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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 6, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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police are on two south bay high school campuses after threats online. what they are doing coming up in a live report. >> brock turner is officially registered as a sex offender. we'll have the newest pictures just into the newsroom. >> breaking news we are following with a new poll showing a shift in the presidential race. we'll take a look at the new numbers just released this morning. good tuesday morning. a warm-up in the weather. >> here is a look at what we've got going on right now. this little shot of the golden gate bridge. off to a hot day. we've got 53 for oakland.
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54 for concord. 55 for san jose. up to the north bay, still holding onto upper 40s. that will be replaced by the 80s today. 82 by noon today for school. by pickup, in the 90s. around the bay, we are talking about mid-70s. it is picking up around the bay area for traffic right now. but nothing major happening. both directions looking pretty good here. there is a little slowing on the san leandro side northbound over here on the left. it is just to the south of 238. it will be off and on today. by the time you reach the oakland side, it is a great commute. less than 30 minutes from 238 out to the 98 split. awe quick 15 manhunt ride to get from walnut creek over to
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the oakland side. -- a quick 15-minute ride to get from walnut creek over to the oakland side. the freemen -- fremont union high school district is on high alert after they get an anonymous threat on social media. >> an arrest has been made. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the sunnyvale police vehicle parked here. we've talked to the officials here and all of them confirm an hairs been made on the online threats that were made over the long holiday weekend. -- an arrest has been made. basically homestead high and fremont high, there were threats apparently made to jewish students here and at homestead high school over the weekend. they were alerted. ultimately, the sunnyvale
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police department got involved in what we are being told is late last night, there was an arrest made. sunnyvale police department saws they will have a press release an conference later this morning. in the meantime, the sunny vale police department in an abundance of caution, stationed several police officers. you can see one of them here right now walking the campus. they will be here all afternoon just to make sure that everything is completely safe. they are not sure whether or not there was any act of violence threatened in the post. i can tell you they were posted on instagram over the weekend. and once again, they are directed at jewish students here and at homestead high. both will have sunnyvale police department officials on campus and around the campus all afternoon. as we get more information about that arrest that was made last night, we'll pass it along. >> thank you, jackie. breaking news. brock turner now officially registered as a sex offender.
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he showed up to court this more than. >> within the last hour, we got confirmation from our sister station there in ohio that turn are had entered the green bay county sheriff's office an did fill out the paperwork as he was required to to register as a sex offender and here is a photograph of him doing that. you see the clipboard in his hands. last friday, as you may remember, we brought you live coverage of his release from the santa clara county jail. he only served three months of a six-month sentence. that was his sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. that in turn sparked outrage across the country. the same day he was released on friday, he flew back to his parents home in high and that is where turn are will serve his three-year probation and also undergo sex offender treatment. and listen to this. he will be required to register with his local sheriff's office every 90 days for the rest of his life. we heard from the sheriff there green county. he says he won't be treating brock turn we are kid gloves.
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the office will be sending postcards out to all of turner's neighbors to notify them of his nearby residence. that is the latest from the newsroom. >> thank you. breaking news in the race for the white house this morning. a new poll is out and it shows a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump. trump has a slight lead as you can see by 2% here which is in the margin of error. gary johnson has 7% among voters in the green party's jill stein is there with 2%. this comes out just nine westbound before the presidential election. and firefighters containing a two alarm fire in san francisco. it started around 2:00 this morning. firefighters were able to get this fire under control within about an hour. no one was injured. they are still trying to figure out the cause. . to the east pay where a second teenager died following
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a crash on interstate 880. the almeida county coroner con furthermored with kron4 that one person died in the crash a day after his friend was killed in the crash. the james logan high school students gathered on campus for another vigil last night sharing memories about him. >> this our next door neighbors. every time i would come from work i would see him, and hey, how you doing. >> to hold it together. he moved out of of the house when my older brother moved out. >> investigators are still trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol maid a role in that crash which injured a third boy. he is in the hospital. there is a go fund me page set up and we have more information
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on our web site at kron 4. com. and bruce miller now out of jail accused of taxing a 70- year-old man in had you san francisco motel room and now ised a former 49er. >> yesterday when this happened, here is the surveillance video. his face is bloody and he was seep vomiting outside the hotel where he was arrested. here he is with his buddies as they went for a night out drinking along fisherman's wharf. they posted the photo and he showed up early yesterday morning at the marriott and wanted to stay there. they said there was no room. and he was knocking on the door of an older couple and a 70- year-old man and his 29-year- old son were punched by miller. they had to go to the hospital. they were trying to tell him this is not your room. but this fight broke out and they ended up across the street at the travel lodge and that is where he was arrested. we do want to talk a little
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bit more about the background of miller and of the 49ers. miller has spent his entire year with the niners. he was known as a pretty durable and dependable player. he played in all 16 games in three of the last four seasons. >> but his resume as a player doesn't outweigh his reputation and past legal problems according to the steam. this isn't the first time he has been in trouble with the law. this is his mug shot from march of last year when he was booked on spousal abuse charges. police say he got into an argument with his then fiancee and destroyed her cell phone. he pleaded no contest and this to attend a 16 week domestic violence counseling course. we have much more on our web site, the full surveillance video of the hotel where he was arrested. happening now, police are looking for a known sex offender who they say is armed and dangerous and has already attacked two young women in san jose. take a look at his photo. 56-year-old david lee russell is wantedded for two violent
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attacks in the last week. one happened on august 29th at the intersection of meridian and hamilton avenues. and then the second attack happened two days later on hillsdale avenue. police think he may be driving a white nissan rogue with no license plate. a 22-year-old woman is recovering. she fell through a skylight on top of a warehouse during a popular music festival in oakland. it happened on third street between filbert and market streets. police say concert goers climbed on to the roof for a better view of head line acts on three stages around thunder street. a woman fell about 25 feet through the skylight around 5:30 yesterday evening. first responders say they was conscious an talking when they arrived. she was hospitalized. no word on how she is doing this morning. there are environmental concerns this morning after this riverboat capsized in the delta over the weekend. the 87-foot spirit of sacramento paddlewheeler capsized near bethel island in
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contra costa county on saturday over the weekend. the coast guard says the boat may contain 600 gallons of diesel and the fuel could be leaking. they are working with california fish and wildlife officials right now to try to keep the fuel contained and they are also trying to figure out how to get the boat out of the delta. two people were on the boat when it capsized. they rescued themselves and then the coast guard escorted them to the shore. firefighters are on the front lines of several major wildfires burning here in northern california including this fast-growing fire in the sierra nevada foothills. at least two homes have been destroyed in the saddle fire which is burning just south of paradise. it started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and quickly exploded to 400 acres. containment only at 10% this morning. you can see two of the homes lost in this fire, one home here and here is the other home. there are evacuation orders for other homes in the area. firefighters also trying to get an upper hand on the gap fire burning near the california-oregon border that.
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fire has grown to more than 40 squire miles sin it started on august 27th. it is burning in the klamath national forest. new evacuation orders were issued over the weekend for people who live in a remote area of siskiyou county. and then the deadly soberanes fire still actively burning. it has burned 156 square miles. this fire started by an illegal campfire. 57 homes and 11 outbuildings have been destroyed. a contractor was killed when his bulldozer rolled over on him. containment at 60%. firefighters don't thing they will have it fully cop taped until the end of this movement. a playboy model is facing on social media. we'll have an update on what she said. >> a community is on high alert/ after a clown is reportedly trying to lure children into the woods. we'll tell you where that is
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going on. new itt tech is &swshutting down. they have got campuses in the east bay. i'll have the latest on what we know so far. so3 i love my mom. my mom. i love my kids. my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with resources and connections to experts to help make your life easier to manage. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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welcome back. taking a look at the wea88vñon this ru/xtuesday ófwmorning wi
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things are changing up. >> warming iupup in a big time way. it is okay to wear white fjeth =je'4?ñanyway. but dan always yells at me. >> we have some cloud cover, fog trying to make its way in here. pretty much mixing out is the é4story. that is going yvjto get things going. look at the colorization change to the oranges to the reds by x this afternoon. there will be 90s in the far east bay expected for today. creeping into a little bit the far south bay and a little bit up there on the north bay too. the ]zreturn flow now to get th ocean cooled air back to g#retu will probably not happen until after midnight. the cooling will be a u+xelitt bit more delayed. 74 for oakland. hayward coming in about 81. over the hills, 8that is
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we've moved into some hqy80s. 82 no mountain view with cupertino around 97. -- 82 for mountain view. presidio around 65. tomorrow, expecting more of a warm-up as this is a %qñtwo-day event. 72 for sfo today. daly city at 67. pacifica at 66. a lot of 80s =)populating the north bay. 88 at petaluma. look at vacaville at 95. pushing that envelope a little bit further for tg'6$i=]as well. 97 for an average temperature. some areas may pop at 100. we're looking for a trailing back to the upper 80s but it will take it a while to get to mid-80s territory until about sunday. row is traffic holing? it is busy out there. ñthe east shore freeway. here is a live look at 08 westbound. it is packed there on the right-
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hand side of your screen. back in hercules well before highway 4. pretty vnimuch brake light city all the way down through albany, berkeley, emeryville, into the maze. at least 30 minutes for get from hercules into the oakland maze. no major accidents or stalls. here is your ride across the golden gate bridge. golden gate bridge. the north bay into san francisco. four lanes on the left heading into san francisco and still looking good. it will be less than 30 minutes from the 37 split over to the toll plaza on the san zmefranc side. checking some drive times around the bay area, haven't found any hot spots but plenty of slow traffic to talk about. it is packed just about everywhere. pt, that is .nbóoma 25 minute trip south 80. no big problems for the nimitz right now. v it will take you 42 minutes to get from 238 out to 237.
