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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 20, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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it took authorities just over four hours to catch this man. 28-year-old rahami was arrested after a shoot out with police. is connected with the explosion saturday. we want to go outside of the hospital where rahami ising with treated. >> reporter: still in the hospital near new jersey. and he's injured, but he's alive. and that's important because it gives investigators the rare chance to interview him about perhaps his motive, affiliations, if he has in, and the question -- if he hasny,
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the question -- has any, the question s will he talk. new questions now emerge. authorities say they want to know ahmad khan rahami's motives and whether he was working alone. he was detained just a few hours later when a bar owner in lindon, new jersey spotted him. >> i saw his face and moved his hoody and it shocked me. i was watching cnn on my laptop. and it his picture on the site. so i said this guy looks similar like very similar to him like the same guy. >> reporter: another new jersey resident captured the moment just before the confrontation. the rahami walked toward police with a weapon. >> the whole thing took maybe
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30 seconds. once he went toward the door, everything happened so fast. i was like shaking real bad, you know. the cop pull out his gun at that point of time, i realized, this is the i go. >> sources say, a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan is directly linked to the bombings. he's believed to be seen near the bombings saturday night. the explosion left 29 people injured. all have been released from the hospital. and sources tell us near one of the pressure cooker bomb,ed they found a note that was complete with the ranting. rahami is being held on $5 million bail. and faces five counts of attempted murder on an officer. diane gallagher, back to you. and in the wake of nationwide attacks over the weekend, san francisco police are on high alert. officers stepped up their patrols throughout the city.
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yesterday afternoon, they were spotted in the downtown area on foot, on bikes, and in their patrol cars as well. the pd says if it can happened on east coast t can happen here and they aren't taking any chances. >> we want to be prepared ifor that. and we want to make sure we have our officers in the right location at the right time. this means we'll be in areas where there's high visibility. high traffic areas. tourist spots, shopping mall, public transit. >> police also want to make it clear the public has a role to play in stopping terrorism. they say if you see something, say something. and as more questions are coming in about whether ahmad acted a alone, talked with terrorism expert. teaches term, intelligence and security. and says party of the threat of terrorism is the fact that people can simply adopt the philosophy and act on its
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behalf without having any contact with the higher ups. like many other, he praises law enforcement for acting so quickly. >> they're going to 110 miles an hour now trying to put a lot of things together. with him and his background, where he's been. who he has talked to, where did he require the materials? so people who adopt that ideology, may decide to take action on their own. hence, the loan wolf actors. they don't need to contact any higher up in the organization. they have already accepted that philosophy. >> the professor say there's no indication the attack was intended to affect the upcoming election but politician will use any event to further their cause no matter what party. >> you can follow our coverage of the bombing attacks online and through our mobile app. you can visit and you can hear the presidential
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candidates reacting to the violence. let's talk about the weather. we have dave here looking at forecast for this tuesday. things cooling down a bit. >> a little bit. and we'll take one big step today and another big one tomorrow. you'll notice a big, big change happening yet. but you'll finally see a change here as you go guard. get things started. yes, the fog has come to pass. again, making a way a long the bay. covering the by a bridge, for the most part on that. you know, what? i'm having trouble changing the maps on this little clicker here. let's try this one more time. all right. the bay bridge, here's the shot we have here. fog kind of hanging around a little bit. this will mix off fairly quickly. so this will be concentrated right around the immediate bay area. it's not noting a whole lot of fog that we have. but in the troubled spots it's there. anded for downtown san francisco, up to about 6:00
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a.m. but then boom, that will clear up by 10:00 for everybody and it doesn't really intrude too much. you -- used to see the sun today. 61 oakland. but look at that, liver moore at 70. so this is why we say in those inland spot, you're not going to see too much of a shake happening with the temperatures. it's really along the coast. also want to note these we understand you'll be getting. we're seeing them reach the double digits for oakland, concord, again, that wind tunnel area around the delta. you're getting quite a good clip to start things off and that is on shore wide. for. the forecast, 7:05 game time. techs in the 60s. falling through the decades. mostly clear and cool. just a light wind at that. ready for the school forecast. 81. we're talking about 86. we'll have your neighborhood forecast coming up in a bit. robin standing by with our first peek at traffic report. >> looking pretty good so far.
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we're hot spot free. a great commute coming out in oakland. no big trouble spots. coming out of the maze. only 8 minutes to get from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. here's your ride on 92. your commute across the bridge. so far, it's looking good. no big trouble spots so use it now. only 13 minutes to get from 880 to the 101 connector. and here's 101 across the bridge. looks a little foggy this morning. but traffic is at the limit. no big trouble spots for you. south 101 looking good. or to the san francisco side approaching the to plaza and city streets fairly quiet too. nothing to worry about there. checking in on some drive times. highway 4 nice and smooth. no problems for the minutes and 101 leaving the south bay. all hot spot free.
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your average drive only 23 minutes. thank you. 4:07 on the clock. and breaking news this morning. eight new arrests with the connection of the bastile day truck attack in france. police say the people arrested are alinked to the attacker. 18 people died after the truck plowed through a crowd of people. isis has claimed responsibility for that acing that. at 4:07, happening now, there's a confirmed case of tuberculosis and and east bay school is now alerting parents. trying to figure out how many students may have been exposed. they held a meeting to answer questions from parents. reports that only a handful of parents showed up. >> reporter: up wards of 30 students may have been in contact with the person diagnosed with for by tb.
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>> i never really heard of many people with it. it might not be that danger. >> reporter: public health tells me that person hasn't been inside the school since he tested positive. many of the students we spoke to say, although their fearful. >> kind of made me nervous,. >> reporter: they have been vaccinated. >> tb takes several months to to be treated a quit i will. so they may be out for the rest of the school year. in order for tb to sprees t requires prolong face to face connect. >> if they do accident we provide the medication, make sure they get follow ups so they're treated. >> usually attacks the lungs but can also attack the kidney, spine, and brain. and if not treated, can be fatal. some symptoms to watch out for, a bad cough that lasts three weeks or more. pain in the chest. coughing up blood, weakness or
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fatigue. weight loss, no appetite, chills, fever, or sweating at night. >> the next step is the individuals at school who the health department, through their investigation deemed to be the most likely to have been exposed will be tested here on campus. >> the principal says the students will be tested next tuesday and thursday. treatment will be offered at the school for anyone who tests positive. at 4:09 another big story we're following this morning, the man accused in the brutal beating and home invasion robbery in an 88-year-old san jose woman. were in the courtroom yesterday when police brought into the room, as you can see here, this was last week. yesterday, we charged -- he was charged with premeditated attempted murder, robbery, burglary and elder abuse. officers say he attacked and assaulted florence douglas at her home last month. >> when the victim stated she didn't have the any money, he
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then started punching and kicking her multiple times. she fell to the floor. he then continued to kick her. he left the home, very briefly, and then came back, still demanding money and kicking her. >> if connected, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. he returns to court on friday to enter a former plea. the victim is still in the hospital in critical condition. head to the south bay now. where a gas leak caused a massive fire. you can see in the video here. look at flames in the background. it burnt for over two hours. this video sent to us by a viewer. it started just after 7:00 at the home on leap court. the gas was still flowing while firefighters were trying to protect nearby homes. in fact, people in those homes and another nearby shopping area were forced to evacuate for a time. the gas was capped after about
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two hours. investigators think a cooking accident caused that fire. and just one home believed to be damaged. >> we'll take a break. coming up. a bay area college handing out a small device that could help stop a sexual assault. a new personal alarm that students can carry. and more police officers are facing criminal charges in a sex scandal. the graphic details of what the officers are accused of of doing to a teenager. and there is a rise in bike thefts at bart stations. we're it would you about what bart officials are advising you to do. the time now 4:11. here's a live look outside. we'll be right back.
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and we're back now. time now 4:13. we'll get an update is on the commute this morning in a bit. but first let's talk about the weather. as we see a little bit of fog. >> in the usual areas too.
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the golden gate is a magnet. and blowing into oakland too. not too far inland, here's a shot from please san ton. the clear sky, we got as well. back to the golden golden gate. our fog trap, that is just something that'll be hanging around probably for a few hours after sun rise. quickly mix out and we'll go back to sunny sky conditions. so the warm up we have for today. still warming up, again, looking at mid-to upper 80s going on in places like antioch. but the cooling phase being known a little bit. temperatures retracting just a little bit here compared to yesterday. the performance you're going to notice more stark is going to for tomorrow. we get some of those inland valleys dropping a bit more. future temperatures after sunset. a few hours after that.
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we're getting pretty good progress here. so planning your day, we have patchy morning fog accident mostly clear. temperatures 60s and 70s 3. by noon, we're talking sunny. bay around 70. inland around 80 or so. and by 3:00. sunny and hot inland with some of the spots still reaching to about 90. let's take a closer inspection. upper 60s. lower 70s at bat. then heading off over the east bay hills. middle 80s to upper 80s but places stiptopping at about 90. and we're looking around 79 for mountain view. sunny will do it and for most of the south bay, you can see those readings into the lower 80s. ever green maybe about 84. next 8 hours we're at 63. high noon, 81. meanwhile around the bay, approaching upper 60s. lower 70s. and the next three days, we're looking at much cooler temperatures. inland, 79 to 75. robin standing by, how are we
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doing? >> we're doing just fine. no big problems here approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is nice and smooth at the limits. into downtown. keep in minded that howard street is still closed between third and fourth. so that area may be a little congested throughout the afternoon commutes there away from the afternoon streets if you can. overall a good rise. eight minutes. that's your average drive. now, for those of who who have to commute, here's a live look at 92. a fairly light and quiet so far. hitting out of the hayward. only 12 minutes over to the bay shore freeway. sos that a great drive time. 580 looking okay here. westbound traffic nice and light and checkingen in on some drive times. looking good. still smooth. at the limit. a nice ride out of the
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conquered. >> walnut creek, no big problems for south 680. west 24, there's a minor accident wrapping up. not impacting your drive time, it's only 11 minutes from 6:80. quiet on the freeway and quiet on the south bay. if you're leaving san jose, from 280 up to 287 that drive a quick, 8 minutes. all right. thank you. time now 4:17. happening now, a warning this morning about bike thefts. dart says they haves are targeting criminals. this is a particular problem for bart. because it's long advised riders use this particular type of lock. reports now on what you need to know. over the past few years, bart has scene an overall -- seen an overall decreases in number of bikes being stolen even while bike ridership has gone up. >> bike ridership is up. 33% increase in the past few years. so wonderful news. while we have had the surge in
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bike rider, also a drop in the thefts bikes. >> and on going effort to reduce bike thefts. advices riders to secure their bikes instead of cable rocks. up fortunately there's growing evidence that u locks might not be enough. >> what we're now seeing for the first time is thieves are cutting through u locks and that's upsetting. >> i have a cable and u lock. >> reporter: he rides his bike to bart for work. hearing thieves are now cutting through u locks is bad news. >> yeah. of course. especially because i can't afford another bike. >> reporter: bart officials say they will continue to ask people to use the u locks. they're still better than cable locks. but also says they are planning on expanding secure by parking to a dozen additional locations. >> those are really 100% theftproof because you walk to an attendn't and they leave it there nice and security.
