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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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e garden (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: it was the first time we got to see hillary clinton and donald trump on the debate state -- and it did not disappoint. hello - i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. clinton pushed trump on his birther claims -- and taxes. >> vicki:while -- trump tried to stay on message. >> reporter: hillary
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clinton stating that he is not prepared to be commander in drop--and in chief. >> i prepared to the president and i believe that that it's a good thing. hillary >>, has an experience. but it is bad experience. she has made so many bad deals. yes she has more experience than me but is bad. -- but it is bad >> wind won't even release his tax returns. maybe it's not as rich as he says he is accurate maybe is not as terrible as he says to the
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poorest third, we do not know all of his business dealings or maybe he does not want the american people, the ones that are watching tonight that he has not paid nothing and federal taxes. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers which is when she releases were started three about the females that have been deleted. --33,000 emails that has been deleted. >> reporter: we will see what the polls say after this. the next time will be october 9th at howard university. >> vicki:new tonight. a just released c-n-n poll found 62-percent of debate
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watchers thought hillary clinton won. 27 percent thought donald trump won. the poll also suggested the debate audience was a bit more democratic than the public as a whole. >> steve: here now -- to help us breakdown what happened tonight --- political analyst michael yaki. return >> steve: does it surprise you that is so strongly for clinton in this performance? >> not at all chilly clinton clearly won. he started off okay and then in the middle started to decrease in his of salmon's to rid--decrease in his performance. >>--not at all. hillary
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clinton won. >> of his attacks in the end in regards to the temperament. >> she seemed very calm and cool. >> if you'll look at how donald trump spoke he was speaking to be sweet state voters. --swing state vote rs >> steve: was hillary clinton too much on strike it-- strident and not enough
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warmth? >> of the first debate, president obama came out so flat and then the second one he can out swinging. he even made jokes about how bad he was a nut for his first debate. --he even made jokes about how bad he was for his first debate. >> i thought there were times where lester was doing a good job then there were other times where he lost control. >> part of it is that you want the candidate to talk but... hillary clinton could
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have interrupted but she did not. >> vicki:thank ouyou, michael. >> steve: for more debate coverage and a closer look at the sure to head to our website kron 4 dot com. and be sure to download our mobile app.for push alerts on breaking news. return to >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> vicki:a wildfire in the santa cruz moutains has grown to one thousand acres. that information just coming into the newsroom in the last 15 minutes. >> steve: homes are theratened. evacauations have been ordered. this was the scene earlier --- video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. >> vicki:you can see what looks like a burned out building. kron-4's ella sogomonian
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joins us live tonight at an evacuation center near where the fire is burning. >> reporter: this is one of the evacuation centers here. they are here to help the have supplies here. as well as food. it will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for those thatneed it.
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>> reporter: in the meantime they will stay open until 8:00 in the morning in a case, someone needs a place tuesday. in case someone needs a place to stay. >> and a lot of times people are able to find space with their friends and family. or, reserve a hotel room. >> reporter: they are recommending he evacuations for certain areas near the fire. it is not as in danger as it could be as the
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fighter could change direction so people may want to be prepared and collectors special documents inside their homes in the case they are needing to be evaluated. >> reporter: unfortunately, the fire is still growing and firefighters are still fighting that battle. >> steve: firefighters have contained a fire near the college of marin >> brittney: temperatures are above average and will stay that way at least until tomorrow. but things will start to cool down. you will see an heights are around 94 degrees. -- you will see a
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high at around 94 degrees. >> brittney: we already have and spear the air alert day schedule so hopefully, you can or arrange the-- a car pool. >> brittney: i will have more after my break ribs-- i will have more detail after
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my break. >> catherine: >> vicki: and brand new addition of people behaving badly. staley will take us on a tour of oakland with issues of illegal dumping. >> we do not want to be in a neighborhood known for recent shootings. >> vicki: next a story only on kron4 creek parents the of keeping their children at home because of the violence breaking out at local football games.
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>> steve: the recent spike in violence in richmond.has many people on edge. now those fears.may impact high school football games there. >> vicki:el cerrito is set to play at kennedy high school in richmond this friday. new tonight -- kron'4 j-r stone talked to a group of parents demanding the game be moved.
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>> reporter: it is important to note that on monday i did speak with a parent from kennedy high school on the pulse is there are a group of parents at that school that are concerned about safety as well. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> steve: there will be an increase in staff presence at additional law enforcement or hand for the game. the statement went on to say the district will continue to work law enforcement and the minister is to of both schools to a minor to the situations. to make whatever changes that
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are necessary to make the schools say 44 students and their families. >> reporter: it was a bittersweet celebration tonight there were a lot of laughs and also a lot of tears. >> happy birthhday--birthday >> reporter: his favorite cake was displayed is specially made by grandma. everyone at his birthday fell to spirit. >> he was looking for his birthday party. so that in his self is hard.
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unfortunately, we cannot celebrate with him. >> reporter: today is especially hard to keep his spirit alive. >> i have at equal amount of emotions because of his spirit. although it was gary hart with beckham wife is on that bed. -- it was very hard to look at him lifeless on that bed.