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just a quick check of the south bay drive times, 880 hooks pretty good 6opcoming out of sa jose to milpitas. same story for 280, slow in pockets from 101 to 85. >> thank g#you. breaking news that we are following. itt tech shutting down immediately. that leaves tens of thousands of students in the lurch including two campuses here in the bay area. james fletcher following that from the breaking news desk. >> what we can tell you is the company ywgthat oversees the fo- profit -college is accusing "g federal government of unfairly taking away eligibility for student aid. the story just breaking here moments ago. we are working pflour way thro the details. i can tell you that itt tech has about 40,000 students throughout the u.s. there are two campuses here in ?3the bay area. one in oakland and one in con order. ÷students in the east bay impacted by this. the school says it will focus now on helping those students get their class records, figure out wrg
7:18 am
this brings back to mind what happened last year with corinthian colleges whether it filed for bankruptcy and that left about 16,000 students stuck without a degree and holding the bag for huge debts. what does this mean for the ql tech students. i l/çcan tell you now that ther is a slight change in the system since corinthian colleges went under. there is about $485 million of federal student loans out there. the upshot =is they put a xl backstop in place since corinthian. itt tech was required to set aside a certain amount of xemon in case something should happenf like going out of business. they have about $94 million in that emergency fund and we are told that some of that may be used to help forgive your student debt. so if you are an itt n%"tech j student and you are worried about your debt, that might kvc offer ,"you some relief. we'll continue to follow this story which just broke this morning as we get new details on what the impacts are for some of =!e÷our east bay studen
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keep it tuned to kron4. happening today, congress é returns from a seven-week recess with a lot of work ahead of them. some of the top 8#fissues facin them in the coming weeks include trytfzto find a zn6cj& compromise to provide funding to prevent the spread of zika. congress also has until october 1st to pass a budget or uá down. members of .h"÷congress will al hold special investigations qçó including plans to uinvestigate the price hike in epipens and the $400 million payment that ñu.s. made to iran. congress has about a month to get things done because they will take áanother break in xl october so that members can focus on running for re- election. and president obama is in laos this morning on the final asian tour of his presidency. he says the u.s. will work with alloys to toughen usanctions on north korea. here is video of mr. obama arriving in laos. after a iz5óoómeeting with újso
7:20 am
korea's president. the two @
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case over. 29-year-old danny mathers posted the picture of a naked woman to social media and p;she posted also some comments about the woman's body. it happened back in july at fitness. mathers later apologized and deleted her entire social media account. the gym reported the posting toq the police and revoked mathers' membership. prosecutors say they have finished their investigation an they are going to make a decision on whether to file charges soon. and bill cosby's lawyers could ask ÷a judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence against him today in the sexual misconduct case. one is the deposition that bill cosby gave xñin 2005 in a lawsu file by andrea constand. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting her who he mentored at temple university in 2004. in the deposition, cosby 0talke about vague extramarital s drugs with their consistent so he would have sex with them. another piece of evidence kwnis recording of a phone call xgg
7:22 am
between cosby and constan's mother. shuttle traif7zwill now run in a loop from ucsf )w
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>> who in the world goes around dressed in a clown costume 2boo trying to lure people. that is -nkscary in itself. who wants to look if the woods and say there is a clown person. >> out here on the streets, i don't like on it. >> this have been other reports of creepy clowns being sighted in recent weeks in south carolina. in wisconsin, the clown turned out to be a marketing stunt for a short fill. a day care center in connecticut was shut down after more than a million dollars worth of marijuana was found in the backyard. police found ÷÷600 plants at c home. some of them up 10 feet tall. set inspectors called police after discovering the plants growing in the backyard during a routine inspection. police found a newly built
7:24 am
marijuana plants hidden. we'll have the latest on the hurricane slamming cabo right now. we have an update on the progress. and the flash flood watch in effect for l because of that storm. >> a warning before zo7you represent a car. why the ftc is warning you could be storing personal information. the car dcould be. we'll have the story after the break. >> and take a live look outside, what a beautiful start to the day as we look'c=over sa francisco from our tower cam.
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welcome back. the time is 7:25. :00ing in on the san mateo bridge this time. not too bad out there. westbound traffic looking pretty good once you get up and over the high-rise. it is the hayward side that is slow. it qsais lsmooth sailing over the peninsula. less than 30 minutes fromle 80 out to the 101 connector in san mateo. ÷é e fcc warning drivers /n1 about connecting their smart phones to rental cars. >> the 0officials are telling k+ renters always delete your personal information when you b return the jnvrental car. if you don't, then that kt'ñ to the next person who uses the car or t vgqshloyees or even hackers. >> don't forget to go into the setting and find 2ía list of devices that ykñr>ñhave been pa
7:27 am
and car will give you prompts to delete it. make sure you delete your device before you turn in your rental car. you could soon be able to élike you do $a5with your smart phone. more automakers are 4cvintroduc regular q+nsoftware má5updates[ problems and improve /n1 performance and add new features. >> by the year 2022, nearly 2 million cars can get updates. >> that is nice. that means you wouldn't have to take the car into the dealership and it would save :g the automakers money as well. >> thank you, ó73elom musk and tesla for figuring this out. we'll be back with more in just a few minute#6ç dave is tracking the weather. >> we have a little bit of a driving eeearound in some parts your forecast around the ;ój7b >> i'm following breaking news. hurricaneéñínewton heading for cabo san lucas.
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and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. we are following a multiple breaking story right now. brock turner is officially registered as a pcep offender. turner entered the green county sheriff's office in c'@gxh7oh fill filled out the paperwork. >> itt tech is shutting down immediately. the company that oversees the for-profit college is é÷accusin- the federal government of unfairly taking away eligibility for student aid. itt tech has about 40,000 and there tare two campuses here in
7:30 am
the bay area tin concord an oakland. former 49er -- now former 49er fullback bruce d miller ou of pc> i think r2osthe weather is m pressing than the çótraffic. >> get the ac pumping v'2for yo ride home. here is a live look at the golden gate. looking good on that front. a lot of +sunshine coming up. that will help the temperatures climb for today. here a look at cplanning your day. what we got going on here. by noon, we've got sunny, mild and warm. 80s already happening inland by that point. 3:00 p.m., sunny, hot inland with breaking into the 90s department over the east bay hills an up to some of the valleys %.gup in the north bay too. temperatures now, in rsnthe mide to lower 50s already on the 7s
7:31 am
east bayshore line pretty much mirrored over the hills. still quite cool up 8(ñin the north i/ñbay. we have upper 40s. 54 in san francisco. 55 going on for a$san jose. 66 by 11:00. 3:00, already about 90. robin is standing by hopefully with a decent traffic u/0report >> sure. we /can call it decent. no major problems out there. no hot spots but it is packed everywhere. highway 4, if you commute out of contra costa county, there is a @gxlot of irwheavy ko2bo rolling out of antioch pittsburg right now. xth !% g= to ÷242. if you are ÷ñcontinuing bound beyond that, south 680, no major trouble spots.
7:32 am
get from concord. it is looking good coming out of downtown. we q%are tracking the late with break is news hf%out of lo cabos. £ set up in 1+umexico as hurrican newton gaining strength. it turned to a hurricane right before it made shore. these are pictures coming in out of cabo this morning with the hurricane hitting cabo san lucas in the early-morning hours. we are watching the storm come up. it is right over the west coast. that means that cabo is on the stronger side of the storm. >> it was. and about 3:00 in the morning is when it hit landfall down there. so still dark. win was whipping and things were flying around. a lot h"kof folk were obviously battening down and ride it hf7out. it is working its way up the baja peninsula. a category one hurricane right now. that area in red that outline
7:33 am
the baja peninsula, that is the hurricane warning that in effect. we have xdtropical storm warni as well. it doesn't just impact the baja peninsula but on the western coast here of main land mexico, you see the warnings there as well. that is a7because this storm expected to make two landfalls, one arrived this morning at the baja peninsula and then it will impact that western coast by x tonight. that is how fast this thing is moving. want to walk you through it here. this is the storm track. the current position 'cñof the hurricane now and then it will make a beeline for the western coast of main land mexico by tonight, 11:00 tonight. then it will hightail it right up to the southwest as you can see, we've got it dropping in intensity from a hurricane to 6 tropical storm but it will bring a whole lot of moisture up to the desert southwest and that is why you see in southern and mexico, these areas outlined in green. those are the flash flood warnings. any time you get all 3v/that monsoonal moisture coming in
7:34 am
and dumping rain that fast on t dry, you get flash flooding. we'll be watching that carefully today and tomorrow as we continue to track the movement of hurricane new son. is behind bars this morning accused of shooting and killing a young vallejo woman last year and police are still or a second person wanted in zmethe shooting. 21-year-old etierra westbrook was gunned down after she left her home in august jfñof last year. she was headed to work at police arrested demetrius mclain in a traffic stop yesterday in vacaville. now, he faces murder charges and he is lsbeing :oa9q&d witho bail. kron4 spoke with the victim's mother who is also a nurse maj >> oh, my goodness. i got the phone call. detective asked me if i was sitting down. i was standing up.
