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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. good evening and thanks for joining us we start here on the k con 4 news at 10:00 with breaking news and k con 4 news has learned the identities of two people arrested for killing auburning the body of a sheriff's department's volunteer. we first told you about the story on-line and through our kron 4 news app. >> the details kale out during a vigil, 21-year-old karla ramirez and live in hayward with the new details and what had he has learned from one of karla's co- workers. >> reporter: i am out here in hayward where
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the vigil for karla just wrapped up and a co-worker up to me to let me know that she happened to know the suspects and was able to confirm them looking apictures and said that the girl involved in this case was very nice woman until she met her boyfriend. family and friends mourned the death of 21-year-old karla ramirez-segoviano and a co-wore, recognized the couple in these pictures as a two suspect as rested in the murder case. >> they t-kind of shocks me because how can a co-worker do that another coaxer. >> reporter: the source tells kron 4 off- camera that they also worked in san leandro and ramirez ways bubbly girl until had he met her boyfriend a year-ago. >> it's unbelievable because i worked with this girl and didn't know. >> reporter: she said taylor would sit
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inside the fast-food restaurant intimidating her girlfriend until she became quiet and didn't engage with customers any more and ramirez' family didn't recognize either suspect, but alameda county jail documents matched their names and arrest dateses. >> we don't know anything about her personal friends because she was so quiet. >> reporter: she was killed brutally and left in a park. friends and family out here just guessing what happened to lead to is that tha shock end and for now taylor will be arraigned on tuesday, and the girlfriend there will be arraigned on monday. we'll be bringing you the detail as they become available as this case develops. s all of a sudden we heard gunshots, and people starting running upstairs, and i took off running and i hid in the bathroom. >> another big story we're following tonight, a shooting causing chaos in downtown
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oakland. this happened not far from a popular nightclub. and now oakland police have arrested two people after that shooting that left one person in critical condition, and it seven others injured. this auld happened very ill. >> lydia pantazes live in oakland. >> reporter: justine, witnesses say this is where the shoot shooting happened and they started to point in that direction behind me, towards a crowd outside several bars. this is video moments after a shooting in downtown oakland injured eight people, including two suspects. >> all of a sudden we heard gunshots and a lot of, like, just iraq war, and people started running upstairs and i hid in the bathroom. >> reporter: witnesses say it was chaotic, the owner of this nightclub told us he rushed two victims from the outside into his bar to give them first aid. the victims range in age from 17 to 28 years old, most are expected to be okay, but one is
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in critical condition. the identities. suspects and a motive has not been released. where we spoke with oakland's mayor about the shooting. >> circumstances like last night's just makes us redouble our commitment to making the city safer. >> reporter: at least one nightclub owner told us that they have extra security osh hand for saturday night. oakland's mayor says safety is a top priority. >> and right now we're very focused on ensuring that we don't have any retaliatory actions and that this is contained and we can focus on supporting the families who are victims of last night's shooting. >> reporter: we did talk to the owner of the one of the bars, but he did not want to go on-camera, but told us he is opening at 10:00 and so our his neighbors. lydia pantazes kron 4 news. in a follow-up to a story we first brought you on thursday, authorities now say a
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sewnna state student died from multiple stab wounds. kirk campbell kimberly's body was found in a shallow grave on the sewn may state university campus wednesday night. police say detectives believe kimberly was targeted by his killer or killers. he says that the murder was not connected with the college or its students. kimberly was last seen leaving his home in cotati to visit his friends. it appears his body had only been there a short time. now to the east bay, where a newark man is under arrest, accused of having sex with a minor. john graham was taken into custody after the girls parents went to police. he is the co-owner of finesse soccer academy in newark. at this point investigators think there is only one victim in this case, but they are continuing to look into this incident.
