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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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62 pga golf tournament victories, 7 golf major victories. but perhaps his biggest impact was made off of the golf course. his charity work earned him the presidential medal of freedom in 2004. and the congressional gold medal in 2009. >> ice tea, and lemon, that mix named after the legend. we'll have more on this golfer's legacy tonight live at 9:00. we also have more breaking news out of sonoma county, where a wildfire has burned hundreds of acres today. >> i'm jr stone. a 1500-acre fire is burning near geyserville. right now, the fire is just 10% contained. over 200 firefighters are working to get this fire under control. evacuation orders are in effect near big geyser road, and geyser's resort road.
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the fire broke out late this morning, the cause is under investigation. in another big story that we're following tonight is the heat. extreme temperatures across the bay area. >> it certainly has been. we're joined now by meteorologist lawrence carno. you've been taking a look at some of this hot weather. what's it looking like from here to this week? >> it was something else today. these hot temperatures, even hot all along the coastline. we're looking at more development. high pressure in control. those offshore winds continuing to blow, but they've been worried about the fire conditions in the north bay. things are starting to calm down a little bit there, even though we're seeing offshore winds. the red flag warning is coming down as well. but get a load of these temperatures. 98degrees in napa. 97degrees in san jose. 94degrees in la more, and even 92 degrees in san francisco.
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you'd think that was a record. it won't. san francisco airport, a record in mound view of 96. we tied a record in san jose at 97. the oakland airport also tied a high of 94 degrees. heat advisory up for tomorrow as well, we're going to see another day of some very hot temperatures outside. likely going to be some triple digits inland. along the coastline, some of those temperatures in the 80s and 90s. as we head toward noon, 90s begin to show up in the interior valley. 70s along the coastline. beaches in the 80s. triple digits in the valley. more on your weather, coming up in a couple of minutes. san francisco was sizzling today. this was video from san francisco's ocean beach. temperatures were scorching hot. the beach there packed with people. everyone there getting in the water, and enjoying being at
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the coast. people told us it was a perfect day to get in the water. >> beautiful weather offshore. got my jamie murray custom serve board, and yeah, sweet. >> but keep your sunscreen and bottled water handy. warm temperatures are expected to continue across the bay area. more from lawrence on the seven- day forecast coming up. the heat though can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. live in san francisco, she talked with chp on ways to stay save during all of this. >> reporter: around this time of night i usually have to wear two layers to stay warm, but tonight, it's unusually warm. it's sleeveless warm. although the hot weather can be really fun, the chp has some safety concerns. they tell me that every day regular mistakes can turn deadly in the heat.
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some san francisco streets were packed today as people flocked to the coast for some relief from record breaking heat. but even in san francisco, c-9 o carrierringri0
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>> reporter: the chp also told me they're noticing there are more drivers that are more irritable. they say officers are coming across more accidents that involve road rage. stay as cool as possible, because your life might depend on it. kron 4 news. well, this hot weather, all media county fire responded to this scene in san lorenzo today. you can see those flames shooting into the air. it happened this afternoon at via granada. no one was hurt.
