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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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breaking news out of southern california where there are reports of a shooting at los angeles international airport. i am justine waldman. >> officers say there are no injuries. there was no shooting. it's loud noises but it is causing major problems at the airport. many people have been evacuated from the terminals and or on the tarmac. police and fire crews are on the scene assessing the situation. this is a picture where you see all of the people have been evacuated. >> we have a live picture of a
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look at the airport, at lax. the faa issued a ground stop and it ended just now at 10 pm we are seeing traffic at a standstill going in and out of the airport as police are checking vehicles all around us they're looking for an active shooter. no report of an active shooter. police are saying it was just some loud noises. >> one thing that stands out as we look at this, we look at the first picture, you see some flashing lights and all of those people are standing on the runway, something you just don't see at airports but something we are certainly seeing in the los angeles area tonight. >> we will bring you any updates as they come in. we bring you over to the
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controversy as is speaking as the speaking out after days after sitting down during the national anthem. >> he was bringing attention to racial injustice in the us. despite the backlash he will continue to protest. >> we have a picture of kaepernick sitting down by the water coolers during friday night's preseason game. that photo was taken by jennifer chance of from -- fans burning kaepernick jerseys. and his former teammates are speaking out against his actions. we have been following the story. we bring you what kaepernick had to stay -- had to say. >> >>reporter: 49er quarterback
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kaepernick explains sitting through the star-spangled banner was his way for standing up for people across the nation who are marginalized for their race. >> that flag does not represent what is supposed to represent. >>reporter: his decision not to stand for the national anthem at friday night's game infuriated fans who took to youtube with videos burning his jersey. some fans applaud the use of his power as a platform for racial injustice former team member and vikings guard criticized his a stance saying i understand but at the same time you should have some expletive respect for people who served, especially people that lost their life to protect our freedom. kaepernick assures everyone he means no disrespect to members. >> this is not bashing the military that was not my intention. >>reporter: other members have come forward against his
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actions voicing their concerns. >> whatever your beliefs are, you go ahead and do it and go about your business. >> ultimately it is to bring awareness and make people realize what is going on in this country. there are a lot of things going on that are unjust. >> kaepernick went on to say when it comes down to that he is willing to trade endorsements and his roster spot for the role of an activist. now onto our wildfire coverage. southern california dealing with a new one tonight. also there is one in calaveras county of the willow fire that started this morning burning in a town east of stockton in san andreas. it is 450 acres and a last check it was 15% contained. the spire is threatening multiple homes per their evacuation orders in place.
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there were 300 crewmembers working to put the fire out. closer to home a fire in monterey county is considered one of the longest burning fires in the state. it is 60% contained firefighters hope to get full containment by the end of september. it has burned through 91,000 acres of wilderness near highway 1 near carmel and big sur. one person has died. 57 homes that 11 buildings have been destroyed. 410 more homes are threatened tonight. we have mostly clear skies around the bay area, a few patches of fog moving and as we head towards tomorrow morning but we are going to see some clouds extending on shore to early tomorrow morning but temperatures mainly are going to be in the 50s as we head to the middle of the day some
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sunshine showing up outside. partly cloudy skies and temperatures colder the coastline and up into the 70s and some of the interior valleys in the afternoon looking very nice seeing some 80s and the interior valley as you head into the later part of the day. 60s and 70s in the bay and along the coastline. high pressure sticking around many below average for this time of year. the wind is not as strong tonight as it was yesterday and still a bit of a sea breeze carrying low crowd -- low clouds and fog more fog around the coastline and clouds moving in to our skies as well that could factor into the weather as we head into the next few days. more on that coming up. seven people behind bars after a prostitution sting. >> people are saying it is an ongoing problem especially in the downtown area. spencer blake is live tonight with details on this the best.