7:35 am
overwhelming sense of peace. ÷overcaming like a weight had lifted off of me and although i'm sad that my ñi felt a ihd part and can i continue with my mission and my purpose which is to continue to save lives. >> mclibrary is due in court tomorrow and police are looking for a second man who they think was driving the getaway car. edward hill iii. 1x police say he is considered ko2 arme÷h8and dangerous. the community mourning the death of a 14-year-old boy hit by a car while riding his bicycle. appened e.1uhsunday night on big break road near vintage parkway. the teen was riding his bike on the sidewalk but went on to the road to avoid people who were walking. that is when he was hit by a car. driver stayed at the scene. o publicly identify the teen who was killed. and then breaking international news from overnight. militants storming a building
7:36 am
aid organization in kabul al leading to a ÷ndeadly shootout with security forces. three gunmen and one civilian were killed. this comes a day after twin bombings killed at least 4 people near the afghan defense ministry. thuek$is video of the aftermath of those bombings. ers were injured. in bay area news, you remember that sick coyote we blooki5 for in the east bay? he has been found. he was killed in an accident yesterday. he video. to find him because he had mange. 5ykdly-he was 0"hit o road near brookside drive. we are learning new information approximate how a pair of thieves were able to
7:37 am
steal cars from a fremont deal areship and cause multiple crashes. dealership on peralta boulevard on sunday night. an employee said two people broke into the office and took all the keys for the cars along with two cars from the lot. three-car collision on northbound 880 near w30"dakot road. the other thief caused a tennyson. >> the police has to come here almost all the m&ttime especial in the nighttime because that k is a problem here with the stolen car. >> police arrested one pfhpers another got caway. covering california, nntth will be increased armed security at the fresno county "0 jail after a shooting that happened over the weekend. on saturday, an armed sash's deputy and an armed correctional officer are going to be stationed now vompfldin
7:38 am
lobby because of what happened on saturday. critically wounded two officers. the unarmed &syofficers were sh in the head and the neck during a struggle saturday after they approached the man who was in the visiting area and cut in front of line. a new case of zika virus has been confirmed in southern kasey kaufman actually 6opsan diego woman was diagnosed with zika. doctors say she traveled to a country where the zika virus is spreading but they wouldn't say what country. vector control crews will now be straying a two-block area of that pc5woman's neighborhood to tom mosquitoes that could potentially carry the virus. coming áup, a san francisc 49er gets into a ubloody fight and the team cuts him immediately.
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welcome back. the xvtime is 7:40. thank you for staying with 1-u an waking up with us. your commute not too bad. haven't found any major hot spots out there. this is the bay bridge. it is backed up at the toll plaza. it is to and through the maze. 08 hercules and rodeo. x>z
7:42 am
-- westbound 80 is jammedded out of hercules and rodeo. a child-friendly nasal fn( spray for the 8(ñflu vaccine wi not be distributedded this year. the only flu vaccine is the shot. >> no, they love the nose thing. >> but not very effective. the american acandidate may of pediatrics just updated é&t/1z season guidelinesment this are saying the flu mist doesn't ñwc#ykids against the jó:%rus. they removed it from the list of vaccine hf7options. for the 2016-17 flu vaccine. >> until you said this, i x forgot all about the flu. a student at ohio state unit won his entire class a 100 on their first quiz of the year. they got a hundred because he threw a paper ball into a trash can. he made the basket. it happened last week in an #ç,
7:43 am
the professor said he 6opwould he class a perfect scor if vinny can throw !+w;the pape ball into the -- from the balcony and into the can and make it into the recycling bin and he nailed. it the > they are really happy but now they h%know nothing about organic chemistry. >> 5.&organic chemistry. okay. carbon. it is also for life too. for for the lgame tomorrow, an earlier game time é4and hotter temperatures. you will need the water bottles. kron 4 morning news continues.
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7:45 am
good morning. >> good 8fémorning. >> quite the weekend for bruce miller. >> oh, my gosh. kap doesn't look so bad. >> everybody is talking about this. and like they couldn't see this coming? so we have the picture first of
7:46 am
all of him and his buddies. sunday for the boys. we're going out drink. they are going to the palm house. i don't know this bar, restaurant but we are zooming on him. they all look happy. the next picture we see is the surveillance video from the hotel and i don't know if you can [zisee in the dark, his %qñ is all bloody. he is throwing up. he is disoriented and obviously loaded. and that is zvñafter he beat up the old guy, a 70-year-old guy and his son. gary, he is so out of it, he is the marriott. they doe we don't have rooms is knocking on a door and the son is like udnot your room an than fight. >> to the 49ers credit, they didn't waste any time. boom. they got rid of him. >> i kind jovof go where's the bar. remember ths+?thing happened and the girl friend and that ended up he %qñkn+was pleading
7:47 am
a misdemeanor i'm interested when teams cut and don't cut. they will be we have to wait for things to 5.&play out. no waiting here. >> he had a deal with his -- with his fiancee? >> yep. >> remember that? >> yep. >> i think that was the thing. they said pe%b.anything like happens again, you are finished. and it was so -- and $'in this day and age, koñwhen you videos all over the place. even that ray rice, the football play are, if there was no video, may have been given a chance to ç0play again. but when there is video 3wñof h putting his óomçóhands on his t- fiancee, that was the end. difference? why do they caught and you're right. it is the video. once you see t it does not look good. >> with the buddies, they weren't 49er players. who they were. they were woyunowhere ÷ñto be f it was just him wandering
7:48 am
around. >> really funny too. you continually hear he is one of best guys with the media. he is always available. all that. so that goes to show you, you can be friendly with the media but that doesn't mean you don't have a bad streak in you. >> two different faces. and as far as the media goes and in lpsocial media and all that, the talk continues about kaepernick. and now it has turned to yrsy sales because if you look -- he is the most popular jersey @gqn most 5añsold vast it has turned jersey sales. he is the second from the nfl j shop. >> who is ahead of him? >> ezekiel elliot. >> for the dallas rookie. >> he is first. kap is two and for the 49ers, he is the most popular. i'm thinking is it because you could find them for five bucks wthe message. >> where was the $5.
7:49 am
>> we had this yesterday. dib's sporting goods has a sale and a bunch of other sales. if you go online, you íiuñ2osca cheap jerseys. could it be the stance? a lot of people ñare starting t% support him. you saw megan rapinoe, the soccer player, she is supporting him. >> and also president obama at the very least mentioned yfnn0@& >> yeah. i mean here is the president talking about, as you say, the backup quart -- quarterback for the 49ers. >> i'm laughing because even you are saying it. >> he will be in that game on thursday as (#dthe backup. >> i think it p9is monday? >> is it monday? yeah, yeah, sorry. >> that -- he better come out and play well or you know how people are. in most cities in the country, most popular guy is the backup quarterback. because you always think if we
7:50 am
just put him in, things would be better. >> but now, it is like i i ñmaybe we'll see the new -- the old kaepernickings. kaepernicking is the kneeling. anybody who supported him so far, they are ready to do it. >> the rams home ]iopener is n monday. believe me, there will be -- the minute he throws an incompletion, you will hear people, get kap in there. >> and then like you say. he has to play good. x#m for the 49ers. they are not dull. >> they may be a bad team but there is something to talk b. >> also in china, the president ñis in china and steph curry was in shgay8(÷ actual did you see the crowds? >> no,
7:51 am
against ayesha. he goes out there and they're like qhñthousands. i think it was iwtlike 5,000 people out there held back by barriers and steph was adorable. he was like i couldn't qvhom7 i thought maybe some people would come out. crowds to get a glimpse. >> you see the best shooter in the world is in our country. >> yeah. >> it is going to be something when /pe%they start up here i about three weeks. the warriors with p-durant and ( curry and thompson and it will be something. >> this -- that was overwhelming. you see @cxthat in that was overwhelming. just looking orall this. this is probably sponsored by his under armour. >> you got t "a little bit the baseball. giants now four back from the dodgers. they lost. what i liked from the as game
7:52 am
was the ball boy. he should have gotten some props. he was trying to pgacatch the watch that. watch that. and then what does he get from the other player. he gets no love. he gets no love. >> that was some dive. >> i thought that was a great dive. &sw >> watch him go up. i think it will happen any second here. it is like hey, man. >> the bull pep, one of the pitchs are in the bullpen got hit, so he pretenne÷lehe was ma at the kid and the whole thing. >> right in the head. >> i thought the kid tried and so did the as. they both lost. >> i believe they are in the gam >> it hoops -- it looks like they are headed towards last place. the giants, i ÷&wait until september 1sc]dand you find out what type of team u)áñeyou have and they're dead in the water right now. >> even the wild card is not looking as good as it was.
