroled in july 2007 said that the presence except times of the next four years for violating parole. during his last months in prison he was an inmate firefighter written on the frontlines cutting brush clearing the vegetation. . >> reporter: france cannot believe he is irresponsible for setting all these fires.
6:03 pm
>> j.r.: assists in his palm. we chat show all the debris the current and the backside of what appears to be some in the household is the chimney the
6:04 pm
matter we were talking about who gets we heard from a firefighter's so did just that. he grabs this house he believes it was his toes the house next
6:05 pm
door, fire. nonsense says the the he was intense and kept
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northcoast opportunities. at laurel it community action group. we have that replaces the send your money full list on- site kron4news-dot-com
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mendo-lake credit union. lake area rotary club association. lake county rising. and the lower lake community action group. we have the full list along with the links on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> britteny: on the fire it ranks 90 and anywhere between 10 and 20 m.p.h., will still allow as well. into the rest of tonight with release slow its third read the column down little bit. 5 6:00 in the afternoon and then wind speeds pick and pack up. apertures for july of 98 degrees. when the time tracking closer to the end of your work week is a cooling trend back down into '80s) average. but
6:08 pm
bring the power lines later will bring cruise getting the job done as fast as possible. the
6:09 pm
fire lines today. a >> catherine: also reminding people of gluttony downed power lines and people. pg&e is also reminding people toand to assume they could be people are being asked to call 9-1-1 and also the utility. people were still without power. >> pam:this one is in san bernardino county. and it is spreading quickly. grant lodes is tracking the wildfire in our breaking news center. grant. 11 aaron brown egested organzine san bernardino county helps free
6:10 pm
up money and resources crews can get a handle on the spider is a video from a short tenneco is there started party more than 6,500 a. have burned the have a number on it yet and things are moving so quickly note contained on the speyer cane field by intense heat gusty on unpredictable winds. road closures some firefighters have suffered minor injuries during an honest cass' area east of interstate 15 heading a tough time accessing this and begin the breaking news in the past 50 masters out a state of
6:11 pm
emergency if you're looking at this video is see why we will keep you posted on the situation the death of a rising young local chef whose body was found inside a san francisco shopping mall, is now being considered (scal): good day, m'lady!
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local chef whose body was found inside a san francisco shopping mall, is now being considered suspicious. according to police. >> vicki: >> steve:that gruesome discovery was initially believed to be a murder victim. kron4's maureen kelly explains what has changed in the case. it was after the autospy of 28 year old frank galieica that the medical examiner deemed the death suspicious. at this point they are backing off calling it murder.since the cause of death so far as not been determined. police say homicide inspectors are still working the case to try and find out how the young chef was died. since while it doesn't appear to be a doesn't appear to be a natural death either.
6:15 pm
galeica's body was found wednesday morning in a stairwell at the bloomingdale's inside the westfield shopping center.the remains found in an area not accessible to the public. this all happening just blocks away from the prestigious sons and daughters restaurant where gaelicia worked as a line chef. the westfield shopping center was also the scene of a violent attack on friday. >> reporter:it happened inside a men's room. police say that's where one man was robbed and beaten by three male suspects. who then also beat a second victim who went inside the bathroom to investigate the commotion. the two incidents happening just days apart has those who shop in the mall a little spooked. it's scary. they should hire more security. westfield management would only say they are taking this all very seriously and fully cooperating with investigators. police say those who are nervous should use the buddy system. it's always good to take a are safe in numbers.if you go alone be cognizant of your surroundings. police say they are checking out the malls many surveillance cameras to try and identify the suspects in this most recent
6:16 pm
mugging. maureen kelly kron4 news. a huge hunt today in the east bay. the target. an alligator. >> steve: it reported on the mass terror and have a commotion. organizes the suspects, police it looks like this falling apart for a while. if the team calls and 40 and silver news on central, police think that sofa is driving that another woman came for recalling police to tell them what happened her he
6:17 pm
got a lot ave. the flooding problems in south >> steve: >> steve: a black men from 2540 with glasses on the 10 in. tall. fiat feet 10 in. tall
6:18 pm
5 ft.. >> reporter: reports in numerous sightings of an alligator here in alameda creek indian battles the year american alligators and if a plot to punish with abc's seven shows as a kid with them and treat it year live was not an option they said it is too
6:19 pm
mixed reaction from residents few of them who encountered high in the creek. assuming somebody turned loose a short life apologizing for telling the alligator says it had someone turn the alligator into a shelter. and let you live right
6:20 pm
now/ >> pam: and doubt about it news like the alligator found in that creek downloading the kron 4 mobile applications available for free and enjoy devices. a historic moment on treasure island today by naming ceremony for shipments about the bill. kron4news-dot-com new class will be named for civil human rights leaders in to the end today a new ship was named after harvey milk.