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. storm clouds moving back into california. and some of that heading towards the bay area right now. you can see the system sliding on through. not a whole lot of energy with it. a closer look and you can see the rain in the far northern california towards it eureka and crescent city. it's beginning to sag a little to the south. no rain yet in the bay area. we had a couple of raindrops in the last few hours, otherwise things drying out now. wake up tomorrow morning there is a slight chance you could see a couple of scattered light showers and temperatures in 59s and 60s. noontime, still lingering clouds, but i think the rain chances will come to an end. heading into the afternoon a few lingering clouds near the coteline and maybe partial clearing in the interior valleys. even though this weather system is moving through, plan on highs in the 60s and the 70s, back to you. >>
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. gamecocks donald trump was rushed offer stage the arally in nevada, two security service agents jumped in and pushes trump you behind the curtain and you can see the crowd bimf begins to scramble. the commotion you see here, security service was quick to pounce on a u.s. you can see them picking him on the ground and escorting out of there. the security service says a person in front of the stage near that stage had shouted "gun." but no weapon was found. trump returned to the stage a short time later, unharmed and continued his speech. . >> getting
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help from kinger katy perry, performing at a concert supporting clinton in philadelphia. clinton is definitely using music to deliver her message. jay-z andbyones showing their support for clinton last night way concert in cleveland. well-being the candidates and their running mates are on an all-out blitz it weekend trying to get in the last-minute votes and this say poll, and the key ground battleground state of florida has the two nominees in a dead heat:not even rain in the sunshine state could slow hillary clinton down her scheduled rally many miami cut short due to bad weather, but not before she made a last plea to voters. i want to be the president for everybody -- everybody -- people who vote for pe -- clinton's running mate in florida trying to appeal to
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latino voters. >> we're seeing a huge increase in latino voters because they are realizes there are differences between the two tickets. >> reporter: trump is stumping in michigan and he tackled the economy. >> we're going work with the newly re-elected congress and we're going cut taxes across the board. trump took some time to kiss a 6-month-old baby at his rally in tampa. he also expressed competence while out on his battleground blitz. >> in three days, we're going to win the great state of florida. and we're going to win back the white house. >> reporter: florida is a must-win for both presidential nominees. the latest cnn poll of likely voters there has clinton and trump virtually tied. and no rest for the candidates on sunday. tomorrow nba star lebron james will be campaigning with hillary clintoin cleveland, ohio and donald trump will make a last stop in minnesota. now it's an all-out push to
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get the votes out, and the democratic volunteers center teamed up with the hillary clinton campaign to encourage people to get out and vote. dozens of volunteers called thousands of people in santa clara county today encouraging them to vote democratic. they also want the community to vote for local measures on tuesday. the goal is to make a difference locally and nationally. >> this morning at 6:00 a.m., people walked in the door even before 6:00, ready to call. we've had flair between 60 and 70 people on the phone on our call stations continually since about 11:00 in the morning. >> this is fantastic. this is the most enthusiasm i have seen and i have been here a number of the days, but there are so many people making calls. >> at this call center they'll continue to reach out and urge people to vote democratic, even on election day. some people in santa clara county got an early jump on
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voting today. thousands of eager palo alto residents waited in long declines confidant their votes, this just a few days ahead of the big day. because voters are confronting a very large ballot in the presidential election-year, officials expect big crowds at polling stations november 8th. we spoke to early voters who say they were too anxious to wait until tuesday. >> um, just wanted to make sure i didn't get caught in the lines on voting day, on election day. >> i didn't want to lose the opportunity to vote in this important election with many important people, and propositions that i feel strongly about. >> because to make sure i voted, because i might be busy on tuesday. >> to find out where you can go to vote early check outer out our website still ahead tonight they might be the bay area's most famous couple right now and they are on a roll. the stop that the curry family made today that thousands of people sign up for just to get
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a glimpse. >> it was one of the most talked about traffic projects in the bay area, the new plan to add a suicide barrier to the golden gate bridge is almost under way. >> we're not done with our election coverage and why oakland mayor schaaf hit the road on a bike ahead of tuesday's elections.
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oakland mayor schaaf and lt. governor newsom went on a bike ride about measure k car and kron explains the improvements this measure -- what they are promising and how they plan to bring it to the city. >> we're going it get on the streets on these beautiful bikes right now. >> yes. >> about two dozen oakland residents joined mayor libby schaaf for a bike ride this afternoon. schaaf is championing measure kk a $600 million ten-year proposal and more than half of that money would be designate for rehabbing roads. >> that in ten years, instead of just a quarter of our streets being in decent condition, more than 70% of our streets can be safe, healthy, and smooth. >> reporter: with just a few days left to vote, the mayor invited cyclists of various ages to advocate for the measure.
