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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 26, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the moment the country has been waiting for. donald trump and hillary clinton and their first debate. we will let you know what to expect for tonight. this is the base area news station. kron4 news at 7 starts right now. a morning everybody. think you for joining us.>> -- thank you for joining us. let's start with a record- setting heat possibly again today. >> it is hardly feeling like september at all. the 80s are nice and pleasant numbers. 60 one for concorde. 64 livermore. we had a slight cooldown the last hour just before the sun rose. in the 50s you can see to the north. this contrast of 24 hours ago, this is -- we are ahead of the ballgame. san francisco by four. at fairfield, it jumps to about six. the heat advisory, basically everybody is in this. valley hi's, we're talking 90s,
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100+. bay and coast, the beaches will be warm again or hot again today. reduce your sun exposure and drink lots of fluid, including water. the ready for school forecast, 82 by high noon. at the bay, 91. covering much of the beaches, 86 at 11 am. 3:00 again we're looking at temperatures that will be quite hot every bear -- everywhere. right now, robin has details on what is going on in traffic. i spotted a new problem on the upper east shore freeway. a new accident here rolling into 80 w. at willow. we have three cars, and this may be black and -- blocking three lanes of traffic. emergency crews on the way if we will issue a traffic alert for this. it depends on how long the lanes will be blocked. i will keep an eye on it, but it will be back up to crockett. you will hit heavy traffic as soon as you get off of the
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bridge to try to get through crockett and rodeo and hercules. leaving richmond and rolling down into oakland, right now it is 30 minutes. that is growing. to get from highway 4 down to 580. i will keep an eye on the accident and haven't updated traffic report. a wildfire that we are covering in the wildfire, the winds make it difficult for firefighters to get a handle on the wildfire here in sedona -- sonoma county. jackie is in the studio with the latest on firefighting efforts. of morning, james. i'm just outside of cloverdale on river road. you can see the low hanging smoke. the fires burning on the other side of that mountain range that you see in front of you. you said it is about 10 miles east at a very un-accessible
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area. firefighters are making progress in knocking down this fire. in the last hour, we've been told it is now 20% contained. 1500 acres have already burned. let's take a look at the video from yesterday according to cal fire. is fire broke down -- broke out in the big guys are area about 11 am in the morning. it quickly spread with the hot temperatures and high winds in this area. they settled on 1500 acres as nightfall fell last night. it is very tough terrain out there. it is very hard firefighting and you compound that with the triple digit temperatures that they had yesterday and expected a. very tough firefighting going on out there. there have been multiple evacuations. we are hearing anywhere between 15 and 30 homes. according to cow fire -- cal fire, most everybody out there has been evacuated. one of the big things is as we
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get into the fall, september and october, that the fire season is coming to an end. according to cal fire, it is just the beginning. >> this time of year in the fall months, this is when we see some of our most damaging and destructive fires. september, october, and even into november, it is more dangerous with the factors where facing. it is very dry. barry hot out there. people need to be prepared because we still have a long road ahead of us. >> reporter: we expect to see cal fire played up overhead anytime now now that we have daybreak out here to survey the fire. they already have 250 crews and they hit it hard yesterday with air support. we expect to see the same thing as we get updates on this fire. we will pass those updates along. very good, jackie. thank you. we are following raking news out of houston where
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several people have been shot at a strip mall outside of the city. the gunman was shot as well. the police do not think anyone else was involved. a new aerial coming into kron four this morning. several are in the hospital but police is not said how this people are doing. this comes just after five people were killed in a shooting in a mall in washington state on friday. 704 7:04 am. decision 2016 in the first presidential debate is tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump, which at this point, has been taking shots at each other from afar, they will be in the state -- same room face-to- face. the first of three political debates, it shows that the candidates are viewed negatively by a large number of respondents. >> we will take a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: as the republican and democratic nominees face- off in the first debate, the candidate shared the stage at the commander-in-chief form earlier this month work not at
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the same time. tonight, they go head to head. they will have more time to speak then they have had in any other debate so far. they will speak to each other and they may throw clinton's. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interest. mackey is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit. >> reporter: lester holt will have his hands full moderating these two candidates. while he will likely do some fact checking of his own, do not be surprised if he leaves a lot of that after the candidates. >> i do not think it is good to get the monitor to serve as the encyclopaedia britannica. it is better for that person to facilitate and depend on the candidate to correct each other as they see fit. >> reporter: clinton's campaign makes no doubt that he is fit -- that she has been rehearsing for the debate. trump is also doing his homework
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by spending time talking policy with mike pence and chris christie. we will be live streaming the presidential debate. and we will have it on our mobile app and on our website at michael yockey will be on-site and we will have the highlights from the debate. also happening on the national front, the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, has lifted a curfew on the city after days of protests over a deadly police shooting. there been protests every day since police shot and killed 43- year-old keith lamonte scott last tuesday. the mayor released a statement last night stating that she was ending the curfew at midnight. it had been in effect since thursday after the protest turned violent. the national guardsmen have been stationed downtown to keep the peace. last night, the videos
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were shown but they do not answer some of the immediate questions of the shooting. the dash cam shows officers ducking down behind the car. it is not clear what the woman in officers can see. later on, police opened fire as -- jon scott as he walked backwards. scott's family says he was not harmed. 7:07 am. the man accused of gunning down five people at a department store washington state is set to make his first court appearance today. it happened friday night at the cascade mall in burlington which is 65 n. of seattle. should teen was arrested saturday morning, nearly 24 hours after for women and one man were shot in a killing. he had came to the united
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states from turkey, and he had a fondness for the military and had a fondness for video games. two people who were shot in berkeley are expected to survive. the shooting happened at apm on king street in alcatraz avenue. the victims were a man and woman. one what person was shot once in the stomach of the other person twice in the leg. police have not arrested anyone and has not released a motive. the golden state warriors getting ready to kick off their season. today, the warriors media day is under way. kron4 will get to talk to the big-name players. we will have more on what we can expect from the team this year besides an nba championship. had better bring home an nba championship. i cannot imagine just the blowback if they do not. now, they have added kevin durant. the 2016 version a lot different from 2015 which one
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73 games. where inside the facility. you can see it is all hands on deck. to my right, you can see the platform where the players will have a news conference. we will get to ask them questions about their off- season and their lofty expectations. over to my left shoulder, you can see that it is almost like the first day of school. your bit pictures. they have photographers ready to go. it will come out in full uniform. this will begin at 11 am. kron4 will be here. i will be on social media to bring it to you as well. this is an exciting time for the golden state warriors. let's face it, the cavaliers won last year, but they are still -- the warriors are still the beatles of the mba. they've been practicing for a little while now. this is not like a first date, i'm kevin durant.
