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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. hist >> pam:breaking news at ten: >> pam:a protest against president- elect donald trump turning destructive in oakland tonight. we have seen fires lit in the streets. there are also reports of broken windows. police have used tear gas. as thousands of protesters continue to march. this comes on a day when hillary clinton told her suppporters to give donald trump a chance to lead. >> steve:this is just one of many protests we are seeing across the country. good evening, i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. there are protests tonight in --- san francisco, chicago, new york, philadelpia and beyond. kron 4's j-r stone is live in the newsroom tracking the latest out of oakland.
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>> pam:also tonight. a major election protest in san francisco. we have a live picture from city hall. where protesters are now. >> reporter:dump trump... messages we have been hearing over and over at the protest. at the height of this process we are talking about more than 6000 people. and this is only in the last hour or so. this see some of the fire that was lit industry. in the last 45 minutes that is when police have lee moved in with your glass--tier got gas. >> reporter: have seen vandalism in the form of broken windows, spray paint and firewood in some of those buildings. small fires that had been put out. the
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rams at 880 were closed. as protesters tried to get on to the interested but that was not successful. the has been a back-and-forth within the last hour with police. the majority of the people are nonviolent. but i have seen people throwing bottles from the pictures that you are looking at. at police. in regards to how many are rest have been made. we do not know. at the very least. there has been detainment tonight. and very likely at a high number of our rest. >> reporter: we have seen the " not my president. when trump says go back we say fight back. and yes we can in spanish. racism, sexism
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and immigration rights are some of the things that protesters have talked about. this is much difference from just a couple of hours ago. steve at camp we will continue to monitor to this and bring you updates. >> steve: there was a protest at las angeles city hall and the protesters have shut down a freeway there and continue to protest. we will bring you updates from there as well. >> steve:take a look --- kron4's hermela aregawi was on the ground with protestors as they marched across the city. >> reporter: tonight thousands of people in san francisco is protest the americas next president as
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they set out not my president. we spoke of people who explained why this protest is important to them and what they fear about a donald trump presidency. >> we really as a nation needs to come together and form of immigration and inclusion and i am concerned about civil rights. >> are so many of the loss. landmark laws that we cannot risk of being repealed i am afraid. after the election i just started crying. because i am generally so scared. >> reporter: others say they appreciate the efforts of the protest would not think much will come from the results.
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>> everyone is mad and now there is nothing we can do about it because voting was the only thing we could do. i think people did not like hillary or trump and so they did not vote at all. >> steve:we mentioned the national protests. let's show you video from >> pam:--new york. >> pam:an anti-trump rally at union square in new york city. protestors marched and chanted in the streets against trump being the elected president. and this is how it looked in chicago. protestors marched onto a major highway and blocked traffic for hours. in the video, you can see some passengers getting out of their cars and joining the protest. >> steve:in pennsylvania. an anti trump rally grew near city hall in philadelphia. you can see thousands of protestors marching down theand in portland. you can see aerials showing crowds gathering in streets.
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>> steve:you can see people holding up signs, marching and blocking traffic on a major highway as drivers are trying to get to their destinations. >> steve: seattle. a facebook group had called for the protests. in it, they blasted the democratic party for failing to defeat trump.and say it's time to build a new party. >> pam:tomorrow -- president- elect donald trump and president barack obama will meet at the white house. president obama says, the white house will cooperate with the incoming adminstration. >> pam:today, as mary maloney reports. both democrats and republicans talked about about putting aside their work together following a hard fought campaign. >> this is not the outcome we wanted to work so hard for. and, i am sorry that we did not win this election
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for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. never >> stop believing that fighting for what is right is that were worth it. >> reporter: former president george w. bush says congratulations to donald trump and wish him well as he died the country for. his parents--to his family is an hour prayers. >> trump says he wants peace. it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: that sentiment echoed by president obama. as he looked for to a
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peaceful transition from a obama presidency to a trump presidency. >> reporter: mary moline, kron 4 news. >> pam:new at ten. >> pam:a woman robbed. right in front of her own home in san jose. the victim says the masked robber followed her to her house. >> steve:kron4's lydia pantazes talked to the homeowner about the violent robbery. >> reporter: and 71 year old woman attacked right outside of her own home. happening just before noon on track to the floor and her money stolen.
