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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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firefighters are mopping up right now, surveying the damage. you can see this from 1 hour ago, it's unclear what caused the fire. fortunately no injuries. health warning if you plan on eating outdoors this weekend. the national weather service says the air quality will be unhealthy in sections of the bay area and it's largely because of all the smoke in the air because of the wildfires. tonight spencer blake tells us when the smoke my clear out. >> reporter: all over the bay area friday people couldn't miss the gross looking color in the air. >> we're coming off a 101 and what i thought was fog was clearly haze. it is surprising how much it blanketed the area. >> reporter: it's blowing smoke from the nearby fire all the way to the bay area. >> smoke is a regional pollutant. we have had it at the 1500 foot
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level for some time. that could drop down easily. >> there were reports of smoke as low as 1000 feet. the worst air quality is south and east of the bay. check out this view of oakland. even in the city it's not hard to see the wind blowing or what it brought in. >> it seems darker out here. >> unfortunately we don't have a big rain event which would clear out the rain -- air a lot. we have stronger winds coming but you will still see the haze. >> it comes saturday which is not the spare the air day. even though saturday might look a little better, we still have the hottest part of summer ahead of us which likely means more wildfires pushing in more smoke and that could last all the way through october. many people are still devastated in lake county.
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the fire 75% contained but it burned nearly 4000 acres and the most of the evacuations have been lifted in lower lake but some people are still saying and shoulders. kron4 spoke with evacuees. we are trying to stay positive during tough times. >> we are helping each other, sometimes with monetary money. sometimes just a hug. >> it will be better. this is only a time period right now. tomorrow is a different day. >> we laughed and cried. but most of all we bonded. >> cal fire says the control lines are strengthening. firefighters are concentrating on the repair process at this hour. part of the 300 building -- buildings destroyed 200 our homes. the number could rise as they go through the damage. the latest on the fire in southern california, the blue cut fire has destroyed more
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than 300 buildings. today more people were allowed to go home and check on their properties. this comes after more than 80,000 people were forced out. the fire has burned or than 37,000 acres, april, on tuesday and is now 40% contained. some communities in the area are still being threatened tonight. the cause is still under investigation. another big story, a bay area mother paralyzed after a tree limb came crashing down at a popular park will she was watching her 2 young children play in san francisco. she is out of intensive care the doctors say she will no longer be able to walk. we spoke with the victims husband. >> reporter: tonight cui ying zhao is out of the hospital intensive care unit. her husband says she is now talking and it recognizes her loved ones. doctors say her legs are paralyzed, but he is still holding out hope. >> hoping she can walk.
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the doctor says she is not going to walk but i don't know. maybe have her go to rehab to help her to walk in the future. that's what i want. >> reporter: she was at washington square park with her daughters when a heavy pine tree branch snapped and landed on her head. her husband says doctors told him her lower spine is broken and her skull is cracked. back she cries when i go to see her. she cries a lot. i told her not to worry, were going to ask for people's help and hopefully people can help us. >> reporter: he says their 2 young daughters are having a tough time eating and keep asking when their mom will come home. doctors have not told the family when she will be able to leave the hospital. road to recovery is likely to be long. her husband says she is the rock of the family.
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>> she takes care of the kids. and i cannot, i just go to work, she pretty much does everything at home with helping the kids, without her i don't know what to do. in the south bay the health of a newborn baby delivered after its mother died in a horrific car crash in san jose is improving. doctors at the valley medical center have upgraded baby christopher from critical to serious condition. his mother was involved in a crash that happened early wednesday morning. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. doctors managed to save the baby who was born 2 months premature. a spokesperson for the valley medical center says the newborn's condition is "better.". and now 2 other top stories. olympic swimmer ryan lochte apologized amid growing controversy amid a story about being mugged at gunpoint in rio.
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he told quite a story about a robbery at gunpoint but brazilian authorities said his story was not true. the olympic committee has apologized for his behavior and those -- that of 3 other swimmers. federal prosecutors say it was a bay area woman who allegedly cyber stalked celebrity chris jenner. authorities arrested the 36 rolled yesterday on 15 counts for harassing the reality tv star, 2 of her assistants, and several family members as well. she is said to be on medication for mental instability. according to her father this is not her 1st stalking incident. the weekend is finally here and it's going to be hot in some sections of the bay area. >> will be back in just a
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lots of festivals taking places we can. we can tell you how do enjoy them. >> all around the bay area we have lots of things going on. it's going to be a good we can. we have that smoke out there, that is a little concern. that will be improving throughout the weekend. a little cloud and fog moving inland. tomorrow it will start of gray in spots but plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. next week lots of sunshine and dry conditions continue. it looks like we're going to pick up a little trees and -- breeze and the air will improve a little from yesterday. towards the coastline the air quality will be much better. bidders out the door right now, 60 in oakland. 64 and livermore.
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-- in livermore. around the bay area high pressure overhead, but with all the fires burning around the state, the smoke is being trapped in swept back into the bay area. hot temperatures around the state, 100 in fresno. 11 bakersfield. 67 in the monterey bay. in san jose, a lovely afternoon with lots of sunshine. after patchy fog. it will be hazy due to the smoke. starting out cooler in san francisco in the 50s. not a lot warmer, morning clouds give way to sunshine. cloudy toward the beaches. in oakland sunshine and morning clouds hazy and breezy in the afternoon. overnight lows, a little cooler in spots. 40 in santa rosa. 52 for the low in napa. you get the idea, we are headed toward fall.
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we're starting to see changes. temperature wise tomorrow it should be comfortable in the bay. plenty of 70s in and around the bay. one of the warm spots, 89 in livermore. hot in antioch 90 degrees. as we look out over the next couple of days, it will cooldown just slightly into sunday. then toward tuesday we will warm up briefly and then a more significant coolly -- cooling toward thursday and friday. here are some festivals to check out. this is a lot of fun, i have not been to it but the art and soul festival in oakland. let's of good food and drink. and tremendous visit. >> it is a lot of fun. >> that is it for us. we want to leave you with a look at the video from today's 90th birthday to beat to the legendary singer tony bennet.
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happy birthday.
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ryan lochte's big apology after these headlines, can he ever recover from this blunder in rio? and unwelcome home? >> you regret what you guys did? >> their miserable flight behind this curtain back to the u.s.a. and, hey, that's my bike and the 80-year-old guy's wild ride to get his bike back. >> hey, he's stealing my bike. i will build a great, great wall. >> donald trump, who done it? >> naked donald trump statues. >> who is behind the trump statues popping up all over america. and the former miss universe who says trump once called her miss piggy, she is a u.s. citizen as of today. plus, she is


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