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they been practicing for a little while now and they have gotten to know each other. especially kevin durant, klay thompson, and tremont green. all three of them played in the olympics but this is the time when they officially -- and i put that in quotations. they "officially" kick off their season. lots going on today. i'm excited to ask them what they think. they got 73 last year, but can they get 74 this year. with so much firepower on the team, we will have to wait and see. this team is a lot different. take about the mark james -- could all of the players that are no longer here. bow gets, -- bogan, barbosa, he is gone as well. this 2016 version, this is a -- at least half of the team is gone. we will see of that does to the chemistry which is what the team at bank on so heavily last go around. thank you. as we head into the morning news, major update -- major league baseball reeling from the death of a promising young star. we will have more on the death of jose fernandez. allegations and how far
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back they go. we will tell you how hot the temperature will be after the break.
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we're back. coming up on 7:12 am. taking a live look as we watch bay area weather starting off in a clear note. the sunshine does not feel too bad now but just wait. >> it just looks psaltery>> you feel it if you use your imagination a little bit.
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>> 91 in mountain view. >> we are on our way to tie another one for san jose this morning tulsa. a lot of reasons we do not like to set people everywhere is because it is hot. >> it is a matter of looking at the glass half-full or half- empty. the sultry look at the sun joining us. we will at this temperatures climb. here's how you can plan your day across the region. the coast, a mild start sure but a brief later on. bay is turning hot will -- real quickly. for the inland spots, sunny and hot. 100+. remaining dry will be the only part of the feature with this. coupled with a high overhead, air quality is moderate at best. for the east bay, it is in the unhealthful category. here is the warm-up. there you can show the pink showing up. that is 100+ to be found in the valleys and the east bay, the northbay, and look what happens
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to the coast. the greens are taken off of the mat. we still can't get much of that court -- that progress oration air that has cooled off for made its way to the valleys. there's no help from an onshore wind. 92 in fremont with plenty of trouble digits to be found littered all over here. antioch about 52. in the south bay, it is mostly in the upper 90s. we could see a couple of stray 100s here and there. cupertino is coming in at 70 -- 17. at 97 for santa clara. next eight hours, we would do 86 by 86 x 8 a.m. we will have 91 for the midafternoon.
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we look ahead in the next couple of days. 97 inland for tuesday. 86 for wednesday, but the drop- off is more dramatic around the coast. downtown san francisco, you will get relief by tomorrow. the middle of the week, it will be back to quote typical kind of weather for you. details on the extended forecast . robin has dry times. traffic is recovering from earlier problems. you have had a lot of hot spots. the area behind the bay toll plaza, you will be dealing with throughout the morning commute. some of these folks will be late getting into san francisco. that includes you if you are coming from the east shore things to the accident on the hercules side. the drivetime continues to increase. it is 16 minutes out to fremont street. if you need to get into the northbay, it is a little sluggish from castro through the trolls, but the right across the bridge is not looking good. if it sure approach that it is jammed. 18 minutes from the toll plaza
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to the 101 on-ramp. this is the earlier hotspot that there was an accident year. the accident at willow was blocking three lanes. if you are coming from crockett, you will have to deal with the residual slowing. 25 art -- through that traffic in out to albany, it is picking up now that the lanes are open. after that, the usual crowding. coming out of richmond through abreu. it is just heavier on the upper east shore thanks to an earlier crash. checking out some of your other drivetime throughout the area, maybe you are dumb bar bridge commuter. no problems 484 w. is now 20 minutes across a bridge in out the bayfront expressway. that is -- four 237 w. if you have to use a, it is a quick 12 minute wreck from the connector. we're learning new information on the boat crash that killed miami marlins
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pitcher, jose fernandez. three people were killed when a 30% -- wendy 32 feet boat crashed into the rocks. no one was wearing a life jacket and there is no indication that alcohol or drugs played a factor. fernandez had just become a us citizen last year. he escaped from cuba on his fourth try as a teenager. did -- don mattingly spoke about the impact that he had on the team. >> there was just a joy with him when he played. you watch kids play little league or something like that, that is the joy that josi played with. and the passion that he felt about playing. a marlins -- the marlins players gathered at the ballpark to mourn the loss. their game with the braves was canceled. they will play against the mets for today.
