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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>pam moore: and urgent search for a child predator a homeless man accused of sexually assaulting a little girl.
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>>reporter: according to the santa rosa police department a man later identified as the 51 year-old not on the door of a family living along petaluma hill wednesday evening here kelly asks for food and water outside warmer or family member look for something to give him the some point the victim walked outside accused of picking the grow up restraining her and when her crotch or close the victims clean then her family can outside the doctor left the area based on the description of
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the victim also identified him from 04 lineup she's never seen him before but says it is not unusual for homeless people to be in the area is required to check in the door is on a monthly basis he is not believed all are or have access to a vehicle. >>reporter: anyone who sees the suspect at the concert the santa rosa police department
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>>reporter: he was able to get double credit on the criminal- justice but protesters had not forgotten the prosecutors wanted him to give my six year sentence in state prison the recall
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supporter that left the pri official convicted of sexual assault got a much harsher sentences to survivors of sexual assault share their story in sympathy with the victim the pattern of bias was made crystal clear what the sentence is believed to be heading back home to ohio with his family was to get there you have five days to register as a sex offender he has three years' probation had of him
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>>pam moore: we have video of him coming out of jail and details on what happens next in this case where hearing from celeste for the first time since she was arrested in the state of florida >>haaziq madyun: she's being kept in solitary confinement at the martin county jail in florida is a booking photo four
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days after she checked into the treasure coast treatment center in altercation occurred leading to her arrest are from a told us that the family is devastated by the arrest she was arraigned tuesday in the felony aggravated battery charge per bar was set at $300,000
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>>reporter: emotional talking from behind bars and florida saying that she's it is being bullied constantly online and is starting to take a toll on her to sexual abuse as a child has starred her for life.
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she said that she was one of the officers does she slept with one of got her help and she went to rehab to better sell the being in a jail cell is not helping her recovery to concede more this interview on the web site. >>reporter: his talent is directly his side of the story
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tonight the wanted inmate plans on turning himself in and the words of the 21 year-old who surely after watching the coverage of the mistaken release from the san francisco county jail want to make it clear that he knows he should still be behind bars on wednesday at a hearing in santa cisco superior court he faced two charges related to making criminal threats to law enforcement one charge was upheld the judge's sentencing him to three months in jail the second charge was dismissed her apartment was
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simply adhering to what it said on paper the court issued a statement saying it is looking into the circumstances surrounding the clerical error. as for the inmates still on the screen he tells us that should happen sometime late friday night neither the sheriff
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departments or superior court have decided whether not the clerical error would result in a changing protocol. >>pam moore: the 15 your was walking in the area of north mcdonnell boulevard and old redwood highway when that happened the man got of the truck and started talking with her and in touch her and tried to get her into the car the man is described as hispanic in his early 20s with a tattoo on his right arm and his car is a white work truck with black and are driving on the side. >>reporter: the monterey bay aquarium state department is about life and a private donor announced this world earlier this week say they're often a
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$10,000 reward for information leading to arrest trash graffiti broken glass all left behind in the east bay park now the city is trying to do something about it caught on camera man tate kicks the ball during an altercation at a dog park
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>>pam moore: he attacked someone else's pet at a popular bay area ballpark we're at the breakdown of video due to close look at the suspect this guy is accused
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of attacking the ball twice he definitely kicked a black lab once ec is wearing boots and other people with nets the woman who had a black labrador in question was trying to leave when he walked up and kick the
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dog in the stomach >>reporter: there will be a gate and it will be unblocked after sundown something they've been talking about for months of complaints about park goers the
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issues become expensive to deal with the city decided to lock up the park if it means less tries to men support the plan to add a gate they hope will make for a
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quieter and clean apart
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>>catherine heenan: one fatality all homeless manticores by a fallen tree a trail of flooding and destruction and florida
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further north in the still on the jersey store lot of people
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are still travel to hawaii despite the storm >>reporter: there's a category 2 to as continues to track to the west northwest of 14 mi. per hour 6 is a san francisco you
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notice to much as one of the heading into monday's the paintings go on to sunday and
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monday mid 60s along the coast went out a new california prisoners could soon be hitting the streets you love summer