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in pleasantton, kron 4 news. the ceo of wells wells fargo applanning to apologize. the san francisco based back already facing a fine of $15 million for the practice. they have already fired more than 5000 employees involved in the scam. and the fake accounts were ecreated in the names of -- created in the names of unsuspecting customers. and helped the bank reach sales goals. but adding to the fire storm, the woman in charge of the unit responsible, retired. right in the mid-of the scandal and set to receive $124 million pay out as part of her exit package. our chief national correspondent reporting now on that hearing set for today as well as what you can expect to hear at the first presidential debate. a big banker gets grilled
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on capital hill. and the senate banker committee will hold a hairing on address e -- aggressive sales tactics. allegedly opened millions of accounts that customer never asked for because they felt pressured to do so to make quota. >> i'm not taking your vote or anyone's vote for granted. >> reporter: trump trump and clinton have less than a week to get it together for the first presidential candidate debate, which is sure to be one of the highest rated events in recent political history. >> we're going to revitalize our crumbling infrastructure. >> reporter: the terror attack in new york city saturday will elevate homeland security as a topic. and no doubt, the health report cards of the candidates will be a certain question, the sole moderator lest tore hot will ask. the first debate was supposed to be in dayton because of
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budget and and logistical reasons. 4:21 the time. happening now around the bay area and the nation. universities trying to stop the growing problem of sex assaults. the stanford rape case and the recent charges at the berkeley concert. now one college handing out something small that could help stop a crime. now reporting on this new proposal. a person alarm system students will be getting. >> reporter: this is part 2 of police chief's sheryl buoy kin's safety initiative. they have already encouraged them to use the rave security app. >> we're probably the safest the region. >> now they're handing out robo cops. personal safety alarms. in the longer it is separated, the device is activated, the
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loiterer gets. >> the first students to get them were those moving in last week. soon, all incoming freshman will be able to get their hands on them. some students on campus have already heard about the alarms. >> at exchange student orientation. >> i think i'm going to try to get one. >> unlike other defense items like pepper spay, they can't be used to hurt the victim. heir they're -- they're ease you enough to operate but they may take get to used to. >> it might no be my first thought to pull that out. >> i think there's a real distinction between high school and college. and the students that will probably do that are in high school. >> so far, on campus, housing has given out just under a thousand r o, bo cops and there's 4000 more ready to be attributed to those with special needs or anyone who stops by the police department to get one. the. >> reporter: the next safety initiative on the chief's list
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will be to have training to teach people on campus what to do if they have a violent bruiser. 4:23 the time coming up. one actress breaks a record. and the htl daily rep, coming up next. ♪ music extraordinary starts here. new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights. k-y intense.
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entertainment news now h game of throwns wins buc big -- big at the emmy awards. and breaking a emmy record. >> reporter: from hollywood today, live. this is the htl daily wrap. the emmys i would here in l. app a., the big winter game of thrones. best drama series and 11 overs. it's won 38 emmys in six seasons. most in history. the previous record holder was frazier with 37 but it took 11
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years to get that. game of throne isn't the only record breaker. she's won 6 lead actress total. more than any woman in the comedy category. i wonder if she did a victory dance backstage? the people verse o. j. simpson, american crime story also had a huge night with nine emmys. a lead actor went for court in and a lead actress not for sara paulson. who also slated on the red carpet. but guy, come on, there's more to life than tv. there's also movies. the top hanks play movie sully soared to the top for the second week in a row. with $22 million in ticket sales. it was physicality -- followed by the hours. and bridget jones' baby was $82.000000. that's all for the htl daily rep. >> all right.
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and don't forget you can watch holiday today live every weekday afternoon following law and order. 4:27. still ahead, we're learning new information about at suspected attacker behind the mall stabbing in minnesota. the reason community members are saying his actions were uncharacteristic. we'll be right back.
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and we're back. coming up on 4:30. here's a look at some of the big stories we're working on. officials say they're not looking for any more suspects for bombings in new york and new jersey but they're still investigating. there's no indication they were the work of a urge laker terror cell. the suspect is being held on $5.2 million bail. a case of tuberculosis has been confirmed in oakland. nearly 30 student could have been exposed but many say their vaccinated so they're not worried about getting sick. meanwhile, the man accused
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of of brutally beating an elderly woman in a home invasion in san jose has been charged. zachary quinn appeared in court yesterday. he was charged with premeditated attempted murder, robbery, burglary, and elder abuse. s offs say he attack and assaulted florence douglas last month. if convict he faces a maximum seasons of life in prison. he returns to court on friday to enter a formal plea. let's get the latest o weather and traffic. our camera here, look out toward the east bay hills. a little bit haze there in the street lights. looking at forecast on tuesday. >> watching for the sun to come up there. and we're looking for a little bit of a cooling phase, starting today. you're not going to notice a whole lot just yet. but here's another shot for you of san jose. we don't have the a lot not way of the fog working its magic. and here's the fog trap. if you'll notice that glaze,
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still appearing yet et again. it's something that'll be a work in progress. doesn't look like it's going to be too hard to happen. probably by mid-morning for today. the progress with our temperatures, stands like this. 61 oakland. with and an shore wind, that's not bad. 63 for concord. kind of a lofty 7 going on. and 55 for -- 65 for -- on that note, you'll notice double digits. fairfield. a 21, again, a good strong, on store wind. so, for planning your day. we've got patchy morning fog, mostly clear. temperatures 60s and 70s. mild to you remember with a. inland cooking on 80 something. and by 3:00. inland spots may reach 90 or so. planning your day, we're at 63 by 7 avenue 8:00 a.m. 12, we're at 68. mean while lower 60s cover the much of the coast and general forecast 67 for san francisco.
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oakland at 72 and for san jose, coming in about 82. and then for the three day forecast, we look at temperatures familying. we go from 86 down to 79. 75 working their magic by thursday. as bay temperatures settle in the lower 70s. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up in a liberty. right now a traffic accident update. >> doing fine. i know there's problems heading into san francisco. a live look here. it's nice and light rolling through the pay gates. the drive time kicked up to nine minutes to get from the foot of the maze to the free month exit. the best hour to commute within the the next hour. by 5:30. it's going to be packedder hook. so leave -- packed here and so leave now and you can beat the rush. checking in now for the -- for 580 westbound it's a nice drive heading into the north bay. only 8 minutes. your ride from the knot bay into san francisco, also --
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north bay into san francisco also looking good no problems. city street,s, fairly quiet. checking your ride through the east by a, 24 looks great. no big trouble spots for the mcarthur and the easter freeway coming through albany. nice and smooth so far. now back to the news. >> all right. thank you. 4:33 the time. a big story we're following. authorities say the minnesota mall attacker apyres to have acted alone what the fbi is calling a potential act of terrorism. new details emerging about the suspected stabber. people in his community say his actions were uncharacteristic and abrupt turn toward violence. >> my directive this morning to my staff was i wanted to know everything about him in the day he was born until last saturday. >> the police chief reacting to the identification of
4:35 am
saturday's mall stabbing suspect. federal law enforcement sources say he stabbed ten people before being shot dead by an off duty police officer. also axing arizona praised attacker as "a soldier of the islamic state. ." >> i did i read the news release. but at this time, we haven't uncovered anything to substantiate that the. >> ther were claim hasn't been independently terrified. membersmembers had also exepressing skepticisms. >> the idea that people will like this responsibility, for me, for us. >> the attacker, the private security firm employee had a good reputation. but two community leaders in touch with his family say he was act strangely before the incident. as for the victims initially hospitalized, st. cloud's mayor says they're recovering. >> i'm map to report all nine individuals have been released from the hospital.
4:36 am
happening now, more police officers are facing criminal charges now in a sex scandal. jasmine buslin is the woman at center of all of this up and down kron 4 as the graphic details on what the officers are accused of doing to that teenager. >> reporter: district attorney charged oakland police officer brian bunton with one count felon ab instruction of justice and one misdemeanor account in engaging in prostitution. accord ing to the document accident -- according to the document, he allegedly promoted acts by asking if she need -- made all her money and saying she needed a better manager. the charging documents allege that he met her online while she was under age and engaged in an act of oral copulation.
4:37 am
the probably cause document also states that leverde camed he never met her many person. tomorrow -- another deputy charged with one count of ore cop pew -- oral copulation with a mine. he claims to have sex with perez at least ten times while she was under age. >> he admits to having sex five to seven times. also perez claims the first time the first time he had sex was after her 18th birthday. in oakland, kron 4 news. this makes five officers now charged by the d. a. and additional charges could be coming to more officers. we will follow the story. still ahead, they were three shootings in a span of four days in one east bay city. we'll tell you how community
4:38 am
members are responding. what people in the area are saying about previous incidents like this. here's' live look outside of our camera in san francisco. we are tracking the weather forecast for today. dave will have a look at that coming up at 4:45.
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time now 4:39 in in bay area new, a homeless man in critical condition this morning after being shot by a paintball gun it happened just after midnight. police say man got into a confrontation with several people who later returned and shot him. this is not the first time something like this has happened either, people in the area say. now reporting oen with a had may be a new trend. having family and friends around the area, you are concerned about that kind of thing. >> monday morning, just after midnight, a homelessman was shot by an unknown group of people near the corner of mission and oliver. this is an example.