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it was again that he was scheduled to pitch in. police are investigating a possible hate crime in san francisco. to tourist from new york says someone uttered homophobic slurs to them and then sprayed them with pepper spray. a man was inside ordering food well his friend was outside waiting. two people apparently came up to that man outside and started making homophobic comments. three more people hopped out of a minivan and added on, confronting the victim. a man inside the restaurant came out to see what was happening, to support his friend. that is when those two or pepper spray. the attackers drove away from the scene in that minivan. police do not have a detailed description of the attackers, only that five men were involved. police are investigating four separate shootings over the weekend. one person was killed and three others were injured. the shootings happened in oakland late saturday in early sunday morning. the first one happened at 1100 p.m. , and there was an armed
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carjacking. the second person was injured. the second shooting in the 1700 block of bancroft avenue. police do not lead up to one person injured. the neck shooting around 1:15 am yesterday in the 800 block of poplar way. police found a man who had been shot. he died at the scene. a for the shooting happened in the 1200 block of e. 17th st. one man was injured. placer not saying if any of the shootings are connected. no one has been arrested in any of the four shootings. in california, there is an ongoing problem in police departments in southern california where more than 300 weapons have been lost or stolen over the past five years. investigation of more than 100 300 weapons have been lost or stolen over the past five years. investigation of more than 130 state and local police departments show that 125 firearms were stolen in more than 10 others were lost in crimes. >> the departments do
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voluntarily report missing guns to a state database. governor brown feeling legislation that would have fully repaid local agencies for the cost of responding to the san bernardino massacre. he said he does not want to said the president said the state would be responsible for future merge -- emergency calls. the state will be expected to reimburse the city for expenses. the office of emergency services will look for services. margin yes -- more jim mr. coming forward stating that a former olympics dr. sexually abused her. it comes from women at michigan state university where the doctor was a faculty member. they were sexually abused during medical procedures. it dates as far back as 1996.
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the man is not been charged yet and he denies any wrongdoing even though he has been fired from the university. more of the breaking news story we have been following out of texas where several people have been shot at a strip mall in houston. the gunman has been shot. we will have more information as it comes into kron4 here's a look at the three-day forecast . when the heat wave will finally break. stay tuned as kron4 continues.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time is 7:23 am. your commute is quite crowded on 92. it is jammed getting over to the peninsula. it starts back on the hayward side. if you have to connect to 92 from the nimitz, that stretch heading south, it is jammed from 238 to the west 92 connector. you were sitting in commute traffic all the way across. no major hotspots in a big problems for the bridge or the peninsula. for now, a 31 minute trip from the nimitz to the bay shore. 7:23 am the time. one person is dead and 11 others are recovering after a tour bus hit a tree near yosemite national park. it happened saturday in the village of fish camp. the tour bus hit a tree in the westbound -- went down an embankment. on board were 22 people between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.
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they were from china and work with adult chaperones. they had just visited the park and were headed out to a hotel in fresno where they would stay the night. the person who died was a chinese torress. three others have been seriously injured. several thousand people are out of their homes as they prepare for flooding in cedar rapids, iowa. this is showing the rising scene of the river. officials have told people to leave homes as floodwaters spillover the river. the riverbanks, i should say. they say that it could be several days before they can return. the flooding is expected to reach its peak tomorrow but it may take several days before the water will receive. schools have been canceled for the children in the areas. you can see in the pictures exactly why. very dangerous conditions. 7:34 am. concerns on the uc berkeley campus after two more sexual assault cases were reported. we will tell you what happened in these latest instances. later, all of the cars on our famously gridlocked highways could be doing more than just using energy. we will tell you how traffic
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could be used to produce energy. we will explain howell. -- we will explain how.
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good morning everybody. 730 is the time. welcome back. on james fletcher. we are pretty busy out there. we're watching the weather. upper 90s. i will show you the time lapse going on. a sultry day.
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a sultry day with the tide coming in. filling up the bay with all of that cold ocean water from the california current. not going to do as much good today. where it -- we're at 61 for concorde. in the north bay, there is some 50s for now. 65 for hayward and also to measure in for a san jose. for this afternoon, ultimate temperatures. oakland looking at 92. san jose at 98 which would be a tied record high temperature for us if we get that. ready for school forecast puts us at 92 by high noon at 3:00. we're talking 101. the bay and at the beaches, temperatures will be at 80. the three-day forecast show things level off by wednesday. more quickly at the beaches as things start to change. we will have the extended forecast for you coming up. it is fairly quiet and
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that increases your. -- drive times around the bay area. nothing going on but traffic is slow. coming from 880 n. out of west oakland, if you are 580 w. commuter, the effort -- nothing to report. the -- by the time you reach the foot of the maze, it will be 40 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on your connector. from that point to fremont street in downtown san francisco, and yes this is normal for 7:28 am in the morning. the upper east coast crash, it is gone. the drivetime is getting better but it is still 30 crash, it is gone. the drivetime is getting better but it is still 32 minutes from highway 4 heading to the maze. even before highway 4, from cartoonists, that portion of 80 will be backed up too. checking in on 24 w., method to report at no one in -- at walnut creek. new information on this
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breaking news story out of brooklyn. several people have been shot at a strip mall in the southwestern part of the city. the gunman is dead. police do not think anyone else was involved. here is video coming in from the scene of the kron4 newsroom. several people are hospitalized. we're hearing that six people were shot. houston police say that the demo was fatally shot by police and he was a lawyer. there was an issue with his law firm. this comes just days after five people were killed at a shooting in a mall in washington state. it is 7:29 am. we are getting ready for another hot day around the bay. the chp is putting out a warning for people to be aware of your pets and your children and do not leave them in the car today. temperatures can spike in seconds inside of a car. that, in turn, can turn deadly very quickly. people need to be extra careful and make sure there is nobody or no animals in the back seat when they shut the doors. >> always check the back seat.
