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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 20, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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schools or non-profit organizations like black girls code. >> gabe: gabe slate , kron4 news smith's last (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: i a steve aveson . >> pam: and, i am pam moore >> pam: now to the final presidential debate! >> reporter: this seems as
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if they have started talking over each other. the moderator was try to get them from stop talking to or talking over each other. >> there is no evidence. there is no evidence. >> reporter: then when he succeeded the pontus kept coming. -- punches kept coming >> there was even an ant time or he did not receive an award and he started accusing the award for rigging the award winners.
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>> pam: our coverage continues tonight. >> steve: j.r. stone attended a watch party in the east bay. there are a lot of different opinions. >> reporter: conceived the hundreds of people who show up to watch what a jumble trumpet they set up chairs were set on the ground. it was like this all across the area. garridos cinnamon--at regal cinemas and dublin. >> it was a bloodbath. it was name-calling and everything. it was great, i really enjoyed it. >> this is the worst
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presidential campaign for election in years the behavior of the candidates are awful. >> if this shows how politics is becoming a form of entertainment any time we are watching this insight a theater and we get a free pot with our popcorn. >> this is embarrassing on our country as a presidential debate. >> a mayor cut will be hurting either way. -- america >> need someone stronger than hillary and donald trump. >> uplight bernie sanders. -- i liked bernie >> yes, bernie was good.
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>> reporter: j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: the deadline is 15 days before election day. registration must be postmarked or digitally medtronic we no later than october 24th. you must be 18 years old on election day and an american citizen. >> grant: oakland spores power player is not liking how things are looking for his raiders. he is a record season ticket owner. mark davis is planning to move the team to las vegas. mark
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davis will not even entertain a stadium here in oakland. >> with think that they would give us a shot to do something here. >> grant: davis has certainly said in several different ways they he is all hand on the vegas plan. >> grant: i believe we offer a serious plant and the coming weeks that is fair to the oakland tech pairs, the finance and the leak. -- that is fair to the oakland league, the tax payers and the fans. >> i have seen quite a
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number of people getting drugs and it out of cars. >> they go to car spirit or the are found in our yard sprint they will go to anything. >> reporter: police are looking for four suspects that opened fire as accurate as class was letting out on tuesday. for 15 year old student were wounded. three boys have been released from the hospital and a girl with more serious injures-test injuries are now improving. >> reporter: more than half the students are showing up for class today it are hoping that more students show up on thursday. dan kerman, kron4news
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>> reporter: heyman is slowing samsung stating that he burned his hand on his phone. it is not the note 7 that is already being recalled. if other older models of samsung of phones, tablet and accessories are overheating and even exploded as recorded dated back several years. >> reporter: report released, that the hayward fault up in sonoma county are connected. going out on a boat on the bay and scanned the mud underneath the bay and had evidence that there was a split that
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connected both faults. they are saying that a magnitude 7.3 quake could happen on disconnected fault system. --could happen on disconnected fault system. -- connected >> pam: more rain is on th
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>> brittney: tomorrow morning. no f o g derek which makes it a little nicer for you to drive to work. as we go into the rest of tonight, we have a stronger off shore flow which means no f o g for us tomorrow. we have a nice mauling later. as you push
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into tomorrow temperatures are back into the mid '70s. 85 and santa rosa, 68 in hayward and temperatures in oakland are 77 degrees and 80 in san jose. take a look at thursday which is the warmest day of the week but we will start to cool down a few degrees friday and more on saturday. >> brittney: expected to be windy and cloudy to rob the day with a chance of rain showers late sunday through tuesday possibly. as we head into the rest of your next week you will see that the cooler temperatures sticking all-around accurate. >> grant: the debate is finally over. and i do not want to hear people arguing. anymore. >> steve: i know tomorrow we will hear about donald trump
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refusing to accept the result of the collection. >> pam: and the meantime you can't always stay in touch at kron4 dot com or
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