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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter:breaking news at ten: within the last thirty minutes --- protesters in oakland made their way onto interstate 580. >> reporter:all this starting as a protest against president-elect donald trump. it is just one of many big protests in major cities across the country. >> reporter:tongiht for the first time the president- elect is responding --
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through twitter. >> pam:he tweeted: >>"just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair!" >> pam:all this comes on the day when mister trump met with president obama in the white house to discuss the transition of power. >> steve:good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. tonight we are also getting word on a protest in san jose has shutdown both directions of highway 87. near interstate 280. >> pam:kron4's alecia reid is live in the newsroom. tracking the latest on the protest in oakland. alecia?
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>> reporter:there you heard police warning the crowds. a massive march in the streets. new video from downtown portland. >> reporter: hist they are hoping for a peaceful protest and no one is injured tonight. of course, we will continue to follow the protest and the backup of traffic.
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>> steve: before we let you go. you were at the plaza earlier today and you talk to some of the protesters who talk about their opposition. >> reporter: we have been watching from sky 7 all evening. and the organizers say they are very vocal about how upset they are with the results of the election. but, the people that were vandalized the business is or caused injuries to the three officers as they do not who go they do not know who those people are the are here for a peaceful protests. they are not sure who come to the protests in what they had in mind when they come but, at day one
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peaceful protest. --but, they want peaceful protest tonight. >> you are subject to the arrest and prosecution. >> steve:a woman's car was damaged during the protest -- look closely you can see her front windshield is smashed. the woman in the car does not appear to be hurt. just upset. >> steve:we've also seen buildings spray painted. return to >> pam:hundreds of people upset with the election of donald trump. marched to the stadium where the ravens were playing a football game. the protest brought traffic to a standstill -- but it has been peacefull. police say, they detained at least two people -- at last
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check no official arrests. >> pam:demonstrators gathered for a second day outside chicago's trump tower. to protest the election. reaction to the demonstration was mixed. several people shopping and applauded. >> pam:at least one person driving by. told the demonstrators to quote - "accept democracy. >> pam:keep it here -- we'll continue to monitor the protests around the nation >> pam:violence in a red wood city school. a high school student was assaulted. it was recorded on cell- phone video. she says over her support for donald trump. kron 4's hermela aregawi. at woodside high with the
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details. >> reporter: to said >> she said you haight mexicans. i said no i do not. >> reporter: says but most of the saloons support the attacker as there was negative comments made towards mexicans on our social media page and text. >> reporter: they say jade should also be punished for making racist comments.
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>> reporter: wednesday that racism has increased on capp is due to the election. -- stating that racism has increased on campus to do to the election. >> reporter: they are thinking about switching schools. as far as the other student we have heard that she was suspended from school and may be expelled. >> steve:many schools in the bay area have been participating in peaceful protests against the election of donald trump. they've been demonstrating through "walkouts". take a look -- concord. hayward. calistoga and walnut creek. just a few.
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>> steve:also young people protested in san francisco. marching to city hall. kron4's ella sogomonian has what they're saying about the president elect. return texas >> reporter:tonight we do have one report of violence during a student protest. >> reporter:two teachers at college park high school in pleasnt hill were assaulted by students. >> reporter: tsk these students blinded hard to trust doubt trump from the racist remarks made. during the election. >> ball was to let someone like that run the country. to make of this suffered
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what remarks towards mexican and african- americans. the you know how many people to make up in this country. ? scott >> steve:it happened after students from other local schools convered in pleasant hill. one teacher was punched -- another was hurt when trying to intervene. return to >> pam:as the protests continue. tonight, the transition of power is officially underway in our nation's capital. >> reporter:president obama today welcoming president- elect donald trump to the white house. >> reporter:dianne gallagher has more -- from the white house. return
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>> reporter: the closed door one on one meeting and the white house was a smoltz step to being transition of becoming president. >> to now come together and work together to deal with the many challenges that we face. >> reporter: so the two that were often bitter enemies who that never met until today. >> we should have done this years ago. >> reporter: s. trott transitions from running for
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office to running the office. behind the scenes his team is looking over thousands of résume is to create positions within the white house. >> pam:first lady michelle obama -- and melania trump also met. the two toured the first family's residence -- and talked about raising kids at the white house. new at ten -- an increased in san joe. >> brittney: >> steve: newt at tan! they are being called the new map
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last and they aren't dangerous. tonight, a look at what they posed for the public they are called hashed labs. -- at teen and