7:53 am
i don't know. we may be talking about the warriors sooner than we thought. >> okay. i'll yvntalk to you tomorrow, gary. >> all right, young lady taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
7:54 am
7:55 am
welcome back to the kron 4  morning news. concerns of lead cowñttam nati forced the closure a decades old gun range in castro valley. after 52 years, the regional park was forced to close
7:56 am
yesterday. the decision was made unanimously by the east bay regional park district's directors of environmental concerns. concerns. rai afford to pay for stricter standards of lead clean-up from the shell casings and that it was a possible contamination concern for the lake. range goers say they don't buy the roping behind the forced closure. ested the upper levels, no lead. the mid levels, no lead. the fish, %qñno lead. the lower levels, they didn't bother testing ÷because it is full of lead fishing weights so blaming us for that, it doesn't make sense. >> i pcially believe it is an personally believe eit it is a anti-gun sentiments. still ahead, three major breaking stories that wear following this morning. threats made against two bay area schools and jackie is live in fremont with more on that. and a former stanford swimmer, brock turner, now, he is officially registered as a sex
7:57 am
fonder. james fletcher is ?bñfollowingf that. >> and itt tech shutting down and that includes campuses in the east bay affecting thousands of students
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:14 right now. we want to see how the day is shaping up.
8:15 am
for example mid studies go on for the mid-afternoon. we will call it warm for that. mostly sunny that all locations will be warming up more so for tomorrow. or today we have clouds and temperatures going into the 70s. by noon sunday mile to warm depending on where location is. 80s happening inland. we break into 90s territory by the afternoon. the futurecast temperatures here is the warm-up. we are quickly going through all the colors by this mid- afternoon we're talking out 90s going on the far east. a lot of the a month spots are going to retain the heat from the day. let's take an inspection of some of the temperatures. palo alto 80.
8:16 am
mostly sunny in that. mid to upper 80s working for most of the staff. san jose 86. the east bay shoreline we still have some 60s hanging on. oakland 74. fremont up to 84. then over the east bay hills lower 90s and then the far east bay mid to upper 90s in spots. in some spots may push to about 100. we are retreating as you can see fairly quickly this is a quick heat spike. checking for these and traffic here is rotting. no major hotspots right now. i am tracking the commute on the freeway. it is packed this morning. we are rolling north. the back up starts and union city. i will step out of the way. 33 minutes just to get from 238 into downtown oakland's. that is without any major problems.
8:17 am
going west is nothing better. you're thinking about hopping over to west 580 and that you will not save any time. checking on mass transit. we still have major delays for the ferry. the aide click -- the 8:00 departure from oakland to stop san francisco and the other one are both 40 minutes behind schedule. this is the -- this is because of mechanical problems. checking on dry times around the area, 680 from concorde to danville 20 minute, this is the southtown drivetime from 238 to 237 is under 45 minute. it is quiet in the south bay no problems 417. it's a 20 minute trip from the summit. 8:17, big news this morning
8:18 am
a 22-year-old woman is recovering after she fell from ace highlight on top of a warehouse. was trying to get a better view of a music festival. this happened during the daylong hero hip-hop festival. they climb to the roof for a better view. the headline acts were on three stages. the woman fell about 25 feet from the skylight. this happened about 5:30 last night. she was conscious and talking when they arrive. she is now in the hospital. there are environmental concerns after a river boat capsized. it is a paddle wheeler. a capsized near bethel islands. the coast guard is saying it may have had 600 gallons of diesel fuel on board and it could be leaking. they are working with wildlife officials to keep the fuel contained. they are also trying to figure out how to get the boat out of the delta. and their two people on board when it capsized.
8:19 am
they were rescuing themselves using a dinghy. it is 8:18. happening now there looking for a sex offender they say has attacked to women in san jose. he is a 56-year-old man david lee russell. he is wanted for two attacks. the first one was on august 29, the next attack was two days later on hillsdale avenue. police think he may be driving a white nissan no i plate. firefighters on the frontlines of several major wildfires burning in california this morning including this fast growing fire in the foothills. it started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it quickly exploded to 400 acres and one home loss 10%. evacuation orders had been put into effect for several homes
8:20 am
in the area. firefighters are trying to get a hand on the gap fire. that buyer is -- that fire has grown to 40 mi.2. it is burning in the klamath national forest. then we continue to watch the deadly fire in monterey county. it is still actively burning in several areas in looting 2 miles now from the center. it started on july 22. burn more than 156 burn more than 156 mi.2. 57 homes have been destroyed. a bulldozer operator was also killed. six others have been injured. firefighters are hoping for full containment but not until the end of this month. it is 8:20, president. obama is in laos on the final
8:21 am
asia tour of his presidency. the u.s. will work with allies to toughen sanctions on north korea. this video shows the president arriving in laos. they say there is room for dialogue. this comes after a meeting with south korean president. south korean president. they say the missile launches are provocative and they need to know that such actions will increase their isolation and the world. the president also now they're getting blouse $90 million to remove unexploded blondes despond the u.s. dropped during the vietnam war.. kickback also canceled the presidents meeting with the filipino president. the filipino president may profane comments about president obama. he lost out after hearing that obama plan to confront him over the war of drugs -- over the
8:22 am
war on drugs in his country. the president said he regret those comments because they were seen as a personal attack. they could ask a judge to throw out to key pieces of evidence against the case -- against the cosby case. cosby is accused of drugging and abusing a woman. the other piece of evidence is a recording of a phone call between cosby and her mother. in san francisco, they are launching athis morning. trains will run in a loop. these are some the busiest stops and since they occur late in the line the trains are often full by the time people tried to get on. recitals will ask quick efficient service where it is needed most.
8:23 am
it is the busiest single line and carries over 40,000 passengers each day. it is 8:22, still ahead is beyonce's show when to go on in the bay area? she has that doctor's order that she should not. we will tell you how that will affect her schedule and show in levi. here's a live look at the golden gate ridge. plenty of sunshine. we will be right back. discover card. customer service! ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow.
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warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday.
8:26 am
the playboy model who took it photo of a woman in the locker room. police now have handed over the case. 29-year-old danny posted a picture of a naked woman on social media with insulting comments about the woman's body . it happened at l.a. fitness she then apologized and deleted the account. they then revoked her membership. they thinnest -- they finished her investigation and are going to discuss whether to file charges soon. beyonce so far the santa clara show will go on. under dr. orders for vocal rest she is postpone tomorrow's show at metlife stadium. that will now be october 7. it
8:27 am
was supposed to happen on october 2 it will be delayed. beyonce is that to up -- perform at levi's stadium on september 17 police make an arrest in the shooting death of a nurse. another man wanted in her death is still wanted. they are still looking for him. i am teresa, this private college you see behind me, it has shut its doors leaving thousands of students and alerts. that story is ahead.
8:28 am
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or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. 8:30 right now. we will get you caught up on weather and traffic. first, what is it like today? warmings, here is a live look at s at oh. here's the breakdown for you. by 10:00 a.m. it is mostly warm. 80s by high noon here sunny and mild to warm. 3:00 p.m. sunny and hot.
8:30 am
we will visit 90s. even a little bit beyond that to. 58 for concorde. 57 four livermore. 59 for san jose. 56 for downtown san francisco. we're looking at 7:05 for the first pitch. then it will graciously fall a little bit. we will had a mild breeze. tomorrow the gametime is a little early. in the next eight hours it will be 82 by noon. by 4:00 you're talking about lower 90s. we will have your neighborhood forecast coming up and a little bit. i have not found any hotspot and traffic. that is good news for you who have to commute this morning. it is business as usual at the golden gate bridge. coming from the north bay it will be under 130 minutes to get over
8:31 am
to the san francisco side. lots of heavy traffic on southbound toil. that is from before highway 1 merging onto richardson. drivetime for the south bay no problems four 237 west from 101 two 280 and 280 leaving so -- san jose it's a 30 minute ride. breaking news, itt tech is shutting down immediately. >> what happens to the thousands of students? we are live at the campus to tell us what it means.>> reporter: wolcott it certainly means not good news for those people who rely on going to school here at itt educational services. it is located is located at the strip mall and concorde. they tell me that normally at this hour they see faculty and student showing up. certainly can't today it is not
8:32 am
normal. they shut down without warning tens of thousands of students are on the hooks. the company that runs the school has been in operation for fifth years. it recently found it help at the center of several investigations by the federal department of investigation. there are about 40,000 students taking classes at schools like this one. there's a school in oakland and then there are classes online, there about 8000 employees spread out over these campuses. the school says it will be helpings duden's but when we called the school, there was no information about the closure. last year, fiscal business closes its doors leaving those students stranded. we will try to talk to those people showing up. or even fact that -- faculty or students showing up and we will have much more througout the morning. reporting here and concorde. back to you.>> it was just last
8:33 am
year that another school closed their doors. that closure included many campuses around the country. they say that corinthian overcharge students and lied about job prospects and encourage them to borrow more money. the government erase student loans for more than 3000 corinthian college students because of this a judge awarded the state former students money to pay off their loans. raking is right now hurricane newton slams into cabo . we have new video. you can see the rain coming down and flooded street. the i went right over the capo arts. they have's -- they have received for to eight inches of rain. it was a real direct hits. it was not that strong but
8:34 am
as it was approaching it suddenly strengthened. i have sustained winds about 80 miles per hour. it is expected to re-energize as it makes its way over the golf here. there is already a flood watch issued. it should be over southern portions of arizona by that time. they went ahead and issued the warnings for tropical storm conditions for southern arizona and other new mexico. right now, we have hurricane warnings and tropical storm warning in affect for not only baja but work mainland mexico as well. here is the storm track. current position of the hurricane as it stands right now. by tonight, is making landfall, once again over the western coast of mexico. and in less than 24 hours later, it is in southern arizona. that is by late wednesday morning. hurricane newton will make quite a trajectory here
8:35 am
covering a whole lot of ground. it will bring the possibility of flash flooding to both mexico and to the southwestern portions of the u.s. we have a lot of rain coming down. 52 coat 10 inches potentially. there will also be a storm surge as well. strong winds as it makes its way across parts of mexico. we will have some pretty dramatic pictures coming in. he tune to kron four. we will watch it for you. a man behind bars are accused of shooting and killing a young wanted last year. they are still looking for a second person wanted in the shooting. the wanted was gunned down by leaving her home in august of last year. she was headed to work as a nurse at kaiser permanente. they arrested demetrius mclain during a traffic stop yesterday. he is facing murder charges and is being held without bail.
