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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 17, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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the previously agreed-upon settlement. still it's interesting because of what happened to mell gibson's ex, oksana gregorieva when she went on howard stern's show. >> anyone who has been through what you've been through with mel. you got to be full of hope. >> a judge ruled that oksana violated a confidentiality agreement and clearly implied that mg had committed domestic violence against her. >> it doesn't matter how painful it is at the time. the darkest experience you learn from it and never forget that there's light. there's exclusive new video of billy bob thornton blasting claims that he had an affair with amber. >> it's a hot story. you know. >> so -- >> the actor-music in greenville, texas yesterday on tour with his band. >> it's not true, right? >> of course not. >> now here's the thing. johnny and amber have a movie
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out there that's yet to be released, called "london fields" and it also stars billy bob thornton. >> how in the world would you get those three together to promote the movie? >> you don't. it's not going to happen. but last night heather locklear was out, her first public appearance since the paparazzi that was out there blown out of proportion by the tabloid magazine. >> heather hits the red carpet looking flawless. smiling, happy, laughing with her co-stars, going casual in white jeans and an off-the-shoulder green blouse, heather looks nothing like the unflattering tabloid images published last week. a report threw shade at heather, claiming she was drinking, depressed and in a downward spiral. we debunked it. now tyler perry agrees. he just can't the star in a new series. >> she made me fall in love with tv bad girls, she really did. >> before bad girls were good, she was great. >> she stars as the first lady on tyler's new "scandal"-like
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soap. heather returns to her bad-girl roots, we'll never stop loving the deliciously wicked amanda on "melrose place." >> i want to you stay away from my husband! >> heather locklear is going to be one of the cold, most cold-blooded people you've ever seen on film. >> personally, i can't wait to see her. you know, but you also can't forget heather as the devious jo on "dynasty." >> heather can play bad like no one else. "the voice" will feature miley cyrus and alicia keys. >> i don't know that we've ever had a shake-up like this season 11. >> miley is the youthful spirit that we've been missing. >> she won three times and we're on the 11th season. >> that's the math i was doing for you.
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>> she's a great performer. she has this ear for music. >> blake and adam better watch their backs. miley is not only showing off outrageous fashion she wants to mix things up from her big red chair. >> think with me i don't think there's that genre wall. i think if do you country, if you want to be on my team. >> i'll be your honey mustard. >> i don't think this is going to break for miley cyrus. >> this season's other fresh face literally is alicia keys. the singer is sticking to the no makeup mantra she made in may and is carrying the no-frills approach to her coaching. >> where did you learn to sing like that? >> from you. >> i straight-up love you. >> i just don't know how honest it is, i'm starting to kind of hear it. [ laughter ] >> alicia is the strongest team. mine is probably the not so distant second. >> blake is not so much the team, as him.
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>> "e.t." broke the in us that team adam will get support from mentor, sammy hagar. >> i wanted to ask you about the dynamic this season. how are the girls handling your and blake's bickering? >> they're a little disturbed sometimes. a little shocked. but and especially the stuff you don't see. if you notice on "the voice" i'm here and blake's here and that will ever change. >> we're like the weird book-ends. >> as much as the world likes to make this girl catfight scenario, that's actually blake and adam. >> i'm trying to stay honest. >> hay, alice his driver is here, he's ready to take you whenever you're done. all that trash talk we all love so much has already started. you might remember that lady gaga rocked "the voice" a few seasons back. singing a duet with christina aguilera and you probably remember the photos we've seen of gaga and bradley cooper hanging out. we've wondering what was up with those two.
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now we know. and that tops tonight's celebrity roll call. >> bradley and gaga back in april leaving an l.a. hot spot. had us wondering what these two were up to. we know it was a bit of a business meeting. the grammy winner is set to take the lead opposite bradley in his directorial debut. a fourth remake of the classic film "a star is born." the project has been in the works for years. back in 2011 beyonce confirmed to "e.t." that she was set to star in the movie with clint eastwood directing. but scheduling conflicts and bey's pregnancy nixed the plan. now gaga will write original music for the film which got hollywood's stamp of approval at last night's premiere of another reimagining, ""ben hur."" >> i wish him the best of luck, i love that guy. ♪ and we can tell you that nia long will be the wind beneath idina menzel's wings.
