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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 22, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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♪ brad and angelina, new bombshells about the split. >> stop acting like this! >> why their divorce could spin completee out of control. >> i feel very sorry for them. >> brad blind sided and battle lines drawn. are their kids in hiding. >> and it had to be -- >> and then "the voice" banks on former child star. >> if you've got it, you've got to use it. >> where they first met these two talent sdmroos plus mark wahlberg faces off with his 13-year-old daughter on live tv. >> you keep misbehaving i'm going to give your behind a slap. >> and mariah carey's "empire" takeover. how she's really shaking things up on the set. >> i was, like, what?
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what? now for september 21, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." the war between brad and angelina. the stage is set for a battle that could get ugly. >> a source tell us brad had no idea that angie was going to file until she did. we have new information on the affair rumor with his co-star and the pending fight over the kids. >> have you talked to brad? any advice for brad pitt, man? >> matt damon ignored questions about brad and angie's divorce last night. things were much more awkward for another pitt pal. george clooney was with amal when he was told by cnn. >> i didn't know that. i feel very sorry. that's a sad story and unfortunate for a family -- an unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. it's the first i've heard of it. >> a source tells "e.t." brad
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was blindsided by angie's divorce filing and finding out about it on monday, the day o o angelina filed. his sources back that up. >> everybody including brad was shocked that she lawyered up because they had a mutual agreement to work it out through mediation, but angie being the stronn character that she is, she wanted to have the upper hand and come out swinging and make brad look like the fall guy, the bad guy and brad told friends he's crushed because he doesn't really want to trash the mother of his children. he wants them to work it out behind the scenes and put on a brave face. >> there are new uestions today about custody. >> i love being a mommy. i love my kids. >> the power couple spoke to "e.t." often about their devotion to their six children. >> what was it like having him on the set? >> we want to make it a family affair and have the kids running in and out of set. >> we appreciate how he keeps the focus what's really important. >> it's going to be the most vicious divorce battle hollywood's ever seen. >> angelina set the tone asking for full physical custody and
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defying hollywood's tried and true divorce strategy for parents. take ben affleck and jennifer garner and they issued a friendly, joint statement offered well-wishes and co-parented. >> it's going to be ugly. she's positioned herself for a political career in the uk and if there is joint custody, brad could block it and force them to live in the u.s. something she doesn't want. she wants all of her children to be schooled and brought up in the united kingdom. but what's interesting is the timing of the split and let us explain why we think this is more evidence that angelina has got to be retty irate with brad. first, divorce news broke at 7:28 a.m. pacific standard time. that left plenty of time for shows to make it their big headline of the day. >> the brad pitt-average lynna jolie shocking divorce announcement. >> brad and angelina have filed for divorce. >> the news dropped on a uesday and celebs like russell brand
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and katy perry, usually like to file late on friday so all of the dirt gets buried over the weekend. remember, brad and jennifer aniston filed on a friday when they divorced back in 2005. angie's lawyer who also repped johnny depp in his divorce tells us it's all about strategy. >> if you'll go through something and you want the entire world to see the demolition of their relationship. they'll communicate, issue press releases without talking to your spouse. >> another thing is grafrj lynna's break-up bombshell also dropped after the emmy awards so it didn't get lost in the celebrity news cycle of tv's biggest night and interestingly enough, angie's filing happened after jennifer aniston's premiere of her movie "stork." i don't think she did this on purpose and it afforded an opportunity for the media to comment on the split. >> the allied trailer was always supposed to come out on tuesday, but it's definitely getting more
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attention because of the divorce and because of the rumors that brad and marianne had an affair on set, but multiple sources are telling "e.t." that the affair rumors aren't true. >> looking at the chemistry onn screen, it's easy to see why people would speculate about an off-set romance, but what we notice, "allied" is almost exactly like "mr. and mrs. smith," the film brad and angie both secret spies, pretend to be happy homemakers and they fire off guns in the middle of nowhere and let's not forget the hot makeout scenes in white shirts. >> i love you with all my heart. ♪ ♪ >> calling it the elephant in the room, adele got her madison square garden audience laughing
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dedicating her performance to brad ann angelina. [ indiscernible ] >> "the new york post" used a photo of a laughing jennifer aniston to throw serious shade at the breakup while it was on the minds of the ladies of "the talk". >> we were talking about it hours later. they really were the symbol of the golden couple and it's just really sad and we're saying we hope that it ends nice. >> yeah. for everybody. >> all the kids. i mean -- yeah. it's a very sad day. >> taraji p. henson co-starred with brad in "the curious case of benjamin button". >> it's never good to hear about a union breaking up. i'm praying for their happiness at the end of the day. >> the late-night shows couldn't resist the news. >> when brad heard that brad said we have six children? it seems like way more!
