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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>reporter: it came as a response will back-to-back sexual assault allegations from two separate victims last the risk-management team along with the president representing 1500 members will be saturday we are
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tracking a potential attack on the clinton campaign within the last 20 minutes
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>>charles clifford: he called 91 lunisolar water underneath montana st. as a result of the ruptured 10 nearby homes were without water service and were hoping to restore servers smoke
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leasing for miles. >>pam moore: her husband killed her that is the conclusion she it is the mother whose dismembered body was found
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washed up in the san francisco bay back in february >>reporter: will we do know it is those words come from a killer according to police as all of them hours before it does home life and a belief in killed himself lot of remorse horribly fueled yet identified as his wife's killer she had told the
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friend of the scrap as intoxicated the night then to his conversation the two had a rocky 24 years of marriage including filing for divorce living apart employees come to their homes or times that night police believe he killed her when 13th he transferred money to their two sons and chapter will-a decision your first the next day valentine's day this and that police believe he got rid of her body cash flow from
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which wanted the word he will not a suspect is that personal interests-taking with him please determine the answers to where and how he killed his lot wife police have yet to recover had they do believe that the actor alone in this was not premeditated been determined a motive in this murder case that it was her alcohol abuse and financial stress when lot of
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strain on their marriage >>reporter: he's accused of having sex with jasmine formally
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known as celeste when she was under 18 watching the proceedings in corn who now represents her in the civil suit against gop the the fact many of the accuser young officers ridges questions about the hiring process.
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>>reporter: family crowded skies the saw this wealth and especially for places in the east that we will be right back
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>>reporter: here is the man the passat looking for happened just before 9 and he told her he would issue hurt ticket and the man edition get into the car she wisely managed to run away in this and an e-mail to the campus police there are no on the cover police and officers say it in one corner by someone who says there are lots of shorts and should feel free asked to see some proof rectification police
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will be stop unpatrolled this was a dark strong on cyber security a really big issue with this of driving cars were powered brand abroad in parliament the government is worried about >>grant lodes: what appears to be three separate attacks
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popular u.s. web stress experts and disrupted service after hackers attack the to jam the mob with traffic had a slew of size and so was traffic that it cannot operate normally and use lower on a will to access cash
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and an interesting twist the source files will for exposing humans connected to hillary clinton trying to distance themselves from this attack
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>>pam moore: this suggest to you like to run fog donald trump cash and the ins had a very tough road ahead for donald trump donald trump's struggling in states that were once solidly republican of 45% to 33% her campaign released a heart heading is featuring gold star father trump on the campaign
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trail after getting slammed for regular collection claims sh coffee he said between tromping clinton told us the tennis were much more simple away from the mikes the campaign is bracing
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for more fallout from stolen e mills released the e-mail suggest that issue in exchange for $12 million contribution from the king cash in reference to the meeting one of the top aide to rowe she created this and she knows it.
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>>reporter: unsettled weather pattern in storm foreigners will see clear skies and cool conditions expected we are ready starting with morning clouds and you will notice ring chances back in the forecast for early next week-where of five degrees but generally will record tonight the what we saw this time last night on one to track on saturday whether to go west the bus is one to push our way not saturday not son the best we go in to london.
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69 in petaluma's 69 we're in the mid '70s for real vista at antioch pence per concord, mild start to the weekend
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♪ by now, i hope you've figured it ou♪. i'll give you more than you'll ever nee♪.
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>>pam moore: but now the path will start in emeryville on to the public only on weekends and holidays
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>>pam moore: the population is growing and the united nations predicted by the year 201567% will be living in cities air pollution crowded streets the stresses of urban living and appear in less
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>>reporter: 0 walk in the
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neighborhood park or on the beach when you start to spend like that who will teach you a quick trip if you tap right here.
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>>grant lodes: for decades to improve football has been a king into wrestling the dominance is something to do with the nfl they're watching
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less pro football so far this year among those who are watching less football the process to bring the attention to police brutality is been led by colin is the number-one reason why they're watching last football team may sound will
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piling on but espn ranking berries the niners as the worst franchise in pro sports >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: some people call lead in the six different pitches to get n but only one of the actual way to get out
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>>stanley roberts: they created fun for us in the present-day that was chris from the pumpkin farm there is a level of bad
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behavior is rebecca worker cash
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that amazes open through halloween this weekend we will be right back
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>>reporter: it to to facebook and posted a 10 minute video about a horrible hoax that identified himself as a paramedic with to get her back
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to our place and demanded $5,000 it was not true obviously she is fine with a will to make sure no one falls for this is putting the phone number out there along with the warning cash kept.'
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>>reporter: 2 today as well and we're attracting more changes which is rain chances as we go into monday and tuesday to see
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anywhere between the 10th of an inch has to push into tomorrow
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65 around the bend and 70 degrees for inland locations low 60s the high in pacifica closer to the south to the is on partly cloudy not as much clout in the 73-san jose close to the east to bay you notice more clout how close to the coast.
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>>gary: wrapped the exhibition season it is from the portland to the upon the steph curry portland jumped out for 22 the six lead this is an exhibition the warriors tied the game he had an five point tonight.
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>>: if you're going to call someone a powerhouse, want to pitcher named to the " to say we play like howard's and you're not going to " the guy who said that as a week to meet we played our hearts out the whole season. >>gary: cool the hot story in the regular season starts tuesday and the forty-niners as
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an organization #122. he is like
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listening to john but the warriors again amended only team left an oakland.
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>>gabe slate: how the world has changed is extremely hot agreed
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to pool resources you want to improve your name the smaller ball has a tunnel sensors and connect via blue 22 mobile device that is to have this can
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offer a fun way for france to challenge each other. male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: their suspending fraternity parties until further notice thank you for joining us to of course of central seoul last weekend but some of them don't seem to be listening. >>reporter: at this fall we do see a lot of people carrying cases


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