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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> steve:breaking news tonight a large earthquake rattles rome in the middle of the night. the u-s-g--s recorded it as a magnitude six point two. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. >> pam:the mayor of town in amatrice, italy, says. residents are buried under debris. and that the town - quote " isn't here anymore." grant lodes joins us with new details and new pictures. grant? >> grant:in the last half day breaks in italy. we've learned this is a deadly earthquake. our partners at cnn reporting two confirmed fatalities. though the mayor of the town of accumoli says a family of four is trapped uder debris.and there are no signs of life. and when you look at the first images of the damage and destruction.the fears of so many are that the death toll could rise significantly. people were shaken out of their beds.the quake hit around 3:30 in the morning local time. according to the u-s-g-s.there are vulnerable homes and
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buildings in that region. that are not built to withstand significant quakes. the mayor of amatrice.where the mayor said the town isn't there anymore. is begging for heavy crews can move the mounds of rubble, clear the streets.and access injured people in the mountian town. we turn to kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp now. brittney that italian earthquake was slightly stronger than the napa quake, which happened two years ago tomorrow. what was that quake like in comparison? >> grant: the thing about the rich lore history these killings took it around thousands of years the mayor argues that the town isn't there a door begging for heavy equipment so crews can move the mountains of rubble cleared the streets and excess injured people who call upon to hundred three you look around and there just isn't town anymore.
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meterologist brittney shipp joins our coverage now.and epicenter. >> britteny: that doesn't care where the magnitude 6.21 thing we have been played out this entire time happen overnight 336 the morning when everyone is sleeping a really difficult time frame for a quick strike read the middle area 6.9 so considerable damage and with the news of this earthquake reminder that happens ec year reported times the wish people acquit to
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respond to something like this. and the death toll to delay and everyone expects that arise unfortunately and the damage is solid tracker if you will what you can expect a retrofitted you would think. they're still trying to rebuild some of that and again two years ago and just happening as we speak tracking developments overseas. >> grant: immobile alerts and to the publication greenway
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but keep what they did we will continue to keep updated in as we learn new info. tonight three people are in the hospital after being hit by the car. the crash happened at sutter and sansome streets in san that's where we find kron=4's alecia reid. alecia you spoke to people who know the people who 10pm >>alecia:the taxi was towed out of here moments ago, and crews are still working to clean up what's left of the news stand. earlier today friends of the victims watched in horror as
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friends of the victims are still hanging around watching. pkg it happened within seconds. on a busy tuesday afternoon on market street, this taxi plowed into a newsstand tower, then the shoe shine next to it. the owner, saleem bey and his apprentice were sent airborne. sot - they served the city well bey has been a fixture on this corner for years. at times folks stop by to get their shoe shinedother times, to catch up. sot - we talk in passing all the time sot - they're really great
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guys, they're an icon the two victims landed in separate spots. witnesses say the apprentice --- who goes by the name jazz --- received a really hard blow. jason smith / friend of victim sot - he's a really good guy. both men, and the cabbie were rushed to the hospital. the traffic collision investigative unit remained on scene for about 6 hourstrying to piece together what happened before the crash. >>: is very beria's the intersection there is: not sure what the supply if any of those are involved. one of the victims' remains critical. men
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were in critical condition. as of tonight 2 of the victims are now listed in fair condition one of them remains critical tonight. reporting live in san francisco thank you alecia for that report. at such a busy intersection for both cars and pedestrians, plenty of people were there when the accident happened. kron four's spencer blake spoke with people who heard and saw the collision. a wreck like this turned everyone's head at once. susan giammona was inside the booth on the corner. susan giammona "all the sudden i heard a crash, and out of the corner of my eye i see this yellow car coming down market street, just fast." "i had just come out of the building over here, and was gonna cross the street and heard what sounded like an explosion. i looked up and there were pieces of stuff flying everywhere." "i was actually on the number 2 bus. i was getting off on second street, and i heard a loud crash sound. heard a couple loud noises and stuff, so i jumped off the bus, and i saw the accident right there, and it's looking pretty tragic." after the wreck, people continued to gather, asking questions about the shoe shiners, and taking pictures of the crash. >>:"there was no skidding, it didn't sound like there was any brakes, it was just -- it did sound like an explosion." "everybody was like, 'wow! what just happened?' ya feel me? so everybody - the bus stopped right there on second street and
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everybody jumped off the bus and we instantly ran to the situation." "the cab kinda flew up, 'cause it was almost like it was tilted almost to one side." "i was shakin' so bad i couldn't even walk. i just got up and i was saying the 'our father.' that was the only thing i could think of." passersby were shocked to see a market street staplein pieces. in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. we are following this story and all breaking news online and on our mobile app. we sent out a push alert this afternoon about the taxi crash. stay connected by downloading our app and getting up the minute updates on news that matters to you. kron4news-dot-com >> pam:another big story. a terribly tragic story. two young sisters. dead tonight. the pick-up truck they were in. plunged into the russian river today. tonight, a sonoma county community is mourning. and as kron-4's dan kerman tells us the girls' mother. who was driving that truck. is heartsick.
