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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this man larry griffin is suspected of shooting courtney brown outside of a walnut creek bar. tonight family members are remembering the victims. welcome and thank you for your joining us. >> we will have a live report for the original plan for the victim tonight being held in date point in the will come up a little bit later on in our newscast event that we move on to the colin kaepernick controversy. >> a big story tonight with 49ers colin kaepernick defending his actions just days after he refused to stand during the national anthem work despite the backlash that he has received from fans, colin kaepernick says he will continue to sit during the anthem which is played before all in a felt that the thames. >> following the story we're live tonight in studio. colin kaepernick had a talk today and he certainly did not hold back. >> reporter: he spoke for another 20 minutes today with his decision and despite like
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she stands by his decision to sit and insists it is greater than two duchene. >> i will continue to sit and stand with the people in effect. >> reporter: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick insist sitting through the star-spangled banner will banner is his way of standing up for people across the nation marginalized by the race. >> with significant change i throw the flag represents in this country and people the way they're supposed to so i will stand. >> >> his decision not to stand for the national at the but thursday night's game took defense on youtube that were burning the quarterbacks jersey. while some fans applaud the use of his star power as a platform for racial injustice, other players have come forward against the method of colin kaepernick of voicing consent. >> that is his prerogative but on a personal standpoint you have to stand up to the team
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and understand that it is game and what is going on around the country is bigger than your. >> the colin kaepernick was because of hate and assisting his justice was for a just cause. >> ultimately to bring awareness and make people realize what is going on it really in this country. there are a lot of people unjust -- a lot of things going on unjust and things unaccounted for. >> as it comes down to it he's willing to trade endorsement in his roster spot for the wall of activist. one officer shooting at fault close done a major freeway overnight. >> we just checked and the victim is not critical condition. kron 4 averi harper was there is offices collected evidence this morning. >> reporter: highway when one is closed for our sunday morning after an officer involved shooting. the scene has since been cleared but i want to show you what it looks like when police were still out collecting
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evidence. you can see this video and police were combing the area of highway 101 their boston avenue. in belmont for evidence. after two in the morning the received reports that a man was walking between north and southbound lanes of the freeway. at this time they have no idea how he got on the freeway are why he was there at all. they approached him until he was resistant. then they say he took out and night -- knife and lunged at officers. >> as they were trying to detain him he was resistive. they employed a taser to know in. ultimately the suspect produced a knife and held it over his head and lunged toward one of our officers. that was one of our officers used his service weapon to subdue the suspect. >> reporter: now the suspect is in a local hospital being treated for life-threatening injuries. is in the custody please. belmont police say they're taking the lead of investigation and they are asking that anyone have seen part of the incident give them a call. in belmont with the kron 4 knows. you want to update you but
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the breaking those from the top of the charlatan in last half hour than arrest has been made in the shooting death of the father and walnut creek. >> want to go down to kron 4 live tonight at a vigil for the men who died in that looks like she's there for some grieving family members as well. >> i am here with a long-term partner of courtney brown and had already planned this vigil for 7:00 but marilyn how do feel now? >> i'm so happy. we got justice. >> did you think would happen this fast? >> no that god is good so i'm sorry, yes. >> reporter: d another suspect? >> no. >> reporter: and had is at this change your feelings moving forward about how you agree with? >> i'm grieving the same to be honest. i am excited and i am so happy that we got justice. i am going to move on and keep
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on the strong moment i am and take care of my kids. and live life. >> reporter: can you tell us a little bit about what courtney was like and what your life with him was like? >> he was wonderful and fun. he was active. he was a strong guy. we worked out together. we walked, we talked, we laughed. he was such an amazing guy. >> reporter: he said he relationship is complicated because were close. was the last time you saw him and what was interaction like? >> assessment friday at 2:00 that evening or little later after 2:00 and we had a really wonderful time. we talked and laughed. we did not argue or fight. and we left on very good terms and i was very happy for that. >> reporter: you guys have been together for almost 2 decades? what was a relationship with him like? >> a roller coaster.