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>> when i leave my house, it's a pothole every time i go, there are potholes. seeing the potholes getting fixed and there is a measure for that, i will fully support that. >> the proponents claim $$150 million would be use to upgray public facilities like fire and police stations, libraries and parks. lt. governor gavin newsom also attended toes event to support the measure. >> oakland has a unique opportunity not only to provide the kind of investment long overdue for streets, roads and sidewalks, but affordable housing to make oakland more affordable. >> reporter: the remaining $100 million would go towards buying and protecting affordable housing. but the east bay ental housing association, which represents landlords and property managers says proponents are using affordable housing as bait for an expensive infrastructure project that will fall on property owners. early this year the city conducted a survey, and found
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that 75% of responders said they would vote for this measure, but we couldn't find any outside pollings so we won't really know until after tuesday owe popular this measure really is her at kron 4 we have you cover on election night and our coverage ramps up at 8:00 p.m. and cover the local races as well as the presidential election until midnight and if you are on the go, you'll be able to find updates on r on our website, well fairfield family is suing an ambulance company of a medic posted a picture of their son's injuries after a motorcycle crash on social media. jeff pierce spoke to the family and it's easy to understand why they are so upset. >> reporter: he was a raiders fans who argues about his father's about this weekend's game. >> i think anderson is going
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run all over your defense.. he suffered life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle accident in march that left him severely brain-damaged and amputated leg. while the family struggles with the challenges that they are facing they are addressing another pain inflicted upon them after a medic in the ambulance posted a picture on social media as he was transported to the hospital. >> my son's mangled leg was posted on social media. it's that picture that family members first learned about the severity of the injuries. >> it's just a picture of his leg and half of it is gone, and you can see the rest of his leg just the bone, everything, and i don't want to see that. i don't think anybody would want to see that or anybody else who knew him. >> reporter: it was the nature of the post that the medic added to accompany the image has outraged the family. >> once the door closes, your ass is mine -- i believe there was one that -- the louder you
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scream the faster we'll go. you know? there is four or five other ones that just choose not to say. >> reporter: it has left the parents questioning the care that might have been given their son? >> well, taking the time to take a picture, think of these hashtags and post it -- to me it's as a parent, what were you doing to help my son? >> the family has filed a lawsuit against the ambulance service that transported him. >> this is something that we wanted to make away that it's not okay. we didn't want other families to go through it. >> reporter: for now they remind him what his high school football coach always told him. >> every day that we get better and better. >> reporter: in fairyland, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. some rain is moving its way into the bay area tonight. but you don't seem that excited about it. >> really? you think i'm just kind of -- .
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>> you really mellow. >> we may see a couple of raindrops. it should be greet sleeping weather, daylight savings time comes to an end and we get an extra hour of sleep, how about that? and most of the energy though from this system is starting to fall apart, and headed to the north. so we may catch some trailing showers from this, but not going to be a whole lot as it moves on by. in fact, most of the rain so far located in the far another california towards crescent city and eureka. you continue to see the showers sliding in this direction towards the north. a little further to the south we had showers earlier on in the evening, but those have since dissipated and that is what we're expecting system to fall apart as it moves through. so looking fairly dry around the bay area, but that may change overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. the storm system is it generating high time sequel and expecting westerly waves to 15'
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and possible beach erosion and looks like big swells. a look out towards the bridge, dry so far, but the clouds will be on increase across the entire bay area with a chance of showers overnight tonight. and into early tomorrow morning and then i think we'll start to see the clouds begin to part as we head into tomorrow afternoon. look likes this next week, should be dry, and warmer although another chance of rain heading our way. as we look towards next weekend. numbers outside the door right now generally in the 50s and 60s. disclose clouds starting to gather a bit, especially in the north bay and slying further to the south. if you do plan to head out the door this evening, well those clouds will be thickening up, becoming mostly cloudy just after midnight. that when we expect the best chance of showers into early tomorrow morning and. here is your cold front moving on in, most of the energy heading to the north and falling apart. the main cold front kind of lagging behind here. that is going to be sliding in our direction over the next few
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hours, bringing with a chance of few sharders light showers, but maybe just 1/100th you inch of rain. faze warm enough if you are head officer the mountain passes you are looking good, snow levels 7500-8,000'. just light showers expected. traveling around the state, the further north you could, the better chance you will see with the rain. temperatures tomorrow generally in the 60s, here, maybe 70s degree in the sacramento valley, also in los angeles. overnight tonight those clouds will continue to roll on by, a chance of some scattered light showers. we have a chance of showers in the north bay, but it weakens as it moves by. hearing aiding into tomorrow morning, maybe some scattered very light showers. by tomorrow afternoon, maybe a couple of breaks in the skies and we're bringing sunshine. those temperatures going to be ins 60s and 70s. i love the rain and looks like a better night for sleeping with that extra hour.