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police continue to search for a suspect who was responsible for robbing a u-s bank in lafayette today. police say the robbery happened around five this evening in the 34-00 block of mount diablo. in an attempt to search for the suspect police issued a helicopter and k-9 search. the suspect who was caught on surveillance video is described as a latino man, about five-feet six inches tall. >> reporter: the town board of
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yaks it spread quickly at jenner. michelle is friends with the children's grandmother. nothing so news of this crash until will be looking into it.
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>> steve: and add them to look for the suspect they issued a helicopter canine search villain video all latino man 5 ft. 6 in. tall paul but police believe other suspects are likely. a man is behind bars in oakland tonite. after allegedly using a bart train. in the west oakland station. the incident was first reported around 1 -in the afternoon. police say, the man smashed windows on the dublin- pleasanton train. he then proceeded to walk down the stairs from the platform. and smashed more windows. bart police quickly took the man into custody. service was delayed, but started back regular service around 2 p- m. no injuries were reported during the arrest. >> pam:president obama visited sections of louisiana today. devastated by floods over the past couple of weeks.
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he spoke with families affected by the tradegy. and said more than 100- thousand people have applied for federal assistance. as karin caifa tells us, this trip comes amid criticism from republicans. that the president should have been there sooner. : "this is not a one-off, this is not a photo op"
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president barack obama has now seen the devastation in baton rouge with his own eyes. and has promised to provide whatever federal resources are needed to rebuild the flood-torn region. "as of today federal support has reached 127 million dollars-- that's for help like temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs, and flood inurance payments" 13 lives lost.more than 60,000 homes damaged. the red cross calling the floods here the country's worst disaster since superstorm sandy four years ago. "i want the people of louisana to know you're not alone in this even after the tv cameras leave" but some republicans say this trip should have come sooner. the white house announced the visit on friday afternoon, while the president was on vacation in martha's vineyard. it's also when republican presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence were here themselves presidential candidate "never seen anything like it. honestly obama ought to get off the golf course and get there." the president of livingston parish, one of the hardest-hit areas, says he would rather see politics set aside for the sake of his residents. >>:"my concern is getting our parish back up and running. we are a resilient people. we've been knocked out, we got up, we fought back / anything that fema, the governor's office, certainly the president of the united states, can do to help our parish, that's what i'm concerned with right now." >> pam:in livingston parish, louisiana, i'm karin caifa. oakland police are trying to find the person behind the deadly shooting of a berkeley musician. outside a downtown oakland nightclub.
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>> reporter: hundred new students have enrolled in class this year 8% of students have transferred and corporate tory. run-through tri valley corporations facing accusations of mismanagement and fiscal mismanagement. laura has two children at the l.a. school many parents to pull their kids out curing of the financial woes could put it to education in jeopardy. >> reporter: is said to keep her kids and role for the sunday openness " and then just problems and get back on track.
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>> steve: latest headlines of wildfires like getting much of the state it is tracking the progress curves ceramics it would stoper and sniper pit all but a good news california's iconic hearst castle appears to of escape danger lots of firefighters still standing guard there tonight. the five homes destroyed other structures
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gone as well in this fire started 11 days ago people and at least seven communities and stan is the county under mandatory evacuation orders. is not letting up there and and then the mountains above santa barbara of the rain fire now expanded to 30,000 a. is burning through extremely dry brush grass trees that percent containment you see the flames though just roaring fire fighters have close campgrounds and recreation areas and the national forest. then the fire on fortunately i should say bring far away from communities. they will let it go into the mounds obviously the concern is protecting homes they don't appear to be an imminent threat right now.
