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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 30, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>will tran: in san francisco mile start we have to tell you is warmer this morning than it was yesterday >>james: the cloud cover whatever she we did a did the clouds rolled in overnight you receive a live shot the golden gate bridge where it is a little foggy bowl what we cannot seem to we have some clout of their assets stretching from afar once again so cloudy start to glove the current wind speed for san francisco 10 and 0: 16 in concord 21 mi. an hour wind up in fairfield this is what to
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expect partly cloudy conditions eventually the inland valleys will warm up to the mid '80s at the moment allowed widespread low 60s here was a quick look what began conditions that will be probably bordering on 85 to 88 degrees. >>robin winston: no major hot spots you need to get into san francisco a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a good rider
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coming out of oakland heading into downtown 101 at the limit in both directions know the problems if you need to use it and get into and out of san francisco there is an overturned accident northbound as a great off ramp overturned on the shoulder but not impacting traffic you to see the senses showed nothing would bring overall figure come into the trap will let you know. >>will tran: the forty-niners quarterback continues to draw criticism and support after
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refusing to stand for the national anthem he is protesting what he called the mistreatment of blacks and people of color in is not affected but this morning there are some very strong opinions about his actions to gluck of these videos on left up and burned his jersey in all the right of fan since fire to a set of hearings he gets reaction from people about the controversy in one move is gone from being a quarterback controversy to just been a controversial quarterback. >>reporter: the 28 your and become a lightning rod for social commentary over the weekend he fielded questions from reporters and explained his process in which he believes is the country's mistreatment for people of color standing up by
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sitting down a polarizing decision this for the millions of apacheans so far is action is not sitting well for some they used to work with him a
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statement that he saw of his stands hours later meanwhile he is not diluted if his remarks he's rep stromboli she appears to have safe and his lawyer from he said is the right to express his feelings over the weekend held a players' only meeting by the way there is a
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news conference this morning we will be there and we was dream alive when it happens one of the things that he has talked about is insufficient training for police officers the 49 a
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quarterback is criticizing the training that they get. >>reporter: a couple months is not enough ofa for sann and sawt one outo on thei street willn the weaponse >>reporter: in fact you can tell how long it takes to get through the academy this is a is all over a thousand hours of training the alameda county
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sheriff's academy has consistently been rated the best in the state by the police officer standard and training it seems almost everyone has an opinion on the issue they have been weighing and on our website the issues being discussed on the campaign trail
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donald trump was on radio and was asked about the controversy he said it is a terrible we ask of you agree with what he said there is the result 6/8% said yes 84 percent said they do not support him we invite you to wait and. >>will tran: hear with his teammates are saying about his cause aversive decision and a look at the social media history including the news stories he post and read sweets he would police chief has been placed on administrative leave she is on leave pending a personal
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investigation the city manager is not going to talk about the nature of that investigation and why she has been placed on leave donald trump pays a visit to the bay area for campaign began to look at where the fund raiser was hailed coming up in just a few minutes from now.
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>>will tran: we also little bit of a warmer start there was the formal blanket. >>james: we're doing ok and the
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is to begin some become a problem will keep you updated here is the data are forecast for oakland don't pretty much leave the average always down to the east ridge shoreline a really nice smile day today to going to be in san francisco it will be about 68 degrees were really one starts to warm things up especially in the east of balance 80 degrees for concord 85 level more pushing up against the upper eighties to near 90 in the south bay to the touch warmer than it was yesterday said was it will come in or 80 degrees since and cisco 68 and
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across the north where we're looking at 83 to 87. >>james: the three-hour look to the wednesday thursday expecting temperatures is one to feel more like fall will continue that for castrate to thursday. >>robin winston: no major hot spots but we spotted a couple problems first here's a quick look into san francisco no big deal but was to bomb and the tunnel is an accident involving a tow truck no major delays and is not impacting traffic overall good ride into san francisco the
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richmond san rafael bridge 580 looks good no major delays heading into the no. the bank south bay's san jose no. 85 is an overturned the two right lanes a block emergency crews are on the way you consider the rest of the south of is and shall not in agreement to 37680 in the guadalupe parkway all doing just fine >>will tran: on the peninsula of
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former is a lot of last night in the neighborhood were hosting presence of can this is nothing new >>reporter:-disease that and to much because he has made inflammatory statements the supporters better together a small neighborhood their voices concern over featured guest got trump who was in town for from prison monday night at this as they capture by a partnership is believed that at the firm invited about 40 guest for $25,000 for the me in great and
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area played host president obama in the rival democratic nominee it wanted to be that way >>will tran: 46% of likely voters 39 percent support trump leading down from double-digit in the call earlier this month 7% service support libertarian jules stein and the green party is at 2% no one knows when the next big earthquake will hit with the usgs as working to lessen the impact from of this
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drilling site. >>reporter: is what is below ground usgs scientists are interested and this is all the places they've been drilling 34 holes with it and drop type explosives money to were in the sites are pretty remote even if you or from zero you barely filling your feet never succeed the noise of everyday lives of interfering with a highly sensitive equipment it is like a dream come true his visiting scientist from ireland a country that has no fault lines running for when ahura the research will
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help first responders. >>reporter: let's hope there is another shake-up any time soon before monday anyone who wanted a commercial license from the
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faa needed a pilot license jones been not fly higher than 400 ft. or higher than that at night time it must be under 55 lbs. and must remain individual side of the human operator while it is in the air. >>will tran: looking at the life of actor gene wilder
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>>will tran: his attorney says he passed away yesterday at 83 years old we take a look at his life and legacy you could say it was mel brooks to first call something funding. >>reporter: his rental as the
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1960 gay brooks' comedy the producers turned wilder an oscar nomination for best supporting actor he was born in milwaukee ms. thompson is the personal relationship was akin to like in a bottle he earned his second oscar this time for best adapted screenplay for their perry young frankenstein sadly at the two years of marriage she was
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diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died three years later he dell is by establishing a home away from home for patients and families he seen the with his friend richard pryor made a complete recovery acting to the lives and except for a few smaller roles he focuses energy on writing in 2005 he released his memoir he will be remembered for his wit and warmth in his memorable performances that were simply unforgettable >>will tran: when they're not
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expect to have the position filled
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>>will tran: it is not affected his playing status the admitted county sheriff's office invited him to come visit the training
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center at the he says is insufficient training for police officers she's on leave pending a personal investigation the city manager not elaborate on why they're investigating her the outcome was cutting into hillary clinton 46 percent of voters 39 for trump down from double-digit south in the poll earlier this month dollars from spent the day in the bay area today. >>james: you concede the
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temperatures the widespread low 60s across the bay here is what you can expect during the 8:00 hour a key time. not only are the kids getting to school by noontime to get a gradual clearing like we did yesterday.
