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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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steroids and marijuana plus more. >> reporter: chief says three of the gang members tried to bribe officers during the investigation. that is when the police found out that their very own involved helping the street gang. >> reporter: officer derek antonia was on administration leave. for giving confidential information to the game. -- gang >> reporter: he has been charged with accessory after the fact. >> due to the integrity of the police department at all investigators involved in this investigation. once this involvement was known they did not hesitate or shot away from charging this
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individual of this department. paul >> reporter: these are not releasing all the details with this investigation. there are still six outstanding suspects. reporting live, in san jose. alecia reid, kron4news >> grant:we first told you about the san jose officer getting arrested through a push alert last night. just before 10. kron four mobile app so you can get breaking news alerts anytime and anywhere. >> catherine:a san jose police swat team raided a house in the city's new almaden neighborhood today. >> grant:kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live now to share what he's learned about the raid. rob? >> reporter: pictures snapped by a neighbor early wednesday as a san jose swat team served a search warrant at a home on almaden road. another the house with his hands up. he was taken into
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custody in connection with what an officer on the scene said was an illegal marijuana grow. other neighbors found cops and guns a bit un nerving. >> reporter:video from kron four's helicopter partnership with abc seven news shows officers with some of the marijuana at the rear of the home. police did not immediately report the size or value of the grow.tucked away on a hillside above the home, just across the street from new almaden's historic be seen loading evidence into a truck. neighbors said the residents of the home are newcombers and kept to themselves. >> this is a very calm neighborhood. people normally do not even allowed their doors if you believe that. -- do not even lock
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>>their doors if you believe that. >> it is very thought that this happened and this neighborhood. -- it is very odd >> reporter:it's not clear if police suspect others are involved or whether there were drugs being sold here but a new, silver tesla model s was seized and towed from the scene as well. >> reporter: police did not need identified the man arrested. we do there is
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speculation that this story is connected to what we just heard. in regards to that street gang and san jose. >> reporter: it is still a result of an ongoing investigation and may not be connected. >> catherine:afghan security forces are trying to track down whoever carried out an attack at the american today. >> catherine:that campus is in the central part of the capital city of kabul. at least one person has been killed - and another 18 wounded. police say it's still not clear if there were one or two attackers. >> catherine:the campus was evacuated and some students barricaded themselves in classrooms. one report tonight says that the person who died was a school security guard.and the wounded include a foreign teacher. >> catherine:the all-clear has not been given -- as security forces continue to look for any attackers possibly hiding on campus. in washington - the state department is condemning what it calls 'an attack on the future of afghanistan.'
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>> grant:happening now. tornadoes slamming parts of central indiana. you're looking at video of a funnel cloud of a tornado in kokomo. a driver captured this on his phone. >> grant:the tornadoes caused major area and damages several homes and businesses when it hit through the area. this is what is left over of building collapsed. there are reports of minor injuries. no word how many are injured. >> grant:the national weather service has issued a tornado watch for 22 indiana counties until nine tonight. and the mayor of komono has delcared a temporary state of emergency for the area.
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>> grant:the toll from last night's quake in central italy now stands at nearly 160 dead, with more than 600=people injured. dozens are still missing >> grant:italy's prime minister says the number of victims is sure to rise. it's now after two a=m in italy. >> grant:most rescue operations have been suspended because of the dangers of working in the dark. >> catherine:justine waldman is here to take us through the day of desperate searches for survivors. >> catherine:justine? >> justine: absolutely. >> justine: a powerful six- point-eight earthquake hit central myanmar today.
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it was near the ancient capital of bagan. >> justine: it was felt hundreds of miles away - in thailand's capital - bangkok. the earth's surface. which generally means less damage.. >> it woke us up is still like the ben was on rollers. >> justine: an aerial view shows how the north portion of the town survived. in the older part date back to the middle agent lee, one building was left standing. --and the older part of the committee dating back to the middle ages. >> justine: more destruction was brought. when a home collapsed behind a facebook
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... and a year old girl is thought alive. (cheers & applause) >> justine: this region is no stranger to earthquakes. destroying any doubt homes and killing many people. one killing 300 people and left 55,000 homeless. and the past. catherine? >> catherine:most buildings are reportedly intact - but at least two people have been killed.
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>> grant:today marks two years since the devastating napathe magnitude six-point- zero earthquake was first felt on august 24th. 2014. the quake was centered in american canyon, but there was heavy damage in napa and vallejo. 129 buildings were red- tagged and more than a thousand others were yellow- tagged. >> grant:the earthquake caused more than 400-million dollars in damage. after the quake. she was hit by a television in her home during the quake. >> catherine:we're learning more about the people injured yesterday when a taxi crashed into a shoe shine stand.a bathroom.and a newspaper stand. >> catherine:it happened in san francisco's financial district. this is video of the crash from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7. >> catherine:the taxi driver is out of the hospital but a shoe shine worker and his assistant remain in the hospital tonight.
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>> catherine:kron4's terisa estacio the workers - and has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this is all that is left of the shoeshine stand on this corner. on wednesday, those who love the beloved shoeshine man assisted they are in shot because of the accident. -- shock >> oh no! he was vey kind. >> reporter: was tuesday afternoon with police said a taxi cab suffering from a medical condition lost control and plowed into the jewish shrines stand. --
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that plowed into the shoeshine stand. >> reporter: still in critical condition with a brain injury. >> i am always nervous about getting hit by a bus or a car or something like that. >> it is very nerve wracking. i had to pay attention >> reporter: other commuters could and disbelief. --stood in disbelief. >> reporter: investigation into the crash continues. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> grant:a violent attack caught on camera. coming up. >> catherine:the video police are now releasing. in hopes of catching the suspect. plus. >> catherine:a day after judge aaron persky removes
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himself from a new sex assault case. protesters are looking to remove him from the bench permanently. the latest on the groups efforts. >> catherine:and. the oakland athletics co- owner will tour a possible new home for the team. we'll tell you where. coming up.
