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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 25, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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>>we always are askingfor chp to be out here to watch for fast >> stanley:* *when ever the locals complain about speeders its often the locals that get caught funny how that works drivers caught in the crackdown in a future edition of people behaving badly in san mateo county stanley roberts kron 4 news return
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>> steve: grant lotus joins us now. >> grant: body after body pulled from the rumble. this was northeast of rome career--rome 247 people now confirmed dead. this is the strong the dish that will give you a perspective on how bad things are. the 6.2 magnitude cost major damage to buildings. it is now just after 8 in the morning in italy and search crews have rezoned for the second straight day. -- resumed for the second day
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(cheers & applause) >> grant: there has been some success stories. how about that explanation plant and a year old girl pulled from the rubble alive. cruise up and urging people in the town to be quiet so they can hear the cries for help. from under the rubble. --how about that and eight year-old girl was pulled from the road all alive. the search crows have been urging people in town to be quiet so that they can hear cries for help. >> steve: kron4's charles clifford is and the north bag with an update with the still ongoing effort to recover from now the in
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vallejo's earthquake. that happened to years ago. -- north bay >> reporter: some buildings including the county courthouse which is behind me are still being worked on. the largest earthquake to hit this region since 1989. >> reporter: one of the oldest buildings and the county. all since 1997 from this couple bay have survived two major earthquakes this year. johannes is the south napa quake was the most violent of the two. >> this was a more violent shake. we had cracked tiles and walls. >> reporter: joann said they had to close down the bed
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and breakfast for months and ordered to fix repairs. >> we ignored it thinking that it would never happened. but is probably 80 to 90 homes that now have a brand new foundation and we aren't of much better situation than we were in two years ago and got forbid, it was to happen again. >> pam: a young pregnant woman died, it all happened last wednesday were her brother picked her up from work on the way from work hitting a bmw 01 her away from work. on highway 101. on suspicious of the d.u.i. eye. the family and is now planning car funeral. --
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planning her funeral >> there are no action able to carry the baby and feed him with a bottle. we just heard that today so that is very emotional.-- they are now actually able to carry the baby >> pam: there will always tell the baby christopher about his mother. >> reporter: and woman was simply out for a stroll. she turns at a man clutches her repeatedly until she is laid flat on the ground. and then he just walked away.
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>> another issue should be aware of your surroundings and untaxed can happen anywhere. i is just scary when that happens in your own community. --attacks >> reporter: they know about the suspect is a that he is a white man in his '40's or 50's. >> the victim did not know the suspect at all. >> reporter: victims-to- neighbor say that people are all strolling all the time. as usually a safe area with. >> this is a tight community. people know each other and know their heads. -- and know their pets
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>> to when i walk my dog and not want to late at night alone. and i have friends that come with me then i will take advantage of that. >> reporter: and san francisco, kron 4 news. >> reporter: 21 people have been arrested in an association of the vietnamese street gang. a san jose police officer is also in the middle of all of this. he has been are arrested for helping the street gang to by providing confidential lot information from police reports and there are still six outstanding suspects. alecia reid, kron4 news
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>> reporter: reading letters from the rape victim of x stanford swimmer brought turner. -- brock turner >> reporter: bringing in a formal complaint to remove the brett--to remove the dust from the bench that has given a minimum sentence. --a formal complaint to remove the judge from the bench.
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