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>> tell me more. >> we had a good time. we had laughter and we had two kids together break we raised it two kids together. mine in his we raise them together yes we did. >> what was he like with them? >> used if of he played and laughed and help them with their homework. he taught them how to be there at the house and so he was really a hands-on guy. >> >> reporter: thank you so much and i am happy that a little bit of justice ugagíbptoday. back to guys in the studio. >> thank you adjusted quickly update again an arrest made in the walnut creek case where a man was shot out of the walnut creek bar. more tonight done kron 4 at 10 pm and in the east bay's doing operation vallejo ending seven people agenda and prostitution charges. >> especially downtown area and kron 4 spencer blake was in vallejo today getting details
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on the big best. >> the corridor is mainly where please were able to prosecute and look for prostitutes on the job and they say with three quick and easy process because those people lawns friday night. the vallejo nearly created crime team is in central vallejo from the end of last week and had no trouble finding criminals involved. >> the investigation was run for only four hours with seven arrests and that amount of time. >> reporter: the arrests happened in a steady stream. armistice one as they finished one arrest they would pick up someone else. six other suspects were female and one was a male posing as a female. the all face prostitution related charges and some of them had related charges relating from bill and probation issues. >> it is an ongoing issue they were aware of for many years. have been receiving numerous complaints from citizens entering to address the issue and be receptive to those compliance.>> reporter: vallejo is not the only time of the problem but all early in the month and fairfield it arrested 11 people from
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undercover officers who were posing as prostitutes. that happened close to fairfield high school. back in vallejo police are just getting started. >> police department has ongoing plans to address the issue and continue to combat it at various different levels. >> reporter: this a prostitution in the city will not be tolerated. the crime reduction involved in this operation was and will in many areas but prostitution and quality-of-life crimes as they call them are some of their a specific assignment. in vallejo, spencer blake, kron 4 news. republican nominee donald trump will be in the bay area this week to raise money for his campaign. we have confirmed here at kron 4 knows that donald trump will be in the napa valley on monday night for an event adopted the evening with donald trump. donation amounts raise from 5000 to almost half $1 million. there are other reports out
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there that, trouble attended $25,000 per-person fundraiser on the peninsula on monday as well. this is donald trump's first visit back to the bay area after a rally in san jose in june turned violent. anti-donald trump protesters attacked people as they left that event. there has been a shark spotted in the san francisco bay. a man on his kayak on saturday saw the baby shark just a few feet away. >> we first showed you the video lasted on kron 4 at 10 pm and today the medicine and the video to us that the kron 4 alecia reid to share his shark tale. >> reporter: how close is to close? he thought it was a pretty normal day and like he does every saturday, brady stood up and got into his kayak at hill
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authority accept this weekend. >> i see a lot of sea lions and birds. i have seen purposes on occasion but has never seen a sharp. >> reporter: about a mile and a half out of to san francisco bay. >> it was in distress and i did not know what was on the surface so long. >> reporter: it stuck around long enough for the father two to get the same amount. >> it did not speak are going to the water. it is pretty much stayed right there. >> reporter: he got as close to it as he possibly could, but then -- >> i got a little bit nervous when i went to write underneath my kayak. i was a little bit freaked out about that. >> reporter: experts advise staying with sharks. >> it was pretty small. >> reporter: that this video a longtime character wanted to capture. >> i did not think that with the delete method did not have a video of it. >> reporter: after seeing it he said his wife of extremely nervous but excited for him. boaters out on the water this weekend were also killed. >> you're bound to see one eventually if you're on the water long enough. >> reporter: thinking what they will spot long and about
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>> we love to see wells. >> reporter: will it take this guy five years to see a shark. for a radio is a once-in-a- lifetime moment that he had to capture. reporting in san francisco alecia reid kron 4 news. from work which is the body issues, women across america are demanding equality in today to stand by taking their shirts off in san francisco a group of protesters took to union square to promote social acceptance of bearing women's chests. today's go topless day in men and women took their shirts off to get that message across. supporters say women's bodies are over sexualized and is time for society to embrace the female body in the same way they allow men to bear their tests. >> men can legally walk around topless and women should be able to legally walk around topless. they should be no double standard. we should pray everybody the same and everyone should have
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all equal rights. >> children are for procreation and often my body. men have breasts too. why said that just because mine are little bit larger we get more attention and are not the ones allowed to come out and play. >> reporter: go topless day events like this one took place all across the world today from a study to south africa and even switzerland. i last checked no one was arrested at that event in san francisco. more than 6000 pg&e customers were without power today all caused by a balloon. pg&e officials say up our balloon damage power lines in the city's mission district around 11:00 and please were tangled in the powerless between 15 street and chop will stoop to the mission hotel and police say all power in the area has since been restored. now for wildfire coverage in a new and fired up today in vallejo. this is a video of a fire burning in san andreas fire and run out is 450 acres and 15% campaign -- contained.