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spencer. >>reporter: it is not an uncommon problem around this part , police have been getting calls from all around town of that as part of the reason why they set up this organized staying along busy roads. the numbers don't lie. officers arrested seven people in 4 hours for soliciting prostitution or loitering with the intent to, that's the crime problem. >> that's a lot of arrests in a short time, we can get many arrests. >>reporter: sergeant night led the team he wanted to send a clear mess -- message the prostitution will not be tolerated. >> members of the crime reduction team in the community services division are specifically trained to participate in these types of sting operations.
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>> six females and one man arrested some from berkeley and oakland and 2 of the suspects had additional charges related to bail in probation. >> it's very active in terms of prostitution. >>reporter: elsewhere police made 11 similar arrest three weeks ago. undercover officers made arrest while posing as prostitutes. >> we have been receiving numerous complaints and being receptive to those complaints. >>reporter: police are not done yet. i can't go into details but you can expect more sting operations in the future. those arrests happened in central the lay how and sergeant tonight is said especially in the downtown area along the sonoma all of our core door, one of the hot spots of this staying. -- staying in. >> oakland students begin their second week of school, we have some encouraging new of teacher
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shortages. there are 4-móu2d they can't positions down from 70 last year. the district calls this a recent historic low. they hired more than 400 teachers leading up to the start of the current school year. the oakland school superintendent said highly qualified teachers are excited to come here and help our students succeed. to make it was a balloon -- >> it was a below that caused pge customers to lose power. a helium balloon damaged power lines in the mission district. they found that the balloon between 15th st. near the mission hotel the power is back ;cñ from work wages to body issues women across america are demanding equality and today they took a stand by taking their shirts off.
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in san francisco a group of protesters took to union square to promote social acceptance of bearing women's chess. today is go topless day. men and women took their shirts off to get the message across and supporters say women's bodies are over sexualized and it is time for society to embrace the female body in the same way to allow men to bear their chest. >> we are human beings and everyone should have equal rights and choose what they want to do with their body. >> men can jog through a park no problem and no one thinks twice but we are told to keep our tops on for our own safety because men can control it and if we take anything off, we're asking for it. >> go topless day to place all across the world from australia to south africa and switzerland. no one was arrested at this san francisco event. latin american music icon
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wanting gabriel died, passed away from natural causes in santa monica. he sold more than 100 million records during his long career. the president of mexico tweeted that he was one of the biggest icons in the country. he was 66 years old. coming up, a shark spotted in the bay area becomes -- comes a little too close for comfort with a kayaker and now he is sharing his story and you will only hear it right here on kron4. a massive earthquake in italy, how area bay restaurants are helping out. >> an officer involved shooting closes a major highway four hours today. details on what happened in the suspects condition tonight.
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a man is in critical condition after being shot on highway 101 this morning. it was shut down for several hours as officers collected evidence near the ralston avenue exit. chp officers responded to a call
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of a man walking between the north and southbound lanes and then said he was resistant lemay tried to retain them with a taser. the suspect pulled out a knife. >> he held it over his head it lunged at one of our officers amounts by one of our officers used his service weapon to subdue the suspect. >> the man who was hurt has not been identified as investigators are trying to determine why he was walking on the highway. >> this weekend has been a time of the born it -- morning and burial. 35 earthquake victims the death toll rose to 291 this weekend hundreds of families gathered at a sports center where 35 coffins were lined up. rescuers continued to search through for survivors but it has been three days since
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anyone was found alive. scientists say the area is prone to aftershocks in the upcoming days. back in the bay area a few restaurants are leading a earthquake relief driver for italy by honoring a famous dish that was invented at one of those hillside villages demolished by the quake. the beach chalet in san francisco and the lake chalet in oakland, every two dollars of the $18 special will be donated to help earthquake victims. the chef is serving a pasta dish that is from one of the hardest hit villages. >> it's traditional cured pork with spicy roasted tomato sauce and cheese on top it's pretty classic.
