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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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like now. barely a trace of garbage. however, >> we have all of this stuff. >> this appears to be resistant to clear. when i returned there was not just old trash but a car barbecue and a pitbull running around in need of medical attention. >> trash like this everywhere. kids playing. >> reporter: do you remember maggie? >> she still feels let down. >> nothing's changed. i called and they said my work order was from august 8. they said it takes them that long. i make a point to call them every 2 or 3 days. >> apparently larry has been many calls. that being said, one side of the fence is union pacific railroad property. the other is the city of
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oakland. they need to come together to fix the issue. there are many other areas like this in oakland but according to emails they are in other bay area cities as well. all i can say is keep writing public works. we've been talking about it. the staffing crisis at the police department. it is intensifying. thank you for joining us. >> police officers are working mandatory overtime. some who live outside the immediate bay area are now living in rvs at work because of those long hours. >> reporter: i have counted a dozen rvs.
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ahead of the police officers association tells us these rvs highlight a major staffing problem. officers are forced to work up to 17 hour shifts in overtime and some who live far away decide to sleep in the parking lot. the city of san jose is in crisis mode. there are not enough police officers patrolling the streets. >> we have 812 street ready police officers. we have budgeted 1100 police positions. >> reporter: that is far below the staffing numbers in 2009. back then the city had 1400 cops in the department. the exodus is being lanes on a 2012 voter measure. this was a pension modification plan the reduced benefits for city employees including police officers. what you have now is that the police officers here, the
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benefits and salaries are not comparable to other police departments. >> reporter: this crisis comes at a time when san jose homicides are 8025 year high. >> we're trying to do the best we can given the situation we are in. that is why we are looking at options to remedy a significant shortage of police officers. >> -- >> reporter: on tuesday city council will vote to declare a city this state of emergency. some who are investigating crimes will be back on the street patrolling. the head of the police officers association tells the only 7 officers graduated from police academy this year. the city has 3 academies and a total of 90 officers are supposed to graduate each year. that gives you a sense of how major the staffing problem really is. breaking news.
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san francisco police just released this sketch of a suspect wanted in a brutal random attack sending -- saturday night. this is before nightfall on washington street. you can see how the guy just ambushes her from behind, punches her and wales on her. ending up with a broken nose. the victim was out for an early evening walk what happened. this is a nice safe neighborhood. hundreds of people hang out at lafayette park every day. since this happened another woman came forward and said the same thing happen to me. in the same general neighborhood. police are urging people to take a good look at this sketch. the unique element is a mole on the suspects upper right cheek. a white guy, middle-aged. if you would like to share this picture or take a closer look it's on our website. >> the san mateo sheriff's office released a statement regarding the arrest of a
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teacher. saying the investigation was not completed in a timely manner. today the sheriff says he's disappointed in the department investigation of this woman. she was arrested last week for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a female teen student. the case is being looked into akin october of last year. but that investigation was never completed. a 40-year-old teacher was arrested last week the posted bail. she is said to appear in court next month. a female prisoner is on the loose in the east they. this woman managed to get away while she was being taken to county jail. she is still in handcuffs. police did conduct a search for the woman called it off later. she was originally arrested for trespassing and vandalism and is not considered armed or dangerous.
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baby girl from san jose 6 weeks old has died from severe injuries to her skull. >> the babies father was arrested for her murder. matthew zabala was convicted in the past for hurting another daughter. >> we met a man with close ties to the family uses the 2nd time cannot be a coincidence. >> he was sued with her and loving -- he was sweet with her and loving. you would never think it was anything outside of that. >> he has a child with the sister of matthew zabala, he recalls the relationship 8 years ago. at the time he was convicted of abusing the girls and had his child taken away. today the 32-year-old was back in custody yet again, it's time for allegedly murdering his 6- week-old daughter. >> the judicial system would be at fault if anything. if this 8 -- if this is a 2nd
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occurrence why wasn't the 1st one taken care of? >> reporter: heat faces 3 felony counts. investigators say matthew zabala admitted to aggressively pulling the baby out of the bbc. he says he believes that may have been the moment she fractured her head on the seat after which she cry for at least 20 minutes. >> it's hard to believe. and the fact that it's a 2nd time. it's not just coincidence. >> reporter: the bail is set for $1 million. live from san jose. the weekend is finally here. what type of weather can you expect to you live? >> we are back with your weekend forecast in a moment. ♪
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a big we can. what is going on weatherwise? >> very nice around the bay area. sunshine coming our way. the fog is creeping onshore again. it will be in place tomorrow morning. a strong seabreeze this afternoon taking in and that brings fog onshore. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the winds are the big story. 30+ miles per hour gusts. things are calming down a little. still 24 miles per hour in the fairfield. that breeze will carry the low clouds and fog. high pressure will build in to warm the temperatures up. still in the central valley 90s, 67 in the monterey bay. a lot of sunshine and low 80s for highs -- overnight lows in the 40s. pictures around the bay area tomorrow in the 70s.
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80s inland and 60s along the coast. over the next couple of days we will start to cool down those numbers just a bit. especially monday and tuesday more significant cooling as we head toward the end of the week. the end of the month the temperatures are well below the average. we want to leave people at home with something we have been collecting. favorite dogs from the kron4 family. have a great weekend. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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that's the denny's love'em or they're free guarantee. the accused killer, known as the cannibal frat boy. his father breaks his silence. >> sorry for what my son did. then the working man who went head first to fix a pipe. wait until you see who is parrazing him today -- praising him today. >> people are going to be buying you beer for the next five years. and britney gets bronzed. her visit to the tanning salon just before her big return to the cmas. >> behind the scenes as they get ready for the big show. who will sit where. then time, first the panic at the airport. >> get down on the floor. >> now the mall. >> i think they are still shooting. >> can you believe balloons popping sent shoppers running for


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