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that red pickup truck was damaged. firefighters were able to get the flames under control a short time later. today, the community came together for a fundraiser for the family of 3-year-old elijah dunn. he was killed in this crash on 680 in san ramon. his mother was also badly injured. >> alecia reid spoke with the family who says they're grateful for all the support they're receiving. >> he's brought everybody together. >> reporter: across the ling restaurant. on the sunday, the hop yard was crowded with patrons. >> the support i'm getting, the people that are here. >> reporter: the owners teamed up to help elijah dunn's family. the 3-year-old was killed in a car accident on september 9. his mother and siblings were injured, but survived the crash. >> i'm no a lot of pain, physically, emotionally, just trying to get through every
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day. take care of my kids. >> reporter: a woman was arrested and charged with dui. after the first arrest, dmv records showed she still had a valid license. on sunday, loved ones weren't focused on the circumstances behind elijah's untimely death, but how precious was, and how much they cherished the time they had with him. >> his smile. it lit up a room. but now it's up in heaven. it's nice to know that everybody loved him, and that he was a good boy. he brought smiles to everybody. >> this is the hardest thing i'm going through in my life. every day sucks, but i have three other kids that i have to take care of, and be here for, so the community absolutely, these distractions are great distractions. >> elijah was a very, very special boy to us, and i miss him so much, and i'm just, i love having all the support. >> reporter: many patrons set aside their sunday to come out
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and support the family. >> crystal and eric deserve this. they've had to just have time, and they've been so strong through all of this. >> reporter: the community will gather again at 7:00 monday evening for candlelight vigil at elijah's home. it would have been his fourth birthday. alecia reid, kron 4 news. family and friends of pearl punson gathered today in hopes of finding her. >> they pleaing for the return of the vallejo teenager who disappeared 4 months ago today. >> reporter: this is where the march for pearl pinson ended in vallejo. about two dozen people matched from the bridge. that bridge is the last place where 15-year-old pearl pinson was last seen in may of 2016. today, her family made an emotional plea for her return. >> we don't care who you are. if you have a criminal thing or
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not. we just want our baby home with us. just, we don't care. we want to have that phone call that says she was found. >> reporter: if you have any information on her disappearance, call the solano county sheriff's department. kron 4 news. protests continue into charlotte today over the police is shooting of keith scott by a charlotte police officer, chanting no justice, no peace, and black lives matter, about 100 peaceful demonstrators converged outside the stadium before the carolina panthers and minnesota vikings game today. all of them dropped to one knee when the national anthem began to play. during warm ups, panthers quarterback cam newton had worn a t-shirt with a quote by civil rights leader martin luther king jr. it read injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. more breaking news, the
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suspect in friday night as fatal shooting in washington state will now face a judge tomorrow. >> authorities say arcan cetin was arrested yesterday. for women and one man were killed at a macy's store in washington. the suspect immigrated here from turkey. police say the young man was into social media, and his twitter account. expressed his fondness for military and violent video games. >> there's been some talk he's already been charged. he has not been charged. these are investigative charges. he's not been formally charged. >> no word on a possible motive. the police say the 20-year-old looked zombie-like when he was confronted. back now to the breaking news out of is a -- sonoma county where the saw mill fire has now burned 1500 acres, and
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it is now 10% contained. there are evacuation orders. >> explaining the steep terrain, and weather challenging efforts to put the fire out. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters are still on the ground, battling those flames that have now spread to 1500 acres. the weather conditions are not helping. the saw mill fire erupted 15 miles east of cloverdale. this as temperatures soared to triple digit heat with low humidity and high winds. the red flag warning was extended until 6:00 at night. >> the red flag warning was for the higher elevations of sonoma county which is where we're at. we do still have a heat advisory in sonoma county that remains in place until tomorrow. >> reporter: the vegetation fire threatened close to 40 structures, forcing an evacuation. both geysers and pine mountain roads were closed off. >> looking at the census data,
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we estimate 89 to 90ish people that would be affected. >> reporter: the steep terrain and winding roads also pose a problem for authorities. >> that just shows the terrain we're working in. this is definitely a challenging area to fight a fire. >> reporter: in sonoma county, kron 4 news. coming up at 8:00, a major league baseball pitcher dies in a horrific boating accident. we'll hear from his teammates and show you how other teams are honoring his memory. >> plus what fireworks we can expect from tomorrow's first debates between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> and more sexual batteries reported on the campus of uc berkely. bliss say the suspect in multiple cases probably won't blend in, in a crowd.
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well the first presidential debate is tomorrow night. >> and both candidates spent today getting ready for their one-on-one. their first faceoff could change the course of this race. >> reporter: the stage is set at hofstra university in new york, for the first presidential debate of 2016. the two candidates have very different debate styles.