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this fires threatening multiple homes in the arsenal evacuation orders in place. elastic there were 300 crewmembers working to put this fire out. in monterey county one of the longest burning fires in the state soberanes fire is down 60% contained and firefighters hope to give full containment by the end of september. it has been the more than one and 1000 acres near rugged wilderness near highway 1 did, olympics here. one person died in this fire and 57 homes in 11 of their buildings have been destroyed. 410 other homes are still threatened tonight. coming up at 8 pm a mass funeral for victims of the italy earthquake and the challenges rescuers are facing as they continue to search for bodies. plus for taking a look back at the look of a legendary mexican singer who passed away today. >> like to read and why southwest flight had to make an
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emergency landing in florida. we were here from passengers on board. >>
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earthquake relief drives the central italy and in particular holding several different fundraisers by honoring people. they are putting out famous dishes invented by one of the villages that was just demolished by the take that we know has now killed hundreds. in san francisco and oakland every two -- every two dollars
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of the 18 that a special will be dedicated to help earthquake victims. the chef tells us the dish is from one of the hardest hit villages of the earthquake. >> this is cured pork with spicy roasted tomato sauce and romano cheese on top. pretty classic. and the chef says the dish will be served and the donations collected for another week at the beach chalet restaurant in san francisco and the seafood bar and grill in oakland and for a very good cause. >> the central italian area decimated by wednesday's earthquake are now inaccessible
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to surviving residence. firefighters are entering earthquake damaged homes to retrieve cherished items and hoping they will give comfort to those who have lost homes and loved ones. >> this has been international period of mourning and burial. with the mass funeral for 35 people attended by the italy's president work >> reporter: school gymnasium formed chapel for the funeral. three roles of coffins, 35 and all. each with a bouquet of flowers and photos of the persons lost in the devastating earthquakes. family members and many of them survivors themselves with their faces bruised and bandaged in their eyes red and swollen and crying. italy's prime minister and president attended offering condolences to those who lost loved ones in conveying their gratitude to the firefighters and police and survivors.
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they mention victims by name including the young girl who died shielding her four-year- old sister georgia when the home collapsed around them. georgia survived with minor injuries but julia did not. >> mattia, cheat lost friends and families and she and her husband use their bare hands to dig neighbors out of the rubble. community is very important in small villages like this in relation to the land with your family makes a very strong. they won't give up. there will be more funerals. the death toll for the earthquake continues to climb into the hundreds with more bodies discovered in the rubble. this funeral is only among the first. a national day of mourning for the country to come together and begin the process of healing and rebuilding. >> cnn italy.
