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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>presidential nominee "at least i have a plan to fight isis!" >>presidential nominee "no, no! you're telling the enemy everything you want to do." >>"no we're not." >>"see, you're telling the fighting. no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life." >> steve: handshake and then the gloves came off. donald trump and hillary clinton face off in the first presidential debate. at points it turned ugly. >> steve: thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis. politeness did not last long. as the candidates go back and forth on race relations, the economy and fighting isis. we have team coverage tonight on the debate. our political analyst michael yaki joins us to
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break down the debate. >> vicki:but first we go to hempstead new york where alex schuman joins us live. >> good evening! >> you can see this was definitely a bunch of heated discussions. trump and clinton did get personal. it may have felt like a greatest hit highlight reel. what you definitely so was clad and calling on relief for tax returns. trump said he would if she will release r e mills and texas. >> clinton will laugh at it with her response. she humanize herself by talking about her childhood, the middle class upbringing. at
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her father's hardware. >>--clinton's hard work >> trump tried to come out looking more presidential. he did have some calm this before he to return back to his personal style. bangs the heated tonight. steve and vicki? >> vicki: the needs of the candidates agreed that perspective goals?-- did each >> they did not. they wanted to look more human in regards to your question and look more-- clinton wanted
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to be more connecting with the audience what to get--- well she did talk a lot about her family. you did not particularly learn anything new and you stills of the stiff hillary that people often criticized. on the other hand he, trump attacked her several times and talked more about himself more so than with he would do for the boulders at home. -- for the voters at home. >> vicki: thank you. >> catherine:
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>> steve: continuing our debate coverage tonight. i'm joined by michael yaki now >> they did whatever they wanted to do. i do not believe it was the game changer in this debate. >> steve: is donald trump was rude or too bombastic. or, hillary was costing as if she was really sick. >> for hillary, and was projecting as if she was more rushmore softer. she used a little humor. she had more zinders the trump bid. --for hillary she was projecting a much more softer side. >> what ever we think about
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we have heard or seen from this campaign a lot of people haven't. >> the kind of policies that donald has put forth you have seen before. i call it trumped up trickle-down. because that is what exactly it would be. >> politicians should have been doing this for years. not right now because we have created a movement. this should happen to win this for years. what has happened to our jobs? our country? our economy. we all trillions of dollars. we cannot do this any longer. >> they do not care about
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roberts or rule of order. >> interruption at rudeness by trump and to rusting constantly. which is tired of the status quo or someone who is just rude. that will be the interesting factor over the next day of days. for the people, what does this really mean? some of this is very important. >>--that an to russian and rudeness by trump and the constant interruptions. >> trump was tried to go over the tories--trot was trying to go after hillary.
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in regards to her e-mail's. she went after him on true that race. she was very comfortable. >> and a lot of different cases he went down a different direction brick for trump he what people in that says who is angry in general. >> forget about if he is actually good or good at it or how rich he is? this election is tightening up. >> i have a still and let it end of this evening i will be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> why not?