4:41 am
a paintball gun that sent the victim to the hospital. >> we say the suspect first confronted the victim on the 5800 block and came back with that paintball gun and shot him in the face and torso fracturing his skull. >> this is the second time this year a man was critically injured. >> it's too early to tell whether these two incidents are related. it is very coincidencal that they happen to be in the mission. >> may 19th another victim was shot in the head. this time a 55-year-old man. and he has since lost vision in one eye. the suspects in that case were described to be driving away in a white sedan with tinted windows. >> anyone who has ever played with a paintball gun. ever been hit by a paintball gun. just to prevent yourself from getting welts and bruises. imagine not having any of that on you. and being shot earl times where you're completely exposed. >> officer safes the suspects
4:42 am
could face felon battery. for an assault like this one. which could disfigure a person. >> kind of scary. families around here, you wouldn't want that happening to somebody that, you know. 4:41 the time. here's some of the stories we're working for the morning news at 5. a wildfire burning near an air force base. has exploded in size now burning out of control. we'll have an update on the massive cannon fire. >> and you could be wasting a lot of money if you're buying a certain type of gas. and the house harry potter lived in. while he wasn't at hogwarts. could be yours. find out how much that house is selling for. those stories and more coming up at 5.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. here's a look at some of the major headlines before you head out the door this morning.
4:45 am
a fire at the home, forced evacuations of several other homes and businesses in the area. it was a gas leak that caused the fire. no reports of any injuries and just one home is believed to have been damaged. plus, bart is issuing a warning now for people who leave their bikes at bike stations. thieves are now targeting bikes that are secure with u locks. officials say people would still use that particular kind of lock over cable locks for their bikes and they're planning on expanding secure bike parking. meanwhile, the ceo based wells far fargo plan to apologize. the bank is now facing a $185 million fine for using customer he's money to open up those fake accounts. let's talk about the weather here on this tuesday. we've got dave spar with a look at forecast. a little bit of fog here. i know a lot of folks for the
4:46 am
inland valley, it's been awfully hot. but looks like some relief on the way. >> some relief today. you'll get a bigger one really tomorrow. kind of like a little saw going to bring the temperatures down. and as soon as you get used to that, they're going to climb back up again. to give you an idea, here's san francisco for you. that's going to intensify the next couple of hours briefly before we mix that out. chicking things out for the bay bridge. this is what we've got going on. we have a little bit of a breeze in this general area, from san francisco, off to oakland. and then a little bit up to the delta as the on shore wind is making its presence known. so the neighborhood forecast is as follows. got the 70s all other the east bay shoreline. and over the east bay hill, we have 80 and potentially popping 90s in some spots. so it's still going to be a fairly warm day again still. down to the south bay, some improvement being noticed here.
4:47 am
we'll do san jose about 82 as well. lower 80s at work here. but then some of the outlining areas start to increase to the mid-80s as you can see. check the san francisco, we'll go about 67. mission district about 68. mostly sunny. that's the morning fog. it's upper 70s on the bay side. coast side, mid-60s. up in the north bay, some of the cracks will develop. maybe as early as today. because the system is coming from the northwest. napa coming about 85. so as i mentioned to james, it's kind of a work in progress. note the temperatures falling much more so tomorrow and even thursday. and snapping right back in business. if you missed summer, it's back by late this weeked. how's traffic going? still quiet? it's picking up. no major trouble spots, but it's definitely picking up here through the to plaza. it's a great ride across the span into downtown san francisco. only eight minutes for that
4:48 am
average drive from the maze to the sky way. remember, stay away from howard street between third and fourth that's going to be blocked off until the 24th. so it may slow you down a little bit. all right. heading over to the richmond center bridge. a little bit of a back up here. on the left. and some of the cash lanes. getting a little crowded. but it's not a bad commute. only 8 minutes out to the pay gaits. how about 101 in the north bay. it's been fairly quiet all morning. no big trouble spots through the tos. richardson, lumbar, all right. for those of you who have to get through the east by a, all of your major connectors. nice and smooth. the east shore, the 580, nice and light. and hot spot free. now back to the new. 4:47. bay area headlines now. the saleswoman severely injured from a falling tree branch in san francisco filed a claim against the city.
4:49 am
her attorney safes the tree was not proper i will maintained. 30-year-old emma joe was with her kids at washington square park when the 100-pound limb fell on her last month. joe is still recovering from a broken spine. severed spinal cord and a cracked asking scul. -- skull. she's not expected to the walk ever again. lawyers say nearly 50-foot pine tree was improperly used and they were using an illegal practicalled tree topping. the branches can then break off due to the excessive side. turning trees into dangerous hazards. a -- a middle school teacher pled not guilty for having an inappropriate relationship with a 15 year girl. she's accused of an on going relationship with a teen girl. police say they were reports that buts was kissing the student inside of a parked van near an elementary van. the prosecutors say the
4:50 am
victim's cell phone has a history of explicit text messages. the student admitted that they hugged and kissed and were in love. but is free on bail. she's set to return to court october citizen. head to east by a bay -- bay now. one of the recent shooting, a toddler was hit. jay talked to area where they fear it will be get worse before it gets better. >> 29-year-old shot and killed many monday morning and now after three shootings in just four day, some in the community are saying enough is enough. >> people forget about these kids. you know? people forget. but we not going to forget. we going to call. >> javanti was in his car and shot multitimes a that intersection. no arrests have been made. detectives appear it appears they knew each other.
4:51 am
the. lit can candle monday night to remember devonti and others whose lives have have been taken. >> there are too many makeshift memorials around rich monday. >> police have not said if these are gang related. but those in the community say what you're seeing is not a gang thing. >> i think it's more a territory. a click type deal going on. >> reporter: but many are fearful that things could get worse. >> and right now the key is on the leash, where they can't even go outside in their front yards and play. so to be in a war torn zone, a place such as that. a third world country where nobody can exercise their solution. >> politics is politics. but we have to deal with the humanity rye sis. it's a -- crisis. we have to make sure that the particular genora of mental health issues is being spread
4:52 am
across the message. we need mental health resources now. >> j. r. stone, kron 4 news. well, jim carey says a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the husband of his ex- girlfriend is an attempt to exploit hip him. aquased the -- accused the actor of giving precipitation drugs claiming she used those drugs to overdose in september of last year. the lawsuit claims that coo carey illegally obtainedambien and hydrocodone. we'll take a break. coming up, police looking for three people who broke into and ransack and bare area home. we'll take a look at -- a bay area home. we'll taking a loot a video. >> here's a live look. i think we have that. any nebraska, we'll get a weather update at the top of the hour. so stay tuned for that.
4:53 am
4:54 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news.
4:55 am
time is 4:54. we're hot spot free. here's a live look at the richmond bridge commute. 580 westbound. looking good so far. rolling into the north bay. the average drive only 8 minutes from the tos. out to that 101 on ramp. how about 92. that is westbound traffic on the right hand side of your screen. it's still a nice ride coming out of hayward. foster city, no big trouble spots. and for the east bay, sensors show all green. moving well so far. now back to the news. all right. thank you. happening now, police are looking for three people who bloke into a house and was all caught on camera. as the criminals going through the home, you see them there. this happened last week. and thieves are on the loose. the home was tell i at time. the victim came home the next day to see a glass door smashes. the thieves got away with a single tablet computer before
4:56 am
leaving. one person in the hospital after a egg be rig flip over on -- after a big rig flipped over on highway 80. it happened yesterday afternoon on the southbound side of the highway just past magdalana avenue. lanes were closed for about 4 hours. backing up traffic for miles. caltran crews and a tow truck cleared the roadway anded a roadway was eventually backed up again. coming up on the kron 4 morning new, the man expect the of planting bombs in new york and new jersey, is being held on $5.2 million bail this morning. we're going to go live outside from the hospital where he is at, and we'll have the latest from the investigation. >> plus poll eloing breaking news out of niese, france. there's been now arrest. we're el woo slay information. >> and healthy warning in the
4:57 am
east bay. a case of tuberculosis was confirmed at a high school. we'll tell you what you need to know. >> and a traffic moving well so far. but ronen is keeping an eye on the -- robin is keeping an eye on the commute and dave will have a look at forecast in just a minute. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. good morning -- good tuesday morning to you. i am darya fosom being held on $5 million bail right now .>>
5:00 am
ahmed khan ramahi was taken into custody. >> they are stay with dell's -- still weighing charges connecting to the bombing. there was one bomb planted at a new jersey charity race that nobody was hurt. there was another bomb in a chelsea neighborhood and this is surveillance video after the explosion. everyone has been released from the hospital. let's go live to where the suspect is being held in dianne gallagher has the latest on his condition and the investigation.>> -- >> reporter: ahmed khan ramahi continues to recover at this hospital in newark, new jersey . the point is that he is alive which gives investigators a rare chance to interview him about his motives and maybe
5:01 am
connections. the question now is, will he actually talk. with the bomb attack suspect in custody, new questions emerge. authorities want to know the motive for ahmed khan ramahi and whether he was working alone. the 28-year-old was taken into custody after the nypd asked for help in finding him. he was detained a few hours later when someone spotted him and contacted authorities.>> i was watching cnn on my laptop and they had his picture on the site. i said, this guy looks familiar. like the same guy.>> reporter: another new jersey resident captured the site just before the incident. new jersey police approach with a weapon and then gunfire.
5:02 am
>> the whole thing took maybe less than 30 seconds. everything happened so fast. i was shaking a little bit. the cops pulled out a gun and then i realized that this was the guy. >> reporter: and naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan, he is links to the bombing. he was seen on surveillance cameras near the chelsea bombing and it left 20 people injured and all have been released from the hospital.>> a lot official -- law enforcement official says that his wife actually left the country a few days before the bombing. officials are working with authorities in pakistan and the uae to ask questions. i am dianne gallagher, back to you.