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>> gary: >> reporter: as represented some of the dram the from the first dui un states it was an extended period the year waiting on toxicology reports to continue with the investigation. >> reporter: the family does not talk much about the circumstances and the round the allies as an adept but they do make one thing very clear, they want justice. >> steve: we have had so many spear the air days. >> brittney: it is just so
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hot out. plus we had a lot of air pollution. the combination is not great for their quality print you can help out by trying to carpool. >> brittney: anyone who suffers from upper respiratory infections or heart conditions you may want to really be careful and watch the weather parrot--and watch the weather. >> brittney: as we get into the end of the work week. we can see much cooler weather. we have high pressure and control. instead of the direct on shore flow which keeps our temperatures rather cool.
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>> brittney: clear visibility tomorrow. not a lot of f o g derek 65 degrees and napa up, 78 degrees in livermore, 83 and half moon bay and higher or run the region tomorrow pushing into the low 80s. >> brittney: 94 in napa, but we were in the triple digits earlier. 97 in concord and 84 in san ramon. with cupertino at 91 tomorrow. >> brittney: and core trend is coming. another warm day tomorrow but we are dropping and temperatures on wednesday. 7 day for tests
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shows we are back into the '70s. we will stay there until sunday. >> brittney: definitely cooler for us by the time the next weekend rolls around. (laughter) >> steve: basketball is almost back! >> vicki: before you break any windows there are a couple things you need to know. coming up next! - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds.
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>> steve: if you see a pet inside a hot car -- and take action to save the animal -- you now have some new protections under the law. it allows you to break into the vehicle if need be. but as kron4's spencer blake found out -- there is a certain criteria that must be met. >> reporter:barking is something you dog's been left too long in a hot car. instead, the animal would be panting heavilyor sitting still, looking lifeless. under the 'right to rescue' law, that could be grounds for breaking a window to >> save the animal. >>"this is just one more
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element if people have the capability, they've assessed it, they've planned it, and they're gonna stay there with the animalthat they can help if no one else is gonna come forward." >> reporter:as you heard from marin humane society c- e-o nancy mckenney, there are stipulations before a person gets legal immunity. >>"it may sound obvious but for that good samaritan law to apply, you have to make sure that the car is indeed way to get inside." >> reporter:then, call police or animalif you do free the animal, you have to stay with it until law enforcement arrives. but remember, opening the car could present its own problems, too. >>"the animal could dart out, could get lost, could get upset, could bite them, so they might become a victim themselves." >> reporter:david stapp has rescued several pets in marin county throughout his career. >>"my last one was, ' i just went to the store for five minutes.' it takes you three minutes just to walk through the parking lot, another three to ten to stand in the line after you've already picked out your items. there's no way you're going to go to the store for five minutes." >> reporter:there's something pet owners can do right *now to make sure this scenario never happens. >>"don't take 'em in the car if you're gonna go on be really safer if you just leave them at home." >> reporter:the good
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samaritan law goes into effect on january first. in novato, spencer blake, kron four news. return comfort food, you've had a good long run.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> reporter: saturday and 6 hour standoff with the gun- as with a man with a fake gun that look real and it peacefully. at the beginning of july, at a standoff and the tenderloin lasted almost three hours. what a man with mental issues. that ended peacefully. >> implemented and practice new changes that will
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affect the situation and in a much more positive light. >> reporter: officers are told now not to shoot. cannot be so quick to shoot. when you see a a threat, is there a gun? it is the gun amy at you? then you engage. >> reporter: more officers are being trained in crisis intervention. >> began to understand the individual and, how to attack the situation. >> reporter: dan kerman, kron4news
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>> steve: this here in this body camera footage. released to the public over the weekend. officials said the gun had been stolen and later sold to skeps--kevin scott. police said scott held a gun and still to obey police orders to drop the weapon. scott family said he did not have a weapon. it has triggered a series of protests with some of the protests turned violent. zz >> vicki: >> vicki: marin maloney has the details. >> reporter: for people living in this southwest houston community. ...