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? the in the remake of "beaches." >> looking like a vampy new version of the character from the movie. >> nia will play barbara hershey, to feature classic movie along with the cuts. ♪ ♪ >> and finally, another remake in the works. ♪ >> "varsity blues" the 1999 high school football movie getting the tv treatment. tnt has green-lighted a script. no word of who might star. >> and look who's back to work. that's the cast of the "big bang theory" on set for season 10 and they're holding up all ten fingers. up next, matt damon's man bun is next. what in the world? >> i like it. >> we'll explain this look, when we come back. >> we'll see. later our one-on-one with amy schumer opening up about her past romances.
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>> some of it was really painful to look back at. >> how she found the real love with boyfriend ben. new twist in the jonbenet ramsey investigation what you never knew about the murder mystery just uncovered in a new series coming to primetime. -- captions by vitac --
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yeah. chase. so you can. chrissy teigen keeps it real on snapchat with a close-up of her thighs saying l.o.l., my thighs have tributaries. even supermodels aren't immune
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to mere mortal issues. >> it's not the first time the 30-year-old has shown off her stretch marks. posting this instagram pic last year. >> chrissy, keeping it real. and this is totally real, too. matt damon's man bun. it's back. >> we'll see. the audience will be the judge. >> damon fans in china were saying long hair, don't care. yesterday matt snapped a selfies at "jason bourne's" beijing premiere and with the ponytail he and co-star alicia vikander were totally twinning. >> hopefully it will find a big audience in china. >> he's talking about his movie, what about his movie? the business in the front, party in the back look isn't new. damon donned the man bun in beijing last year causing the internet to wig out. matt damon's ponytail had its
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own twitter account. after the mane event yesterday came this tweet, i'm back. before you tear your hair out thinking he's gone full orlando bloom, jared lehto or chris hemsworth. this bun is for a role. >> it's hair extensions. there's 700 hair extensions. it was a full day to put them in. i have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughters. >> for his new movie "the great wall." matt's doing reshoots for the film back in china and damon's no stranger to changing up his look for a role. here's what he told us after "bourne." if the movie starts and you look like you've been living well, don't have a movie. >> the best thing i got from that is he totally understands hair issues now. not that we would know anything about that. still ahead. justice for jonbenet ramsey? are there new clues? >> we hope to get the truth out
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about how she died. amy schumer gone wild, from lower back tattoo to r-rated messages to j. law. >> i sent her a rude text. >> what you never know about the star. >> what's happened to me in 35 years. >> amy, you look 30, i know, but i am 35. comfort food...
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no doubt about it, amy schumer is a lady in charge. and she made your job a lot easier. i'm so crazy about this woman. we sat down, got right business talking about her exes, her gal pal j. law and you now he had amy has that famous lower back tattoo. i thought we could do a little bonding. >> you have a great lower back area. >> that's very nice. >> are you really tan? >> i swim outside a lot. >> the rub on tat was supposed to say "every day i'm hustling." >> let's see if it's ready. >> um, yeah, it looks great. it's perfect. it says -- "v day i'm hustling." some of it didn't come out. >> amy loved it so much she instagramed it out to her five million followers. >> that's awesome. i'm definitely boasting that. >> the author of "the girl with the lower back tattoo" is going strong with boyfriend ben hanisch. she and the custom furniture designer met on a dating app.
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>> how is ben different from the guys in your past? >> he's totally different. usually we go for narcissist. and he's not a narcissist. he's just very supportive and loving and i think we're just really proud of each other. >> in the book you recount some of your past relationships. did you reach out to them, give them a heads up? >> no, i changed their names. the guys in the chapters that are most difficult, i was in an abusive relationship and i lost my virginity. i did not reach out to those -- i'm not in constant contact with those guys, if can you believe it or not. >> amy's kept journals since shes with a kid and some of the provocative stories from that book is from her early writings. >> it's a book of essays of stories from my life that are humiliatingg and funny and -- painful and happy. you know, what's happened to me in 35 years. >> amy, you look 30. thank you, i know, but i'm 35. >> high praise from meryl streep this past weekend. what was your reaction?
