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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight -- a state of emergency has been declared in san jose. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. tonight -- a state of emergency has been declared in san jose. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. crime is rising in city -- while there is a shortage of police officers to patrol the streets. this is a major safety issue. kron 4's alecia reid is live tonight -- what does the state of emergency mean for people who live or work in san jose? >>alecia: city council voted 10
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to one in favor of an emergency clause that gave sheave garcia power to place officers whenever necessary without any question at communion. against the measure saying the city should ask for help and it but the
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sheriff do not have the resources and we sought collider. right now cops and mobile homes and because by the time they drive home they won't get any sleep. these changes will take effect september 11th and last for six months all the work and a parliament fix.
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>> pam:new tonight at ten. we are taking a closer look at how staffing at the san jose police department. stacks up to other large bay area cities. here is what we found. san jose has 805- sworn police officers. the city has a population of just over a million people. that equals one officer per 12- hundred and- 61 residents. compare that to san francisco. it has more than two- thousand officers. the city has a smaller population -- not including tourists --- just under 900- thousand. it equals out to one officer per 409- residents. and in oakland. there are 776 - police officers for a population of 419-thousand. that's one officer per 540- residents. we actually found that san jose's current staffing.more closely resembles some smaller bay area cities. take a look. we are leaving the statistics from san jose on the screen. but now we have added fremont. it has 192 -officers for a population of about 230,000. that's one officer per 1,209 residents. and in santa rosa -- there are 170- police officers. with a population of 174,000. that
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equals one officer per 1,029 people. both cities have more officers in relation to population. new tonight at ten. a former star athlete coming to the defense of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> steve:all this after kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem at a preseason game. he says he'll keep on sitting until something is done about the mistreatment of minorities in this county. today the niners coach assured fans the team is focused on football -- not personal politics. kaepernick practiced with the team today. he's expected to start the final preseason game. then the coach will make a decision on who the starting quarterback will be.
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kron4's j-r stone is in the newsroom. j-r - you were with n-b-a legend kareem abdul jabaar tonight- what did he have to say? >> j.r.:there are a lot of strong opinions about kaepernick's decision not to stand for the national anthem. even some of his family members are weighing in on twitter. >> j.r.: is put in the constitution for moments like this. and then he dealt with the
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same backlash nearly with others after martin luther king jr. was assassinated. if anybody has an advantage supposed appreciated that. the how the yes abide by that. at >> j.r.: skee-ball michael jordan broke his silence on social issues and the past jordan opted for making money instead of speaking out.
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>> vicki:kaepernick plans on sitting during the national anthem again on thursday at the game in san diego. which will coincide with celebration. haiti's colicky beyond twitter firstly of the national anthem also putting up as " there is ways to make change but this respect and shame to the family who a 47 blessings as they imagine twitter . blown up.
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and the coach of the forty- niners autopsy sega and the freedom to express as police and the and it's all about football. >> pam: kron4 sports director gary radnich will be here at 10:45. he will have more from the 49ers head coach. our coverage of this story continues online. react to colin kaepernick's
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and we have a poll -- let us know if you agree or disagree with kaepernick sitting during the national anthem. >> steve:new troubles for singer chris brown. he's arrested tonight on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. a felony. it follows a stand-off with los angeles police at his home this morning. a female guest claimes brown put a gun in her face during an argument over diamond jewelry. and told her to get out. after the standoff, brown went on social media to claim his innocence, and l-a-p-d did a lengthy search of his home.
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the online news outlet, t-m-z, is reporting tonight brown threw a duffel bag out his window during the stand-off. the singer was convicted in 2009 for assaulting his then- girlfriend, rihanna. got five years probation, and ordered to take domestic violence classes. brown served time for violating his probation in california. he was sentenced to a year in jail for making gun threats during mandatory rehab. but given credit for 234 days already served. he got out of jail in june 2014. now, new assault charges. >> pam:a warning before you visit a shopping mall. thieves are not just targetting the retailers. in san francisco's westfield mall -- one person was hurt -- after criminals grabbed a laptop. kron 4's spencer blake shows us the latest bay area mall crime.
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this is level four of the westfield mall, where two people using their laptops became targets in a crime of opportunity monday night. >> reporter:five kids as young as 12 to 15 started making noise to distract them, and swooped in to steal one computer. the victims started chasing after them. "the second victim turned around and realized another suspect was stealing his laptop and cell phone." but running back the other way only made things worse - one of
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the kids punched the second victim in the face. "you're supposed to have security personnel here, but it's a large place so i'm not sure if they could react immediately." in the last three weeks, police also responded to a report of a man getting robbed and beaten up inside a mall restroom. they also found the body of a young chef in a bloomingdale's stairwell.
