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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 17, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, august 17.ep! >> the morning ride as well. the bay bridge is packed in a a look at the forecast now. n7sn7s the there is the golden gate.9 covering up the towers. we should take care of it around the perimeter of the bay return after sunset and you
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some of the valley >> it will cover the perimeter 54 hayward and a side note only a r degrees and upper 90s possible look at the bay bridge into san backed up into the maze it is right at the foot of the maze and then slow from the east ky( some pockets to emeryville. 23 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco and ad mountains and accidents northbound 17m restaurant blocking one lane. backed up to redwood estates.-dú 17 minutes from the summit at 285. 1
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burning out of contrológk the state and the latest to in san bernardino. >> live picture showing the the fire has forced more than it has burned more than 28 mi.2 about 60 miles east of la. will to h the size of san francisco. interstate 15 which is closed now. i-15 a main routeszo! drivers have been stranded for hours.ap% at least a dozen buildings have been destroyed including homes summit in. firefighters have gained more ground against the fire that has burned hundred and 75 buildingsçóç fire burning glover lake and containment moving up from 35
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of the devastation left behind as fire burning nearly [ç nearly 7 mi.2 and saturday and evacuation orders and lower lake yesterday allowing 4000 people to return home.hoç earlier this week on suspicion of starting the clayton fire is due in court today. is from clinic was arrested on 17 counts of arson mg! they believe he is responsible for setting the fire as well as 16 other small fires in lake on the radar for some time legibly he was involved in any of last year's fires in lake county law enforcement in the past. he served five years in state possession and using a gun during i%5 prison six times over the past four years for violating the
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in prison he worked as an inmate firefighter. to see this individual that on the other side is >> the recovery and cleanup a underway as people are starting to return home to see what they but we are lifeñ with that story. can start their lives again, they were allowed to return late last night at the o have been lifted.i all of glover lake not allowed been decimated by to five minutes ago we spoke with a workerch this morning, one of the the front lines that have to
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rebuild the bridge in lakeport because of the clayton fire. his home was burnedc@ destroyed. i asked him what does he tt and he shrugged his shoulders and said i have to go to workór: because they need to be built. as far as this area rebuilding you don't see the hotspots.ó= the breathing is so much easier than two days ago when hotspots are continuing t burn but they are not allowing because there i infrastructure for the power has not been completely restored and there is no water. a lot of damage in the area in falling treesq will be busy cleaning this area before they think about allowing people to be escorted to grab anythingz9< is anything to grab. the difference from 48 hours ago , i was here right after the many power lines that were snapped and dangling and
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were on the ground and they had gone as you can see on the other side they had been off the cleanup effort is underway this particular area we can before they restore all of the there are homes still in place7v those are the people that stay behind and fought the fires even though they were told to evacuate, the state back and forth the fires. if they are there they have no and gas electricity but because he had generators but as ó morning. the update we got a couple of =5sn7s is crisscrossed by a lot of fire
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there is one coming in our direction. continue our coverage of the clayton fire this morning and you can find more fire coverage9 the suspect that was arrested and video showing you images of the fire-wn7sn and a complete l the school closures as well. msn7 passengers being evacuated right now after a small fire erupted on a large area that runsçt[ dominican republic. smoke was spotted board the caribbean fantasye> mile of puerto ricans north posted it hascbv puerto rico and the word of injuries. we'll bring you hr8 information as it comes in. looking for a gunman after a man was shot while walking with : at 11:45 pm on florida street. this is video of the steeper
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man approached him and pointed a gun and demanded their cell phone and belongings. the man then shot the victim in the upper body. in a red suv with gold rims that have not released any other information l this is the latest attack in hayward since the beginning of august 4 people have been killed and three others injured in attacks. police are searching for clues. say?p store on fire while inside.ik5 we have video from the scene. the fire started after 9:00 pm on seminary avenue.ra the reason that police received a report a mantz items in the store and barricaded himself inside and set it on fire.hg inside and found the man's body. homicide and arson investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what led to the incident. south bay where we
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a car crash is what led to a fire at a building near downtown san jose. the car crashed into the building just before 9:00 pm the 1100 block of w. san carlos st. a gas meter broke during the crash and that is what firefighte )r9 control and an hour and no injuries reported. police are trying to figure out why the driver crashed. and campaign news, do trump is overhauling his bennett as campaign ceo and campaign manager. this comes 82 days before the for the trump campaign. people for a long time and he maintain his current role. several recent polls shows is getting ready to receive his
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first classified intelligence an investigation finds that trump ñç out a pro-russian political party in the ukraine. least $2 million to two prominent washington lobbying firms?bñmsn7. the ap says the p was structured to influence4p policy. under federal law us lobbyist must tell the justice ?re@pí.pmw violation is a felony and can result in up to five years q prison.9t will police commission holding a public meeting to get a ?re@pí.pm&úw for the city's next police chief. city officials launching the ?re@pí.pm&úw after police chief resigns and ?re@pí.pm&w appointed. ?re@pí.pm&w
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say they wanted to gather ?re@pí.pm&úw new chief. a series of public meetings -- dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w elementary school at another meeting tomorrow night at the ?re@pí.pm&úw school cafeteria and meeting ?re@pí.pmw monday. ?re@pí.pm&w in rio. gymnastics coming to a close ?re@pí.pmw and another great finale. ?re@pí.pmw night on the floor exercise.;o fourth gold medal she won. ?re@pí.pm&úw women's team claiming nine medals in rio and that is the women's beach volleyball and the upset forñ jennings and april ross ?re@pí.pm&úw
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straight sets to brazil and a semi finals. ?re@pí.pm&úw first olympics as a team. walsh jennings was trying to ?re@pí.pm&úw it is her loss and 27 olympic matches. they will compete for the bronze medal today against another team as for women's basketball in the week beating japan nine ?re@pí.pm&úw usa advancing to tomorrow's ?re@pí.pm&úw weight. ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&w with the metals the one in rio. the cover line breaks the greatest.[( this is a limited time michael phelps has been featured cover of sports illustrated. it is the second time they've ?re@pí.pm&úw ledecky and simone biles.