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what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >> catherine:could the a's be moving to oakland's waterfront? >> grant:that's the question many are asking now that the team has confirmed it'll be touring tomorrow. kron 4's dan kerman is live there tonight with more. dan?
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>> grant: dan? >> reporter: that is right they have toward the location before creek but they will look at a technical issues such as engineering. they are hoping to reach a settlement or decision on the site by the end of the year. >> reporter: they will toward this location on thursday to see it as a viable location. >> the a's are getting serious about building a new ballpark. and they are exploring possible options but only in oakland. >> reporter: >> these are technical workers that understand
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engineering, soil conditions and the legal restraints on the land. it is the very much of a working meeting. >> reporter: just blocks from jack london square and the embarcadero. a's fans are happy to see them looking in oakland. >> this is awesome. >> i love it! is a good part of the city. >> i think as long as the state in oakland and everyone can get to the game is a good idea. >> reporter: as the mayor admit that there will be challenges is her first choice as well. >> it will show off the beautiful waterfront and
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more wall both for the people who walk downtown. so they do not have to try to sporting even is. >> reporter: dan, this is not the only location. they are looking at the coliseum site and a third location print the are hoping to reach a third decision--they are hoping to reach a decision by the end of the year. >> reporter: dan kerman, kron4news >> catherine:turning to the oakland raiders -- we're only about two and a half weeks from season. >> catherine:possibly the final year the area. the topic of relocation.has been looming over the franchise for years now. and the possibility of moving to las vegas has gained backing of nevada's most powerful politician. >> grant:mark carpenter joins us with the details. mark?
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>> reporter: >> mark: not just the state, but the entire nation. senate minority leader harry reid. >> mark: gave his input to reporters in nevada and said he supports the efforts to move the silver and black to sin city. >> mark: the soon-to-be- retired senator said it would be great if the raiders came to las vegas. however, he would not elaborate on any plans to fund the project. he said there is no talk of federal money being used to pay for a new stadium, so he hopes state and local officials can work it out. >> mark: a 65-thousand seat stadium is projected to cost. between 1-point-7 billion and 2-point-1 billion dollars. government officials may propose that 750-million dollars of taxpayer be used to take care of that cost. >> mark: another sign that the state is serious about getting this done-- the tourism infrastructure
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committee is recommending a billion dollar expansion and upgrade of the las vegas convention center. ------------------------ >> mark: depending on what the a's do this can determine and what happens with the raiders. >> grant: absolutely. they do not want to share any more. >> grant: the blast is blowing as it always always during this time. -- the flag is blowing >> brittney: as we go into the rest of tonight it will stay mild. closer to the coast in the cd f o g move into the golden gate bridge. it will continue with a
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patchy drizzle. your 24-hour coverage of chiang shows that we are about two degrees. in concord and livermore. for greece and santa rosa, and san francisco is a little cooler than yesterday's. >> brittney: 74 degrees in san jose, 75 and novado... today that says pay attention to the wind speed. breezy in hayward, sustained winds at 17 mi. per hour. 75 degrees by 9:00. the dropping down to the low 60s by 11:00 and the approaching the bay area. closer to the coast in the mid-50s. the weather is
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showing high pressure to the south of us. that is why we are doing the onshore flow to the south of us, a clock wise of pressure all around in that area. which is what we have the drizzly pad g f o g. brick-- patchy fog >> brittney: coming up we would track a warming trend until more details on that coming up and about 50 minutes. --15 minutes! >> catherine:happening tonight. a bart "telephone town hall place at 6:30. alameda county residents will be able to voice feedback and learn about the upcoming bart developments.
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(scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> grant:tonight - san francisco police are looking for a man who attacked a woman saturday night. the violent attack was captured by a surveillance camera. a warning video may be hard
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to watch. >> grant:police say the woman was just out for a stroll around 7:45 in the evening on washington street, next to the suspect approached her from behind then punches her repeatedly until she's flat on the ground. >> grant:the victim is a woman in her fifties and didn't know the man. police say all they know about the suspect right now is that he's a white man in his forties or fifties. >> no malta is we do not know if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. or, having a mental illness issue. the suspect did not know him at all. -- no motive at all. >> grant:however, the victim was stopped by the suspect on the 2000 block of washington street and was viciously times causing the victims places. the victim will require surgery.
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the suspect fled east on washington to south on gough street. >> grant:the suspect is described as a white male, possibly homeless, 40 - 50 years old, brown hair, average build, wearing a dark green zip-up sweater/shirt and jeans.
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>> catherine: we first brought you last night at five. in the east bay - police are searching for a man who >> catherine:as kron4's haaziq madyun shows us - the crime was caught on surveillance video >> reporter:all alone, stocking the shelves, just before 2 in the morning, when suddenly an armed
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robber walks in >>"that's what's scary about this situation, the clerk is by himself and this suspect comes in with what appears to be a butcher knife"" >> reporter:it happened tuesday at this 7-eleven on the corner of oak grove road and monument blvd in concord. the crime describes what happened >>"this is where he is holding a weapon and why our employee is scared.this guy even checks underneath the cash register" >> reporter:after he takes the money he starts to back away >>"kind of runs into the counter there trying to keep his eyes on the employee" >> reporter:this is not the first late night incident captured on video at a 7- eleven store in concord. last december kron4 viewers saw this exclusive video of a violent food employee was injured. back in may, this brawl broke out in the parking lot of a 7- eleven store after a clerk tried stopping 3 men from stealing beer. a clerk and innocent bystander were both injured in this incident. police say the suspects were identified and arrested after this video aired on kron4. in response to these crimes concord police over night patrol checks on these convenient fact walked in shortly after this recent robbery occurred
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:tonight, mounting pressure stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for rape. >> catherine:a group of rape survivors and their allies filed a formal complaint today with a state commission.which has the power to remove judges from the bench. kron4's maureen kelly was there. >>you don't know my but you've been inside me >> reporter:rape survivors and their supporters took turns read a letter written by brock turner's victim out in front of the state building in san francisco. >>i wanted to take my body
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off like a jacket and leave it in the hospital with everything else. >> reporter:it's the same letter that jane doe read in judge persky's courtroom.which then went viral for it's haunting description of her ordeal.not just of the rape.but also of it's legal process she had to endure. >>i technically couldn't prove that damaged me.almost broke me >> reporter:the protestors held a giant pink slip with persky's name on the delivered a formal compllaint to those on the commission on them once again to remove judge aaron persky for the light sentence of brock turner. >>judge persky has shown a clear bias for men of privilege for those who abuse women >> reporter:the group has delievered their's the thrid time they have been here.having dropped of with over a million signatures. asking for the judge to be fired. >> reporter:there have been other petitions like this one you see here in support of persky.mostly signed by public defenders who fear that removing him will result in less use of worsen the problem of mass incarceration in this country. one protestor here say they are sensitve to that's important to remember that a lot of people who are serving really lenghly sentences are non violent offendors and we are talking about violent offenders here.