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the coroner calls his death suspicious, though police say it's not a homicide. so is there a worrisome trend at westfield mall? "it's a public place. there's a lot of people coming in and out of the mall, so unfortunately people can become victims of crimes at the mall." layla ng "stuff happens everywhere, so it just like you have to be precautious about who's around you. if people are like acting funny, then you might as well just remove yourself from the situation so you don't have to end up like that guy who got punched in the face last night." in this case, the kids got away with the devices. "if they're going to steal items or retail items, they can make a quick getaway out into the streets." now police are trying to go through security footage with mall securty to track them down. in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. a wildfire raging in riverside county has forced 700-people from their homes. the blaze... known as the
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bogart fire...brokeout around noon today in the unincorporated cherry valley area. one outbuilding has already been destroyed. a mobile home park and other homes have been evacuated. so far the flames are only five percent contained. one firefighter has been treated for a non-life threatening injury. investigators have determined the outbreak was human-caused. anyone with information is urged to contact officials. >> pam:happening now. a pair of hurricanes. heading towards hawaii.,. kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now.she is tracking both storms. brittney--could either make landfall? >> britteny: watching this really closely already for y e two different hurricane systems a full look at our maps first one category six sustained wind speeds moving to the west run 10 mi. an hour. this is why standard time 2:00 p.m. right
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near the southern tip of the big island. when speeds to let 90 mi. an hour a possibility of mudslides. and we keep a close eye on this into tomorrow. back close to what if forecast
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new at 10. we are now hearing 9-1-1 calls from the night a lone gunman opened fire inside an orlando, florida, nightclub. the massacre at pulse nightclub on june 12th left 49 people dead and dozens more wounded. the orange county sheriff's office released its 9-1-1 calls about the tragedy today. in this call your about to here a man seeks help for his girlfriendwho he says was in pulse when the shooting happened. take a listen. it's unclear what happened to the woman the caller was referring to. the shooter, omar mateen, was gunned down by police during a shootout. it's unclear what happened to the woman the caller was referring to. the shooter, omar mateen, was gunned down by police during a shootout. arguably, the most prominent public face of isis. has been killed. >> pam:that's according to the terror group. the pentagon confirms. a coalition airstrike targeted abu muhammad al-adnani. but western officials have been unable to independently confirm his death. this, as the pentagon says, isis may be getting weaker. from our partners at c-n-n. mary moloney has the latest. donald trump set to give a big speech tomorrow on immigration. >> reporter: now the terror
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groups says there were killed. there's another u.s. radar for more than decade having been captured by u.s. troops fighting with and the pentagon says he later encourage local tax than it had nuances' members. also inspired and directed attacks in the west. but the possible today is that was announced top u.s. general fighting ices the tear group may be losing influence.
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>> steve: managers of the golden gate bridge have an idea of completely removing the toll plaza stitching to lott tried pulling but the tool will still standing since then dramatic spike in number of car accidents at the plaza itself trolls' clifford reports by >> reporter: reason that in 2013 the bridge district's which all try: eliminated the need for drivers to stop and ordered piddles since the embassy in
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spades to applause saw a more accidents. note >>: reduces accidents people are treading through quickly and the narrow opening.