8:36 am
kron four spoke with the victim's mother about the developments in the case>> oh my goodness! i got the phone call, detective asked me if i was sitting down. i was not sitting down , i was standing up. it was an overwhelming sense of peace. i got this overwhelming -- like a weight was lifted off of me. although i am sad my daughter is not here, i felt a piece that i can close this park and continue with my mention -- my mission. and my purpose that is to continue to save lives. they will be and court tomorrow and they are still looking for a second man who was the getaway driver. here is a picture. he has been identified as richard hill the third. he is considered armed and rate -- armed and dangerous. they are more this morning the death of a 14-year-old boy who was hit by a car of riding his bicycle. it happened on sunday night
8:37 am
near vantage parkway and oakley park the teenager was bike riding on the sidewalk and went onto the road to avoid some people were walking on the sidewalk. that was when he was struck the car. the driver of the car did stay at missing. police have not identified the teenager who died. they have stormed a building that houses an international aid organization. re-gunman and one civilian have died. this comes today after twin bombings and afghanistan killed 24 people will near the afghan defense ministry. here is video of the aftermath. 90 others were injured. it is 8:36. a coyote that was seen wandering and he's a for weeks has died. it was killed in a car crash. here's the coyote copley showed you the video and how it was spotted several times. animal control had been looking for work they wanted to treat it because it had mange. bug yesterday, it was struck
8:38 am
and killed by a car, this is on sycamore valley road near brookside drive. the remains are being sent on to a state lab for testing. coming up a new cases of zika virus in california, the steps health officials are taking to prevent the virus from spreading across the state. the flumist is not available this year. shots only. find out why. hackers are targeting people and rental cars this after the break.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
the ftc warning and they warning drivers about connecting your cell phone to your rental car. it could be collecting your personal information. they are telling you to make sure when you return the car to delete your personal information. the next person, or the employees could get a handle on your information. would have to go to to the settings and delete the device. the pairing of it. do not leave your name in there. also you might be able to update your own car like your smart phone. more automakers are introducing software update to add new features and improve
8:42 am
performance. by 2022 more than 2 million cars on the road will be able to get update. then you will not have to take your car into the dealer. they can fix things like recalls and things your car needs. it will make it easier for you and automakers will save about $6 billion per year. >> experts say every aspect of how vehicles operate could be affected. even now one out of three recalls could be solved by beaming the information to you. i am tracking a hotspot on the freeway. this may impact your right. it is that marina. it is a spell in a messy situation, maybe eighth icky situation. i will let you know how this will impact your commute after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:44 . we have a quick look at these stories we are following.
8:45 am
brock turner has officially registered as a sex offender. he filled out the necessary paperwork. he must serve three years of probation and is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. itt tech is shutting down immediately. they accused the federal government of unfairly taking away eligibility for student aid that 40,000 students throughout the nation. they are in concorde in oakland. bruce miller is out of jail this morning. he is accused of attacking a seven-year-old man and his son at their hotel room. within hours of his arrest he was released from the team. taking a look at the weather, i do not have time to get on my box, it makes a big difference doesn't it lacks >> so what's the deal with the
8:46 am
clear out? this was earlier today. i want to show you what it was like this morning. just in case -- basically we are off to a sunny start to help those temperatures climb away. here is a look at what the future cast has to say. the cooling trend that comes back, the ocean cool air. it takes a while to be felt east of the hills. the east bay shoreline and oakland checks in at 74. fremont is that 84. this is where the 90s are hiding out. antioch is about 94 and tomorrow you can expect these numbers to be a little higher. 80 for palo alto. most of the ratings in the south will be mid to upper 80s.
8:47 am
san jose is that 86. san francisco is 60s happen. if you coastal clouds is what we are looking at. heading to the south along san mateo 72. some of these coastal numbers will warm tomorrow. the north day a pair of eights going on. 89 here the coast. psalmody valleys appeared in the north bay will be into the 90s. for tomorrow we will try 98 a gradual relaxing up temperatures. nothing major that they is looking at the mid-70s. it has been fairly quiet but now i have a new trouble spot, a hot bought for the freeway. they just issued a traffic alert on 880 and san leandro. this was originally reported as a gravel spill, it is now
8:48 am
reported as a sewage spill. cleanup crews on the way. they are having a growing back up. it is backing up into oakland. if that's your commute leave early. that will save you lots of time. traffic alert a sewage spill blocking two lanes. other than that regular traffic along the bay area. lots of slow downs but nothing strains or unusual going on. looking at 26 minutes for south 680 to get from dublin to fremont. i will keep an eye on the hotspot for you.
8:49 am
early this morning if you have to use it. covering california, there is increased security after a shooting at the fresno county jail. a deputy and a correctional office was shot in the lobby. this comes after a convict open higher. the officers went unarmed and shot in the head and the neck. this was during a struggle after they were approached by a man who cut to the front of the visitors line. a new case of the zika virus has been confirmed and southern california. a san diego woman was diagnosed with the virus. she traveled to the country where the zika virus was spreading. they have not said which country. control crew -- control crews will be sprain and eight to our this two-mile radius around her neighborhood. there have been hundred and 34 secret cases in california. there have been 10 in san francisco.
8:50 am
police do not think drugs or alcohol played a role in it crash outside of a southern california concert. this happened on saturday in irvine. and 81-year-old man was driving in a parking lot of a concert venue when he struck several people were walking in the parking lot. is. nine people were injured. they believe the drivers age, 81 years old, may have had a contribution to the crash. the cars were stolen at a dealership on sunday night. and employ call police and called and said that two people broke into the office and took all of the keys for the cars. two hours later one of the thieves causes crash. a three-car collision. lycie the other the called a separate crash near tennyson
8:51 am
road. the owner of a neighboring dealership says that more police patrols are needed in the area. >> it is a big problem for us because it's our business and our money. police need to come here all the -- all of the time especially at the nighttime. >> they are resting one person and the other got away. the time is eight date -- 8:50. their closing down a decade old gun range. anthony regional parks forced to close. it was made unanimously either park directors because of environmental concerns. they say the range could not afford to pay for stricter cleanup from lead casings. it was also a concern for the lake. they say they don't believe the reasoning behind the closure. >> the have tested the upper
8:52 am
levels, the lower levels, and have found no lead. blaming us for that it does not make sense. >> i believe it's an anti-gun sentiment. >> a shooting -- the shooter say it is a major loss to the community. flew vaccine will not be distributed this year, only the shot is available. the american academy of pediatrics have updated the flu guidelines. they say that flumist is not protect kids against the by risk they removed it from the list of vaccine options everyone six months or older if you are getting vaccinated you should be vaccinated by october. september is baby safety month. they are getting advice on how
8:53 am
to protect her child inside the car. car seats, mirrors and shades are all items to help your child be safe and happy in the car. a lot of companies are starting to have their products go through rigorous safety test. when you're buying a car seat they say check to see if the car seat is rollover protected. and how it does in the events of the accident. >> of course you do want -- do not want to have anything -- something that is shatter resistant -- that it's really important to think about when you are purchasing those items.>> also when you buy something -- you throw away the registration card can't do not do that, filling out and mail it in. there is a recall you need to know about it. that we can take it back or get it fixed. they're looking for much needed went and colorado.
8:54 am
we have highlights coming up. here's a live look outside at the golden gate. a lot of sunshine on this back to work tuesday.
8:55 am
welcome back. the time is now -- 8:54. i have a hotspot and it is backed up thanks to a sewage spill. at marina lavar two lanes or
8:56 am
block. cleanup crews are unseen. there is no estimated time for clearing. the backup is growing. it is out to the coliseum now the use 580 now instead of the freeway. it is okay for big reds to take east 580 only while this traffic alert is in place. the giants are looking to bounce back after losing against the cubs they were taking on the colorado rockies. they could not get anything going. they only managed to get to hit. matt gave up six runs. the dodgers beat the diamondbacks yesterday. they will take on the rockies again today. the first pitch is at 5:40. a's host the angels. the a's ballboy, diving for the foul.
8:57 am
he was given the cold shower when he goes in for the high five. another home run for him. that is it 35th home run for the season. the angels go on and win by at final of 10-7. how about a comeback? coming back -- coming up we have a forecast. it will get warm out there to. and the race for the white house, we will take a look at at a pole which showed that they that heat now. police make an arrest after threats were made after -- threats were made at a school district. we will be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
breaking news this morning. brock turner officially registers as a sex offender this morning. we will have new video into the kron4 newsroom. . a look at what will be happening today. it is a warm-up. forget about labor day and all of that.