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looks like some warmer weather coming our way as we head into tuesday and wednesday with some of the temperatures pushing up in the mid to upper to 70s. so some nice weather ahead and great sleeping weather tonight. hope you both enjoy. >> an extra hour, i will take every minute. [ laughter ]. >> i bet. >> that is true. . well, the golden gate bridge suicide deterrent project may soon be underway and mtc staff is recommending contributing $40 million in federal money to the project. if the mtc approves the contribution, the golden gate bridge district's board will vote on approving it december. the barrier will be almost 4,000 square foot net that lays below the bridge and current bid for the project is just over $200 million. the bay area is quickly moving up the list with places with the worst traffic.
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we'll go in-depth and show you how your commute is linked to where you work? and chaos and mayhem in one of the italy most scenic cities of florence.
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curt the woman who died in russian river was identified today. >> 69-year-old woman went missing friday after her canoe overturned. she was in the canoe with her two friends when had a canoe overturned. the two other people made it out safely. but she was missing in the water and was unresponsive which a sheriff's helicopter located her. she was pronounced dead at scene and officials say she was
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wearing a life jacket. a usa for understand nursing student is facing it chili pornography charges. she was arrested on-campus and investigators say they found hundreds of images in the possession. the investigator is ongoing. thousands of police in florence with bats and other objects. this all to reach a building where the prime minister of italy was holding a meeting. citizens involved in the crash are among a larger group of anti-government protesters who who show opposition to the constitutional referendum on december 4th that the prime minister has called for. dense fog in north china has caused multiple expressways to close and cities like handon city nearly a dozen main roads and freeways have closed due to
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the thick fog. scientists in the area have launched an orange warning for heavy fog offer the next three days. the traffic management department has warned citizens to be caution of the adverse weather, and to adjust driving routes accordingly. . pro-kurdish protesters marched in the streets avenue lawmakers were detained in turkey in response to the lawmakers being imprisoned a car bomb was set off. the explosion killed nine people and injured 100 others. government officials say the kurdistan workers partsy is responsible you, but isis has claimed responsibilities through its media link. last night's rough outing in los angeles seemed like a distant memory today for steffen curry and his wife aishah and what they did to have thousands flocking to the south bay. we're going in-depth tonight and we have in-depth report on traffic. you have probably done it, sat in traffic in the bay area, while you were trying to get to
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work. experts will explain why your commute nightmare could be tied to your job.
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success in traffic and going nowhere fast it's a familiar refrain for many bay area commuters who say it feels like the situation is just getting worse. >> they are right and transportation experts say you can blame it on jobs. tonight kron 4 philippe djegal goes in-depth to examine the slow lane that connects where you live to where you work. bay area is the only region in california says the state department of finance where the rate of people moving in from other parts of the country exceeds the number of those leaving the region. alameda and contra costa counties are leading the pack, two counties at the top of the
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metropolitan transportation commission's list of worst commutes. >> when we don't provide housing in sufficient amounts our commute gets a lot report census data shows that the pickup population was over 7 million and by 2020 our population is, projected to exceed 9 million people and that boom is taking a big bite out of our compute, says daniel chapman, an associate professor of city and regional planning for the college of environmental design at usc berkeley. >> in the case of san francisco we have lots of willingness to provide more housing, but elsewhere in the bay area, there are more constraints on housing production. and so as a result, the growth that wants to occur in dense infill areas often can't occur there. >> reporter: chapman specializes in transportation and land use planning. >> berkeley is a good example of where there is lots of opposition to housing, and while we do have pretty good housing production here recently, that won't increasingly always be the case. >> reporter: planned bay area is say long-
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range transportation land use and housing strategy for the san francisco bay area through the year 2040. most jobs are located in san francisco and the silicon valley with most affordable housing in between. >> people start to really pay attention to transportation when they are finding it very difficult to get to and from work or to other location. >> reporter: this interactive map gives you an idea of what has been happening and what is to come. looking ahead to the year 2020 during the busy am commute the blue shows where you housing prices range between $90,000 and $500,000, the blue also indicates how far you can drive in the bay area from san francisco in a single occupant car in one hour. knows they are using public transportation, getting around will be much more difficult, because there is not as much affordable housing located within an hour of the city. that theme rings true for those commuting to or from san josi as well. let's go back to the map.