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>> they'll share custody 50/50,& heell take 50 kids, she'll take the other 50. >> it's scary when brad and angelina say i can do better. >> brad and angelina will always be linked together because of their six kids, but do you remember all of the things they did and married in the past. some may surprise you. that's coming up. cameron matheson and there was big drama last night on "dancing with the stars" where the first star got the boot. >> when i did the show, my main goal, my main objective goal was not to be the first guy sent home. that can't feel good, right? especially when you think you're safe. >> preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. >> jake. >> i didn't expect this at all. >> jake t. austin blindsided? the foster star and his partner pro jena johnson did get two weeks of low score, but first to go? that's tough. >> you did something a little bit that may have helped you
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stay on longer of the show. what would it be? >> i would have picked slower dances. >> the dances were so fast and it was difficult to start with the jive. >> his money is on lorri to win. meanwhile, over on "the voice," the gwen card. >> if you've got it, you've got to use it. >> contestant ethan tucker's reggae version sent adam and blake spinning. >> musically we get along. >> shelton went for the jugular alluding to girlfriend gwen. >> i do have serious keconnectis in that reggae -- >> really? >> really. 12 million viewers saw two child stars all grown up. laura diaz who won america's most talented kid at age 13 and this country crooner. ♪ ♪ >> billy gilman who e.t. has followed since she was 11.
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♪ ♪ >> i've had a successful career, and it's beyond your dreams, really overwhelming. >> the rhode island native has been through a lot since then including publicly coming out as gay in 2014. >> i cannot imagine someone going through life and not being able to be who they are. we stick with them. >> with his family's support, the 28-year-old is paying it forward to his fans. >> what were the kinds of things they were saying? >> we are so proud of you. it takes a lot of courage and hopefully i can give someone else inspiration, too, you know? >> billy is a great guy and he had such an amazing voice, and i am surprised he didn't choose one of the country coaches. >> he used to open for miley's dad, billy ray cyrus and he chose adam levine. hope he goes far. good luck, billy. we're on the set of the movie "the girl on the train"
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based on the best-selling novel and why you will be shocked even if you read the book. >> i know it sounds crazy. >> mark wahlberg's daughter making fun of him on live tv and how he's keeping his misbehaving kid in line. >> i have to get you where it counts, kid. >> closed kapgdzicaptioning pro by --
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david oyelowo and oscar winner lupita nyong'o is a girl
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nick jonas reveals the secret to playing a drunk frat boy on etonline on the premiere of his dark new college drama "goat." >> every actor has a method, what was yours? >> they have good eye drops to make you look a little drunk and also, you know, the old baseball bat. spin around a few times. that helps. >> up next for the 24-year-old pop star turned actor. >> i'm going to do jumanji and join the rock, kevin hart and trent dillon. very different tone to this movie. popping up in different roles and surprising people. jumanji is set to open in july. "deepwater horizon" is set to open on friday and you just have to see what happened when mark faced off with his teenage taught or live tv. >> dad, i want to hear you rap. >> no. i'm your 45-year-old father and& i've got to rap and if you keep
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misbehaving i'll give your behind a slap. >> mark's just getting everyone, but on the dan patrick show he did fess up to taking 13-year-old's ella ray's phone privileges away. >> good information to help you behave and then you have to earn that phone back, girl. earn that phone back. >> uh-oh! >> but my brothers didn't lose their phone when they were bad. >> you -- you lived with the phone. so i have to get you where it counts, kid. >> ella is the oldest of his four kids and he can be strict, but mark may be the coolest dad ever. to impress ella he invited one direction's harry stiles over. >> harry came over to the house. he was a fine, young lad and he was sitting in my living room and i said what are you doing here? >> that's a cool dad. >> however, get this, i love her spunkiness. ella said she really won't think here dad is cool until she meets rihanna and beyonce.