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>> reporter:the commission on judicial performance says they get an complaints they get a year.and usually only about 10% of those are found to warrant an investigation. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> catherine:we've called the commission on judicial performance to see if they've decided whether to investigate persky. so far we've had no response. if they do investigate it could take up to a year to clique. -- complete. >> grant:campbell city councilman jeffrey cristina was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving his fiancee, who reported the incident early tueasday morning.according to city officials. the 37-year-old councilman was booked into santa clara county main jail in san jose yesterday morning.then
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posted 20-thousand-dollars bail yesterday afternoon. >> grant:just before 3-am yesterday, an officer saw a woman around 2:45 a.m., an officer identified as cristina's fiancée, at the back gate to the police department at 70 n. first st., city officials said. the woman told the officer she was in a domestic cristina. officers went to cristina's home, where they conducted an investigation into the woman's claims and arrested the councilman, city officials said. the santa clara county district attorney's office. >> grant:cristina served a year on the city's planning commission before he was elected to the council in november 2010, according to the city's website. he was re-elected in 2014 and served as mayor last year, according to the city.cristina is director of environmental services at zanker road resource management and a co-owner of dry creek property management, according to his linkedin profile. return to >> catherine:more than 10- thousand firefighters are battling 8 large wildfires in california. two new big fires were reported yesterday in tulare and alpine counties. but this is the chimney san luis obispo county.
5:34 pm
>> catherine:where the fight to save hearst castle is in day 12. the fire has spread aggressively since sparking august 13th - it's now 39% contained. >> catherine:today cal fire says that while the cause is still being investigated - they've determined that it was "not" arson. >> catherine:the fire's south border is three miles from hearst castle. crews are focusing on halting the wildfire from spreading farther north into monterey county. 65 structures have been destroyed and nearly 41- thousand acres have burned. >> catherine:the wind-driven rey fire in santa barbara county is in its 6th day. it's 34% contained and has burned more than 31-thousand acres. it's been erratic - changing directions and taking unexpected turns. >> catherine:fire crews describe the rey fire as a "complex incident" - but say they're making good progress. >> catherine:like the chimney fire -- there are still evacuations in effect. it's still not clear how it started. >> brittney: there is a live look outside where we are
5:35 pm
seeing clear conditions. if you were to see the golden gate camera and you will see the f o g rolling through. >> brittney: down to four and hayward, clear everywhere else. but as we go into the overnight hours and by time you wake up and go to work at 7:00 a.m. you will have zero visibility in these areas. -to delay flights coming into s f o. >> brittney: at concord, you see it divisibility cooling off nicely as you get into the late morning hours. >> brittney: about 20 degrees warmer as you are closer to concord. >> brittney: 83 in san jose, 86 and concord and it 70's and vallejo, 82 degrees
5:36 pm
and an end in a battle. -- novado >> brittney: we would take a closer look at the 7 day forecast coming out! >> catherine:silicon valley continues to throw money at hillary clinton. the democratic presidential nominee is attending her 'third' fundraiser in the bay area tonight. one hosted by apple ceo tim cook. >> grant:her visit to the bay area comes as the trump campaign opens a new line of attack on clinton and her family's foundation. as cnn's jeff zeleny reports. the attacks come after a report linking more half of the people who met with clinton as secretary of state contributed - either personally or through groups - to the clinton foundation. (cheers & applause) >> reporter:tonight, hillary clinton back on defense the clinton crosshairs.
5:37 pm
>>presidential candidate "hillary clinton is desperate to cover up her crimes. >> reporter:as she raises millions on a star-studded california swing - off the campaign trail for a third- straight day (cheers & applause) >> reporter: trump is having a field day with an associated press report reviewing clinton's calendar during part of her time at the state department. it found more than half of her non-government visitors gave money to the clinton charitable foundation. >> reporter:clinton aides say those figures are just not true. she has not commented, but her team is mounting a full-throated defense of the foundation's charitable work. >>"hillary clinton and her family had a foundation. it is charitable." >>"i think it's one of the most massive misrepresentations you could see from the data. and then they're trying to malign and implicate that there was something nefarious going on when, in fact, there wasn't." >> reporter:chief strategist, joel suggestions of pay for play are false - noting that trump also gave money to the foundation, known for its humanitarian work around the globe. >>"donald trump gave 100-
5:38 pm
thousand-dollars to the foundation. it's a big donation. was he paying for play?" >> reporter:it's hardly the quiet august clinton was hoping for she's leading in national and swing state polls, but fighting a new round of critical headlines over the foundation and her private email server at the state department. >> reporter:friends of clinton tell cnn the campaign was taken off guard, believing the foundation controversy was behind them. the campaign has reacted slowly, these democrats say, because bill and hillary clinton have long believed the good works of the foundation outweigh any appearances of conflict. >> reporter:clinton is hoping to turn the page in a speech thursday, blasting trump far beyond questioning his temperament. aides say she will highlight a 'disturbing' connection between trump and the "alt- right" conservative movement, often associated with white nationalism. >> grant:coming up after the break. a warning tonight for parents. these toys are being
5:39 pm
recalled because they could hurt your child. details on what you need to look out for. >> catherine:also - a lot of students are back in class. we'll tell you about the east bay students - starting the year off in style. that story at 5:45. >> grant:on wallstreet. stocks are lower today more than erasing a modest gain from the day before. the dow fell nearly 66- points. the nasdaq fell 42 points. and the s&p. lost 11 points.