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>> the fundraiser will last the rest of the week. joined right now by our meteorologists and we just saw the anniversary of the napa quake. >> just remembering we had earthquakes in the bay area and how devastating they can be.>> all the way to the coastline into san francisco and looking good out there a few clouds is starting to stream our direction and tropical moisture the next couple of days. here is a look ahead. we have a couple of patches of fog forming tomorrow mostly sunny and it will be mild in maine spots and warm in the valley. plenty of sunshine and we have some heat on thursday and the highest today, below normal but
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they bounced back in the mid- 80s. 84 in concord and 79 in santa rosa and 66 in san francisco and 72 in oakland and 79 in san jose. things getting active in the tropics. here we go. we have madeleine headed your way towards the big island sustained winds of 65 miles an hour and 10 miles an hour to the west northwest at this track will take in and strengthened in the next 46 hours coming a category one hurricane and then weakening before getting near the big island as we head into wednesday. the hurricane could change the will keep our eyes on the system getting close to hawaii. temperatures out the door 60s in san jose and 60 and oakland and 66 in santa rosa. working on a nice evening and
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the breeze helps clear out all the smokes of the air quality is looking good on monday and all around the bay area. we have some changes coming our way. a subtropical moisture between pressure system sliding and towards the state may be a couple of thunderstorms as ahead into the next few days. it may clip the northern part of the bay area but temperatures. hot in the interior los angeles tomorrow 76 degrees 77 in santa barbara 65 and monterey bay and be careful in the high country. some of the subtropical moisture headed in that direction will bring a few clouds calm for monday mostly sunny and late tahoe but tuesday things could get interesting. temperatures in the 80s. low clouds and fog forming tonight and tomorrow morning
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some of that gray stuff early on and tomorrow you will notice high clouds drifting by and tuesday there is a chance of rain developing so things get interesting the next few days. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and tomorrow looking very nice 76 in san jose and 79 in math that and 83 in santa rosa so some great weather coming our way as we see some patchy fog and sunshine and temperatures below average for this time of year we will take a closer look and -- looking forward to it. >> families in kansas today honoring the lied -- the life of caleb schwab who was killed riding a waterslide last month. teammates of the following
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baseball star wore bracelets and said can i go play? is something caleb often asked his parents. the coaches could not think the community enough for honoring the former baseball standout. >> when he came home he would say can i go play?>> thank you so much for celebrating the life of this boy. >> it cannot replace caleb at those who knew hemant love tim could do something he enjoyed while celebrating the young baseball player. coming up an officer arrested a man who was inches away from getting hit by a train and it was caught on camera. find out what caused an 84- year-old woman to be pepper sprayed by police.
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police used pepper spray on her 84-year-old woman in oklahoma. place a releasing video of the eddie randall reports that happened before arresting her son in oklahoma last week. >>reporter: and 84-year-old woman pepper sprayed is what has many people around town talking. police say this started while they searched for her son. he ran a stop sign and refused to stop and darted into the home. they asked the man to come out but he refused so they went in. you can hear police yell for the man to come towards them before they tase them. then outcomes is 84-year-old mother, geneva smith, police command her to turn around.
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we counted and 40 seconds after the command they pepper sprayed her and she goes down. we talked to her last week in on friday we reviewed the video and sat down with the chief of police who said the department is working to resolve the situation. >> it's an important issue. there's a lot of misinformation out there. there's a lot of pre-judgment going on. there's a lot of concern. >>reporter: he told me they released the video to be transparent to build only positive relationship police have at the community. >> do you believe the videos a show everything? >> they can't give you a full sense of what happened but at the same time they do validate or expose any warts that you might have. >> elderly woman said she was taken to jail after the incident where she had a panic
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attack. she plans to take legal action against the police department. we still need to interview 2 more officers before the police chief can decide what to do next. >> police are asking for the public's help in identifying a woman caught on camera at using stolen credit cards to make purchases in sonoma county. here are some images of her captured on camera. the suspect stole a woman's purse from an unlocked vehicle early on friday morning. the suspect used one of the stolen credit cards from the purse at multiple stores between 6:30 am and 10:30 am. anyone with information about the woman you are looking at now is asked to contact police. target offering the first of its kind one day sale in an effort to boost sales after a boycott over the bathroom policy. the retail giant is offering a 10% discount on everything today
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sold in stores and sold online tonight. the first time they've ever offered a 10% discount in-store and online. it comes after the first quarterly traffic declined in more than 2 years. that slump is based on a boycott on their bathroom policy towards the lg bt community. a kayaker spots a shock -- a shark in san francisco and he is speaking out about his close encounter. donald trump cracks down on immigration. find out what he plans to do if he becomes president did what he will be doing in the bay area tomorrow. we are live in the south bay a swat teams move into arrest a murder suspect. >> thieves stelling -- thieves stealing iphones.