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hillary clinton is all about what she's done. >> look at what i accomplished in the senate and secretary of state. >> reporter: donald trump, sweeping promises. >> we will make this country greater than ever before. >> reporter: sunday, both candidates met with the israeli prime minister. both candidates have been viewing hours of each other's debate footage. trump had never participated in a debate before. his campaign says he's ready for monday night. >> mr. trump will answer the questions as they're asked by lester holt, the monitor, and has the right to defend himself against anything secretary clinton says in response. >> he doesn't want his tax returns out there. >> what could trump's tax returns tell us? >> reporter: clinton put out a new ad linking trump to russia. >> nobody knows which donald
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trump is going to show up to this debate. and in fact, his erratic temperament has been a subject of quite a bit of discussion in the debate. >> reporter: a new poll shows clinton and trump are running neck and neck ahead of their first presidential debate. it shows clinton 2 percentage points ahead. the debate starts at 6:00 tomorrow night, and you can stream it live on we will also have our political analyst. full coverage starts tomorrow at 5:00 with grant lotus. did you get outside to enjoy it? >> absolutely not. i told you, i would be inside
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watching football. >> it was almost uncomfortable out there today. >> it was. >> on the embarcadero, everyone was out enjoying the sunset. the temperatures are still warm outside right now, you're looking at san francisco, nice and clear. the offshore winds are in place, so that will keep the fog away, but not as windy as it was last night. it will stay breezy in the north mountains. we had gusts over 30 miles per hour last night. tomorrow, sunny and hot again. beautiful all the way to the beach again, as you'll see lots of sunshine. temperatures 82 degrees in san jose. 81 still in livermore. 78-degrees in the napa valley. these temperatures are very mild out there right now. warm in some of the valleys, it's going to stay out there, warm through 11:00. of course, the sea breeze was
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moving offshore. so we had the winds, then the sea breeze kicking in the later part of the afternoon. that's when we started to cool down the temperatures. again, hot temperatures, we're not used to these numbers, especially as you get inside the bay, and along the coastline. if you're traveling around the state, you'll see a lot of 80s and 90s, even near the coastline tomorrow night. 86degrees in the monterey bay. that is a warm day there. in the high country, still very nice. a lot of 70s here. we start to cool down, you'll notice as we get into wednesday a few clouds start to move into our skies. maybe near record breaking temperatures again by tomorrow afternoon. sunny and hot into san francisco. those temperatures getting near 90 degrees in the latter part of the day. in oakland, plan on those 90s again. you'll see high temperatures in the afternoon, maybe triple digits in places like livermore, and concord. 90 into san francisco.
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81degrees in half moon bay. the beach, a great place to hang out, if you can on a monday. those temperatures right along the coastline again, up in the 80s. temperatures are really going to take a nose dive toward the middle of the week. in major league baseball, stadiums across the country today, there were moments of silence over the sudden death of a promising pitcher. >> jose fernandez was marlins and two other people were killed early sunday when their boat crashed into rocks along miami's shore. he was 24 years old. cnn's andrew spencer reports that his death has shaken up the sport, and especially his own team. >> when you watch kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with. >> reporter: miami marlins manager don mattingly joked up, talking about the death of his ace pitcher, jose fernandez.
8:20 pm
he wasn't the only one to have trouble speaking. >> now ?ó9he's gone ñrand -- it hard. it is hard. >> it's a tremendous loss. and my heart goes fáout to his family. >> reporter: fernandez po3w÷d this cpicture t(of his qpregnan girlfriend on instagram just five days ago, with the caption, i'm so glad you came into my life. i'm ready for where t(this together. a cuban defector who moved to xd 15. hernandez's talent made him a star in the big leagues. a lpcoast guard patrol foundha - foot boat upside down on a q jetty. involved. it does look like they were ñi going fáfull speed when they ra into the jetty and the accident happened. >> reporter: three men in their 20s were found dead.