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make sure that they did not fall asleep or have been too quiet in the back seat. we to -- do tend to be distracted. we do not want them to be so distracted that they leave their car -- their child or pet in the back seat. the high heat can also calls cars to break down. drivers get more edgy as it gets hot outside. they find that they come acrossed more road rage incidents wendy temperatures skyrocket. a new state law allows people to rescue pets from cars without getting in trouble with the law. it lets people smash car windows doucette it's free if there is no other way to rescue them. rescuers can break into a car if the animal is in danger or law enforcement is not arriving quickly enough. the bill was introduced after a number of dogs died after being left in hot cars. two men are beside -- two
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men are behind bars and a teenager has been retained. police received a 911 phone call from a child who said her parents were dead. officers went to the home and found that a 17-year-old girl who was in the home was missing. that girl was missing and the mother was killed. a warning on the peninsula was killed after they wanted eight -- wanted to know if a young boy wanted a ride. a 12-year-old boy was walking, and a man drove up and asked the child if he wanted a ride. the boy said he did not need one, and the man continued until the boy said he was going to call the police. the boy went home and told his
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mom. the mother called the police deputies. they don't know if the boy was -- police do not know if the man was trying to help the boy or if he was a sexual predator. police received two separate reports that a man in a wheelchair was touching women inappropriately.>> reporter: the martin luther king student union or is the latest building mart by a report of sexual battery. >> it is frustrating and uncomfortable to know that it is on campus. it is supposed to be a safe space. they said a man in a wheelchair was reported touching women inappropriately. a curlyhaired white man in a wheelchair was touching people in other areas of campus too. >> it is pretty eye-opening to be honest. trip because of his frequency on campus, it is easily recognizable. >> reporter: passed on the information passed along on a facebook group, the man comes
7:34 am
to campus a lot and often talks to students. one senior said it is possible he has a mental disability too. >> i don't know whether or not holding him at a stand standard -- at the same standard could be legal or not. >> reporter: three weeks after two sexual assaults were reported in the greek theater, they hope the victims now will always contact police. >> a lot of people do not do that, but it is not helping if you're not telling the police.>> for anyone who may have information about this suspect, contact the police. spencer blake, krom for -- kron4 news. there is support being shown for colin kaepernick. there is a billboard near oakland today. it is being paid for by several donors. the parents who were killed in a tragic crash
7:35 am
are speaking out for the first time since that accident. a three-year-old was killed after a family's car was killed -- after a family car was hit. the mother was also injured. it is a story you will see only on kron4. >> he brought everybody together. >> reporter: on a sunday, the hop yard was crowded. >> this is overwhelming. the support i am getting in the number of people who are here. >> reporter: the owner was here to support the done family. a three-year-old was killed and mother and siblings were injured but survived the crash. >> i am in a lot of pain physically, emotionally, just trying to get through every day and take care of my kids.>> reporter: one woman was charged
7:36 am
with dui. dmv records show she still had a violent -- a license. on sunday, loved ones were not focused on the circumstances of allies his untimely death at how precious he was and how much they've cherish the time they had with them. >> his smile lit up a room. but now, it lives up heaven. it is nice to know that everybody loved him and that he was a good boy. he brought smiles to everybody. >> this is the hardest thing i'm going through in my life. every day sucks, but i have three other kids that i have to take care of and be here for so the community absolutely -- these distractions are great distractions. >> elisha was a very special boy to us and i miss him so much. i loved having all of the support. many patrons set aside their sunday and came out to
7:37 am
support the family. >> crystal and eric deserve this. they have been so strong through all of this. >> reporter: the community will gather again at 7 pm monday evening for a candlelight vigil at elijah's home. it would've been his fourth birthday. >> reporter: reporting in san ramon, alisha reid, kron4 coming up here on the kron4. later, caltrans looks at the possibility of using traffic jams to generate power. first, as we await the first showdown of hillary clinton and donald trump, we will look back at some of the memorable moments of past debates.