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decision 2016, trump's
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position on immigration received some criticism last week after he hinted at softening has policies. >> this weekend his stance was anything but soft. >> the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper i'm going to sign is, we are getting rid of these people. >>reporter: trump returned to a common theme of saturday as he headlined a fundraiser in des moines iowa. this time, it came with a twist. >> on day one i will begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >>reporter: the nominee also promised to introduce a monitoring system to ensure no one overstays their visas and would immediately deport any
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undocumented immigrants with criminal records in the us. >> including removing hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released under the incompetent obama clinton administration. >>reporter: trump's speech comes a week after they said there was a softening of his policies but his running mate said that was the -- never the case. >> nothing has changed about trump's position on dealing with illegal immigration, they're going to secure the border, have a wally physical barrier and enforce the laws of the country. donald trump be in the bay area tomorrow. we have confirmed he will be a napa valley on monday night for an event called an evening with donald trump. donation amounts range from 5002 half $1 million. there are reports that he will attend a $25,000 per person fundraiser on the peninsula
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this is a trumps the first visit back to the area after a rally in san jose in june turned violent. chicago police superintendent said the brothers charged in the shooting death of nba star dwayne wade's cousin on example of the city's problem with repeat offenders. áone the souls and darren souls who you see right here are charged today with first-degree murder in friday's shooting death of aldrich. both brothers had criminal records prior to this incident and were on parole the argument that sparked the shooting involved a storm tracker 4 driver. aldrich was pushing a stroller down the street and she was hit in the head and arm. the national story we're following tonight police say 2 people were killed after a bus carrying flood relief
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volunteers crashed in louisiana. the driver of the bus was an illegal immigrant. police say on during man plowed into the bus into a fire truck killing a fire chief and another person has not been identified. 41 people were taken to the hospital after the crash. volunteers were headed to baton rouge where flooding caused severe damage this month. the st. john the baptist parish lowered their flags at half staff to honor the chief. the crash is under investigation. and the search continues tonight for 2 people in the wreckage of a small airplane that crashed in a lake in new orleans. a woman was rescued by passing boat after the accident saturday night during what authorities are calling a cessna training flight. the search for 2 men in the wreckage is on the northern section of the late for the aircraft was headed to a nearby
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lakefront airport. it has been a tough search because the mud lake is 24 miles wide and 40 miles long. another story we're following out of the east bay word arrest has been made in the shooting death of a father in walnut creek. larry griffin is suspected of shooting and killing courtney brown outside of a bar saturday morning. >> we are at bay point tonight were family members held a vigil and there is reaction to the rearrest. -- arrest. >>reporter: corey griffin has been arrested in walnut creek. courtney brown was gunned down at this intersection and the early hours of the night as the downtown bars were closing. bay point, the city work brown family is holding a vigil. they describe how they found out about the suspects arrest.>> i found out by my
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nephew. he just said look and we looked and he was telling the truth because he had been looking at it all day so he was right. we sought we were excited and we got to justice. >> the family doesn't know the suspect and were relieved that she was arrested so soon. >> they found someone within 24 hours. that was exciting. >> we can rejoice a little bit in the midst of mourning. >>reporter: the family said before they heard about the suspect being arrested they were there to celebrate brown's life but now they have something to celebrate which is the possibility of justice being served. brown shared much of his life with marilyn davis, she saw
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have the afternoon before he was murdered. >> i can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt them. there was a shark spotted in the san francisco bay. a man on his kayak saturday morning saw the shark a few feet away. we showed you this video last night and today the man who sent it to us met with us to share his tail. >>reporter: how close is too close? a started out as a normal day. like he did every saturday he got into his kayak from south beach harbor but this weekend >> i saw a lot of sea lions and birds and i see porpoises sometimes but never a shark. >>reporter: a mile and a half outage of the san francisco bay. >> it stuck around long enough
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for them to get his cell phone out. >> it did not go under the water. it stayed right there. >>reporter: he got as close to it as he could >> i got nervous when it read right underneath my kayak. i was scared about that. >>reporter: experts advises staying away from shark but this was video he wanted to capture. >> i didn't think my wife would believe me. >>reporter: after seeing it he said his wife was nervous and excited for olympic boaters on the water this weekend were amazed. thinking about what he spotted out and about. it took this guy five years to see a shark. it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that he had to capture.