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>>james: again aside from the morning fog look for some scattered clouds and some preconditions would leave you with this picture showing some activity none of that is expected to impact the bay in aside from that the 7 day around the bay forecast coming up and 15 minutes. >>robin winston: no big problems in foster city san
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mateo 101 doing just fine not want to be a good problem of acid a raft of in the south bay san jose no. 85 at camden avenue of to lance a block and it is just right lane led to delays rolling through is not a major hot spot if it starts to back a chapter we will let you know rowlandson's antioch ride around hillcrest already out to 242 and is only a 13 minute trip that is the clinton minute trip no major problems as we said the south bay is hot spot offering of to
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the guadalupe parkway that drive times roll north a quick 23 minute trip gov. jerry brown is deciding whether to make sexually assaulting an unconscious person a crime that is an eligible for probation. >>will tran: it would require jail time for anyone convicted of rape or sexual assault of an unconscious or intoxicated person the case set off protests and efforts to remove presiding judge he is scheduled to be released this friday. >>will tran: the europeans said they must pay $14.5 billion in back taxes are live gave illegal tax benefits to the base company a three-year investigation found idling granted tax breaks the report said a multinational effective corporate tax rate on the
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european profits dropped 1% in 2003 to make is 0.005% in 2014 are limits recover unpaid taxes from the year 2003 to 2014 there down 1.6% in pre-market trading in the south madison was a city council is declaring the public safety emergency because of the crisis within the police department.
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>>reporter: there simply is spending the night here because they're not enough time between ships for those for the mandatory overtime on tuesday the city council will consider a emergency action allowed to ride the police chief that permit officers to bid for certain shift many of which are not been filled and all they want to reassign detectives one is that
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insurers bland 2012 pension reform that led to an exodus of cops there on pace for 25 year high in san jose but the mayor scoff at the notion that the action is a political stunt designed to garner support for measure f this fall but supporters say will star loss benefits and ultimately saw the low staffing problem./ >>will tran: 30 pd she's
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resigned in less than a month earlier this summer as a result the parma had been on the civilian leadership ever since june they're reaching up to the public host and more than 10 forms to weigh in on the police chief search the mayor did not rule out the possibility of hiring within the pardon this is an opportunity for a new chief to come in and do some good. >>will tran: spike lee ways than on the controversy that is in this morning's next on kron 4.
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>>reporter: in the big story in who stole the show performing songs from lemonade + 16 minutes fleshy one video of the year the for the niners quarterback cause quite a stir when he refused to stand there in the national anthem it was his where protesting oppression of people with color the horror flick do not brief halt imposed
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this way to the box office with $26 million into it sells. >>will tran: 10 to weekdays at 1:00 p.m. for long water here is some of the stores we're working on for you add five of the two hurricanes are barreling toward hawaii and people on the east coast brith and for what weather this to tropical depressions a closer to that location.
