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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 30, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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inside vmas, the moments you didn't see on tv. beyonce drops the mic, but how much did her daughter blue ivy's dress cost? rihanna kept the party going after the show. >> why was she with her ex? >> inside rob lowe's roast. >> get ready to bring it and take it. >> as stars recreaae his teen we uncover the one who claims she hooked up with him. and head home to iowa with ashton kutcher. >> i have a secret passion for singing.
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>> mila cheers them on. is their young daughter picking up bad habits from their dad? >> where did you get that? >> from august 29, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it was a record-breaking night for beyonce and her daughter blue ivy. i'm sure no 4-year-old has ever worn a dress that costs as much as the one blue ivy wore. >> that was one of the highlights of the night that did belong to the queen b. beyonce demolished the vmas. her 16-minute performance was by far the crowd favorite. the singer made history. >> and the winger is -- beyonce! >> beyonce! >> passing madonna's all-time record for most wins at the vma. >> first of all, i'd like to thank my beautiful daughter and my incredible husband for all of
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their support. >> beyonce's incredible performance ended with a literal mike drop, but you could barely see it on tv. there it is right there on an extremely wide shot. next -- fashion. beyonce wore four ensembles throughout the evening but it was her daughter's look that has everyone talking today. 4-year-old blue ivy wore a floor-length dress by mishka, the gown is called the grand royale. versions of the dress run between $10,000 and 13,000. the other big standout, rihanna. here's the cool stuff you didn't see behind the scenes. that's kanye getting the audience amped up for her performance and drake tripping over riri's dress. >> she is someone i've been in love with since what is 22 years
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old. >> rihanna may have rolled her eyes at all that, but the duo kept the party going, hitting up the up and down club after the show. but the epic a-list after party was at pasqale jones. earlier rim showed britney love. >> spears received mix red views for her "make me" off her album "glory." it was a night of brotherly love for nick and joe jonas. check out joe's cameo during nick's live performance. >> think there is any chance of a collaboration with you guys? >> we obviously like each other quite a bit. we're roommates, just got matching tattoos. >> did you really get tattoos? >> we did look at it online. >> on more vma news, ryan
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lochte's reaction after this hilarious parody last night. >> did you see the vmas last night with jimmy fallon? >> is it too late now to say sorry? >> i watched the first part, but no, i missed it. that's too funny. >> is that cool people are making fun of the situation? >> it is what it is. >> michael phelps digging the scene in the audience, and we're guessing you're about to see more of lochte. >> rumor is you are going "dancing with the stars." >> i have no idea. you have to wait and see. >> there you go. you can't tell when he's telling the truth or not. >> we just need a straight answer one time. >> taylor swift, look at her serving jury duty in tennessee. the jury was asked to explain their line of worth. everyone laughed when taylor said songwriter. >> she got dis missed today. speaking of exes, jennifer lopez made a surprise appearance with
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an ex this weekend which is fueling some rumors. reunited and it sounds so good. just days after her split with bo casper, she belted out a hit with her ex-husband marc anthony. she surprised marc onstage wearing a black sheer gown with a sky-high slit and plunging neckline. the fans went wild. they sang the 1999 latin hit, smiling, dancing and hugging it out at end of the performance. the appearance of -year-old twins, separated in 2011 and officially divorced in 2015. marc remarried that year. he instagramed this photo of his new wife and jennifer with the hashtag, all about family. jennifer posted this pic with the caption, always fun sharing
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the stage with this one. not at the performance, j. lo's on again/off again boyfriend joe casper. he attended the public record vma after-party. he spent mmch of the night texting on his phone. >> you know hnoknow who he was j. lo, please let me come hhme. you sat down with scott eastwood a member of the "fast 8" franchise. >> he was a newby to the franchise. scott told me his version. were you surprised after the fact now when you're seeing dwayne maybe come at odds? >> i had a great time working on the film. i don't know about that stuff. we had barbecues every day on set. tyrese would put on barbecues for everybody. go on out and shoot a scene, come back and listen to music
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and eat grilled chicken. >> he's all business in his new movie "swonowden." he may start his own dynasty with the birth of his and wife tasha's son. >> what was the most important day in his life. what's yours? >> i'm a new dad. frankly, i don't really love talking about my kid so much in the press, but obviously, it's a great day. >> that is jaden woodly. now comes the news that the next installment of "divergent" is coming out next year as a television movie. how do you feel about that? >> it's the news. it's the word on the street. i didn't sign up to do a television show. i'm not sure i will be part of that television show. out of respect to the studio and everyone involved, i don't think it's been finalized that's what they are doing.