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out of oakland the city will start searching for a new police chief on monday. the mayor along with other city leaders will involve the community in the process. there is a meeting tomorrow attitude p.m. at city hall about the search. early this summer the city went through 4 police chiefs in 10 days. some of what caused the shakeup at the top was a sexual misconduct by officers involving an underage call girl. the misconduct was a story we first broke you here on kron4 news. your personal information could be compromised with a iphone security flaw. the quick fix that could save you a lot of trouble. after the break the did -- the connection between the filters that you choose and mental health on instagram.
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if it is a group photo scientists say take a closer look at the instagram photograph the you are taking, could tell a lot about a person, which filter you use could say a lot about you. >> filters may give you a more accurate look into your life and you let on. from our partners at cnn, and he rose reports. >>reporter: valencia, juneau, mayfair or hudson, filters are meant to add more color and intensity but some can signal the opposite. researchers from harvard and vermont found that instagram photos can be used to analyze users for depression. brightness and color identify those who suffer from the illness better than a typical physician but the study found that the filter that lightens photos is most popular with users euros -- who are not depressed and inkwell was used
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by clinically depressed consumers. the discovered her -- the discovery may seem -- may be seen as obtrusive but companies would hopefully only use them to assist patients and not target depressed people to make a buck. a user could ask for feedback by giving consent to have their photo scanned through the system what analyze the profile by looking at the q, vividness and filter applied. when the results show the user as depressed or not the physician could receive the results. a sweet story out of texas. a four-year-old boy whose father recently died had a small army of officers who escorted them on the first day of preschool. jackson's father, officer justin sherwin died 2 weeks ago
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but he did not have to walk up to the doors of his new school alone. his brothers and sisters in blue work with jackson every step of the way. they showed up at his elementary school when he started his first day in lined up tuition good luck. it meant everything to jackson and his mom. still ahead, video you don't want to miss as a officer saves a man who was inches away from getting hit by a train. what kind of weather can we expect next month? we will talk about that next. the giants at at&t park as they tried to keep pace with the dodgers.
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take a look at what happened on some train tracks but in new jersey transit police officer saved a man
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within moments of being run over from a speeding train. the incident happened on friday. the rescue was not easy. the man resisted the help of the officers so they were in a tag of war. that's the officer trying to pull the man off the tracks. in the final tug he gets them off the tracks a few seconds before the train would have hit hand killing them, killing the transit officer or killing both of them. the new jersey transit authorities are saying the officer was heroic, putting his own life on the line to save a stranger. vulnerabilities has been developed in iphones and ipads a can leave your device open to spyware. >> they're calling it pegasus and this one is a nasty one. gabe tells us how this works and how to avoid becoming infected.