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>> yes why not? >> your campaign managers as you have built businesses on the back of little business men. and i have met people that have been ruined by your business deals donald. >> this is a man who was called lemon pig and balks. and someone who had said, privacy is an inconvenience to employers and women who do not that says women do not deserve equal pay unless they do a better job than men. ...--this is a man who called women, pigs and d
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ogs. >> tabled the about this for the next six or seven weeks. --people will think about this for the next six or set it weeks. >> steve: you can follow post-debate coverage at kron- 4 dot com.where you can also join the conservation and see social media reaction to the first debate. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. breaking news tonight. >> vicki:a destructive and growing wildfire threatening homes tonight in the santa cruz mountains. so far 500- acres have burned. these are pictures from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. >> steve: kron-4's ella sogomonian joins us live tonight at an evacuation center near where the fire
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is burning. ella how are residents coping with this news? >> reporter: i spoke with the residents here who say they are not too concerned at this time but that could change because of the nature of this wildfire. the location of the evacuation center can be said here. the loma fighter is now 500 a. with potential for spreading to 1,000 a.. this information could change. >> reporter:they aren't too worried yet as the loma fire is high up in a rural area. but it is a rapidly growing wildfire still burning on the santa cruz side of the mountain. the red cross is now setting up here at loma
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prieta elementary school in los gatos for evacuees. r >> reporter:at last check evacuations are recommended for mount bacci at loma prieta, highland way, mount madonna and pole line road. the loma fire has now charred 500 acres with a potential of spreading to 1000 acres. one structure has been destroyed. >> reporter:at least six are threatened. >> reporter:this information could change because as we mentioned the fire is moving as a fast rate and the wind direction is unpredrictable.christina alonso, los gatos resident >>"we're a little concerned we're just hoping that the wind direction doesn't change. we've been lucky so far and we're happy to see a lot of action around to protect us." >>lt. steve carney, santa cruz sheriff's office "is it known how many people are expected to use this service or how many structures are in the way? >>we don't know that at this moment our deputies have evacuated or made contact anywhere from 40 to 50 residents up in the area so a portion of them will evacuate and other prefer to stay until they get further direction from calfire." >> reporter:the loma fire is burning at the county line between santa cruz and santa clara counties. once again if you need to seek shelter and evacuation center is now being set up here at loma prieta elementary by the red cross.
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>> reporter:we'll continue tracking this wildfire as more details become available. live in los gatos ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> steve: thank you, ella. >> steve: and we are also following breaking news out of the north bay. where another fire has broken out. kron-4's jackie sissel joins us live on the phone right now. >> steve: jackie is this fire near any homes? >> reporter:in the north bay, crews continue to fight a fast moving in sonoma county. the sawmill fire started on sunday morning and has so >> reporter: there is lots of fuel in the area and because of that they had to evacuate 15 homes and have a shelter in place. they were able to get a handle on that relatively quickly. a lot of
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intense moments. we have been talking about these fires that had been breaking out for several days now. on in the north bay and this is the highest of the fire season. september and october is some of the most dangerous months for firefighters in the area. >> reporter: right now firefighters have contain at least 5 1/6 acres. but there are " a lot of firefighters still out here. >> steve: thank you, jackie.
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>> steve: i had at 8. all we're all for police shootings led to some big changes inside the as sfpd and how the department has avoided by confrontations.
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>> catherine: >> catherine: >> catherine: >> vicki:governor jerry brown has signed a bill into law that will protect good samaritans who break into hot carsto rescue endangered animals. it's a law animal advocacy groups have been cheering on as it made its way through the state legislature. spoke with a humane society in novato about what the new law means. >> reporter:"this is actually a really good day to talk about it because it's been so hot that here at the marin humane society, they've gotten at least six calls from people who have
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found pets trapped inside hot cars. in just a few months, those good samaritans will be able to take action of their own - under certain conditions." >> reporter:assembly bill 7- 9-7, or the 'right to rescue' bill, provides legal immunity to people who have to damage or an animal's life. >> reporter: >>"we're really happy because it's one more law that's gonna help people to help animals right away. >> reporter:you would probably hear those same sentiments from any group that protects and cares for animals. but marin humane society c- e-o nancy mckenney also wants people to be careful with the new rules. >>"we have some concerns making sure people don't the superhero and start breaking everybody's car windows without thinking through the obligation involved." >> reporter:those obligations are laid out in the law. it requires you to call law enforcement before you do anything. a person also has to check that the car is locked, and that there's no other way to get in. >> reporter:you would also need a reasonable belief that the animal is in imminent danger. >>"the heavy panting or being just lifeless. and if the animal's on the ground - on the floor of the car - maybe trying to hide under some shade, that could be a sign." >> reporter:david stapp is one of the people who responds to calls about pets in hot cars. he says the new law, which goes into effect on january first, will work very well for people in marin county.
