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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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kron news at 10. don't put your rainwear away another round of wet weather is expected to hit the bay area. you can see the rain offshore and up in this year as well. thank you for joining us tonight on the kron for news at 10. joining us -- thank you for joining us. are meteorologist tells us how long we're going to keep the rate. it looks like this microphone is going to work. we have more showers all the
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way. you can see on doppler radar the rain that is making its way into northern california, october snow showers in the sierra nevada. storms up the coastline right now. that will push our way and that one might possibly bring us more rainfall into the day tomorrow. things beginning to quiet down in the bay area but that left behind a few showers. an area of low pressure, opens the door and the cold front headed our direction. that will bring more showers into the bay area and let's see if we can time it for a -- for you. showers early tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon showers else wait around -- elsewhere around the bay area. things are unsubtle.>> it looks like the rain taking its way back to the bay area and get up tomorrow morning with a chance of rain early on. showers north of the golden
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gate bridge. as we head into the rest of the bay area, showers elsewhere and by afternoon it could get interesting, a chance of under storms around the bay area. watch out for that in the temperatures stay cool, only in the 60s. the storm door is open, how will the rest of the week finish out? we will let you know in just a few minutes. you can always track the rain with our mobile app. you can get the forecast for your area right where you live. available for free and apple and android devices. we have team coverage on the rain, the second round of rain expected to hit the bay area. kron4 -- the first of the season is always the worst. >> >> reporter: along with the rain, plenty of excitement.
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>> i love the rain and it's been a while since we had it. >> reporter: that there are those who are little skeptical. it looks like it may have rain, i don't see any water on the ground.>> reporter: it was very brief. >> if it even happens. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it was enough to make roadways slick and dangerous. something that makes even the most excited bay area residents a little uneasy.>> some people act like they have never seen it before, so it affects their driving but for me, i am used to driving and rainy conditions. is not that big of a concept for me.>> reporter: pulley test police officer says it's important to remember that the roads are slick with the first rain.>> the first rain releases debris and oils, the first
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rains always make the roadways very slick. is important to slow down.>> reporter: slick and tough to maneuver especially if you are not used to it. his advice, do not drive distracted.>> do not text and drive or drink and drive and if you must use a cell phone, use a hands-free device.>> reporter: especially important since we expect more rain this week. >> they need to wake up. seriously. it just the facts everyone else's rhythm on the road. >> >> reporter: police say you should also double the space between you and the car in front of you to give you react time. now from brain to snow. this is a video from the squall valley on the left with mountain resort. you can see snow falling in coding the ground earlier this evening in the sierra. happy site for a lot of skiers. temperatures stay below 40 degrees.
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a huge day for the giants as they has stamped their season. the club rebounded to clinch the final wild-card spot on the last day of the regular season. kron4 mark carpenter was in the clubhouse party and has more from the celebration .>> reporter: blessings are alive and well with the dominant first-half in a conservative post all-star break. the giants as shown once again they can come through when it matters the most. they also proved they are experts at putting on a proper champagne party. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> we play better in emergency mode. when we had our backs up against the wall. i think that gave us the momentum to lead us to the
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series. we had to make sure. >> we kept fighting and bleeding. when you have brothers and teammates that fight for something, there's nothing stronger than that bonds. >> reporter: the giant showing everyone that it doesn't matter how you get to the playoffs just as long as you are in. after a dismal second half, the orange and black storm into the postseason and poised to claim the fourth world title since 2010. >> it's similar to 2010 because we had to win unless they to get in. the second half has definitely had its ups and downs. the biggest thing right now is it is nice that we have momentum going into wednesday. >> i have come up with a lot of the guys and we had been through the same things. we have been with each other
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for five or six years now. we enjoyed the moment with friends and teammates and will for to the playoffs. >> reporter: and with all that experience this veteran loaded group knows the blueprint for the championship. >> this never gets old. weight all looked for this long time ago, early february to find a way into the playoffs. it took six or seven months and 162 games, but now we have to find a way to win 12 more.>> reporter: giant space the mets on wednesday. the winner will face the cubs. we have team coverage of the giants went today, alecia reid was on hand to feel the magic. >> reporter: the fans were