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>>will tran: here is a look at the major headlines you need to know before you head out the door gene wilder is dead and 83 years old he died yesterday because of complications from alzheimer's disease he was twice nominated for the oscar for his role of producers in young frankenstein known for his role in come the classics plus a burly man couple faces animal abuse chargers. >>will tran: the dog later died of the woman had been released on bail the boyfriend still in jail this morning they're now in effect when it comes to using drones before yesterday anyone who won or a commercial license need a pilot's license that may
4:46 am
not fly higher than 400 ft. at night time they must be under 55 lbs. a must always be in visual side of the operator a lot going on my when have the 5:00 more animals. >>james: you'll be heading down there looking it over test conditions that will be what most commuters will be expecting here is a live look sfo you could see this morning will have clouds overhead and that could cause problems and they're not reporting any delay the here is what the caller
4:47 am
cover looks like it is quite expensive and looks like moderate all the way up to the oregon border not only collectivity the shower to north and the possibility of thunderstorms. >>james: it could fire of all are far less open does not happen it can be the case is resuming a closer the stress all the way inland we're waking up to overcast conditions even in the east valley is of near fairfield will be getting grow close to the 90 degree mark here
4:48 am
is the 7 day around the bay forecast the weather pattern go on for it will start falling beginning tomorrow we went into the month of september a very mild almost all like weather pattern mild temperatures stretching well into the weekend with no rising temperatures until the beginning of next week. >>robin winston: overall not that it was an accident was a homicide at the tunnel to rise to block out of the way it wrested 15 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco that is going to be a nice mood commute rolling into the north bank rate to 10 minutes through the tall out to the 101 on ramp use it before it starts to back up overturn
4:49 am
accident cleared no. 85 a camden the two right lanes and fall right lane never backed up traffic is completely out of the way the south bay looks great the guadalupe parkway 17 license move. >>robin winston: the up pretty sure to load the short 13 minutes to get from highway 4 down and opened a great drive time maybe the westbound 24 commute. >>will tran: accused of smuggling cell phones heroin and hills into san quentin prison visiting in may brazil sap was convicted of murdering eight people the investigative services you happen to be in the main visiting room and noticed a bunch of empty ziploc bags nichols was searched in minute
4:50 am
to hide all the items and the clothing she had a scene cell phones from charges more than 80 g of heroin into unidentifiable blue pills she will be arraigned in marin next month apple may have a new slot from coming out. >>will tran: their sell-off on new iphone the event in san francisco this is the invitation to send out some feeble think there is speculation apple may also introduced new models for other products like the apple what or map but computer
4:51 am
>>stanley roberts: criminal is, in the city of san lorenzo is a listed but isn't really a total mystery ever would hate to see what wasted before can get to the seller was a location and found water been wasted a happened because this crash on this. more of drought during the middle of the day is sound upon by the utility district this a war before 9:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. this water is apparently coming from an unknown place and is heading to
4:52 am
the bank the question is why hasn't anyone called on this amount water flowing into storm drains and faster according to the east bay mud if it's been down precipitations. >>stanley roberts: for now got a water for cities to flow from an unknown source out to the bank calling up our rough quitting for the ages >>will tran: coming up in just a few minutes here to look outside
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>>robin winston: checking in on the morning commute fairly quiet will start off with a few problems of live look of the ride into san francisco opera and the toll plaza the accident inside of a tunnel never backed up traffic less than 10 minutes so quick drive times 13 minutes for was for from antioch leaving concord road and south on 680. >>will tran: 10 of losing six
4:56 am
to zero investigation of the beginning of the fourth inning while fielding of ron wall there's he cannot give a strikeout of the giants are coming off winning their series against the atlanta braves they're now one and half games back the dodgers lost yesterday to the caller rockies the first pitch is set for 715 to nine to live with now learning whitetails with was not at mtv music awards she had to show for jury duty in a natural tendency tear the pictures of are
4:57 am
blending in with the crowd she was alternately dismissed early due to a litigation against her sizzling to serve on a jury case in any other case it will part outside of san jose police headquarters because of staffing crisis
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now right >>james: it is cloudy and breezy out there this morning that is what you need to brace yourself for as we said it is a little breezy hill is a look at the when the map 13 mi. an hour wind blowing straight to san francisco 69, 21 mi. an hour when you consider a direct line ocean when blasting its way write a little of the bay area this is what it is doing adjutancy of what has to bay area wide off to a cloudy start
5:01 am
here is the back-to-school forecast to 8:00 when classes begin still look for to be most a cloudy. >>robin winston: statice slow traffic into san francisco busier now compared to the 4:00 hour starter of the 4:00 hour with a couple of overturned accidents all that is gone homage to hot spots if you need to get into san francisco less than 10 minutes from the maze into the schuyler fairly small for westbound 80 a look at the san mateo bridge coming up in the next of foreign
5:02 am
>>mark: the police chief says the place on administrative leave with a live what i would police department to explain what happened >>jackie sissel: late last night the city manager of hayward issued a statement saying that diane stored the chief of police has been placed on administrative leave she would only say it is a personnel investigation that is going on she was named the police chief in hayward back in august of 2000 and 11 started her third year career in the sun was a police department shoe the first female police chief in the city of hayward ever when she was brought in in this farce was going to be acting chief they say that the captain will be acting chief what this investigation goes for in a statement last night there will be no more statements about this paid administrative leave.