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>>"our general public is very aware already of dogs left not ashamed to call, or they will call very quickly." >>"even before this most recent law was signed, it was already illegal in california to endanger your pets by leaving them in a hot car. mckenney says its probably best just to leave them at home in the first place. in novato, spencer blake, kron four news." >> steve: a 6 hour standoff in civic center plaza with a suicidal man who's fake gun
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looked real ended peacefully saturday. this is just the latest example of police handling standoff situations differently. >> steve: in august- a 25 hour suspect in the ingleside neighborhood ended peacefully at the end of july- non home near dolores park to take a 13 year old autistic boy with a knife into custody. taking the time and creating distance with a suspect in criris is part of the sfpd's new mantra. >> steve: in august a 25 hour standoff with an assault suspect in the ingleside neighborhood ends peacefully at the end of july non lethal force is used at a home near dolores park to take a 13 year old autistic boy with a knife into custody after a standoff lasting more than 15 hours and at the beginning of the month a standoff in the tenderloin for more three hours with an armed suicidal man also ends with no loss of life. >>--taking the time and suspect in criris is part of the sfpd's new mantra. >>--officer carlos manfredi/san francisco police 43-53 but there's more since the shooting and killing of stabbing suspect mario woods, training has changed especially at the gun range where officers are no longer told to shoot as soon as a target turns. >>--police say more officers also are being trained in crisis negotiation and crisis negotiatiors are being sent to more incidents >>143 / resolve this peacefully. >> vicki:
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heat advisory in effect tonight. this will result in very warm to hot weather with record high temperatures again this afternoon. in addition.offshore >> vicki:flow will allow very warm air to reach all the way to the coast. >> brittney: experience their warmest temperatures of the year today. >> brittney: a closer look showing what happened today with cooler-test clear skies and beautiful conditions with a beautiful sunset. we did tied records in oakland. and salinas. as we go into tomorrow morning you can expect the temperatures to start off on the mild side. take a look at what happens when it hit closer to noon. 81 degrees for the bay. to ellen
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locations pushed into the triple digits so we are slowly cooling down. and still have something skies. --sunny skies >> brittney: 97 and fairfield so at least out of the troubled business for tomorrow. 84 degrees in oakland, 91 and san jose and cupertino. --97 in fairfield so, at least we are out of the triple digits for tomorrow. >> steve: new ahead at 8. a life cut short in a horrific accident. >> steve: tonight a community comes together to remember a young boy on his birthday.
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>> steve: a high-speed police chase across several counties in southern california, came to overpass in san bernardino county. it started in riverside suspect driving a stolen vehicle. at one point, the suspect of the window onto the freeway. >> steve: the man eventually stopped on highway 215 in san bernardino -- police say he threaten to jump from the overpass if officers approached the man into custody. then while the suspect was being taken into an ambulance he could be heard saying the system didn't work and that he had tried to get a job. >> steve: the social media app snap=chat has surprised the hardware called "spectacles". which are sunglasses with a will upload video clips automatically to a users feed.
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>> vicki:our tech reporter gabe slate on the new tech toy and takes a closer look at why are they doing this considering the crash and burn of google glass. >> gabe:the glasses will have a button on the side when the user it the button it will if you tap it 3 times it will record 30 seconds. then through the bluetooth on someone's phone the videos are automatically uploaded to their snap=chat feed. >> vicki: >> gabe:i idea is simple they are trying to appeal to the or pont of view. a lot of people want to share what they are doing all the time they are trying to make these fashionable; they will different colors, styles and shapes. >> gabe:they hit the market in the fall and will cost $130. >> gabe:seems neat but like google glass brings up privacy issues. with a phone you know who is recording you with sunglasses not so much not everyone is dissing the
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>> it is creepy. i do not see the need. >> i felt like people are sharing too much already. >> maybe this is something that the help people with disabilities that cannot see. let's do something like that. >> gabe: not everyone is descanting the idea--dissing the idea. idea some are excited about it. will snapchat spectacles fail horendously like google glass? or will these shades get deemed hip and cool by celebs and fashionistas and break through. we will have to wait and see how many people put them on their holiday wish list. wytrgs
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>> steve: ahead at eight. word of an active shooter spreads quickly online and triggers a lockdown. what was behind the bay area school scare >> catherine:plus. why a student got suspended for taking a picture of water at her school. and next we are following breaking news tonight. growing tonight and threatening homes.
