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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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dog in the face. we're live at the scene in concord. in fairfield the search is on for a man suspected of repeatedly trying to lure a 16- year-old girl into his car. what you say on social media could end up in a police file. now facebook, twitter, and instagram are take steps to protect your privacy. the donald unleashed as his chances of winning the white house get smaller and smaller the republican nominee is growing more and more desperate. >> if we don't win, all it is is a little asterisk. >> you're watching kron 4 news in prime time. >> this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. now at 8:00, a blood stained sidewalk after a knife wielding suspect is shot dead by police. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7. thank you for joining us tonight at 8:00. i'm pam moore. >> i'm steve. concord police say the man stabbed a person and slashed a
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police dog in the face before the fatal encounter. lydia joins us live with insight. lydia. >> reporter: well, as you can see, police are still on scene investigating, but this area was just reopened to people who live here. they've been waiting several hours to get into their home. the suspect was found hiding in a backyard a half a block away there where we are standing. >> it just happened so fast. >> reporter: this woman is describing the moment she saw the suspect run into her backyard. >> i was just shocked, and i just like walked outside of my house and called the police immediately. >> reporter: what she didn't know is that moments before police say he stabbed a man in this neighborhood. >> officers were dispatched for an adult male stabbed by our. >> reporter: police tracked down the suspect behind another home. >> we gave the suspect commands to surrender, so we sent the
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canine, the police canine, a great resource for us to have. when we sent the police canine, our canine was stabbed in the face by that suspect. >> reporter: moments later the officer shot the suspect. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he died. police have not released his identity but they say they've had contact with him before. he's described as a white male in his 30s. >> we have some arrests and some contact with him. i can't get into the details of the contacts but, yeah, we have had some contacts with him before. >> the canine, seen here at the vet after the stabbing, expected to be okay. >> reporter: the victim of the stabbing in this case is in good condition. reporting live in concord, kron 4 news. new tonight at 8:00 the fairfield police department says someone may have tried to kidnap a teenage girl early this morning. the suspect apparently tried to lure the girl into his car on a number of occasions.
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kron 4's charles clifford is live in fairfield with the details. charles, do we know if this teen girl is okay tonight? >> reporter: yeah, as far as we know she is okay. the police department says this is a very disturbing incident. this suspect apparently tried multiple times to get this girl into his car. let's take a look at some video from the area where this happened. according to the police department, this occurred about 9:00 this morning near the intersection of taber and dove err. a dark gray sedan, possibly a 2000, pulled up, and the man inside started talking to her and tried to convince the girl to get inside. she refused. the man came back and tried two more times to convince this girl to get into the car with him, and she continued to refuse. eventually he gave up and apparently drove off on dover. now, the police department is describing this man as a black male, 25 years old with short,
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dark hair, brown eyes with a big nose. he may have also had tattoos on his arms. anyone with information is asked to contact the fairfield police department. in fairfield, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> thank you charles. to vallejo now where police are investigating a shooting that injured two people. this happened near tennessee and amador streets. police found two men suffering gunshot wounds at the scene. they were transported quickly to the hospital, their conditions still unknown at this hour. investigators say the shooting may have been the result of an argument between the two suspects and another suspect at a 7-eleven a because away. the two men walked away from the scene but that's when police say this suspect pulled up near to two men and shot them before fleeing the scene. vallejo police are asking anyone with any possible information of this event, please be in contact. a killer is on the loose tonight in richmond after a 21- year-old man was shot dead at a
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neighborhood park. police responded to a call of shots fared just before 11:00 last night at lemoine park. when they arrived they found two men bleeding. a 21-year-old died at the scene. a 19-year-old man was injured but is expected to survive. police say they are searching the area and looking for surveillance video or witnesses to help them identify a suspect. however, police say they do believe that this is an isolated incident. police are looking for a person who killed a man in san jose. a body was found in the parking lot of lowe's last night. it is the 38th homicide in san jose this year. eight of those victims have been homeless people. but right now it is unclear if the man was homeless or not. that boat that capsized off pier 45 during fleet week sending 30 people into the water will likely not be brought to the surface until sometime next week, this because of the weather. today kron 4 spoke to a