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juan gabriel was 66 years old. we're joined right now by meteorologist in there and said this morning and came outside and thought it did not listen but they said it would be nice out and we spent the whole time inside. >> it cleared out on the coastline really nice with the sun in one of the foggiest augusts we have seen in quite a while to we have a weather system off the coastline with it
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now it's beginning to make set along the coastline and beginning to reform once again as we headed toward the evening hours. still mostly clear out that they can see couple of clouds in the background but a nice evening on tab in and soberanes fire tomorrow mostly sunny skies and some mild temperatures after a few morning clouds then this week when september begins and it will start out low normal for this time of year. today's highs with a bounce back today but not to average. just below average again was 66 in san francisco and 72 in okay. 79 degrees in san jose. 89 degrees in livermore and 84 in concord and 79 degrees in santa rosa. have got another tropical storm out here in this one is mine and and spinning around in the middle of the pacific and heading toward the horizon islands. it is making his way and beginning to pick up some steam vent and to stay in 65 mi./h for strong tropical storm system that looks it will continue to gather strength over the next 24 to 36 hours of the category one in the chain
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in a starts to weekend before crossing to the south of the big island there. about wednesday. with winds of 69 mi./h with pretty good wins very heavy rainfall as we headed toward the middle of the week. we're looking at some changes here with high-pressure overhead that we have tropical moisture getting trained with the system that can bring some showers and thunderstorms into northern california. temperatures for tomorrow planning and 90s into central valley and 65 degrees in monterey be the best monterey bay and 64 degrees in san francisco. in the high country you the temperatures will run into the 80s but watch out for thunderstorms toward the middle of the week work overnight lows will be mild in the 50s and 60s. highs by 12 a lot of services inside with 80s in the valley and 60s along the coastline. but then things began to change with cooler weather on tap for the bay area. looks like it keeps us below the average for the better part of the week. back to you. >> that explains why southwest
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flight had to make an emergency landing. y passengers feared for their lives. -- y passengers feared for their lives. >>
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from our partners at cnn we have the story on the southwest flight from new orleans to orlando. >> reporter: it exploded. some of the 99 pló passengers headed to know island -- from orlando from new orleans for the worst when they heard a big boom is one of the engines
8:25 pm
blue. >> i thought it was an attack in the plane would go down. >> the plane almost kept us on the other side so i was kind of worried about that. >> i had my five-year-old sitting next to me and i looked at the window and there was all of this smoke in a hotel more close to me and i looked back and it was gone and i to some metal flapping. >> reporter: passengers tell us as oxygen masks to put the politician could members stayed calm and told them that flight would be diverted. minutes later they were touching down in pensacola without further incident. >> round of applause for the captain. >> later a different pain brought all to their rightful destination in orlando national safely. >> god was with us the whole time and if they had punctured the interior i would have been dead to we're so grateful we were safe and watched over and had a good pilot. people say the darndest thing when they say things
8:26 pm
caught on camera doing things they should not be doing. >> that is what i stanley roberts talk to drivers caught in a surprise driver crackdown on the san mateo coast. >> reporter: here stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> it is a slope. >> you can check the entire route. i've been checking the speed all the way. >> some were causing a surprise »g and had a lot to say. >> this one was passing the card 70 mi./h in a 55 mi./h zone and related to hand stopped urban she kept going. >> did you not try to see is wavy down? >> added to somebody and it looked like a car had rolled over or something. i saw something in the bushes. >> what about the officer waving in the root? >> i did not see that he was an officer. i did start to slow down.f.xag/
8:27 pm
but i do have other things on my mind. it is my 45th school reunion and now is going to get my hair and makeup done in pacific. >> let's check in other people. the driver the corvette was very talkative. >> 69 in a 55. >> i do want to be recorded. >> do want to talk to me? >> no. i don't want anything to do news or anything. >> what about speeding in the zone? >> and while this driver gave officer perez one answer he gave me a different one. >> why we agree/r)w going so f >> i like driving fast. >> that's a good answer. >> but officer perez had a different response. we will have a license suspended. >> in total there were 51 stops