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if you can afford more for housing, well then you can live closer to public transportation and jobs, but not all of us have that kind of money. >> growth in the bay area depends a lot -- not only on demand, not only on desirability of the neighborhoods, but on the willingness ever municipalities to zone and provide housing in those locations. >> reporter: this decade the state department of finance says we're building housing at less than half the rate we were the previous decade. and experts like chapman say that needs to change, otherwise the commuter's' headache will only get worst philel djegal kron 4 news. crab season is evilly open tonight in the bay area, which is a much different story than last year when a
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toxic acid delayed the season. some fishermen like chris hanson say people will steal crabs out of other people's pots and this trend is on the rise. >> sometimes people steal crabs out of your crab pots, you might say. and we feel that is what happened to us. because we weren't as successful as what we would like to be and sometimes just like i was saying we had the big swell and the crabs will hold tight and it's more difficult. no doubt about that. today was minimal as far as we're concerned. >> while the recreational season has started the commercial crab season is expected to open on november 15th. this means that crabs should be available for thanksgiving this year, but one warning state health officials say that people should not eat the internal organs of dungeness crabs. they found a toxic acid in some of them. . well fresh off a big road loss to the lakers the warriors steffen curry was in the south bay today, playing a bit of a
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different sport i would say. still with the ball, just a different court. thousands of people hoped to make into a special event to meet stefand his wife ayesha. >> you kind of have to yell at a bowling alley to be heard. saturday at san josi's brand- new bowlero, the screaming can fans almost drowned out of music. >> we reached out to the curribs because we were so excited to launch bolero you. >> reporter: bowling alley is the newly renovated the of the old center and let's be honost most of the people have their priorities set. curries first and bowling second. >> they seemed really nice -- there was a lot of people here and they were really nice to sign and stuff like that. >> well, we were able to work
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with stef and ayesha and most of the bowlers who got to join team curry were kids. >> actually, you got a strike. >> way to go, man. >> i got pictures with him and autographs. >> erving else crowded around getting selfies and smiles on in true steph curry fashion he kept signing autographs even though his security prodded him to move along. >> i just have to find the right ball for my wrist. but i have small hands. i don't have steph curry hands. >> that bowling battle between husband and wife ended up with a win for team steph, i guess he is mvp in multiple sports. well, from the baseball field to the field of science, we'll take you to at&t park transformed from stadium to classroom. >> oakland is trying to get a
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handle on the problem of illegal dumping and who the city is blaming for filling the streets with garbage? what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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. oakland is looking for ways to deal with a big problem that has been going on for a while and we're talking about illegal dumping of the a community meeting took place last night, but earlier this week, we brought the story of the homeowner feddum with the litter at the end of his street and he set up a surveillance camera to catch the culprit and sure enough you see two men dumping bags of litter on the street. the city says it's stepping up its efforts, but says part of the problem is that many people are doing the dumping are not from oakland. >> san francisco's search for a new police chief appears to be nearing a conclusion. we know interim chief tony chaplin is one of those in the
10:40 pm
running and the full-time job has been opened since greg suhr resigned in may. reports indicate that the police commission has anywhereoys the list. whether we find out who is on that list that is up for the mayor's office. only the mayor has the power to let the public know who the candidates are. of a gather of the minds at at&t park today. tens of thousands of young future scientists and engineers took the field for a free discovery day. >> kron 4 philippe djegal with the uniques experiments. >> in the name of science, a trip back to the future outside at&t park. stanford university showing off its self-driving delorean, a stunning display of modern technology. >> we didn't really know what to expect, but it's been awesome for them, they are young, but learning. >> reporter: on the field, more automated cars and young people
10:41 pm
exploring their curiosity. kids critically thinking to construct model bridges and buildings. >> it's really is excite. >> reporter: this 6-year-old from san josi awestruck by the richmond high school robotic club's invention. >> i like building things. >> reporter: a thrill for disputes like raphael escobar, leaving out his dream as a budding scientist and a chance to show his passion with aspiring inventors. >> just follow your dreams and if want you to become an engineer, strive to become an engineer. >> reporter: and organizers say the level of interest is overwhelming with more than 30,000 people in attendance. >> we're in sporting events with science. it can't be beat. >> reporter: he is the director of the bay area science festival, who spent part of the annual discovery day event introducing san josi native steve smith to the crowd. >> have you been in space? >> four times. >> smith is a nasa astronaut and
10:42 pm
associate director of the international space station. >> doesn't matter what their technical street is being a veterinarian or a doctor or scientist, but the most important thing is to do well in school. >> and several units were on- hand among the 150 exhibits ucsf and human anatomy. >> america's future in technology on display embraced by the young minds who will one day be at the foe front of a technologically revolution. in san francisco, philippe djegal kron 4 news. up next we have more election coverage. we'll go inside the election and look at the four biggest issues facing voters this year. and those clouds are rolling in now, showers may not be far behind. we'll talk about that next plus a busy day in the bay area
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sports scene and those guys are just jumping around --ti think they have a big game on sunday night. jr will give us a preview coming up.