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>> it is a done deal. not only a tv movie, but they are going to spin it off into a tv series. ashley graham is back in the headlines because she can't stop chopping her hair. we saw her twice in one day. her hair just kept getting shorter. >> you like my new haircut? >> i wanted to switch it up, change it up, i love the blonde, but i'm loving this chopped up. >> ashley rocking her long bob at her "sports illustrated" event. hours later she showed up on the vma launch carpet with a shorter do and darker locks. >> i felt like my sexy was connected to my hair. i cut it off and i was like, whoo! damn, i look good. >> back at coney island, ashley fellow "si" swimsuit models. chrissie teigen and john legend brought out little luna. hannah got the beach moments.
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i got the let's go out and be sexy moments. i wish i was wearing hers. my spanx are taking over my life right now. >> also at the event, derek jeter's new wife. the hardest part of being a new swimsuit model is -- >> being alone and not being able to eat popcorn every day. >> it might be the crazy rumors that come with the territory. >> the craziest rumor i heard is i lost half my weight and turned into a size 6. these hips are a size 14 and they are not going anywhere. >> proud of it. love it. >> she is a beautiful woman. up next, why is "the voice's" adam levine dressed up as a blue bug? the best from rob lowe's roast. >> there must be something wrong with me i enjoy a good joke at my own expense. new barbra streisand. who was the first actor she called to sing on her star-studded duets album?
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>> it was so fun. kevin hart talks about his new life as a married man. why is he i'm going first. no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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nope. that is not some strange new pokemon on the loose in downtown los angeles.
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actually, that is adam levine. he got in costume to shoot a new video with maroon 5. miami beach f maybe for kids. >> is it appropriate i think he's still cute dressed as a bug? let's talk about rob lowe. very cute. the man never lost his swag even as he was getting burned to the ground in front of his family. >> i asked him several times, are you sure and he said to me -- >> the meaner they are, the more i like it. >> that's not what i told me. >> get your game face on. get ready to bring it and take it. >> i'm partying like it's 1999. the year rob lowe was relevant. >> jeff ross. he brought up rob's sex tape and past headlines about his nanny. >> these were rob lowe's former
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nanny's. >> turned "you were meant for me" into a takedown song. it's revenge after accusing her the only female co-star who didn't want to kiss him. why didn't you want to kiss him? >> i knew where the mouth had been. >> we got her and a slew of stars to recreate rob teen's heart throb cover, includining marley matalin who said they dated in the 1980s. >> we had good times. >> how good? >> really good times. >> are you ready for anything? >> no. >> now, roast newby conservative pundit ann coulter claimed she didn't know she would get it the worst. >> going to party like it's 1999. ann coulter is going to vote like it's 1899. >> i was wondering on the red carpet ann better watch out
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because she was going to get it and she did. the roast airs next monday september 5th on comedy central. we tag along as kevin hart surprises hundreds of fans. plus, his hilarious honeymoon story. >> when i got to wooing, you got nothing left. >> one-on-one with ashton kutcher at home in iowa. >> the wheels on the bus go round and round. got that one down. >> barbra streisand's new celebrity duets secrets who struggled to hit the high notes? >> the first thing she said was, i can't sing.
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♪ somebody else is a garth fan. ashton kutcher turned country star this weekend in his hometown cedar rapids, iowa.
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he opened up all about hooe on et online. his baby is talking up a storm or shall we say swearing up a storm. >> he comes to the bedroom, puppy peed on the stairwell. i'll walk away like this and i o hear behind me -- and doing the same exact walk. it was this. i turn around. legitimate like this. i was like -- the puppy said fox. she was like -- i was like, no fox. fox. >> don't worry, ashton isn't teaching wyatt dirty words, he knows these three. >>. ♪ let it go ♪ let it go where did you get that? i don't know. >> do you see her wanting to go into show biz? >> no. >> would you let her pursue a career in show biz? >> no. i'm doing everything i can to keep her away from you guys.