8:28 pm
and 31 tickets issued in all but five were for speeding and not one cell phone violation. and the driver that forgot to stop? >> you have this auto motorcycles going so fast all the time in here a.m. >> yes and i talked a motorcycle riders as well.v6á] >> can i go get a haircut real quick? >> go get a haircut and we wait for you. >> the truth is the program was more of a get acquainted to the drivers and riders as for the cities. that is where the warrants were given out. but there will be more and maybe not so many warnings. in san mateo county, stanley roberts kron 4 news. still ahead what we now know about the argument that ended in the fatal shooting of dwyane wade's cousin and officials say what it says about chicago's crime problem. in the child who died on a campus waterslide was honored by his little league to make this weekend and how the child's father is reacting to all of that support. we are live in south bay as thought team moved into arrest
8:29 pm
or murder suspect. >> in the unit the came out with the handset. >> and stealing cell phones from bart riders. >> they're targeting i for you to use users. >> the kron 4 morning news. >>
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a big national story we follow tonight the police say two people were $!púkilled afte bus carrying flood relief volunteers crashed in louisiana. >> officers say the driver of the bus was an illegal immigrant and police say 100 men plowed the bus into a fire truck killing a fire chief and another person has now been identified yet. 40 when other people were taken to the hospital after a crash in the volunteers were headed to baton rouge where flooding caused severe damage under this month. >=p the st. john baptist parish fire department later lowered flags at half staff to honor the late chief. the crash is still under investigation. the search continues tonight for two people in the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in a massive lake 10 miles from new orleans. a woman was rescued by passing boat after the accident saturday night during what authorities are calling ss not
8:32 pm
training flight. the search for two men in the plane wreckage is in the northern section)tr] of the lak and the aircraft was heading to a nearby lakefront airport and it has been a tough search for authorities because the mod blake is 24 miles wide and 40 miles long. chicago's police superintendents is the two brothers who charged in the shooting death of dwyane wade's cousin are an example of the cities problem with repeat offenders. 26-year-old darwin sold junior and 22-year-old darren sorel that you see here were charged today with first-degree murder in friday's shooting>çdd of the aldridge. police are both brothers had criminal records prior to the incident and were on parole. the argument that sparked the shooting sparked an overdrive with the 32-year-old mother for those pushing her baby in a stroller down the street when two men walked up -- walked up
8:33 pm
and fired shots at an open driver but instead hit the leg and arm. >> families in kansas spent the day playing outside to honor the day of 10-year-old caleb was killed by writing a waterslide last month. 2 minutes of the following dçstar wore bracelets that said can i go play? which is something that young caleb often asked chis parents from our partners at cnn we have the story. >> >> reporter: someone once said >> reporter: at 10 years old caleb did not need a wise philosopher to tell him and his friends. >> everyone a sad that he is gone. but we are doing that he would have loved today. >> one thing that talked about the caleb would always do is he
8:34 pm
would come home and say can i go play? >> the baseball team the kansas city mudcats they tried to turn quickly from such an awful tragedy. getting out and playing with the best way to remember him. >> so many of our families want to do something for the families. >> his dad and his coach looked at who showed up and gave thanks. >> we thank you so much for celebrating a really great kid. >> ersan. called to a higher place. with %!udhis friends asking c play? absolutely caleb. coming up a little bit later on in the show at uc berkeley is working on the new aquatic center and we would take a look at all of the new features in here from athletes the will get to use it about
8:35 pm
what they are most excited about. a cop rescues a man moments before he would have been hit by a train and how the police department is honoring his heroic actions. a lot of sunshine on the bay area today and will last until the end of august? we will talk about that. >> ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology
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fresh off therx summer olympics we have a new place to train right here in the bay area. >> today the pulse of the brand- new legends aquatic center at the campus of uc berkeley started to fill up. kron 4 jeff pierce has an :xclusive look at the new legends aquatic center at uc berkeley in today atr3many fam training facility for california swimmers. >> it was great to go in and not been in ñba couple of weeks
8:38 pm