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>> grant:we have a few recalls to tell you about. first. more than 90-thousand toy sets are being recalled because of a choking hazard. >> grant:alex junior baby builders, first pops, and first snaps are the products affected. they are currently sold at barnes and noble, and land of nod stores. they are also sold online at zulily-dot-com. >> grant:the sets include an assortment of plastic shapes that can detach and pose a choking hazard. no injuries have been reported. the toys were sold from 2009 until this year. >> grant:the company says they will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the toys and offer a full refund. return >> catherine:for is recalling more than 88- thousand vehicles throughout north america... the models include include taurus sedans and flex wagons - between the modelyears of 2013 and 2015. >> catherine:the problem - ford says the engines can suddenly stall or not start
5:43 pm
up. it's a fuel pump problem. >> catherine:ford says it's unaware of any crashes or injuries from the problem. dealers will replace the control module at no cost to owners. return to index of still ahead. >> grant: it's something every kid dreams of. no homewoek. we'll tell you why one teacher decided to * stop sending extra work home with students.
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>> pam:hi grant. >> pam: 2 years ago today and at the earthquake rocked the bay area. most of the damage was an vallejo and napa. the second anniversary, state lawmakers are making schools safe when an earthquake strike. tonight, we would tell you what the new bill calls for it will have much more coming up at kron 4 news at 6:00. grant, back to you.
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>> catherine:one delivery service company is giving back to the community... >> catherine:the united parcel service of america distributed over 15-hundred backpacks to lockwood school in oakland today. the backpacks were loaded with school supplies specifically for students. >> catherine:for 17- years...u-p-s has been working with the "lend-a- hand foundation." the cause is to make sure young students have backpacks to start the school year off right. >> catherine:the foundation has even loftier goals for next year. >> our goal, next year is to make short that we have a certain number of students receive backpacks. --our goal, next year is to make certain. >> grant:no more blaming
5:48 pm
your dog for eating your homework. in one north texas classroom. that's because one teacher says that this year -- she won't be assigning any homework! >> catherine:from our partners at c-n-n. ken molestina brings us the story. >> put on your thinking cap. >> reporter:when the superintendent of the godley independent about mrs. young's 'no homework' no homework policy. >> reporter: displaying her decision to parents. >> i ask that you do things that correlate with students best because research has shown that it has not been
5:49 pm
beneficial to children. >> not so much focus on pushing paper but spending time with your child. >> i like it. because we get to play outside. and we learn about new things. >> reporter: the assessing task of dozens of times on facebook. and social media. >> she is definitely on to something here. >> reporter: she has received overwhelming support. although she does have critics. >> catherine:he replied with quote. "teachers in the district are encouraged to be innovative and to do what is best for their pupils.
5:50 pm
>> grant: alan it was a cool day in concord but it was high 80s and other locations and will be a few degrees cooler by the end of the week. >> brittney: as we go and two thursday and friday we would drop a few degrees. low clouds are expected tonight. we will see a lot of sunshine as we head into the weekend. as slowly warm back up again. we are 84 degrees. and 85 degrees in concord, 84 in fairfield and 72 degrees and napa. we are at 73 degrees and santa rosa. >> brittney: we do not
5:51 pm
pressure system to the south. causing pet g f o g and drizzle. -- patchy fog >> brittney: a drop of low pressure will develop and we will have cooler temperatures. but for now, we are still dealing with the onshore flow. stretching into oakland. we will see more clouds developing. >> brittney: inland as 60 degrees but what time you head out for lunch partly cloudy skies. and our inland locations right on route 80 degrees. we will be in around mid '80s and high 80s tomorrow. 86 and concord, 84 in livermore, 70's for hayward and 824 in a bottle.
5:52 pm
--novado >> brittney: by saturday we will start to warm up and have a little bit of mourning f o g. we will stay all round the 70's. sixties for the coast. friday is as close as we will get and then more back up into next week. boeing that closer to average. we would take another look at the three forecast. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
5:55 pm
>> grant:britney spears is in the comeback! and today she made a startling revelation about a near death experience. >> catherine:the insider's michael yo is in hollywood with more. >> reporter:she's got the new album. mtv video music awards this sunday. >> reporter:spears droppin' all sorts of news today including one big britney bombshell! >> glimpse of our trip to hawaii and i hope youlike it >>boys; aloha aloha >> reporter:while the social media story vacation with her boys is the picture of bliss, from the food to the surf >> reporter: almost drowned when she got pulled under by a powerful wave on the island of kauai
5:56 pm
britney: the waves were like 6 feet tall.i went out/ 7;09:33 but the thing i didn't think about is when you come back- you know the waves really come in hard. >> and i got sucked under for like five minutes, literally almost drowned. i was like where is my security they're just going to let me die here you know? >> reporter:now in the safety of her las vegas suite inside the rio hotel- she tells bbc radio one's scott mills that herself to make it back to safety >>intv: wow did security come? >> they just kind of left me there, i think they knew i could probably survive my way through it though. >>britney: you're going to have a lot of fun >>guy: you'll be there? >>britney: i'll be there vo#6 >> reporter:friday her eighth studio album "glory" drops. then sunday she will take over the vma's for whats being touted as the ultimate comeback performance of her new single make me >>music video pop
5:57 pm
>> reporter:we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, >> reporter:for kron 4 news, i'm michael yo back to you. return tothat wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >> grant:steve aveson and pam moore are with kron 4 news at six.