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?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw medal. dd split between gold silver and ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw second with 51 metals in great # lots our coverage of the olympics as it continues to roll on. ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw more victims are coming forward. details coming up. ?re@pí.pmw may not be safe. sending thousands of kids to the hospital.m after the break devastating floods continue in louisiana ?re@pí.pm&úw the death toll continues to rise. we are tracking the historic
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?re@pí.pm&úw louisiana has risen to 11 people damaged or destroyed. ?re@pí.pm&úw after record-setting rain last week. baton rouge are still ?re@pí.pmw
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in the area said the water rose so quickly many had to rush out of their homes leaving ?re@pí.pmw more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes extended family or friends were ?re@pí.pm&w >> as what and how we would get ?re@pí.pm&úw they know how high the water was going to get. the first thing about was we ?re@pí.pm&úw >> now that the floodwaters are receiving first responders are checking in on homeowners for some people are going back to ?re@pí.pm&úw salvage their belongings and check in on neighbors that have ?re@pí.pmw he expects nearly half of the it doesn't look like the rain stopping anytime soon. at a lot of activity and a part of the country. >> will keep scattered thunderstorms in the forecast., temperatures expected to get up ?re@pí.pm&w with all of this. the green you see covers almost ?re@pí.pm&w
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see the darker that meansqn weather happening later on today. and another thing to throw and because it is hurricane ?re@pí.pm&w has spotted a new tropical but it looks like the projections are taking it away ?re@pí.pmw let's get out to the west coast. he saw a little bit of green some showers today tomorrow and from the high it is a little wrinkle in the atmosphere, ?re@pí.pm&úw you can see the flareup occur and l sometimes there is a potential when you get some of that activity. today and this is the last one in a series the week. ?re@pí.pmw
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and most of the east bay ?re@pí.pm&w and mid-90s?% for you see the cooler air filter and by sunset. a look at the temperatures for today 65 for downtown san ?re@pí.pm&w daly city to the peninsula and ?re@pí.pmw the bay to the east shore 74 oaklandç!ç hayward 80 and 86 for fremont ?re@pí.pmw the health pleasanton and is a earlier we may see potentially 100 degrees ?re@pí.pmw after that temperatures are further away from us and we can looks good. next week we are giving up 10 degrees9 >>+@
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?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&w time but it is a minor crash at the restaurant summit. that is your right make sure than normal. ?re@pí.pm&úw at the expressway. into the stretch of slow traffic. around 40 minutes to get from 85 to 237q] run crash. on the san mateo bridge a live ?re@pí.pm&úw it is credit adding over to the ?re@pí.pm&úw traffic. leaving hayward less than 25 minutes at 2101.
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checking for the g! sure looks normal, moderate slowing from f ?re@pí.pm&úw it is only a 40 minute trip to get from the 680 split to the ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pmw santa cruz mountains. that is your commute leave early. ?re@pí.pmw a young chef whose body was found inside a severances go shopping mall may not have been ?re@pí.pmw the medical examiner is calling the data 28-year-old frank alicea suspicious rather than a ?re@pí.pm&úw investigators are working the case to make sure how it is ?re@pí.pmw his body was found last wednesday in a stairwell at the
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the w. shopping ctr. is not accessible by the public. ?re@pí.pmw violent attack on friday. a man was robbed and be in right freeman)xú management says they are taking this seriously and cooperating ?re@pí.pm&w meantime police say those that are nervous about shopping at the mall should use the buddy ?re@pí.pmw city numbers. if you go in by yourself just ?re@pí.pmw where you're at and be ?re@pí.pm&úw >> police are checking out the mall surveillance cameras to ?re@pí.pmw may have been involved in friday's mugging. >> weeks after a violent kidnapping in san leandro print the book the story late july when a man pepper sprayed ?re@pí.pmw into his car. good samaritan stepped in and rescued the moment and since the attack two other women have another is the city says she ?re@pí.pm&úw told police a car like this was following her for a while. it
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?re@pí.pm&úw another woman called police to tell them that she encountered the same car. >> she believes the same suspect in the same vehicle pulled up alongside her ?re@pí.pm&w was a little bit freaked out and quickly turned the other way and left. that was not ?re@pí.pmw thought she knew she may have ?re@pí.pm&w >> police have some surveillancr photos from here is another look at the map was looking for. data the south bay police left a teenage boy dad and jose. 19-year-old alexander lozano ?re@pí.pmw police think he shot at a parked car on north white wrote ?re@pí.pmw 18-year-old who was injured but is expected to survive.