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>> britteny: one thing to point out is up and all prospective there currently so active firefighter to the north of area to the south of san francisco chimney fire on los angeles and then pretty active already throughout the state of california and it shows what's in store into the rest of tonight we see zero visibility's arrows and a bottle oakland hayward-by half moon bay we see a lot of fog and then down to 1 mi. as the get ready until late morning hours into the rest of your work week is the warmer temperatures into tomorrow and slowly start to cool things down for thursday friday. similar
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conditions and then this time last night and 69 san mateo 67 the clouds continue to push in over nine hours and lingering to tomorrow morning read a long coastline and then dealing with cloudy conditions. as drastic as what we seen. along san francisco have monday into tomorrow even till thursday warm conditions continue for at pleasanton san jose. most of our hot temperatures into parts of modesto and into the weekend leaves slowly start to cool things backup but tucker highs to mar 85 in san jose 75 on view 87 the hahnemann livermore. a 60 sampras's coat and then 60
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have been made. 73 san mateo 69 the hahnemann oakland and then mild conditions expected 73 vallejo's 64 napa 76 and petaluma temperatures in the high seventies for sarah's up. the drop of a little bit into thursday friday low 80s and then a slight cooling trend after temperatures reached the peak tomorrow and then around the base seven days for us of the next close to the coast. and then sunday forecast goes by saturday morning fog was a sunny skies and then we returned back to the mid '80s as we go into early next week and then no chance of rain forests of we will have a closer look what to expect dramatic temperature difference.
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>> grant: 59 year-old discharges to people some hospitals 66 tilden fair condition for year- old and critical condition in some presses so out. the tear will see develop air. >> reporter:kron4's haaziq madyun went to richmond to find out where the money is coming from. celeste guap says she is going to a rehab facility in florida, for substance abuse and sex addiction.but who is paying for it? in a text i asked rich taking care of rehab cost? she replied.yup richmond, followed by a pair of dollar signs.
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but trying to get that verified was a bit of a challenge. i spoke to richmond mayor tom butt who told me that the cost of guap's out-of-state rehabilitation is not coming out of the city's general fund. he pointed me toward the west contra costa family justice center as the possible rehab funder. however the operations manager told me the non-profit does not offer in-state or out of state-rehab-assistance and that they don't even have a budget for something like that. so that leaves the richmond police department.but officials there comment. have you ever seen anything like this before?
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"absolutely not" civil rights attorney john burris has been keeping an eye on the police sexual misconduct cases involving various bay area law enforcement agencies and celeste guap. he says cops paying for rehab is a new one on him "i have not seen a situation where the police have offered up help to a woman in the sex business who very well may have legal claims against the very department" burris says the scenario raises some legal red flags "i would hope that this gesture doesn't represent any legal waiver of any of her rights, if that hasn't been done then that means she has been taken advantage of" he says police allegedly taking advantage of the now 18-year-old is how this all started >>:"sexually exploited her, talk about human trafficking, i don't know if its any less than that when officers have sex with you anytime they want, in some cases even provide cover for you that allows you to go about your trade and have some protection, that to me is not any different than a first class pimp" >> reporter:we still don't know who exactly is paying for the rehab. one thing we know, guap has summoned up the courage to accept the offer and appears to be looking forward to it when she writes. "it's going to be nice being in a new environment being able to focus on myself" haaziq madyun kron4news again, kron 4 was the first to break the story of the sex scandal involving several bay area law enforcement agencies. on our website, we have an entire section dedicated to this story, including the firefighters now linked to this ongoing scandal, plus our exclusive interview with celeste
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guap's grandmother, and the public defender now questioning sex trafficking arrests by police officers involved. it is all just a click away at kron 4 dot com. san jose police and city leaders are searching answers. in what many are calling it a 'crisis in staffing,' kron four's rob fladeboe tells us about the changes that could be ahead. >> reporter:with the number of uniformed officers on patrol at a new low of 811, down from 14-hundred a decade ago, the san jose police department is in crisis mode.