5:03 am
kron 4 spoke in -- to an expert in the bay area. he's an expert in intelligence and security and he says one of the biggest threat is that people can become terrorists on their own even without becoming part of the terror group. he is praising the new york police department for acting so quickly. >> there try to put a lot of things together with him. who the meat -- who these men are that he has talked to and where does he acquire the materials? the people who adopt that ideology may come to that on their own and become loan worth -- lone wolf actors. they don't need to contact anybody higher up in the organization, they have accepted the philosophy.>> reporter: the president -- the professor says that there is no indication that it is tied to the upcoming presidential
5:04 am
election. we have a special section on our website with a timeline leading up to the suspect's capture. we will also hear how the presidential candidates are reacting to the terror attacks. we will hit the doors here in a moment and first dave has a look at the weather. we have had inland highs and we are looking at pleasanton right now. off to the bay bridge, we have patchy fog with which to deal with and it will get worse before it gets better. looking at the models, it looks like downtown san francisco near the coast. it will clear out. the temperatures right now are pretty mild. 69 in livermore and conquered at 62. east bay at 60. there is a strong onshore wind
5:05 am
which is double digits for oakland, san francisco and off to the delta near fairfield. it will be 81 by noon and 86 by this afternoon. how is traffic shaping up robin?>> it is looking pretty good and in the next 30 or 40 minutes it's going to be packed. it's a great ride all the way to downtown san francisco right now. in the north bay this morning, 580 w. is smooth. a great drive time to get from the toll bridge plaza to the on ramp and some rough fail. we will look at this -- at the san mateo bridge in my next report. now there is a house morning after a case of tuberculosis was found. >> what parents need to mow
5:06 am
this morning. >> reporter: parents need to know over the next week or so that 200-300 students at skyline high school will be tested to see if they came down with tuberculosis. this is a meeting that happened last night with about a dozen or so parents who showed up to the school after they found out that the health department reached out to skyline high school saying that one student does have tuberculosis. reportedly that student is in the hospital right now. they want the students to be checked out to see if they have tuberculosis and if they do, let's get a treatment going right now. tuberculosis is curable if you jump on it. if you don't jump on it, you could have problems, including breathing. it goes after the lungs. we spoke to the principal of the school and here's what they have to say.
5:07 am
>> often they have no evidence of exposure, but if they do, we make sure they are treated.>> they have deemed it to be the most likely to be exposed -- the students that have been deemed most likely to be exposed will be tested here on campus.>> reporter: the student is no longer at the school and has been removed for everyone's safety. that student is being treated right now. you cannot get tuberculosis walking by someone, you have to be in a classroom for a prolonged period. again, it is highly curable. of course we will give reaction from the students and the teachers as they drop off the kids in a few minutes. we are following breaking news and there have been eight new arrests in nice, france.>>
5:08 am
reporter: prosecutors are confirming just this morning that the eight people arrested overnight are linked to the attacker. we had video from the july 14 attack. 86 people were killed including a berkeley student who was studying there for the summer. the eight that were taken into custody, we are told they are men of tunisian and french descent. ice is claimed responsibility for that the steel bay attack. -- for that attack. a man drove a semi truck into the crowd. we will continue to follow the story and as we go to the newsroom, we will come back here with a debate -- with an update. wells fargo plans to apologize before a congressional panel after the
5:09 am
company is accused of opening millions of fake accounts to meet sales targets. >> we are outside headquarters in san francisco to explain what we expect to hear from the ceo.>> reporter: wells fargo has been feeling the heat since it was revealed earlier this month that it is being fined $185 million to settle allegations and that they secretly open unauthorized accounts for customers in order to meet sales goals. now, on the hot seat today, before the senate banking committee is the wells fargo chairman. he is expected to apologize for obtaining -- betraying customer trust. he is saying that he did not -- apologizing for not acting sooner to curtail unacceptable activity.
5:10 am
over 5000 wells fargo employees have been fired over the scandal. obviously there is a -- there is a call to remove him of -- as ceo. we expect to hear more 11:00 our time. a bear area college trying to prevent sexual assault on campus. we will tell you about the new technology that the school is using. the giants take on the dodgers and the national league west. we will have an update coming up. a wildfire growing out of control near an air force base on the central coast. we will have an update on the progress firefighters are making. we will be warm in the inland valleys and some areas may get to near 90 or so. we have a cool down in store and i will have details. i am tracking the morning commute and it is looking good so far. the san mateo bridge is looking
5:11 am
a little crowded, but moving well. stay with us and the morning ruse -- and the kron 4 morning news will return after the break.
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
welcome back. we are focusing on the weather because it looks like it will be another hot one for most of us on sunday, monday and tuesday. where we get another break? there is a little fog downtown right now in san francisco and that will be around for a couple of hours after sunrise it looks like. it should move out pretty quickly. the golden gate is trapped very nicely. not all the elements are in place to get his cooled down. this will do it for us inviting the onshore flow. in parts of the north bay, obviously near the coast and parts of the bay. inland it will be less pronounced. let's go to future cast where we get to around the afternoon hours and we will have plenty
5:15 am
of 80s this afternoon and even near 90 or so before this evening. the cooldown that happens tonight with the ocean cooled air will take a while to get over the hills. by noon we are talking sunny, mild and warm depending on your location. inland we are already in the 80s. some inland spots will reach about 90 with upper 70s to be had around the bay. as we look at what is happening over the east bay shoreline, 72 for oakland and near 80 at the east bay heels. pliny of 80s to litter the ground here. 88 at antioch and brent wood reaching about 90. over the next eight hours we have 66 on tap by 9:00 a.m. there is a cooling trend in place. oakland will be near 86 and
5:16 am
then tomorrow we will be upper 70s and near 80. then by thursday it looks like mid-70s. then toward the weekend we will have another heat wave. i will have details on that. right now let's check the traffic. between 5:30 and 6:00, it stands up -- jams up, especially near the toll bridge. you can see that it is -- the toll plaza. you can see it is already backing up. no traffic alerts or hot spots. remember to avoid howard between third and fourth and you may want to stay away from surrounding streets as well. when they close howard, it is awful trying to get around the closure. be prepared for that if you have to drive through downtown san francisco today. it is fairly quiet which is great news for you needing to get to north bay.
5:17 am
no problems at 80. only eight minutes from the tolls to the on ramp at soffer out -- san rafael. here is a live look at the right across the golden gate bridge. smooth in both directions at no problems on city streets in san francisco. if you are highway 4 commuter, it's a smooth trip. maybe you need to get to dublin and castro valley, it is looking great and there are no problems so far. a wildfire at an air force base at the central coast as fire exploding overnight and out of control this morning. this fire has burned over 9 mi.2 at the vandenberg air force base near santa maria in santa barbara. it is 0% contained and it started in a remote canyon. windy conditions are pushing the flames closer to homes south of the base and toward
5:18 am
the launch facilities. about 600 firefighters are on the front winds this morning. of fire still burning in monterey county and it is the most expensive wildfire in u.s. history. the fire has cost more than $206 million to fight soap bar and it doesn't include the damage to destroyed homes. the fires cause that must -- as much is $8 million per day to fight. it has burned 77,000 acres in just started on july 22. the continuum -- the containment is at 67% and it was started by an illegal campfire. to man accused of murdering a therapist. they are charged with the murders. you may remember 23-year-old audrey carry was shot in golden gate park in october of last year.
5:19 am
then 67-year-old stephen carter was killed. the suspects are charged with lightning and waiting and murder to commit our murder. they say -- they face life in prison without the possibility of parole. another person was charged for the murders and plead guilty to second-degree murder and agrees to testify against the other two. a man accused of beating an elderly woman in her home in san jose will be back in court at the end of the week. zachary quinn appeared in court and was arrested last week. police say that he attacked and 88-year-old woman named florence douglas in her home on north craigmont avenue last monday. she is still in the hospital in critical condition and quinn is charged with premeditated attempted murder, robbery and
5:20 am
elder abuse. he will be in court on friday to enter a plea and if convicted will face life in prison. a large house fire just north east of san jose. this was fueled by a gas leak. a viewer sent this video. the fire started just after 7:00 at a home near lieb court . crews were able to turn the gas line off after about two hours. investigators think the fire may have started by somebody cooking. nobody was injured, but one home was damaged. in the east bay, one bay area college is taking steps to prevent sexual assault on campus. cal state east bay is handing out a new device that could help stop the assaults. they are called robocop personal safety alarms. the students -- the first students to get them worth the students moving into on-campus housing last week. soon all freshman will get the devices.
5:21 am
they could get some -- it is going to get getting used to these things because they are new.>> it would not be my first reaction to pull it out and have it player. -- have it blare. >> the longer the devices activated, the louder it gets.>> reporter: there are 4000 more devices to be handed out. targeting bicycles that are secured with u locks.>> those locks of been recommended for a long time. carl clifford explains what you need to know to protect your bike. >> reporter: overall bart has seen a decrease in bike theft even though ridership has gone up.>> ridership is up 33% in the past 10 years. there has been a surge in bike riders and we are seen a drop
5:22 am
in the theft of bikes.>> bart advises right -- >> reporter: art advisors encourages bike riders to secure their bikes with u locks. now it appears there -- that they are not a lot -- not enough. >> these are cutting through u locks.>> i have cable and i have a u locks. >> reporter: hearing that thieves are cutting through u locks is bad news.>> it is concerning because i can't afford another bike. >> reporter: they will continue to ask people to use the u locks which are still better than cable locks. they also plan to expand secured parking with a dozen locations.>> they walked to an attendant and leave it there safe and secure and a safe environment.>> reporter:
5:23 am
charles clifford, kron 4 news. a stabbing at a mall and the reason that police don't think isis was behind the attack. baumgartner facing off against kirchoff. we will have the highlights coming up.
5:24 am
5:25 am
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5:26 am
dodgers in an important match as the giants try to make the playoffs. madison baumgartner trying to play out -- play against kirchoff. it's a one nothing lead. take a look at this. baumgartner fields the ball and throws out of first. then baumgartner and tweak change words -- pwig exchange words. >> come on, hold me back. they were pushing and shoving and a great rivalry. facing 7 shutout innings. we go one nothing in the bottom of the ninth inning. baumgartner pulled from the game after the seventh and the giants bullpen after things quiet down in the seventh. the dodgers at 2-1. there we are in the bottom of the ninth with a base hit and the dodgers
5:27 am
take the lead and win it with a walkoff lead in the bottom of the night. -- the night. hunter thought he caught it and he didn't. the giants are tied with the cardinals for the second wild- card spot. they are six games out of first place behind the dodgers and they go at it again tonight at seven. the a's taking the lead against the astros. the bullpen could not get it done and the astros tied in the eighth and they went on to win with a two run double in the night. they when it 5-2. the first hit is seven: 05 this morning. coming up on the kron 4 morning news . a man arrested for the bombings in new york and new jersey. there are no concerns about the bombs that were used. they are fairly easy to make. a sex scandal plaguing bay area
5:28 am
police departments. we will tell you the charges they are facing. temperatures getting to the lower 70s, but still quite warm in the east bay this afternoon. a cooling trend continues and kron 4 morning news continues.