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>>reporter: your location can be tracked, your email, your text messages, data and passwords. your microphone and camera can be access. it's an open window to your device to the guys on the other side of this. >> this is the worst attack on a mobile device we have seen. >>reporter: christie and her researchers were surprised by how sophisticated this was when it was brought to their attention by a watchdog group that monitors the use of mobile surveillance software.>> it is stealthy ended reports information on your device. >>reporter: this security group said a israeli startup exploited previously unknown bugs and the software to help form governments spy on citizens. they found this spyware on the phone of a human rights activists they think he was
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being targeted and spied on. it's not clear who was spying on hand but they were able to detect this spyware in a text message sent to have a from a dummy phone number.>> apple worked incredibly fast to get the patches out with a couple of weeks. >>reporter: run the software update that they sent out 9.3.5 look at that shot at the bay bridge. another clear night out there see a beautiful shot. >> making our way into september. it's crazy. >> it has gone away. we have some nice weather we are going to see temperatures running below average we're hoping for more sunshine. today was a spectacular day to
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the coastline. right now we have a few patches of fog but not a lot out there the temperature is comfortable in many spots it is 63 of san jose 57 in san francisco and 62 in oakland. for tomorrow we will see a lot of sunshine in san jose and some very nice temperatures, 76 degrees becoming mostly sunny after a couple of patches of fog and 64 and sunshine with a few clouds in san francisco. high pressure and control but look what is happening. soma moisture on this original rolling into california with a few clouds early tomorrow and maybe the chance for some isolated thunderstorms we have to watch out for that but we are going to squeeze in some nice weather but looking at the forecast models picking up some moisture bringing in the form
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of some clouds that we see a weak belt right there and that may spark a few raindrops in northern california and then we have a cold front coming out of the golf of alaska making its way into the bay area so with that in mind we have some changes coming our way low clouds and fog all the way to the valley and getting up heading out to work clouds early on and as we head towards the afternoon that will break up nicely and looking good as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. let's plan on mid-60s in san francisco 64 in golden gate park further south 60s in half moon bay but more sunshine towards afternoon 73 in palo alto and further south mid-70s 76 in --
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and 71 in foster city as we had further south those temperatures pushing up in the mid-70s and east bay temperatures warming up in the 80s by the afternoon and 70 in richmond and 83 in pleasanton. north bay starting out with a couple of low clouds and fog giving way to sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 81 and napa valley and 84 in fairfield. we will watch temperatures coming down a few degrees but some comfortable weather. this could get interesting. we have had some tropical moisture entering into the state. there is a slight chance we could see some thunderstorms
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that would be interesting. >> i wish i had talked about it more often. the giants trying to get their first win since the all- star break. bobble head day today at the at&t park. a huge game giants were cruising but at the top of the sixth baumgardner would assist. right up the middle, giants lead and it ended on a high note when j peterson struck out baumgardner in seven innings and struck out five even 4
10:52 pm
triples for the giants the first team since the 98 yankees with 4 triples and home runs in a single game the giants when and oakland looking to win this year's finale versus the cardinals. looking for the first win of the season chris davis came out swinging a's have a 2 nothing lead at the end of the third inning that ball is deep and it is gone. they were rolling they take a 5- 1 lead this guy was on a mission to get his first win. he struck out 8 and only allowed 4 hits. the cardinals kept it interesting.
10:53 pm
garcia going to beat them to the plate you can see here as for the a's they go on to win this game 7-4. what's up next? of the adorable video making rounds on the internet. we will show you the subversion of the abcs that you have never heard it before. -- we will show you a version of the abcs that you have never heard before. p?p?o?gv
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a file its rendition of the abc. she is putting her heart, body and soul into it. she is a talented toddler from louisiana. her mother posted this video on thursday. it has been viewed more than 3 million times. coming up justice tonight. an arrest has been made in a homicide case. >> details on who was arrested and how the family reacted, that's next.
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an arrest has been made in the shooting death of a father in the east bay. thanks for joining us.


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