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>> suspect was pulling her by her wrist and harm. to look like he is trying to pull her arm out of her socket. she will have to deal with the bruising. >> believes she was followed home. and we believe there was a driver and passenger in the vehicle. >> reporter: to this see a man walking toward her with the dark hood and pants and a mask. 33 >> i'm not sure this is one of the clown incidents to it that people have been seeing in the news. there are a lot of children and this is very disconcerting. >> reporter: the family is bringing a $5,000 reward if you have any information.
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.. >> brittney: with a closer look at tomorrow's forecast prepared by 9:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies. low sixties for the inland locations. close to 70 degrees for the coast. by 3:00, mostly sunny skies and the analyst spot closest to 80 degrees and should be another beautiful day. >> pam: thank you, brittney >> pam:new at ten. police are on the hunt for a in los altos it was all caught on surveillance video. >> pam:it happened at a home near and miramonte avenue just before noon on friday. police and a k-9 unit people
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to stay indoors. schools in the area were under lockdown during the search. >> steve:coming up -- it is people behaving badly before. stanley roberts hits the streets with a c-h-p officer -- equipped with a police body camera. >> steve:but first. suspected thieves -- accused of preying on the most vulnerable only on kron-4 -- how police say a cancer patient was targetted in the hospital. only on kron-4
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>> pam:only on kron the4 >> pam:an elderly couple became while in the hospital. it happened at john muir kron4's alecia reid tells us how police say it happened. >> steve:police have identified two more bodies found on todd kohlhepp's south carolina property. >> reporter:officers identified the two other
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bodies. as 25- year- old meagan leigh mccraw coxie. and her husband 29-year-old johnny joe coxie. preliminary tests suggest, hence >> reporter: and forcefully this is a case where someone had criminal activity on their mind. --unfortunate language >> they noticed their identities have been stolen what credit cards started calling about fraudulent purposes. --purchases >>technical difficulties
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>>decision 2016. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:supporters of legalizing marijuana can claim victory tonight in california. proposition 64 passed --- with 56-percent saying yes to recreational marijuana. midnight. >> steve:kron4's rob
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fladeboe has a closer look at the new rules. >> reporter: atif and when communities like san jose decide to allow the sales of recreational marijuana under prop 64, it might look something like this. like the existing 16 medicinal marijuana dispensaries already doing business. sean kalirai is a consultant for the industry. >> reporter:under prop 64, people over 21 can possess an ounce of you can't smoke it in public or near schools or youth centers. for now, recreational users can't buy marijuana from medicinal dispensaries but that could change as communities implement their own rules, >> wellness center consumers now and 2008 detained it will be safe for their consumption. --and two dozen 18 it will be safe for their consumption. --2018
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>> reporter:through licensing and taxation, which will be much higher for recreational pot, prop 64 might generate a billion dollars annually. in the interest of preventing a proliferation of new despensaries, communities might consider a hybrid system with separate >> reporter:entrances and transactions. from prop 64 may be the decriminalization aspects of the new law. >> reporter: other california propositions on the ballot last night. voters defeated prop 62 -- a measure to repeal the state death penalty. >> reporter:it would have replaced executions with life in prison. california has the nation's largest death row population. more than 700 felons. the state has executed only 13- prisoners since the death penalty was enacted.