5:29 am
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news. it is tuesday it is tuesday, september 20. there are plenty of hot spots still. we are on a cooling trend which is the name of the game. downtown san francisco still dealing with the fog which will probably intensified a little bit until this moves out. here is the golden gate bridge and you can see the fog cutting off the towers in the background. the temperatures are 59 for
5:31 am
oakland and 66 for hayward. livermore at 69. san mateo checks in at 58. the onshore wind is checking in bringing the marine layer. it is 10 for san francisco and 20 for fairfield with a good clip around the delta. during the day we will have patchy fog and be sunny by noon. warm inland already and that will turn hot with some spots topping off near 90 in the bay. we will be in the upper 70s territory. by 1:00 we are talking 84 degrees. i will look at the different cities. 72 for oakland and 82 for san jose. i will have the extended forecast in just a bit with another warm up. here is robin with the traffic. it is crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. get in before 5:30 so you don't
5:32 am
have to beat the morning rush.>> it is stretching to west grand and the drive time is increasing already up to 10 minutes now. that is from the maze across the upper deck to fremont street. you can see right down the middle it is moving well. if you have fasttrack and plan on coming in right now, you will save time. the cash lanes are heavier. we are hotspot free which is excellent if you are about to get the road. we will look at the san rafael and the san mateo and the golden gate coming up in a few minutes. investigators are still trying to figure out if a man suspected up bombings in new york and new jersey had help from anybody else. >> the bombs could've been deadly and they are not hard to make. >> reporter: with the dramatic arrest of suspect, ahmed khan ramahi , authorities are still
5:33 am
working to find out how the bombs were made and who made them. the police commissioner says that authorities are not seeking anybody else and connections with the it -- connection with the attacks. they still want to know if ahmed khan ramahi had help in making the bombs. >> we are still investigating. rip -- >> reporter: law enforcement officials say that the bombs may not be that sophisticated because some did not detonate. on another level, officials say there was enough know-how for these bombs to be lethal by -- as evidenced by the bbs and ball bearings track -- packed into both of the pressure cooker bombs.>> it was intended to kill. when you have extra shrapnel, you want extra effect from your explosive bank. >> reporter: the pressure cooker devices in new york city and the devices along the race route in seaside, new jersey,
5:34 am
were rigged to detonate using cell phones as timers, possibly with alarm clocks. fbi and atf investigators say that is a sign of sophistication. >> you have to have some knowledge of the assembly of the caught -- the clock and you have to study the power to actually use it. >> reporter: making the bombs does not require a high level of training. al qaeda actually published how to make a pressure cooker bomb. >> it tells you how to make the explosives in the detonators.>> reporter: the bomb in chelsea did detonate inside or underneath a dumpster. >> that basically holds back a lot of the effects of the detonation. ahmed khan ramahi has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement
5:35 am
officer. that was set at $5.2 million. we are learning more information about the man who went on a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall. james fletcher is that the news desk. >> reporter: the man appeared to have act alone -- acted alone in a potential threat of terrorism. he has been identified by law enforcement. you can see his picture. he step 9 people before police stopped him. >> i did freeze -- read the news release sent out by isis. we have not covered -- uncovered anything to substantiate that.
5:36 am
>> reporter: nine people were hospitalized after the attack and have since been released. as you can imagine, both candidates are speaking out about the recent attacks in new york and new jersey. this is ahead of their first debate which happens next monday. one of the topics to be addressed is securing america. we will continue to follow the story. breaking news out of oakland. a person in critical condition after a crash on crown boulevard.>> just at the scene, what you know?>> reporter: you can see multivehicle's and cars involved. -- what do you know? >> reporter: you can see multiple vehicles and cars involved. this took place at 11:30 last night and six hours later they are still here. a woman was rushed to the hospital and her name was not released. we know that she was in her 20s and they are investigating that possibly alcohol was related to
5:37 am
the accident. she was going down foothill boulevard in a westerly direction when apparently she lost control of her car and slammed into that great camera and then -- gray camry and then into another car. you can see it is mangled and this side of the highway will be shut down for several hours. this was a solo driver and nobody else was in the car at the time. it did involve multiple vehicles. thanks a lot. a woman was seriously injured when a tree branch fell on her at a san francisco park and she is now filing a claim against the city. it is believed that the said -- that san francisco is at fault. we will see what happened with a weekend trip for students and staff.
5:38 am
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yo...don't let sinus symptomsnd bring you down now.. get fast sinus relief with vicks sinex and get back in the game. sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head... ...medicine. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the time now is 5:38. here is 92 and the ride across
5:40 am
the bridge. you can see the brake lights rolling over to the peninsula. no major problems. it is looking good on the 101 to san mateo. it takes 14 minutes from hayward to the 101 connector. it is 5:39 and the big news this morning is that current and former police officers were charged for theirs alleged involvement in a wide ranging sex scandal involving a teenager. a former sheriff's deputy, recorder -- ricardo fernandez is charged with oral sex with a minor. there is also a conspiracy -- conspiracy to obstruct justice. he alerted the teenager about an undercover prostitution sting where the teenager was prostituting herself. two other officers from oakland and livermore are involved and were charged last week.
5:41 am
spending $2 million per year on premium gasoline. some say there is no need to pay for premium gasoline if your car is designed to run on regular. it did not reduce emissions or clean engines even -- any better than regular gas. some drivers like to treat because they believe it boosts performance. it could cost up to 50% -- $.50 per gallon more than regular. >> i know, i use the good stuff and it costs more and i hated. uris what we are working on for the 6:00 hour for the kron 4 morning news. -- here is what we are working for -- working on for the 6:00 hour for the kron 4 morning news. one person accidentally got skidded -- citizenship.
5:42 am
find out what went wrong. your child may no longer have to worry about eating lunch alone at school. a new app to make sure that everybody has somebody to sit with.>> i wish i had one of those when i was a kid. we will see clouds creep into parts of the south bay later this afternoon. i have forecast which is still quite toasty as kron 4 morning news continues.
5:43 am
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it is 5:44 here on the kron 4 morning news. it took four hours to catch this man after he was publicly identified by the police department. ahmed khan ramahi was arrested after a shootout with police and prosecutors are still weighing the charges. he is being held on $5.2 million bail. a warning in the east bay after a confirmed case of tuberculosis at a oakland high school. skyline high school has upward of 300 students that may have been in contact with the person diagnosed with tuberculosis. a letter was sent to parents on friday telling them about the diagnosis. the ceo of wells fargo plans to apologize today. they opened up to 2 million accounts without the knowledge of customers in order to meet
5:46 am
sales targets. ceo, john stumpf , says he plans to apologize and over 5000 employees have been fired. we want to get a look at the weather because we have to make it through one more hot day. that's right. here's a shot of san jose. there may be a few stray clouds that make their presence known in the afternoon in the far south bay. the bay bridge is loaded up and there is haze >> around the immediate -- and there is haze around the immediate bay. on the board we are at 59 in oakland and 60 in hayward. look at the numbers pop as we go over the hills. 69 in livermore and 64 at san jose and 62 for concord. along the peninsula upper 50s and lower 60s. a mild start even with an onshore breeze. 79 for hayward it looks like.
5:47 am
in the east bay hills, mid 80s to upper 80s that you can see. brentwood will get up to 90 or so. headed down to the south bay, we will mention a few stray clouds to the south. it looks like 82 for san jose and milpitas about 82. along the peninsula it, -- peninsula, it looks like 82. along the bayside, upper 70s it looks like in san mateo county. san mateo at 78. the coast will be mid-60s. at north bay, which is where the system is coming from, 83 for papilloma and novato and it looks like 85 for napa and 75 for vallejo. here is the cooldown. this cooldown is more stark tomorrow. get out of the way. by the time
5:48 am
we get to the weekend, it is back to the mid-90s. how was traffic holding up? it is crowded out there and you have a lot of company, but there are no major trouble spots. that's the good news. here is the traffic on the right side of the screen on 92. it is moving with no big trouble spots. it is only 15 minutes from hayward to san mateo which is great drive time. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a growing backup. if you need to cut from oakland to san francisco, it was slow right after the maze. so at that point right after the tolls is looking good and it is smooth on the suspension. it is back on the open side and that is not bad from the maze to fremont street. we have smoothed traffic through the tolls with no problem at all headed to north
5:49 am
bay. leaving north bay to san francisco, no major slowdowns for south 101. so far it is nice and smooth rolling through the tolls and out the doyle. checking highway 4, that is always slowed during the 5:00 hour. from antioch to pittsburgh and big point, no major trouble spots, just the usual crowding. around 20 minutes to get to hillcrest. thanks a lot. it is 5:48 and we have learned that a san jose state university student died on a weekend trip with his college. billy glenn was visiting sequoia national park with other students and school staff over the weekend. he drowned in the eagle lake area of the park on saturday afternoon. he was swimming in the lake and then started to struggle. student and staff tried to rescue him and they could not get to him and he drowned. he was part of the outdoor
5:50 am
adventures recreation program. a woman whose spine was broken when a large tree branch fell on her in a san francisco park is filing a claim against the city. she was seriously injured when a tree branch fell on her on august 12. she was in the park with her daughters and her lawyers say that the tree -- the city had improperly pruned a pine tree. they are -- they remove the upper part to allow branches to grow more quickly. it has been outlawed in the city since 2006. she has a spinal cord injury, brain damage and is paralyzed below the waist. the time is 5:49 and a millbrae teacher has pleaded guilty. she is charged with two counts of lewd out -- asked with a minor and having a relationship with a teenage girl. she was kissing the girl inside of a parked van near an
5:51 am
elementary school near san bruno. the girl eventually did tell the police that the two had a relationship and were in love. she is free on $85,000 bond and is due back in court next month. one person is hospitalized after a big rig overturns on interstate 280. >> this is courtesy of our partnership with abc 7 news. this happened about 2:00 yesterday afternoon on the southbound side of the highway near magdalena avenue. it was closed for about 4 hours and backed up traffic for miles. one person was hospitalized and is expected to be okay. in critical condition after being shot with a paintball gun. >> this happened in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood. the man got into fight with several people and then later was shot.>> this is not the first time this is happened.>> reporter: having family -- >> having family and friends around this area, you are
5:52 am
concerned about this kind of thing. >> reporter: shot by an unknown group of people near mission and all of her. the paintball gun sent the 33- year-old victim to the hospital.>> -- >> reporter: they confronted the victim and then left and came back with a paintball gun. they shot them in the face and torso and fractured his skull. this is not the first time that a paintball gun is been used. >> at sun clear if the incidents are related. it is coincidental that they happen to be -- it is unclear if the incidents are related. it is coincidental -- it is -- both incidents happen to be in the mission. anybody who has been hit eye of paintball god, you realize you need to wear protective and
5:53 am
heavy clothing to prevent yourself from getting welts and bruises. imagine not having that on you and being shot several times in the head and chest and face where you are completely exposed.>> reporter: and assault like this could disfigure a person.>> it is scary. he would not want that happening to somebody that you know. it is 5:52 and still happening on the tiki 12. a deadly -- kron 4 morning news , a deadly attack in nice, france. how you could own the home that harry potter lived in when he was not at hogwarts. p?p?o?gv
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. harry potter's liquid home is for sale. the real world house in the town of bracknell which is about 25 miles west of london.