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dr. robert mckee is with us from the surgical center today. tell us about some of the risks. >> you offer bariatric surgery at your facility. tell us about that. >> i've been a bariatric surgeon we have a bariatrics program. we offer minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. >> what kind of results are you seeing? i we're seeing very good results with patients losing 62 up to 100 pounds.>> reporter: how do we tell people where they can get more information on that. >> they can call to the center. took if you would like to learn more, 510-556-5000 or go to elite surgery
7:40 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time is 7:39 am. no major hotspots that it is still drama -- jammed on 92. 26 minutes from the nimitz to the bay shore. much heavier traffic for 580 w. to the bridge. this backup has a lot of commute traffic. the drive has a whopping 17 minutes to the 101 on-ramp. key moments in the future of our country. no matter where the candidates stand on our issues, the lasting memories will likely be the moments the candidates
7:41 am
would rather forget. >> reporter: we are going to look at some of the most memorable moments from the debates past.>> reporter: don't we tend to watch debates hopefully -- hoping to see a train wreck. instead, we're left with memorable moments. sarah palin waking.>> reporter: ronald reagan demanding the mic not be turned off. >> i am being paid for this microphone. >> reporter: a line he picked up from spencer tracy, from the movie "state of the union pier">> reporter: knicks on the chin that had to be wiped off, the exasperated sigh. >> some unforgettable
7:42 am
forgetful moments. >> commerce, education, and the -- was the third one there?>> reporter: rick perry scoops moment, and arizona governors -- arizona governor brain freeze. and this was just her opening statement. you know what a televised debate isn't a time for. checking the time as president george bush did. it is the best time for singers. >>senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> reporter: and statements by vice president candidates. whatever you do, candidates do not invade personal space. >> we will shake on this. >> i want your signature. >> reporter: or al gore oh -- or when al gore crept up on
7:43 am
george bush. >> i believe that i can. >> reporter: there is nothing bike -- there is nothing like the and debatable that livens up debates. stay with kron4 for continuing coverage of the live debate. we will have the debate on kron4. -- kron we will also been seen to talk about how the candidates performed. hot today. we have been talking about it. so much so that there is a heat advisory. high temperatures at the 90th century mark. you'll want to keep the water flowing. 92 -- 98 for san jose. that will be a tied record. the ready for school forecast, 92 by high noon.
7:44 am
hot everywhere. the kron four -- the kron4 morning news continues. for
7:45 am
7:46 am
ahead it beaten into me that that was the thing to do, and i had practice that. the great arnold palmer passed away at the age of 87. is calling him a legend even enough, gary? >> so many things that he changed, mark. he may golf popular on television. he was -- before it was known only as a country club sport, he made the every day man appreciate the sport. hat, he had a drink named after him. eminent -- lemonade and --
7:47 am
>> iced tea. >> i think a lot of people will be drinking those and giving a little toast to arnold palmer. >> he really transcended this sport. >> it was funny. i happen to flip over to the golf channel. i cannot remember the last time i watch the golf channel in september. i've flipped over last night and somebody said, last week, he had a couple of his buddies -- his wife passed away a few years ago. but some of the guys that he hung out with, he left the group in latrobe, pennsylvania. he left and said "i'm going home . if you find something else to do, give me a call." >> he was one of the first on the golf channel. >> he was right at the beginning. >> another sad moment is jose
7:48 am
fernandez. he was supposed to pitch tonight. they canceled the game yesterday. >> i will give the marlins credit. often times, they just -- a moment of silence and they go on. but they canceled the game. to their credit. >> and we scheduled a game for today, and it was supposed to be held a -- jose fernandez pitching today. >> it was 3:00 in the morning and they were going pretty fast and they were too close to the rocks on one side and they slammed into it. even if they were wearing life jackets, it would not have mattered.>> alcohol or anything involved? >> they are saying no alcohol involved in this one. >> you hear 3 am -- >> i know. that was my thought too. sad day in sports with the passing of altered -- arnold
7:49 am
palmer and jose fernandez. lou start with the good stuff which is the raiders. >> i don't know if you are watching, but tennessee was down at the 4 yard line. >> and you talk about an offense of lineman having to wear it. they had somebody just dive into a file. it forced a penalty, they never recovered. >> reporter: the good news is the highlight was the raiders defense with the three turnovers. in the first three games, they gave up more yards than any other attempt since 1940. over 1000 yards. >> i did know that we went all the way back to 40. >> if they get up to 1000 yards in the 40s, and they really week -- and they really look good. >> i like ken norton junior. that she keep them going for another week anyway. >> and then there is the niners defense. 419 yards they gave up. >> they just looked horrible. >> a lot of people were saying, seattle loss to the
7:50 am
rams and 49ers, this is your chance. but if you are as good as the 49ers, you come back and you show the best. 49ers wouldn't compete with him.>> we had is resounding victory during the first game of the season. take -- do you think that was a fluke? >> something happened that night for the rams. they were not ready. they just put out their worse. everybody likes to pick on the quarterback. i said that the quarterback looks like he is too conservative and is not have the confidence to lead a team. that can be interesting. do you have anything new on? >> i was going to ask you. have you heard -- seen enough out of plane? >> if he comes out and plays poorly at home sunday against dallas, then my gosh, it will
7:51 am
be the. he will start on sunday if he is bat -- is -- if he is having a bad game. they just do not belong in the field with seattle. >> a tough game to watch. they split the game with san diego. fair game behind the mets. six games left to play. the dodgers -- that was their fourth straight national league division that they clinched yesterday. >> and scully's last game broadcasting in la. the giants just look like they are out of gas. but you look at the schedule and it is right in front of me. you have colorado, not very good for three games. the chargers, you are going to rest a little bit some of their guys. if they do not make the playoffs, it is not because the schedule was to tap the last week. >> and it was two years ago that they won the world series.