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fisherman would helped those victims when the chaos just broke out. >> reporter: 55 feet below these white and orange buoys sitting off pier 45 and in front of al could trades, the 34-foot boat remained submerged. this sonar image shows the blue in white just below the green. and this is a photo of a silverton cabin cruiser similar to the one that sunk. it was saturday when the boat with 30 people aboard capsized off pier 45. >> it was a private boat. we only expected to see a small party in the water. maybe five or six people. but now we're seeing 30 people in the water. >> reporter: david griffith, who saw the boat aft flipped, speculates the boat had too many people for its size. >> for such a small vessel to have 30 people on it, it raises suspicion. >> police say overcrowding is one of several things they're looking into. but those familiar with the bay
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say it can be common on a busy weekend. >> we'll see private vessels going out, and they get all their family and friends, and if you have a ton of people on the boat, it really mess weise the stability of the vessel. >> reporter: salvage operators say rough currents and an impending storm beginning friday will delay the boat being brought to the surface until mid next week. by thursday they hope to drag into it a protected area inside the break water, but it will remain 17 to 30 feet below the surface of the water. salvage operators say because of the strong currents they can only get in the water to deal with the boat for about an hour a day. as a result, they say it won't be fully out of the water until the middle of next week. at fishermen's wharf, kron 4 news. the bay area is already seeing those cooler temperatures, and then later in the week we're going to see some rain. rebekah is standing by with details. >> pam and steve, dry conditions right now but get ready because the wet weather is on the way.
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we're going seat towards the end of the weak and even possibly this weekend. right now as we take a live look outside, this sour east bay zone, our camera overlooking berkeley. you can see the blanket of lights right now. we are seeing overcast conditions with those chilly temperatures and breezy conditions as well throughout the evening. we're getting winds of 14 miles per hour in san francisco. east bayshore line at almost 10. 8 in san jose, 12 for wine country so that is keeping things cool as well. we're having a cold front take over the bay area. san francisco, 58 degrees, 63 for san jose. 58 if you're in livermore and concord. 54 degrees for santa rosa. looking ahead, so the cool conditions are going to stick with us through this evening, and then into later this week we might get some rain late thursday night from the first system that's coming to the bay area. then we are going to have widespread showers friday, and
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then this weekend we have a chance of showers, possibly on sunday, a small chance on saturday. how much rain to expect, i will let you know coming up. >> thanks, rebekah. a gunman opened fire in a busy san francisco neighborhood killing a man, and now police are on the hunt for the. is this hooped at 7:30 yesterday in the city's ingleside heights neighborhood. when police got to the scene they learned a 23-year-old man had been fatally shot. the suspect is at large. now to the story of a man brutally attacked, and he may not be able to return to work. doctors may be forced to amputate his injured finger. richmond police believe that three more suspects are still on the loose for the beating of the man. he was attacked by a group of five men would then cut his hair with a knife. police did arrest two suspects, and now the district attorney's
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office is considering filing hate crime charges against those two men. a go fund me site has been set up to help the man pay for his injuries. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is back in the spotlight. but this time it's because he's been thrust back into a starting role with the team, and also what he has to say about donald trump's locker room talk. >> colin kaepernick has been on the cover of time since protest started in august, but now head coach chip kelly has decided to make number 7 the team's starting quarterback. and the two months or so since cap started his pregame demonstrations, blaine gabbert was leading the team at quarterback, but kap will now get his turn. cap was asked about -- kap was asked about donald trump's claims that his sexually
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charged comments can be chocked up to locker room talk. >> i haven't heard our locker room talk like that. so i can't speak for other ones. but, you know, i'll leave that to them and deciding what's appropriate, what's not. i don't agree with it. >> the 28-year-old from turlock has previously said a month ago that it's embarrassing to have trump and hillary clinton as our country's choices for president. he said today his position on that has not changed. his protest is centered around bringing attention to police brutality and racial injustice in america. sunday will be kap's first start since november of last year. coach kelly said kap's protesting and his contract situation did not factor into the decision to start him. pam. >> thanks, grant. ahead tonight at 8:00, using social media to track protestors. one company says hundreds of law enforcement agencies do it. now their access is being cut off. and an expectant couple say