5:03 am
>>jackie sissel: obviously a lot of unrest in the bay area all the last 12 months several police chiefs have either been fired or left for retirement reasons we're going to continue to stay on this story of we get any new information about that investigation intel's will pass along. >>mark: attesting scandal caused three chief to step down the the the parmesan on the civilian leadership since june the old and there was a permanent chief in place by next year she launched a nationwide search yesterday and the city is hosting morganton forms to weigh in on the search for a police
5:04 am
chief the job will be posting officially next month it will be held in five on thursday evening the son of the city council could declare a state of emergency because of the staffing crisis in the apartment. >>darya: we were there yesterday and saw that is because some of the officers cannot make it home because of mandatory overtime they live too far away
5:05 am
some of the police chief will be allowed to reassign the tech the to bring the patrols up to men levels the staffing shortage comes as san jose is now on pace to see more murders than they have seen the last 25 years. >>mark: it is not impacted his
5:06 am
playing status we was a 49 his headquarters and shoulders of people in the nfl are saying about the controversy. >>reporter: he has gone from being a quarterback controversy to does been a controversial quarterback refusing to stand for the national anthem he has become a lightning rod for social commentary over the weekend he is finding his process and what he believes is the mystery but for people of color standing up home by
5:07 am
sitting down the polarizing decision the spark millions of opinions so far his actions not sitting well for somebody to work with him the statement he softened his stance on hours later by saying i apologize for misspeaking by true sentiments to clarify i support the but his action is protected section to. >>reporter: his return from a
5:08 am
leaky appears to have safe harbor in the locker room he said he has a right to express his feelings over the weekend they held players' only meeting this is a dialogue from those conversations will stay in-house the one conclusion no one will let this become a distraction some 49 is have said is on non of any of the teammate plan to join him there back in action thursday in san diego if he
5:09 am
issued his word he will not be standing. >>mark: they're invited him to the police academy have the comments about the police and america during an interview on the weekend he said people can become a cop and six months and they don't need this to my training as a cosmetologist they invited him to the result training center with a host of basic police academies and the officials say it was taken out to a to meet with the new generation can have an open dialogue stick with us as we
5:10 am
continue the carnage of the controversy from our web site yet to see how fans are reacting to this decision not to stand. donald some speaking after a leaks in essence a non issue separating from her husband how they're not...
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >>mark: the big news this morning and here came issued for the big island of hawaii as hurricane madeleine unless the bill toward.
5:15 am
>>james: mind the time makes landfall they're certainly get high waves and for that reason there was a hurricane watch in effect for the big island for now ride on his heels we have hurricane lester levantine looks to be impacted and the island the when rain exactly how much is still too far the only other side is on the weaker side of the island hosts with the impact
5:16 am
will not be too severe here was a will sea temperatures everywhere else pretty hard by a few degrees warmer for a place like concord and livermore mid to upper 80's and even getting pretty close to the 90 degree mark set jose 84 u 74 open 75 in
5:17 am
hayward 68 in downtown san francisco it is whatever to go down that will be the name of the game is ahead for the second half of the week >>robin winston: it is quite crowded here was the bomb we can see a lot of bright lights no big trouble spots overall pretty good commute heading into foster city and san mateo nice and smooth so far very quiet leaving the north they know the problems for saw 101 just under 25 minutes from the boss over to the san francisco side 24 looks good the caldecott know the problems for 580 e sure freeway
5:18 am
also looking pretty good from now 17 out of the santa cruz mountain mine a crowding for the north, committed only 10 minutes hitting a to 85 in los gatos >>mark: decision 2016 republican presidential nominee donald trump was in the bay area collecting task his campaign he held a fund-raiser last night in the neighborhood is believe that the ceo of the equity firm invited about 40 guest at $25,000 a head for meet in greet donald trump is prison the decision to separate from our husband. >>mark: he said she is making a wise decision will be better off
5:19 am
without him she is leaving the former new york congressman after he was implicated another sex and scandal donald trump is cutting into hillary clinton's lead according to this new call for the university 46 percent support clinton while 39 percent support from the lead had shrunk since earlier this month when she had a double-digit lead libertarian candidate gary johnson has 7% and the green party candidate is pulling a 2% according to this survey republican don fraser and onetime governor is heading the campaign trail for hillary clinton the executive will meet with business leaders and denver to talk about the plan for jobs in the economy she says she
5:20 am
cannot back don trump because she cannot support a candidate who exploited anger and grievance and racial division. >>mark: 1 and the death of actor gene wilder he started, a classics young frankenstein and played the charming candy man and the child would favorite willie walker and a chocolate factory he passed away at the age of 83 from complications of alzheimer's disease will take a look at his life and his legacy. >>reporter: his breakthrough as a neurotic a consummate real bloom and 1968, did the producers earned him an oscar nomination for best supporting actor he was born in milwaukee wisconsin called the acting bug by doing theater of his professional relationship was a 10 to leighton in the bottle the artist and an oscar for best
5:21 am
adapted screenplay for the parody young frankenstein his role as a hard-drinking linden and also helped to cement his new york rise to stardom perhaps the film getting geared the at the to men across generations is williwaw cut in the chocolate factory. >>reporter: his private life became public in 1984 to saturday night live star sadly after two years of marriage she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died three years later they're crazy see no evil had no evil by the 1990's he
5:22 am
reburied at this career with the various projects however in 1999 to perform was diagnosed with non house lymphoma of the help of chemotherapy and transplants even a complete recovery acting to come and except for a few small tv roles he focuses energy on writing in 2005 he releases more he will be remembered for his wit and warmth in his memorable performances ever simply unforgettable this been 11 years since hurricane katrina slam norland the market anniversary yesterday with our riesling ceremonies more than a million others lost their homes.
5:23 am
>>darya: damage was estimated hundred $8 billion making it the costliest hurricane to ever hit the united states and the hardest hit areas are still not recovering next the machine designed to help people may not actually reduce your risk for complications would explain why to the live look at the bay bridge so far on this to the morning still lie ride. take one of those pillows and take a big smell.