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and so city officials, meeting behind closed doors on tuesday, considering whether to declare a state of emergency, which would authorize the chief of police to put as many as fifty detectives back on patrol. sot james gonzales >>: you never know when the devils a monday night and never know when you're in a detective or patrol officer from day to day. it's a crisis. including
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the killing of two brothers in a drive by shooting over the weekend, are on pace to reach a 25 year high and don't think the community hasn't noticed. more cops on patrol should mean faster response to 9-1-1 calls but it will mean investigations into burglaries and property crimes will take a back seat. standup closer it has a 97 percent fatality rate. what doctors say was key in helping a teen boy survive a brain eating amoeba. plus. "i quit" why the zoo that was home to the beloved gorilla - harambe - who was shot to death, deleted a social media account. and next. she may never walk again after a tree limb fell on her at a san francisco park. what the mayor told the mother he is doing to prevent what he calls a freak accident.
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a special visit today for a woman paralized. by a tree limb that fell on her. in san francisco's washington square. today, mayor ed lee spent time with the mom who was with her kids in a popular north beach park.when the unthinkable happened. she's now recovering from a broken spine and cracked skull.doctors don't think she'll walk again. kron 4's maureen kelly spoke to the woman's husband. and to the mayor. who is promising to take steps to prevent accidents like this from happening again. >>:hopefully no one will get hurt like my wife again. >> reporter:jen kong tan.who goes by the american nickname tony.and mayor ed lee talked to the media after the mayor's visit. here's a snap shot of the bedside meeting. in the middle is tony's wife choy ying zow, who also goes by the name emma. the mayor came to visit ella after she was transferred here
10:32 pm
to laguna honda hospital. emma was left paralyzed from the waist down when she was hit this roughly 100 pound tree branch has she sat and watched her two daughters play at the playground at washington square park in northbeach. the city's rec and park department sent an arborist out to double check the tree after it happened.and all of the trees in the park. they say they've determined that the tree is healthy. after his meeting with emma and tony the mayor says the city is doing to do what they can to prevent what he calls a freak accident. they just want to make sure that it doesn't happen again, they've checked out very single tree twice to reassure themselves and of course we need to do it for other parks so so i am making sure that rec and park follows up with all of this. rec and park has nearly 200- thousand trees to maintain.and so far there's no word of how or when that mayoral directive is going to be carried out.meanwhile the mayor did say that rec and park comissioners have volunteered get the word out about emma's go fund me page.the goal right now is to raise 50-thousand dollars to cover medical costs and living expenses the mayor said he's knows tony's boss and is going to try and smooth things over so tony can
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take some time off work. while tony says he and his wife are grateful that the mayor promised to do what he can to help. tony is still looking for a good lawyer.because he's still considering suing the city for what happened to his wife. maureen kelly kron4 news a brutal attack over the weekend in virginia-- seemingly random. but now, the f-b-i is getting alicia >> steve: 4 people dead and an earthquake those numbers are shifting fear the death toll could sort crews digging through rubble grant has been tracking developments all evening. >> grant: considerable the magnitude quake hit. the middle of the night in central italy about 330 in the morning local time at use the new image is emerging as day breaks and italy the pay an ominous picture of a
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home there buildings that are compromise in certain cases and words level at damage your the reporters at cnn report that four people are dead but that number has been rising mayors of downtown say that you look around and have the town is gone. one of the hardest hit spots that town's mayor tonight pleading for heavy equipment so the streets can be cleared and injured rescued. this appears to be a church there and then you can see the widespread nature of the damage the about the history holes of these buildings are. the quake centered on hundred miles northwest of rome. some towns and ruin use the people in rome certainly felt it. there's not appear to be any major injuries to anyone in rome as the currency a situation that crews are now trying to dig
10:35 pm
through and rescue potential survivors will keep you posted on developments there. the so >> grant: >> pam: a section added as a carrot out the attacks. investigators are looking in the case as a possible ices connection they set the tone year-old suspect was known to be as the radicalization and possible mental health issues as well. a teen boy and flora is now recovering from an infection caused brain eating organism. we have an explanation why this teacher's love lucky to be left
10:36 pm
alive. >> steve: sincere dr. mead and the scope me put a coma and of a cartel drug to kill a infection a fatality rate of 97 percent. de-leon went to the hospital with a severe headache and acting on a hunch --- emergency room doctors orderded a spinal tap on the teen -- and found the amoeba. then they put him in an induced coma --and gave him a cocktail of drugs to kill the infection. because the infection is so rare ---one of those drugs ---isn't readily available at most hospitals. but the manufactuer is based in orlando--- so sebastian got the crucial drug he needed within minutes. now the teen is expected to recover -- one of four in the u- s known to survive.