9:00 am
i will have the temperatures for you. good morning. back to work. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday, september 6. watching weather and traffic right now. we're tracking a traffic hotspot. >> this happened before 8:00 this morning. chp issued a traffic alert about 15 minutes ago. 880 south. two right lanes blocked. cleanup crews on the scene. a big backup stretching into oakland. and beyond 98. right around the colosseum. it is growing. the best alternate is east 580. a is okay for big rigs to take east 580. normally they are not allowed 580. the traffic alert remains in place. we will be watching that. northbound is jammed from 238 all the way into downtown.
9:01 am
downtown oakland. here is the bay bridge ride into san francisco. a full house. nothing going on on the bridge are downtown. expected 25 minute trip from the maze to the skyway. thank you. good morning everyone. we stick with the bay bridge. and star with that. outside with each other. beautiful sunshine. coming up over the east bay hills come you can expect the sun to roll today. temperatures, this is what we have going on for oakland. mid-70s by 3:00. mostly sunny and warm. right now, 65. sixty-four in concord. and 63 63 in the livermore. and 62 in san jose. and 66 in san francisco. for the next eight hours come you can expect 87 by 1:00. by 5:00, 89. plenty of areas and the far east bay and the valleys of the north bay -- even the south bay, will visit and revisit the 90s. the forecast coming up more in a bit. happening now, an arrest this morning after threats are made against the fremont high school district. >> we're live at fremont high
9:02 am
school in sunnyvale to explain what happened. jackie. >> reporter: good morning. we just found out 10 minutes ago that the student arrested in this online threat case was a 17-year-old fremont high school student. that came from the sunnyvale police department 10 minutes ago. this all started over the long holiday weekend winsome instagram posts were posted with threats against students here at fremont high school. also homestead high school. that prompted the school to contact the sunnyvale police department to get involved. they say they immediately put two detectives on the case. and ultimately, they were able to trace it back to the 17-year- old. we had a chance to talk to the sunnyvale police department 10 minutes ago. they described the arrest and who was arrested. >> the person in custody with a 17-year-old male juvenile. a student here at fremont high school.
9:03 am
he sent out some threats via social media to a specific group of students here. and attempted to attend the -- intimidate them. we were able to identify who he was, where he lives. we were able to make an immediate arrest. and he is in juvenile hall. >> our sources are telling us the threats were made against jewish students here at fremont and homestead high school. the 17-year-old will face charges of criminal threats and hate crime. world of those are felonies. right now, the sunnyvale police department will increase presence to make sure everyone feels safe obviously after the thread was posted online over the weekend. once again, a 17-year-old fremont high school student arrested in the online threats. >> a story we have been following. brock turner officially registered as a sex offender. we have an update from the breaking news desk.
9:04 am
>> brock turner entered the greene county sheriff's office this morning and did the paperwork. he had five days to do that when he arrived in ohio. he was accompanied by his parents that we have video showing him arriving at the sheriff's office this morning. you will see an suv here in a second with brock turner getting out of the backseat. you may remember it was last friday that we brought you live coverage of his release from santa clara county jail after serving only three months of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. a lot of people felt that that was too lenient of a sentence and a drum up a lot of controversy nationwide. here he is filling out the paperwork. he was sentenced for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the same day he was released from santa clara county jail, he flew back to this parent's home in ohio in greene county. that is where brock turner will service three-year probation and undergo sex offender treatment. he will also be required to register with the local sheriff's office every 90 days for the rest of his life.
9:05 am
when you see in the suit -- on the television screen, every 90 days, he has to repeat this process. postcards are being sent out to the neighbors notifying them that a sex offender now lives in their community. breaking news this morning. itt tech is shutting down immediately. >> the concord campus -- we're at the concord campus to explain why and what this means for students. >> reporter: a horrible situation, leaving so many students as well as employees in limbo. i spoke with a woman who says on friday, it seemed odd that they were very few people that showed up here at itt technical institute in concord. now that you can see in this video, it is clear why no one was showing up. the whole thing has been shut down. the entire campus here in concord. this leaves about 40,000 students as well as 8000 employees -- they recently
9:06 am
found themselves at the center of several investigations by the federal department of education. some of those investigations focus on recruitment tactics and on placement figures. there is also a school in oakland, as well as several other campuses in the united states. they also offer online instruction. hopefully we will be talking to some people that show up here. the school said online that it plans to help students find other classes. but nothing official here at this facility. they say that they are in dispute with the department of education. as far as the investigations. but abruptly, on this tuesday, this entire campus has been shut down. live in concord, back to you. it was his last year that the corinthian colleges group
9:07 am
closed doors. this included everest and other campuses across the country. investigators say corinthian overcharged students, slighted graduates about job prospects and encourage them to borrow more money. a california judge awarded the state nearly $1.2 billion that was used to help former students pay off loans. it is 9:06 a.m. breaking news. in the race for the white house. a new poll is out that shows a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump. take a look. donald trump has a slight lead in this poll that was just out this morning. this is over clinton by 2%, which is in the margin of error. this is among likely voters. we're just nine weeks now before the general election. aching from overnight, firefighters did contain this two alarm fire in san francisco. it started around 2:00 this afternoon on octavia boulevard. this is new video from the scene. firefighters were able to get the fire under control within one hour.
9:08 am
no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. it is 9:07 a.m. the top story. 49ers bruce miller is off the team and out of jail this morning after being accused of attacking a 17-year-old man and his son at a hotel at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. the surveillance video from the hotel across the street -- the travelodge where he was arrested yesterday morning -- you can see his face was bloody. here is -- he and the guys before the night -- they were going out for a night on the town -- talked about going to a bar and restaurant. then a few hours after that, he went over here to the marriott hotel and tried to get a room. but they did not have any. the next thing you know, it is 2:45 a.m. he was knocking on the door of one of the rooms of a hotel guest. a 70-year-old man, his wife and her 29-year-old son. and he said, no, this is not your room -- the son said that. miller started swinging. punch to the sun sets.
9:09 am
punched the 7-year-old. the two were sent to the hospital. he was found a few hours later across the street at the travelodge after an employee call the police realizing he was there and bleeding from the face and growing up. he was arrested, facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, making threats and a misdemeanor battery charge. and the 49ers released him a few hours after he was arrested . >> and bruce miller spent his entire career with the niners. he played in all 16 games. and three of the last four seasons. this is the first time that bruce miller has been in trouble with the law. this is his mug shot from last year when he was booked on spousal abuse charges. police say he got into an argument with his fianci and destroyed her cell phone by throwing it against the wall. he eventually pleaded no contest and had to attend a 16 week domestic violence counseling course. our coverage of transit signify the rest continues on air and on my very we posted this surveillance video from the hotel where he was arrested on still ahead, the market
9:10 am
for million-dollar homes is slumping across the country. what that means and the bigger picture statewide. and wildfires continue to burn across the state. including a massive fire in monterey county. that has been burning for nearly two months now. . a live look here at the approach to the bay bridge. we will do that with my weather and traffic in a few minutes.
9:11 am
firefighters are on the frontlines as several major wildfires are burning in california this morning. you can see the air attack over one of them. this is the sierra nevada foothills. at least two homes have been destroyed in the fire. it is called a subtle fire. it is -- it started about
9:12 am
4:30 yesterday and quickly exploded to 400 acres. this is just 10% contained right now. and evacuation orders have gone out for several homes in the area. firefighters also trying to get the upper hand on a gas fire near the california/oregon border. it has grown to 40 square miles after starting august 27. it is 30% contained right now. and there is a big one in monterey county. active right now. several areas. this fire started july 22. it has burned 156 square miles. started by an illegal campfire. fifty-seven homes and 11 outbuildings burned. it is 60% contained. they are hoping for full containment by the end of the month. and a snapshot of what will go on around the bay temperature wise. seventy-four oakland. and 86 for the south bay. the neighborhood forecast around the bend. kron4 morning news continues.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
welcome back to kron4 morning news. tracking a number of hotspots right now. two on the freeway. /n1vod living up to its name of the nastiness. one is a still, 80 south. chp said it is a gravel gravel still. dumais said no it is a sewage spill. we have cleanup creós!on the scene. on 880 south. a big back up into oakland beyond the colosseum. .l"ñ consider using east high of 80 as ñan alternate route. ?-it isu east 580 too. normally 580 is not allowed. alternate. not too far from that, a motorcycle went down. northbound at 238. the person is down and unconscious. three lanes lot. so any problems on 8080 -- at 238 is that impacts the flyover. jamming up traffic on 580. it will be a very slow commute.