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>>darya: the machine help people with sleep apnea to rest and i handed a good nicely to the demo the 2700 pages of around the world with mild to severe sleep apnea may discover the machine did not assist in reducing heart attack or in reducing high blood pressure despite that they said they do reduce snoring in general tiredness research as long for the person who shot and killed 3 sea otters and other california police officer and a war this morning we go on site would geophysicist were trying
5:27 am
to learn more about earthquakes before the next big on strikes the new technology they're using we track and whether techno a good look san francisco 68 0174 and san jose 80 will have the complete forecast coming right up.
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5:30 am
>>james: 12 look to the east of the name right here along the east bay hills that is going to cause problems and sfo will keep you updated on any delays the to macy by noontime the lunch everyone should be pretty decent the inland temperatures will be in the mid '70s.
5:31 am
>>robin winston: is out to west grand that is a pretty good dry kind of quick check of the east bay was for 15 minutes in antioch and to concord south 680 both look good soap called pleasant hill what a creep no major delays for the southbound 6 a commune. >>darya: the news this morning with deciding whether to make sexual assaults in an unconscious to severely intoxicated person a crime that is not eligible for probation the measure is in response to
5:32 am
the rock turner case he was sentenced to six months in jail for sex and assaulting an unconscious woman is said to be released from jail on friday after serving just three months of the sentence. >>mark: a three-year investigation from the tax rate dropped from 1% in to 2003 deployed 005% in 2014 are limits recover unpaid taxes from 2003
5:33 am
to 2014 >>darya: here is an old photo of the dog the couple accused of scalding the dog and waiting to more than a week before taking the to your tool that he died at the clinic the peninsula humane society learned about this and reported to the san mateo county district attorney's office a couple boy in water accidentally spilled onto his crate but an expert says based on a severity of the dogs burns and look like he was placed in scalding hot liquid >>mark: 3 miller otters were found dead between the santa clause harvard and state beach
5:34 am
earlier this month necropsy it shows about otters were shot and may have died several weeks before washing ashore they're protected as a threatened species under the endangered species the person who killed them could face a $200,000 in fines and possible jail sentence. >>darya: no one knows when the next earthquake is going to head but they're trying to lessen the impact whatever it does. . >>reporter: it is was belowground usgs scientists are interested and no need to worry
5:35 am
the sides are pretty remote even if you or a ground zero the charges go off you'd barely fill in your feet never see to noise of everyday life from interfering with highly sensitive equipment the research
5:36 am
will help force was spawned in the event of another earthquake. >>darya: they're not required to create policies to punish water wasters that can include signs or a rate system that charges more for using large amounts of water this is irresponsible for the some people using means of a balanced despite the state's ongoing drought. >>mark: bad news of the palm gas
5:37 am
price on the rise as a headed to the limit hauler weekend back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>mark: the cupertino bass company announces one of two new models by math also show new models and features the product that apple watch or they sold 240 million phones over the last 12 months the potential to tropical storm struck listen to count trend labor day gas prices should be at the low was since 2004 in gas prices and vallejo to 61 that is the best gas price
5:41 am
you may find in the bay area to the most expensive at 284 >>darya: we will have a lot more on the life and career on gene wilder plus another wildfire forcing dozens of people from their homes and northern california and of the on the progress that was made overnight a child from from bridge will show you the video and why the parents didn't.
5:42 am
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>>mark: they're not elaborating on the nature of the investigation a we will serve as acting chief counsel for the notice that the kind of public safety emergency because there are not enough cops on the street. >>darya: park outside of the police headquarters some offices cannot make it home the to the
5:45 am
mandatory overtime during free games the al nida, shares officer not invited him to visit the trading center after he said there is insufficient training for police officers. >>robin winston: no major hot spots almost to the maze but not quite there is getting their due set the drive time to go up as we continue to route the morning
5:46 am
commute the richmond san rafael bridge which use the backs of toward the latter part of the morning within the next hour so it will be packed leave now and you could beat the big rush coming from and of the a live look and 1 01 nice and quiet and smooth of the problems for saab 101 no major accidents or dried thyme cockney in a 24 minutes. >>james: we're going to begin
5:47 am
with a live weather of the outside is cloudy and breezing a nice strong ocean wind coming in the clouds are going to cause problems out of sfo looking a very similar conditions the air force recording that the at this point not registering any delays we will keep an eye on that starting off in the low 50 of the fifties by about 10:00 11:00 we should be in the low 60s the bay side and the financial district you could get up to 68 degrees the ocean when giving as a great deal of good air respecting the slightly
5:48 am
warmer day in line with, could come in at 88 near 90 up near fairfield livermore 85 san jose ride around 80 most of the santa clara valley san francisco 68 will look for to the to the range from 83 to 87 degrees. >>mark: the 47 year-old terry nichols who serving eight death sentences plus to want years on
5:49 am
death row for killing eight people dead on ziploc stop plastic bags and a trash can and visiting room that they had used she had brought contrabands and to the visiting room she gave them a 10 cell phones 18 phone charges to blue pills and 84 g of heroin she is due on court and ran next month the missing and make this 27 year- old the police a share is the use of her older sister's name escaped custody in the driveway of what the testing facility they assess the area could not find her.