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>> wyatt stayed home with mila. hosted the revital concert benefitting their native son organization. >> iowans helping iowa. >> we are going to do great things. >> ashton's not the only one who sang. blake shelton took the stage. girlfriend gwen was watching via periscope. >> she's are jell-o shots. have you seen those? i don't drink, but i'm going to try it. >> ashton has his own brand for blake on his show "the ranch." >> i watch "the voice" all the time. he's fantastic. i want whatever's in his cup. seems like a great guy. i'll have lunch. heck, yeah. i'd have him on in a second. >> adam levine is so jealous. that's my man crush. ashton, you've got to make that happen. that would be fantastic. they start shooting season two
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of "the ranch" next week. can you believe the honeymoon is over for kevin hart? literally, this weekend kevin got back to work in portland. that's where i caught up with him. he talked for the first time about his new life as a married man. >> i notice that bling on your finger. you're married now. >> yep. this chocolate is locked up, ladies. yeah, i'm a married man. i'm with my family. >> do you remember your wedding? i remember the picture of you on the ground. do you remember your wedding? >> i woke up in the morning with grass stains on my shirt. until this day they say i passed out. some people said i jumped in the pool for no reason at all. it got bad. >> kevin's appearance a total surprise to a portland audience who won tickets to see his new stand-up film "what now." earlier i learned about that hard honeymoon. >> what is your last name? >> hart, honey.
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>> baby, i'm going to woo you. when i get to wooing, you've got nothing left. >> tell me one of the woo steps. >> a woo moment? >> a beach front dinner on the stand. feet in the sand, watering coming out. i'm a romantic guy, man. >> it was like lover's holiday. >> she's smitten. >> kevin gets major laughs out of personal stories. they drive his band up in the film. what you don't know, kevin was in a lot of pain and hobbling because just before coming to the screening, he ran in the mt. hood coast relay. >> my legs hurt. i can't feel my head. >> i ran 18.3 miles. >> what are you thinking? that's basically a marathon. >> basically a marathon. i'm getting to a police where i'm always challenging myself. i love you, kev! >> i want you to listen to this.
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kevin and nicko wanteddto make a book of pictures from their honeymoon so their personal photographer went along on their honeymoon. that's why you see all those great shots. on the last day, kevin fell off an atv, broke his arm and is back to work. >> nothing stops that man. somebody else back to work, barbra streisand. she got so many amazing stars to sing with her on this album. she gave me the secrets behind the celebrity sessions. ♪ climb every mountain >> barbra hand-picked all her partners. melissa mccarthy had to be convinced. >> first thing she said to me was i can't sing. >> melissa was on the kelly ripa show talking about me. everyone said my name wrong. >> i just recorded a duet with
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barbra streisand. i mean -- >> i know! >> barbra streisand. >> the tech giant will correcc it next month. what is one thing barbra streisand must have with her out on tour? >> a person like you that says my name right. soft "s."reisand. >> i'm happy i got it right. >> thank you. >> here you are doing these duets with some of hollywood's biggest names. >> the first actor that i asked to be on the record was hugh jackman. >> anne hathaway. >> she came in pregnant out to here, no make-up. she has a beautiful voice. ♪ he said maggie do you want to dance ♪ >> it was just so fun. so rewarding. >> how about this, you'll hear james brolin singing on the
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album. >> he's talking. >> we'll be right back.
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oh no. oh no.
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i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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celebrates his father's birthday with a sweet message. lfather's birthday with a sweet message. a birthday with a sweet message. t birthday with a sweet message. e birthday with a sweet message. birthday with a sweet message. tom hanks' new movie "sully" hits theaters september 9th. >> one of his classics making waves. >> what tom really thinks of channing tatum starring in the new "splash" remake. >> what a doof. if she can work up her own -- she is a better actor than i am. >> the real story behind those adorable photos with his wife. >> did you get photo approval?
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>> you think my wife gives me photo approval? >> tomorrow. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one. the mtv vmas go for the girl power. ♪ i call the shots >> we're breaking down the top trending moments including the all white carpet wild fashion. >> she's a style icon for a reason. >> justin bieber a no-show at the vmas. where we caught the biebz performing instead. >> and number three. rob lowe gets burned before his roast. >> oh my god. i watched it eight times. >> what are you talking about? plus, our "insider" bonus. will sully land tom hanks' third


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