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>> reporter:kron 4's rob fladeboe talked have also been targeted because of her religion. >> reporter:sot esra altun/attacked in parking garage sophomore esra altun, who is a muslim, believes she was singled out by her attacker because of her head scarf or hijab. >> reporter:the attack occurred around 2 o'clock wednesday afternoon here on the 3rd floor of san jose state's west garage at 4th and san salvador. the attacker said nothing but altun suspects the violence is somehow related to the election. >> reporter:university police are investigating but president mary papazian says that so far there is no evidence the attack is a hate crime or motivated by the election results >>sot mary papzaian/sjsu president we do not know who the
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attacker is accurate or does he belong to the community or not? so we do not want to jump to conclusions. >> reporter:shaken and hurt the attack occurred at an institution known for it's diversity, esra altun says she would like to find and talk with the man who attacked her. >>sot esra altun i want to know why he did this. i want to try to see where he is coming from and find a resolution between us. >> reporter:ll this afternoon as post-election emotions are still running high on campus. sot/students >>chanting >> reporter: emotional highs are still running rabid on campuses since the election
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results. >> reporter: rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> pam: a funny scene at age chili's restaurant and sell leandro. take a look at this picture. according to police
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rocks were thrown to the window and an employee was heard. no explanation as to why rocks were thrown. but no one was seriously injured. >> brittney: as we go into the weekend clouds will move in. you will notice the clouds of developing a little bit cooler. do the chance for a few scattered showers. showing for the east that the clouds moving in an earlier and the evening and now had pushed off to the west of the spirit will see some more unsettled weather coming and which will take awhile to get here. we will continue to see a chance of a few showers for the weekend. so,
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we will still have a dry weekend on tap for us but it just depends on where you live or you may see a few little light showers. >> brittney: visibility is down to 2 mi.. clear visibility elsewhere but we will see a decrease in visibility. highs of around the region see--hash all-- highs of around the region. temperatures in san mateo as 71, closer to petaluma with 73 and temperatures in antioch at 76 degrees and 744 san ramon. cupertino tomorrow, at 75 degrees. >> brittney: as we head into the weekend temperatures dropped a few degrees. right
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around 70's or mid-60s or around the coast. we would take a closer look at the 7 day forecast with another chance of rain showers. >> steve: thank you, brit tney.
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>> steve:breaking news: anti-trump protests continues. as protesters converge on oakland again tonight. >> pam:the city is still recuperating from damage left behind after yesterday's protests. officials say at least 20- stores were vandalized.
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>> steve:three officers were also injured. this is the damage. >> steve:some of the graffitti we cannot show on t-v. crews were out at city hall today to fix the damage. they say at least seven windows were broken last night in the protests. >> steve:and just repairing the 15-thousand-dollars. one man who was there said he tried to keep an angry protester from smashing a window.but he was turned on. >> steve:that man says he was lucky that other protestors ran his attackers off. 30-people were arrested.police say the majority were not from oakland. coming up -- >> pam:we've been showing the anti-trump protesters. but what about his supporters? we talk to some of them to
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find out what they're most excited for once donald trump takes office. return >> steve:and next: new at ten. it's a highly potent marijuana extract called honey oil. but to get it -- people are putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.
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>> reporter: says they are all urging people to speak up but at the second time the peaceful. there are
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people that had to be treated that war protesters. and others that were heard as well. and businesses looted. >> reporter: there were protesters on 24 last night they were on 880 and tonight they were on 580. after last night's protest. the crowd is back and they are set say that they are here to speak and they are upset about the results of this election. they are blocking traffic right now. as police follows of these protesters, if you are anywhere near 580 word webster st. you may want to avoid that area because of the protest did still going on. we will keep you updated with any changes or what ever have you throughout the rest of the evening.
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>> steve: lee same the behavior of some of these people on the street to become so violent that it is of control and has become a bomb and rocket. --out of control and has become a riot. >> pam: his supporters here are quietly celebrating his presidential elapsed. they expect great things from his presidency. >> we are ecstatic. >> a hopi address obamas care. and i think it is a disaster. >> i also, will like to see the republicans and donald trump bring is as
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substantial reform to immigration. and, not necessarily the things that you have heard in the media. >> pam: they are hoping that donald trump could unify the country at the very least give him a chance for success. >> steve:in depth tonight. what's being called the new meth labs. home grown drug factories cranking out a highly potent marijuana extract using an extermely violatile gas. >> steve:this helmet cam video shows firefighters responding to a 2015 butane hash oil explosion at a walnut creek apartment complex. as kron4's maureen kelly has been reporting this week. making honey oil is not only dangerous but life threatening. >> pam:tonight, maureen talks to a woman whose life was forever changed. when she was caught in a honey oil explosion. we have to warn you, some of the images in this report are disturbing.