5:50 am
>>mark: they're focusing on more prompted the first of several 911 about five minutes later and after police officers obtain the man surely after false reports of an out the shooter passengers and five, started evacuating its and some post a security check points the event known for man is a list and social experimentation. >>maureen kelly: a lot of people
5:51 am
waiting in line to get into one of the many buses headed to black rock city but this is a lot different than your average greyhound crowd lost a call from office and some revealing he says the changes you ims first time burners and australia they're excited for what they will experience for those still
5:52 am
alive they're missing out by not going there is an upside for us locals it had leased until this sunday when the festival is over and roughly 70,000 attendees head back to civilization >>mark: sphere the a's in the losing six nothing they left the
5:53 am
game at the beginning of the fourth inning after injuring himself the giants began their series against the arizona diamondbacks designs won this series against the atlanta braves 1/2 games behind the l.a. dodgers they lost to the call rockies is the pitcher's duel we will be right back
5:54 am
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6:02 am
>>darya: a car was stolen and the police have now given us any
6:03 am
information about the car or thieves at this point. >>jackie sissel: the police chief in hayward has been placed on paid administrative leave would not go into great detail about why other than saying it is a personnel issue while the investigation is being conducted captain mark who will be the acting chief obviously
6:04 am
will continue to stay on as it comes on the hill of minute other police chiefs and the bay area either retiring are being fired over the last 12 months a lot of unrest as this investigation continues to get more information about exactly what the personnel issue is will try to pass along. >>mark: this after a sex scandal involving monday's call girl as well as the racist tech scandal caused three chiefs to step down in the course of about a week earlier this summer the department has been on the civilian leadership's is june the oakland mayor was a permanent police and che police chief in place by next year. >>mark: the cities hosting morganton forms for people to wait and on who they would like to see as a college and the
6:05 am
police chief in the search continues she says this is an opportunity for new chief to come in and do some good and bad news this morning the forty- niners quarterback still trying to instill criticism after refusing to stand for the national anthem and the pregame for the forty-niners he is getting little support as well.
6:06 am
>>reporter: refusing to stand for the national anthem the 28 year old has become a lightning rod for social commentary over the weekend, he fielded questions for 20 minutes to explain his processing what he believes is the mystery mentor people of color. i've been blessed to be about to get this far and have the privilege of being in the nfl in making the type of money i make but i cannot look in the mirror and see other people dying on the streets that should have the same opportunities that i've had to leave this is something that has to change the when i felt like the flag represents what is supposed to represent in this country representing the people it is supposed to then i will stand up. >>reporter: standing up by
6:07 am
sitting down of colorizing decision that sparked millions of opinions so far his actions not sitting well for some they used to work with him. >>reporter: a statement jim harbaugh soften his stance on hours later, i sang i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments to clarify and support his motivation is as much of it of action that take exception to his rep from the
6:08 am
league he appears to have saved hard his locker room should kelly says his right to express his feelings over the weekend the held players' only meeting one conclusion is some 49 is set is on know of any other teammates if he is chewed his word and he will not be standing he said a conviction
6:09 am
and six months they do not need this amount of training as cosmetologists the sheriff's office invited him to the original training center with a host basic police academies this say they hope you'll take the opportunity to meet with the new generation of law-enforcement and have an open dialogue. >>mark: stay with us for continuing coverage you can see how fans are reacting
6:10 am
>>james: it will be the first one to hit hawaii and it will be the big island that has its site in his tracks this is the latest on track in you can see it brings it arise out of the big island with of shot it will downgrade and strength a category for it will get last the big island's with a big waves it will be a lot of rain will watching them very carefully right behind then hurricane lester that track brings across the northern edge of the island chain that is the weaker side of but it is still
6:11 am
packing upon-that is a story will be tracking very carefully thomas will be tracking the damage and we will have some pretty impressive pictures. >>darya: would take a look back at the life and career of gene wilder plus the san jose city council could declare a state of emergency care how that could help with the police officer shortage.