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they lost everything. now they are trying to rebuild after a fair burns their home just days after moving in. and next, an armed car jack hag riders on edge at an east bay bart station. >> putting news first, pam moore, steve, brittney, and gary radnich. kron 4 news at 10:00 every night.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. two people carjacked at gun point in the transit bay parking lot in one east bay city. police are trying to track down the suspects. kron 4 shows you exactly where this carjacking occurred. >> reporter: two people walking to their vehicle inside this parking garage when suddenly a man holding a gun grabs one of them from behind. >> this is always carjacking. >> reporter: it mapped monday
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around 11:51 p.m. on the second level of bart's parking lot here at the macarthur station. investigators say while the armed male suspect was demanding that the two victims put their personal property in the car, a female suspect appeared and entered the vehicle. >> advising female was in the driver's seat, and the male was armed with a small black revolver. >> reporter: the incident has caused concern for bart passengers what park their vehicles here. >> i think it's really unfortunate that people can't be safe using public transportation. the whole point of public transportation is to get people out of their cars. but it's really unfortunate. >> especially around here with these parking structures like this, there's a lot of dark corners. especially late at night, usually nothing good happens after 11:00, my mom always said. it's a big concern. >> reporter: bart police describe the vehicle as a silver 2004 bmw 330i. investigators say they have
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limited information of the two systems. however, the parking garage here at the macarthur station has multiple surveillance cameras on every level. bart police say they are reviewing footage from these cameras hoping to find any leads on the carjacking suspects. the city of oakland has had 184 carjackings so far in 2016. in oakland, kron 4 news. new tonight at 8:00, three of the largest social media platforms, all bay area-based companies, are cutting off access to a company which has been giving user data to police, especially during protests. grant is back. >> reporter: the issue here is police using social media info to spy on protesters during demonstrations. we're talking about facebook, twitter, and instagram, and the american civil liberties union says police use social media info from a company called geofedia to track access.
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the company provides searchable data from public posts. the aclu says baltimore police use the company to, quote, stay one step ahead of rioters after the death of freddie gray. the ceo says the company has policies to prevent the inappropriate use of its software. facebook's policy states that companies cannot sell, license, or purchase or transfer or funnel data into a search engine. that's why facebook and the others are pulling out. the aclu says geofedia claims there are over 500 law enforcement agencies that use its services. pam and steve. >> thank you. a couple expecting a baby is now homeless after a fire breaks out friday night. >> the two-alarm fire took over the apartment in the sunset district destroying most of their baby clothes and the crib. the couple, along with three others, were taken to a hospital. they have been searching for a home for six months before they
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finally signed the lease last thursday. since friday the couple has started a go fund me page so that they can at least raise some of the money and buy some of the items they've lost, but they've only raised about $600 so far out of a $10,000 goal. well, we've been expecting a little bit of rain. turns out it is going to be more than just a little bit. take a look at that pretty shot at the airport. >> rebekah is standing by with the details on what's ahead. >> we go from one pretty shot to another one. we're looking through downtown san francisco. we're looking at glowing orange city hall right now for the san francisco giants. hopefully going to bring them some extra luck tonight, but it's pretty much overcast skies with chilly conditions. we are looking at the rain, like steve and pam had mentioned. the totals look like this so far. late thursday into friday, for the east bay area we're going
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get anywhere from three- quarters to an inch of rain expected, and the south bay zone, the same goes here. almost an inch of rain expected for that thursday-friday system that's coming through the bay area, as well as the san francisco peninsula zone. the north bay, we might even see two inches or more of rain as far as our forecasted amounts show. and again, this is going to be the highest total, up in the noter bay. we might get some showers into saturday and sunday. but that first system that's sweeping through the bay area thursday and friday, that's when we're going to see the most rate. satellite and radar showing us right now some cloud cover throughout the bay area. that's keeping temperatures on the cool side. right now we're looking at 61 does he grins mountain view, 63 for san jose. along the east bayshore line 59 for heyward, 56 in san francisco, 54 for novato.