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cassandra pratt burn victim >> it exploded and i looked down to see mine scanned hanging down. -- skin hanging >> reporter:butane honey oil explosions the bay area's news station contra costa county fire new meth labs. >> reporter: they are the new mast labs. -- meth labs >> reporter:home grown drug factories cranking out a highly potent marijuana extract using an extermely violatile gas. this helmet cam video shows firefighters responding to a 2015 explosion at a walnut creek apartment complex. >>it exploded and all i
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remember is seeing my skin hanging off my arms and i didn't know what happened >> reporter:here's what yuba city resident cassandra pratt's arms look like now.scarred by burns.her hands fused by scar tissue. her pretty face also still marred from a butane honey oil explosion last year.but it's a huge improvement over how she looked during her month long stay in the uc davis burn unit. >>i was burned over 35% of my body 3rd to 4th degree burns >> reporter: cassandra says the explosion happened at the home of an aquaintance as she was walking thru their garage.unaware that it was a drug lab about to blow up. >> reporter:butane honey oilwhich also goes by the names of hash oil, bho, wax and shatter is made with common household items and refined butane. it's a form of the gas that is both clear and odorless. easy to get and even easier to ignite .like what happened with cassandra. >>it could have been static electricity, the water heater clicking on i don't know >> reporter:this is surviellence video from inside new mexico lab showing how quickly one of these explosions can happenand spread. vic massenkoff is an arson investigator out of contra costa county. he's been travelling across the country teaching first responders about the risks the butane oil explosions pose to first responders and the public.
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>>many examples of complete homes being leveled to the ground from these explosions people being killed in the explosions people suffering burn injuries where months or even a year later they are dying from their burn injuries >>"that aspect of burn injury has escalated marketly" >> reporter:dr. tina palmieri is the director of the burn unit were cassandra was treated.any many just like her. the bho explosion patients they've treated range in age from the elderly to very young. 135 so far between 2007 and 2015 >> the numbers keep coming. >> reporter:their average s burns they've been seeing amoungst these patients. >>it's a very large burn, about 1/3 of a person's body up to a month in the hospital.each patient is going to cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars at least. >> reporter:and for the most part those bills are footed by taxpayers. some of the victims are innocent .elderly parents.or young children of those cooking up the drug. >> reporter:this photo shows two bay area teens who were critically burned while staying with their uncle when his butane honey oil lab exploded in butte county last year. brandon qassem was also seversly burned and is now serving five sentence at folsom prison. his nephews will need years of treatment for their burns. we have photos of the boys
10:36 pm
in the hospitalbut they are too gruesome to show. >> reporter: >> reporter:this is video of cassandra before the explosion that changed the course of her life. her dream was to be a singer.but she inhaled some the flames of the fire.which damaged her vocal chords >>that's been one of the hardest thing is losing my voice i can't sing at all, i can't go highthere's nothing >> reporter:. her injuries have affected the single mom in other ways as well. >>i can't do normal things like pick my son up all the time my hands hurt im getting all of these surgeries i can't work. >> reporter:her advice to anyone thinking of trying to make butane honey oil for pleasure or profit. >>you have no idea what you are messing with and it's just not worth it no matter what don't do it >> reporter:those looking to put a stop to this dangerous trend believe the key is in regulating the refined butane used to make the drug. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> reporter:you'll hear more about the push to regulate refined butane and the effect the passage of prop 64 will have on this issue in the final part of our series tomorrow night at 10. return to index
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:a biker with a badly broken hip finds himself stuck in the bottom
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of a steep ravine. when contra costa county fire officials couldn't get to him.they called out starr-3.a helicopter team that assists in rescue missions. >> steve:you can see the footage from regional park back in october. after searching through a rugged part of the park.the team was able to wrap him up in their gear.and lift him to safety. medical staff were waiting nearby to take the biker to the hospital.where he received further treatment for his injuries. >> so what to expect now
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was presidential elect donald trump for it how will this affect your pocketbook? company like apple will love certain things where money is helping the communing and creating jobs and very. this tax money goes to those projects you will see inflation. for texas, everyone looks to benefit with lower taxes except forcing parents who will receive higher taxes. the republicans tried to do this last year and president obama did the gold this. so, you are looking at an elimination of medicaid coverage below the poverty
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line. how this will help medical insurance for some americans. >> reporter: so, i guess it is said to say that most americans have and sean spirit and most insurance companies up and dropping out of it. and the premiums some sought a spike as high as 20 to 50% higher. >> pam: coming up next! are you stressed about the election results and a killing blow. well, you are not along? we have something to help you deal with it all.