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>> i shrieked. >> playing meryl streep in a biopic. >> i know, i just screamed. it was just -- funny that people are, is it happening? i'm like no, she's alive. >> amy's doing it all. she's an author, movie and tv star, comedian and bffs with j. law. >> jennifer lawrence movie, update on that. >> b-day yesterday. >> we're just talking. >> what did you send her? >> i sent her a rude text. but i did call her. i called her and i talked about myself. i'm realizing. i talked about myself..o cf1 o at the end she said thanks for calling me on my birthday. i went oh yeah. but we're just trying to get it on our calendars, we're excited about it. >> those two together? that's going to be fantastic. and you two together, you still got the tattoo? >> yeah, check it out. it's still hanging in there. >> it's a little messy. >> does this mean that you
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didn't take a shower? >> i'm not washing that area ever again. >> i'm speaking on behalf of your wife, please do wash that. the book is out now, and it's a great read, you'll love it. more news to get to. jonbenet ramsey, 20-year mystery that we're still no closer to solving today. who killed the 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant? and why? >> we have your first look at a new cbs docu-series that reconstructs the crime and reexamines crucial evidence in hopes of finally finding an answer. >> i want to report a kidnapping. >> it was a tragedy so horrific, so shocking that it took the country's breath away. >> there's a ransom note here. >> ransom note? >> a family goes to bed christmas night and the worst of all nightmares becomes a reality. >> god knows who you are. and we will find you. >> the brutal death of jonbenet ramsey has haunted our collective psyche for two decades, reported kidnapped and found eight hours later, beaten
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and strangled to death in her basement. the story explodes, wall-to-wall immediate can coverage ensues and in some quarters jonbenet's parents, john and patsy ramsey, becomes the chief suspects. >> i did not kill my daughter, jonbenet. >> no arrests were ever made and after a two-year grand jury investigation, no charges were ever filed and to this day, jonbenet's death remains unsolved. >> we hope to get the truth out about how she died. >> now, nearly 20 years later, the case of jonbenet ramsey, a new six-hour docu-series on cbs reexamines the crime in painstaking detail. >> we're rebuilding the house. >> you'd have to be a contortionist to come through here. >> there's no way. >> premiering next month this new examination of the case will bring together some of the original investigators, along with a host of new experts, all
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committed to unraveling this morbid mystery. >>ky recognize that voice. >> did you testify in the grand jury? >> for 20 years, nobody asked me. >> over the years "e.t." reported the story from its own vantage point from the news media's obsession with the story. >> she's become america's daughter. >> to hollywood's interest in bringing the tragedy to the small screen. >> it's become entertainment to a lot of people. >> john walsh, who lost his own son adam to a murderer, helps us understand what the ramsey family was likely going through. >> this is the worst thing that will ever happen to them. let them grieve. >> patsy ramsey died from ovarian cans anywhere 2006. john ramsey later remarried. as late as 2008 boulder county prosecutor said new dna tests have cleared the family. as for this new cbs investigation, expectations are high that justice for jonbenet may be that much closer to finally becommng a reality.
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>> we want to get the truth out so jonbenet can rest in peace. >> now lifetime is also workinging on a tv movie called "who killed jonbenet?" we'll be first on the set to watch for that. we have your first look at the new "survivor" cast. >> and tomorrow, who knew "the huntsman" was a comedy. >> oh, my god! what is that? >> it's chris hemsworth, shelley sarin and emily blunt like you haven't seen them before. only we're behind the scenes for the outtakes. and you know usher the superstar but we're with usher the proud papa. could his son be following in his father's famous footsteps. >> that's tomorrow. >> pam:next on kron-4 news at eight: fire burning out of control. destroying homes and exploding in size.
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we are tracking the battle to get stop the flames from spreading. tragedy in the south bay. a pregnant woman killed in a car accident. as emergency responders rush to help her baby i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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>> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- we're just about a month away from the start of "survivor" on cbs. and it is season 33. >> can you believe that in. >> they've come up with a brand new twist in fiji that will be millennials against gen x-ers. >> gen x sits here strong saying we built this world and the millennials say yes, and we're changing it. >> i think that's the collision.
7:59 pm
it's old ideas versus new ideas. the culture is changing. >> so it's a really fun twist that we've never had before. >> the gen-xors range from 33-52. a police sergeant. a body builder and a former model. >> definitely some of the players are my kids' ages, i can tell. >> the millennials, ages 18-31. and include a comedian, a bartender and a professional online gamer. let the generational trash talk begin. >> i want to show people that 18-year-old kid can go out there and play the game with the old adults and end up beating them and making them look like fools. >> this kids come from an area where everybody comes home from a softball game and everybody won. we're all going for pizza, that's not for me.
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now at eight. sickened for him to hide his face. look at the people you did this to. the arson suspect accused of devastating a lake county community. nat in southern california, firefighters strained to the limit as homes go up in smoke in san bernardino. the flames covering 26=thousand acres in a single day. explosive fire growth is the new normal just as firefighters get the upper hand on one fire. *another explodes in size. the blue-cut fire is aggressively spreading tonight here in the bay a a man accused of sparking the s court room fu lakerking the good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> steve:from north to south. we are tracking the trail of wildfire destruction across the state tonight.


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