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anticipating as they cheered on their team.>> absolutely wonderful. >> it was great.>> the giants live another day. >> the game was fun. i love taken my son here and having a good time. >> it was a hell of a second half. a roller coaster ride. all you can ask is baseball at the end. >> reporter: sunday's game with special in more ways than one. folks traveled to her dennis kelly announces last game. >> to be in his presence is amazing. >> this being his last game, i grew up in the 70s and every saturday morning it was joe garagiola and then scully. > reporter: the dodgers play in the first round of the playoffs. now that both teams are officially in
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>> we have to went playoffs. >> we will see you in the playoffs. we will see you in the playoffs.>> [ laughter ] i have a broom in my car. >> reporter: reporting from san francisco, alecia reid kron4 news . san francisco 49ers in action against dallas cowboys. it was a different feeling as the team lost their third game in a row. colin kaepernick and other 49ers continues to protest during the national anthem. you see him kneeling with eli harold and eric read. the cowboys ousted together before the game some fans that the social media on their way into the stadium to complain about the long lines at the stadium. fans that we talked with after the matchup say they are frustrated with the 49ers who are one and three on the
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year.>> they need to get rid of trent. the price is outrageous for this performance.>> he unfortunately threw an interception, it looked okay >> i thought cavern action have played. >> when we were at candlestick, you felt the energy. over here at levi stadium it's just not the same. it will take a couple of years to rebuild and get back to who we are in the heart. we are winners. >> the cowboys beat the 49ers .4-17 and they take on the cardinals on thursday. we have highlights -- we will have highlights later in the show. another big story we are watching tonight, a damaging fire did not stop eight berkeley church holding sunday service today. behind me is a video from the helicopter partnership with abc seven, this is the fire tearing
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through the church. as kron4 spencer pulley reports, their own building is too unsafe to use the church found a place to meet today a few feet away from the ashes. >> reporter: it was hugs and handshakes all around for first church berkeley. they greeted and welcomed each other to first presbyterian church across the street work >> when we heard the fire our church had started relationships with them and it was easy to offer our home to them.>> reporter: disaster remediation starts at the birth shell of pilgrim hall. they are -- first presbyterian is helping their friends.>> something the suddenly part of your life is -- has been so affected. >> reporter: they started with a gift to those from the church. in a lunch. >> getting to know them on a
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personal basis is exciting.>> we have a connection. >> reporter: the connection began last week when the two choirs sing together for sabbath worship. then on sunday in a borrowed sanctuary one of the ministers taught the children about the mythical phoenix and how it rises from the ashes.>> >> reporter: and rising from ashes is easier when you have someone pulling you up. >> we are grateful and we would do the same if they had a problem we would welcome them. >> reporter: in the service one minister assured the congregation they would be together every sunday even if it was not in the same place or place that they were used to. in berkeley spencer blake kron4 news. we have breaking entertainment news. kim kardashian west held up at gunpoint. reality tv star is in paris and armed men to her hotel room. what we know about her condition tonight.
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changes may be coming to what has been called the crook of his straight in the world. what city officials are considering to minimize traffic and congestion in the area. the blue angels are in town here in oakland. i will have the sights and sounds and details for fleet week coming right up. to go anywhere. -- don't go anywhere. [ music ]
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the stars of fleet week
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soared into the bay area. the blue angels are ready to put on an awesome show in san francisco. >> kron4 is your fleet week station. you have to best job in the stadium, how are people preparing and are they excited?>> reporter: this was the first time for me to see them in action and we had a little taste when they landed here. people are already excited. they lined up in anticipation for fleet week in the performance is friday. they were already here to see them just land at the airport. >> reporter: for many in the bay area coming out to watch the newest -- u.s. navy why is a family tradition spanning decades. >> i have been watching the blue angel since i was her age. >> i like them because they are fast.>> reporter: sunday night
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the group touched down at oakland international airport northfield where they will perform for fleet week. already bans came to watch and welcome pilots as they landed. >> i have always been a big fan of airplanes and i enjoy seeing them. >> reporter: the command leader ryan brekke got sick forcing the blue angels to cancel the california capital airshow. sunday all seemed well with the pilots and the schedule has not changed. >> i love aviation -- aviation and precision. >> reporter: neighbors can expect the roaring sound all week overhead. >> i understand some residents are bothered by the noise, but it is special. >> reporter: once again, neighbors are born there will be a lot of noise here overhead because of practice leading up to the performance. it starts on friday and goes through the weekend. we will have a schedule of on
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our website. kron4 is your fleet week station from the rate of ships to the airshow and that includes the blue angels. you can watch the blue angels here on october 8 from 2 pm to 4 pm we will broadcast live in for a schedule of all the fleet week events you can go to kr oh and -- >> if the weather going to be a factor? i am glad they made in but we are looking at showers around the bay. the weather should improve throughout the week. the cold front is starting to bear down on california headed toward the bay area.