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. well, we're live look right now at bay bridge off in the distance. joined by meteorologist lawrence karnow and we have been talking about dark days and she wants to know when it's raining again? >> those days are growing shorter, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight. >> yes, 2:00 a.m. we fall back an hour. >> yes. >> it's just a little bit of advice to turn that clock back before 2:00. >> i will you don't have to wake up at 2:00 and actually roll the clock back, but we get that extra hour overnight tonight. going to be great as we're going to see maybe a couple of scattered light showers rolling into the bay area and the storm system kind of falling apart a
10:46 pm
bit. this area of low pressure developing on the backside of us. you can see most of the rainfall in far north california here, and well the rest of the bay area fairly dry right now. we had a couple of scatters light showers in the north bay early on, but things have settled down again. overnight tonight expecting a chance of rain moving further to the south. out the door we're look right now, we have mostly cloudy skies over san francisco. and it looks like tomorrow a chance of fi scattered light showers into san francisco. temperatures mild in the 60s. oakland 67 degrees and mostly cloudy skies, partly cloudy by late-afternoon. i think in san josi. and you'll see the temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. looks like the system just sliding in now, the cold front still lingering off the coastline and still some hope of a few raindrops heading our way, but a slow move are overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. commuter modelings pick up clouds rolling into the sky as you tomorrow morning a chance of scattered light showers mainly focused north of the
10:47 pm
golden gate bridge. as we head through the day, that slides further to the south, but not a lot of energy with the system. widely scattered, if you get any of all -- a maybe just a few hundredth and maybe just a drop in the bucket in your nonetheless, if you are traveling around bay area, mid- 60s in san francisco and 67 degrees in palo alto. 63 degrees and cloudy skies in pacifica and maybe a couple of scattered light showers there. temperatures in the 60s in we had rood city. in the south bay you may see the clouds part in the afternoon and could bring the temperatures in the low 70s in san josi, 69 degrees in milpitas. 60s and low 70s, maybe as high as 70 degrees in antioch and 70 in walnut creek. in the north bay, the temperatures in the 60s along the coastline and then you'll
10:48 pm
see 60 s and nearly 70 in napa. temperatures warming back up on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and just partly cloudy skies mid-week and maybe some rain heading into next weekend. we have the niner game, 1:05 is game-time and variable clouds and slight chance of a couple of scattered shower. in the evening we have the raiders versus the broncos, biggest game in years for the oakland raiders. looks like we could see a little bit of light breeze and temperatures generally in the 60s and should be dry for that game. that really one of the biggest games they had in quite some final. >> you will wear your black raider tie. >> i will have my face-painted with skulls. >> i can't wait to watch that tomorrow [ laughter ]. >> sure, you bet you like that. >> we'll take some pictures for twitter. >> that say great idea. >> we'll hold you to that. thank you. well-being on tuesday it may feel like it come downs to just two candidates.