6:21 pm
but it and the board of supervisors in 1937. along with george or assassinated by dan the following year. huge problems and rising death toll
6:22 pm
>> catherine:the lousiana governor says that eleven deaths have now been confirmed as a result of the storms and historic flooding. and more parishes have been added to the federal disaster declaration. there aren't many details being released yet on the latest deaths - except that they're drownings. crews are going from home to home by boat -- trying to make sure that no one is trapped or abandoned. authorities are stressing that lives are still in danger. a pet cat was spotted in a tree. at least 40-thousand homes have water damage tonight. thousands of people remain in shelters. floodwaters are receding in many parts of south louisiana - but they're continuing to rise in other areas as the water drains south. louisiana got more than two feet of rain over 48 hours.and more storms are expected this week. steve and pam? a federal appeals court has banned the department of justice from prosecuting
6:23 pm
medical >> britteny: debt and the san
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
jose then we see lots of sunshine into the afternoon of course the fog will return once again thursday night and thursday and as we approach to the whole region 92 san jose 97 livermore. 74 oakland. and then we check your sunday forecast coming up and 50 minutes. . >> pam: the bigger ruling today and a case putting california against the federal government and what it means for those being accused of breaking the law.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> steve:
6:28 pm
that ruling orders the department of justice to prove state laws were broken before continuing with federal criminal prosecutions. this affects 10 pending cases in california and washington. even though marijuana remains illegal under federal law.congress last year barred the d-o-j from spending money to prevent sales of medical marijuana. now trail judges have been ordered to conduct hearings to determine if prosecutions can continue.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> grant: the civil market is of a fire that will burn on and on throughout the night. police caught fire, bring a path of destruction before a house cars barnes anything its half starting late this morning about the scene and it has been burning for seven hours just
6:32 pm
that time to 200 a. have burned several structures have been destroyed in damage the still unpredictable winds tens of thousands of people forced out of their house a lot of road closures into firefighters have suffered minor injuries fighting this fire burning in the modernist cajon pass area east of interstate 15 the main attraction at your heading to vegas from l.a. area within the last hour the governor did issue a state emergency december 90th county which will free up money and resources to try paul kruse to handle on this fire we keep posted on developments out of southern california. >> reporter: more of a metal ladder says is responsible for setting the clean firepit as is
6:33 pm
possible for more than just a 4,000 a. cliff and fire. you'd make his first court appearance wednesday afternoon. whether women have come for hepatic either see that man or recognize the carpet and they're looking for a 2014 nissan sentra after market wheels his death was
6:34 pm
initially classified as a homicide. has since aloft calling it murder yet to determine a cause of death after the autopsy. . >> reporter: at dublin high school record student enrollment has led to serious overcrowding on campus this new school year.
6:35 pm
hit they did not say if that was a factor in his decision, >> britteny: mouth for inland locations that will remain true in to the next few days. we are tracking a cooling trend for an inland locations will time lapse video in the clouds receive the
6:36 pm
marine layer stick around overnight into tomorrow 60 and several cisco 57 date comparable the bottom of 73ยข a rosettes march at the mid-90s for antioch and livermore. 91 concord a hayward 81 not reveal and '60s for separate cisco wednesday thursday jobless 10 degrees over the weekend and 80 starting friday saturday sunday even in light spots close to a day low 70's expected low 60s bellicose.