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left over showers and snow showers in the sierra nevada you can see those right now. more snow toward lake tahoe that's news for us. we have the next batch of showers off the coast. we are not done with the range of jet. if you have not gone yet hold on you make it by tomorrow.>> in the meantime we have a major hurricane brewing in the atlantic. you can see it here is a category five it has weakened slightly to a category four. still ache catastrophic storm system. it will make its way north. sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. moving by the tip of cuba. could see rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches. haiti and the bahamas could get 40 inches of rain. it was light of the coastline
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by friday, it could possibly week into a category two, where it goes exactly after this, no one knows for sure the eastern seaboard could be in the path. as the at downtown san francisco, that is giant orange on the building as the giants have made it into the playoffs. partly cloudy skies i found right now -- partly cloudy skies right now. >> tomorrow mostly cloudy with scattered showers and possible thunderstorms. dry and warm rather returning for the week.>> if you are headed outside, the clouds will continue to thicken temperatures in the high 50s. one system slid through the bay area and another one setting itself up. that will move in as we head through out the day. if you are planning in the sierra nevada, overnight tonight looking at more snow showers.
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those will diminish but more stormy weather is on the way up there. the prepared if you are traveling in the high country.>> clouds will thicken tonight tomorrow morning, just after 9 am maybe scattered showers in the far north bay could affect the commute a little bit. the better chance for rain this afternoon where we have to scattered showers in the bay area and possibly a thunderstorm. this is all good news as far as fires are concerned. getting the rain helps us a lot. we could see some rate around much of the bay area heaviest areas in the north bay. temperatures tomorrow to be cooler in the 50s and 60s we look over the next few days we will see warmer weather as high pressure tries to come back in temperatures in the 70s and maybe into the 80s into thursday and friday. a few clouds next weekend, but with the blue angels, i think they will have nice ball
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weather.>> they expect almost 1,000,000 people on the waterfront. >> we do not want a washout. >> it makes me feel good to be on the ground. >> doing all of that stuff no. i stay grounded. now to the latest on the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. hellfire expects to have full containment later this week. we have video from the helicopter at partnership with abc seven. it has charred 40,000 acres 71% contained threatening 325 buildings. hundreds were evacuated from santa cruz and santa clara county since the fire started monday. there are mandatory evacuations in effect for santa clara county. new at 10 tonight a critical week for the so-called crooked a street in the world, lombard street city transit leaders are considering ways to control the traffic and the
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throngs of people. they include charging a toll, reservations for lombard street and encouraging visitors to reach the single lane street on foot or by cable car. this friday, october 7 is the deadline to take online survey about the potential solutions this can be found on our website investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the train to crash in new jersey. a mother of a child who was shot to death in south carolina is speaking out tonight. after the break what she had to say and how she is remembering her six-year-old. [ music ]
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the mother of a little boy who died at a school shooting from north carolina is talking about her heartbreaking loss here six-year-old jake hall died saturday after a brain injury from blood loss. he shot -- he was shot when a teenager (vista elementary school. his mother says this is a time for healing. she said jacob loved school, games and superheroes.>> jacob was forgetting. he is heaven smiling down at us and asking his mommy to be strong and forgive like he would have. >> jacobs parents got there footprint and birthdates tattooed on their arm as a way to remember their son. he was one of three people shot on a townsville elementary school. the 14-year-old suspect is
10:26 pm
facing multiple charges including murder. the school will reopen on thursday. in new jersey today the first recorder was found. a woman was killed and more than 100 others injured in the disaster in hoboken thursday morning. these new photos were released early sunday. three-quarter retreat from a locomotive in the back of the train could provide information on the train speed. use of breaks and throttle position. a second data recorder has yet to be recovered because it is trapped in the class front of the train. still ahead tonight, hillary clinton had one of the best month for fundraising. how much he made in campaign fund-raising straight ahead. donald trump taxes are back in the spotlight. find out how experts say he may have avoided paying taxes for years. [ music ]
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back to kron4 news at 10
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with j.r. stone and justine waldman. donald trump's taxes are back in the spotlight. >> the business mobile tweeting today he is the only presidential candidate who can fix the tax system. his comment comes in response to a new york times report that says trump showed a loss of nearly $1 billion in his 1995 tax returns.>> tax experts say that could have allowed trump to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. can hutchison has the latest. >> i will release my taxes because i lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails. >> reporter: while many are waiting for donald trump to release his tax returns the new york post has tax documents from the local.
