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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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on the road, all the trucks -- >> reporter: one of four that firefighters say is uninhabitable. one of 13 damaged by the flames. >> did know anything until i got here. walked in and see this. just move forward. >> reporter: bill's wife to think the hardest. she fought back tears after seeing the damage inside her home. investigators say the fire started in the grass along the highway, spread to the trees, and then spread to nearby homes. northbound lanes of 101 were closed for a period of time. as crews battled to get control of the situation. when the flames were put out, many came back to the smell of charred wood and burned out homes. >> you know, shock, really. i live here for 10 years. i was just here yet her --
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yesterday matter-of-fact visiting. you know? come to this, i mean, no words to explain that. >> there are things that are salvageable but it's pretty trashed. what the flames didn't get, the smoke and watered it. >> out here this evening you can see all of the soot and debris outside of bill's home along with cleanup crews who are busy at. >> reporter: i want to stand out of the way and pan next door to show you the extent of how bad this neighborhood is. you can see next door all of the debris outside, this home as well. a total loss. in total again, 13 homes damaged, four of those red tagged. to people injured. but minor injuries and that. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. another big story tonight another grass fire in the north bay. this one in novato badly damage as a home and investigators say a 14-year-old playing with matches caused it. it was accidental though the
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kid has been cited by police the fire spread incredibly quickly. the acreage burned downgraded to a little over two acres. many townhomes in addition to the one big house were threatened but the townhomes were saved. additionally the fire torched power poles and lines causing a small transformer explosion. this was a long olivia drive just off novato boulevard. near miwok park. dealing with extreme conditions. >> this is day four or five of very high temperatures for us, low humidity. the grass, brush trees are extremely stressed by the drought already. this is the second fire that our district has responded to in two days and threatened homes like this. so it's challenging for us when we have to fire -- fight the fires back to back in high heat and low humidity. >> you've got about 15 firefighters who are going to stay on scene throughout the night to mop up and monitor hotspots. pam? the wildfire in the santa cruz mountains is still burning out of control.
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here is the latest, the loma fire has burned 2250 acres. it is 10% contained tonight. seven buildings have been destroyed including one home. 300 other buildings are still in danger. this fire is burning in the area of loma prieta road about 10 miles from morgan hill. some mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the loma prieta ridgeline area. a south bay animal shelter opened its doors to pets forced to flee after the flames of the loma fire and as kron 4's alecia reed shows us it was a very big help to pet owners. >> you got the sneezes because of all that smoke. >> reporter: china and blue are from the same family. now trying to adjust to their new surroundings. >> the least we can do for those that are being displaced and potentially losing everything they have is make sure that they can at least know that their pets are safe and secure. >> reporter: remnants of fire retardant still on china's back. for now her owner knows she is in a safe place at operation
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freedom paws where animals get round-the-clock service. >> we have staff here 24 hours a day. their dogs will be well cared for. we will make sure they are safe. >> reporter: they have also been evacuated. and there may be more animals on the way. all rescue and friends have been making rounds at the red cross and other back centers to help in any way they can. >> we've got all kinds of trailers and resources for food and candles and everything they need if they should need it. trying to get food and some shelter of their own. find places to shower and things like that. so this alleviates the stress for them. >> reporter: locals also wanted to help but not knowing who to contact. >> a lot of horses back there. anybody needing help bringing them down. >> people saying they can help with food. trailers. housing animals. you name it. >> all of the shelters in the area including animal control
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were working closely with each other. >> reporter: operation freedom paws is open 24 hours but owners can only visit pets between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. alecia reed, kron 4 news. continuing our coverage, hundreds of people evacuated from their homes because of the loma fire. i talked to people on little road in morgan hill. jose first responders came knocking on their door at 2:00 a.m. telling them to get out. others said they were going to wait until the fire got closer keeping an eye on the ridgeline. >> we're going to stay as long as we possibly can. >> reporter: some animals were here today but i'm told many evacuated their horses last night. kron 4 news. on the richmond san rafael bridge all eastbound lanes reopened at about 5:20 in the evening about 9.5 hours after a big rig collided with a guardrail and eventually set on fire. the chp says the big rig was
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carrying contaminated soil from a construction site in marin county to a waste facility in pittsburgh when the driver lost control. the chp says the driver was not seriously injured. and no other cars or vehicles were involved in the collision. philippe djegal, kron 4 news. police are looking for two robbers who pistol whipped a man that shot his wife multiple times. while they were in the driveway of their home around 9:00 p.m. monday night. >> two males, they were wearing masks so we don't have any facial features. >> guys came up the driveway. we thought they were my son and his buddy doing a halloween prank on us. then i saw the guns. >> just shattered right arm. and a broken hip. but she's going to be okay. she's a trooper. >> reporter: in orinda, haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. a much-needed cooldown in store for the bay area. >> who can help you out? how about meteorologist brittney shipp? she is back in two minutes.
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keep it right here.
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breaking news center, update to the police shooting in san diego. just a little while ago, this is in el cajon and we just learned the black man shot several times has died. chief of police there says the man was not armed. but pulled something from his pocket and pointed it at officers. in what they called a shooting stance. one of the two officers started shooting. the other cop was trying to use a stun gun to subdue the man. it was the man's sister who initially called officers saying her brother was acting strangely. a lot of people started gathering, started shouting at officers, this is now the latest controversial police shooting of an unarmed black man in america. we have the situation in tulsa, oklahoma earlier this month and
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that the controversial shooting in charlotte, north carolina, that was last week. in that incident police say the man who was killed had a gun. guys? >> all right. thank you. brittney shipp is here. >> we've got our seven-day to start and a look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> major cooldown on the way. it was cool at the coast, as we go to the next few days that is going to continue. 6:00 a.m., dense fog for half moon bay. and stretching into napa and oakland. everywhere else, livermore, concord, clear conditions, the fog is back. cooler temperatures at the coast are back as we go to tomorrow. 70 in san francisco, 60 half moon bay. 82 in nevada, 75 in napa, mid- 80s in concord, 90 in antioch. temperatures in livermore at 86. this is good news however for all the firefighters battling the loma fire and the santa
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cruz mountains. temperatures tomorrow during the day will stay in the 70s. humidity up a little bit. it will reach 45%. wind speeds fairly light although closer you get to these wildfires, we start to see this fire condition changing and we'll see stronger wind speeds, next but seven-day forecast showing us as we get to the next few days, we dropped down another 10 to 15 degrees from the mid-80s. all the way down to the low 70s by the weekend. pileus cloud -- partly cloudy skies over the weekend. mid-70s tomorrow, down to the high 60s. we'll stay in the low 60s along the coast. slight chance of showers into tuesday of next week. all part of the large system that is cooling us down. we'll keep a close eye on that chance of showers, that's the big deal for us. just cooling it down. if it was too warm for you. >> we could sure use that precipitation. >> fingers crossed. >> that's it for us tonight. we're glad you joined us. thank you as always and you can stay in touch at kron
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what's up with donald trump's sniffles. >> lots of people were talking about donald's sniffles. >> it's not a cold. so, what is it. this doctor says she knows. and the moment. >> melania trump is here. >> melania's dress. >> she had it on in black. i found it in raspberry. >> trump versus miss universe. >> he called this woman miss piggy. >> donald trump called you miss piggy. >> then, feel the tears. the heart-breaking contribute. >> everything to be a part of this country. >> then, after the


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