5:56 am
it is in the same county is windsor castle. it is listed for about 625,000 u.s. dollars. coming up in the next hour, the massive fire in moderate county is the most costly in our country's history. find out how much money we are talking about. president obama getting ready to address united nations. what we can expect to hear today. we have continuing coverage of the top story, the man arrested for the weekend bombings in new york and new jersey. still in the hospital now. we will have an update on the investigation and a live report.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
he continues to recover here saying he was in stable condition. we were told before he was not cooperating. but the commissioner said it is
6:01 am
medically difficult to question him. he was shot several times and he just has not been easy. he is yet to be mirandaruzed. and -- miranda-rized. >> >> reporter: with the suspect in custody, new questions emerge. authorities want to know rahami's motive. he was taken into custody after they asked the public for help in finding him. he was detained a few hours later. when a bar owner spotted him and alerted authorities. >> i saw his face and he moved his hoodie. and it look kind of shocked me. i was watching cnn on my laptop and you guys have his picture on the side like a that. and i said this guy looks very
6:02 am
familiar. like the same guy. >> another new jersey resident captured the moment before the confrontation. rahami walks towards police and then gunfire. >> a witness to the dramatic scene. >> it only took, the whole thing took 30 seconds. less than 30 seconds. >> once he went towards the door. everything happened so fast. i was like shaking. >> you know. and he pulled out his gun at that point in time and i realized that this is the guy. >> rahami, a natural citizen from achg is -- from afghanistan. the explosion left 29 people injured. all have been released from the hospital. >> we have been told that rahami's wife left the country a few days before the bombings. and that u.s. officials have within in touch with the united emirates and tried to get a
6:03 am
hold of her and give her a clue of what was going on in the days leading up to all of this. it is important to point out. that the taliban said they have no connection to rahami whatsoever. and they tell us. they can't make any links with isis. >> live in new jersey, back to you. stick with kron 4 for 4 with the bombing -- for the bombing attacks. hear how the presidential candidates are reacting to the violence. that is all on kron >> now we have weather and traffic. it is a tuesday commute information and we are watching warm weather and it will cool up. and warm up and cool down. >> a lot going on. >> extended forecast. >> still quite toasty. >> we will still be dealing with that. and in the immediate period around the pay and what we have in alcatraz, we have the fog issue we will be dealing with.
6:04 am
and this will mix us out. so say the models and it gets worse for downtown san francisco. and it is the east coast shoreline. it is mixing out. we will get sunny weather for everybody. and we have the on shore wind as the new system approaches. >> quite lofty and east of the east bay hills and it is lined up there. >> open for hayward and 62 for san jose. and mountain view comes in at 61. noting the winds come in from the coast. not as high as we have seen from the last hour or so. >> concord coming in at six at last check. be ready for school forecast puts us at high noon. >> some areas approaching at 90 for around the bay. you can plan on 71. this is the look for the next few days. it is a cool down coming down in a bit. this is now coming in. >> this is slow at the toll plaza rolling into san francisco. that's what we expect.
6:05 am
it is quiet. no big trouble spots and growing back up. beyond the overcrossing and now, it is holding at the foot of the maze. >> it is around 14. 15 minutes from downtown oakland and it is pretty good drive time. and major hot spots and the san francisco bay reporting that the the vallejo departure to the building canceled because of mechanical problems and will be replaced by buses. we will have a complete traffic check coming up for you. thank you, robin. >> this is out of oakland. a person is in critical condition after a major crash. >> kron 4's will tran is live to tell us what happened. what happened, will? >> reporter: this happened at around 11:30 last night. they believe alcohol played a role in the crash. you can see the tow truck drivers. they arrived over the past 10 minutes. this involves four cars.
6:06 am
let me walk you through what happened. the driver was going west bounds on night hill boulevard. going at a high speed. crashes into several parked cars and the tow truck driver on the left. first park td car that was slammed into. and the camry is now on the flat bed. >> that was car number 1. she keeps going a short distance. actually slides sideways and we showed you how mangled her car was. there is the tow truck driver number 2. >> he or she is removing that person's car and then slams so bad will you. going so fast and slammed into the white pickup truck. you can see right there. where heavy front end damaged parked car. >> all together. another four cars involved. >> six or seven hours ago. they are still here. the woman rushed to the hospital at last check. she is in critical condition. and she was the only person involved. fortunately no pedestrians at the time and no other cars were
6:07 am
on the road at the time. but there are plenty of parked cars they have to deal with. i can tell you this scene. it looks like it is now starting to wrap up just a bit. >> it will be out the next 30 minutes or so. >> her name not being released at this time and she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. and yes, they do believe that speed and alcohol were fabt tories in the accidents. back to you. >> we will check back with you with more information. >> 606 is the time. happening now. there is a health warning after a case of tuberculosis was confirmed a a school in oakland. james fletcher is at the breaking news desk with what they need to know. >> they are trying to figure out how many students have been exposed. we did speak with school officials. upwards of 300 students may have come in contact with the person with tuberculosis and they sent out a letter telling them about the situation. tb takes it several months to
6:08 am
be treated and any infected student may be out for the rest of the school year as they recover. >> as to how you contract tb, it can be spread through prolonged face to face contact. >> have you few of those -- very few of those have exposure. and we make sure they are treated. >> the next step is the individual's school who the health department have deemed to be the most likely to have been exposed. they will be tested here on campus. >> the principal went on to say, they will be tested next tuesday and if anyone tests positive, the school will offer treatment. tb usually attacks the lung and impacts the kidneys. spine and brain. and it can be deadly if it is not treated. they want to jump on this as fast as they can. >> some symptoms to watch out for. bad cough that lasts for three weeks or more. pain in the chest. coughing up blood a reason for worry or weakness or fatigue as
6:09 am
quell. >> -- as well. >> this is the latest from the newsroom. >> 6:08. in less than an hour. wells fargo is planning to apologize before a congressional panel for what his employees did, opening up fake accounts to meet their target. >> this is in san francisco and this is what we will expect to hear from the ceo this morning. >> jackie? >> good morning, mark. wells fargo is feeling the heat since it is revealed they have been fined $185 million to settle allegations that they secretly opened unauthorized accounts for customers in order to meet sales goals. on the hot seat before the banking come mid tee is chairman and ceo john stump and he is expected to apologize for portraying the customer's trust. they have a copy of his
6:10 am
prepared testimony and he will reportedly say he is deeply sorry the bank failed to meet its responsibility to the customers and didn't act sooner to stem, what he called this unacceptable activity. now, over 5,000 wells fargos employees have been fired over the scandal and many more people are calling for stump to be removed as ceo. as you said. he will be on the hot seat starting in one hour. >> 7:00 our time in front of the senate banking come mate tee and we will cover that for portions when he makes that apology in front of congress. mark? darya? >> thank you. >> if you are heading out, find out what these are targeting at bart stations. >> tensions rise between the giants and the dodgers. you looking at me? find out what balm gartner had to do from his teammates. >> look at the ride at the san
6:11 am
mateo bridge. this is rolling through the peninsula. and we will have a complete check coming up after the break.
6:12 am
6:13 am
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6:14 am
>> it is very quiet. we like it that way. >> don't cause problems on the road. >> before the traffic, darya, this is normal. >> bay bridge toll plaza. it is exactly what we expect. >> 7:13 in the morning. stretches to the foot of the maze and smooth on the bridge. >> 12 to 15 mondays to downtown oakland and fremont street. >> this is the bridge. it is complete opposite and zipping right on through the toll plaza without trouble spots. it is not a problem for you. you need to get into the north bay. >> quick reminder. >> you take the bay ferry. the departure from vallejo and the san francisco ferry building. that was counsel killed -- counseled once again. they have mechanical issues and they will replace it with a bus fridge and when you make it over. pay close attention to the announcements they are making. you may want to leave early and get a seat on the bus. for the rest of the bay area.