6:12 am
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>>robin winston: fire is under control minor injuries but is backing up traffic is going to be slow for those coming out of
6:15 am
the north bay trying to get into the east of them traffic alert remains in place only one lane open pretty crowded approaching the scene and so far we do not know when they will have a out of the way it is not impacting the westbound come new direction it is looking good approach and the toll plaza so you may see the activity but not really impacting traffic coming into san francisco we have slow traffic it is beyond 80 beyond west and now is at the foot of the maze for the back of going right now heading into san francisco 1820 minutes over to the sky way that is not a bad drive the nimitz 880 south right here between wynton and 92 on the hay was cited in an accident of off a car if you need to leave san leandro is already crawling from to 38 can come. >>robin winston: the rest of
6:16 am
that trip will be fine because everyone is stuck in the backed up 32 minutes from 238 out to 237 that crashed was slow you down you consider some pretty cool thing is happening on the horizon. >>james: live you did some pretty decent color and light of all the clouds if you have a picture of it in your neighborhood senate to was a user mobile application sit that
6:17 am
is what we see here from that perspective we're also tracking the view from the golden gate bridge where the clouds are low this morning that could cause problems for the airport will be looking at about 73 with the cloud clearing as he hit a closer toward the 11:00 hour the warmus spots the east bay that is where the sun shine will have the longest to do to business
6:18 am
conditions will cool as we head to the rest of the week beginning tomorrow and will continue the mild trend into thursday and friday in the weekend ahead. >>darya: the world, the loser is a legend gene wilder died the two-time oscar nominee best known for playing a magical factory owner i have. >>reporter: 11 go has left this world the after he changed it with his performances from his
6:19 am
oscar-nominated role in the producers to is of the oscar- nominated role in young frankenstein he died at the age of 83 from complications of alzheimer's his nephew said and never stole his ability to recognize those closest to him it was nothing wild about him in person he had a sweetness about and even when deflecting a request. >>reporter: it was an act of painting watercolors who married four times his third wife's who got ovarian cancer even he successfully battled the informal five years into the
6:20 am
marriage she was gone his fourth wife survived him there was a big haul a comedy is hard with a loss of gene wilder he blazed his way through mel brooks' comedy is hard drinker with the quip from no wonder kids like some he was an expert in not to growing up a toast to your imagination you will live and hours. >>mark: along beach new york at long island several balconies is collapsing at an apartment building it happened just about an hour goes 6 about and is have
6:21 am
collapsed no reports of any injuries to get more information and bring it to you breaking international news to overnight a suicide bomber attacked in the chinese embassy in the capital of kazakhstan is a man drove his car to the embassy gates kill himself and wounding three employees they're working to identify that attacker you could see some of the broken windows so far no group is clam responsibility for this attack gov. jerry brown is deciding whether to make sexually assaulting and and, as a severely intoxicated person of crime that is not eligible for probation. >>darya: there and response to the brockton a case he is a former stanford swimmer who was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman he is said to be released on friday after serving three months of that sentence the legislation would prohibit probation in such case
6:22 am
effectively requiring jail time for anyone convicted of rape or sexual assault of living conscious or intoxicated persons the bill clarifies that the victim cannot consent while unconscious or incapacitated by drug or alcohol or medication. >>mark: police releasing sketches of two men wanted from the robbery and morgan hill business and let him know said money transfer service on monterey road near dunne avenue they went to the cashier's showed the workers get revolvers and demanded morning firefighters and northern california are working to get the upper hand on a fire burning near the oregon border that has to evacuate as the gap fire burned about 5,000 a. smoke from the wild fire is having the wild
6:23 am
fires started saturday evening is already destroyed five homes and several other structures as a last glass nine firefighters are working to free a fire line to keep them away from homes in the area they said they still have a long way to go before they can get this fire under control of for your child along from a bridge what his mom watch from below which way the disturbing video and say what is next for the parents said new rules for water wasters find out what happened if you use too much water.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>robin winston: the time is 624 we're still tracking the hot spot it continues to back of traffic east of dominance and involves a couch and vehicle one lane block the right way and a growing back of stretching toward san quentin really gumming up traffic there was a traffic alert in place the estimated time for clary if you have to head west to the opposite side just a minor slow down it is the normal stop and go traffic coming out of richmond.
6:26 am
>>mark: required to create policies to punish water wasters we signed a new bill lawyers today a water district will now have policies for identifying and targeting heavy water users during drought emergencies is irresponsible for some people using millions of gallons of excess water despite the ongoing drought it would take effect on january 1st of next year., >>darya: he was being drawn up for bridge from unidentified man it happen in washington state the mother can be seen watching below him the young boy did survive that fall local police in south the services say they
6:27 am
are investigating this cited a mother for reckless endangerment they cited the man who threw the child off the bridge with the reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing one witness as to call the police was to saw the boy hit the water they said the mother of the child and the man who threw the child had yet to be officially charged. >>will tran: continues to dominate the news today the 49 is all avenues conference before that the legend jerry rice times and on the matter.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: apple stock 7 swang the dollar this morning there were down about 1.46% the dow features a down just three points will be watching wall street the right lane is still
6:30 am
blocked and there's a growing backlog coming from the westin or san quentin if you need to leave the north bank over to the east of and this is impacting that ride east down to the come to commute only one lane open we still do not know when they hope to have it out of the way this is normal we also track in the developing hot spot the nimitz hey was out 80 between 1¢ in 92 a couple of vehicles involved blocking two lanes if you need
6:31 am
to leave san leandro it is backed all the way beyond to 38 active on the 230 it fly with toward 580. >>james: the are some breaks
6:32 am
letting some of the sun shine through temperatures in the low '60's at the moment it will be partly cloudy temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s which is a touch warmer than it was yesterday. >>darya: them and he is still making big waves and drawn criticism after he refused to stand for the national anthem in the preseason game. >>will tran: reaction from people in the bay area specifically the 40 niner's lesson let's remind jew if you've been out of country could
6:33 am
have to be out of country not to know the story here is video from friday night's preseason game right here levi stadium the national anthem was being played he was behind his teammates on the bench he sat down through our whole national anthem after the game the called to him and he said i am not going to stand for the national anthem for flag that represents of oppression for black people people of color and a double down on monday at a news conference in the locker room he told reporters i am not going to stand for the rest of this season and this is where for my position until i see some serious changes in society i would not stand the backlash has been huge this is no longer a sports store is now a new story everyone chiming in on the matter including jerry rice he sent this out late last night i
6:34 am
respect your stance but do not this respect the flag there's so many views on this some people support his stance on other people say he is disrespectful to that and 30 this morning the 40 niners coach chuck kelly will hold a news conference where not sure exactly what he plans a saying. >>will tran: even if he does not plan to you better believe the reporters will be in there we will be asking him about there's talk that possibly could be cut and if you're at work do not worry we will live stream the news conference for you.