9:16 am
even coming out of the valley. and the freeway behin8 he scenes -- !% going in. flow all around. a motorcycle accident northbound northbound. and the spill is southbound. so problems on both sides of the freeway. the northbound drive time -- 36 minutes from 238 to the 980 split. so if 8hwill write 5(.÷all the into downtown oakland. we have had many minor problems on the7sñ east shore freeway. the drivetime for 80 rg6west is staying quite high. the backup starts -- and hercules down to oakland, 34 minute trip. west 24, not too that. moderate. eighteen minutes from walnut %iu)s& start with the bay bridge. outside the the line of cars, clear skies. %qññ watching the temperatures climb likexl this. look at the colorization throughout the day. custom blood red in the far
9:17 am
east today. to get the cooler temperatures back again,sthat does not really get going until after midnight -- to get over these today. takes a while. how hot will it get? seventy-four, for oakland. and fremont, 84. over the east bay hillsxñ we ágetting up to about 94. as we look at the south bay, 80 palu most of the g7mreadings will be the upper 80s today. san jose, 86. heading up to san francisco, 67. lmp down in matteo county, $a572. eighty-one in redwood city. and 60s covering a lot of the coast. and 80s going on for petaluma. some 90s in t=+"yalleys. and a !uñmuch more mild 82 by
9:18 am
comparison. for tomorrow, much more hot as bridge -- ly%/as we reach int the upper 90s. some areas may qlget up to 100 gradually pulling back to the upper 80s as we finish off the week. no major changes. like summer with upper 80s controlling the board. húg&and concerns about the housing bubble right now. looking at the sale of million dollar plus homes. áñjf it doesn't appear that we are or does it? >> kothe high end "n2is kind confusing. you see million-dollar homes in the bay area -- every home on the peninsula. you think of million-dollar homes and it is condos. very different. a lot of sky rises going up in miami. the technical definition of a luxury home is in the top 5% of the mostx expensive homes in th city. there is actually an oversupply of luxury homes at this point in time. a far cry from what is happening on the lower to the middle end.
9:19 am
prices fell in san francisco by 11% in the 2nd quarter of this year. íluñ luxury homes don't typically rely on the mortgages. so that is not terribly important to them. they ykmare more financially market sensitive. if a tech stock does well, you will see more luxury homes being but. luxury condo sells -- xwhf%sa fell by 21%. prices typically follow them down. 9w÷ if you are in the market for a ñhome, it may be a buying opportunity down the road. that is th=uzzthought, at least >> maybe the homebuilders did not bold enough mid-level homes. going after the biggerñ walk in the luxury market. did not bold enough affordable homes. >> homebuilders had a product innovation weekend showing homes at like 400-600 square
9:20 am
feet going for 78,000. they kind of look çólike trail but they are super high end and luxurious. people lining up to buy them. >> and more mobile. >> &m'éf]/>cashless society? could be -- could we be heading in that direction in the u.s.? >> i think we could ñibe. credit card debt -- if you have been on an airplane lately, they don't take cash anymore. cash is problematic. they don't take cash pgeand parking lots. it is problematic. because people steal it. it is problematic because do fn not -- fiqñnot only employees employees steal it but "e6] debit card. everyone should use credit fjeú cards with rewards. t- i will take that message to my a lot of stores have become mor -- they don't want a big bag of cash being taken to the bank
9:21 am
we go move to cashless. 6ope?kkv you grams and grams of cocaine -- and a suitcase of 100- dollar bills. as we remove kn+cash from socie crime can be cut ludown. at around the world, we are still high cash users at 26%. >> the 7mdecline of unions in the u.s. -- a lot of argue the men's about the strength of unions. sn't it? >> it is another lreminder that there is no right answers. there are compromises. ç about 10% of the male private sector workforce today belongs to a union. and 79, it was 34%. a steep decline in union membership to say okthe least. the study showed that americans would be making about 5% more n income -- which would come to about $2700 accounting for =%k
9:22 am
inflation. unions tend to fight globalization, technological f$ñ change. nonunion employees often see pay raised -- to foster loyalty.". a higher level supervisors who are nonunion tend to do better because they so they get paid@ah more. again, some businesses would go overseas. it is not just a one-sided study. it certainly has some strong points made in their favor. >> interesting. and the big day ovmfor apple. y" >> i love that you call it the big day. it is so dramatic at this point in time. >> there will not be 6 koth phone. the lightning cable will replace the audio jack. it will be cool because it will be digital. nb-and the analog j in place for audio is 100 years old. it is koñold technology.
9:23 am
with that said, we will get a new phone. and you watch. if they come out with anything on video services, you will see the stock jumped. that is what we're ÷looking for like you said, the lightning cable is jndnot exciting. next year is the tenth anniversary of the iphone. expecting a bigger product been. with that said, the stock is cheap on innovation basis. any surprise would be nice. b.ú not too excited about tomorrow. not too excited. samsung did apple a huge favor. the batteries blew up the phones. they have been able to deliver the product before apple. so apple increased stock. >> long-term,$a5 the evidence >> i think the dividend is nice. e&+wx next year, will be nice. if they do that. if we getb a tax holiday. the story is more of a dividend. %qñznó
9:24 am
>> thank you. thank you for the question. we will see what happens with apple tomorrow. any questions, the to our facebook page. go to kron4. we will be right back. lepe's foods is a locally owned family company, here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money, and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system, and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money.
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i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california.
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it is 9:25 a.m. @
9:27 am
presidency. this morning, he says the ÷u.s. tougher sanctions on north korea. video of the president arriving there. the president's comments come afterkoa meeting with the south korean president. they say the latest north korean ballistic missile launches -- they say they need to know that such actions will increase isolation in the world if they continue the rocket launchers. the president announcing that he is giving mint julep $90 million to remove unexploded bombs that the u.s. dropped&'ó --pgh giving laos $90 million to remove unexploded bombs 2íthe u.s. dropped.nbóom during the war. 2ñ in a statement released later,qrlñ he says he regrets t
9:28 am
comments about president pobama a playboy model who took a photograph of a naked woman in roo charges. the los angeles city attorney says the police have handed over the case. iv7 29-year-old danny mathers posted a picture of a naked woman that she saw in a locker room. she put it on social media and included insulting comments about the woman's body. this happened in july at la 8(÷ fitness. she later apologized, deleted her social media ,accounts and gym reported the posting to the police and revoke her membership. 1/lálhñ prosecutors said they will finish the investigation and make a decision on whether to file charges. francisco, getting the temperatures bumped up to the mid-60s to upper 60s. a little p warmer still tomorr we have the forecast around the bend. rruzllowing breaking news. hurricanexl newton going acros the baja peninsula. an update coming up.
9:29 am
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it is 9:30 a.m. we will get to the weather forecast in a minute. we will get vkto the forecast. the nimitz -- two problems. one, northbound. one,-dc southbound. both incidents blocking three lanes. )w
9:32 am
now, another problem right across bgathe way. at motorcyclist ÷down. major injuries. three lanes blocked here. not only is it backing up traffic on the nimitz pñocoming out of hayward. it is impacting 238. and 238 backed up =/%to 580. óom so just jammed all around. zat least a 15-20 minute delay k[$r ceboth directions. if that is a ride, you t
9:33 am
ove-bry areas in the east bay. reaching for ='those 90s. breaking news we have been following from overnight. we have a hurricane1-d hittingo -- it strengthened overnight as it slammed into the baja peninsula. these are pictures from this morning. showing the hurricane making its way over the archko and up the west coast. and very strong wind is what we saw. this hurricane really strengthened before it slammed a lot of power outages. wind gusting at 115 miles per hour. >> sustained wind at 95. it has come down aasx bit. now 80 mile-per-hour wind, which is still quite a punch. working its way up the peninsula and will continue to the day today. then it will cut right and head across the belt of california and make landfall again ykmon t west coast of mexico.
9:34 am
that is why we have these warning indicators here. hurricane warning indicators. storm warnings for the peninsula and for the coastline. that is where the 3wstorm is heading. here is the latest storm track. the current position -- watch as it continues to move on. late @aatonight and into early tomorrow, making landfall again. and continuing on. it go from a hurricane down to a tropical storm. @aa and then we will continue into the desert southwest -- desert southwest. places like southern arizona and new mexico with flash flood watche#t
9:35 am
students who are returning to school this morning for the first time since two classmates died in a crash on interstatea -- i-880. we're aé told 16-year-old joe ioramo junior died late sunday night. less than a day after his friend, izaiah mease, died at the scene of the crash. the family of joe ioramo and james logan high school ñ%ç students gathered on campus for a candlelight vigil last night, taking turns sharing memories about the teenager. >> we were neighbors. every time i would jgccome home from work, i çówould see him. he would say, how are 2g?you doing? $. i would say tired. keeping a smile on my face. out. dz >> investigato% trying to figure out whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the nccrash. a gofundme page has been set up to help the family of joe ioramo. ate& last check, the page raise
9:36 am
almost $25,000. it is 9:35 a.m. a man behind bars accused of shooting qland killing a woman last f)gyear. police are looking for a second woman wanted in the -- second person wanted in the shooting. b westbrook was gunned down while she was leaving her home on phoenicia road in august of last 3wñyear and heading to wor at kaiser where she was a nurse. police arrested demetrius mclean during a traffic stop yesterdaye?sn. and now he faces murder charges. he is being held without bail. spo mother who is also a nurse, about the development. >> oh my goodness. he phone call. that is active asked me if i was sitting down. i was not sitting down. i was standing up. it was an overwhelming sense of peace. i got this overwhelming -- like a weight has lifted off of me. xmy
9:37 am
peace that i can (close this park. and i can )á8continue with my mission and my purpose, which is to continue to save lives. >> g/h@wñpolice are still lo for a second man who they in the shooting. and here is his picture. identified as richard edward held the third. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. fs?and &jthe community i mourning the death of a 14-year- old boy who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. this happened sunday night on big break road. p. investigators say the teenager was biking on ñ road to avoid people who are walking on the sidewalk. that is when he was hit by a car. the driversiv7 -- the teenage kille]!z is unidentified. anl a coyote spotted wandering in the east bay for +áy last few weeks has died. here is a video p,ñwe were show you on greene as they were trying to find as coyote. he was spotted several times
9:38 am
around danville. he had mange ñrso they were trying to get him treatment. but he was killed by a car yesterday. he was hit by a car on u(the road at sycamore valley 8near brookside drive. now remains are being sent to a state lab for testing. coming up on the kron4 morning news, a san francisco 49ers gets into a bloody fight. and the team cut him. and why is bruce miller's jersey number one? -- why is colin kaepernick's jersey number one? and the san mateo bridge has plenty of company. a lot of sunshine tuesday morning. =/÷m he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid...