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please at this point to have a that part of the investigation ?re@pí.pm&úw running against massachusetts senator. warren in su the former boston red sox pitcher says he wants to be one getting her out of politics. ?re@pí.pm&úw milks the system to her advantage in reference to her ?re@pí.pmw heritage. schilling says he supports ?re@pí.pmw to trial in february for a already serving a life sentence for killing a semi pro football he appeared in court yesterday for a status hearing in the ?re@pí.pmw of boston. he has pleaded not guilty to o@ illegally hired a new legal ?re@pí.pmw
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?re@pí.pmw news the son of imprisoned drug lord walking l chappell guzman cartel in mexico. that is coming straight from ?re@pí.pmw old josi guzman salazar was among the six men abducted from a restaurant import of fire attack on monday. officials say the kidnappers cartel. l chappell is in prison near the cityçy ?re@pí.pm&w coming up art is making a lot of people upset in the east bay and we will tell you why they don't want the statue írkn ?re@pí.pmw be putting your baby at risk and putting them to sleep that we will have new information ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pmw have robin taking a look at the commute and she let us know if there are any hotspots.
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[ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you just...? got it. staples. make more happen. ?re@pí.pm&úw 7:25 am. i am tracking a hotspot highway a cropper in accident near the ?re@pí.pm&úw it is not a major crash but you only have two lanes there but
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which goes all the way out to the summits. look at the drive times. 43 minutes to get from the ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw on it and tracking other slow spots. more details coming up. ?re@pí.pm&úw many parents continue to place their babies in unsafe sleepingk environments. report was released by the american academy of pediatrics ?re@pí.pmw sleeping at their homes and it revealed a number of parents are putting their babies at risk by placing them down on their sides or on their stomachs. ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw cause the child to choke or suffocate and allowing the child to share the bed with them. researchers say came despite the decades long campaign to encourage parents to have their parents sleep on their backskú# deaths are the most common test for babies one month and one
7:28 am
?re@pí.pm&w safe. ?re@pí.pmw responsible for sending thousand children to the ?re@pí.pmw treated in hospitalsóóó are new safety regulations for strollers. make sure you have a model that is made after september of last reminding parents to always make sure their children are ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw have lost everything. their stories coming up.]k
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thanks for joining us. coming up on 730 thanks for joining us. quick chat with weather and ?re@pí.pm&úw we traffic some cameras looks like it's flowingbz keeping an eye on 17 it is a tower is completely covered and that should be taking care of business [a( area is clearing out but still hovering around the coast will be problematic returning for most of the city as we get3! ?re@pí.pm&w because we haven't seen much clearing temperatures are still ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pmw
7:31 am
for 12:00 pm 83 inland, 91 but may pi32 ?re@pí.pm&úw how are things in traffic? ?re@pí.pm&w keeping an eye on 17 with a crash wrapping up near the cats ?re@pí.pm&w the drivetime is getting betterz with a spin out you only have two lanes there and that's why the backup is so bad because traffic was getting by in one lane only. to stop m! ?re@pí.pmw the drivetime much better. 70 minutes from the summit to 85 ?re@pí.pmw checking in on the richmond normal. no major problems in the north ?re@pí.pm&úw that you see here stretches out ?re@pí.pmw the tolls. under 15 minutes dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w w
7:32 am
15 minutes this morning fire ?re@pí.pmw 46 mi.2 and burned a number of evacuation numbers 80,000 people . over 80,000 people had to ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw by nightfall it grew to have ?re@pí.pm&úw is the size of san francisco. area and i think it was the main road between los angeles and las vegas. drivers that have demonstrated ?re@pí.pm&w with a dozen buildings have been destroyed including homes ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:33 am
in lower leg. new this morning it is 40% contained to that is an increase of 35% containment ?re@pí.pm&w this is video from the fire was at its peak over the weekend. it is for nearly 7 mi.2! firefighters started lifting many evacuation orders from the clayton fire yesterday ?re@pí.pmw allowed to return to their homes. >>reporter:l ?re@pí.pm&úw getting breakfast here at the twin pines casino that is a ?re@pí.pm&úw people who have lost everything red cross that there are 28 ?re@pí.pm&úw to see when they can go back to ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:34 am
a lot of people said they had ?re@pí.pm&úw we were speaking to one woman ?re@pí.pm&úw very worried and knows that everything in her home is gone ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw see if any of her cats are >> i am feeling very displaced9y in the meantime i plan to ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&w casino is not where i call home ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw they have given us. i don't know where else i would ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw
7:35 am