7:52 am
and they did finish six games behind the dodgers of the national league west. >> with the ball, i tell you, mark, you can tell why football's number one now. you flip over, and you leave a football game the matter what game, then you go right to baseball and, man, it is slow- moving. >> the same thing happened to me yesterday. i love watching baseball, but i was watching football. that padres pitcher was so slow yesterday, and that was part of the problem. >> that, and i am telling you -- i follow this is much as anybody. i don't know who the padres are. >> and then five rookies. five out of the nine guys are rookies. i am opting for the pitch clock. >> i think if you put that pitch clock in there, and what if they fans become
7:53 am
preoccupied. five, four, three. >> i like it. it would move it along. >> and finally, the warriors. we are getting ready for the media day where trent will be there this morning. yesterday, they went to the prison. >> their executives at bob -- their executives, last year, they went over and played at san quentin. >> this year, they just sat and watched. the warriors are going to san quentin. >> you are not going to have those multimillion dollar guys expose themselves, right? i right. not while playing. >> they do everything right, the warriors. >> especially with draymond's grunge shot. >> that will make you want to play them in prison. >> expecting big things out of the warriors this evening, and maybe the giants. >> i will say again, they have look so dead the second half of the season.
7:54 am
but if i had to bet on them, i am looking at the schedule. all of my games are at home. if they cannot win five out of six, it is on them. >> catch you on the radio, gary. we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
million dollars to determine if an electric crystal could generate power. they generate electricity when they are compressed or vibrated. researchers are considering abetting these crystals and on the -- in batting -- and embedding these crystals into the roadways. bad news at the pump. where looking at the average price of gasoline in the us going up four cents or so compared to last year. we have seen this job over the past couple of else -- last couple of weeks. retailers and refiners are upping the price of gas because the cost of crude oil is going up. this is what we are seeing in san francisco, san jose, and oakland, san francisco is the most extensive at $2.92.
7:58 am
the bay area weather, another hot day in the forecast. taking a live look care from our camera. i have aruba still whose climbing that thing. >> let's help -- locale, the bay is. that has become a said when they paid up. for firefighters, their working on a fire near cloverdale. we will see what is in store for the upcoming season as the kron4 morning news continues.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 8 starts now.
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
>>jackie sissel: about a mile
8:05 am
east of where we are right now the link so sure right there multiple road closures on both sides of the mountain range they expect to get air support of and the sky and
8:06 am
>>reporter: clinton's campaign has made no secret of or regress prod work donald trump has been doing some work of his own to
8:07 am
this man is 100 million potential gold is expected to watch tonight's debate the pressure is on for clinton and donald trump >>will tran: this is the first
8:08 am
official day of the season and concede they're ready to go the cameras are there this is your book falls there is a new warrior in town you might have heard of him he will also be here then we have to say goodbye to a lot of the of the war years
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>>robin winston: if you are richmond san rafael bridge bridge commuter rolling was through the toll plaza all the heavy traffic the slowdown from our way through the toll to the eastern portion of the bridge
8:12 am
not bad 19 minutes to 101 in san rafael
8:13 am
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>>reporter: mild start with a warm start happens this afternoon you you see at the beach nothing going on to determine how quickly for the
8:16 am
inland spots talking sunny and hot temperatures trip with digits remaining dry we've been talking about the fire coupled with air quality moderate everywhere except the east bay and help the categories to cause some of the temperatures we're talking hey would add 9597 going on for fremont. >>reporter: the sow assured double-digit for now however getting close to the central market receive 98 for san jose
8:17 am
>>robin winston: 16 minutes from six added to the oakland a's.
8:18 am
>>james: the crash to badly hurt his mother we had chanced to
8:19 am
speak with her at a fund-raiser for the family the owner conducted a fund raiser to help the family. >>reporter: his mother and siblings were injured but survive the crash the community
8:20 am
will gather again
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>>mark: 3 people were killed and none of the victims or live that is in right now that happen at 3:00 in the morning
8:26 am
>>james: still ahead more support coming in and his ongoing protest
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>reporter: reduced exposure if you can keep the sun screen and in plenty of fluids and not know what to 94 high today san francisco going for hot quite hot going on for san jose 98 but will tire if you get there and look at the 3 day forecast
8:30 am
>>robin winston: add on another 20 minutes from 242 out to danville will take a look at the san mateo bridge coming up next
8:31 am
>>mark: 94 injured in a shooting at a strip mall on southwestern part of the city they shot and killed the gunman the shooting started around this morning the off to arrive in the gunman started shooting at them police shot back killing him the gunman was a lawyer and there some sort of issue and his law firm >>mark: donald trump will repentant facing off at the university in new york
8:32 am
>>reporter: immoderate can decide whether not edition default and said there would not be in the q&a for the audience and leaks not for this debate >>mark: we will have our latest highlights from the debate this
8:33 am
they with us >>james: 01 on the peninsula of matter in the car repeatedly asked a young boy if you want a ride
8:34 am
>>reporter: police tell us the reporter a man in a wheelchair touching women and appropriately after those cause others came and the suspects matching the first description of was touching people in other areas of the campus police cannot find the suspect they talk to any victim or port on came from witnesses
8:35 am
>>james: that billboard is being paid for by several donors he continued his process to see him taking a knee during yesterday's game against the seahawks here
8:36 am
is a look at how breakdown 92 high noon 102 by 4:00
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>mark: there and investing $2 million to see whether a certain type of event to crystal can be used to generate power they're
8:41 am
upping prices because the cost of crude will is hard to go up is still a 10ยข lower than it was this time last year you might imagine the national average san francisco $2.90 san jose 280 oakland to. 79 for down to >>robin winston: full of the tank before you hit a road block to commute traffic the ride to the richmond san rafael bridge is this still packed 17 minutes we will return after the break it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class.