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doctors say the public shouldn't panic --- these type of infections are rare. still ahead at 10. he is the judge who sentenced convicted rapist brock turner. to six months in jail. now he is facing yet another controversy. and next. guy meets girl.guy tries to impress girl. guy ends up on stretcher. the date fail that landed a college student in the back of an ambulance. america thought our pancakes were pretty special.
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stanford swimmer rape case is facing another controversy. this time for removing himself from a different sex-crimes case.
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a group fighting to recall the judge because of the brock turner sentence - is criticizing this step. but as kron four's terisa estacio reports, others claim the judge is being balanced in this sensitive case. sot/tc: 54:14 sad, but it shows he actually it shows he has integrity - santa clara deputy public defender gary goodman on the latest controversy swirling around santa clara county judge aaron persky - the judge at the center of the highly critized rape sentence of former stanford swimmer brock turner. here's whats happened now. kron four news has learned judge persky here at the palo alto superior court - was overseeing the case of a plumber discovered possessing child porn. in working with the da and defense attorney sources say judge persky was considering a request to change the felony to a misdeamonr following mans completion of court ordered steps including counseling. however, then this happened - again, gary goodman santa clara deputy public defender
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sot/tc: 46 gary goodman/santa clara co. deputy public defender in court, he said for personal reasons, he was recusing himself - he did not elaborate, just that it was personal in matter. an activist group - ultra violet published this response - quote "case after case, judge persky has demonstrated that his own personal bias compels him to prioritize the wellbeing of privledged men- rapists, abusers and possesors of child porn - over the survivors of their crimes." nita chaudhary - co- founder ultra violet sot/tc: actually he took the high road. it was back in may when judge persky handed down a 6 month sentence for turner - after a jury found the 20 year old guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a stanford fraternity party. the victim delivered an emotional 12 page statement about how the crime impacted her - which went viral. now ultra violet - shown here in a recent demonstration says it has collected nearly a million signatures to removal judge persky from the bench. on wednesday they plan to hold another demonstration. judge persky has not spoken publicly
10:42 pm
about the cases - but he faces judicial ethical restraints in talking about any current cases. in palo alto, te >> pam:as the economy improves. gasoline prices are getting lower. which also means, more people on the road. but while the cost of gas is down.a different price is being paid. according to reports.traffic deaths in the first half of 20- 16 are up almost 10-percent. that's compared to the same period last year. the national safety council says while factors included increased
10:43 pm
neighborhood speed limits and lack of helmet use. .it does partly blame the increase on low gas prices and improved economy. --lead in-- an improving economy and cheaper gas means more people are on the road-- --vo script-- but while the cost of gas is down, a different price is being paid. traffic deaths in the first half of 2016 were up almost 10- percent -- that's compared to the same period last year. the national safety council says while factors included increased rural speed limits and lack of helmet use. .it does partly blame the increase on low gas prices and improved economy. bombarded with criticism.
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online outrage over the death of a beloved gorilla forcing a cinncinati zoo to take down a social media accoutn. the beloved gorilla ---harambe was shot and killed when a boy fell into his enclosure. the 450 pound gorilla had dragged around the child before being shot. tonight, the cincinnati zoo has taken down one of its social media accounts. following a
10:46 pm
barrage of criticism about the gorilla. for weeks the zoo has been bombarded with memes, jokes and protests against harambe's death. the zoo has faced intense criticism for the decision. an online petition demanding justice for the animal even collected more than half a million signatures. months later --- the outrage and ridicule has not died down. the zoo deleted it's twitter account yesterday. the zoo director has said they are not amused by the memes and signs about the 17 year old gorilla. and that they are honoring harambe by re-doubling gorilla conservation efforts. a daring jump to impress a date landed flat for a university of pittsburgh student. the student... identified as 22- year-old grant birdsong... was trying to impress this
10:47 pm
girl...who he met monday. it all happened around 2-a-m tuesday morning. birdsong was jumping between two buildings... and ended up falling in between them. it caused him to fall three stories. when the girl realized something was wrong...she called campus police. the incident was a four-hour ordeal for officials. i trt:20/ "impressed by that" birdsong was late brought out on a stretcher. he suffered a possible broken ankle.