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>> when testimony contros to what matters most to voters the issues are earnings per diluted shareless. kron 4 national correspondent mark meredith with a look at what else could influence the election? >> reporter: taxes, security, women's rights, this election-year, there are countless issues that are driving voters to the polls. but we wanted to find out what are the top four issues? so we dug a little deeper and according to a poll from cbs news and new york times a third say it's the economy is the biggest factor in choosing their candidate, but who will it benefit most in trump sell his business record almost daily are voter and clinton is counting on voters' memory of the economic boom of the 1990s during her's husband's term as proof she would help america prosper. >> one difference from the '90s how much voters care about terrorism and security? in the same poll 29% of voters say thayer voting based on safety and isis-inspired attacks in the u.s. and abroad have you kept issue front and
10:50 pm
center. mecklenburgs remain heavily focused on health care and president obama's legacy obamacare isn't helping democrats and news of premiums rising could signal why voters are most concerned about their medical insurance and last, but certainly not least, immigration. >> we're going create the border. we're going to stop the drugs. >> reporter: immigration in donald trump's signature policy, his effort to build a border wall between mexico and the u.s. will not soon be forgotten. but will it drive republicans to the polls? maybe not. only 8% of those surveyed say immigration is what matters most to them. on tuesday, voters will have a serious choice to make, but we won't find out until tuesday night, if not later why they decided to choose an individual candidate? we'll certainly have a much better idea why 2016 matters so much. reporting in washington, i'm mark meredith. will time now for kron 4 sports. >> well lawrence is clearly
10:51 pm
excited about raider game, but there is also a big fight. >> are a manny pacquiao fan? he was in action tonight. we'll epiupdate because the fight just ended and manny pacquiao defeats it jesse vargas and also in a fight this ionic a local former san lorenzo star loses magdaleno. so those are the two fight updates. turning our attention to football oregon at usc in southern california and 3rd and short and schuster takes it the distance to adds to the trojan's big leeds over the ducks. under 3 minutes lift in the 3rd and the trojans are red-hot. you see that catch? you see it?
10:52 pm
it takes in the end zone, 7 yard touchdown and puts the game out of re-for oregon. southern california beats the ducks 45-20. big game going on in the bay area today. stanford taking on oregon state. we jumped into the action and check out this running play? christian mccaffrey jumps over the defender, taking -- oh, i love it. you see him? take look at the slow mo and mccaffrey 199 yards on the day and leadses to a field goals. next stanford drive, breaks a couple of tackles and there he goes 56 yards for the touchdown. stanford up 10-0. back to the mccaffrey highlights, he ran for 365 yards. the team ran for that much, could not be stopped by oregon state. that would set up a stanford field goal and make the score 13-7. 3rd quarter, quarterback says i want to get into the
10:53 pm
action. fakes a pass. and there he goes. c'ya, 44 yards and can't be tackled. down the right side inside the 5-yard line. chris had 83 yards rushing on the day. cardinals win 26-15. well, the world series may be over, but the festivities are still going for some of the chicago cubs' players. we go to orlando, florida. chicago cub and world series mvp ben zobrist you see him there at the parade at the magic kingdom today. it's tradition for the mvps in professional sports to go to disney. you see him sitting next to mickey mouse and nothing beats that. keep in mind the world series parade was yesterday due drew an estimated 5 million people. talk about a primetime team? according to the chicago tribune, some of the chicago cub players will appea on tonight's "saturday night live". well, we're less than 24 hours
10:54 pm
away from like lawrence was saying, raiders football. raiders back in oakland tomorrow. they face off against the denver broncos a nationally- televised game between the two teams. both teams tied for first in the afc west and the raiders coming off a victory again the tampa bay worshippings. tampa bay buccaneers. a couple of starting denver cornerbacks are done federal court game, so this would be a high-scoring match-up for both teams and the winner will walk away in first place in the division. as for the 49ers they are in santa clara tomorrow as we were talking about. looking for their second win of the season against the new orleans saints. saints are coming off a win against the seattle seahawks. close loss to the kansas city chiefs. now this will certainly be a tough one for the niners. niners get this have lost 17 of their last 22 games. last time the niners had a home- game against the saints was in
10:55 pm
2012 at candlestick a playoff match yum that the 49ers won. vegas has the saints by 4. kickoff at 1:05 and justine, that is sports. >> sounds good, thank you jr and coming up tonight, drones at disney and why you may soon see them flying at the happiest place on earth
10:56 pm
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well government aviation officials have announced that drones are allowed to be flown at disney theme parks in both california and florida. the faa has issued a four-year waiver with strict enforcement of park drone rules. the waiver could be canceled at anytime. so the company has now asked for permission to fly drones for entertainment purposes all to capture the massive show productions at theme parks. newly had the-approved warren says the devices can be flown duration the day, and at night, but only by approved park staff as long as the operator has a remote pilot's certificate, the drone waiver does not apply to park customers. . well, we're following breaking news tonight's on kron 4 just a couple of hours ago we learn identities of two people suspected in the brutal killing of an alameda county sheriff's office volunteer and the update up next important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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