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>>mark: the first of three debates comes as polls show both conditions are viewed negatively by a large number of americans
8:46 am
>>reporter: compromising entirely the onshore flow to helps agents and tumble little bit of cool a lot of people racing to the beach today the temperatures climb this her.
8:47 am
>>reporter: upper 90s and worked >>reporter: san francisco for get about the air conditioning happening the 90 going on down the peninsula 9294 for san mateo in redwood city
8:48 am
>>robin winston: earlier this morning it was packed during the 7:00 hour started to thin out was seen traffic backed up once again at the toll plaza stop and go it is jam from the 80 over crossing the drive times still 16 to 20 minutes south after the
8:49 am
caldecott tunnel toward the maze know the problems that average drive on 24 clocking in at 20 minutes.
8:50 am
>>james: the cars come over heat when the weather is hot they oftentimes see cars backing down because drivers have increased what they're sitting in traffic sit there noticing drivers are a bit more terrible in the heat that come across more rage incidents during hot weather days
8:51 am
>>mark: the department volunteer
8:52 am
the report missing guns to stay database governor brown of the toll of devastation that was overpaid local agencies for the cost of responding for the massacre sit he does not want to set the president of the state the responsible for any future emergency cost and require the state them to reimburse $1.6 million the state pays local agencies 75 percent of those cost emergency services will work with local responders and recovery 40 people were killed and a matching last december. >>: we don't care who you are
8:53 am
or you have a criminal record we just want our baby home with us. >>james: anyone with any information is asked to contact the solano county sheriff's department. >>mark: 3 are for against the san diego padres this go to the third inning softball again
8:54 am
where track and the commute this morning
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>james: the move is censorship and that would not prevent anything social media is introducing a video recording
8:57 am
glacis called spectacles 10 seconds at a time by tapping a button on the device the video of loaded the memory section
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: temperatures already have the '70s the mid '70s at work you can see 76 hey what sound was a 75 the '60s are in short supply with 58 full of the more and 66 for santa rosa a look at the breakdown for today
9:01 am
97 by 1:00 5:00 still reduced to 100 after we get to 100 + the bay at 80 and even the beaches were talking will take a look at the neighborhood for past. >>robin winston: the suspension and the sky way ii downtown san francisco not the problem lost of heavy traffic on the open side checking in on the nimitz freeway rolling south convincing the major problems through hayward san leandro fremont and milpitas a long stretch of slowing often on from 238 they
9:02 am
are inspecting his porsche he had several weapons 94 injured their release from the hospital one person is in critical condition
9:03 am
>>jackie sissel: temperatures already starting to climb out here the firefighters did not want to see the when this started to pickup abroad 11:00 yesterday morning quickly it spread fuelled by a loss of dry grass but also the high temperatures and the wind and is very tough terrain the fire fighting is very difficult for firefighters they did have some mandatory evacuations somewhere between 30 and 35 homes were evacuated they are expecting to see more high temperatures today
9:04 am
9:05 am
>>reporter: weren't going to see how donald trump and hillary clinton use what they learned in the primary when they come here tonight and it will be a whole different ball game is least not
9:06 am
for this debate that will not happen in this cycle loss to the anticipation and high expectations here for the first debate that would start at 9:00 eastern time. >>mark: we will be live streaming the debate followed by a political cover to the big star to 6:00 tonight they're getting ready to kick off their season today is warriors' media day will have a chance to talk to the players the practice facility in we're not giving you
9:07 am
a preview. >>will tran: local and national media often the distance they're all coming here with their uniforms this is the first official day of the season because preseason starts in a week from now this version is a lot different in the 2015 which won 73 games once the tech the picture they will be of the here and you can see the podium the state is ready to go we will
9:08 am
be here for all this on our web site will be facebook in life that we cannot wait to hear from them >>mark: police released the body camera video of a deadly shooting and charlotte n.c. there's still a lot on answer questions about what happened
9:09 am
was a close look at the video right after the break
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>mark: the vill you see here shows also taken cover behind the car they shout drop the gun and his wife was heard saying they did not have gone his family said he was not armed it
9:13 am
looks like it may be tightening up the will supply we will be right back
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: on the bridge or in downtown san francisco the drive time is getting better 12 to 15 minutes from the foot of the maze of the fremont street you're ride from the north bass out one on that is going to be tough an accident clear it was an overturned and hollings blocked briefly after san were fell swoop sale of all the way across the golden gate check out the drive time 93 minutes that
9:16 am
is awful for saab 101 assure you leave early come from the north the traffic is still recovering no other major traffic problems a little heavy on the nimitz from the coliseum into downtown oakland from to 38 live in san leandro heading out to the 980 split tech 5 in west instead moving just a little bit better once again know when to troublespots >>reporter: beastly shoreline is pretty much '90s getting into the upper 90s out of fremont over the east bay hills headed over to san jose and 90 a that retired record by the way san
9:17 am
francisco looking at about 90 does so happens we do not get any help from the coast all down to the san mateo county most readings nicosia along the bay side
9:18 am
>>rob black: they do not like each other started to talk better now this is a big move
9:19 am
for them no deal has come yet and they have a sell rating at these prices and does not in the next couple days you see the prices come back down to get an
9:20 am
second clips of life and if you see this video it's about being young it is pretty cool and facebook tried to buy them in 2013 the deal fell through but this will be a big in 2017. >>rob black: is an emergency if they do on a regular basis intelligent there probably are not qualified to see things they should be coming down the road they have to keep the minutes of the board opinion