10:48 pm
>> britteny: attracting fog moving in the san francisco and monterey and the weather pattern is a slight warming trend going into tomorrow patchy fog for today break down to more for you cloudy skies expected and then mainly for the coast the bay in inland locations then by the time it out to lunch, jump in the '80s for inland locations closer to coast 57 and then by 3:00 p.m. 59 degrees and then close to the code 67 for the bay close to around 60 + 7 news
10:49 pm
for the bay and then a push in the mid-80s for allocations to are out the force on forecast rating it down and the '60s downtown san francisco kron 46573 san mateo and then half moon bay read around 60 degrees closer to foster city low 70's and then expect temperatures in san jose at 79 so warm their. saratoga in the '80s a stay mostly sunny ones to get rid of the clouds and fog starts. 87 in livermore is 74 and center ron apollo. eighties in walnut creek 86 degrees and manioc tomorrow and then it behind you and the north bay tempters will reach a high of 78 so. news expelled among 81 of lottos. 75 center fell. mid-80s for you an envelope and then fairfield at 86 degrees to. planning forecast shows that alicea spiking temperatures to more of degrees. >> britteny: thursday friday we
10:50 pm
see more fall like temperatures and then in the lower 80s by the weekend we slowly start to recover and then around the bay temperatures mainly running on 69 degrees was '60s photos. more details coming up and about 10 more minutes. >> reporter:we hoped the giants would have found their way again during the recent 10-game homestand. but-- the dogfight for the division continues. and no better team to settle the score with than that one in l-a. --t-rex attacking kid --khris davis.opposite field 3- run jack. speaking of raiders and olympians, backup tight end colton underwood made a bold play this week. in asking team usa gymnast aly raisman out on a date. let's see how this played out. coming up hey man waz up maan hey to day we aint people behaving badly we people behaving nicely
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platnuim recording artist e-40 giving back to his alma mater in this edition of what? i was going to say people behaving nicely . so your phone rings and on the other side of the phone is a platinum record recording artist asking you to help him with a project but he is not asking you to sing on a record, instead he want's you to perform a good deed. that's exactly what happened when vallejo rapper e-40 gave a call to stanley roberts and this time it's a case of, people behaving nicely. nice very nice at 8:30 am in the city of vallejo it was a rush to get thing set up boxes upon boxes unpacked as people standing by waiting for the big moment this is e40 news then it happened, a black suv pulled up to franklin middle school and out pops platinum recording e-40 and he's quickly surrounded by parent fans and residents of vallejo earl stevens aka e-40 is here for a reason. you see he donated 25 thousand dollars to his middle schools alma mater in the form of back packs and school supplies today we ain't people behaving
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badly we people behaving nicely and nicely it is i'll let e-40 tell you about the back packs these ain't 99 cent back packs these are jan sports . jan sports is one of the top ones it a lifetime guarantees they can take that all the way till they graduate for the record the backpacks cost about 30 dollars each not including what's inside >> reporter: days when 91 and the elephants and dinosaurs ruled the night. finally the raiders moving on with the preseason all the talk ronald mita underwood a backup tight and that mandible clay asking team usa gymnast on a date let's see how this plays out.
10:53 pm
keep in mind this was not entirely out of nowhere his teammate marrieds it to sean johnson 14 as a gymnast so this was not some random. >> reporter: question where you
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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>> steve: phone rings on the other sideline as a platinum recording artist asking you to help him with a project sounds exciting but not really asking is saying he was to perform a good deed. exactly what happened when vallejo caracol the stanley and this time it's a case of people behaving nicely.
10:58 pm
>> stanley: it was a rush to get things set up boxes upon boxes unpacked of people stood by waiting for the big moment. and this uvea it pulled up ken king the platte and recording artist. quickly surrounded fans in residence in vallejo i say it is and always tell about tax. >>: 9¢ backpacks these are how let time guarantee. cost $30
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each not including what's inside. individually signed a written binder's they said each everyone. also took the time to take photographs with any of the stands that wanted one. och >> stanley: and addresses
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history anyway make a long story short all the stains from franklin mills school made the same true case of people behaving nicely >> pam: people assessing the damage at nearly a from an earthquake. creslan tracking developments. >> grant: 4 p


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