10:30 pm
the documents show in 1995 trump reported a $969 loss. the report citing tax experts says trump could have used his loss to avoid playing federal income taxes for up to 18 years. the trump campaign released a statement said the gop nominee has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in other taxes including property and real estate taxes. former new york mayor rudy giuliani called trump a genius for taking advantage of lawful deductions.>> the reality is it is part of our tax code. the net is a genius and he knows how to operate the tax code for the benefit of the people serving their>> reporter: bernie sanders express why so many americans find this frustrating. >> tropicals around and says i am with aliens and successful businessman but i do not pay taxes. now you, you make $15 an hour you pay the taxes and not me. that is why people are angry and want real change in this country.>> reporter: responded on twitter saying he knows tax
10:31 pm
lot better than anyone who has ran for president in the only one who can fix them. a speck of the new york times says it up in the three pages of documents when they were mailed to a reporter last month. a postmark indicated the documents were mailed from trump tower in new york city. the paper did not examine trumps federal return. time said it attended -- the times said it had the first page of the returns. comes hotel in washington dc has been handled with graffiti. someone spray-painted the phrase black lives matter and no justice no peace on the front of the building saturday afternoon. the phrases are covered up. trump has been criticized for his racially tinged speeches police are investigating. the old post office pavilion of as the trump desk trump hotel in november room rates have
10:32 pm
dropped from $900 a night to $400 a night. september was a productive month of fundraising for hillary clinton. the democratic presidential campaign report said clinton had her best month of fundraising last month with more than $154 million raised. 84 nine dollars of that came trump on -- campaign fund- raising while the democratic national committee and very state parties help to raise the rest.'s campaign says more than 900,000 donors gave to her campaign in september bringing total number of donors to around 2.6 million. hillary clinton delivered a plea for gun-control today saying the nation needs to do more to protect all of god's children. she did so at an african methodist episcopal church in charlotte north carolina. the famously said recently shot killed keith scott. the democratic presidential nominee said too many black families
10:33 pm
have been forced to deal with the same tragedy as scott's family. >> our entire country should take a moment to really look at what is going on here and across america. to imagine what we see on the news and what we hear about, imagine it through our children says. >> triple raise -- funeral arrangements have been made for keith scott got the black man shot killed by officers in north carolina. the service is scheduled for thursday at a baptist church in charlotte. scott's death led to two nights of violent protests, dozens of protesters even shut down a section of a major highway in the area. lisa and officer shot scott after he refused to drop a pistol as he exited his vehicle. the video does not show whether or not he was armed. coast
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guard searchers have found the body of a kayaker since -- missing since late yesterday. a helicopter discovered the body south of the san mateo bridge around 3 am. he was with two other kayakers when they left from oyster point in south san francisco. in the bay waters near san francisco international airport, the other kayakers realized the victim was missing. the name of the 38-year-old male kayaker has not been released. they are waiting to notify his family. two people injured involving a scooter in berkeley forcing police to close on major intersection there. the crash happened around 2 pm on chaddock and university avenue. it prompted officers to close the intersection. police say two people on a motor scooter crashed into a pickup truck. the duo was taken to the hospital and information about the extent of their injuries has yet to be released. officers are asking drivers to avoid the area. police did not say when the
10:35 pm
intersection would reopen. conquer police are trying to find a person who fired shots at the city police building. police found a pretty large bullet hole in the front of the police headquarters on saturday night. they also found another smaller political on the second floor. no injuries have been reported. the damage to the concorde police department headquarters is minor according to officers, but they are taking it seriously and police are investigating. storm and in the news check around the area, police are looking for man who exposed himself to a teen in palo alto. it happened at 4 pm yesterday at ballpark. a 14-year-old girl had been riding her bicycle through the park when she noticed a man sitting on the bench with his pants down exposing himself. 15 let the area and called her mother. the suspect is described as a white man in his 50s with short spiked hair and a medium built. he was last seen wearing a red t-shirt and cargo shorts. the minimum wage at san