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tomorrow morning you are going to wake up to a foggy start and chilly temperatures. and then tomorrow afternoon cloudy and cool conditions, but we might have some 70s for our warmest inland valley locations. tomorrow this is what your lows are going to look like when you wake up. around the 6:00 hour we're looking at 55 for oakland, 53 for san jose, 56 for san francisco, the downtown area. 52 degrees in santa rosa. when i come back we'll break down your highs neighborhood by neighborhood. >> thanks rebekah. some newly leaked e-mails show how quinton's campaign strategized to respond to her e- mail controversy. and later, she met him on tinder, then she fell to her death trying to escape her apartment. what her accused killer reportedly said to her. coming up, see the back of grant lodes as we give you up to date coverage on the giants
8:21 pm
and cubs. also, colin kaepernick got some good news. he's going in to there sunday. later in this broadcast. >> thank you gary. here's what we are tracking for tonight at 10:00. rain control. this november voters in one east bay city will have their say. tonight we take a close look at both sides of the issue which lead to some very heated debates between residents and the city. that's tonight on kron 4 news at 10:00.
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right now the san francisco giants are playing to keep their season alive. and they're playing hard. fans are out at at&t park along with kron 4's j.r. stone. how's it going? >> reporter: well, it's going very well pam. all is quiet outside of at&t park, because all of the action
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is going on inside at&t park. the giants with the lead, rated in this game, but fans, they have been out here all day long. >> reporter: any concern today at all? >> no, we're gonna kick their ass. >> reporter: giants fans not holding back, fired up for game four of the nlds series, even if the has been a bit nerve- racking against the cubs. >> well, you know, these guys like to torture us. so i'm a little worried about the torture, but you know what, if any team can pull it out, it's these guys. they keep showing us that. >> reporter: for good luck, fans took to their hands. orange spiked hair and a g.o.a.t. mask. history shows the chicago cubs have been haunted by a billy g.o.a.t. curse, unable to win the series since 1908. >> i come across an orange mohawk, fake orange hair, and
8:25 pm
real orange hair. >> it's really growing out of my head. >> reporter: did you stay up to watch the end of the game? >> i did. it was actually so late, the bar had to kick me out. >> really. that's a bar you don't want to go back to. >> no, i'm not going back there. >> are these the same pants that you were wearing last night. >> yes, sir, they are. the only addition is this. they may be a little smelly, but it's good luck. >> all good when you're rooting for the giants. >> let's go giants! let's go balloon guy! >> reporter: back out here live you can see the rally baby. she is just nine months old, and tonight was her first playoff game. she made it deep into the game. >> just like matt moore did. >> reporter: matt moore is still going strong. matt moore the pitcher of the san francisco giants. lots of excitement as the giants are leading at last
8:26 pm
check 5-2. now back to you two in the studio. >> all right, j.r., thank you. ahead at 9:00, what an autopsy revealed that an unarmed black male had in his system the night he was killed by tulsa police. plus, she is still traumatized, she says. kim kardashian's sister goes on to say she's not doing well as kim fires back after claims that her robbery may have been a made-up event. and next, donald trump on the offense against his own party as one hollywood celebrity urges republicans to put their country before their party. and we're looking at overcast conditions right now with cool temperatures and rain on the way to the bay area. i will have all the details coming up next.
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let's hope it all boils down to wing on november 8th. otherwise, honestly, i've wasted my time. >> in the race to the white house, at the podium and on the internet, donald trump is on the attack. >> four weeks until election day, the republican nominee is declaring himself in shackled. catherine shows us what he means. >> reporter: the republican
8:30 pm
nominee who says he's fighting for america went on social media to fight against his own party. one day after house speaker paul ryane said he would not campaign for trump, trump called him weak and ineffective. another defector, arizona senator john mccain. >> i just have to part company. >> reporter: that drew a tweet, calling him not only foul mouthed, but ungrateful. in fact, trump says all the republicans who have turned their backs on him are worse than crooked hillary. but he has yet to respond to one critic. >> i've been waiting for you. >> reporter: over the weekend the arnold joined the ranks of the donald's opponents urging fellow republicans to choose their country over their party. the gop firestorm, of course, sparked by trump's tape gate. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i just kiss them, like a magnet. >> reporter: new polls show hillary clinton's lead soaring. with 27 days to go before the
8:31 pm