6:15 am
hot spot free and this is slow. >> highway four. and from antioch to concord and going beyond that. and fairly quiet. it is a 15 minute trip leaving concord. that is an excellent drive time. we have some commute traffic here and this is a ride heading south out of dublin and it picks up before the 84 splint. no major slowing after 84. put it all together and it is only 24 minutes to get from the dublin interchange out to mission south and the commute is off to a great start. >> see if the weather is going to be nice today. >> good morning, everybody. >> still quite warm. it will be. >> particularly in the inland valleys and going on. >> they are pretty warm and even just to get things started. >> changing thanks -- changing things. this is driving the on shore wind and shaving the temperatures today and true effects being felt east bay hills and given time to come
6:16 am
into play. here is what it looks like in the models. this is found in east bay and certainly again. >> approaching 90 or so. around the perimeter of the bay and they will be felt and getting cooler air over the east bay hills. it is slow going from last night and they are fairly high at this hour. >> looking at future cast. >> few straight clouds may pass this afternoon a little bit. not much of a temperature impact with all of that and planning your day by noon. >> sunny, mild to warm and we are getting those highs in the inland temperatures and getting 90 or so inland by 3:00. bay meanwhile in territory and 79 and cupertino coming in at 82. scattered clouds again. lower 80s will do it. and however, getting to the middle 80s. territory. next eight hours will put you down to 72 and the bay at about
6:17 am
71. but we are in a cooling friend for everybody going forward. reflect that. we are in the 70s territories for tomorrow and by thursday and fall begins, by the way and temperatures don't reflect that. we will have more on the weekend. >> thanks a lot, dave. >> it is 6:16. an everyone with aing for people who leave their bikes at bart stations. they are saying thieves have started targeting bikes and bike ridership is up 33%. so people ride their bikes and they lock them with the you strong and reduce thefts. >> bart is advising them to use the locks instead of cable locks. they are supposed to be better. >> growing evidence that the you locks might not be must have. >> what we are now seeing for first time. >> they are cutting through you locks and that is upsetting.
6:18 am
>> yes. >> of course. >> because they can't afford another bike. >> keep using it and they are better and say they plan on expanding security in the parking area where the bikes are and they will have more people with eyes on the bike. >> this is the best lock they say is out there. >> breaking into breaking news. eight people arrested in connection with the deadly bass teal day attack. >> we are following that from the breaking news desk and what we are learning about the people arrested. >> french froms announcing the eight people have been arrested all in connection with the attack. this this video that we are showing you thousand. it was back from in july. >> they drove a truck through the bass teal celebration in nice, france. and french authorities are saying that the men who were arrested during the overnight hours have been in contact or at least were connected to the
6:19 am
attacker. >> that is the latest information. >> all eight men are tunisian or french in nationality. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. i will follow the story and let you know if new information comes out. an as a result of the eight arrested overnight. >> i will keep track of it for you. >> thank you. trial begins today in two drifters for murdering a therapist and canadian tourist. >> morris and 19-year-old lie la scott were charged with the murders. 23-year-old audrey kerry was shot in the golden gate bridge last year. three days later. >> 67-year-old steven carter was killed in the open reserve near fairfax. >> they were lying in wait while committing a robbery. >> they are facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> third person. sean michael engles and he was charged with the murder. and he agreed to testify against the other defendants as
6:20 am
part of a plea deal. > >> to the south now. firefighters have contained a large house fire in northeast san jose. this fire was fueled but a gas leak. you can see everybody here watching the glow of the fire. a viewer sent this video into us and fire started 7:00 last night on leah court and south white roads. gas was still flowing when they got there and they were able to turn it off. they shut the line off after two hours. >> it might have started by someone who was cooking. >> nobody was hurt and obviously the home was damaged. >> the minnesota restaurant owner put a controversial sign outside of the business after the small stabbing attack. >> here is the sign. muslims get out and he posted this outside the restaurant yesterday and he stood outside the business and protest the sign. he is facing some opposition. he said he has no regrets
6:21 am
wrssments. >> it is time they started standing up and not worrying about the pc crowd and what we are doing is right. we are not targeting the muslims in general, just the extremists. that's all i can say. it is my right and i wish more people would do it. >> he has no plans to remove this. >> 10 people were stabbed in the attack on the mall on saturday. >> off duty police officer shot and killed the attacker. >> time now is 6:20. >> more than 800 immigrant consist who were supposed to be removed from the country and were suppose and became citizens by accident. this is by the department of homeland security. the report said the immigrantused a different name on their citizenship applications. but they slipped through the cracks because their fingerprint it is had not been digitized and they were not accessible during the
6:22 am
applications. they may end up being denaturalized depending on a review recommended by the report. >> the giants are on the road in an important game taking on the dodgers and set up a pitching match against kershaw. >> this one is in third. >> wild pitch and that gives the giants the 1-0 lead in the 3rd inning. >> giants still up 1-0. >> take a look at this. >> throws it and then they change words and then moments later, the beverage is clear. . >> they get no help and giants bullpen. throwing another one and it is the bottom of the ninth and miss hit. to right field. >> hunter pens doesn't make the catch. and the dodgers win and the woman of the ninth with the walk off hit and now tied with
6:23 am
the cardinals for the second and final wild card spot and they go at it again with a six scheme lead over the giants. and they play again tonight at seven. this is the as and taking the leads in the second inning with a pair of solo home runs and bruce maxwell and another story here with the bullpen not getting it done. they tie the game in the eighth and win it with a 2-run double in the ninth. and the as and the astros. again at the coliseum. first base at 7:05. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. member of the bush family could be voting for hillary. find out which republican president could vote for a democrat come november. >> a college in the east. may be trying to represent sexual assault on campus. new device that police think could help stop crime. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
6:24 am
[ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ]
6:25 am
♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. . it is already packed on the san mateo bridge. this is rolling out of hayward and to the peninsula. and starts with the nimitz freeway and it is packed. >> jammed back from 238. it is one long line of heavy traffic here up to 92. getting across the bridge and it will pick up at the high rise. >> not bad. and out to 101.
6:26 am
>> darya. >> thanks a lot. robin. >> 6:25 and to the east bay where a bay area college is stepping up its efforts to prevent sexual assaults on campus. they are handing out a new device that they hope stops crime. >> it is called a rob bow cop. and -- robo cop and it is a personal safety alarm. first people to get them were students moving into on campus housing. soon, all incoming freshman will be hand the out these devices. >> some students have to get used to using them. >> that would not be the first reaction to have it come out and blair. >> and the longer it is separated. the device is activated and the louder it gets. >> on campus housing gave out just under 100,000. and there are 4,000 more to be handed out. >> former republican president george her bertd bush could be voting for hillary clinton.
6:27 am
john f. kennedy posting this picture on facebook. it shows kathleen kennedy townsend shaking hands and the caption said he told me he is voting for hillary. spokesperson said he could not confirm nor deny the claim. > foming breaking news out of oakland. after crashing into three other cars. there is a car right behind me. i will tell you what happened. coming up in a live report. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. this is the bombs used in the attacks and this is what they are hoping to learn from the explosives. >> we have a cooling onshore flow in place. not looking great for the coast and the east bay. still looking for warm temperatures in the east bay. we will look around the forecast around the bend. kron 4 news continues.
6:28 am
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6:30 am
. welcome back. see how things are rolling with robin in a minute. we will talk about how hot it is going to be. one more day. >> and improving. and get toasty too. >> look at this sunrise out in pleasanton. and out in diablo. >> we have the sun comes up and there we go in the 80s and again, however, by tomorrow, we will see some distinct changes back at the golden gate bridge and this is not for too long and over the east bay hill. still hanging in the 60s. all overnight and this morning. >> 59 in hayward and 62 going on for san jose and san mateo. about 57. we do have an on shore wind as you can see. >> pointing in from the west. >> getting 10 miles an hour.
6:31 am
and open six for concord and still though. it will be quite toasty and next eight hours goes like this. and we are talking 86. look at a different location for highs today. >> 67 nor san francisco and noting the morning fog. >> 72 and 82 will do it and for sj. >> there is a change in store for us though. >> they will start to prevail and starting tomorrow and right into thursday. we will warm back up again for a few days. >> checking in to robin. >> how are we doing. >> no hot spots and excellent news for you with to hit the road. you will not be able to get around this slow traffic here. it is the usual crawl. do expect a back up that is holding at the foot of the maze. and it is moving well. >> a little crowded on the eastern pan heading up towards treasure island and packed up here behind the toll plaza: it is normal. >> 17 minutes down to san francisco. i have spotted a crash on the mim mits.
6:32 am
it is not a major accident. you can see it here rolling out of fremont. this is at the the exit. and one lane blocked. not a huge deal and it is kicking off the slow down. it is slow behind the scene. you have to deal with the usual crowding on the hayward side and south of 238. you put it all together. it is 28 minutes and growing from 238 out to 237. more drive times. and in my complete traffic check. >> thank you. >> breaking news we are following out of oakland. and in critical condition after a major crash. >> we will go to the world tran and live at the scene. >> getting us the latest information. what is new now. >> we do know the woman is still in the hospital in critical condition. and this is at 48 and foot hill boulevard. you can see the police officer starting to wrap up the scene. and this happened seven hours ago. and the female driver was going wells bounds on foot hill boulevard. they believe she was speeding. and alcohol played a role in
6:33 am
the stent. >> slammed into three other parked cars. and they just removed her honda civic. >> i can tell you. it is going so farsz fast. she slammed into several parked cars. including the white pickup truck. you can see the front end. >> this is not the car she initially slammed into. and she slammed into one other car in front of it and ultimately. into the pickup truck. the pickup truck was hit so hard. it backed up and damaged the car behind it and all together. four cars involved. and fortunately. no pedestrian it is on the sidewalk. and no other cars. >> she is at the hospital this morning. in critical condition. and her name is not being released for her family. and for the family's privacy at this particular point. foot hill boulevard. westbound. starting to wrap up just a little bit. >> this is a busy area of oakland. and people are driving around it and it should be available to you over the next 10 minutes
6:34 am
or so. back to you. >> 6:33 is the time right now. >> right now, the fbi is trying to learn more about the bombs being used. >> we at the breaking news desk. >> james? >> new york police commissioner said right now. they are not actively lifl looking for anyone else. and that could very well change as new evidence comes to light. >> they are looking for any evidence to suggest if rahami had any help in planting those bombs. at one level, they weren't very sophisticated and some didn't detonate and the pipe bombs were crude in their design. >> ordinary. >> the same presume admit. >> they would make the bombs lethal. >> or the very, very. and it is metal. you want maximum effect there the explosive bank. that's what -- bank. that's what you are looking
6:35 am
for. >> cooker pressure devices along the race route in see seaside, new jersey were ready to detonate. and rahami is charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. >> bail is set at $1.2 billions. >> we are learning new information about the man who went on a stabbing spree. >> sources say. he stabbed 10 people before he was shot dead by an off duty police officer. >> isis claimed it was behind the stabbing attack. and they have expressed doubt that he was a member of the islamic state terror group. i did read the news release that was sent out by isis and at this time we haven't uncovered anything to substantiate that. >> people like isis claim. this is a responsibility.