10:36 pm
jose will go up $.10 an hour in january based on the consumer price index which increased by .7% since last year. the san jose minimum wage initiative was approved by city voters in 2012 and took effect in 2013. the law requires employers in san jose to pay their employees a minimum of $10 per hour with the annual consumer price index increases work still ahead a 102-year-old woman is arrested. breaking entertainment news, kim kardashian held up at gunpoint in paris. what happened and how she is doing tonight. [ music ]
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in the last hour we learned kim kardashian west was held up by gunpoint in her paris hotel
10:39 pm
room. she said to armed masked men dressed as police officers burst into her hotel room sunday. the mother of two is have shaken but physically unharmed. no other details have been released tonight. her husband kanye west was performing in new york at the time. he abruptly ended his show after telling his hands he had a family emergency. kardashian west was ambushed last week by a celebrity prankster who attempted to assault her as she was entering a restaurant. in st. louis missouri police took a 102-year-old woman into custody, and not her crimes. this was to fulfill an item on her bucket list. ed sends had never been in the back of a police car until this past week. she even wore handcuffs for the occasion. >> keep going and don't stop. and spend some time doing
10:40 pm
community service because sometimes the people that you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in the whole day. >> when eating sends is not dispensing pearls of wisdom, she is dispensing stop that socks and scarves. last year she stitched more than 400 items for seniors in the area. danish researchers say birth-control pills or who wants -- or hormones increase the chances for women to be depressed. women ages 15 to 34 and found that women are birth-control had an 80% increase for depression.
10:41 pm
that was compared to those who did not use birth control. hurricane matthew is making its way through the caribbean. how people in the area are bracing for this powerful storm. to rainy mondays get you down? i hope not. we have showers on the way. we will talk about that next. is all about the san francisco giants they are headed to the playoffs. highlights of next. -- highlights are up next. [ music ]
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people of the caribbean are bracing for hurricane matthew. the national weather service says the powerful category four hurricane has winds of 145 miles per hour. forecasters predict it could make landfall on the southern coast tomorrow. the u. s. weather service says it's the strongest hurricane in the
10:44 pm
atlantic since 2007. heavy rains already hitting the island of jamaica. haiti and cuba are also preparing or this powerful storm. a live look here in san francisco at the bay bridge. a little dark but i love the life. joined right now by meteorologist. >> i have friends headed to the bahamas. >> do they know they are a meteorologist? >> it was too late. but now they do. they are rerouting the ship right now. that is a powerful storm. we have raindrops headed our way. we had scattered showers outside today. the west parts in the north bay. the next storm system looks to be a little wetter just coming into view now. lingering snow showers over the sierra nevada from the first
10:45 pm
one a pass through your that is winding down now. doppler radar is picking up rainfall off the coastline. that will push and make its way to the bay area as early as tomorrow morning in the north they then spreading to the rest of the bay area throughout the day.>> right now, the camera of faith and the clouds will increase tonight and early tomorrow. temperatures running below average for this time of year. the first part of the week we had triple digits well above average, now we are in the 60s and low 70s and probably not seeing the 70s tomorrow. out the door right now partly cloudy skies 61 hartley county in oakland, 57 in napa, 53 santa rosa. low pressure diving into the area opening the door. the jet stream sagging to the south. the storm door is open and here it comes. not the strongest storm we have
10:46 pm
ever seen it is impressive to see storms coming to the area this early in the season. things will be a little wet in spots tomorrow. it will slide through an tomorrow morning showers in the north bay. thinks pickup in the afternoon. with the cold air behind the system thunderstorms are a possibility.>> less time the south. tomorrow morning the commute could be a little wet in north bay, lots of clouds. south of golden gate bridge we are dry early in the morning and by afternoon it changes as shower sac further south. it is pockets of shower so it will be on and off throughout the day. more substantial than what we had today.>> the rainfall totals, we will see more rain but lighter amounts to further south you go. maybe one third of an inch in the wetter parts of the north
10:47 pm