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>> brittney: it looks like a little bit of the rain showers will move through. but it will taper off. i do not expect to see a wet weekend. so, futurecast shows us as we go into sunday there will be a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures especially, for our inland locations. >> brittney: 71 degrees for san mateo, 64 for half moon
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bay, 76 in san jose, and sadly and lp this tomorrow-- 70 in milpitas >> brittney: 73 in fremont and 74 degrees and walnut creek. for the no. baseball, partly cloudy sky. 72 and half ball,--72 degrees in napa >> brittney: we trek more rain showers into the next week.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary:warriors! >> gary: this game was over so early. >> gary:the warriors in denver playing the nuggets in the back end of a back to back steph curry had a big night yesterday and tonight. 1st quarter/ 20-13 warriors >> gary:the former nugget. javale mcgee drops the jam. warriors now lead by nine points. 1st quarter/ 27-17 warriors draymond green sets up curry for a three pointer to take a 13 point lead. 3rd quarter/ 73-54 warriors >> gary:klay thompson also showed up. hits a three
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pointer to continue to pound the nuggets 76-54 4th quarter/ 92-66 warriors curry drains another three. went 7 for 13 behind the arc. final: 125-101 warriors >> gary:*durant 72-game streak of 20 or points ended todayfinished the night with 18 pts. >> gary:the sharkies in florida to face the panthers. navy seals dropping the puck at tonight's game. 1st period/ 1-0 panthers jason demers scores his second goal of the night. florida takes a 2-nothing lead over san jose 2nd period/ 2-1 panthers >> gary:but here came the sharks. patrick marleau steal the puck and gives it to joe pavelski to tie the game 2-all 3rd period/ tied 2-2 tommy wingels scores the winning-goal for the sharks final: 3-2 san jose return >> gary: has anyone had this
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problem at home? >> gary: a man bearing his soul at h-- soul >> gary:get that candy box out of here! no candy >> gary: steve you look nice wghat do you wear? 170lbs.
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>> steve: oh good. thank you. (laughter) >> gary:president obama met with the president-elect donald trumpbut right after enjoyed a visit from the reigning nba champs the cleveland cavaliers. this is the first time a cleveland pro team makes a tirp the white house since 1964. the cavs beat the warriors after the led the n-b-a finals 3-1 >> gary:here's president obama why cleveland winning the finals game him a sense of reliefformer cal head coach jeff landing in a new spot. >> gary:tedford.has been hired as the new head man at fresno state, the same place he played his college ball. he led the golden bears from 2002 to 2012. making him the programs longest-tenured head coach.
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>> gary:through his career, he's been known for his ability to work with quarterbacks. as his list of pupils includes-- kyle boller, david carr, and most notably, aaron rodgers. >> pam: thank you, gary!
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>> pam:could a president trump change the way the internet devices? some pro- "net neutrality" advocates are fearing the worst. >> steve:under the obama passed laws protecting "net neutrality". and groups like the electronic frontier foundation told kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate. they think trump could get
10:58 pm
rid of it. >> gabe: foundation has been working for years to promote net neutrality. >>"net neutrality is the idea that all data that moves over the internet is treated equally without any sort of discrimination done by the carrier like comcast or your isp" >> gabe:it prevents internet companies from deciding which websites operate slower or faster. >>sot - ernesto omar falcon - eff "favoring certain applications over others, like making youtube deliver fast to you but slowing down netflix, making it harder for new applications to compete with incumbents that are preferred by the carrier"
10:59 pm
>> gabe:currently.internet companies must comply with *all net neutrality laws on the books. they must maintain the internet speeds for all websites and apps. however, that could all change with a new federal communications commission takes over when donald trump moves into the white house. sot - ernesto omar falcon - eff "he has said on twitter that net neutrality is some sort of government overreach to control conservative media, that is untrue, and the concern we have is whoever he appoints to run the fcc will come in there with an idea that net neutrality needs to be undone so that essentially cable companies and telephone companies can control your internet experience" >> gabe:at this point, its unclear what the trump administration will do. i reached out to his campaign and i have not heard back yet. i also reached out to several internet service providers like comcast, verizon, at&t to get their take on net neutrality under the trump administration. >> gabe:i have not heard back yet. the electronic frontier foundation thinks net neutrality is a good thing for consumers, but not all agree. >> gabe:many people don't want the government involved with regulating the web. so until donald trump takes officenet neutrality supporters will just have
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to wait and see. protest there.a riot. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: there has been to a résume in oakland and police have used tear gas. right now--there has been to all rest and oakland and police have used tear gas. right now there are back at city hall. it seems to be that they are regrouping. but we have seen people jumping on cars but no vandalism a


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