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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 24, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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>> pam: people assessing the damage at nearly a from an earthquake. creslan tracking developments. >> grant: 4 people have been killed in this earthquake and usgs says that based on buildings homes of the part of the country lacks a significant penalty numbers expected to hit a 330 in the morning local time you see a church, decimated homes and buildings compromised
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at best at worst level across partners or report that four people are dead but mayors of a downtown say look around and have the town is gone. one of the hardest hit spots that town's mayor pleading to my for heavy equipment such as trees can be cleared and the injured to be rescued. it centers around a hundred miles northwest of rome during it and appeared to be any injuries but people there definitely felt that this country seismic reactive and made 2012 a pair of earthquakes killed dozens and in april 2009 an earthquake magnitude 6.3 hit central italy in that killed nearly 300 people again tonight the death toll stands at 4 and is expected to rise. >> pam: full earthquake hits, a county at august 24, 2014 6.0
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magnitude quake hit it was not really until first white people could see the extent of the damage the earthquake was centered at american canyon heavy damage and that of vallejo. one and should 29 buildings read tad more than a thousand others had to be yellow tag it caused more than $400 million in damage. >>alecia: have been within seconds a busy tuesday afternoon on market street as taxi plowed into a new tower and then the shoeshine next to it. the owner or sent airborne. it resisted
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was unnamed just received a really hard kohima buses a
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bicyclist and we're not sure at this point any of the spec is our input in. >> steve: as " another story that is just as tragic perhaps more so to youngsters not dead after a pickup truck they were and plunge into the russian river the girls mom at a nearby monterey rio. hit as they try to go back a rescue daughters unable to save them officials still investigating this incident. the park police, a
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first call 130 this afternoon the man is breaking windows on the train got off and continued his rampage on the platform breaking several windows which are now boarded up and the man did not attack any person but officials did move in and manage to take a and custody. och >> reporter: she is a long road to recovery but too soon to say with certainty that she'll never walk again. >> reporter: short flights to
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the city of richmond is paying for substance abuse and sex addiction. hard to determine whether knop this is dubious or justice ameritech like to believe they're doing it call leadership of the department is doing it because they see as a young woman who needs help their position in a duet and it's being done in good faith. step >> reporter: increases but the city leaders meeting behind closed doors to consider to declare a state emergency and the plan entails the shipping dozens of the detectives back to patrol and a rising violent crime. that however means your officers and property crime. the city council expected x one week from today.
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>> britteny: morning with a befog the most of the area the starts closer to the coast but into tomorrow it will head all the way into parts of livermore
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even in the concord run around 7:00 a.m. on wednesday so expect a foggy start might easily donald as to get ready to go to work. other big question is what about the temperatures they show as like a smarm morning run around 8:00 a.m. mainly in the '60s. the three-time you notice how quickly push in the '80s for antioch. the and '70s in other areas larcenies for san francisco. and then '70s and san francisco. 63 in san francisco tomorrow. low 70's and vallejo 74 napa 76 petaluma 78 and cedras appeared. >> britteny: cpr temperatures
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tomorrow at 87 and then take a look at what happens thursday friday we start to drop back down to low 80s. falling temperatures inland locations closer to the '70s by the bay close to the '60s for the coast and near 70 forecast shows we will not see a huge tract temperature between our inland and coast but we will see that even more in the friday. >> steve: people wake up in italy over from the earthquake. you talk to anyone and usgs they expect to go away a full day of rest efforts and an lehu
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