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>>: the safety issue and it's a good idea. >> reporter: even if the toll plaza is taken out old clock on top of the plaza will be saved. >> pam: look at whether tonight live picture looking out at san francisco international airport escort. >> britteny: local mostly sunny for the afternoon and then for the weekend be warm back up again close to average even on
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labor day a little bit. and chop of low pressure at that's what part of the reason is really strong deep a marine layer instead mostly clear conditions- claude to load a fog and fog tracker exacta or the fog will be around 6:00 a.m.. alan 0010 visibility instead most of the north bay and search out most of the east bay world of pettifog and visibility down to 6 mi. for miles and have been bay it will be a really nice day tomorrow night corp. the sunshine of the clauses are today and more such and the afternoon even spread temperatures in 67 days 65 livermore 68 san jose 70 degrees in vallejo feature temperature chosen to tomorrow morning closer to 6 7:00 in the morning you notice temperatures starting
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the war and the high sixties for oakland 69 concord 71 at the couple's starts the warning and then as and give the fda released it to go in the '80s knapp but any act pushing outguesses and rosa highs from the region tomorrow 80 degrees comfortable 80 in livermore 75 in mountain view 72 oakland 85 and manioc mid-80s and conquered 86 and fairfield temperatures vallejo at 80 degrees 82 now but and you today forecast shows a little cooler ahriman spots wednesday thursday by friday temperatures are starting to recover. and then saturday sunday high eighties for actual holiday. >> britteny: comfortable close to the bay and along the coast mid-60's clean up the tractor for on forecast breakdown in two neighborhoods and they start to very we let you know what to expect fifth
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>> pam:on her first day back to school. an update now on a my kron-4 story we brought you. involving the litle girl was hit by a taxi cab while crossing the street
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>> steve:lilia bartlow suffered two broken legs and was forced to be in a wheelchair... but today... as kron 4's terisa estacio shows us. lilia not only went back to school... but she went back in style. >> reporter:q. what is that? what do you see? that is a fire truck - heading back to school is certainly exciting, but for lillia bartlow, this is day is monumental- nats - crying - tears -
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this was lillia back in the spring - her spirit crushed as she sat in a wheelchair with two broken legs. and here she is learning how to walk again - in physical therapy. for the once happy, lively girl, this has been an excruiating journey. in march, as she and her mother were in the cross walk leaving john muir elementary school in berkeley, the two were hit by a taxi cab driver - cited for failing to yeild to a pedestrian. lillia was pinned under the car. nats: voice of lillia bartlow/girl hit by car back to school this is for when i need to be positive. lillia showed me her bracelet she created to help herself through this tough time. and on this day - all of hard work and postive thinking paid off - bouncing out of her home, on her own two feet - lillia leaped into the arms of a fire fighter who lifted her up into a fire truck. it was as if she was cinderella herself, but instead of the ball, it was the first day of school and a fire truck was her carriage. sot/tc: 1:15 tyre mills 3rd/berkeley fire dept./girl hit by car back to school we just wanted to give back to the community. and off they went - they took the scenic route to her school so lillia could have a longer trip. grateful for the ride, but eager to get going, lillia was off running. i had to chase her to keep up with her as she stopped for hugs from teachers, parents and friends. sot/tc: 1:32 alex henri/student/girl hit by car returning to school it is so good she is back. for her mom - seeing lillia smile after so many months of tears - was incredible. sot/tc:1:40 khadija bartlow/mom girl hit by car returning to school it is a good day, yes.
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as for where the crash occurred, right here - new signs are now up - and lights are planned for the future. nats: bye in berkeley, te and as you can see by that smile - lillia's future is bright. te hillary clinton already preparing to take on donald trump in the first presidential debate. how she plans to combat trump's unorthodox style. then. >> pam:we've been telling you about the skyrocketing price of a life saving medication. tonight - we go indepth on a possible alternative to the epipen.
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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the republican presidential candidate said he has accepted an invitation from mexican president enrique pena nieto. that comes as he is expected to give an immigration policy speech in arizona tomorrow. >> pam:also tomorrow. a report will be released on the f-b-i investigation into hillary clinton's emails. but as jeff zeleny reports. right now, clinton is keeping her focus on getting ready to debate trump. >> reporter: hillary it is spending the final days of summer watching trump a highlight reel. dealing with one distraction the fbi it is expected to pull back to court for of america handles classified information on our
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private e-mail surfer tie clinton is keeping her focus on trump. and producing a text a chorus of teachable moments. trump is arrival of his own planning are urgently is under way. relearn clinton is taking these steps. consulting effort and his policy personality politics studying moments from gop debates agitated trumped " exchanges like this the type crews. and then the chief strategist told us clinton is
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preparing for raucous debate. all this is the tries to keep alive another sideshow clifton's close aide separating from her as and congressman after another 16 episode. trump seizing an urgent and that could tie is not a charitable foundation not after she is elected. important primary race is also taking place here john mccain won his
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republican primary in arizona conservative three years turned 80 on monday it means he's a tool for a sixth term and never made to the gop presidential primaries one tonight and then democratic challenger patrick murphy rubio had decided not deal after taking a beating against trump and the gop presidential nomination also in florida a victory in her democratic primary on her congressional seat. but when the hat of the democratic republican revealed apparently been favoring hillary clinton nor barry sanders. tonight. we go