people are sharing their stories ?re@pí.pm&úw trying to existj]! every day, day by day, minute by minute as the grass all that this. a breakfast but at the same time they are just waiting to hear ?re@pí.pmw rubble that remains of their home. here at the twin pine evacuation center casino turned ?re@pí.pm&úw will wrap it up and send it back to you. if you would like to make a clayton fire here is a look at some organizations that are ?re@pí.pm&úw lake county officials are asking that you only donate ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw to manage donations like food, clothing or household goods. having today the three ?re@pí.pm&úw father are due in court this ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:36 am
tiffany lyle kevin via and ?re@pí.pm&úw the murder of keith green. he was last seen on april 28 ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw and mother of his children and ?re@pí.pm&w 11 to the arraignment for the three suspects has been ?re@pí.pmw they are expected to enter ?re@pí.pm&úw berkeley chancellor is resigning. ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pmw the position in june 2013kb( plans to step down at the end of the upcoming school year but he will stay on until a replacement is found. school had been in the spotlight for the past year and ?re@pí.pmw he didn't say if that was a factor in his decision. /k2 berkeley man is behind bars after police say he eventually crashed his car to the gates of the golden gate national
7:37 am
?re@pí.pmw suspicion of driving under the influence but this happened on ?re@pí.pm&úw drove over dozens of great sites and i drove up a grassy hill ?re@pí.pm&úw granite stairs before his car stopped. ?re@pí.pm&w in a creek near fremont was shot and killed her happen yesterday afternoon off of sonoma county road.÷b( it was spotted on monday but officials cannot find itld( they tried to lower it which was 3 feet long into a cage they were unable to do so and when the alligator tried to get they were unable to do so and to shoot the animal to ensure ?re@pí.pmw expect want to say anything because i knew they would shoot ?re@pí.pm&úw something anyway.>> that is scaryy happened if we were by the water. alligator was likely kept as a
7:38 am
?re@pí.pm&úw when it got too big for the say it is illegal to alligators as ?re@pí.pm&úw say the site of the proposed to ?re@pí.pm&úw havoc on the habitat. oñms9 ?re@pí.pm&w silhouettes first made its debut at the 2013 burning man festival. the art is what is called truth ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw three-part series of the artists of salisbury people to take action7ty against women. some people who live in the dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w for the public but others say it is fine. the statue is expected to be fully installed by october. parents as your kids are starting to sign up for fall sports. ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:39 am
hugh hefner makes a pretty penny from selling his mansion ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw costing drivers a lot of money and we will tell you how much and what officials are doing to fix the problem.
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7:41 am
?re@pí.pm&w traffic. of those that need to get into starts through the maze you are looking at a 25 minutes trip to
7:42 am
will have self driving cars by 2021. ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pmw steering wheel or gas are brake pedals. ?re@pí.pmw a bad road conditions are ?re@pí.pm&úw we -- driving a row that are deteriorating cost drivers more ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw -- meetings today. 4zr ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:43 am
?re@pí.pm&w although some areas reaching the upper 90s. ?re@pí.pmw next. ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:44 am
7:45 am
a quick look at the big ?re@pí.pm&w than 82,000 people to flee their homes in southern ?re@pí.pm&úw fire. [xú software learning more about the man accused of intentionally starting the devastating blaze, 40-year-old damin pashilk. q he served five years in state ?re@pí.pm&úw being paroled in july 2007 he times of the next four years for violating parole÷x last months in prison he worked as an inmate firefighter.l >> a man is dead after police say he said anything liquor liquor store throwing items and
7:46 am
barricaded himself inside and ?re@pí.pm&úw the fire was outn website and found his body. let's get a check on the ?re@pí.pm&w the week? >> yes. a little bit of a break this weekend.?x8 this is what we have going on a minor delays and 40 minutes and clouds óvr ?re@pí.pm&w of problems now. lax the minor problems as we ?re@pí.pm&w issues happening in new york as ?re@pí.pm&w let's watch the fog tracker the last few frames starting to ?re@pí.pm&úw desperate a quicker cleanup job. ?re@pí.pm&w ?re@pí.pm&úw
7:47 am
the warm-up that's happening ?re@pí.pm&w and then along the east shore line the 70s but some of the ?re@pí.pm&úw the 80s apartment.qu: mateol' dvhv=h)ésp'gqx'j@pí.pm&ú-#w ?re@pí.pm&w 74 for oaklandéz ?re@pí.pm&w and walnut creek and 91. is a change happening here we drift through the 90s down to ?re@pí.pm&w weekend in the 80s that will be week that they temperatures ?re@pí.pmw
7:48 am
what's going on with traffic? >> a possible causing a pick back up in the south bay! northbound 85 and fremont avenue ?re@pí.pmw five cars to the shoulder with traffic alert that they have caltrain on scene and we don't know how long it will take to catch '[ ride. ?re@pí.pm&úw of saratoga heading toward mountain view and it is impacting 280g ?re@pí.pmw into the drivetime for 280 n. ?re@pí.pm&úw you can see the problem is on ?re@pí.pm&w close but the rest of the area is quite with no major crasheshe the 23 minutes from 580 w. oakland.9v is just under 20 minutes. not too bad for checking in on the san mateo vdñms9
7:49 am