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there are environmental concerns this morning about a ver the weekend. >> the boat you ji$ñsee here, 87-foot spirit of sandra mentob
9:41 am
he spoke with the coast guard about what they÷ are doing pto contain toxic substances. >> the main goal today is to go on the vessel. and assess the situation. see where it is sitting on the bottom. look for the tank and how it is positioned. salvage teams e++spent the day underwater trying jnto come up with a plan to hoist up the spirit of sacramento. this was taken hours after the coast guard and ehcontra costa sheriff's office saw that the boat had capsized. >> immediately, they tried to around the vessel. >> according0 to kkrthe stor the 87 put=," -- foot boat contained diesel fuel that started leaking sunday morning. ve divers çósafe. clear of the vessel while they conduct diving operations.
9:42 am
>> the spirit of sandra -- the spirit of sacrament is no stranger. officials say the boat had been anchored for weeks and had no ñ ç the coast guard and local law enforcement need &rto come up historic boat and the the ú3 surrounding environment. we're back with kron4 morning news continuing. looking at conditions around the day. a lot of sunshine. zme
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back. a 49er is arrested. we have more in the rewind. >> time for the world according to gary,. >> good morning. >> quite the weekend for bruce miller. >> oh my gosh. ú >> everyone talking about this. like they couldn't see this coming? so we have a picture first of all of him and his buddies. sunday with the boys. going mout drinking. i-s
9:46 am
going to the palm house. i don't know this park restaurant. the next picture is í'3a surveillance video from the hotel. i don't know if you can see -- his face is all bloody. he is throwing up. u' he is disoriented. obviously loaded. that is after he0bpá up some old guy -- a 70-year-old guy and his son. bo gary, he is so out of it -- he is try to check into a hotel at fisherman's wharf at the marriott. and they don't have room. then he is knocking on ahf% doo -- and the son 0"of, this is your room. this is my parent's room. and then a fight. >> to the 49ers credit, they did not waste any time. they got rid of him. >> i go -- where ÷bj p9the bar? remember the thing happen last year with e1the cell phone and the girlfriend. and he was pleading a wind teams cut and don't cut -- sometimes it's like -- we had
9:47 am
to wait. wait for things to play out. no waiting here. >> the had a deal with -- ugly with his fianci. do you remember that? >> yes. >> i think that was the thing. this happens again, %qñyouhu"0@& finished. and in this day and age, when you video all over the place, that is what does it. $.á that ray b.rice football playe -- remember? >> yes. öif there ,"was no video, he might have been given hwa ccha to play again. but when there is video of him putting his hands on his =)pgci -- that was the end. >> i /n1áhink it was. that's why -- it's like what is the difference. ?bñ%+g when you see the video, it does not look good. >> they were not 49er players -- the buddies. >> i don't know who they were. >> it is really funny too. you continually hear -- qw?ñhe one of the best guys with the
9:48 am
media. he is always available. he talks back and forth and all that. friendly with the media. but that doesn't mean you don't and as far as the media goes and social media and all of oo that, the talk contases about kaepernick. now it is turning to jersey sales. popular jersey now. the most sold. of the nfl. >> second .l"ñor third, just the record. >> i have been second 3leñfro the nfl. on >> who is ahead of him? néthe dallas xrookie. >> yes. he is first. 8 ñlu and kaepernick number two. for the 49ers -- the most popular. is it because you can buy them for $5? is that the message? >> [ laughter ] >> dick's sporting goods has a sale. a bunch of other sales.
9:49 am
if you go online, you can find cheap f'djerseys. >> i-s a quality jersey? could it !)%be thes stands .- soccer player -- she is supporting him by taking a knee? >> also president obama -- at the very least, 6svmentioned him. ñhere is the president is talking about -- as you say, the backup quarterback .6 49ers. >> i'm laughing because -- even you are saying, a backup quarterback. >> he will be in the game thursday as a backup. >> i think it is monday, right? >> right, monday. >> i will tell you this. xgcv he í'3better come out and play well. you know how people are. qfá the =)most popular guy being t backup quarterback. you always think -- v: if we just put him in, it should be better. >> now it is lik0q-- maybe
9:50 am
kaepernick -- and the people that have supported him so far -- w3 will continue to do it. >> oh my gosh. what was that -- against the rams -- the home opener a week from tonight -- next monday. believe @/me, there is going to be -- the minute that kaepernick frozen incompletion, you will hear that. >> i will say this for the 49ers. a bad team. but :3fthey are something to ta about. >> that is true. he president is talking about you. also in china -- the very same -- kind should;çf -- .nbóom same time, steph curry was in china. did you see the crowds? >> i did not. >> you see him playing against his wife. she was in this game and hit a three-pointer. :m
9:51 am
he goes out there and there are like thousands. like 5000 people out there, held back by barriers. and steph curry w!qa'ike:,i -- i couldn't believe it. i thought some people would come out. crowds to get a glimpse. >nxfgq!%)pbest shooter in the world in our country, right. >> yes. >> it is going to be something when they start up here -- about three weeks. the warriors with kevin t%durra and stephen curry -- and you have thompson -- it is going to be something. >> that was overwhelming. did you see that? that was overwhelming. >> wckythis isbn what -- pr sponsored by under armour, right? >> you got it. >> a little bit of baseball to talk about. the giants, four back from the dodgers. they lost. the a's loss. what i like about that game -- was a ball boy. )w< you see the video of the boy -- trying to catch the ball. o[i
9:52 am
watch that.  and then what does he get @cxf the other player? do we have a? he gets no love. >> that was some dive9w÷. >> that was a great dive. and it's like ror- watch him go up i think it will happen any second here. >> and the bullpen -- they wanted -- one of the pitchers in the bullpen got hit. >> so he printed he was mad. ñfá7sñm%b said to the a's. they both loss. ñin the heading toward last place. pfl' and the giants -- i always wait until september 1 to find out what type of team you have. they are dead in the water right now. >> zi-ñeven the wild-card is looking good. we may be talking about the
9:53 am
warriors sooner then we thought. >> okay. thanks q. talk to you tomorrow, gary. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify
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a quick recap of the top stories we have been following on kron4 morning news. 0 brock turner had to register as a sex offender. he entered the greene county sheriff's office in ohio to do the paperwork. he has three years of supervised probation and 8gxis required to register as a sex offender everywhere he moves for the rest of his life. and itt tech d shutting down immediately. u they are being accused of unfairly taking away eligibility for student aid. itt has about 40,000 o7bstudent throughout the u.s. including two campuses in the bay area. in oakland and concord. and 49er fullback bruce miller is out of jail q/h@con b accused of @gxattacking a 70-ye- old man and his son in a san co hotel room. here hf%is surveillance video f the hotel. within hours of his arrest, the 49ers released him from the team. it is 9:55 a.m.
9:56 am
it is baby çw7safety month. experts are giving parents tips on how to e(k÷make sure that yo baby is njtñprotected when you in the car. can help. many companies are putting products through rigorous safety tests. when you buy a new óm[car seat, experts say you ashould check 9véit is a rollover tested. and you also want to make sure that you are buying items that have been crash tested. vxgguua >> look for items that are crash tested. ñrht í you want something that is shatter resistant. and itbpflwill not be seen as projectile. that"9l joviçdtt8s&y %qñimporta purchasing those items. >> it is also important that after you buy the product, you have to fill out that card 0 ía send that in. do that qonline. that is a way the company can keep in touch with you in case there is a recall. then you å%9d out about it. $x
9:57 am
do you recognize barbra streisand? do you know who is singing with her? >> melissazv mccarthy. the actress and comedian. she and other actors are joining barbra streisand on an album called "encore, may be partners on broadway". >> so she works with all kinds of other people. jamie foxx, hugh jackman. the album mr. 11. topping the 1+ubillboard chart. topping number-one albums by a female koartist. the seven-day forecast. how weather is the story especially the next two days. vr temperatures getting even hotter tomorrow. and the upper 90s for the warmest inland spots. more sunshine at the coast. mid to upper 60s today and tomorrow. fog pi([c9g up later in the week. that will lead to a dramatic cooldown at the coast. a dramatic cooldown inland. upper 80s to near 90. let's get v÷ ready for th heat tomorrow. tune10 and starting at 4:00 a.m. >> you can stay connected
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