they may be down to 100th of an inch in san jose. not a gigantic storm good news for firefighters. second temperatures will stay warm risk in the morning. low 50s in the 60s at the coastline. 64 degrees in palo alto. 65 in sunnyvale. maybe a couple of isolated showers in south bay. temperatures in the mid-60s. heading to the east bay, a lot of clouds, chance of showers. most of the focus is on the coastline and parts of the north bay with the storm system.>> temperatures will be cool 62 in santa rosa, 63 napa valley, 64 dolly help. in the next couple of days chances of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. on tuesday the clouds clear out a little and then things go right. it is clear week in they expect
10:48 pm
lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. the offshore winds may start to flow in again into thursday and that makes for beautiful weather. dry weather for the weekend. >> we could use all of the rate but i'm glad it will be here for fleet week. >> there are millions of people counting on this forecast. [ laughter ] kron4 sports >> i think you are hooked on sports. >> it was a big sports day. >> james swept the dodgers -- let's go right to video. that scully announcing the final game of his 67 year career. bottom of the first esther posey goes down the right-field line, to run score 2-0 giants. posey had three hits and three rbi. he gave up only three hits on the mound for san francisco tonight and one run over eight
10:49 pm
innings. we go to the bottom of the ninth. sergio romo into close it out giants up 7-1. here is what happens.>> to -- to pitch out into left field for pagan and the giants are headed to a meaningful october. >> the giants back in the playoffs they get the sweep as the cardinals won today the giants go to new york to take on the mets in the wild-card game wednesday night. the cardinals are out in the giants are in.>> 49ers hoping not to lose three in a row. colin kaepernick leading the national anthem protest. 7-0 carlos guides the -- navarro
10:50 pm
woman goes down, he has an mri tomorrow it could be a season ending injury. that is huge for the 49ers. third quarter, ezekiel elliott powers his way into the end zone to get alice the lead 21- 17. he had 138 yards. fourth-quarter cowboys fourth and long, blaine gabbert is unable to get the first down. late in the fourth best the final 24-17 dallas wins 49ers play the cardinals this thursday night. >> raters action. derek carr and the explosive action taking on the undefeated ravens in baltimore. fourth-quarter 14-12 ravens. derek carr looks for his man michael crabtree in the end zone. terrance west gives the ravens the first lead of the game after audrey washington fumbled the ball.
10:51 pm
ravens up 27-21 fourth-quarter. derek carr looking for his man finding again michael crabtree in the end zone he gives the raiders the lead in crabtree his third touchdown of the game 28-27 oakland. fourth-quarter they are trying for things to come in it would not happen for joe flacco. that paul is incomplete. raiders want to win this 28-27. the last time the raiders won the first three road games was back in 2000, 16 years ago. >> the a's opening up against the mariners hoping to get them something to cheer about after a disappointing season. stephen boat tops one left field , it is out of here. 1-0 oakland bottom of the ninth we go you can see oakland on the mount, the a's trying to
10:52 pm
get the last out. he stated that he's trikes out daniel vogel they finished last place in the division with a 69 and 93 record. bottom line, the giants are headed to the playoffs on wednesday against -- they are not headed to play their, they will play in new york. >> it does get cold for baseball in october. >> we will see. coming up after the break, a century celebration. a bay area man invited us to his 100th birthday party. what he says is a secret to a long and happy life. [ music ] i don't want to live with
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you.
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it was a big day for a south bay man who celebrated his 100th birthday. >> hector gimenez solace in
10:56 pm
santa clara and has lived in the bay area for 35 years. he has at least 18 grandchildren and many more great-grandchildren. he wore a shirt today that said super dad. super dad was born in el salvador in 1916. he said the key to living 100 years, staying active. we asked him how he felt today and he said >> happy. he is happy to turn 100. he says he is very happy to have all of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with him. his family makes him very happy. backup that is hector with his granddaughter. here he is today turning 100 and a picture with him and his wife in the day. he was a good-looking guy back then and now.>> he arrived on
10:57 pm
july 4 july 4, 1981. his family is overjoyed. he did not our cameras which show up and it made his day. >> some people like our cameras and some do not. >> happy birthday hector. >> coming up after the break. we are getting ready for more rain in the work week. [ music ]
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>> reporter: along with the rain plenty of excitement. >> i love the rain and


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