need it over to not bad but it is crowded but a lot of stop and go traffic out of hayward ?re@pí.pmw getting ready for school and overcrowding has become a big ?re@pí.pmw school there are 53,000 people ?re@pí.pm&úw high school to service them all. ?re@pí.pm&úw students this year that they is becoming a big issue in schools throughout the district has seen a drop in enrollment. has 9een a drop in enrollment. district officials and how to ?re@pí.pm&w have one school in the pipeline ?re@pí.pm&w follow 2018. we have a plan to build a we have to put up a couple other schools in the next 10 dublin high school is one ?re@pí.pmw kids are getting back to ?re@pí.pm&w
7:50 am
fall sports. but there are comesc about injuries as kids are ?re@pí.pm&úw sports or jocelyn has the >>reporter: across america millions of kids are signing up activity many want to experienc: with parental encouragement but injuries can happen at any time. a hard blow to the headno the most serious. ?re@pí.pmw hit are they uncoordinated? ?re@pí.pm&úw are they holding her head? ?re@pí.pm&úw child that may not be able to complain of a concussion. concussion is a neurological impairment that occurs immediately.>>"2( marvin suspect something is wrong, get the child off the field immediately and get them
7:51 am
assess. >>'s ç checking for eye coordination protect often after a concussion the eyes will move in a jerking ?re@pí.pm&úw ?re@pí.pm&úw volunteered for this demonstration could motor a doctor's visit. ?re@pí.pmw injuries for liam says playing ?re@pí.pm&w soccer. ?re@pí.pm&w learn about the team but it's ?re@pí.pm&úw but if needed and image of the ?re@pí.pm&w in young people. select the brain is still developing. but the doctor says to ?re@pí.pm&w i will make your child's health. >> when you hear words like that , get your kid out of there."é
7:52 am
?re@pí.pmw -- is there a license healthcare professional associate with the team? what the doctor says parents should be mindful and advocates ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&úw section dedicated to back-to- school. ?re@pí.pm&w and we will get you and your family ready for the ?re@pí.pmw beginning this week for most ?re@pí.pmw ?re@pí.pm&w give you more privacy during flight and we will show you the new luxury cabins after the ?re@pí.pm&w here is a live look outside ?re@pí.pm&w bridge in the distance.ín( a slight breeze in the air and fog. they're all gone. i know i bought them.
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angeles no longer belongs to hugh hefner. it was sold for $100 million and that makes it the most expensive home ever sold in los the original asking price for the new owner is a billionaire ?re@pí.pm&w . he co-owns hostess brands and property with the playboy mansion making one generous ?re@pí.pm&w
7:56 am
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7:57 am
we are tracking the latest with the massive wildfires that are part -- burning÷vm trenches fire doubling in size over 80,000 people forced from their homes. the latest affirmation coming ?re@pí.pm&w check the fire up in like counting the clayton fire nearly 200 homes have been damaged because of it of the owners don't know their home is to denigrate we will have a live reportçg leg. ?re@pí.pm&w man shot and hayward and the government is still on the loose. ?re@pí.pm&w
7:58 am
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>>robin winston: impacting 85 and highway 218 flat tires because of this this one has something sticking out of bed when gone from having one wing blocked to two no. 85 at a fremont ave the left lane is the only line that is open cal trained on seen 85 jan out of
8:02 am
saratoga backing up to 80 all the way to san jose. >>james: wildfires are burning out of control the latest is called the blue cut fire we have live pictures coming up from southern california.
8:03 am
>>james: the clinton fire that has been burned lake that is allowing 4000 people to return home.
8:04 am
>>mark: 80 at bluesman on there for some time but they do not believe he was involved he was paroled in 2007 was sent back to prison six times in the meantime that are underway this morning as people return to see the homes if any are left standing. >>will tran: that are busy today
8:05 am
cleaning up this. lake is filled with utility workers pg&e is trying to restore the power they are here and will be for the next several days if there is a
8:06 am
question whether not as healthy it needs to go that do not want any tree limbs falling on top of any one in the meantime you can't see the damage that was left behind from this fire.
8:07 am
>>will tran: i don't think there's anything it was terrific and thorough and as destruction there was nothing here to reclaim. >>mark: police said smoke was spotted in the video and travel
8:08 am
nearer the north coast of my off shore we will be right back
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>>james: and is 40,000 homes and then destroy the worst flooding in the state's history you to see here some parts of louisiana look like rivers to salvage what
8:12 am
they can and check in on neighbors the governor says it spent nearly half of the state's parishes will be declared disaster areas.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
>>reporter: that is why we will warmups' so much of shifting more to the west it will give us a little little break in the meantime and the atmosphere causing a collection of shower is happening we drift back down
8:16 am
to 94 and then 90 looks like by friday the high drifting away from us temperatures start to relax through the '80s we may lose a decade timber to slide a little bit the coast hardly moved all. >>robin winston: several cars on
8:17 am
the shoulder after hitting this pothole and fremont avenues and we have couch ran on seem traffic is getting by in one land only chp issued a traffic alert you to see the big back of stretch and won 85 it's a normal back of beyond west grand 580 jam from 24 expected least a 25
8:18 am
minute trip from downtown oakland and to downtown san francisco. >>reporter: she's been promoted to campaign manager and executive chairman is now the campaign chief executive the embattled chairman and will stay on despite his relationship.