election, the real clear politics average of recent polls shows her ahead by a comfortable 6%. >> we cannot be complacent, we cannot rest. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in florida today with the poster boy for close elections. >> al gore! >> reporter: gore lost florida and the 2000 election by a handful of florida votes. >> your vote really, really, really counts. a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit a of that truth. >> hacked e-mails show that hillary clinton's team hoped that the controversy would go away. that has not proven to be the case. she used her private home
8:32 pm
server. he mails reveal she had fired off messages to shape the response. one suggested the goal was to cauterize the issue swot go away. tulsa doctors say the man shot by a tulsa police officer had pcp in his system. >> he was shot after his car broke down on a tulsa street on september 16th. officer betty shelby says that she shot crutcher after he disobeyed her commands. shelby has been charge wade first-degree manslaughter for his death. a live look outside. let's look at the golden gate break. keep your sweaters and your jackets handy. and later in the week, bring out the umbrellas. a lot going on in the forecast. rebekah is standing by with details. >> that's right, pam and steve. we're definitely going to feel the fall weather all around the
8:33 pm
bay area. right now we're taking a live look outside. this is the bay bridge approach. this is our live camera where we are seeing some cloud cover, and i'm also tracking a little bit of forks mostly in the north bay, but you can see fog tracker 4. currently we're seeing most of it in santa rosa and novato. as we track ahead, it is going to start spilling over into the napa valley. we might see some patchy fog along the east bayshore line and in heyward, and then we're going to wake up to a little bit of fog tomorrow morning and the cool conditions. speaking of the cool conditions, temperature-wise, 24 hours ago versus tonight, we're not seeing much of a change. we're still seeing cool temperatures. 56 degrees in san francisco, 63 in san jose right now. a pair of 60s for oakland, and heyward north bay coming in at 54 for novato. taking a look ahead now, tonight we are going to stick around with cloudy skies, cool and breezy conditions. later in the week, late
8:34 pm
thursday night, we could see this first system of rain coming through the bay area. then on friday we're going to wake up to widespread showers into the afternoon. we might get a sprinkle or two friday evening. and then heading into the weekend we're going to see lots of overcast conditions, mostly cloudy skies with cool temperatures, and rain definitely likely on sunday. we might see a little bit of a sprinkle on saturday. but again the cool conditions do continue. here's your forecasted high tomorrow for all four zones. we're looking at 66 degrees tomorrow for your east bay so in oakland, 72 for san jose expected, along the peninsula and in san francisco 60 degrees for downtown. 72 expected for santa rosa. and your planning forecast is what it looks like. you can see the rain on friday with the temperatures in the upper 60s inland, and also around the bay. low 60s along the coast, and then those possible showers coming in on sunday. barges steve. >> all right, rebecca, thank
8:35 pm
you. well, you probably know what is going on inside at&t park tonight. the giants game. >> but there's always whole lot of stuff going on around the ballpark that you don't often hear about. that is, until now. >> here's stanly roberts would found some people behaving badly. >> i'm behaving badly right now. i don't want to be on camera. >> you know it's going to be an interesting day when the first guy you see is a chicago cubs fan wearing orange. >> you trade homes, you trade wives, you trade cars. no one ever trades teams. i'm a cubs fan, bulls fan, bears fan. >> did he just say trade wives? anyway, welcome to at&t park in san francisco where you don't need a map to find the park, and where one person had this message to the world. >> can he don't do in that san francisco. we don't behave badly, you know what i mean. >> i know what you mean, but
8:36 pm
hey, i'm only one person. the giants allow people to scalp particular as long as they don't do it on at&t property so i really don't both tear scalpers across the street. but when they cross the street, they are what i call out of pocket. this scalper tried to sell tickets for -- >> 250. each. >> reporter: were they good seats? >> no. way at the top. >> reporter: way at the top? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: how much you willing to pay for ticket? >> ten bucks. >> reporter: where you from? >> houston. >> reporter: you're out of pocket. you know you can't be on this side. >> i respect four letters. sfpd. >> reporter: this guy was also trying to still in prohibited area, and he tried to call me out because he said i needed permission to record hit. he would yell when the camera was off and turn it off when the camera was on. >> looks like some walgreens hat. take a look.
8:37 pm
is that walgreens? >> that's the same look over at walgreens. >> i'm really behaving bad physical i'm wearing a walgreens hat. >> reporter: this guy was heading up to offer a performance. but i couldn't help but notice the airport luggage cart, hashtag 13.8 miles away. and i had one other thing brought to my attention. these no parking siernz a day old. file that under, you had one job. remember to buckle up and stay off your phone. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> thank you stanly. well, this couple met on-line, and then she died on their first date. the disturbing details of the moments just before she fell 14 stories. plus, a two-carrot diamond. the park that allows you to search and keep the jewels. a chilling recording goes viral years after it's made.