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(male announcer): this is
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the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:the number of dead from a rising tonight in italy. at least three towns have been leveled. and rescue crews are just ending their search for the day. in the effort to find survivors. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> steve: and i'm steve aveson. here is what we know right now. the latest count has 159 people dead from 6-point-2 magnitude quake. it has climbed throughout the day. officials expect that number to rise. >> steve: hundreds more are either injured or missing. the earthquake was felt as far away as rome and venice. >> pam:several aftershocks reverberated through the mountains of central italy through out the day. that made it tough for the rescue crews which are digging through the rubble. trying to free trapped survivors. dianne gallagher, with our partners at c-n-n, says they have managed to save some lives. >>the house was trembling, shaking, it got more and more intense. >> reporter:it is a desperate search for survivors after a 6.2
6:00 pm
magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks rocked central italy. >>clinking, thundering, sort of rumble, it felt like someone had put a bulldozer under the house, trying to knock it down. >> reporter:rescue workers, throughout the day wednesday, pulling people from the rubble like this woman in the hard-hit town of amatrice, so protection agency says no one will be allowed to sleep there tonight. >> reporter:historic, stone buildings crumbled into the streets. debris blocking access early-on for heavy equipment and help. >>we are going to work because in the next few hours we must continue to bring people alive from beneath the rubble. >> reporter:the quake struck while most were sleeping. >>it woke us up. it felt like the bed was on rollers. at that point we knew you know and just tried to get out of the building as fast as we can. >> reporter:wednesday's earthquake, not the first in recent history for italy, striking near the site of the massive 2009 quake that killed more than 300 people. >> reporter:as today's death toll climbs, rescue crews scramble, searching for signs of life. knowing every hour counts when it comes to saving survivors. the prime minister, matteo renzi, touring the damaged cities this afternoon and thanking those first responders for their dedication. >> reporter:italian authorities believe more than 1000 have already been displaced. dianne gallagher, reporting.
6:01 pm
>> pam:today is also the second anniversary of the napa earthquake. this video shows the aftermath downtown. the 6-point-oh earthquake killed one person. and did hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. today, the state legislature passed a measure, requiring school districts in earthquake- prone areas of california. to secure heavy furniture and fixtures in classrooms. >> pam:this is in direct responseofficials say, if that quake had hit while children were in school. it could have been catastrophic. >> catherine: >> pam:after months of investigating a known san jose street gang police announce several arrests. in a number of cities across the state. but even more shocking. is that one of their very own. was allegedly a part of it all. san jose police say they've arrested officer derrick antonio. >> steve: kron 4's alecia reid joins headquarters, where the arrests were announced about an hour ago. alecia how many agencies a
6:02 pm
huge case? >> reporter: good evening, st. it took multiple agencies and including the fbi and dea to make this our rest a success. >> reporter: yesterday, operation gain did several search and the rest of warrants and multiple cities. san jose, fremont al pate and louisiana plus more. >> reporter: and clothing handguns, anxiety tablet, marijuana and several weapons and money. >> reporter: the game had an inside source that was connected with the police department and has been
6:03 pm
charged for helping to street bank. --gang >> reporter: he has been charged on one felony account and five other charges dealing with computer and an affirmation given to the street gang. -- information >> reporter: >> this as a message to the community and other gang members. >> reporter: the officer was on the force for 90 years accurate and not once did his colleagues change when they heard that they had to investigate him. -- the
6:04 pm
officer has been on the force for nine years >> steve: thank you, alecia. >> steve: while all that was going on police were busy raiding an illegal pot grow on the other side of town. >> pam:kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened early today. in san jose's new almaden neighborhood. >> reporter: another photo shows a man leaving the house with his hands up. he was taken into custody with connection of the officer on the same of the 80 illegal marijuana grow. >> it is a very calming and quiet neighborhood. people action leave their doors open if you believe that. showing >> reporter: officers with some of the marijuana at the
6:05 pm
rear of the home. police did not immediately released to the stars or the amount of the growth. >> reporter: officers could be seen loading the marijuana and other evidence and to a trot. neighbors said the residence was newcomers here and kept to themselves. >> this neighborhood is pretty quiet. >> i think really happened here in this neighborhood. it is a family area. >> reporter: and server was seized. some of this could have been connected in connection to taking down a vietnamese street bank but it turns out that this is an entirely separate incident. -- street
6:06 pm
gang >> steve: temperatures are already in the low 60s and san francisco so you will need your jacket spirit-- jackets >> pam: brittney! >> brittney: low 80s and livermore. we just dropped down to 59 degrees in said francisco, and 67 and mountain dew. our camera work is showing and a little bit of a pet g f o g. and we also have a chance to see coastal drizzle over tonight. >> brittney: over the next six hours 65 degrees but cloudy skies are expected. mostly cloudy at 11:00 p.m..
6:07 pm
we will stick with the clout overnight. with a lot of sunshine expected for the afternoon. height around the region. 84 in livermore, 65 and vallejo, the low 60s and half moon bay and 64 in san francisco. >> brittney: to go into the overnight hours we will continue to see f o g rolling again. --rolling in >> brittney: would attract more details and to act that could receive more in the next 15 minutes >> pam:thanks, brittney! >> pam:protestors, angry over the six- month sentence for turner. are once again calling for the judge who handed down that punishment. >> steve: for the third time activists have tried to get the commission that oversees
6:08 pm
judges. kron 4's maureen kelly says so far protestors have had little to show for their efforts, but now that coming under scrutiny. >>i stood naked while nurses held a ruler to apprasions on my naked body and photographed them. >> reporter:while standing in front of the state building in san francisco.rape survivors and their supporters read from the letter written by woman raped by ex stanford swimmer brock turner. >> reporter:he is expected to be released in the coming days.after only serving three months of his six month sentence. they also held giant pink slips.demanding that the judge who handed down that sentence be removed from office. >> reporter:the group then took another letter.this one a formal letter of complaint.into the commission on judicial performance. for the thrid time a clerk took it from their hands. they've also brought in petitions from over a million people. >> reporter:they say other than an email deliveries have been received.