will be in the water. >> returning from olympians rk from rio de janeiro assistant coach welcomes the new training opportunities for california swimmers. >> eight lanes with 100 m with the olympic talent it is a great opportunity for them to get in and train everyday. >> the california swimming team has an)mó been hampered by not enough 1gx3.r yjmen's and and swimming all sharing one pool so be nice to have some better hours in the pool and a little more flexible on practice time. á 6cjñ they serve the new poll the top of the diving tower. >> in san francisco you can see a lot of the campus with the track stadium. our divers have got a pretty good up here.d/ñzcés#z >> that tower will fill a large gap in training for those who do jump. >> there diving athletes have to travel xzover an hour to tr
8:39 pm
and they were doing it twice a week. >> reporter: the new legends aquatic center was named for past athletes and some of which made significant donations to make it a reality. it will be ready for the next olympians in late september. in berkeley, jeff pierce with sv we're joined right now by meteorologist lawrence and everyone is concerned about our o- >> yes we have got to get this right. we have got some sunshine coming our way and today a glimpse of things to come. but you see all the sun around the bay area in tonight working on some pretty nice conditions out the door. that is what is yesterday and not as many clouds. just patch near the coastline right now and so with that in  spots and 70 degrees in livermore and 66 degrees in san jose and 58 degrees inokfsan francisco. and interesting years we had
8:40 pm
into tomorrow picking up in the clouds planning to move across the skies in some isolated thundershowers and other 2 california as we head into the next couple of days with this cold front that will start to drop-down in our direction as we head into tuesday in the middle of the week with some big changes coming as we wind down on august. temperatures for tomorrow a 64 degrees are across the board into san francisco as he headed toward pacifico you will find some sunshine and mexico's and 63 degrees in oq+q63 in palo al in a little further south you find sunshine and while clouds early on that mid-seventies in  in sunnyvale. and south bay temperatures were to mid-seventies is both producer jenna mild temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. for this time of year as he headed to the tri-valley you see 80s there and 83 degree temperatures and the concord. about 82 degrees in san ramon 7b for the north you go you will
8:41 pm
some 70s and 80s away from the coastline. a lot of 80s as he had been interior valleys for tomorrow afternoon. the next couple of days we were cleared of attempters running below the average as we start at september on thursday. friday is looking cool as well. does the forecasted wjé8(9hto you. b@okyou so much in a tug- of-war and ty@q9tracks has saved a life and made a hero. you have to see the video of innate jersey transit officer saving about the moments of being run over by a speeding train. officials wrke released the on friday any can see the rescue was not easy. the man resisted the aid of the transit officer and they were and it was the final tab just moments before the train came the got the man off the tracks. he could have been hit or the transit officer both. new jersey transit officials say the officer was heroic putting his own life on the line to save a stranger. police in oklahoma for these the body cam video of an 84-year-old woman getting pepper sprayed. officers say it all started washy search for the woman's son last week. ño;
8:42 pm
and then refuse to stop and then ran into his home. the police force their way into the house and so their support 84-year-old geneva smith approached them and you see some of the video of what happened then. authorities commanded the elderly woman to turn around but she refused and after 40 seconds of waiting and officer in the face. local police departments as they are working to resolve the situation. >> it is a very important issue and there's a lot of misinformation out there. there is a lot of prejudgment going on. videos cannot give you the full sense of what happened. but at the same time they do xt expose a warts that you might have. >> reporter: the elderly woman
8:43 pm
had a panic attack and she now plans to take legal action up next a 30 hour work week. the tech company making it a employees. qr7,p6cj& >> labor day is coming up and every year that is with the most cars are sold. automobile weekend in american if you're in the market for a new or used car we spokeôjdñto auto expert who breaks down how to get the best deal doing shopping for a new or used car. and he shows us which cars are on the market right now that he deal out there. that is aa0scoming up and kron news. >> i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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experiment with a 30 hour work week. this a pilot program in which a small team will try out the shorter week instead of the usual 95. just a few dozen people work from 10 am hmáil 2 pm monday to thursday. additional flex hours will make thursday. additional flex hours will make up the rest many other companies already offer four-day workweek is but still require 40 our work shift. the amazon pilot to my work withindx:í tech products for hu resources. they would is coming up the holiday weekend every year with the most cars are sold in the us. kron 4 gabe spoke with an auto expert about how to get the best deal when .x shopping for new or used car. and they showed gabe slate that r; over furring the last is best thing for your back. >>j;pgw%n it is your money s