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indepth on an alternative to the epi-pen. for weeks, we have been telling you about the outrage over the soaring prices for the epipen. epipens are used by people who may be having an allergic reaction.and can save their lives. you might not have to buy the brand epi-pen. there is at least one other less expensive brand. reporter kathy park shows us one of the alternatives, that is already on the market. cat bessing/epinephrine user >>: >>:when i'm using this, i'm trying not to die basically. cat bessing doesn't go anywhere without her epinephrine cat bessing/epinephrine user and realistically you need more than one set.i have one in my purse , i have one on my bedside, i have one in the kitchen. a rare health condition gives her no choice cat bessing/epinephrine user i have an over-clocked immune system that randomly triggers anaphylaxis. for 5 years the medicine in this tiny tube came to her rescue, dozens of times. and in the last year--- she went from using epi-pens to this
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generic version of adrenaclick. cat bessing/epinephrine user with an epipen you just pull one off it arms it and you put it in your thigh, you have to pull two off's the only difference i can tell. harpreet gill it's the same medication the active ingredient is the same. soon.patients will have access to another generic on the
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market. with the sky-rocketing price of epipen-- the maker-*mylan - received national backlash last week. today the company announced plans to launch its first generic to epi-pen. harpreet gill that means they're listening to patients that are using the product and paying for the product the generic promises to be identical to the branded product except you'll notice a huge savings--- 50-percent! while medicare and insurance?have covered the costs for bessing's drugs. many other families have had to foot the bill annually, with the current products on the market. in terms of price difference this is over 600 dollars for the brand name epipen and for the generic , a little over 400 dollars. when the maker of epi-pen puts its generic drug on the market. the price is expected to be around $300- dollars. now, we checked online for adrean- acheck. that's the brand the woman in our story uses. comparatively, that brand sells for under $200- dollars. but that is after store discounts. but as with any medicine. check with your doctor before you make a change. now a news check on the other big stories we are following. a violent home invasion robbery in the east bay. tonight -- despite the fact two suspects are in custody. the violent nature of the crime has a usually quiet neighborhood on edge. kron4's haaziq madyun shows us what happened. >> reporter:this elderly man in his 80's was injured during a violent home invasion robbery
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early tuesday morning here on sequoyah road in oakland. his 70 year old housemate was here as well. he was hospitalized due to his injuries. the incident has rattled nerves in this quiet oakland neighborhood "it gets the entire area on alert, we're all scared, because who would do this to elderly people?" "i mean the fact they did it at night while we was home is weird" >> reporter:the home invasion
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victim who was hospitalized is very well known in this community "he is a wonderful guy, he has a foundation that helps people in the community, he is very generous person, of all people to be taken down like this is really awful" two hours after the home invasion, oakland police conducted a traffic stop and arrested 2 juvenile suspects who police say were in possession of property stolen during the robbery. investigators say the home invasion victim's vehicle was stolen and remains missing. it is described as a 2001 cadillac sedan, champagne/gold
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color, california license plate 4tla227. police say this same home was hit by burglars earlier this month. folks who live here say more police patrols are needed in this area "it is an outcry from many that i have heard from in my community that they would like to see more police presence, the thought of someone coming to take advantage of someone who can't defend themselves is awful" in the meantime these residents say they are looking out for themselves "we are actually on a nextdoor for our neighborhood" "we do everything we can to keep each other informed" oakland police say they are searching for additional suspects in this case. in oakland haaziq madyun kron4ews we've just learned the gold cadilac stolen in the home invasion robbery was recovered by police. one suspect is still on the loose. berkeley city officials are now offering a 15-thousand dollar reward. for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in the shooting death of a 22- year-old man earlier this month. on august 19th. officers responded to the area of burnett and mabal streets. around 11 p- m. to reports of shots fired. when officers arrived, they found alex goodwin of berkley. unresponsive, lying outside of his family's home. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. no suspect information has been released. this was berkeley's first homicide of 2016. san pablo police say, they released the wrong name for a woman who escaped from custody last week. the missing inmate is 27- year- old nakiya hutcherson. police say, she originally used her older sister's name to identify herself, in order to avoid prosecution. she had been arrested on suspicion of vandalism and trespassing, but escaped custody while in the driveway outside the martinez detention facility. police searched the area, but could not find her. she is five- feet- seven. and weighs 120- pounds. she was handcuffed when she escaped. police say, she is not considered a threat to the community.
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the european commission says that apple got a sweetheart deal from ireland. paying little or no taxes for years. now it's payback time.and it's a huge bill. 14-point-5 billion dollars in back taxes - plus interest. apple ceo tim cook argues the company never asked for or got 'special deals' from ireland. but the european union says the company has been getting illegal tax benefits for more than 11 years. that's the opinion of one irish politician.and you'd think they'd 'all' want to grab the money. but others are worried about legal implications down the road. the money is being put into a holding fund until any appeals can be dealt with. still ahead. possible signs of alien life. the signal picked up from outer space. and next. a ten car pileup caught on camera. but it's what happened after that's even more dramatic. look at this. dashcam video showing the chilling moments of a ten-car pileup near binghamton, new york last week.