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>> we'll look at brad and angelina's past relationships. >> i love my wife. >> we all remember jen, but can you remember all their famous exes. >> i started dating brad pitt when he was really gorgeous. >> the girl on the train, it's the role dozens of a-list actresses wanted. >> i was terrified to play her. >> we're on the set with emily blunt. >> mariah moments from thh set of "empire" what you didn't know about the daring diva. ♪
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welcome back. before there was a brangelina they both dated and even married other famous faces, some that you may have forgotten about. >> i love my wife. >> it's not that complicated, really. on the phone with my wife, i hang out with this guy. yeah. >> jennifer aniston or me? >> you all remember brad and jennifer, but before that -- >> it had to be gwyneth and then it had to be gwyneth. >> back in 1995 brad and gwyneth were the "it qwe" couple and th started dating on the set and fell head over heels in love. >> i got engaged. >> the couple split in 1997, but brad had a string of hollywood romances long before that starting with robin givens in 1988 when she was divorcing mike tyson. >> i started dating brad pitt when he was really gorgeous and
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that helped me get over him. >> in 1989 brad took a then 17-year-old christina applegate to the mtv movie awards. >> darling, you're the one stealing my heart. that steamy scene in thelma and louise fueled rumors that he and star gina davis had an off-screen romance. he walked the carpet with then girlfriend juliette lewis. >> i don't know what i'm doing at all. >> angelina met her first hussle ementry johnny lee miller on the set of her first starting role in "hackers". >> we didn't need eaah other as much as we do at this moment. >> the couple divorced in 1999, but still remain friends. she's been linked to co-star timothy hutton and colin ferrell and things got interesting when she married billy bob thornton. the couple married after just two months of dating and shocked
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the world when they wore vials of each other's blood arounn their necks and made her tattoo tame by comparisocomparison. >> they were an interesting couple. >> weren't they though? >> there is more news because "empire" is back on fox, so exciting! this season will be very divalicious. >> i like that word. that is very apropos to describe it when they've got mariah carey as a co-star and i have that when i stop by the set. >> we feel the same. >> we are getting thrown back into the lion's den. after last season's finale we are hungry for some answers. >> somebody's dead. it's either boo-boo kitty or rhonda. >> or whoever they fell on. >> oh! >> when did you find out who it was? >> we found out last minute
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reading the script. when i heard it i understood. when i saw it i couldn't control myself. i started weeping, but it was the first four minutes of the first episode back and you're just, like -- what? >> something else we're anxious to see, mariah carey's guest role. >> you have a trick up your sleeve. >> you get to have a scene with her? >> her, myself and jesse. >> yeah..o cf1 o and they're singing. >> ooh! >> you know, me and mariah go back like babies and pacifiers. >> it's one thing that she comes to set. it's another thing when you have to open your mouth and sing with this laid. >> not just sing with her and mariah wanted to vocally produce it and i was, like, what? she came and landed at 1:00 a.m. and came into the studio. we were there until 7:00 in the morning and we just recorded the song. >> okay, but i know she gave you a mariah moment. you know -- >> too many --
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>> all right. >> i asked her, i was, like, you don't own, like, any flats? like, none at all? >> hey. >> another thing to expect, more cookie slaps. ♪ >> she's always slapping me. >> recently we got a script and it said in the directions it said she gives hakeem a look and then it says in parenthesis or a slap. there was one time we were shooting and she out of nowhere, it was a scene that didn't even call for that and she slapped me and she said -- i just feel like i would. >> she can do whatever she wants to on the set because it is cookie's prerogative. here is big news. jesse will open for mariah on november 25th in honolulu hawaii and here's hoping that i'm with you guys in thhawaii. >> i'm talking with the cast of "the girl on the train" emily blunt killed it.
1:10 am
this movie is based on the crazy successful novel that has sold 11 million copies worldwide and that made emily's role one of the most sought after in hollywood. >> i used to watch this perfect couple. >> think fatal attraction mashed up with "gone girl". >> and action! >> i was aware that there was this tsunami of interest in the book and i read it in two days which just was an amazing sign for a thriller that you can't put it down. >> and you're lying to me! >> a woman disappears, so did emily witness a murder or did she commit one? >> she has a severe drinking problem and she has an obsession with this couple that she sees every day from the train. >> so how is the movie different from the book? the best-seller was set in london. for the film, it's in new york. ♪ ♪ >> the detective on the case was originally written as a man, but on screen it's allison gianni. >> the worst thing is there
1:11 am
going to be a spoiler alert. >> emily was pregnant while making some of the film and she gave birth to her and john krasinski's second daughter in june. >> i'm not drunk, tom! >> and there is a "friends" connection. just in theroux plays her ex-husband. lisa kudrow is in the movie as o emily's estranged friend. >> i know it sounds crazy. even if you read the book, prepare to be shocked. >> that's a good sign for me -- i can see it, visually and i can see how this can work as a film. that's when i got really excited. >> ooh! >> ooh is right! i saw this last night. >> is it scary? >> i want to tell you everything about it, but i'm not going to, but you've got to see it. emily blunt is fantastic. she's been killing the game lately, hasn't she? she'll play mary poppins and it's a departure from this role
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go to kendall jenner draws anger from ballerin ballerinas. find out what the model did that was called disrespectful and dangerous. plus hugh grant secretly wants to do "dancing with the stars," but there is something stopping him. >> taylor swift isn't the only member of her family with major >> i'm giving her a ride. >> it's our exclusive first look at the acting debut in the movie. watch it at primal consideration provided by -- well, olympic gymnast lauri hernandez survived the first cut of "dancing with the stars". >> we are hanging with her tomorrow.
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>> bye, everybody. >> we're with dancing's most adorable star. >> you're amazing. >> yay! >> your sneak peek of her rehearsal. are her olympic teammates "the insider." tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> it's always hard when two people you don't know and have no personal connection to split up. >> number one, the brangelina break-up, day two. >> the reason that she's filing for divorce is for the health of the family. >> as the mourning and mock of angelina jolie and brad pitt's divorce, is brad pitt's ex jennifer aniston getting the last laugh? >> and that is what they call closure. >> then as george lends support to his pal pitt, clooney is also celebrating wedded bliss. >> i feel like i met the exact right person. >> inside the clooneys' big apple getaway just days away from their second wedding anniversary.


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