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>> and nearby parking lot became a triage a scene of first responders treating the wounded. all of c nine and wounded are expected to survive. >> affirmation that we have at this time was that his issues. >> reporter: a car full weapons near the scene. >> suspect had weapons on him at the time. one of them is a 45 semi automatic handgun. the other is 845 semi automatic commonly
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known as a tommy gun. it is also before the gun if foreground gun. the fbi and assisting in the past--the fbi is assisting in the investigation. >> vicki: 46 of suspect and the deli washington state moss shooting has contest. he has made his first court appearance today. according to court documents he told detectives that he did bring from the rifle into
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macy's and shot all five victims. the 20 year old was are arrested saturday night after a nearly 24 our men had following the shooting at the cascade mall and arlington, washington >> vicki: he faces five charges of premeditated murder. and he is being held on a $2 million bond. >> vicki: slowly but surely there is a cleanup underway in east oakland, but sent weekly up may not be the solution, especially if the problem persists. >> steve: and it is not simply city issue there are in fact other mitigating
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circumstances that come into play. but, if everything comes together a could me and in to the illegal dumping problems at oakland. stanley roberts explains. >> this is eradicate and deter a pilot program that we have. i am going to take you guys on a tour and i am going to paint the picture for you to show the effort of the east oakland beautification consul. has worked and where we are falling short >> stanley: that was can he state of east oakland beautification consul. just before the beginning of the last of three tours on san leandro before we started our tour here is some of what was discussed. you got the two... >> you got to be tear the
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problem. do not put a bandage on it. you have the teacher is not call cleanup is not called we go out every weekend for it we go out every day and clean up. we are putting together a strategic plan and a strategy to deter the problem. >>, on accurate, haight, on a less ago. -- come on... let's go >> stanley: so off we go for a brief tour of two and a half months of 700 boulevard where some actors are being made to clean up san leandro boulevard where according to kant. 97 percent of graffiti is gone. 97 percent now the visual cues that
10:38 pm
called the illegal dumping that our city is plagued with is one of them is illegal or because if a person can attack for 20 minutes at person can daunt f five. >> stanley: now we stopped off at and you of the problem areas where as i said before there are multiple jurisdictions that need to participate in order to fix any problem in this area. ♪ grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots.
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>> 5 in a minivan and 3com out. i felt that there were about to swing at me. however, it pulled out a can of mace and it got me in the eye.
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>> i am screaming to call the police. someone, call the police. and someone shouted and said the police are on the way. >> vicki: neil and his friends said they are one to try to enjoy the trip in san francisco and not be defined with what happened there. >> brittney: another warm day expected for us tomorrow but i am tracking and cooler tran and coming in. i will but i am tracking and cooler tran and coming in. i will have more after the break. it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there,
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>> steve: time to take a look at tran weather. --tied to take a look at your weather. >> brittney: inequality would not be brett would not be great. >> steve: well, that is impressive.
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>> brittney: isn't that impressive. >> brittney: hour hike tomorrow with the temperature is being warmer we will stay mainly out of the south and southwest. so just the head up if you suffer from respiratory illness and heart condition you really want to be careful really, for the entire area but definitely for the south bay is sound. >> brittney: the fault tractor issuing clear skies as we go into tomorrow and tonight. we will see an
10:49 pm
onshore flow but not for tomorrow, we will still be well above average. we'll breakdown zone by its own grid los 70's and golden gate park. los 70's and half moon bay. cities in palo alto. you would notice temperatures in cupertino at 91. mostly sunny skies for livermore and still hot in concord at 97 degrees closer to antioch at 99 degrees 82 degrees in san leandro, 92 in santa rosa and 89 in now pop. the 7 day forecasts showing us that tomorrow is one of the last warmer days as we begin to cool down.
10:50 pm
but >> brittney: >> brittney: lee would take another look at to whether at after the break creek >> gary: >> gary: good evening! >> gary: since curry and the rent are on the scene they were flying people out to hear what they had to say today. -- curry and durant
10:51 pm
>> now that i am here with my jersey on. sing all my teammates. it becomes real. and i am excited >> it is what to live for and what to play for periods we were as confident as you were last year. we just want a different journey. >> gary: palo over a month before the start playing for real. but already, people are starting to get into the warrior spirit >> gary:--a little over a month before they start to play for real. but already,
10:52 pm
people are starting to get into the war years. >> gary: after crossing home plate. gorton is in tears occurred after the gang the entire tank wearing hernandez number. again, that has influence on the giants and st. louis. they've lost tonight. >> gary: 15-2. stacking up this way. the wild-card race. to tames made in the postseason and then they play each other for the right to continue on. >> gary: st. louis with one game back. they will finish up with three against the
10:53 pm
dodgers. >> gary: here we go with a list!--a's >> gary: this is it accurate 1-1. and, here is it is. >> gary: look at this. look at this. two-one angels appeared--angels. >> gary: this guy probably did not want to play football anymore. he has been mowed to guard to right tackle and then he suffered an injury. he says he wants his mind and time and that record and when you lose them both you cannot buy them back creek
10:54 pm
>> gary: there is a difference what russell wilson making plays spirit that is pretty much your game creek with 49ers having to get ready because dallas opponent on sunday. and it was off 283-1 stock. ---to a - >> gary: and they are off to 83-1 start >> gary: raiders are 2 and 1. >> vicki: thank you, gary!
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>> vicki: the social media application but snap chat has a prius the tech world but unavailing harwell call spectacle spirit which are sunglasses with a built-in video camera that will all
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blow video clips automatically to a user's fees. our tent reporter gate slate gives us some more details on the new tech toy and takes a closer look at why are they doing this considering the crash embark on-- crash and burn of google glass. >> gabe: the glasses will have a button on the side when the user uses the gun and it will record a 10 second clip or if you tap it three times a record 30 seconds. then drew the blood to on someone else's fault the videos are automatically up loaded to their snap chat feed
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>> gabe: i did is sample, they are trying to appeal to the ongoing trend of point of two videos. at a lot of people want to share what they are doing all the time. they are trying to make these fashionable; they will come at all kinds of different colors, stealth and shapes. they hit the market and of what it will cost $140. --$ --$


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