8:38 pm
take a look at this game. a mom says the girl in the bizarre video is her missing daughter.
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
it's just a chill video. and it was posed in 2009. but today it is gaining social media momentum in what some people believe could be a connection to a bizarre kidnapping. the video shows a man talking about a date with a girlfriend until he opens the door to a woman tied up on the floor, crying. the video started out with less than 20,000 views, but now it has almost a million, because some viewers now believe it could be linked to a missing an wisconsin teenager, kayla.
8:41 pm
>> to me it looked a lot like her. aus start looking at it more you're seeing, this was posted seven years ago, two months after her disappearance date. to me that's a major red flag. >> if you want to take a closer look at this disturbing video you can do so by going on-line and simply trying to track it through google. investigators are now investigating whether this video pose a possible direct link to the disappearance of kayla or whether it was just a bad joke. new tonight on kron 4 news at 10:00, a heartbreaking story will you only see on kron 4. >> reporter: a pregnant couple is fearful of their future after fire broke out in this building the day they moved in. in two months their baby will be here. they have no belongings and no place to live. i will have their story coming up at 10:00. ,coming up at 8:00, kim kardashian fires back at claims that she 134 how fabricated
8:42 pm
being bound, gagged, and robbed. and then later in sports we'll check in on the giants as they wind down the do-or-die game four of the national league division series against the cubs. and colin kaepernick responds to becoming the 49ers starting quarterback again. gary radnich has that and all your sports coming up.
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if you are a fan of the kardashians, you may have noticed that the reality tv clan has been unusually quiet on social media these days, particularly since kim kardashian was robbed in paris. kron 4's vicki brings us up to date. >> a drama it most certainly. reports are that kim k is still traumatized more than a we can after she was held up, tied up, and gagged during a paris
8:45 pm
jewelry heist. khloe kardashian says her sister is not doing that well. during an appearance on ellen khloe described the incident as being incredibly traumatic for kim and that the family is going to pull back a little bit and make sure she is protected as much as possible. robbers stole $10 million worth of jewelry. there are no suspects but already kim k is suing. she slapped a lawsuit on a media outlet saying she was wrongly portrayed as a liar. the suit says kardashian-west was victimized a second time when the website reported that she faked the robbery and lied about the assault. so far no comment from the website. pam, steve. >> thank you vicki. new at 9:00, a new zealand tourist was so afraid of a man she met through tinder that she
8:46 pm
fell 14 floors to her death trying to get away from him. that's what prosecutors told a court today at the accused killer's trial. >> he has pleaded not gill see the to the murder of the 26- year-old. these are pictures of the two courtesy of they first met on tinder, then later got together for a day. graphic audio recording captured an altercation that night. she is heard saying, you're lucky i haven't tried to chuck you off my balcony. and, if you try to pull anything, i'll knock you out. he is accused of locking her outside on the balcony. she can be heard screaming more than 30 times as she falls from the balcony. we're not going to kid you, this is the absolute apex of the giants' season, is right as
8:47 pm
we're talking. they were cruising 5-2, going into the 9th. the starting pitcher moore was great. he goes out. now the cousins runners at second and third. grant, nobody out, correct? >> that's accurate. >> and they're going to the bullpen. they just hooked romo. >> they did. we're an uncommercial break now so you might get a few people flipping over to hear what you think about. >> awesome. well, let's do the rest of this stuff, then grant will -- >> you don't want to hear it. >> no, because nobody -- anyway, hey, the dodgers today. the dodgers will go and play, even steve, with steve gets out of his seat, you know it's a big deal. this is really terrific. but pam and joe, my highlights. a base hit by chase utley. the dodgers, after blow a lead to washington, come back and win 6-5. that series is tied at 2. game five thursday in washington, d.c.