8:19 am
>>reporter: here just the violent protests after the shot and killed a black man on saturday
8:20 am
>>mark: this finds the campaign
8:21 am
chairman helps of poor russian political party according to the investigation he secretly about $2 million to two prominent lobby the pageant will structure to the influence u.s. policy of violation is a felony and result of the five years in prison shortly after the fight was broken up the police dog apparently focused and ready to act.
8:22 am
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>>mark: they have been exempt from sales tax to resemble the diapers are as well upon and so were driven there would be a big loss in tax revenue if he approves the bill the tax waiver could start sometime next year
8:26 am
federal appeals court ban the department of justice from prosecuting medical marijuana cases that comply with law that affects washington even though it remains illegal on the federal law his era is serving a
8:27 am
life sentence for killing the football player in 2013 he appeared in court for a status hearing of two men outside of boston nightclub he's pleaded not guilty. >>mark: he successfully defended casey anthony in her trial and the death of her daughter and 2011.
8:28 am
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easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. >>reporter: into doing a pretty
8:30 am
good job it is eroding away for the inland valleys are temperatures were 59 fog and 61, the little more 60 san jose 61. >>robin winston: apparently it is a big deal is nothing they can catch up quickly they're calling out engineers no. 85 in fremont ave the two right lanes will be closed for the rest of the morning commute 85 is active
8:31 am
in the northbound direction 280 was already packed it is much heavier >>mark: it is now close in the area and that is the main route between los angeles and las vegas would driver stranded overnight a dozen buildings have been destroyed including homes
8:32 am
>>terisa estacio: they are taking shelter at the twin pines casino it is acting as a temporary shelter the have 28 families here 175 homes structures businesses went up in flames because of the clinton fire clear label to get pictures
8:33 am
of the area in and around homes they lost everything but others are saying that they believe their homes all can't. >>terisa estacio: as been really
8:34 am
hard times for people again at the evacuation center at the twin pines casino 28 families they're just hoping to get word today on this wins this other can go back to see if they have a home if they did lose everything they want to be able to go through the rubble and try and rebuild their lives here are
8:35 am
some of the organization that are accepting monetary donations. >>mark: only donates money as they do not have the resources to manage the nation's like food clothing or household goods given a list of place to donate money to try and avoid any stems a young chef whose body was found inside of the san francisco shopping mall may not been murdered the medical examiner is calling the death of the 28 year-old suspicious rather than homicide investigators nonetheless are working the case their time to figure out how he died his body was found last wednesday at the bloom and still unsettled shopping center the shopping center has also been the scene of violent attack. >>james: the manager and says
8:36 am
they're taking this seriously they are corporate with investigators and if you are nervous it is best to use of buddy system police are checking that the surveillance camera they're trying to identify the people involved. >>mark: the people accused of murdering of father are due in court this afternoon they're charged with the murder of keep the grain he was last seen when he went to the pancake house to meet with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children his body was found in the field on may 11th the rain and for the three suspects is already been rescheduled they're expecting to enter their plea and today's hearing.
8:37 am
>>james: the chancellor is resigning he says it is time for him to step aside and let someone else take on the challenges he will stay on until a replacement is found the school has been in the spotlight over the past year he did not say if that was a factor in his decisions a man is behind bars after he intentionally crashed his car through the gates of the golden gate national cemetery. >>mark: they're arrested the 29 year-old on suspicion of driving under the influence he joe of a dozen gravesides and joe will all gracile and tried to drive up the granite stairs before his car stopped the city officials
8:38 am
large to search actively she's resigned and acting chief tony chapman was appointed he stepped down after a string of officer involved shootings three people were killed by the san francisco police and six months they want to gather community input will all this and characteristics the city should be looking for.
8:39 am
in >>mark: the giants a falloff on top of the national league west will show you how happen the world watching the games it can be a perfect showcase but only if there the official sponsor.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>reporter: we have a plan to
8:43 am
build a second high school and we have to put up a couple of the schools and the next 10 years as sole one of the top performing schools and alameda county emergency pahari pair of 85 north and fremont avenue in the two right lanes of blocked it is cause and a nasty back them will have details on the drive time and let you know how long the repair work will take.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>reporter: timber to us will start slide on into the weekend the progress as it had four stand at a 45 will have better clearing job happening it hasn't quite made it we shall do over the bridges for the eastern shore line 744-0 on 84 hey with 92 and then fail if for.