6:09 pm
>>it's been radio silence >> reporter:the commission on judicial performance can remove a judge.but so far it's only happened 11 times since it was established over 50 years ago. >> public that there's no where judge. >> reporter: center for judicial excellence.eariler this month the state legistlature approved an audit of the commission.also referred to as the make sure there are doing their job. it's reportedly the first time they've come under this kind of scrutiny. >> reporter:the cjp in states like texas an arizona have smaller staff and are doing four times the dicipline as our commission here in california. i've asked if the commission can confirm that they are launching an investigation into persky.their executive director says they can not complaints and investigations are confidential. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> steve: happening now - we are learning much more about the a beloved shoe shine worker and his assistant hit
6:10 pm
when athis is all that is left of the news kiosk and shoe shine both remain in the hospital -the accident happened tuesday afternoon near market street and sansome. kron four news has learned the shoe shine worker, saleem bey had a pin put into his knee and is scheduled for another assistant, jazz - is in critical condition with a the site today say they are saddened by the accident. >>-- he was always nice - very sad. >>--my heart goes out to both. >> every morning he is here and very family. -- very friendly. >> steve: a spokesperson with the san francisco police department says they are continuing their investigation/ they say the taxi driver had a medical condition and accidently hit the gas before jumping the curb into the kiosk and stand. he was authorities. >> pam:police arrest six
6:11 pm
people... in the death of a homeless golden gate park. four people have already been charged in the death of 66-year-old stephen williams. >> pam:two others were arrested just yesterday >> pam:williams was reportedly beaten and tortured. ithis body was found lying face down in golden gate park's alvord lake. >> pam:michael grasso was arrested yesterday... and is likely to be arraigned tomorrow. >> pam:19-year-old sahmanntha rundsrtom was arrested in flagstaff, arizona the same day... and will be extradited to san francisco. >> pam:a chilling crime sparks athe prime suspects in the death of a woman, and the disappearance of her three children. >> steve: and a bold robbery caught onhear how the suspect just barely gave police the slip. >> pam:plus, a new twist to the oakland a's hunt for a new ballpark. the prime location the team is expected to check out tomorrow.
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> steve: happening now: investigators in los angeles county are on the hunt for with a kidnapping and murder case. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with the details of a chilling case. >> catherine:authorities say that what's happened to this family is devastating. the woman in this family photo has been killed.and her three small children kidnapped. >> catherine:just last year - she lost her husband to suicide. police say kimberly harvill was beaten to death. one of the people they're looking for -- her own sister. they believe she's on the run with a man who may be her boyfriend or husband. >> catherine:harvill's body was found august 14th.and social media suggests she'd been planning to remarry a few days later.
6:15 pm
>> catherine:police became suspicious of the sister when she didn't respond to the reports of the murder. >> catherine: >> we believe that the sister, and acquaintance were with them. we believe that they took the children sometimes either before the murder or after the murder. >> catherine:arrest warrants have been issued for 22- year-old brittany humphrey. also 27-year-old joshua robertson. >> catherine:police say the couple may have left california -- and should be considered armed and dangerous. there's a lot of concern for the missing children - aged 2, 3 and 5.
6:16 pm
>> pam:an armed man uses a sharp blade. and threatens a convenient store clerk during a robbery in an east bay city. police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect. as kron4's this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve: haaziq madyun shows you.the crime was captured on surveillance video. >> reporter:you are looking at video of a masked man armed with a knife entering this 7-eleven convenient store on oak grove road in concord. police say it appears the robber was aware that video was being recorded. >> investigators say they have a limited description of the suspect other than what you see here >>"in this video you can't is, his face is completely covered but there are people who talk, maybe the suspect told somebody about the robbery? >> reporter:this happened tuesday morning around 1:56am. the video shows the clerk alone in the store when the robber walks in holding a weapon in his hand >>"that's what's scary about this situation, the clerk is comes in with what appears to be a butcher knife, this weapon and why our employee is scared.this guy even checks underneath
6:17 pm
the cash register" >> reporter: before a concord police officer made a routine check of the business just missed this guy >>"just missed this guy but we are hoping some of your viewers will have some information to help us solve this case" >> reporter:in concord haaziq madyun kron4news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: wildlife emergency services is on the trail of a coyote in danville, ca, suffering from a severe case of mage - a skin disease caused by mites. our hope is to capture him and take him to one of the bay area wildlife hospitals for treatment. the adult male coyote has been seen in the area often
6:18 pm
- residents seem more concerned for the animal's welfare than anything else - the fear level is low, as it should be - the coyote is not a risk to people so long as they leave it alone. >> steve: wes has extensive experience in capturing wild animals. they were in danville on saturday but there were too many people out and about for a successful capture. they will be returning on wed or thu this week. >> steve: it's no secret the oakland a's are looking for a new stadium. while various locations have been tossed about, one that keeps surfacing is a downtown ballpark on the waterfront. >> pam:and now word. executives with the ball team will tour such a site tomorrow. kron 4's dan kerman is live in oakland tonight , with what he has learned about the location. and the tour. >> reporter: we are here as the howard terminal and this is where the a's will be to marl towing and looking at technical issues to see if this is really a viable spot for the ball team.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: john fisher will toward the terminal to see if this is bay perfect location for the baseball team. >> is a nice location. -- this is >> this is a beautiful sight with the gorgeous views and it is close to the amenities of jack london square and daytime population is located here so we think is worth some of the extra words--work to have it here. >> reporter: they will focus on issues such as soil, engineering and structuring. >> this is why did are touring the site tomorrow
6:20 pm
with technical staff because this is a working meeting and they need to make sure that it is a viable location. >> i'm hoping that this time it is true. >> reporter: the a's are hoping to make a final decision on a specific location by the end of the year and then push for. >> reporter:-- push forward. >> reporter:dan kerman, kron4news >> pam:thanks, dan! >> pam:meantime. las vegas is getting some powerful support in its effort to lure the raiders into moving there. nevada senator harry reid says, he is all for building a stadium for the team. but reid would not answer whether he thinks taxpayers should be footing a big chunk of the bill.