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astronomers are looking into a possible sign of alien life. a star about 94-light years from earth. is emitting a very strong radio signal. it was detected by a russian telescope. astronomers are training their telescopes on the star in the hopes of learning more. researchers say if artificial-- the signal could be evidence of a type two civilization. that's more advanced than our civilization. however --- experts say it's more likely it came from satellite interference or other distortions. another l for the oakland athletics tonight top of the second, game still tied 0-0 max muncy giving the a's a chance to take the lead >> britteny: little bit of pettifogging the coast and all of that everything looks pretty good close look a few-cloud and
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parts severs cisco then in sacrament so again not seen those low hanging clouds dense fog we all expect that in the overnight hours. 6 a.m. this little bit of patchy fog have worked livermore half moon bay clear visibility for most of the north bay some things off the east bay and that will remain true in late morning hours. the oic mostly sunny skies of the time you have for lunch low 60s revco's and then 69 inland locations take a look at your ignorance bought by 3:00 staying in the low 80s but cricket sounds on buys down. and san francisco was locations will be in the mid-60s 72 cemeteries and 62 paul auto 64 half of monday and closer to sayville's 77
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south bay, temperatures 85 said clara 78 more comfortable san jose milpitas 73 and with the east bay paul like conditions expected 80 livermore. concord 8572 hayward 69 senarmontite pausing 10 at 77 degrees pre- holiday and over the north bay temperatures at 75 degrees 79 to petaluma 72 center fell and then close to the fairfield the '80s only 85 in rio vista at a comfortable day war especially for places like robust everywhere else definitely of manageable. when the >> britteny: states thursday wait state to preschool lisa stark recover back average closer to saturday sunday ago little bit into monday low 70's or on the bay and then low 60s are on the coast. and develop your big city planners and another 10 minutes. >> gary:but ryon healy gets
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tagged out kendall graveman had a decent night on the mound innings but two of those hits were home seventh. its evan gattis on a fly toa's lose 3-1 graveman stats: 7 ip, 4h, 3r, 2hr, 1walk, 1 s/o
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the 67 going here with into the gaps but not the fault of this contest the line drive and then the diamondbacks and giants 3. giants not 1016 in the month of august and then delivering here late did pretty good a play at the plate right healy gone n handled not bad. hot
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49ers back at practice today and the spotlight remains on colin kaepernick he plans on sitting during the national anthem again thursday in san diego which will coincide with the chargers' "28th annual salute to the military" celebration san diego county has the highest concentration of military personnel and ships in the world so it could be a very hostile environment for kaepernick chip kelly was asked to elaborate on the kaepernick protest today bears aren't the only threat in the woods these days. shaquille o'neal recently went on an out-door adventure on the tv show "running wild". it was all fun and games until o'neal was asked to bury himself in leaves for protection. he was not too thrilled with this survival tactic. saying he "feels like a big christams tree."
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a misadventure show runnin
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coming up the fine for the misuse is 875 dollars 800 and 75 dollars san francisco parking enforcement looks for disabled placard abusers and hands them pretty hefty fines i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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there are people who believe that if you make the fines higher when it comes to parking violations. it will cut down on bad behavior. some others believe the fines are steep enough. then there are people who find out the hard way, when they are handed one of the most expensive parking tickets in all of the bay area. >>:ok sir let me read you this warning the illegal use of a disabled parking placard could result in a maximum fine of 42 hundred the placard owner must present or in close proximity
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
when the placard is displayed the city of san francisco takes disabled placard abuse seriously this driver tried to use a placard to gain free parking but the registered owners was someplace else in the philippines and weren't coming back, so they gave him the placard so the city gave him something in exchange for the misuse of the disabled placard you have to put money in the meter and pay, so what going to happen you going to get to get a ticket for the meter and a misuse because you not the owner of this placard ok the san francisco municipal transportation agency also known as the sfmta deploys parking enforcement officers out to do random checks on driving using disabled placards this the ro for 918 the placard is checked by calling in the reference number and cross-referencing it with the driver's license of the ro or registered owner in many of the cases the placard checks out and the person is sent on their way . some people like to leave the placard hanging on the rear view mirrow even though they fed the


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