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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> vicki:the san ramon community is coming together for a family during their time of grief tonight. >> vicki:ella is this fire still spreading? >> reporter: yes vicki is still growing. evacuation's is recommended. >> reporter: residents in that area and told that the
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recommendation is to leave their homes. and case both are threatened as well. it was at since homes where one was destroyed by the fire. there is the evacuation center that is being set up at a local school. people are still be sent to so tell high-school. --so-cal high school. no injuries have been reported at this time. this see behind me that is still burning behind me. later into the night. >> reporter: it could quickly spread due to the wind speed and it is really hot out here on route 80
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degrees. so is a cause for concern. we will keep you current on what is going on. >> steve: thank you, ella.
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>> steve: a benicia high school student has been arrested active shooter threat. police say the student arrested posted a threat on instagramin response to being picked on at school. classmates of the alleged shootersay he was an a and b student. when school officials got word of the social media threat they placed the school on lockdown. within an hour police located and arrested the student on campus. officers say they found no evidence of a hit list. rumored in connection to the incident. and lifted the lockdown. police are currently investigating if any other students were involved in the threat. >> steve: >> vicki:the latest reports say the millenium tower in san francisco has sunk at least 16 inches and is
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tilting northeast by 2 inches. more tonight on the growing controversy involving a high rise tower in san francisco.the latest reports say the millenium tower has sunk at least 16 inches and is tilting northeast by 2 inches. >> vicki:homeowners tell kron four news that they're worried the problem will only get worse. a private firm has been brought in to analyze the foundation. they'll be pulling out samples to examine. >> vicki:the drilling started today. conditions and a way to mitigate the settlement. >> vicki:the developer, millenium partners has blamed the sinking on construction of the nearby transbay transit center. arguing that techniques being used there have weakened the foundation at the tower building. the drilling today is expected to take three weeks.
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>> brittney:heat advisory in effect tonight. this will result in with record high temperatures again this afternoon. in addition.offshore flow will allow very warm air to reach all the way to the coast. >> brittney:many areas are expected to experience their warmest temperatures of the year today. >> brittney: 88 and mountain dew. -- 88 in mountainview. >> brittney: the bay 68 degrees. >> brittney: we are checking a slight chance of showers next week. more details on what to get expect and another look at the 7 day at the end of the show.
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>> vicki: these animal community is going best guess coming together for a family to run their time of greece tonight. today is all lies just-- today is elijah's dunn 4th birthday. >> steve: he was killed and a crash earlier this month and the driver of the second vehicle was are arrested and judge wood driving under the influence. kron4, alecia reid joins us live from the family's home tonight. as the community celebrates his life. >> reporter: there were lots of dedication. and his mom
8:37 pm
crystal was an emotional wreck. today was an exceptionally hard for his family but they promise to keep his spirit alive. >> it was difficult to see him lifeless on that debt. i had an equal amount of the motion because of his spirit and how strong he was. >> reporter: the family does not talk much about the circumstances surrounding his death but they do keep things clear, they want justice. >> reporter: reporting live from san ramon,alecia reid- kron4news. >> steve: still ahead at 8. the piece of information
8:38 pm
you'll no longer be able to find about your favorite actor on a popular movie site. >> vicki:and next. a weekend of violence across the country. what we know about the suspects behind the attacks. and the crime trend nationally.
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>> steve: at least four mass shootings across the u=s in four wonder that many americans think life is getting more dangerous. catherine heenan shows us
8:41 pm
the new numbers from the f=b=i that tell a different story. >>the individual was firing actively at the officers, at which time the officers engaged the individual. suspect was pronounced dead. >> catherine:nine people were injured described as a disgruntled lawyer opened fire at a strip mall in southwest houston. one person is in critical condition. >> catherine:in washington state, the man accused of gunning down four women and a man at a shopping mall friday was counts. the stepfather of the naturalized turkish immigrant arzhan shatan said the 20=year old >>we're torn up, were hurt. that's all i can say >> catherine:gunfire just after midnight yesterday near the university of illinois. a dispute ended with four people shot. >>people were covered in blood, like all over their face >> catherine:one of those victims died. and the campus is in shock. >>"i'm so thankful to god that i am still here. it could have been anyone."