6:35 am
>>reporter: there's really not enough time between shifts for those working mandatory overtime this is what would take it that we should do this on tuesday the city council considered emergency action ever authorize police chief to bypass union rules that permit officers to bid for certain shift many of which of not being filled all instead they want to reassign detectives.
6:36 am
>>reporter: the staffing shortage blamed on 2012 pension reform led to an exodus of cops the mayor scoffs at the notion that the impending council action is a political stunt designed to get support this fall with supporters say would restore lost benefits and ultimately solve the low staffing problem is the mayor using terms like stop gap in band-aid to describe all of this right now is about 400
6:37 am
fewer officers and san jose than there was about a decade ago until the city council takes action about 87 officers are going to be sure to the strong. >>mark: facing felony charges of animal abuse here is a picture of the dolled the couple accused of pouring boiling hot liquid on the dog and waiting for more than a week before taking him to a veterinarian he guided to the clinic the humane society learned about the incident and they reported to the this attorney's office the couple claims the couple will be water spilled on to his credit but an expert says based on severity of the injuries it looks like he was placed in the scalding liquid federal and said the store is offering a $10,000 award for information after someone shot and killed 3 sea otters the three melos found
6:38 am
dead between santa cruz harbor and six of state beach necropsy result that it was shot the men have died several weeks before washing ashore they're protected as a threatened species under the endangered species act the person who killed the out as the face of $200,000 in fines and possible jail sentence. >>darya: no one knows when the next big quake is going to hit with the usgs is try to lessen the impact of the big one they have been drilling 34 holes with a can drop tiny explosives when they set a month to mid september the research will help first responders in the event of another quake the
6:39 am
actual seismic test will not happen until the middle of the night as we look from sutro tower looking out over the golden days.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>robin winston: back of beyond sir francis drake with no estimated time the gas prices are on the rise had and to long
6:43 am
labor day weekend the price of a still lower than they have been in the past years aaa said the current trend labor day gas prices should be at their lowest levels since 2004 track and whether we will have the forecast in the meantime it was what you could expect san francisco and san jose pretty comfortable temperatures.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>darya: yesterday's they were a rv parked outside the headquarters eastbound amid span
6:47 am
from the 5:00 hour according to chp the tow trucks on the way to this driver trying to make it out may be stuck in traffic now goes beyond the west and all the way up to sir francis drake >>robin winston: that is going to be a slow commute leaving san plans are rolling into hayward
6:48 am
the crash added to the backed up and is now 32 minutes and growing out to 237 track and the ride fell as a solemn for the west down their mid span being cleared by chp and it's like a picture leaving haiti this morning another commute where you need to leave early.
6:49 am
>>james: that was what we're expecting when they saw there was starting to see some breaks will ride along the shore line will be in the low '70's generally pop over to the hill the gets a bit warmer mid to upper 80s with the delta getting close to the 90 degree mark this take a look paulo out to mountain view cupertino and those upper '70's with expected
6:50 am
most dishonest size as it is the most of the santa clara valley will be enjoying low 80s this afternoon to the peninsula began in the city were 67 to 69 degrees.
6:51 am
>>darya: this found in a trash can and a visiting room that had used and they later admitted that she had brought contraband into the visiting room is still
6:52 am
in custody in the driveway outside of the martinez of intent to the selling to is 5 ft. 7 and weighs about hundred and 20 lbs. she was handcuffed and she escaped she is not considered a threat to the community decision 2016 republican presidential nominee donald trump was in the bay area collecting money for his campaign a fund-raiser wrapped up last night in the wood side neighborhood were hosting presidential candidate is nothing new dawn upshaw was praising the decision of hillary clinton to separate from her husband--top aide >>mark: making a wise decision and will be better off without him she is leaving the former
6:53 am
congressman to someone on to say is another example of the bad judgment will be back with more in just a few men dance. >>darya: back with more in just a few minutes
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>mark: the pitches on monday and had to leave the game in the fourth inning after hurting his back another chance later today in on the mom first pitch our time coming up in the 7:00 our breaking news will following and 80 your man taken to hospital after a home invasion.
6:58 am
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comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. hayward top cop put on administrative live. what city officials are saying coming up in a live report.
7:00 am
>> the colin kaepernick controversy continues. coming up i will tell you what's in store for today and hear fromanother athlete who took a stand. >> and i am tracking two hurricanes in the kron 4 weather isn'ter that could impact hawaii sometime soon. we will talk about that in a minute. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 7 starts now. >> good morning thanks for waking up with us i am darria folsom. >> >> the accident on the rich mandsan rafael bridge is there causing an unusual backup for people who have to ute 580. it's taking a long time because they have to find a tow truck and tow truck is on the way stuck in the backup which treches into san rafael. it's -- which stretches into san ray -- san rafael. the car was


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