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>> pam:a rival measure. prop 66 - did pass - it is designed to speed up the appeals process for executions. >> pam:and voters have expanded some of the nation's toughest gun control measures. prop 63 bans large- capacity requires background checks for ammunition sales. it would also speed up the process to take away guns from people no longer allowed to own them. >> pam:and our decision 2016 coverage continues online. you can check results on will kron-4-dot-com. we have a special election section. with the big national and local races. haul >> brittney: another bidder
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for debt on tet for us tomorrow. 62 degrees to, still above average. more and senate for us tomorrow. slightly cooler as we approached the weekend. satellite radar showing us clear skies and that will continue into tomorrow shot that will bring the sunny skies. we are checking another week servants-desk disturbance. that could bring showers are around two to 3:00 in the morning. >> brittney: tracking dense f o g for your morning commute. 73 would be the high. temperatures in san mateo at 77, los 70's for daly city, closer to 80
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degrees in pittsburg and antioch. if you are closer to hayward, at 77 degrees. wouldn't >> brittney: expect temperatures at 80 degrees in san jose. >> brittney: and your three de plata shows more of the same for thursday and friday. --and your three day planner shows when we >> brittney: i am also trekking and slight chance for showers in the 7 day forecast and i will have beckham for you it just coming up in a few minutes. >> pam: i was just about to ask about that brittany.
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(laughter) >> pam:still ahead. the east bay. staged a major protest today against the election of donald trump. >> steve:and next: you've heard of brexit -- how about cal-exit? the new movement that wants california to leave the california to leave the california to leave the we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve: this is to submit to earlier. a disease fighters were set. and thousands of protesters were out. --you can see five years or sat. >> pam:thousands of students in the today. demonstrating their disspaointment over the results of the presidential election.
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>> pam:in this video from our a-b-c-7 news. you can see students from berkeley high school marching down the street. >> reporter:in oakland -- students also decided to protest the election results. to kron4's haaziq madyun about their motivations for walking out of school. >> reporter:it is the day after donald trump won the presidential election and hundreds of technical high school walked out of class to protest for a variety of reasons >> reporter:you take part in the walk out? >>"yeah i did!" >>why? >>"because i don't feel like represented." >> reporter:you have latino background? >>"yeah"
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>> reporter:you got folks that are concerned if he is the president? what are they saying to you? >>"that i'm not going to be able to see them because they don't live in america" >> reporter:why did you walk out of class today? >>"i walked out of class and did represent somebody that's not for us" >> reporter:this is the school principal. as you can see the walkout >> reporter:so this was a peaceful protest? >>"yes it was, yes it was, oakland tech has a legacy of students being heard and pushing the world to think differently" >> reporter:after walking out the class and finished out the school oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news >> steve:similar protests at
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other high schools. in el cerrito --- video shows a steady stream of students staging a walkout. de >> steve:the group was estimated toand in alameda -- students at encinal high school also walked out. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:coming up hey i'm stopping you because the load that you have strapped on here is not very secure >> stanley:the california highway patrol is testing out a new and in oakland kron 4 gets an exclusive look i'll have that in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> pam:and next. >> pam:new tonight at 10. an explosive side to the marijuana business. makeshift labs designed to extract the oils that make you high. the dangers of pot.that you might not realize could be lurking next door. >> pam:we go in-depth >> pam:we go in-depth tonight on hash oil. tonight on hash oil.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: borden news tonight! a protest against president let donald trump. -- president elect donald trump >> reporter: are taking a live look right now to see how willis on the streets. we are still seeing a
10:32 pm
thousand people on the street but not nearly what it was a couple hours ago where it was more than 6000 people. there has been destruction and there has been damaged. one of the number of fires that were set inside buildings and the middle of the street. >> reporter: they are burning what appears to be a pinata of donald trump. >> reporter: and the last hour or so the police has moved dan using tear gas to break up the largest group of protesters causing trouble and the downtown oakland area. we are talking about things like dump truck, phrases that were repeated over and over.