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>reporter: a hundred million people expected going up against the football game we have a boston percent of the people interested larsen's of women latinos and african-americans about 40 percent across the board who say they mean a lot to them
9:25 am
>>reporter: they're trying to understand authenticity donald trump has all types of problems in terms of the campaign helleri clinton's job tonight will be to interrogate donald trump to apply her love to get experience and to interrogate him and she has exposed him
9:26 am
>>reporter: is much the media suggest this is tightening she
9:27 am
should win the contest is not as close hillary clinton has a very important role and the part of bernie sanders announced she will be interesting to watch tonight we will be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>reporter: the hats and so forth to drink plenty of fluids including water here is what happens over the next eight hours checking things out with traffic in the hot spots going on.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: in the slot better 580 from dublin to castro valley smooth sailing for the westbound ride out of san jose to milpitas just a little sluggish suspect a 17 minute trip >>mark: the two were in town for the falls street fair we have the details of the attacks of how the victims are speaking up about a crime >>terisa estacio: all of a
9:32 am
sudden of goldman and the minivan a pulled up next to them one person in the minivan gets out and has a can of mace and starts bring them to the same time they were shouting at the two victims using profanity and saying that there were destroyed on the institution of family values. >>mark: 2 they were shot and berkeley are recovering the shooting happened around at the clock on king street in alcatraz avenue the victims were men and woman shot twice in the stomach they both ran hospital right now but they will make a full recovery according to doctors.
9:33 am
>>mark: it happened around the 30 as the afternoon out of your boy was walking in from a central metal school the man java in the silver sedan in taxable if you want ride the boy said he did not need a ride with the casting and he called police the man drove away they do not know if you try to help the boy or what his actions were suspicions a 20 year-old man accused of gunning down five people and apartments or in said tickets for a court appearance today friday night at the casket mom about 60 mi. look of seattle and was arrested 24 hours later after he shot five people killing them inside the store for women and one man killed the suspect had emigrated to u.s. from turkey he expects from this for the military and violent video games and social
9:34 am
media. >>mark: the parents of three your boy who was killed in a suspected crash on 680 and san ramon are holding a candlelight vigil for him. >>mark: the family held fund- raiser in san ramon yester them he was killed on september 9th with his family's car was on the side of the road and hit by suspected drunk driver is set aside their son to come out and support the family felt was talk of a home state chairs the time they had with them sent to
9:35 am
concerns after two more sexual assaults reported on the campus police receiving these reports a man in a wheelchair was touching women and appropriately. >>reporter: did tell us to support a man in a wheelchair touching women and appropriately the man comes to
9:36 am
camp as a lot in talks to students one senior says it is possible the has a mental disability police could not find the suspect after talk to any victims reports only came from witnesses three sexual assaults were reported in side of the greek theatre the help the victims will always contact leaks they're all good to hear from anyone who may have been a victim also from anyone who may have some information about the suspect >>mark: it killed one person and wounded three others and happen late saturday night and early yesterday morning the first one at 11 saturday night police responded to reports of a
9:37 am
carjacking one person was injured the second shooting around the same time please do not know what led up to that shooting one man was injured a third shooting happened around 115 yesterday morning and they hundred block they found one man who was shot he died at the scene before the shooting happened around 2 in the morning yesterday one man was injured police are not saying divinities shootings were connected no suspects have been arrested in any of the four shootings. >>mark: commuters will start seeing this new billboard showing support for colin patriotism next to his picture the campaign unveiling the billboard just off the bay bridge in oakland
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin winston: your commute is winding down getting better slowly you're ride to the richmond san rafael bridge taken up the backed up
9:41 am
>>reporter: is that and a top it took in $4.1 million 3159 this
9:42 am
is the rule and land triple digits in remaining dry there is change coming.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey
9:46 am
>>mark: he passed away at the age of 87, legend >>gary: he was 87 and to the great american they canceled the
9:47 am
game in their credits what
9:48 am
exactly happened >>mark: red high rate of speed in their coming back again and they hit the jet the there were too close on one side in this land and he was not wearing a life jacket. >>gary: they had tennessee down the gulf--at the yard line >>gary: they dived into a pile
9:49 am
9:50 am
the rams won 201 something happened there were not ready they put out their worst everyone likes the quarterback is becoming commonplace really poorly against dallas than it is going to be in starting on sunday that mention it was two
9:51 am
years ago on and they finished the season six games back behind the dodgers and the national league west
9:52 am
>>gary: what the fans become preoccupied? >>mark: they are moving along finally the warriors to getting ready for today the big media came yesterday they went to the prison executives the general manager last year if i had to
9:53 am
bet on and i looked at that schedule we will be right back when the news continues.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: he is breaking records
9:57 am
with hillary clinton sat down with their for his wit series before to farms the channel 6 is open for don trump as long on the reminder the debate tonight was closed higher ratings over the super bowl the debate starts is 6:00 and we'll have highlights as well as expert analysis afterwards and highlights from the debate as well starting to cool down a little bit tomorrow we noticed that
9:58 am
stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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