8:42 pm
>> catherine:the f=b=i says violent crime increased last year, but only by four percent. and that is still 40 percent below the levels of the 1990s. murders, rapes and aggravated assaults are all down sharply in the past ten years. >> catherine:the report also names the most dangerous cities. baltimore tops the list, followed by detroit, milwaukee and washington d.c. oakland is in seventh place and chicago, despite its reputation, barely makes it top ten.
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♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. >> vicki: well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. one picture almost cost one michigan high school student a mark on
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her high school record. "hazel juco" to this picture of discolored water coming from a sink in the bathroom of her school. she then posted it online. >> vicki:a short time later - she was called down to the principal's office. she was suspended for three days for what school leaders called "inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom." juco says her fellow students were outraged. >> vicki:the superintendant was called in. she said it was an inappropriote punishment and took it off the student's record. >> vicki:the corroded pipe that caused the discoloration has been replaced. >> steve: the ages of some of your favorite actors and
8:46 pm
actresses may be a more difficult to find on i-m-d- bsubscription websites used by entertainment employers will have to remove date of birth info from profiles if requested to do so. that's thanks to a new law signed by california governor jerry brown. >> steve: the screen actors guild supports the law, saying it will help halt agecritics say this move is censorship that will not prevent anything. the internet association issued a statement saying it is "disappointed" with the new law. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: bgood evening, everyone! >> gary:warriors training camo starts tomorrow. today was time to meet the media. just in case you were still in disbelief that kevin durant is a's the video that'll make you feel better.
8:47 pm
>> gary:kd alongside steph curry. all players spent the day with the local and national media. when he first made his decision, durant said it was tough to leave okc, but his transition has gotten much easier over the last couple of months. >> it is will. -- it is real as each day passes and i have my jersey on. >> it will be a different journey. >> the most important goal is to win a championship.
8:48 pm
>> gary:now to 49ers. anthony davis' return to the nfl.practically over before it's even started. the offensive lineman has retired for the 2nd time in 15-months. the team released a short, one-line statement explaining the development. davis first retired after the 2014 season. took a year off and returned this july just before training camp. he was moved to guard after not winning back his spot at right tackle. >> gary:he then suffered a concussion in practice before last week's game in carolina. davis sent out a tweet today saying-- 'i just want my time and mind intact, when you lose em both, you can't buy em' back."
8:49 pm
>> gary:as for yesterday's game in seattle. russell wilson and the seahawks offense didn't waste any time. building a large lead early and coasting to a 37-18 win. but the story on niners fans' minds. the continued ineffectiveness of the offense. most notably blaine garrbert. only 119 passing yards. and three points. set up by a tunover. until the fourth quarter >> gary:so now the calls for colin kaepernick are ringing up far and wide. chip kelly talked about his it time to turn to kaep? return to
8:50 pm
>> gary:seattle just took apart san francisco. >> gary:kelly talking about his quarterback situation.
8:51 pm
>> kept its no. 2. everyone wants to know why he is not number one. i do not believe he is ready right now. i think it's the entire group that need to come first. -- need to convert. >> kaep is not number one and everyone wants to know
8:52 pm
why? >> vicki: thamks, gary. >> steve: we will be right back after this!
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>> stanley:tonight at 10 >>i'm going to take you guys on a tour and i'm going to paint the picture for you to show the efforts of the east oakland beautification council has worked and where we're falling short >> stanley:it's the prelude to the cleanup dubbed the community tour of awareness happened in east oakland, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly >> steve: and we will continue to keep an eye on a fast-moving wildfire in the santa cruz mountains.and a complete wrap-up of tonight's presidential debate. that's tonight at ten.right here on kron4!
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>> brittney: tomorrow will be a little bit more agreeable for you. cooler and not quite as long as it was today. 98 degrees every of the stunt. -- 97 in livermore and union city. 91 degrees and san jose, and your 7 day forecast shows a cool down so take a look at the numbers we are back and that eighties by thursday. thursday, friday and saturday bullboat from the '80s to the '60s at the coast and 70's at the bay. it would take another day or so.
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>> steve: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then.
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