8:47 am
>>robin winston: for several driver started getting flatirons it is a bigger house and now they're calling a special engineers and we're looking at 5:00 for the estimated time of clearing we only have three lanes only one lane open no. 85 in fremont ave a nasty back of 85 is a sample for a team of into los gatos will switch over to the drive times 42 minutes now 4101 to 280 which is also impacted 25 minutes from san jose into cupertino for those of you
8:48 am
coming out of the east bay 21 minutes for 80 west and 18 minutes for was about 24 former creek heading over to the oakland side.
8:49 am
they lost of four to three for the first time since the may they're not in the first place if the rangers tied the game both intentionally load the bases from baseball to
8:50 am
volleyball. >>james: the big upset for san jose native and her teammate they lost straight sets to brazil in the semifinals they're not want to compete for the bronze medal they're all posing with the metal they run the cover line is the greatest stars over red hot american summer this is the 11th time this is and featured on the cover of sports illustrated team usa in with a whopping 84 total medals you can see it is evenly distributed 28 medals for each
8:51 am
of those categories china in second place great britain and third with 50 there is no room for competition among companies looking to advertise. >>reporter: in fact the city of rio does turn into one big advertisements you can get your 26 team mascot the only official sporting brand is nike and the only car that except is visa the
8:52 am
and of the committee needs the money and big advertisers bring to the table to help protect the official friends and guard against what they call over commercialization their strict rules on what you can cannot set about the olympics and commercials there are ways that they get around these regulations general mills put
8:53 am
animals to their paces in track and field in a so-called showdown. >>james: come of next fresh lava flowing and that as the shrine thousand two hours will tell you what they're saying again weather and traffic check we will have a lot of day on both
8:54 am
of those coming up at the top of the our.
8:55 am
>>james: is going to be just fine it sold $400 million in the makes it the most expensive home ever to be sold in los angeles that was half of the original asking price the new owner is
8:56 am
the billionaire businessman who lives next door however you have to wait before he demos' the castle because he had in the agreement that he gets to live there until he dies. \ >>mark: it did not reach the water until the end of last month they save four to 5000 visitors are passing through not only sent this to the sharp rise
8:57 am
in the number of customers will local businesses are experiencing at the desire to sigoloff what is driving of traffic the blue could fire them the huge fire burning in southern california explode overnight it threat nearly a hundred thousand people in the student's head off to college will have some tips to protect them from scams how to protect your children from super mies.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:00 am
>>mark: watching the weather forecast >>reporter: already warming up mid-60's now to be had livermore concord 54 downtown san francisco 92 by 5:00 that is after the peak in you conceive for the bay to much is pretty much in the '70s no. 85 fremont
9:01 am
avenue of the two right lanes are closed we only have three lines leaving one lane open it is cause and a nasty back of for 85 commuters it is backed the beyond 17 and 280 that is one to be a slow ride a jam the not directions. >>robin winston: cruised can make some progress we will keep you updated and have a complete check coming up. >>mark: we are getting live pictures and videos coming and more than 80,000 people have had
9:02 am
to back away because of this fire is burning clothes and to say 15 which is closed and is the major route between los angeles and las vegas drivers in the area are stranded a dozen buildings have been destroyed including homes and the historic the diner called the summit on route 66.
9:03 am
>>mark: up from 35 late last night this is a video from the fire over the weekend and to earn nearly seven square miles and started the firefighters did lift to many of the evacuation orders that is allowed about 4000 people to return home the 40 year-old who is from a clear lake was arrested on 17 counts of investigators believe is responsible for setting the fire as wallace dixon of the small fires during his last
9:04 am
month imprisoned he worked as an inmate firefighter. >>will tran: they want to make
9:05 am
sure the workers are safe you concede today pretty much belongs to the tree services they're bringing down the trees to make sure they do not fall on the utility workers they've already gone through this area
9:06 am
they simply do not know they want to make sure this area is safe enough for those people to go through the rubble and as far as we can see it is nothing but rubble teles go to their to find anything even jewelry left behind. >>mark: 01 of 500 passengers have been evacuated after a small fire erupted in runs
9:07 am
between pr in the dominican republic smokeless thought of or the caribbean fantasy at the travel nickel rico's broad coast the ship had docked safely a pr we have not had any word of an injury this police and the east bay working for gunman after a man was shot while walking with his wife in hayward the man shot the victim in the torso he is expected to recover the shooting took off and the red suvs the have not release any other information this is the latest attack in hayward since the beginning of august 4th people have been killed.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>mark: we're getting you're ready for school wall with the now warning for parents super
9:11 am
lies are proving to be resistant but for many parents and leaves and spending a lot of time and money that typically spread through contact adding the best message math and is not the over-the-counter treatment take your children to see a professional.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: that is starting to improve for the 880
9:15 am
of the crossing backed up all the way through the maze that is a nice improvement from the rest of the bay area hot spot free no major accidents 880 from san leandro 21 minutes 5 in seattle castro valley up with a team minute trip ride up against
9:16 am
most of it around the bend claim the job should be here in the next hour. >>reporter: over the hill that is when you see a lot of 90's pop in some cases here was how things shake down as we talk about this will be the hottest days.