8:21 pm
the water. officials would identify one of those men am@÷24-year-old jose fernandez. the other two were his personal friends. >> the marlins did not,rplay sunday. against the atlanta braves yoenis cespedes, and dodgers' yasiel w3w3puig, ñiçóñrboth ñif from cuba hung fernandez jerseys in their dugouts to honor him. three of the girl's family members were found dead fáinsid their home. we have the latest on this investigation. >> coming up. >> you need to sign here with finger and i'll explain ñrthe t of the çóprocess to qxd3wçóñ >> therexdare some çófairly
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expensive tickets handed óomout i'll explain t(in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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but a lot of drivers need lpa ñi d tracks. >> drivers jfgot that reminder, along with fásomething that may make them pay kl/more attentio the future. >> here is stanley roberts who 1 found people behaving bad25d sitting on the track as a caltrain u3wapproaches. the train is trailing at t(just under 80 miles per hour. luckily, was able to get the driver off the track. theá/>driver is ordered over ok have a chat with çóthe officehr& then as i pan the camera back xó around to the track, ñithe trai
8:25 pm
comes into fáqfull qview. caltrain, in ñrpartnership with san mateo county lpñrcourt offi along with san mateo okxdñicoun traffic calls around the raivespb crossing. a common, but dangerous practice. one would think if there was a cop standing there, it would make a huge difference. railroad tracks like that. had a passenger. in fact, it was $5.35 on the xd meter. >> you're sitting here, because being on the track. what do you ñijfthink of that? >> i think i might be late for my flight. >> some people say the same thing, ñiandxfget çóhit by ther anyway. ñwouldn't push anybody out
8:26 pm
of my way. my way. >> interesting. xd all right, here's e1the deal. this t(xdis a citation for stop on the railroad tracks. >> reporter: the ticket for ñi stopping on ñithe tracks in san mateo county is $309. >> the reason i stopped çóyou, 1 the train tracks back there, all right? >> reporter: in all, w352 ticke were issued. 35 for blocking the xdtracks, a 17 for ignoring the crossing signal, which by the way, that one comes with a point. >> the lights started flashing. the bell started ringing, çóthe arm started to come down, qñrok and yooxññiwent across the trac >> reporter: caltrain is proposing more of cthese, since d&uvers aren't getting the message. the way i see it, the qticket i cheap, compared to the cost of ( getting hit by a train. oh, yeah, and i did talk to some of the drivs.
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that's coming up e1in a future edition of people behaving badly. kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a story idea for +stanley, you c email him at peoplebehçv' thousands of xdpeople took the streets, jfand xdlet's justi interesting attire for the folsom street ñifáfair. today in the city. it's also known as the çóworld' biggest leather event, but the wrong video here. it lpkotook çóa5place xdon çó people from across ñithe çócoun came to attend this year's fair. >> i'm here withhlmy wife. (ñiñikind of our thing. and we are here because okit
8:28 pm
o to do our t(rñproceeds from the e1fam4ñ fair ñigo towards lploca$,nd al national charities. s)oberahead tonight, a southern california triple t( murder okinvestigation. we will explain who was arrested this ñrafternoon t(for( death of three family members. on the uc berkely campus. we'll tell you who police are looking fo2íf nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours.
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uc berkely. the police there, they want to arrest a man that they believe committed several sex crimes on campus. >> kron 4's spencer blake is live ñrat uc berkely tonight. spencer poli!1hbelieve e1someon this certain someone that c they're looking for should be easy to identify. ñir >> reporter: yeah, that's right, because he's xdactually
8:31 pm
man in a xdwheelchair w3is what they've t(gotten from witness's descriptions. átafter i spoke with some students, i found out this man in the wheelchair comes to campus frequently, or at least often enough that fáhe's fairly well known. a uc berkely police chief says the studenunion is the latest reported. >> reporter: other sexual battery reports came in that nigv$qáool3 a man w3matching the original description.ys also seen groping women in other parts of campus. >> it could happen to you. it could happen to i]your frien >> reporter: some students we q talked w3to had i]already heard about these latest reports through a popular campus e1xd rown
8:32 pm
hair is someone a lot of people uo#ld i]recognize. >> i honestly have met him 7hshe says the man comes around campus frequently. and if he is who she thinks he is, the suspect could have i]a mental disability. th3&after three separate i] sexual assaults cwere t(reporte 0@6cj& >> to hear something happened to a student similar to çóó[myk it puts me in xdçóñifáan uncomf position. >> i just wish students would talk to each other çómore xñbou it. >> reporter: one student xdw3ur rm2@these kinds of crimes lpgo unreported. police have lpnot found that suspect in the xdwheelchair yet they're t(lphoping students can help them track him down. they also want to hear from actual victims if anyone is out there.