6:21 pm
>> pam:officials want to use 750- million dollars in hotel tax dollars. to help pay for it.the stadium is expected to cost as much as 2- billion dollars, if approved. >> brittney: it will probably be a slow content that you get up tomorrow and look at the f o g and that you are in store for tomorrow morning. visibility down to zero. >> brittney: was start to see pat g f o g near hayward. -- patchy fog >> brittney: 4 livermore, my time to head out to lunch in should be dealing with clear skies and some sunshine. >> brittney: san francisco and half moon bay. you can see this crossing over to
6:22 pm
the east bay. with clouds. >> brittney: a look ahead as we go into the rest of tonight with low clouds, coastal drizzle will be a possibility. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. and as we get into the weekend we will begin to warm that up closer to average. we will actually drop below average thursday and friday. >> brittney: 70 and that the and comfortable in petaluma. as santa rosa at 71 degrees. >> brittney: we have mild conditions. as we go into tomorrow and friday we will see the mild temperatures subside. and then the warm temperatures will come back for the weekend. >> brittney: sting mild by
6:23 pm
the coast. as some of the inland communities will see more mild conditions as well. >> brittney: heading into the weekend temperatures will recover from 80 degrees on thursday and friday. on will continue to warm in to the average as we go into next week. >> brittney: guys? >> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve: we're following a developing story out of afghanistan. terrorists have attacked an american university in the capital. what we have learned about the siege. >> pam:and a little later. we have seen several major crimes in the bay area involving stolen guns. tonight, the action being taken by lawmakers to put an end to the problem.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam:an attack at american university in kabul. leaves at least one person dead. afghan officials say, militants killed one person... and wounded 18 others today at the american university of afghanistan. >> pam:that campus is in the central part of the capital city of kabul. it was evacuated and some students barricaded themselves in classrooms. officials say, security is still scouring the campus in search of any possible attackers. >> pam:it is reported that the person who died was a school security guard. >> pam:at this time it does not appear any americans were injured. >> steve: concerns are growing that possible heavy rain could deliver a major setback in fighting the zika virus in south florida. crews are working pretty much around the clock in areas of miami where zika outbreaks have been declared. they say the mosquito population is dropping thanks to their efforts. >> steve: but forecasters are keeping a close eye on a tropical system that could threaten south florida. it could be days before we truly know the path and strength of that system. but experts say any heavy rainfall for south florida will mean more standing water. >> steve: . and more
6:27 pm
standing water means a greater chance of mosquitos. >> pam:meanwhile, florida governor rick scott announced a new case of locally acquired zika in palm beach county. that puts the number of non- travel related cases to at least 43. >> brittney:. >> steve: >> pam: california as expected to vote this november on legally--all legalizing rhetoric recreational marijuana. and be affected can have on the state's economy.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: 23 people have been arrested and association with a vietnamese street gang. extortion, the trafficking and more. police officer is also in a middle-that's in the middle of this. he has been charged with helping the street gang at providing confidential affirmation. there are still six outstanding suspects. >> reporter: in san jose police swat team served search warrants. video from the helicopter partnership
6:31 pm
with abc said the news. >> reporter: one man was arrested and disclosed that this undisclosed amount of marijuana. no word on the value of the crop. it was a raid the pending on an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: happening in an earlier tuesday at a saturday 11 convenient store. --7/eleven. >> reporter: you cannot see the suspect. but there are people that talk. maybe some of the deals were had information that will help us with this case. bohai >> reporter: nummi, is all that is left of the
6:32 pm
newsstand and shoeshine stand. when a taxi car careened into this corner. >> reporter: friends say that they both recovered. that is a fixture on the corner. >> reporter: the driver had a medical issue before losing control of the taxi and hitting the two men. both remain in the hospital. in san francisco, to receive a estancia kron 4 news. --to reset as bastille kron 4 news >> reporter:in san francisco rape suvivors and their supporters rallied here in front of the state building. >> reporter: asking once
6:33 pm
again to move the judge from the bench. they have made this request with little response. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> reporter: the co-owner of the oakland a's will be here at the howard terminal searching for a new baseball stadium. >> the a's are getting a series of bumble bee and a ballpark brett are deftly explores and options all the options and oakland. --they are definitely exploring options but only the options and oakland. >> reporter: are hoping to reach a final decision on a ballpark before the end of the year. >> steve: involving stolen
6:34 pm
weapons a bill requiring everyone in california including the law enforcement officers to lock the guns left in cars is headed to the governor's desk. this is an response to several high-profile crimes involving stolen guns. one of them was the killing of cakes finally at pier 14 in seven francisco. the gun was stolen out of the federal agents diablo. the law will require handgun as a last and unattended vehicles to be locked and the truck or in a container that is on appeal. -- that is out of view.
6:35 pm
>> steve: violators would be fined. >> pam:we're still tracking several major wildfires in california tonight. and we're getting a closer look at the devastation in lake county from the clayton fire. >> pam:grant lodes is here with developments on the fire that's been threatening hearst castle. grant? return >> grant:update on the highly destructive chimney fire. folder. double check the cal fire website for latest acreage, containment, evacuations. >> they took away the dead ones. >> grant: that is just one person who lost about everything in the plains. -- about everything in the flames
6:36 pm
>> grant: we were flying over the view where the drone. >> pam: thank you, grant. >> pam:brittney? >> brittney: temperatures are going to be mild and nice and comfortable. as we get toward the afternoon it will be really nice conditions for the weekend forecast. on saturday with a morning f o g. and close to 17 near the bay area near the coast for saturday, and sunday mostly sunny. 69 for the bay and 61 for the coast. we will warm back up. back to average, slightly
6:37 pm
below average today. >> brittney: right now, we are at 81 degrees. 67 in mountain view as 59 in san francisco. highs are around 3:00 with 80. >> brittney: 70's for vallejo tomorrow. at 87 in fairfield. >> brittney: we would take another look at to 7 day forecast coming up towards the end of the show. >> steve: thanks, brittney! >> steve: on the campaign trail, both hillary clinton and donald trump are busy fending off criticism -- and drumming up support. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with the latest on what the two major presidential candidates are doing.