6:36 am
>> for us. >> nine people were hospitalized after the attack and they have all been released. >> time now is 6:35. >> big news. >> prosecutors have charged three current and former officers for their alleged involvement in wide ranging police scandal involve something a teenager. >> officer giovanni and former contra cost transgender deputy are charged with oral sex with a minor. >> brian bunt ton is charged with felony conspiracy to obstruct justice. he alerted the teenage girl with an undercover prostitution ring where she was prostituting herself. two former cops. one from cook and one from livermore were charged in the case last week. the man accused of violently beating and robbing an elderly woman in her home goes back to court at the end of the week. they were there yesterday as you see in court. when zachary quinn was there and he was arrested last week.
6:37 am
he attacked 88-year-old florence douglas in her home on north crig month avenue. >> florence douglas is still in the hospital right now. >> quinn is charged with premeditated attempted murder. >> burglary. and elder abuse. >> this is back in court on friday. and he faces life in prison. >> happening today. >> set to address the united nations as the last time for the world summit. security is treat at the un in response to the weekend explosions and nearly. >> 140 team leaders expected. and they will host a summit on refugees. and how to stop terrorism and foster peace in the middle east. >> you may not have to worry about eating lunch alone at school. >> new app meant to find someone to sit with. >> could be weighting your
6:38 am
money on gasoline. >> think twice before you use the premium. look out here. >> we do have a little bit of fog turning. and little bit of cool down for san francisco and maybe a degree or two inland. >> another warm up also on the way. >> we will have more on the forecast and the tuesday morning commute. >> i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you.
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6:40 am
6:41 am
. it is 6:40. it is definitely slow out there and this is the richmond san rafael bridge and this is approaching the toll plaza and now out to castro and it is beyond that and within the next 15 minute. it is still 10 minutes from the toll plaza out to 101. i am tracking a crash on the here. we will have the details in the full traffic check. >> thank you, robin. >> they are waisting -- wasting 2 billion-dollars a year on premium gasoline. no sense in paying for freedom yum gas if your car is designed to run on regular. fnght premium didn't increase horsepower or fuel economy in cars that require a lower gasoline. >> it is not better. they like to treat them to a higher octane. they believe it will broos performance. >> they can cost 50-cent consist nor per gallon and don't do any more if the car
6:42 am
takes a lower octane. >> hold on one second, stick with it. > >> mine taking higher. >> don't go lower than the octane. >> don't go higher either. >> follow the instructions. >> i never like to read the instructions. >> we have got to tell you about a unique attack. >> a paintball gun was used and seriously injured somebody. we will tell you where it happened. we have a look at the as gameversion suses astros at 7:05. mostly clear skies. very light and mostly clear and cool. got your neighborhood forecast and extended around the bep. the kron 4 morning news.
6:43 am
6:44 am
. it took four hours to catch this man and he was arrested after a shoot out with police.
6:45 am
federal prosecutors say they are weighing charges against him. and he is in the hospital. being held on bail. health warping after a case of tuberculosis has now been confirmed at an oakland high school. >> skyline high is trying to figure out how many may have been exposed. upwards of 300 students may have been in contact with the person diagnose notioned with tb. and the letter went out telling them about the positive test. >> it is 15 minutes. ceo of wells fargo plans to apologize for betraying customer's trust. they are accused of opening over 2 million account it is without the knowledge of customers in order to meet sales goals. >> john stump said contest deeply sorry the bang failed to moat -- the bank failed to meet the responsibilities of its customers. i shouldn't say one more. there will be later, too. >> short term thing. >> there is a cool down.
6:46 am
>> two daybreak. >> no, first day of fall gets here and back up again. >> they didn't get the calendar. >> here is a look at what is going on. >> sun coming up here. >> how about that action. >> going to be another warm one again today. >> far east bay like that. and the bay bridge showing the fog. starting to clear out a little bit and over the east bay hills and the sun will be joining us shortly as well. >> this is oakland and hayward and they pop. in the 60s. we have been watching and we will continue to climb. >> 62 for san jose. up in the north bay. we have middle to lower 50s. we will take the tour and we have 68 at berkeley. and fremont. 10 degrees warmer and this is where all the mid- to upper 80s. will be hiding out and see 86 for livermore and brentwood coming in at 90. south bay. >> mental note. >> few scattered clothes and
6:47 am
cupertino at 82. matching that. and evergreen at 84. meanwhile. >> we are trying to get through the morning fog. >> we have a couple of hours for that. and down to san mateo county. most of the readings on the bay side should be upper 70s. the coast is middle 60s and up to the north bay. looking for sten ton beach and we are checking at 83. napa still lofty and this will be weakening by tomorrow. >> vacaville, 88. now i did say in the extended forecast. the drop in temperatures. here we go. to about 75. then we pop back again and mid-90s approach for. give yourself a flavor of summer. >> robin. how is it going on with traffic. >> it is packed. it is slow and the flavor is not tasting so good. >> lots of traffic here. >> nothing going on on the bridge right now. >> no major troubled spots and
6:48 am
it is jammed from the maze. and backed up to the market in san pablo exit. >> that is a slow ride out of richmond. >> san pablo. and hercules leading out and up to the toll plaza. >> it is 23 minutes from the maze over to fremont street and it is definitely grow rg. >> this is a live look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. and this is heading to the peninsula. back up on 192 spills over to 280. it is all merging together and then it is crawling across the span. no big problems on the peninsula. and it is 22 minutes out tole 01. nimitz recovering from an accident on the fremont side. some of this is resideual flow egg. it is right around mallory and it is gone. long line of traffic. where i drew an arrow all the way into fremont. and the drive time is 34 minutes. out to 237. more drive times.
6:49 am
find your freeway and find your commute. >> this is the maze. >> 680 crowded towards fremont and the guadalupe parkway. rolling out of san jose. only 14 minutes from 85 to 101. not bad. darya, mark. thanks a lot, robin. onto the big story. homeless man is in critical condition after he was shot by a paint ball gun. it happened just after midnight yesterday in the outer mission neighborhood. the man got into a confrontation with several people and the people later am came back and shot him with the paintball gun. >> it is the second time this year. that a man was critically injured by a paintball gun in the mission. >> on may 19th. another victim was shot in the head and since lost vision in one eye. >> anyone who has ever played with a paintball gun k and never been hit, you realize you have to wear protective clothing to prevent yourself from getting welts and bruises. >> imagine not having that on
6:50 am
you and being hit several times in the chest and face where you are completely exposed. >> the guys who did it could face felony battery for the assault. one person was hospital iesed after big rig overturns on interstate 280. this is video of the crash. 0n yesterday afternoon on the southbound side of the highway. just passed magdalena avenue. and traffic backed up for miles. one person was hospitalized and expected to be okay. >> it is 6:49 right now. your child may no longer have to worry about sitting alone in the school cafeteria. >> they created an app to help students find classmates to eat lunch with. >> christine has the story. >> reporter: junior high school wasn't kind to 16-year-old natalie hampton. >> i was physically attacked on
6:51 am
multiple occasions. in addition to that, i was cyber bullied. and attacked. >> lunchtime is the hardest part of the school day. >> i ate alone for the two years i was there. and i have personally felt all the feelings of rejection w. >> embarrassment that go along with that. >> they decided to fight back. >> not with her fists but with her phone. >> she reason creptly launched an app called sit with us. >> they allow students to be ambassadors of the lunch table at school. >> meaning you will agree to post open lunches and they are visible to everyone else in the school. anyone who doesn't know where to go or sit with. can join your lunch and join your table and make friends with you. >> they explain all the lunches available at the school. >> it is free to download on the phone. and before they can complete registration. they have to sign a pledge. saying that you will accept anyone who tries to join your table and work to make your
6:52 am
school more inclusive. >> hampton is at a new school and thriving. >> there are 40 sit with us registered lunches at her high school. >> the r50e8 thing happens when the kids help kids. >> an adult telling you to stop bullying is not going to stop you. >> that is a.m. maying. in less than a week, the app has been downloaded more than 3,000 times. >> a lot of open lunch tables. >> watch wall street here. the dow jones industrial average, we had 100-point gain yesterday and then the dow, we lost it. it is a live look from new jersey. >> this is kron 4 news that continues. and this is up over 100. >> this is the embark deer row and waiting -- embarcadero. and we have a little fog pushing through after a warm day yesterday. fog over the golden gate bridge right now. and little cool down and warm
6:53 am
up ahead.
6:54 am
this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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6:56 am
welcome back. the wisconsin community is coming together for the annual boat race. these are not your average boats. those are pumpkins. 800-pound pumpkins and they are carved into paddle boats. they have to turn it into a character as well. >> wow! and it is not slimy inside. >> torn between snoopy and the teenaged mutant ninja turtle. >> init actually works. this is my first experience with an 800-pound pumpkin. >> the winner takes home a
6:57 am
charitable donation and the bragging rights. that is a great idea. >> coming up. breaking news we are following out of oakland. a woman is in critical condition after a dui crash. >> plus, the suspect in a new york bombing still in the hospital. we are live in new jersey with more on the charges that he could be facing. >> and in gary's world, the giant were looking good until the brawl. see what set it off.
6:58 am
6:59 am
thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news on a tuesday morning. >> it is september 20th. the big story we are following on this tuesday, the man suspected of planting bombs in new york and new jersey is still hospitalizedded. he is being held on $5.2 million bail. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami is in the hospital he is in the hospital with his injuries right now taken into custody. that is the part of the story we are following live. >> he is charged with five counts of attempted murder
7:00 am
after that gunfight with police. federal prosecutors are still deciding what other charged to file against him in connection with the bombings. one happening saturday morning in new jersey at a military charity race. thankfully, no one was injured as the race was delayed in starting. >> but look at this one. 29 people were hurt in the other bombing on saturday night in new york city's chelsea neighborhood and there is surveillance video of people running after the blast. everybody injured is supposed to be okay. they've all left the hospital. but the suspect is still in the hospital. >> a lot of questions. did the suspect have any help in these attacks? we want to get the latest from dianne gallagher. >> >> reporter: rahami is still here in this hospital. we are told he is in critical but stable condition. they set an arraignment date for next week but that is subject to change depending on his medical condition and how he progresses. that could take place in


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