8:33 pm
they've only heard ñifrom witnesses, not from victims themselves. spencer blake, kron 4 news. police satlpthey have!ó arrested two men and detained a teenage girl for the deaths of the q6z17-year-old sister, cai goodwell has since been missing. they identified çótwo of the stepfather. police say this was not a random attack. >> i ñit(heard a shot. a big loud shot, not like a regular gun. ten shots in the middle of the night. of stuff over t(here, which sounds like gunshots and fireworks alá@emixed into one. >> police e1believe the home fá detectives say xdthere was r significant trauma to the
8:34 pm
bodies. one passenger was killed, and 11 others were in:ás after t(a school bus hit a tree near yosemite national park. this okhappened w3near the i]ti village of fish camp. a tour bus went down an lp embankment. was one of four passengers withq serious injuries. most of ñrthe passengers were 1 to 15-year-old ñrstudents, and their chaperons. the group ñiwas qheaded to thei hotel in fresno çóafter ñivisit1 the famou3fánational park. police are now investigating if a suspect wanted in a fairfield murder ñiis in jail tonight following a ñitip from resident. authorities had been looking for him since fálast week. suspect leaving the scene was released by police. the victim, lp57 years old mark pyne of fairfield was found dead ñion ñilpñi5,fñwest ñri]te
8:35 pm
police, respondinq@ñto a call. qokxdbeen booked into the solano county jailyñ one person died, and three this weekend. police say the first shooting happened around 11:00 last night, on 1800 east 12th street. there officers found a mail ½ victim :%ea gunshot wound. the second shooting also happened around 11:00z]last )(q)s found a male pers there who was shot in the upper body. around 1:00 this morning, jftha deadly shooting ="8thened on fá pablo way. finally, a shooting on east 17th street. all suspects involved in cthese four shootings have not been caught. a gunman open the fire in a san francisco neighborhood killing a teen. now police are on the cxdq"ánt the suspect. happened around midnight in the city's çóñrbay view neighborhoo
8:36 pm
when officers fágot to the scen they found a 19-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. t[e man was pronounced dead at the scene. no jfarrests were made, and the suspect is currently on the loose. >m#!up next, big changes fácomi to b.a.r.t. kron 4 got a preview of what will be qdifferent qin the cars on the pittsburg baseline. >> 3wstaggering numbers coming from california police agencies. how many weapons have been lost or stolen in the past few years. >> qhot weather around the bay area today. below normal ñitemperatures too we'll talk about that nx:9
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
in southern california, missing more than 300 weapons. an investigation by the orange county register reveals that w3& 134 state and local cpolice fro
8:39 pm
kern county t(çóto the mexican border lost 329 ÷firearms, either çólost or stolen and som were involved in crimes. california law doesn't require police ñito report missing sitting in traffic may e1se like a big waste in time, but it may become 4'a good source t energy. llion to study whether pizo e1electric generate electricity from the weight lpi]of vehicles stuck in traffic. the theory here is i]that the crystals could generate power, if installed çóbtbbelow the road with a lot of vehicles on it. the question tonight that ç have, is just how much hotter it's going to be tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the week. a lot of people getting çóready ½ú and e1school
8:40 pm
tomorrow. elike the lpheat, but some folks are like bring back the htfog. we're xdgoing okto see major changes comes our myou8vw the heat is on now. we're not going to get out of it here for a few days. we've got clear skies out here. that's going to fástay that ñiw all night long. not as windy as it was last night. the beach if you can get there. the temperatures are going to be in the íp÷ñt(once again. and next week, above ñrnormal finish and some of the long bring in rain next week. 90s into san i]francisco. that is 22 çóçófádegrees above average. 97, that was a record in san today. 94 in livermore. 96 in concord, and 98 degrees in santa rosa. these temperatures are still staying very t(warm if qu're cr