6:38 pm
return >> catherine:they're also doing 'lots' of fund- raising. this is donald trump in florida earlier. tonight he's at fund-raising events in mississippi. as for clinton -- no cameras are allowed, but she's reportedly raising money in silicon valley at an event hosted by apple ceo tim cook. >> catherine:she's also fending off criticism from trump as he now accuses her of using the state department - and her family foundation - as political piggy banks. >> catherine:he's having a field day with a report saying that many of the people who met with her as secretary of state - ended up donating to the clinton foundation. >> phillip clinton ran the state department like a phil leader of eight thirds country. >>--hillary clinton >> catherine:clinton didn't
6:39 pm
comment today - but her staff is calling the report in question "utterly flawed." >> catherine:both candidates, meantime, are being pressured to provide more detailed medical reports. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met? not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe. get high speed internet from at&t with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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>> pam:we are getting a good picture of what could happen. if california voters legalize recreational marijuana use this november. >> steve: a research group says sales would likely go up by 1-point-6 billion dollars the first year. revenue is projected to hit 6-and-a-half billion dollars by 2020. >> steve: the report also says revenue from medical marijuana sales could actually drop slightly. the measure --proposition 64 on the ballot-- would also create a sales tax equal to 15-percent of the sales price.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> mark: a double dose of good news for the a's today. first off, management is taking steps to find a new home in the bay area. as majority owner john fisher will be scouting a
6:46 pm
waterfront site at howard >> mark: establisher: wide shot of embarcadero docks with bay -max muncy singles to center on a line drive. younder alonso scores. oakland extends their lead 2-0 >> mark: - danny valencia on a high pop. indians first baseman carlos santana over runs the ball. trevor bauer not too happy with that play oakland wins 5-1 return to >> mark: here's another positive headline as billy butler has made nice with the rest of the team. the man at the center of a recent clubhouse brawl.has apologized for his role in fighting with teammate danny valencia. >> mark: he said that this was been prevented on both sides.and that he definitely stepped in an area where it
6:47 pm
wasn't his business. they both got into it last week after butler.reportedly suggested to valencia's equipment reprsentative they should cut his endorsement deal. >> mark: butler said he has said sorry individiually to his teammates and front office executives. >> mark: as of this morning, he and valencia have not spoken, but he says he plans to.and doesn't seen any issues with the team moving forward. >> mark: the clock is ticking and we most likely see colin kapernick and action for the first time this year. in another fall practice today, he hopes to make his debut. if he is able to play it will be the first time he will be able to make his case to be the starting quarterback. he has missed both opening gains because a lot shoulder pain.
6:48 pm
>> everything has been going great. things are going as planned sole.. >> we have a business relationship. that is the point that we are at. >> mark: switching gears... tonight we are joined by a filmmaker justin tipping. the director of a new movie coming out. >> mark: it's called 'kicks'-- a powerful film that centers around the air jordan sneaker culture. let's give you a short clip. >> music
6:49 pm
>> mark: we saw the clip and looks very interesting. what is it about? san >> going of san california he is an underdog and think that his opportunities will change. it is a teenage story. >> mark: there is a sideshow and a cigar. very bay area's them---there is a
6:50 pm
side show and barred. --bart >> mark: a very bay area film. >> reporter: >> when i was 16 years old and grew up in the east bay. i remember getting shunned because i was wearing a pair of nikes. and the bomb that and the emulation you face as adolescents and living through that is something that i wanted to explore. >> mark: researching. what is it about your jordan's? what did you find out about that culture next?
6:51 pm
>> he is an iconic figure and he as a combination of hip-hop and fashion. and as well as a social status when growing up. at coveted as a piece bob art. -- a piece of art. >> in action more hurtful for it to be dismissive as it is just only jim shoes. --gym shoes >> but it also stars the dialogue of how we handle the violence that is affiliated with these particular shoes. >> mark: december 9th is the
6:52 pm
debut. >> pam: and go look! (scal): good day, m'lady!
6:53 pm
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>> reporter: labor day is coming up! which is usually the best sales for shopping for a new or used car. we are speaking with a
6:55 pm
specialist who shows us techniques to look for an new part. --gabe slate! >> brittney: if you want to challenge me and wouldn't do it fairly wager. did i use up all the time? >> steve: you did! >> pam: we will see you at 8!
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back.
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ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today.
6:59 pm
>> the waves were like six feet tall. >> number one -- britney spears' near-death drowning bombshell. >> did security come? >> no, they didn't. >> her candid revelations about her hawaiian vacation gone horribly awry. then mike phelps' olympics farewell. >> everyone thinks i'm coming back, but i'm not. >> as he focuses on family and marriage. >> we do have a date set. and number three -- blake lively candid body after baby admission. >> i let my body get back to the way it was. >> what insecurities is she now revealing. >> people probably would have made fun of me. >> and behind the scenes of "toddlers and tiaras." >> collagen, doctor, chemist and pharmacist. >> we're with the beauty pageant
7:00 pm
pro getting the pint-sized competitors in shape. is it going too far? >> get her out of my face. bitch! >> bring it. >> it's a crazy time to make sure that everybody is in control. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. rene zellweger sounds off. why are we still talking about how women look? her candid new interview gets real about hollywood that's all coming up. meanwhile, louis is enjoying time off and we're enjoying time with michael yo. >> so much going on. the number one tracking story, britney spears full-court comeback. >> a new album, the mtv music video awards coming up this sunday. >> gimme more. >> spears is dropping all sorts of news, including one big britney bombshell. >> here's a quick glimpse of our trip in hawaii and i hope you guys like it. >> while the social media story of britney's hawaiian summer vacation with her boys two wee


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