6:37 pm
ousted from fox news with the sexual harassment charges before getting into the news business to the senior campaign adviser to richard nixon other republican candidates. . the participation as part of being certain inmates don't fall in the criminal behavior after their release. convicted felons serving as the sentence should not be allowed to cast ballots. coup could restore voting eligibility only for balancing hightails on probation and applied to those in state official present. i shall
6:38 pm
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tech workers might not have an
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>> steve: 4 to mid parents continue place babies and and six libyan violence despite a whole lot campaign to encourage parents * at-than-on and recite their stocks. also using and the department of human services the sleeper related deaths " month it 81 your age.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
>> reporter: it is somewhat of a journeyman in his pre stand contrasted but let things into paul sullivan the play for four seasons after that readers drafted by the vikings in the first round in 2011, he played four seasons in minnesota before being released. after that he had brief stints with the raiders.and broncos. he replaces thad lewis, who is out for the year with a torn acl. meanwhile, the raiders said farewell to their napa headquarters. jack del rio's club held it's final training camp practice in wine country this morning. they will return to alameda full-time next week.after a
6:46 pm
preseason game in green bay. in addition to expectation, there's also the issue of relocation looming over this franchise. they will remain in oakland for at least one more year, but beyond that is unknown. mark davis has expressed strong interest in moving the team to las vegas. here's derek carr on the possibility of moving elsewhere. we know now some candidates who could be receiving gold jackets next year in canton, ohio.
6:47 pm
the football hall of fame committee announced that dallas cowboys owner jerry jones is a finalist for the 2017 class. the 73-year-old billionaire first bought the team in 1989. and in addition to transforming it into a dynasty in the mid- 1990s, he's made the franchise the most valuable in all of sports at a net worth of 4- billion dollars. former commissioner paul tagliabue is the other finalist named today. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones and former commissioner paul tagliabue have been selected as finalists for the pro football hall of fame in 2017. jones and tagliabue were chosen tuesday by the contributor committee. the cowboys won three super bowls in a span of four seasons from 1992 to 1995 after jones bought the team in 1989 and
6:48 pm
fired tom landry, the only coach the franchise had known. former cowboys coach jimmy johnson, who replaced landry, congratulated jones on twitter for being a finalist. the 73-year-old billionaire who made his fortune in the oil business was also a pioneer in sponsorships, sparking a lawsuit from the nfl when he struck deals outside the league's revenue-sharing model. tagliabue was commissioner from 1989 through 2006, a period during which the nfl expanded from 28 to 32 teams and built 20 new stadiums. he helped negotiate a $25 billion tv deal in 2006, and the nfl network was launched during his tenure. the 2017 class will be selected during super bowl weekend in february. >> reporter:record-wise, it's another lean year for the oakland a's. but-- off the field, there's a juicy story brewing with the team's longest-tenured player. coco crisp.reportedly very upset with the club as he feels he is purposely getting benched so the team won't have to pay him. according to his contract, he has a 13-million dollar option.if he plays 130-games this season. the 36-year-old has played in 93-games so far.and there are 43-games remaining. in an interview with the san francisco chronicle, he called the move shady.and bob melvin can't even look him in the eye. general manager david forst responded and told csn california.that given their
6:49 pm
place in the standinds they are using this time to evaluate other players whose roles need to be determined past 2016. crisp has been with the team for 7-years. ford motor company says it will have a self driving car by the year 20-21. ford ceo mark fields announced the goal today in palo alto. this is video from ford's earlier autonomous car projects. ford says its new vehicle won't need a steering wheel or gas and brake pedals. the car will be specifically designed for commercial use as a taxi. the company announced plans to double the staff at its palo alto research center by the end of next year to nearly 300 people. a full hour of entertainment
6:50 pm
the torch for page source of all they area sports college high school. fall loteat kron four sports >> pam: level catalog fire that erupted in san new information on emasculation date next day to
6:51 pm
next and more details on evacuation
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6:54 pm
>> grant: fire started latest market already more than $9 an acre is there is a state emergency cars per and and not cooperating at all. but you posted on the situation there and more on news that it o'clocks. >> britteny: this is information affecting all calories and riverside counties. in effect at
6:55 pm
least through thursday at 9:00 and do it to transmit in the low humidity the hit note hit
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