8:41 pm
headed out the door. 82 in t(san jose. 81 in livermore. 78 in oakland. 78degrees in the napa valley. yeah, it is warm ú?rt there right now, so the temperatures already in place to ñisjdthese numbers rise in ñiçóa hurry. by tomorrow afternoon, you're back g'?yin the 90s into san francisco. about 92 jfin oakland. about 97 degrees, right into san jose. high pressure in control right now, the offshore okwind continues, so thatl'yis that dr air that heats up in a hurry, and warms up those cfátemperatu all the way to the coastline. tomorrow, xdmaybe a little tric advisory in effect again xdfor i tomorrow. much of the san francisco area, looking at 80 and 90 degrees çód tomorrow. as you make your way further south, plenty of 90s there. 95 okin xdsunnyvale.
8:42 pm
98degrees e1okin apbell. grees in cupertino. 100 in walnut creek. in the çónorth bay going to see hot temperatures again too, 80s 90s, a e1little further inland. no matter how you slice it, trij is going to be another xd very hot soiday in the bay area much cooler weather thursday and into friday. e1up next, we'll e1take you inside the royal family's ctrip to canada. >> the next major step in the samsung galaxy 7 çóñii]smartpho recall. there are now six new units in stores. coming up, i'll tell you t( tk8ppaout this recall, and the you're trying to get okyour han on a new safe device.
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this week b.a.r.t. gave a sneak peek at tpnew +h train cars.p easier for ñra lot of peoplenéñá might even reducotraffic çóon the roadways. charles xdclifford shows us the new trains and when hundreds of people will be able to ride. >> reporter: each train is air conditionedj]can hold up to 200 people, and travel çóa mile and fue in all, b.a.r.t. ñiq fue has purchased eight of these cars for its new e çóbart route visitors seem to i]like the trains. >> i think it's great. >> reporter: these new train cars are t(very nice. they still have that new train smell, but it will be at least a year before commuters are able to start riding them. >> we still have to put the finishing touches on our maintenance facility, as well as test i]the cars.
8:46 pm
they have to go through to carry passengeriacby the spring of 2018. pable to travel the pen miles from antioch, to the pittsburg station in about 10 minutes. >> that will work perfectly for me. >> reporter: i]that sounds good to commuters like barbara. >> the bus doesn't run consistent. the buses run like vbevery hour out here, every 30 mintos. that's too long. evfi9 will cost $20 million, which is less than half lpof what it would coi to extend b.a.r.t. samsung has produced 500,000, what it says are new, k fixed, safe galaxy 7 smartphones. the new stock has arrived to '
8:47 pm
if you have one of these recalled phones, you need to for a safe one. our tech ñireporter shows us ho the exchange works, and how you'll xdknow for sure on the newer, and how you'll know that device is okthe newer one. >> reporter: at the verizon store in the stonestown mall, there e1was j'w fáa long line o note 7 users exexchanging their phones. i only met one while i was r (zere. phillip. he p,did not want to qta(8hon camera. whole recall thing. he didn't like the color he chose ñrthe first time. >> reporter: since we're talk being fires here and fá explosions. this is serious. so you want ñrto know that÷(you have one of these phones. so how will yo=@wknow that? this is xdone of the recalled t( phones. see how the battery e1fáindicat is gray. on the fixed note 7, the
8:48 pm
battery t(xdñris green, simple, good idea. so the simple batterql 8q green lit. if you have 4'xdone of the exis ones, there are seved!j options for fáthis çórecall. you çócan exchange for a different samsung galaxy phone, or get lpyour xdmoney back. whatever you do, do something. only about 25% of the people so far have turned uçóxdthe phone phone numbers qfor this. you can do it online, it's all laid out there, easy to l8 understand, to help w3qyou thro this recall. gabe slate, kron 4 news. movie goers had plenty of choices this t(weekend as we he from cn n's david daniel ñiin
