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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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>> about 100 people most of them children were evacuated this afternoon as the first congressional church of berkeley erupted in frames -- flames. >> firefighters are looking into this fire suspicious. earlier today please told us they are looking into a person seen outside the church before the fire started. >> it was a small fire then all of a sudden it took off. >> david took this video from his apartment across the street. >> is started along the edge in the opposite side of the tire place. >> the church is located in downtown berkeley. no one with injured but everyone was evacuated in a nearby town was evacuated. five fired his waiting for building inspector to give them the greene light to send in fire
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investigators. >> was primarily in the attic. when the conditions changed and smoke and heat started coming down there was a collapse of the ceiling. that's when we pulled out of the building and went into a defensive mode. >> firefighters focused on saving the sanctuary. >> this community is very strong and a strong staff and congregation. >> will come together to do what we need. >> this area will be closed off tonight and tomorrow. firefighters are on scene monitoring hotspots. >> another big story where tracking tonight to videos of the latest deadly police shooting in this country take us to san diego. the videos today were released. the police chief saying it's in the best interest of the public to release the footage.
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in the video you can see one officer approach the victim was not listening. then he gets into a shooting stance and puts an object that he pulled from his pants at an officer. that's when officer richard gonzales fired for shots killing the victim. the object was eight e-cigarette . protests have followed since tuesday's shooting. some got violent. some activists in el cajon are saying that the officer who shot reacted to quickly. >> we're not promoting violence. we're not promoting angry protest. what people saw and what we are hearing about made them angry. >> we hope that any demonstrations will be peaceful. that was the intention of releasing the video. we
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emphasize our desire for peace and calm. >> there are demonstrations happening now in el cajon. they have been peaceful and charges for the two officers involved have not yet been decided. it's unclear if the district attorney will fire -- file charges. the second officer fired a taser instead of a gun. >> this is a woman who was killed in new jersey by the train. she was standing on the train platform and was struck by debris. within 100 others were injured. 60 people are still recovering in the hospital. it could take more than a week to determine the cause of the train crash. chris christie says is that the train was going too fast. >> today is our first full day on the scene. we are making progress. we have much more information to gather during this that
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gathering stage. the analysis will come at a later date. >> officials say there is no suspicious of foul play or terrorism but they are still looking at every factor. >> in the east bay to rival high school football teams played one another despite concerns of parents that they may not be safe. the game was between el cerrito high and kennedy high. we were at the game where there was increased security. >> friday evening the el cerrito football team arrived at kennedy team with police escort. there were private security guards kept watch for any problems. serena parents had petitioned the school district to move the game to another location. they were worried that violence in richmond including a shooting near the kennedy football field a few weeks ago could flare up during friday's rivalry between kennedy high and el cerrito high.
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the school district did acknowledge the parents concern but decided to keep the game at kennedy high school. they did bring in extra security which was welcomed news . >> i did not want to play here but the district did. they did put in place extra security measures so i am satisfied. i am glad that we are here and i'm ready for the game and i'm excited. >> here at the alameda county superior court where an officer is being prosecuted in the police sex scandal. on friday ricardo perez was arraigned on one count of felony oral copulation with a minor and two misdemeanor counts of engaging in a lewd act in a public place. >> i think it is outrageous that a defendant charged with a
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felony simply because he's a police officer gets released on his own recognizance without posting any bail. >> a preliminary hearing for lila and morrison concluded on friday. this week a judge heard graphic and gruesome testimony of the murders as stephen carter and audrey kerry. also how alligood testified how she had tied up kerry. they're both looking at life sentences. no trial date has been set. bryon stow brings his anti- bullying message to the kids. >> he talk to kids how his life was changed back in 2011 when
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he was attacked by two men at dodger stadium after a matchup with the san francisco giants. >> leave it on the field. no one needs to get hurt. >> last year he give anti- bullying presentations 41 times at school and juvenile detention centers. this is his eighth this year and he plans to keep going when to bring his message to the world. >> coming up the weekend finally here and the first reign of fall is expected to hit the bay area. meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast after the break.
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>> you have heard of a blue moon or a red moon or whatever moon. tonight another type of moon is in the sky. it's called a black moon. >> lets take a look at it.
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this comes from 2008. it rises but here's the problem. you cannot always see it because it is surrounded by darkness. therefore it is the second new moon in the calendar month which is like the opposite of a blue moon which is the second full moon in a month. you can't really see a black moon because it's in the dark. parts of the world will see the black moon this halloween. >> it's friday night and we are little wacky. >> will the clouds come in? >> we will have high lights in clouds. futurecast showing us what's in
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store and that's around 11 am and around 3 pm we will see a chance of showers. everything will clear up as we go into monday. we will also see some snow showers for the sierra and the highest elevations. tomorrow's high is 72 in vallejo. 69 in hayward and 64 in san francisco. temperatures in nevada is 72. your seven-day forecast shows a lot of changes. we'll be in the mid-60s on sunday and warm back up on monday into next week. our temperatures around the bay will stay around 70 and 60. it's not a bad forecast but cooler inland. >> thank you for joining us tonight. you can take us on the go the
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kron four app. >> good night everyone .
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was it foul play? two sisters found dead on a bed at a luxury resort. >> two young women would die of the same thing at the same exact time, how do you explain that? then, trump's 3:20 a.m. tirade against miss universe. hillary clinton calling him unhinged. >> he shouldn't alienate 70% of the country who are overweight. and the birth of a nation firestorm. >> due feel guilty about anything that happened that night? >> now a sister's revenge. plus, what's up with carry under wad's knee? -- carrie underwood's knee? why some are saying it looks like prince george. and greatest


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