8:48 pm
the news on kaepernick is very, very good if you're a kaepernick fan. he has been announced as the starter when the 49ers go to buffalo sunday to play the suddenly pretty good bills would won three in a row. they emphasize it had nothing to do with his contract renegotiations with the 49ers by every report are trying to get so the injury clause in there that if he is injured this year, he would automatically be paid next season roughly $15 million. and so there it is. kaepernick to start, blaine gabbert hasn't done much, and chip kelly and kaepernick are talking. >> we're very analytical and sat down as a staff and watched tape and went over everything. we've had a couple of days to kind of adjust everything where we are, and i think offensively we need to be better and make a move. it's really not -- it's not
8:49 pm
blayne's fault. i think it's as a group offensively we need to be bert in a lot of ways. so we're going to see what we can do and make a move here. >> i had a brief conversation before we got going at the practice. he told me i was up for it. excited about it, ready to go. hope to bring more to this team and try to get us a win this sunday. >> just for you kaepernick folks -- grant, what happened over there? >> rbi single scores two. 5-5. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> wow. glad i'm not gambling on this one. steve, you were working, but you would have put everything on the giants going into that 9th inning. >> nope. >> all right, grant, you would have? >> nope. >> it was 5-2? i believe in our city, and i believe in our team. >> i tray by corm. >> how do you feel about the bullpen? >> i like my money too much.
8:50 pm
never part ways with it. >> i'm trying to make something of really down situation. really? they led the whole night. >> if they had put moore in and kept him in, with his arm falling off, that i would have trusted more than bringing in the guy would gave up a home run the other night. >> we haven't done. this let's all hold hands and pray for the giants. >> kumbaya? >> we'd like both of you out there to now put your head down, with pam and i -- well, first of all, call me, i'll get you some cable, but outside of that, grant, you want to get in? we'll just put our head down -- okay, don't. does everything have to be on twitter? now, i'll do the talking, because steve gave up on them. the giants had blown a -- are you? shoot the picture when i'm doing the shtick.
8:51 pm
it's 5-1, the giants blew a lead, it's now 5-5. >> and there were no outside. i'm just adding to the pain. >> the kron 4 anchor staff believes -- >> we've gotten an out. >> if the kron 4 anchor staff believes, then the giants will be able to recover from this very disappointing 9th inning. so let's all k-r-o-n believes. k-r-o-n believes. i've only done this once before. >> it wasn't here. >> it was on super bowl night. i prayed that a young lady, who was working at the desk, the assignment desk, would be given a shot to do the weather. >> there's rebekah. >> rebekah all of a sudden came from telling rob, i'm sorry, you've got to good out there in
8:52 pm
the rain, then she jumped down and does the weather, her first time on super bowl night. >> i have to say, having you pray is very lovely. we'll have to engage you in more prayer. >> good grief. that's a pretty tough one. >> hopefully we'll have better news at 10:00, coming up. >> yeah. >> we're back in a moment. how did they moct a 2 carrot diamond? how you might be able to do the same thing. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
roberts and all the day's big stories plus gear's giants highlights and all the sports and your forecast on kron 4 news at 10:00 on the bay area's news station. >> we know about the gold rush. people came here, got gold. well, you can still, right now, go to arkansas to a park and find diamonds and then keep them. and look at this duo right here. a father-daughter hit a jackpot of sorts. this is at diamond state park in arkansas. dan and lauren frederick were there for less than an hour, spotted a 2-carat rock on the ground. it's the only spot in the world where anybody can go look for gems and keep would they find. they nicknamed their find lucky diamond. the giants need some lucky diamond mojo. >> we're glad you joined us. if you want to stay tuned, stay informed, find us at
8:57 pm
have a good night, everybody. >> good night.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
woman: right here's our archery range. archery's one of the electives for our campers in the chipmunk and otter divisions. awesome. and the kids use real arrows, right? like, the pointy kind? oh! lots of sticks and stuff around. jill, i realize you never worked at a camp before, but you did go to camp, right? okay, here's the truth. um, i saw friday the 13th at suzy misner's sleepover in the fourth grade, and it completely freaked me out, so i only lasted at camp for two days. why on earth did you apply to camp patawomeck? 'cause college tuition's a fortune. i see. well, i appreciate your honesty. thanks. i got this. (sighs) please, mrs. allen, just give me a chance. i mean, i'm really a hard worker, i'm great with kids, i can even make lanyards. won't your fear of camp be a problem?


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