10:33 pm
"dump trump" >> reporter:when trump says, go back we say, fight back! >> reporter: as to our rest numbers we now have official are rest numbers right now but we do know there was a number of people in the tank. we do want to go to las angeles because there were thousands of people protesting in the streets as well as a loss angeles. highway 101 is shut down in both locations. because they have made their way on to that highway. we have seattle, n.y., chicago with a major backups. as
10:34 pm
protesters state and sit on highway 101. as we receive more details we will update you. now back to you. >> steve: wouldthank you. what >> steve: >> steve:the vote over legalizing recreational marijuana in this state is done.but now about a new form of the drugit's butane honey oil and the process used to make it dangerous. >> pam: an in depth look at this explosive new trend. we have to warn you some of the images in this report. are disturbing. >> reporter:the ignitions happen in an instantand without warning. by the gas used to crank out a highly potent form of marijuana. >> reporter:but while the explosions happen fastthe dam age to property can be
10:35 pm
catastophic. >> reporter:and the injury to people.can be devestating.and even fatal. >> what deit's not only the person making the butane that's making the butane honey oil they are often other famiy members, children infants toddlers in the house that are being burned or seriously injured >> reporter:the drug is called butane honey oil, hash oilor simply b-h-o but it also goes by shatter smoking it is called's essentially thc, pot in it's most concerntrated form. >> more intesnse, it's a new drug really >> reporter:but what makes it dangerousit's the explosions associated with making the cannabis extract. >> me that a 300 milileader can has enough refined butane that if ignited it's vapors could fill a 1400 square foot home.investigators have approximently the same size as bbq propane tanks inside illegal home labs.which if exploded could take out a neighborhood block. but because the butane gas is clear and odorless.innocent bystanders would have no idea of the danger they were in.until it's too late.
10:36 pm
>>its so popular that i would community in the bay area that doesn't have somone making bho at any given time >> reporter: seeing an dramatic increase in patients from bho lab about that part of the story as well the first hand account of from a victim of her injuries tomorrow. world's will and always
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>> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> steve:you can watch part two of this series on butane honey oil explosions tomorrow night at 10. there is a new development in the criminal case involving this walnut creek butane honey oil explosion from two years ago. >> steve: charged with arson and drug manufacturuing was aquited by a jury. a second man took a plea deal in the case in exchange for a three year prison sentence. both men were severely burned and have not fully recovered from those injuries.
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>> gary: sports coming up next later in this broadcast! >> brittney: glass all over
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all the details in my full forecast--i will go over all of the details
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>> steve: >> steve:than our very own
10:46 pm
stanley roberts. >> pam:however there are new cameras recording your every move and with those. you can't opt out and the catch is. they will mostly record people when they are caught. behaving badly. >> stanley:the driver in the red car is about to be pulled over, i'm out with officers welkinfeld of the oakland area office the california patrol and he is testing a new pilot program >>at the light go straight, straight at the light go straight >> stanley:apparently right is the new straight but at least he pulled over >>morning, i stopped you for not wearing your seatbelt do you have you driver's license and registrations so while this stop is going on it is being recorded upfront and personal we are getting an exclusive look at new body cams being worn by the california highway patrol >>so why aren't you wearing your seatbelt you didn't feel like it >> stanley:you see officers from oakland area office and stockton area office are the only two chp offices that are participating in this
10:47 pm
pilot program >> stanley:let see what the driver thought of this .first the seatbelt issue supposedly data shows that that it's just as likely cause you to die in an accident as it is to make you live so >> stanley:and what about the body camera >> stanley:with all the stuff that's going on it keeps them accountable a lot of times civilians or the people that we'er stopping realize they are being filmed and it changes their behavior >>this is citation for not wearing your seatbelt but i need you to sign down on the red box >> stanley:so with all the traffic stops like this truck with a unsecured load that going to be a lot of video you have to wonder where does the video go >>the oakland office is storing all of its data on the cloud stockton which is the other chp office doing this pilot program is storing them on servers at the office so its two different styles so we can figure out which works best for our department >>the camera record everything from the moment they are activated
10:48 pm
>>good morning, i'm stopping you because the load you strapped on here is not very secure >> stanley:so as the officer inspects the truck everything recorded is considered evidence. and after all the video is captured it's downloaded and saved and can be played back on a computer or on the state issued ipod >> stanley:so now you don't have to worry about my camera recording you anymore now the california highway has their own body cams and they will be watching everything you do in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: california was solidly behind henry clinton and it is not clear how serious these people are and if they have any long-term direction and exiling from the united states because of their disapproval with the election.