8:49 pm
hollywood. the r>ñtop 5. the true life draf took in çó$1.5 million. million. sully with a domestic total of $290 million. >> qi will not fail i]you. >> reporter: the animated family film storks +kotook fl in second place, opening with $21.8 million. ñrñi >> come see me. >> reporter: the magnificent 7 rode away with the weekend t( title. the lpjfnew take on the western debuted with e1$35 million. in hollywood, i'm okdavid danie canadians are all a twitter that the royals uare visiting. it touched down i]w3çóon their ñ
8:50 pm
prince william, and lee ñiduchec are visiting a station e1that helps pregnant women fight drug addiction. the couple's children, where are they? they are with them in canada, for vancouver. i just want to hold it for a ko minute and see if we like kate's outfit. i'm liking it. football xdokokxdgames, when th flying on a sunday ñix+6ñrfun d football day. sports live tonight and get a full recap.
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away from sports night live. we start withrdsome sad news çó we're talking [about fáñrarnol palmer. 87 years old, passed away today in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this was a legend in fáthe golf world. xda name for him and ñrreally helpei people outside of the sport. we're talking about somebody qor who pa# 62 ñit(pga tour victori that included 7 m!i3á:0@6cj& he had two different facilities the orlando, florida area. one of them the e1arnold palmer hospital for children. another, fáthe winy palmer w3 hospital for children and babies. he helped raise the money to + get those started. so many ñhings that he did over the years, and so many people, you see ñiall ñiof those crowds dhe lppassed away ag old. outside of that, lots of sports
8:55 pm
news to talk about. this is some more when it comes to the san t(xd francisco 49ers. let's just say what it was. it lpwas xdan +all out blowout they went ó[down 37-18. that was the final score utoda seattle. many asking, where was colin kaepernick? all over the twitter world, people wondering, why didn't colin kaepernick come into the .t on xdsports net xdlive. blaine gabbert played t(the who( way through. points than that. we xdwill certainly fátalk okni and of course, we will talk çó raider it's. you were glued çójfñito the rai game earlier today. >> absolutely. >> very exciting. on çóa nice day like t(this, yo
8:56 pm
thin-@ei would go outside. i was watching the football 5÷k3 game just like you. tomorrow, we can catch a little bit qof a break. hot temperatures expected p, around the bay area again. some of these going to be near record levels. 90s, even some triple digits. if you can get to the beach, r you'll see 80s along the coastline. we've got big changes ñicoming, think as early as thursday. really going to feel the effects of the sea breeze. neó6a]-end, we're çógoing to struggle to get into cthe 70s. the long range forecast tries to bring in qfáa couple of raindrops the following week. we t(have a quick breaking c news story to tell you. the berkely police department is investigating ñiactivity nea king street and qalcatraz avenue. they're w3asking you to@pavoid police are now investigating reports of a shooting. we'll have updates on, and the kron 4 news
8:57 pm
at 10:00. you back eb÷here at ive, coming up next. qt( internet back yet?
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another sports icon is popular golfer in xdhistory passes away çóat the age of 87. the 49ers, it w3was the same ol song in seattle. blaine gabbert i]ñrand the 49er offense continued to sputter. meanwhile, the struggling the music city. the giants tried to stay in the dodgers xdcelebrate in l.a. don't ñilose your cool. sports night live is next. e1 welcome to sports night ñr live. i'm


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