9:17 am
>>rob black: and they have the skill back this is a very big cutback but keep in mind in the last seven years and this is just 14,000 the workforce is actually growing to grow to acquisition it doesn't make a lot of sense but they're still growing.
9:18 am
>>rob black: this a situation that needs to fix itself something but in they're trying to get back at the ministration for stopping when you were young
9:19 am
you go to college if she plans to swam she turned down $5 million in deals after the olympics
9:20 am
>>rob black: it is long-term care is all because of low interest rates insurance is a
9:21 am
lousy business to be an especially when the race are so low if i lose another to the
9:22 am
insurance company and get rescheduled and retested.
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>reporter: yesterday's she alleges that they called the tip of his finger in an ecstasy fuels of jealous rage because he thought she cheated on him no
9:25 am
word on whether he used this is a hand or swing blade she has a master's degree from harvard we
9:26 am
will be right back.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: this is one to be with us throughout the morning commute the 5:00 when they hope to have it cleared will definitely keep you posted avoided if you can the drive times 56 minutes out to to 42 definitely not normal.
9:30 am
>>reporter: 2 over the hills mid-60s to be from that will
9:31 am
called of cool breeze up to 25. >>mark: this is the blue could fire at least a dozen buildings
9:32 am
the clinton fire burning and low lake near highway 29 of from 35 to 40 percent. >>terisa estacio: they are desperate for information they're eager to find out the
9:33 am
status of their homes and they want to know about their pets a lot of people had to leave their pets because they had to get out of the area because the fire came in so quickly. we spoke
9:34 am
with another person who says she it fosters cast as she is very worried she is hoping to get and so this she conceived with the status of russia is hoping that there are live so they can bring them if necessary. >>mark: a car crash led to a fire in a building near downtown san jose a car crashed into this
9:35 am
building will 49 last night trump was getting ready to receive his first classified intelligence briefing to that
9:36 am
they must tell the just as the car man if they're hoping for leaders is a felony in results up to five years in prison the death toll from the devastating flooding and louisiana arise overnight to 11 people and 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed this same they rose so quickly they had to rush out of their homes leaving everything behind the flood
9:37 am
waters are starting to see first responses are checking in on the home owners. >>mark: they are due in court this afternoon he was last seen on at the 20 it will be went to the pancake house his body was found in the field near hills bird on may 11th they're
9:38 am
expected to enter the plea at today's hearing getting ready for school is take a look at how overcrowding is affecting one east bay high school.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>reporter: 9 a good alternate is jammed back from highway 101
9:41 am
the crash from high with for blocking several lanes. >>mark: it might be offered to other people that may not exist in a deposit of first month's rent check is already been cashed credit-card scams also trying to get college students.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>robin winston: this is no. 85 in fremont ave only one lane 50
9:46 am
minutes from 1012 all the slow traffic up to the 280 split south about 680 leaving dublin before you get to now we have a late accident on the pittsburgh side look at the drive times the 40 minutes to get from antioch to concord definitely not normal.
9:47 am
>>reporter: from the bay bridge camera as you see the evaporation from the inland region down to the south than just hanging on the trouble spot don't expect a lot of movement but the contrast in the last 24 hours all the numbers getting a little bit better clearing the east may shoreline we have for oakland 74 with some
9:48 am
nine is to be found out here 93 looks like to lay hold the a little cooler we do reach read a little been as high goes to the west will see the '80s by the time we get to the weekend. >>mark: pfft from their 53,000 people living and dublin and just one high school to high school on has an additional 200 students.
9:49 am
>>reporter: across america maze of kids are signing up on hard blow to the hat among the most serious a concussion is a
9:50 am
neurological impairment he volunteered for the demonstration vulnerability and balance also part of the doctor's visit to rollout bleeding especially young people because the brain is still
9:51 am
developing they recommend into the cause was for child suits of. >>mark: the san jose police department is looking for this man is on surveillance camera and an apartment complex it happen on may 1st he used to pride tool to force its way into the community center the suspect
9:52 am
was wearing a distinctive hovey sweatshirt with the letter be on the front and the word best on the back she dominated last night in the floor exercise when her fourth gold medal of the olympic games per team may took home the silver overall the u.s. women's gymnastics team has claimed nine medals that is the most and the program's history it is the second cover but it
9:53 am
may need to be updated because this was taken before she won her latest gold medal last night he made plans to hang out and the rest of the team to work out and learn how to do a back flip. >>mark: you could be putting a baby at risk by putting them to sleep new information the parents do not want to mess.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: 46 or miles have burned since it started yesterday morning well more about the man accused of attention is starting a devastating fire up the accounting five years in state prison after paroled in 2007 he was sent back to prison a man is dead at the police saying he barricaded himself inside the store and set on fire a new
9:57 am
study reveals the two minicams continue to place their babies and unsafe sleeping environments they are the most common cause of deaths of babies one month to one-year. stay connected with our kron 4
9:58 am
mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am. our next newscast is at 5:00 this evening.
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