10:49 pm
>> brittney: tomorrow, we will seek a nice start to the morning. we are not dealing with a lot of f that means the dry conditions and a lot of sunshine about average. not a whole lot of cloudiness. but again. comfortable conditions. bringing us a few sprinkles over the weekend. this is what it looks like with klaus increasing by friday. right or wrong to to 3:00 in the morning and 545 with the latest model we conceivably light showers. temperatures
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recovering sunday. dropping the tree five to six degrees. --dropping between >> brittney: we should reach the '80s for cupertino and milpitas. and if you are closer to the east bank sunny skies are expected. with concord as 79 tomorrow creek--be a pretty warm day in certain spots like petaluma. 78 degrees and fairfield. and quite coolly tram for the we can with some showers. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening! >> pam: gary s here-- is
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here. >> gary: dallas just walking through it. >> gary: klay thompson went off with eight great shots. 28 points and 10 rebounds, durant get's down. >> gary: harrison burns added 25 points and eight rebounds. >> gary: warriors are 6 and
10:52 pm
2. warriors will be in denver tomorrow night. >> gary: you take a day off for a couple of days off and you will come back in gas would you are hit with spirit talking about don trump as the president elect. >> there will be a coach sometimes that you like and there will be a coach sometimes that you do not like. if you want to be successful and dominate you have to come together as a people. we have a new leader in place and he will lay out his vision but it is up to us at the end of the day.
10:53 pm
>> gary: kapernick did not even a vote. he says it did not matter to him who went in there. because the system remains intact towards the people of color. >> gary:evans said he's
10:54 pm
"casting a wide net". chapman is one of the giants top three options. the other two closers are dodgers' kenley jansen and nationals' mark melancon. in the g-m meeting they were reporting that chapman could be seeking a deal worth around 100-million dollars. >> gary:for the second week in a row khalil mack wins a- f-c defensive player of the week. in their 30-20 win over the broncos last sunday night. the all-pro pass rusher had two sacks. forced and recovered a fumble. >> gary:so far this season mack has seven sacks. six that have come over the last four games. last season mack finished the year with 15 sacks. >> pam:thanks gary. here's what's next. >> gabe: i met start-ups
10:55 pm
today who are worried about a truck presidency. --trump presidency
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>> pam:silicon valley is bracing for the impact of a trump presidency. >> steve:kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate met with investors and start=ups who say it's going to be harder to grow and secure funding now. >> - aleda and jonathon schaffer "uhlead-uh" >>" i couldn't sleep last night freaked out etc " >> gabe:uh lead uh and her husband jonathan schaffer have a startup based in burlingame called "ah say ah" their first product they are developing is called the delta glove >> gabe:a wearable strength training smart glove that automatically detects and tracks weight lifted, reps, sets, and all exercise you perform. via bluetooth you get instant feedback to your phone or tablet to improve
10:59 pm
your workout and make sure you are lifting safely without injuring yourself. >> gabe:their device is getting a lot buzz around the valley and they have a lot of investor interest. but they are worried president elect trump could slow things down for them and other startups they know. it's no secret. the financial markets. the banks.the lenders. the money people they like things stable when they drop big investments on tech companies large and small >>"as an entrepreneur and founder you want to be able to plan your business and future with stability >>with trump that adds more uncertainty -- also he's been speaking a lot about his plans " >> gabe:trumps plans to punish companies for overseas influence startups and investors and how their business models and what happens to health insurance affects startups a great deal >>"i need to know what will happen with obama care before i can hire people. i need to know if i can offer and afford insurance for new employees. there is a lot of uncertainty coming with trump.
11:00 pm
>> gabe:uh lead ah says good startups are resilient and can work through hard times >>you have to accept what is happening as painful as it is and move on, stay focused, entrepreneurs are optimistic you can't get lost in that barrel of sorrow. you have to work harder to prove your product will have a customer base and really iron out your business model before going to investors. wytrgs >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. sincealso tonight a major election protest in san francisco. kron4's hermela aregawi was on the ground with protestors as they marched across the city. return to >> steve:protests happening nationwide. >> steve: i am steve aveson. >> pam: and, i am


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