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>>reporter: our tech reporter
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explains how recall works and why comes at the worst possible time >>gabe slate: from the market for two weeks they sold around 2.5 million of them so far the note 7 with getting great reviews the was being called the smart phone on the market there
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received a five separate reports worldwide only 35 so far have had a problem they're releasing information on how to work next week
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>>reporter: unprecedented move the fbi released a summary report on the hillary clinton e- mail investigation >>reporter: will was previously secret is now public last into
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months after the fbi made its recommendation of a private note says the fbi agent investigating hillary clinton use of a private e-mail server are out she cannot recall any training or guidance on the handling of sensitive information she relied on her aid to " use their judgment when remodeling her and could not recall anyone raising concern about information center part
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account >>reporter: she apologized and said as he would do things differently if she could dock trump was quick to pounce her use a private e-mail reinforces our bad judgment and dishonesty >>reporter: his sentence has spurred the bay of a california prison plan the former stanford your horse is swimmer and
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salting and on conscious woman he was sentenced to six months in jail but was released as a result of good behavior the measure is backed by gov. jerry brown critics say could result in the very situation that led to the public outrage >>reporter: tear was a time-
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video for the past couple hours and you kelsey a beautiful sunset >>reporter: by 6:00 a.m. and 0 and 59 degrees heading into the afternoon will push into the high 60s temperatures 58
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degrees by 6:00 a.m. by 1062 just below 70 degrees toward the afternoon that is when we're heading back to the '90s in the ellen locations the system will look at the bay area high 70's
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starting wednesday into friday and for the coast will take another look at your labor day weekend forecast at the end of the show. 100 criminal cases thrown out the mistakes that led to this case is being dropped you've probably seen some bad behavior on airplanes with and to you see with this past it was caught doing
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>>vicki liviakis: antibacterial
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is what the labels say the government and not buying in today than in more than a dozen chemicals long use an antibacterial soap and said that the makers has failed to show that they're safe and prevent the spread of germs there is no scientific evidence to the product or any better damn plain old-fashioned soap and water today's decision harvest to one popular in creance those chemicals could interfere with hormones >>pam moore: evidence related to
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the cases which will mostly drug related was destroyed and more of a thousand cases are under review bill as mixup 12 deputies decided to clean out the property at harris county creasing on the deputies the other has retired
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>>reporter: the 16 year-old has met a lot of challengers
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>>: they told me i could not do a lot of things but i am doing everything they said i could not do. >>pam moore: the home owner's return to gather their belongings to little hope he decided to call off of the dog dies when firefighters say they heard him barking >>reporter: he believed to be headed to his parents' home and
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a higher after being released from the jail we are hearing from people in his hometown news tonight coming up when the shares how they're reacting to the news that he will soon be back in the neighborhood >>gary: last evening howe was pretty good practice game was out of the web september 12th
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they opened the season you figure he will start him to be the backup will talk more in a moment on the e-mail segment he did not allow head right and health and third base he did deliver air the first game the dodgers are leading the one nothing in the fifth he's been brought back up from the minor league
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>>gary: hernandez was the great play for the giants and don't care what hideous hog i look at
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it this way if you take a stand you take a stand but it is easier if you have 25 million you have to wait 10 years and after everyone is relaxed i also
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like you will be on the side of the very disappointing
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>>gary: bottom-line is the giants make 10 times the money the nba basketball does the station was i going to mess with the giants
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>>pam moore: his near ferndale
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does off the coast you could see north of fort bragg or west of redding we don't know how deep it is we will have more on that on the news this at shinnecock this is on a plane had been seen someone doing a head stand we
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all right? not moving. brennan: it's been scientifically proven that higher surface temperatures contribute to extreme weather events. booth: look, i don't understand. how does an ice storm, followed by a snowstorm, qualify as global warming? no, the term is not "global warming," it's "climate change." if i can interrupt... if you're going to take my side. i'm not taking sides. then, no. okay, here are the facts, bones: sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. okay, seriously, guys, i really think that we need to talk about your partnership. okay, is that why you decided to join us? no. answer's no. (cell phone ringing) brennan. dc medical examiner brought in remains found just south of an i-295 overpass. location suggests a murder dump. brennan: why didn't they let us inspect the crime scene? that's very irritating. no way. saroyan: 'cause, if they waited another 15 minutes,


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