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all the cards. >> auto expert is no matter howñ intimidated so when you're in mind any deal more than you need them. >> dealers are allowed to get rid of cars. it is 2016 motto of going into 17 models incoming and so they have got guys -- cars to shift often of the lots but you can get with 2017 for the same prices 2016 because they are still making a sale. >> when shopping for car record guys that you use the trocar app our website. >> the keep track of how much dealership sorry selling cars for any can find the average price. and it shows you the best deal you could ask for 'é%yi'and get because the dealerships no trocar stats are spot on so it removes the haggling get to down to ñqkess. here are three new cars on a2p truck that was fair going for a good deal that alec the fiat one before convertible. >> in the headrest to they have put a those speaker system and directly in the headrest so 6l+ have the music almost like wearing headphones while driving in the car. jñ8árm' just over $24,000 and you can spend a lot of time in this vehicle having a lot of fun. >> this is the toyota camry that happens to be the best- selling sedan in north america
8:48 pm
and toyota with amazing reputation with 33 miles per gallon range. good fuel economy6o)ç and they start for under $25,000. this is the honda crv which is in  north america.k/zb have things like lane keeping assist and r4bsconstruct vertic and thengy t5jtaccident is very the $4000 is a good price to pay for one of these. >>'s favorite deal for track jr1500. >> it may seem like a lap when is quite a bargain. >> gabe slate kron 4 news. >> for closer look at the cars in the piece that make for good deals went on for more advice on how to get the best deal when shopping for car check out the tech 9fpage on our website through our mobile app. hollywood analyst predicted a slow week at et0jthe box off and they were right. >> one will be surprised of the
8:49 pm
cnn david daniel with estimates >> mechanic resurrection the latest action thriller opened in fifth place with o6$7.5 million. the raunchy animated comedy ,t of fourth- place question $7.7 million. moving up to third place to add a minute adventure to and $7.9 million. after three weekends on top, suicide squads settled for second place. 8às $12.1 million give the coming conflict nearly $283 million in domestic ticket sales. >> don't breathe xoñ]ñleft its competitors gasping with the horror thriller about a break- in gone wrong opened in first place with $26.1 million. double what most experts predicted. in hollywood i am david daniel.
8:50 pm
just ahead we have the adorable video making the rounds on the internet.cs)owcd0 >> we you merging of the abc 
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we are matter of minutes away from sportsnet live that -- that starts tonight at 9 pm. talk about colin kaepernick and we see him here is the talk of the town. you see the new hairdo but that is not what we are focused on tonight. we are focused on his actions in the preseason game when he chose not to stand during the national anthem. there has been outcry all a social media and all over america for that matter. today colin ]u1kaepernick spo about this for the first time.
8:54 pm
and he did not just say one or two things. that is hiu,a law when it come colin ñá)wjjt9r trust me have been in that locker room and he does not say much of anything. but he spoke today defending his actions. some players are with him and some players are not with him. we will talkòabout that and we will talk about the san francisco giants, who are doing what they can to stay in the race with the los angeles dodgers. and what a day it was for this  guy. we would talk about him. the second baseman and i like this guy ever since a training in his hitting home runs. in the distance he will give his comments and on colin kaepernick and we will talk all sorts of sports coming up in sportsnet life. >> sounds good and looking forward to it. >> the rendition of the alpha but song has gone viral of ity
8:55 pm
two-year-old. >> for very simple to the talented toddler puts her heart and ñkband [o$fñsoul into it. at least-ú#e is best this is do -- >> this has been viewed more good for being two years old not only to know the alphabet o &>? regehr will be
8:56 pm
no longer it goesjw the more? dmçwe >> [ laughter ] >>fn
8:57 pm
we're wrapping up this show number we do have sportsnet live atlantic market we will 8y& see you back at;x
8:58 pm
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>> colin kaepernick speaks publicly for the first time the national anthem. the giants are now healthy second baseman to a series win4 over the braves. hoping to gain ground on the dodgers. they try to help the giants ñagainst the wild-card contending cardinals. and we talk about the future of ñwith the'uö president of sports but no need to panic because sportsnet live is next. >> this is kron 4 sportsnet live. >> good evening ÷ñazwelcome to fl


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